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From NPR WBZ is wait. Wait don't tell me the. NPR News Quiz. Who is Hey Iowa? I'm the only candidate that's via bill. Curtis here's your host the Chase Bank Auditorium in downtown Chicago Peter's Hegang. Thank you thank curvy body to see here. We have such a great show for you today later on. WE'RE GONNA be talking to the award winning actor and playwright behind August osage county johnny and killer. Joe Many other plays Tracy Letts yes. He's here he writes. Plays filled with madness murder dysfunction in paranoia annoying which weren't realistic when he wrote them but circumstances have shaped. We don't WanNa hear your deep family secrets. We just want you to play our games. Give us a call. The number is one triple eight wait. That's one eight eight eight nine two four eight nine two four. Let's welcome our first listener contestant. Hi you're on wait wait. Don't tell me Hey Peter and gangrenous the Chad your dinner of the New Hampshire Primary Manchester New Hampshire. Oh my gosh. That's very exciting. So you're in Manchester. Are you you one of those people who are excited about the primary season or do you resent it. You know what Peter Ra grown up around and I'm very involved with politics but I gotta tell you this year. Everything goes great until I turn on the television. I can't get away from Utah. Dyer Oh really. Oh so. Tom Steer the billionaire candidate is flooding in the New Hampshire airwaves with all turn on youtube the local news. I can't turn on anything without having to face. Those are the two choices I just got to ask you for Mr Starr Sake. Have they worked. Victor you finding yourself feeling warmly tire. I mean he makes them good point but I don't know he's kind of encroaching on my personal. Ah Well glad to talk to you. Let me introduce you to our panel this week. I A comedian. You can see headlining. The Motor Co.. Oh musical in Durham. North Carolina on February nineteenth and Victory North in Savannah Georgia on February Twentieth Hari. Kondabolu next the syndicated advice columnist behind. Ask Amy it's Amy Dickinson and finally it's an actor and writer who wrote for the upcoming season of at home with Amy Sedaris. It's Peter Gross. Hello welcome to the show. You of course are going to start us off with. Who was bill? This time Bill Curtis is going to read you three quotes from this week's news. They're all Tom Star by the way so he's heard I'm getting if you can correctly identify. Explain it just two of them. You'll win our prize envoys from our show. You might choose on your voicemail. Are you ready to go. Take your best shot now. We will your first quote is from the CEO of a company that made a voting APP called Shadow. We feel really terrible about that. That man was apologizing for his company. Ruining the results of what this week the Iowa Balk at the L.. Talk on Iowa. Not only do you have one job. You only have to do it once every four years. It's like an Olympic Archer standing up and immediately shooting himself in the CROTCH. The the Iowa caucuses are impossibly complicated. We found out this week but apparently we need to do them because only iowans can really get to know the candidates face to face which is why we saw a bunch of farmers feeling Bernie Sanders haunches and checking his. I've never seen a cow. This old this like this one bit. His milk is one percent. So what was the result of. The Iowa caucuses. Everybody's been waiting. Nobody knows everything that could go. Wrong wrong went wrong of this brand new phone at meant to make the results. Easy to report didn't work well. Maybe they shouldn't have bought a product called shadow could they. Why Not Get Evil Tech Inc on the phone it also sounds like a mysterious makeup? Show wait you know the I. I thought the Iowa caucuses were basically. It's like in a gym. Yeah it's like dodge ball sort of like the loser has to go over the winner's side added stand there right. So how hard is isn't it. Just counting I mean. Don't they just count. I think that's neither the caucus nor dodgeball right. Have you ever played any. Yeah I yeah I I should be by the way the way that you just described. It should be. It should be just candidates in a gym. Throwing Dodge would have been easier on Wednesday. They put up more results but then they had to put up a retraction. They promise they will have the official guaranteed verified results by the time trump is reelected. Aw See who you're caucusing all right. You're next quote is from the president of these United States. Tonight we have a very special schol surprise a lot of surprises. And what big speech on Tuesday the Union yes. The State of the Union address is what pumped what circumstance president began the evening by refusing to shake speaker. Nancy Pelosi's hand it. All went downhill from there for the entire entire speech sitting behind. Nancy Pelosi looked like a woman listening to her ex boyfriend. Talk and Mike. Pence looked like a contestant hoping to get picked on the bathroom as you could imagine I could have anticipated. President Trump said these state of the Union is strong. That's better than his. I draft in which