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We need to roll back. The state we spy on all of our own citizen prisoners flooded with non violent drug offenders who America's next enemy is look at who were funding right now every single one of problems resulting government being way too everybody. Welcome to a brand new episode of part of the problem thrilled to have our guest for today's show joining the show once again. Although this time of course not in person we do record out of the The same studio. He does his podcast. Or He's been doing his podcast. The sharp way Out of the gas digital network studios but You know in these weird times. Were talking over zoom. He is also running for vice president on the Libertarian Party. Ticket something that by the way. I broke the news about this months ago on twitter. If everybody recalls I did buy my stellar reporting. I said Larry. Sharpe leaves the door open at the time. You're saying you'RE NOT GONNA run. But he is now so Larry thank you so much for joining me to talk about everything that's going on. How are You yes? So if you don't like my shot way show you can blame Dave Smith. It's his fault. See Easy Day. Blamed him on now. Part of the problem. Which makes me part of. The problem is now the reality. I did leave the door open. Always for a possible. Be Peace Lot actually did if you remember. I was trying to let people know that I would not want for president in two thousand twenty. That's true I could not do that. That is what most people don't get is a VP run is different when you run VP. Even though in the Libertarian party you run a separate campaign once you have the nomination you basically become support staff right. The president is people are voting for not the vice president right. The president is the one that people are looking at as to be person that guessing done the vice president basically become support staff. That's what Cain was Hillary. That's what pence still is for trump. That's how it works right so I- running for support staff all right. So so what was it? That made you decide To to jump into this thing along by the way for people who don't know Judge Jim Gray Is is running for president and you're running as his vice president even though that's not exactly how it works in the Libertarian Party. You're running as as a ticket on. This was just announced a couple of weeks ago. And there's more big news that will get an S. over here the the L. P. Race for president has changed dramatically in the last few weeks So what was it that made you decide to get him? Yeah I as I said I I was I was to the I assumed by the time it was so late that I wasn't going to get in right. No one had not the only way I would have gotten in and you you were there you saw. I ran for governor. It was brutal I took. It's all the time. I ran for governor. All I got was his Co. Hetty so It it. It was a year and a half of brutality. I mean when you when you run for office if you if you're serious saddening Libertarian Ken. It's not serious but if you're serious it's a fulltime job you. I literally was just doing it for a year and half. I took no salary for you and a half. I didn't work out of the market for you nap. And I'm a consultant if I'm not in the market that's painful for me right and I have a wife and two kids I liberty city. My wife does not work so you can imagine what my financials were like at the end of that. Run the president running. I couldn't do it so I said could I be someone support staff yes. I was basically what support staff in the past for other candidates. I supported candidates between nineteen so. I was happy with the concept. But I wanted to do it. Which again would be a sacrifice for me. If I thought I could make impact. I didn't see any of the other candidates prior to judge Jim Bragan in garnering the the money the establishment background the GRAVITAS. That would actually make it happen. I didn't see him a blow. Anybody out of the water rows waiting for someone just like this person's the clear front runner. Everyone's behind them. All the money's behind them the press picking it up. And what do I say that because when I ran for governor Iran seven or eight months before I got the nomination by the time I got to the convention I already had a press real ten minute video of the press got that raised six figures already. I had a statewide organization. I it was basically a coronation. Nakazawa Super Smart Super Handsome. I am super handsome. That's true but that's not the reason it was because I lost it by ads for seven months and built out a A campaign that no one could stop. Because being New Yorkers you know there's a chance at a celebrity jumps into the last minute that's happened before to take the governor's race so I was worried that some celebrity would jump in and be like I'm Howard Stern. I'm GonNa Steal the the nomination so I built up this this empire within the state so that even if it's lovely jumped in. I still beat them. Luckily no celebrity jumped in. There was no one else to do it so I was able to walk away with it. I was waiting for someone to copy me. That makes any sense for someone to be like. It's so obvious. No one can beat them right if just the Maas jumped in. Even they could beat them. That was what I was hoping to see if that person had emerged. I would've said do you WANNA be be. That's what I would have said. No one did. Is it nothing judge? Jim Gray said I want in Judge Gray was a big supporter of Lincoln? Chafee Lincoln Chafee never caught fire. Either I mean the opposite. You never caught fire at all Wet and when he finally dropped out the judge was like we need someone who catch fire. He thought he'd get fired because people went to him. And Said we want you and all of a sudden the establishment gop behind him and said we want you? You're the guy you can catch fire. He asked me when he asked me. I said I WANNA do it. Judge I love you. I'm law to the judge. Norma big Gary Johnson Judd. Great Fan. These are the first returns. I voted for twelve on sadly two point. Nine five loyalty problem. I'm very loyal to touch to Gary Johns the judge Gray and when he asked me I said Okay. You know what? Let me talk to the wife. I I love my wife. I don't WANNA lose her. We have a conversation with a before I say yes but I want to absolutely if you want me to go do it within an hour. I got seven phone calls and some of those calls my donors from what I ran for governor saying Larry Guy do this behind. You knew this that when I was like you know what this guy's GonNa Catch Fire. We're going to get some press. We're going to be the dominant ones and you saw it. As soon as he came in he became the front runner as soon as it came in. That may have changed recently But when he came in he was the front immediately. And that's why it yes is that. Are you stuck in a little bit of a position? Of course if people don't know what you're referring to there it was just announced just yesterday that just in a mush is also seeking the Libertarian presidential nomination for. And now listen. I personally as everybody