he said. The State of the Union is Kansas but he seemed to be in a good mood why not he was getting ready to celebrate being acquitted in his first impeachment. Got Really Bizarre. Because he had all these reality shows stunts he gave gave a young woman a scholarship. Right there in the gallery surprised her with it. He surprised rush limbaugh with the Medal of freedom. Right there live on national TV. Hey Rush limbaugh you just got the medal medal of freedom. What are you GonNa do now? I'm going on a sex tour Thailand. The thing I couldn't get over it was when he reunited a military family by I surprise only this woman. She came to the state of the union with her children. She didn't know where husband was going to be showing up from Afghanistan particularly sad because she brought her boyfriend eh but then it turns out it got even better. It turns out trump had hidden a free soldier under every chair of the soldier. You you gotTA soldier. Can we go back just for a moment to rush limbaugh getting a medal of freedom. Just that's a thing that happened. Yeah and it's it's good in that it means that we're all a step closer to get into the military. I feel more qualified for it than I ever have. Well uh-huh Mother Theresa Medal of Freedom. It's like Charlie Brown getting elected to the NFL Hall of fame. The and then as we said it ended with this Pelosi ripping up the speech. He really enjoyed it. That's why we should not have put her in charge of counting the paper ballots in Iowa. All right your last quote changing direction is a comment and on a New York Times report about a group of people cooking dinner in Florida. These guys should use an apron at least so that that was a reaction to this story about people cooking while what their cookie naked yes they are cooking turns out. The latest trend in home. Cooking is not raw cuisine but cooking in the raw according to the New York Times the paper of record more and more people are embracing nude cooking. But they're not embracing seeing each other. That's not what nudism is about. Didn't you read our pamphlet. Nudists see they say a clear link between being unclothed clothed and creativity which is true. Just think of all the really interesting ideas you've had with your pants off doing this. Show for for twenty years and yet surprise you identified with ideas while your pants are off. Added One more thing that I don't want to do when I'm naked I just sexist right at the top edge now turns out of of course that not only do people cook but of course these nudist resorts have restaurants which in this particular case the amy. They have to eat Louis. Resins particularly one according to the New York Times. Great Grey Lady But hut the bare buns cafe. Tmi Fridays race cracker barrel. You know someone some nudist listening to this show right right now and they are turning off their radio while naked. They're very offend bill. How did Chad doing our quiz? Chad was great. He got three right and and that means he's the winner. Congratulations much playing. Good luck surviving. The next week the right now panel time for you to answer some questions about this week's news amy. It's hard being a man these days but law. I uh literally bleed for you anyway. It's going to start the questioning. It's hard being a man these days but luckily one company is catering to their unique needs by finally making what just for men what men need more of that. They don't already have an abundance well because it's for men it's extra crusty like a pizza. Eh No no. Although you're in the right general ballpark type of bread bread. Actually you got it just for man just for men. Read Men's bread. That sounds like a disease yes now. We have men's bread just for men no longer. Do men have to put ham and cheese directly on their Harry. Forma run cover it. With man's spreads product it claims to be a quote functional high performance bread for men. It of course comes in flavors just for man like Multi Grain Barbecue and the Oscar for best director actor coming up Yep. Our panelists enjoy a lazy Sunday afternoon. In our bluff the listener game called one. Triple eight wait wait to play. We'll be back in a minute with more weight on tell me from. NPR support for this podcast and the following message comes from the NPR wine club. Discover hand selected wines explore the stories behind each one and enjoy unique bottles inspired by your favorite. NPR shows like wait. Wait don't tell me Pinot Noir and weekend edition Cabernet the. NPR Wine Club is the perfect pairing to support. NPR's programming if you're twenty one or older uncork a special offer at NPR wine club dot org. Let's play some games. Everybody are you you looking for the answer to life's funnier questions there's naked and then there's Canadian make it every weekly comedy Trivia and a special celebrity interview how ask me another from NPR from NPR at WBZ Chicago. This his wait wait. Don't tell me the NPR news quiz. I'm Bill Curtis. We are playing this week with Amy Dickinson. Jason Peter Gross Hari Kondabolu and here again is your host at Chase Bank auditorium in downtown Chicago. Peter seghal Hugo right now hated everybody right now. It's