knows I I want like a purist to be the libertarian nominee That's my angle but I understand the argument between there's Kinda the argument between how much of purist do you want up there and who can garner the most attention so I understand that argument? But aren't you guys now kind of caught in this weird position? Where if you're GONNA go with the purest you're probably going to go with Hornberger Or perhaps one of the others. The most likely you'll go cash is pretty pure. No one can take that away from half so someone like that. Or if you're going to go with the guy who can catch fire will doesn't it seem like a sitting member of Congress who's already getting these big televised I mean I just saw. He was on Msnbc on today he can certainly get that type of stuff that Gary Johnson was was able to get in Ashwin Sixteen. So does that undercut your your ticket a little bit. Yeah I know it's your toilet cry. It is a very tough spot to be in right. There's there's several things to understand right. You have to balance it the idea and you brought this up before I mean like if I just want press wider I just you know bringing Jeb Bush right. Yeah valid point. I WanNa try to find the right balance. And it's not an easy dance to make it all. I talk often about my eighty twenty rule right and look Arab. Do whatever the judge says either. I don't have any hornberger. Says Riley like Hornberger. I'd rather than co catch says but let me very full with you. If Hamburg or coquettish or whomever is the nominee I can guarantee you. I'll be the guy here in New York City on TV going. What hornberger met was? I'll be that guy. But Co cash means is I will be that guy I was that guy for Garrett jobs sixteen I will be that guy for whoever because even though I would disagree. With many of the of the candidates all of them are better than Biden. Android hands down not even close not even close. I would absolutely support any of them. Who won so it is a balance. But you're right I mean. How do you find the right balance might my? I guess my concern is time will tell give it about two weeks. You've got about four weeks before convention. Assuming conventions do goes so give it about two weeks. I don't know if a mosh is a flash and then goes away or does he have staying power if he has staying power. It's a problem until the correct the problem if he doesn't have staying power. I've been a judge while he's not the flash. I think he has staying power. I mean he has been in. He's a legitimate twenty years. He ran before he has a million people who did vote for him at one point on a ticket and he has this option behind him. And he's been he's been Anti War on drugs anti war on terror anti all those things for decades so he does have enough street cred to be in my view. At least I know somebody would have great. He's up in my view enough. Well he certainly has a street credit in the war on drugs and I really you know. I really commend him for that. I mean he was a judge in the nineties early nineties. I believe who was speaking out against a marijuana being criminalized and that you know people forget. I'm just old enough to remember but the that really did take some courage at the time were being for pot. Legalization now is very easy. Position to take but in nineteen ninety two ninety three whenever it was for a sitting judge that that took some courage so I certainly give him credit for that and it just in the same way I gave Lincoln. Chafee a lot of credit for being against the war in Iraq in the Senate if there were a lot of house Democrats who opposed it. There were too many in the Senate. He was wearing a few So you know they. They deserve credit on those issues But he as you already alluded to. There are some people who have problems with him and and other issues and I think one of the things that kind of you know raises a little bit of an alarm bell with me was his support for Lincoln. Chafee who again as I say. Give them credit for being against the war in the in the Senate but the guy simply is not a libertarian. I mean he's like a pretty cool Democrat. Who came over to the Libertarian? Party and You know he's better than bill wells I suppose. 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There's there's lots of issues I disagree with him about. I disagree with him about borders. I disagree with him about anarchy. I don't know I'm sure there's there's other issues as well so there's always going to be somewhat of a balance however it does strike me as a as a bit concerning that. He was so supportive of Lincoln. Chafee for for the nomination. Yeah there's a there are two sides to you liberty right. How how far do we go outside of Libertarian? Pure ISM to get people in right to the party to grow the party. I think he aired on what he thought was the best option at the time at if you're pragmatic and clearly he's pragmatic right clearly. If you're pragmatic was there a better candidate? If you're pragmatic most pragmatic people in or who would sell who self identify as pragmatic. Most of them were chafee fans on. Because he was the most pragmatic of the bunch right so I think they. They looked at what they hadn't said. It's the bet we got the odds of chafee going back. Democrats Republicans are slim to none. I don't think he will. I think you'll stay libertarian. Ideas the libertarian. So so they believed. He wasn't a bill wealth and he's better than bill. Well they believed I agree so they took him. I got it again. I wasn't a fan. Yeah no I understand where. You're coming from Although of course this is what everyone said about bill. Well this was nick. Saban walks selling point about bill wells. No I know but he was well. He'll never leave us. He's a libertarian. For Life now and look I gotta say the reason why I air on the side of wanting purist up there is because I think that the truth is that there's something different about running for president than there is about running in any other position For as liberty you become whether you like it or not whether I like it or not You become in many people's minds the standard bearer for libertarianism. If you're the presidential candidate for the Party called the Libertarian Party yes and we want that person to introduce people to our and our I mean your your and mine. I know your philosophy our way of looking at the world. Yeah and when you have somebody out there like a Gary Johnson which I know you're a fan but it really just does not I mean. Look he got some votes. I think most of them protest votes but it didn't draw. More people into the Libertarian Party. It didn't result in more membership. My frequent podcast has done more for membership than Gary. Johnson's campaign did and the enemy. And this is literally I. I think true and you know so i. I saw Justin Amash Today he gave an interview as I mentioned on. Msnbc and it was just. I mean from the perspective of introducing people to Libertarianism. It was terrible it was just terrible. I mean it was basically an argument for you be I and then after that there was nothing that it was just pure third party is up. If that makes sense oh you should have a different choice. I criticized both party. Did you see the interview that I'm talking about? I mean so so what do you do? You think that's a weakness. Let me check all of those things I I agree. I am the face of New York state. When it comes terrorism right 'cause I ran for the executive upstate when people think I get phone calls emails literally every week. Someone saying Larry. Aren't you the head of the l? P. They all think I run the New York State. Tony the Rosie O. Does but they all do. Because you're right I am. The New York. State sees a libertarian. They think about this. You're totally correct. I WASN'T RADICAL. My entire piece was break the monopoly of government that was basically my campaign right because New York state as you know you live in. It is a very pro government anti-business state very much. So where right now the polls show. Cuomo who is locking us down. Our governor of New York State Governor. Cuomo's lock down and eighty percent of New York. Things is a good idea. Sixty percent of Republicans think. We aren't spending enough money. That's my state so in that role. I can't go radical. I won't be heard it. I might as well say. I would like a Unicorn to fly out of a Leprechaun's what this same thing. So I had to go to break the monopoly and with that I was able to as you probably saw multiplier last vote total by six and get ballot access and the year after. Get One hundred three. Libertarians are elected from zero in one year. I think it can be done with the right. Balance Right. The balance is two different ways of balancing. The one is an EU citizen business. You're trying to be radical enough to get the people That's different but but familiar enough to where they actually embrace the concept or the idea and when you go too far either way you fail you see it constantly apples Mun Berry. Good general apples been more successful than not being radical enough but still familiar enough to get people to embrace it. I try to do that. And some cases I did a good job in some cases I didn't is still too radical and in some cases I was not boring so I'm trying to find that fine tune also so I think that's one way but the second one is multiple messages right. There's a if you've noticed I've never ever do. I say so. Many people ask me to they. Say Larry you're more pragmatic I don't you want to get rid of all amicus and at the same thing. No why would I want to get rid of all the anarchists? They're the they're the heart of the party. There was some of our most aggressive and forward activists. There's other people who care the most about the water to get rid of them but not just that people hear the message. Different points no life. I was having constituent. Someone about shirt says legalized recreational cocaine. Now that shirt for some people that Oh my God they're crazy and someone else is like what parties that I in so we need multiple different messages. And I know you're saying Garrett John's didn't do much but Gareth Johnson got ahead because where I was in twenty twelve where I was emotionally. I thought Gary Johnson radical. That's where I was. I just wasn't ready here. Anybody else. That was the message that I could here at that time at my point in life. Twenty twelve's Gary Johnson and that got me in and I would say in New York state. No one has done a better job people jammed party than me now. Any person on the planet for New York State that and that's my and that's what I did and that came. Obviously it's two or three generations. Now that came from someone listening to Gary Johnson. While someone else came from you know Ron Paul or you know basis or whatever even at rand I mean there's a time and ran was bringing tons of people and right back in the day so i. I think that we need multiple messages. Yeah I mean I guess certainly I used to say Gary Johnson never converted anyone and you have proved me wrong. You are the one. But the point is for having such a huge platform the returns on In terms of converting people were very very small very small and I. I would say that it seems to me. I think a lot of other. Libertarians that We seem to be living through something. Pretty major seems to be a major moment in history right now unprecedented in so many different ways where you actually have. The government has criminalized in many different states. The majority of states going outside. I mean the amount of government Authoritarianism all around the country and this has resulted in putting tens of millions of people out of work there also in the wilder doing that. They're robbing these people to give big corporate handouts and huge handouts to the big banks under a you know from the Federal Reserve Policy From the monetary policy It it does kind of seem like now would be a time to really try to have a game changer. And so I worry about going with the route of like well. Let's be a pragmatist. I think As the Ron Paul campaign showed which of course didn't get nearly as much media attention but converted way more. Sometimes the the pragmatic route is to run a purist and it seems to me if ever there was a time to run a purist this this would be it. I don't know to be with you. You might be right and I I what I care about and I was very forward. It sounds horrible. I guess some people. I want a candidate. Who who motivates the Libertarians of all stripes to get out there and get on board? I WANNA candidate. Who CAN RAISE MONEY? I WANNA candidate gets impressment again. The press doesn't put me by the sleep. What DOES IT turn everybody off? One of those two things and shape wasn't exciting right. Tv I think was smart if you. If he does policies he could talk about things he knew stuff. He was a smart guy who has been in but he didn't fire people up he would go. Oh my God jake. Let's go not thinking that right so I think that too and my feeling has been that judge. Gray has the backing and that when we get our CNN we get our CNN townhall which will get one because we always get one. I think if it's mean gray well not out of the park. We won't be boring. We won't say that Hillary Clinton is a is a wonderful public servant. We won't do that so we won't do that kind of thing and we'll get a second or third one. I've been in this game. You Watch me for over four years doing exactly this. I ran for. Bp last time almost well thirty two votes away meeting well and my campaign was three weeks long with my own money. So my own money to do that right and no one is. No one. Spent more time edgy. Trying to to stop well-connected right again. No one did so I took time out of my life and then I I was calling delegates I went down Orlando. I bought a booth. I had a team down there. I had swag. The whole deal made a website videos. Everything on my own. Strive to make this happen. So I'M NOT MR. I want anybody from anywhere right. I want to try to find that balance. I think if we get that that That townhall will get a second and a third and if we get a second third and people see that were exciting and interesting but also something else compassionate