time for the wait. Wait don't tell me the listener game call one AAA wait. Wait to play our game on the air. Hi You're don't tell me. Hi this is Karen Warner from Anderson. Indiana well how are you Karen. Well I'm pretty good. I'm glad to hear it now. WH- where in Indiana is Anderson. Sort of halfway between Muncie Indianapolis. Oh I see the people from Indianapolis and Muncie go to to really have a good time. That's it we'll jared welcome to the show. You're going to play the game in which you have to tell L. Truth from fiction. What is the topic bill? It's four PM on a Sunday. Do you know where you are four. PM on Sunday is the worst time of the weekend. There's absolutely nothing left to do. And it's too early to go to bed this week. We heard about someone who came up with something interesting to do exactly at four. PM on Sunday. Our panelists are going to tell you about it. Pick the real wanting you'll win our prize the weight waiter of your choice on your voicemail ready to play ready all right I. Let's hear from Hari Kondabolu with more restaurants in town than ever before Henry Lawrence's diner the polar bear in Brunswick Maine hit hard times. Hope was in short supply until Mr Lawrence had an epiphany. Everyone offers brunch. Now it's like the hip new thing from New York City. That people can't get enough of but how about a meal between lunch and dinner done CH- as Mr Lawrence calls. It has been served at the polar bear every Sunday at four pm for the last month. Mister Lawrence claims four. PM is the ideal time to eat on Sunday since people do not stay up late before the work week starts and research has shown that people tend to put on the most weight when they eat late dinner on Sunday. We found no studies that prove this to be true so far. The experiment has not taken off one. Local resident said they felt uncomfortable. Instable with the word dench. It sounds like a racial epithet or an act of sexual perversion. I'm a God fearing man who has no interest in such activity so the criticism hasn't stopped Mr Lawrence though who has taking a second mortgage on his house to keep his diner and Sunday Dutch alive. I thought my wife would stop me but instead she left and took the kids. I'm fine with it more Dutch for me. The diner owner decides night's four PM Sundays. The best time for a whole new meal he calls done next story of a super Sunday comes from Amy Dickinson. Good news for that subset of people who go to church on Sunday mornings hung over or maybe still drunk from Saturday night and I'm not just talking about the clergy. You know the feeling sure you of Jesus but on Sunday morning thanks you just hate the sunlight. The smell of the communion wine makes you vomit in your mouth just a little bit or maybe you want to punch up the choir for singing so loudly. Reverend Mark Montgomery an Anglican Priest in Kent England asked churchgoers why they were skipping services. On Sunday morning a lot of them said they had to take their kids to sports games or that they wanted to go to the farmer's market. The ones who weren't lying said that times they were just too hungover from partying the night before now members of Reverend Montgomery's perish have the option to worship a little less hung over over on Sundays at four in the afternoon. That's the perfect time. An hour after the headache has finally faded and an hour before the drinking begins. I'd like to suggest some simple changes to tailor. This service to the needs of the congregation. For instance instance sermons titled. I love you man. I'm not even tired. Oh my God we should totally hang out more church service Britain at four PM. I'm on Sunday just right for people who couldn't get out of bed on Sunday. Because of the Saturday night they had your last story of the Lord's Day improved comes from Peter. Gross cyber defense systems is a budding software startup notoriously competitive silicon valley founder and CEO. Joshua Hirsch was looking for a way to boost output from his staff when he read a study in the new linguine journal of work life balance. That found that most people start thinking about going back to work at around four PM Sunday afternoon. Scientists identify this as the precise moment when people people give up on both finishing the Sunday crossword puzzle and having fun with their family. I had a brilliant idea. Said Hersh well to be fair. It was microdosing when I thought of it so it may have been. I'm just a regular idea that I thought was brilliant. He instituted an optional four. PM Sunday work session for his employees who wanted to get a jump on the workweek on the first Sunday. Forty thirty five of cyber dines fifty employees showed up while five future former employees didn't understand that it optional really means mandatory. Of Of course wants everyone comes in early. Early is on time so the following Sunday enthusiastic software designer frank. Romance key showed up at noon so then people started coming in on Saturday night and then Saturday morning and then this week not a single employee of cyber systems went home for the weekend at all. Many have even begun sleeping at their desks. All except romance key. WHO