right remember. The right. Wants to feel like we're GONNA protect them for the left was the feel. I care about them. So if we're able to combine those two and people WANNA watch us. That's the only chance we have forgotten debates that's it. There's no other chance at all of gain debates on us. People WanNa see is because debates are only about one thing ad revenue if the ad revenue was high and eyeballs are high where the Bates regardless of whatever lawsuit we have. It's relevant this matter. What MATTERS IS AD revenue? If we can prove that you can rock and roll my worries you the wrong person in place. They fall asleep. They don't talk about the right things. No one cares. Why bother I believe that I'm a good messenger? If I can get somebody to get me on that stage I think I can knock it out of the park every time you see me media. I'M NOT GONNA part. I'll do it again. Just needs to get the next age. Yeah well I certainly wish you had a a gotten thirty three more votes for vice president. Last time around Bill Weld of course was trying to find the balance between being the least pure libertarian and also putting people to sleep which was probably not a good question all right. 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And you've been in the party longer than I have Do you think that just the disaster of the bill weld situation is part of what really hurt Lincoln Chafee because that was the impression that I got that people felt like they had been burned by the former Republican and now the former Democrat was kind of an establishment e type guy and it was like? Yeah we're not going that route again. I think that's also slowing down the The coronation of a half. I think it is. I think there's a lot of people who still remember. Wow do we really want to go down there? And there's some fear there is some fear and some people are saying you know. Masha another bill weld wherever he is. That's not accurate but the emotion is still there. We still have that some people who were there for is the emotional scarring of what happened so I do think that is slowing things down. Which is why. I'm joy if a my stays on fire. That's going to be. If he peters out then he may not be the nominee. Yeah well I wonder how much you know. Because obviously he is in a situation where he can garner more national attention than than anybody else in the race at this point but the thing that I think he's missing is he really doesn't have passionate on the ground. Support within the Libertarian Party There's some people I think at the top of the Libertarian Party. Who would very much like a Justin Amash to be the nominee and by the way I know I've given some of those people at the top. You know some shit when I feel like they deserved it but you well. You know on occasion. Okay okay I have but I listen. I understand why someone would want Justin Amash. I understand why they go. It makes us look more serious. If we have a sitting member of Congress who can get this national attention we don't look like a clown we're not risking as much get that But I just think again that there are so many issues right now that need to be inserted into the the mainstream and like this is part of the like what Ron Paul dead is. Heat number one converted a whole bunch of people to libertarianism in droves not one or two people thousands and thousands of New People. I'll still I still literally to this day. And you see me when I raise money right. I to this day will still auction off a Ron Paul bumper sticker for a hundred bucks. Yeah and people are that passionate about it. And I'm one of those people so I can. I can understand why but he also forced issues into the conversation. That would not have been there without him. Nobody's talking about the Fed. If it's not for Ron Paul. It would just be something that doesn't get brought up. Nobody's talking about you. Know like a actually following the constitution when it comes to fighting wars. There's probably fifteen other issues that only in in two thousand eight two thousand twelve would have inserted into the conversation and I. I really am nervous with either. A judge gray or Justin. Amash that just none of these issues will end up getting inserted. Where at least with with Hornberger? I know they will and to me. The Big One right now. Is the Federal Reserve there? We live in a populist moment. We've lived in a populist moment for the last few years but man is going to be a whole different level after we come out of this Kobe. Nonsense and You know this is the perfect time to the Federal Reserve. Is this thing that everybody should hate. I mean it's like everything and they don't even know about it. They don't even because no one ever tells them that. It's an important thing to care about it when I was in class in my classroom story. No go home important story. This is listeners. They should understand how. What a bad spot when how much work we have to do. As I said I'd teach City agencies and other people corporations is what I do when I when I make money. I can't do it now but when I actually make money. I teach a lot of agencies and corporations things like that usually spend time either. A GOVERNMENT ATTACK FINANCE LAW THIS CASE. I'm in a room Teaching leadership and I never bring up politics unless people ask or during the break or something like that. I just teach myself so during the break. And it's the roomful about twenty or so people all professional educated adults and one person says outlawed is hit talking. This is probably three years ago. Give or take for years ago. Maybe someone says I'm so glad we have the Fed. Oh my God. That wasn't for them in two thousand nine they saved. Us actually said so. All I said was head is. Do you know that the Fed is a private bank? No everyone of note as you know is every one of them and I said Google whatever. You're what how what? Oh my God. Yeah this is kind of like a banking cartel space you that well my God really. Yeah Oh my God I say you know somebody else just magically makes money new does. It won't be clear. I just showed them. I was right with the first question. I didn't give them the second premise. And they still all of them not does it. So this one I'm lying on. That is how ingrained in their head that this is not real. So it's another google the Google it. Oh my God is right and then I said you know we a central bank and I swear you guys said no we. Don't that's why we have the Fed the no one in the room of twenty educated licensed professionals new. This this is where we are. We have a lot of work to do but then it seems like but that just seems like all the more reason that we have to insert a conversation about the Federal Reserve into the discussion. Because as I was saying it is if if anyone does know what it is it's got everything for the left and the right to hate about it when you talk about it recently. What I've talked about is the reason for the wealth gap because the left hates the wealth gap and they will hear that in five seconds. You say Wealth Catholicos what and I said. The reason for the wealth gap