said sleep? Why do you need to sleep? I'm telling teacher alright. Somebody somewhere decided to described doing something exactly at four. PM on Sunday was it. From Hari. Kondabolu Amanda decided that be the perfect time to serve his restaurant. A new meal between dinner and lunch Enj- called dench aiming in England church service for people who just can't get out of bed because of the drinking they did and can roll in at four. PM or more from Peter. Gross at Tech Company that decided that the work week really starts at four P. M. on Sunday and made his employees adhere to that which of these the real story of something that Sunday at four well they also totally implausible. And as much as I would like to have done. I think I'M GONNA go with amy the Church Garrett you're going to go with Amy's Church serves four. PM Church Service sleep it off. The audience seems to agree. All right. Well we spoke to someone familiar with a real story to bring you the correct answer. Gabriel's has added an additional four o'clock in the evening service. Reach out and serve others. Even those who've been over served the night before that was the Reverend Canon Lisa Hackney James The sub dean at Saint James Cathedral here in Chicago talking about the four. PM Hung over Church Service. Congratulations Karen you got it right. Well prize the Voice of your choice in your voicemail. Congratulations relations. Thank you so much of it was fun to talk to you. Take Care and now the game where we reward people who've already won a lot of awards. Speaking of which Tracy Letts has won awards both for play writing and acting his plays include August. osage county killer alert Joe and the minutes which is coming to Broadway with him. Blair Brown and Armie Hammer in the cast. He is also we are confident. The only person in the festivus episode of Seinfeld who has won a Pulitzer Prize Tracy lattes. Welcome to wait wait. Don't tell me thank you thank you. It's a pleasure to have you. I The even though I can go on and on about your plays that you've written. You're also a pretty accomplished actor and for our radio audience. Is there something that you are most well known for for the people recognize you for mostly a lot of Salesman in airports seem to recognize from homeland right find that a lot of those people or homeland watchers salesman. Airports yes so I get a lot of that Certainly the festivus episode that. We don't look like I did when I was in the festivus episode which of us does exactly yeah and then these days Ford versus Ferrari and little women are people are seeing those movies which is really exciting. Now this may change with the minutes coming to Broadway but your most famous play was August. osage county uh-huh which won a Pulitzer Prize of back in two thousand eight. It is the greatest dysfunctional family play. Ever it's amazing but it is I am I'm told quite autobiographical. It is yeah. My grandfather committed suicide when I was ten years old and my grandmother after that event descended ascended into years of Downer addiction. Yeah and that was the basis for the play a subject that had been with me and part of my life for a very long time. What was very scary to find out was upon writing the play and putting in front of an audience that apparently everybody in the audience had had the exact same? Yeah did did other members of your family who you grew up with. See the play and comment upon. There's no yeah. In fact there's a story in the play about a stepfather stepfather slash uncle. Who Beats a member of the family with a Claw Hammer? And I remember the relative in their seventies at the time they saw other shows saying to me afterwards. How did you know the Claw Hammer story and I said well? I don't know it just been passed around and so many said that happened to you and he said Oh yeah happened to me damn near killed me. Wow that's so nobody got mad at you for like airing out the family laundry you know. It's amazing people like seeing themselves represented on this day. I guess so they're bragging you know that character that everyone hates that was me. I don't WanNa go on too much about it. 'cause people people may not know the play but the grandmother character in the play is truly one of the great. I don't know whether the word villain is right. But she's this monstrous person who takes pleasure in just destroying destroying everybody. She talks to yeah. That's my grandmother. My mom when she read the play and she was one of the first people ever to read read. It and I knew it was very tough speaking about her mother and I was a little fearful of what her reaction would be and the first thing my mom said to me was. You've I've been very kind to but you're also an actor of course you've always been one. That was your first career. That's what you started doing. It's Kinda hard to know where one start in the other began i. They always kind of been on parallel tracks. I think I got a little more traction as an actor before where I got a little traction as a playwright but then I would focus on being a playwright for awhile and then an acting gig would come. There's no plan there's never been any plan right when you're