is because the Fed creates bubbles every ten years and that's when the wealthy people get out early become liquid and then a purchase all the assets of the middle class and the working poor as they try to pay off their bills when the bubble pops then they grapple the assets. That's why you have a wealth gap it's because of the Fed because of capitalism or because left the right policies is because the Fed creates bubbles that every ten years they suck it all up and I told people I shall look having noticed all of a sudden what he's seeing on TV. I'll buy your house. Debt consolidation those off funds of wealthy people who are now looking to pick up all your assets again so they can knock down all your small houses and build up big apartment complexes like you saw in two thousand eleven twelve and thirteen when they took your money from twenty eight zero eight an owner. Yeah people in left goes. Yeah they hear that I'm with you. Well does does a judge gray have a stance on the Federal Reserve. I haven't heard him mention anything about it is he. Does he support an audit? I mean I've literally never heard him bring it up. I could be missing something. He goes from a different level. I go at it from that. He goes at it from where robbing our youth. That's where he goes at it. So he talks about deficit robbing the youth and then he goes into fed fetish step three in his piece. It step to a mind my does he support the Fed does he support an audit or ending we both. We've also praised why I said what are the Fed is because so many Americans don't even know the Fed is if we to include by the way the press the MEA also now the individual reporters also know. I've asked them when I was being into. They actually don't know they think I'm crazy so if we actually do the audit what happened. You can't art event probably bank. You can't just randomly audit of air and when that happens and some it goes away. It's not a government agency. You can't just audit. I can't just go or the Gay Smith. You can't do that. There has to be a reason or random or something you can't just rambling audit people. You've got this policy something to do it. Otherwise unfair and once that pops up the press ago oriented. It's not what everything will be able to come up and they'll be some Reporter who will be like. Oh I can make my bones doing a CNN special on the Fed that no one knew about yes. They'll do some. They'll see that our special on the Fed that nobody knew about even though we knew about it for fifty years right. That'll happen and then we ran and the Fed. We can't end the in my view until we ought to defend. I'm I'm fine with that. I mean I I always supported. Ron Paul's audit the Fed bills. I also think that If we ever did successfully audit the Fed the ending the Fed part would come pretty easily. 'cause as soon as people actually see what they're up to They would you know if people realize how much they were. Just being robbed blind by this. I mean as you said it and I've talked about before it's it's it's the worst of public and private combined one because it is the government department of money and then that's really what it is in effect but they hide out behind saying they're private so they are. They can profit off of it they can. You know what I mean. They can avoid audits and things like that so and also there's no political fallout. You can't blame your elected officials because this is what the feds doing on the problem. You have is if you just decide to end the Fed right. Then where's our money and right now? Our money is only backed by the power of US military right. That's where I'm that's that's what backs our money. Money is backed by the power of Marines and soldiers and sailors on the ground. That's what Baxter money. So if we decided to end the Fed tomorrow literally we will have to have several proxy wars to shut your muscle will have to be fighting civil wars in Libya civil wars Afghanistan. We will have to support our money. Because if we don't flexor muscle people stop using the dollar and dollar. It has no value so if you end the Fed you have to have a plan to figure out okay. What's our money is it? Crypto is backed by goal is backed by inserting here right. We have a plan to do that. Otherwise we are asking for World War. Three it's the only way back money. Yeah no I agree. There has to be some type of plan. I mean I I liked Ron Paul's a competing currency plan. But I'd I settle for gold back money at this point any type of commodity based money I think would be a vast improvement. What 'cause I I I wanted to ask you about this because this It's something that I've seen a Judge Gray. Getting some heat for is that he's been a longtime you. Bi a supporter. Of what he you. What what's your take on the There's three different people colgate you be. I it's actually negative negative income tax very close to me wrong. It's close very close. There are three parts of this right. There's the negative income tax bears the U. B. I as you know. Someone like a a rottweiler. Would have it right. That type of hike would have it and then there's the the. Ubs that Yang Watts the three separate pieces. The one that judge ray talks about is basically Negative income tax only people who get the U. Bi of those who make less than thirty thousand dollars a year? Nobody else gets it so only people make less than three thousand. And there's an incentive for you to work your way off of it because as you make every dollar you lose the sense of you so you can't eventually work your way off of EUBOEA. That's the goal. You work your way off you. The business end of do so and it removes all other forms of Welfare. There is no other forms of whatsoever wick is gone food stamps gone. Ssi disability gone if you make under thirty grand. That's what you get. You can work your way off. That's hold on so just so I understand you get thirty grand a year for for not working her. So when you say there's an incentive to get off of it why would anyone possibly take job for thirty grand a year if you can make thirty grand a year for not working? Only if you're planning to work your way off of it right the issues that you never lose any money system works now once you make X. dollars you lose everything which Oakland nobody would do it so imperative system now it might be marginally better make not I'm not sure what wouldn't be incentive be. There's a lot of people who work for thirty forty thousand dollars a year at law. Would anyone be stupid enough to take that job if you're getting thirty thousand dollars a year to not work? It's a valid point. That's what's happening now. There are over sixty million Americans getting public citizens from from the already. Having a lot of those people actually don't eat it or gaming system. A lot of them are once you have this very simple rule we used to fraud. Yes is it. The right answer is is the perfect answer. No I'm not measuring it against perfection. A measured against our current system. We're not just that immediately. We don't need security instruction all that all of that admit all of that bureaucracy gone. It's gone overnight. So you're a bunch of the government down gone that's how I have philosophical problems with the UB. Or I think it's GonNa keep a whole bunch of people who are at that entry level beginner level job to out of the workforce. Keep going but let me ask you but I want to ask you about what you're saying there because this is the more the practical element which I never understand. It's a nice idea that all of that has gone but if we can just say all of that is gone. How about all that has gone in no you. Bi even if you were to pass you by and get the votes. Now you have to repeal the Social Security Administration. You'd have to repeal everything else. Let me keep going okay. I'm with you I'm with you. Next is the theoretical you. Bi everyone gets larger trump. Three or four grammy. Whatever it is so you can actually survive on the money you can survive everybody no matter what. I'm there's no incentive to get off that all you no matter what money you make you always get no matter what in theory that also gets rid of all the bureaucracy right. That's the more purest form of you. The right and then there's the last time which is the absolute were site which is the Yang type which is a thousand bucks a month and you keep all bureaucracy. Everybody gets it. Everyone's still on everything that's the Yang and we're looking right now. The new idea is two thousand bucks a month. Young's are now we're GONNA go more for two thousand bucks a month and keep all the bureaucracy also also wick also social security also everything. Just add on top of it. That's what's happening now. All right guys. Let's take a quick second and thank our sponsor for today's show which is stamps dot com. There's never been a better time to us. Stamps DOT com because people are trying to stay home. 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I'm running for vice president which means I will support by President candidate and I will defend him and I will defend whoever it is look. I don't like Hamburg is idea of bringing troops home and dismissing them. He's Louis going to create thousands of suicides if he does that literally. He is sentencing tens of thousands of marines to death. That is what that will do and I was still support him. If he is our nominee and I'll and I'll try my best. If he wins took him to not do that. But is Jim Gray wins. I will try to convince him. You're exactly what you said. Give it a whole thing but why why would it be? I mean I. It seems to me that keeping the troops in the position they are is what's sentencing them to suicides. Why is it given that? If we were to bring the troops home and dismiss them that there would be suicide Vietnam. Yeah but that was I mean. That's that psychological home. A jet after a year came back and said bye good luck and they started killing themselves in record numbers. Yeah but I I don't. I don't think it's clear that the suicides were a result of them Being dismissed when they came home I think the suicide result of the trauma they suffered in Vietnam. Yes and one and if you take people out of the military and bring them home and don't have a transition for both them and or their families. I'm I've worked with that ask anyone. They'll tell you the same thing. They will be homeless in a year. They'll have shown mouth in three. I'm not making this up. Do your homework. That's how it works. that's the data. It's they're still to this day. There's a hundred people who commit suicide every day. Twenty two veterans and veterans are less than ten percent reputation and one of the biggest reasons. Is They have trouble getting back into the world. And if you don't have a good transition you are sentencing them to death. That's what you're actually doing by default. Now I'm being forward. I don't like that policy. If he wins I will support him. Because he's still better without homer an I and all of them cocaine I all of them. I agree to all of them at least eighty percent if not ninety five percent I agree. We're off maybe five percent if if you're gonNA say Larry Because Judge Gray believes on nit you shouldn't Subroto. Now I'm okay. I'll deal with it still better than what we have for better than what we're GONNA get. We're GONNA get a disaster. We're going to get two thousand bucks a month and keep all the bureaucracy. Nothing but bad at least an IT. S something good. I'll take it because he still wants to end the war on drugs. He still wants to bring troops home. He still was make. Sure we never gonNA wall the actual declaration of war. I'll take it I'm in. I will take it if he can get us on stage to say those things he still wants to focus on the deficit which again I know. It isn't the Fed immediately view but the third level too. That is the Fed it right. It's first apposite then. Our children then fed dave. I'll take it. No that's perfect. That's that's fine for me. I mean look. I don't look look at a couple points number one on the stuff. I've said this for years that this is what the in reality will look like if it's implemented it will look like a UB payment with all the bureaucracy. You're never GONNA get. This is why I also think just from a practical legislative point of view and I have no belief that Libertarians are going to win. That way. Ma. That's why I'm all about inspiring more people changing minds changing the whole like You Know Paradigm. That's that's what I think we should focus on. That's I lean toward a purist but if you go in there with anything you just the way the legislative process works. You have to stakeout the purest position possible. Because then you're going to compromise and get something that's still bad but maybe better than the status quo. The idea that were not going to actually convince people that we need to abandon the welfare state. We'll say no will embrace partially the welfare state and give people these handouts. Do you think there's GonNa be any real political will to abolish everything because you embraced the the welfare state and again also are people going to sit back. What happens when they blow their negative income tax? And there's a a a single mother of four who blows her thirty thousand dollars a year and is now hungry. There's GONNA be some new program to subsidize that I everything you've said is true but there's one piece that I think is also true. I think yes people like him. I really brought the concept up in a different way with look I live in New York City. So you you know. There's a lot of Democrats in this city right. Lots of them. Most of my friends Democrats right some of them actually board of me. So I'm getting but some acid motherfucker right so my point is I've brought this concept that I said what if we just had? What if we just had a fair tax write a flat tax where you know and I use it the number three thousand if you just no one pay three thousand and you only paid a flat amount per thousand up and you've got to? Irs and Democrats go out is not bad as long as the first three thousand take care of because what most Democrats care about is a feeling of fairness