on a set working in commercial stuff TV movies. Do you ever have the temptation to go. Talk to the writer and maybe make a suggestion and say bill. Well you know I understand you. You WanNa do it this way but my pulitzer suggested I don't and I'm told later on by some of the writers on staff that they were nervous about the fact that I was there but I oh I've I've done the acting side of it for so long that I who would want to hire me if I was going to go up and that's true that's true kind of obnoxious and you have to movies nominated for best picture. You're in Ford versus Ferrari and little women yeah. I don't know how that happened. I got very lucky. The secret saw I. I have one more question for you. You you've spent your entire professional life mostly in the theater. Your wife is in the theater. Your friends are in the theater. Your collaborators in the theater you go to see your friends plays what do you do sir. When they are bad I why do you really you stay for the lie and I lie well really really well and I want everybody to lie? Well when they you see my place. I don't think we should all get a lot better at that. Because we're very good at it. If you think about it in our day to day life live all the time and yet there are times when we see somebody's play. I was like well I have to be true to myself. I can't possibly lie to this. Well yes you can you just look them in the eye and Usak. Ah that was fantastic. That was extraordinary. I'll never forget. Tracy Letts it is a pleasure to talk to you. We've invited you here to play a game we're calling Tracy Letts Tracy. Let's not sometimes. It is wiser not not to do something. We're going to ask you. Three questions about warnings given to people and to correctly and you win a prize for our listener. The Voice of your choice for your voicemail bill who is Tracy Letts it's playing for Elizabeth Cook Qasidi Florida. All right you ready to do this. What if I knew her? Wouldn't that be strange if I knew her. And I had some Grudge Njuguna Elizabeth Florida take it. Well it'd be awkward but then again it also be your next play. All right you ready to do this. Yes all right first question. Foreign Countries often issue travel warnings to people coming to the United States. Switzerland tells it citizens not to do what when they come here. You're a say anything. Negative about star wars be p in the street or see go anywhere near Swiss miss hot chocolate P in the street. You're exactly right. Yeah did you have. You traveled the world and seeing sophisticated Europeans being street and knowing that that's what they do I've seen all manner of people but that's so weird because first first of all. How often do people apparently the Swiss field that we are touchy about this? It must have happened enough that like Swiss citizens went back and like. Why didn't anybody talk me exactly want me to do you have to specifically say do not all right? That's very good very confident pattern on that next question when winds of sixty miles an hour hit Toledo last February. The National Weather Service released an advisory warning people to use caution while doing what a walking small dogs who might blow away. Be Wearing nun's whipple's or see standing upright instead of the recommended crawling along the ground. Small animals. Yes you're right. The people of Northern Ohio got a small dog warning the first ever from the National Weather Service in Cleveland. You also should not be in the streets exactly. Yes here's your last question really rock and through this back. In the ninety s advisory stickers were one way for parents no not to let kids listen to certain albums and one of the first records to ever receive one of those stickers was which of these a Frank Zappa's jazz from hell an album of completely completely instrumental. Music be brought to you by the letter. F IT SESAME STREET'S F the Lower C- David Lee Roth sings Sondheim. Frank Zappa instrumental. You're exactly right tracing. The album had no lyrics at all but one of the tracks was called G spot tornado. So you now. You have to protect the kids bill. How to Tracy? Let's do on our quiz. Aided great very few people get a all right and you just did thanks three three. So you've got a pulitzer you gotTa Tony. How does this feel in comparison? It feels really good. I feel really good. I feel really really good such a good liar and in fact I'd like to thank a few people were my appearance. Yes and I believe you. Tracy letts is an actor and Pulitzer Prize winning playwright his play. The minutes opens at the court theater on on Broadway on March fifteenth. Tracy letts thank you so much for joining in just a minute. Bill turns up the pit bull but not cat stevens listener limerick challenge. Call One AAA wait. Wait late to join us on the air. We'll be back in a minute with more. Don't tell me from NPR Support for this podcast and the following message come from the American Jewish World Service working together for more than thirty years to build a more just and equitable world learn more at age. Aws Dot Org news breaks and big stories stories change every day. That's why we're giving you. NPR's ten minute morning news. PODCAST ON SATURDAYS TO I'm Scott Simon and I'm Lulu Garcia Navarro up. I start get your day with us. Weekdays at six eastern and Saturdays at eight a bit later to suit your weekend from NPR news from NPR and WBZ Chicago. This is wait. Wait don't tell me the NPR news quiz. I'm Bill Curtis. We're playing this week with Hari. Red Kondabolu Peter Gross and Amy Dickinson and here again a juror. WHO's at the Chase Bank auditorium in downtown Chicago Bidder? Saigol thank you just a minute. Captain Pell's violating the rhyme directive in our listener limerick challenge. If you'd like to play give us a call at one triple eight wait. That's one eight eight eight nine two four eight nine two four right now panels some more questions for you from the week's News Amy. A new study finds that if you're lonely only the cause may not be that you're single could be that you're just what married said with with wisdom. Sadness and experience depressed Peter out that it's not that obvious I'll give you a handy. I was so lonely before I met. blankie cold yes. So if you're feeling lonely put away that cold pint of ice cream and pick up a hot pint of pizza. The House that between feeling isolated and feeling physically cold changes in temperature affect our sense of community. So if you're you're feeling lonely skipped the soul. Shattering process of dating. Don't settle for garbage person just moved to Phoenix. That is that is full. I have been lonely in so so many climates that is. You're telling me to body heat. There's no particular I don't know if like body heat that is why you want other people but there's a psychological. I just promoting more nude cooking. I love when studies come up and people yell so you like. They're you know it's not possible. Now hurry some good news. For aspiring writers in Hollywood would more and more people in the film industry are hiring people to write. What depositions the screenplays? No I'll give you one of the big problems they solve is. Do you think your agent before or after you thank God their award speeches yes. Their Acceptance Speeches Brad Pitt is just one of the many stars who have hired a writer for his acceptance speeches. This seems bad but on the other hand it's basically the only way a a person of color could get shut up. He's right. It's like ghost writing a book like you just share everything and then they make your nonsense thoughts like coach. Do Yeah that would be how it works. It's a bad idea when the guy doesn't know you because like for example one of Brad Pitt's speech began. I haven't seen once upon a time in Holland. Quite good last year he just completely plagiarized. Michelle Obama's amy. After a guide was published online last week Americans hotly debated the correct way to do what I guide. What does this activity take place in the bedroom amy? What happens in the bedroom? Just the most obvious first thing that happens in bed sexing. That's sleeping sleeping. Yes we're GONNA talk about sleeping and then we're going to double back and talk about whatever sexing is last week. Somebody posted an online guide to sleeping position showing the eighteen possibilities there. Eighteen possibilities from back to side to be described as a kind of face-down face-down ostrich sounds like the most boring Kama Sutra book in the world renowned experts say that most adult sleep in the fetal position on the side but the knees. He's talked however most adults in relationship sleep in the. I can't feel my arms position that's true you do I do I find I. I find every single night that I go to sleep one way and I wake up at another position and I'm like how did I get here. Simply different magical surveillance at a different effort house. Sometimes it is I do I fall on my back. I put my pillow. This is very interesting everybody. I put my pillows around my surround. My head with pillows does off very well and then I wake up like a murder scene all place I must do some insane stuff in my sleep. Wow including snoring which I my wife tells me like every night you snore. I come in and I have to push you out out of the position of being on your back because when you're in back that's like prime snoring but I find it very relaxing to fall asleep that way and she always leave after his social walk in. Apparently every night happens it was like hey your snoring hits me to move me so actually I do know how I move. Yeah you sleep on in your side but not volunteering. Not just just figured it out coming up. It's lightning fill in the blank. But I it's the game where you have to listen for the rhyme. If you'd like to play on air caller leave a message aged one triple eight wait wait. That's one eight nine. Two four eight nine two four or click the contact us link on our website. Wait wait dot. NPR Dot Org. There you can find out about attending our weekly live shows is right here at the Chase Bank Auditorium in Chicago and her upcoming show on March twelfth in Atlanta Georgia. The Fox theater. And if you want more wait wait in your week. Check out the wait. Wait quiz for your smart speaker. It's every Wednesday with bill me asking you questions all in the comfort of your home. It's just like this