that is their number one issue a feeling of fairness doesn't feel fair. It has veal fair unlike it feels fair. I like it the majority of Democrats when we use. Nit if you say look if you're under thirty thousand you don't get hammered and you. You can work on your back and religious. If you're that MOM would you kids? You want a job. You don't lose all your benefits which happens now you can actually begin your career again if you want to. Democrats actually do here that they really do. They don't hear get rid of welfare. They don't hear it. That is a nonstarter. They just go. You're an evil asshole. They don't hear it but they do here when you say well if you thirty thousand working way off and get a job they at least hear it so I do think there is a chance to have them here the message if we go that route again. I'm not perfect I wish I could tell you it was. It's not up to me I want you. But here's what we have and here's what I think can get. Get that message forward. Well Fair enough. I mean I I appreciate your honesty as always I. I get some of the points that you're making so let me ask you this going forward now I've already started to hear the The Oh my God. It's so tired but this is what they've been saying to a much to go. You're going to a guaranteed donald trump gets in. I'm sure the trunk geyser saying you're going to guarantee Biden gets in you think I now Justin. Amash did not have the courage to to say this to MSNBC. And I know this would blow all their minds but if I kept saying things but this could help trump get in and he you know He. The answer is obviously right there which is like so what we're running. Biden. How is this any better than having trump? D- What do you think there's like you and and Judge Gray will be able to kind of sell that point that it's like we don't care. They're both as bad as the other one. Well to be forward if you look at what we another reason why I want. Impact judged gray was the only one who came me with an actual plan to make it back. No one else did they. Were like we can win. This Larry. Joh- you're asking to be their VP. And I said no a judge said Larry. You said this Twenty Sixteen. Which was my plan in two thousand sixteen what. I was planning to be to be. I told the Johnson Campaign I said look. Bdp I will literally pack up and move to whatever state or state you think we have a chance at winning and I will go for the next two months September October and I will go to every single diner every single. Bmw every single American Legion every single church coop and I will walk up and down. That can stay until we went a goal. Stay ON THAT MAP. I promise you he can do whatever he wants. I will be in Wyoming. I don't care I'll do much do nat nat. Now get five percent. Whatever WE'RE GONNA get five percent? He booby off. Judge Break Enemies. Larry if we focus we see what's happening around September August chambres. He was going on where the polls are. Will we have a chance? Actually winning a state. We're going to focus on those dates me and you are going to focus on those days and I was like. That's what I WANNA hear. No one else told me that he did this day. I know I get the odds of us. Winning are slim I get them. I put myself. Could it happen? Of course. Lightning could strike. Of course you run the win. If we win we'll be ready for. I hope it happens what I also know what's GonNa Happen if we can actually get one golden state. Would they showed that map all the time? L'etoile map now. One state is gold. I've just helped every single downstate candidate in the entire country for the next four years. Because now we're real and you know me all about helping down ballot. That's I'm all about that. I want top of the ticket so I can help bottom ticket. That's my whole purpose. I don't think I'M GONNA win every time I run of course not. I hope I do and I run to win but if you saw what I did in New York I ran my abdomen. Twenty eighteen then the year. After when I what is it running? I still cross again supporting all the down to get people because the press Cangemi 'cause I was a former gubernatorial candidate so all the local press cangemi and local press matters tremendously in local races. And that's what we got. So many victories was because of that. So what I want to do is if I get that. We get that gold state or states could states. That'd be amazing right. If enough states one or two things happens one the again the lightning strikes perfectly and neither of these to get to seventy and it gets thrown into the Congress and the elect. Us President vice-president that's the hope Lightening Strike Right. Well we have no control over that. Hopefully that happens. That'd be amazing. If it doesn't happen no worries. We still get one or two. Maybe three who knows? Take it gold states on that map. That will help every single candidate. Who's Libertarian? In this party for the next four years. That's what I want. I'm in that's impact. I went impact graduates to run. I stay home. You got a family friends. Yeah I get that if I can make impact. I'm in if I'm a sacrifice for this shit I wanted to impact me all right. Let me I I hear you on all that stuff. What what do you think? And this is probably the most important Question for Libertarians. Running right now. What is have you thought about? Have you in and the judge talked about? What is kind of the Libertarian? Response from the Libertarian. Party to the corona virus to the lockdowns to we are do we come out and have a bold end the lockdowns not never again kind of thing Do you like Have have you kind of work that out because I think this is. This is going to be what the election is. All about is what happened here. I mean the the election is going to come in in November Who the hell knows we could be going through round two of this By the next cold see is a now. Let's all hope that's not the case but either way we are going to be in in a state of wondering what the Hell happened to US earlier this year. Would you say you know if you had you know? You have America by the ear. What we all kind of want and they say what's Libertarian. Answer to a global pandemic. What would you say absolutely anything? I've said more than once right upset. A semi sharp said it publicly all the time right the judge differently than I do. But the concept of the same. The judge is like we as as as the government. Our job is to plan for everybody to be able to function in epidemic. And we haven't right. We didn't plan. That's what what the government is to plan for how to function and then let them not stop them from functioning right and I've always said there's no some of this but I understand that government coach culturally has always been a center for information or a hub. The nine one one call. I have no problem with government being the center. Where all the Michigan's the repository? Let's call the government up. What's the policies? What should we doing one of the standards? What is the? Cdc recommend what does the FDA recommend awesome? Thank you for giving US standards. That's what I want the government to be doing not dictating what we must do but providing information and stands for how we can survive that. I'm totally fine with with the government should have done if I'm if I'm governor a president right. As soon as the virus crosses a border right it goes now into South Korea. That's my whoa. What's going on is bigger than just local. At that point. I realized something. The government can't fix this it never can centralized control never works. So what do I do? Good leaders don't do this by got you gave your house. I got you covered. That's not a good leader. A good leader says Dave. I need your brother come on. Let's do let's get going so what I do as governor is. I mean several things which governor would be ready but in theory I would do this immediately suspend all distillery laws allowing people to make hand sanitizer wherever they want to not just that immediately ending all sales tax for has advisors so local nonprofit some have to apply for sales tax. Id they could just make some money locally. Song has on twitter next get the CDC the FDA say are the best ways to create Max and Auburn players and post them. You guys were not to do it. Here's the way that we recommend you making mass and build next. I then said you know what I'm gonNA suspend all all duct building rules when it comes to sleeping accommodations allowing local. Vfw's local knights of Columbus locals of churches to allow to have places where people can sleep. Why what happens? If you're in a multi generational household grandma GRANDPA. You can't afford to put them in a home. So they're at home. You have to work so you work and you sleep at the church and you don't go home right. That's what an allow that to be true. We can't do it right now. I'm still not done now. I tell my. Da You are not to anybody for breaking any I P or Three D. printing rules or laws if they're gonNA make a ventilators allowing people to make good Muslim want you now had when I started that literally months ago add onto their lead a piece testing Zang. Allow you to make it again as the FDA CDC huge they recommend guys have at most people would have ignored me. But there's always early adopters. That's how it works as early adopters right so somebody would have said. Ooh I can make some cash so when hinds and some local churches. Bmw's Denzel. Ooh I could make money making cool mask Batman the joker are Yankees or whatever right so I would have done that. How do I know that they're doing it now? But they would have been doing it. If was governor. Three months ago. They would've been doing it so all those tests that failed. We know the ones that fail. There wasn't a good we know three months ago. Not Now we have testing but not just that some of the cool people would run around with the Yankees master or something. Why does that matter? Because Mass Aren't part of our culture sorry weren't part of our culture primakove cove it. They were part of East Asian culture. Because they've already had SARS. They'd had swine flu. They had all that stuff so they won't be doing it. Chinatown you saw. They want massive two years ago. There were mass pop part of their culture. We would have made it. Part of our culture already went up again to happen. I would have been said guys used to thinking. How can we survive in this environment? What's the rules? Cdc says six feet. How do we fix that? Make it happen. You've seen some restaurants and some stores get early. Dobbs Beginnings already saying we're safe. Look at us. We're safe. Come to us now as the fear becomes the hit others jump on board. Now it'll have my health inspectors. Come down closing stores instead. I give them government approval stamps if you follow the rules a CD. So you get a stamp I would encourage the AMA. I'd encourage anyone a group to have their own stand. You think that's correct snapping now consumer chooses which stores and facilities go into the ones who don't follow it consumers won't go into those. Those clothes consumers decide governors. But not just that other stores saw shift. Why do I say this? The critical piece here is when not ready for the next one. If we do this now we will create protocols the state how do you function in a contaminated environment? I am read. You can see if you look the picture right here. I still keep the fog of me. I am reading. I was in the eighties we started. Ussr meal worried about chemical attacks attacks and they told Me Rain Gore. You must be prepared to fight in contempt environment. It doesn't matter the war doesn't end because this chemical weapons in the area you get contaminated you could your back on and your back out in a fight you get back to contaminate you get back into the fight. They talk all day about war than eight tells US surrender. I'm saying war exists in this environment. This is not the last virus but of all these things if you're Iran or your China or Russia you don't care about nuclear weapons anymore. That's dangerous make a biological weapon. You shut your copy down. If I'm I got my gosh. Forget this nuclear shit. Don't do that make some boxers up get us. The vaccine will give us a vaccine release five years America finished ten years. We can't have that. We must be able to function in a horrible environment. These viruses aren't GonNa go away. There will be more of them established protocols now Sweden is learning that South Korea already learned that we didn't that's libertarian. Answer all right well I I like all that stuff and I think that would certainly be a much better a situation than what we had Than what we have And yes Sweden. Basically just issued guidelines didn't enforce them With any punishment and it seems to be about the same as everywhere else. It's really no worse than now. We're starting to see evidence that the lockdown Brealey may not have helped the virus at all and man. I gotta say that if that is the case and and it's possible that a few months from now we really know that that was the case man is that. An opening for a libertarian. Make an argument that the government just destroy people's lives lighting. Even help didn't even help him. If if someone gets me on stage where I can reach a million people and say what I just said. We will make impact all right well. Best of luck out on the campaign trail which I assume for now is a virtual rail. Yeah there you are live from the campaign trail. I I always enjoy talking you. Larry I think you are one of the best spokesperson spokesman. That the Libertarian. Party has so keep up the good work and I hope to see you in person sometime soon after after this is all over. Thanks so much for for joining us and thanks everybody for listening if they want to support the campaign. Do you guys have like a citre or if you WANNA support me personally. Head OVER TO SHOP WAY. Dot COM APP. A cool show as you can see right there if you want to help me there. Patriots it's our patriotic dot com slash shortwave to campaign. It's gray sharp twenty twenty dot com. Enjoy all right. Thanks everybody for listening. Catch next time piece.

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