radio show only now we can hear are you hi. You're on wait wait. Don't tell me my name is holly. I'm calling from Boulder Colorado Boulder's one of my favorite places. How are you you lucky enough to end up there? I just wanted to live here so I moved you just did you just didn't know that was possible. makes us very the easy to meet. You just picked up your life just move to boulder. Do you have a job or just went. I just went and I rented a place on the fly and slept on the floor and our the things are better so you just picked up and moved and then you went to a place and you didn't even have you witness protection. Yeah well welcome to the show. Holly Bill Curtis is going to read you. Three news related. Limericks the last word phrase missing from each if you can fill in that last word or phrase correctly and just to the lyrics will be a winner. You Ready Black. Yeah all right. Let's hear your first limerick since death dozen. Come all that often. It's costs are new. Kit Tries to soften a box editor and the HEX wrench to turn our kids. Let you build your own. Yes ask D I Y projects are all the rage alone this case. DIY is just an alternative spelling. For di I ah more and more people are choosing to make their own coffins rather than shell out big bucks to big death. Think of it as making a birdhouse but this time you're the bird and your deck. The company in Japan is helping people make their own coffins lowering the cost funeral planning. But what if you're not handy but if it falls apart just make sure you're buried within John Allen rich right now. The kids are only available in Japan. You have to assume that I- KIA will get in on this trend build it yourself coffins though pick your burial plot carefully only because an eye Kia coffin will not survive a move. Here is your next limerick for coffee. We're I'm not depraved. Schemers the flavors. We crave make us dreamers beyond allman than oats. Let's try peeps root beer floats. We love to explore. Flavored cannot know although flavored peanuts would be like the there was a clue in the I line which was for coffee and then clears schemer non dairy. The according to the Wall Street Journal sales of flavored liquid coffee cremers rose nine percent last year much of that can be credited to new even sweeter flavors like like reese's peanut Butter Cup and fun Fethi Fund. No you know how it is. Don't talk to me in the morning until I had my diabetes another way. The technical term for these products is oil based cremers oil sweet light crude other flavors include cinnamon roll on enjoy in sugar. Cookie I like my coffee like I like my men really lead disappointed here. Holly is your last Limerick. Well I might go out for a jog. My Furry Friend Sleeps. It's like a Lug. I will play him some songs saying I won't be long from a playlist that's made for my bog spotify making music playlists for Docs folks but really why ruin dogs by making them. Music Snobs to wait. What what are the songs like? WHO's a good boy actually it? It is these playlists have using that dogs are presumed to like and it also has human voices saying Nice pleasant things to them to play play. You know while you're not at home I mean it could backfire like play. Who let the dogs out no one? That's that's why Pete in the carpet this makes sense. It is called spotify all right bill. How did holly do in our quiz? Holly got them all right threes Aziz thank you so much plan. uh-huh support support for. NPR comes from Newman's own foundation working to nourish the common good by donating all profits from Newman's own food products to charitable organizations that that seek to make the world a better place. More information is available at Newman's own foundation dot org now onto our final game. Lightning fill in the blank. Each of our players will have sixty seconds in which to answer as many fill in the blank questions as they can each correct answers worth two points bill. Can you give us the scores at this point. You're not going to believe this Peter. Hurry have have to each and amy has four. Oh my God I do believe that all right. We flipped a coin. In Hari has elected elected to go. I fill in the blank on Wednesday blank was the only member of the GOP to vote guilty in trump's impeachment trial Mitt Romney right a new report shows that Illinois sold sold almost forty million dollars of legal blank in January cheese. No We'd on Thursday prosecutors rested their case against disgraced movie producer. Harvey Weinstein Right this week. Authorities in Tennessee arrested a loan officer named blank for stealing over fifty thousand dollars in customer payments thievery. No Her name was Sarah Swindle on Wednesday Ponzi scheme mastermind blank requested an early medical release from prison. Bernie Mehta eight Oh yes and then in. Utah is facing criminal charges after he was caught blanket to get free talk stealing. No he got free hotel rooms by releasing rats. That's in the rooms and then complaining. Police have confirmed that the man executed the scam at at least three hotels but say it's likely he pulled it off often many more he's been charged with misdemeanor. Fraud and felony having a really good idea bill. How did hurry on our quiz already? Got Three right six more points. It's total of eight puts him in the lead all right very good Peter. You're up next. Fill in the blank on Thursday China announced they relaxing blanks on seventy five billion dollars hours of US products tariff right on Wednesday warehouse workers for online giant blank called on the company to improve working conditions Amazon. Right this week. A cruise ship in Japan had to be quarantined after after an outbreak of blank on board old people corona virus citing citing flagging sales sales department store giant blank announced. It was closing one hundred and twenty-five stores over the next three years game booths know macy's macy's following his poor showing in Iowa entrepreneur blank laid off dozens. The presidential campaign staffers star. No Andrew Yang on Thursday astronaut Christina coke returned to Earth after a record three hundred twenty eight days aboard the Blank Space Station Station Eddie. ISS this week. Two men were arrested after police discovered a bag full of drugs labeled blank drugs not drugs. quotes you were so close but it was the bags were labeled bag full of drugs like a half points. Talk show the two men were pulled over for speeding and officers knew something was up when they both seem incredibly nervous for a routine traffic. Stop also one of them was holding a personalized tote bag bag with bag full of drugs on it. Apparently that's what you get when you pledge dollar a day to your local public. Do they have a mental disease is where they have to like Tattoo on everything. Bill how did Peter Doing our quiz four right eight more points. Total of ten. He moves into the lead. All right. So how many vendors. Amy needs to take this away from them. Amy Needs Three to tie Ford Win all right. This is where the game fill in the blank on Sunday. The Arab League rejected president. Trump's peace he's plan for blank the Middle East right just before his impeachment vote blanks approval ratings reached an all time high donald trump right in retaliation over the city's refugee policies. The trump administration announced. It would no longer lead. Residents of blank enroll trusted traveler programs New York City New York state on Sunday the Kansas City city chiefs beat the San Francisco. Forty niners for their first blank win in Fifty Years Super Bowl right. That's known for his roles in spark his unless for Life oscar-winner blank passed away At one zero three hundred and three Kirk Douglas. Yes the Tennessee. State legislature may news last week when the legislature was seen drinking blank on the House floor. Is it a EH Bourbon. Instead of whiskey. He was seen drinking chocolate syrup straight from the bottle suspect. Where are they on the whole pot? Legalization thing they're not there yet. They're not representative. Cathy was waiting for a speech to start and he was photographed just in the reactive. Taken a big old swig from one of those plastic. Hershey's chocolate box now where you have to squeeze it. Oh yeah now. He insists he was not trying to acquire choir adult onset diabetes. He was just super cheap. He says he uses the used an empty hershey bottle as a water bottle. He said quote. I'm not going to buy. I like forty-five water bottle. Probably put it down and leave it somewhere then. He adjusted the barrel he was wearing. It went back. That's amazing Yosemite. Sam was like that guy is pretty embarrassing. That's ridiculous bill. Did Amy do well enough to win. Well she did very well. It's a close game this week. You got five right ten more points and the total of fourteen puts her in the winner's circle. Congratulations just a minute. We're going to ask our panelists after cooking. What will be the next naked activity that will take the the nation by storm? Wait don't tell him. He's a production of NPR WBZ Chicago Association with Urgent Haircut. Productions Doug Berman Benevolent overlord. Philip go to reds are lyrics are public address announcer as Paul Freedman or house. Manager is janika donor intern. Is Emma Day a Web Guru. Is Beth Novi. BJ COMPOSER FEMA programs produced by Jennifer meals sales miles Doran Boston and Lillian. King are contributing writers. This month are Fumi Ave and mike new in technical direction is Lorna White. Her Business and ops manager is Colin Miller approach manager is Robert newhouse our senior producers in Chile and the executive producer. Way Down telling me as Mr Michael Dan now panel what will be the next popular activity for. Nudists Buddhists Party Kondabolu nude voting. Get Ready for Democracy Descru- you eighty Dickinson. I'm I'm going for archery archery wine on and Peter Gross make it caucus vote tabulating that way. No one one has pants and no one has cell phones. So there's no APPs of there will be no embarrassing debacle. Well they could people whole do any of those things. We're going to ask you about it on wait. Wait don't tell thank you bill. Thanks also to heart accountable Lou Amy Dickinson Peter Gross. Thanks to all of you for listening. I'm I'm Peter Sehgal. We will see you next week This is N._p._R..

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