Giant Bombcast 592: Extra Ribcage Edition


<music> hey it's Tuesday July. Sixteen Twenty nineteen welcome to the giants shorts casts Benz Benson's during the shorts today actually the first time ever. That's how you know it's summer. It's the summer sun I live in a hot zone. Now you're in like legitimate hot. Yeah territory not in the eighties not like San Francisco summer. It's fake summer ninety oil we have to like I was going to say if you stop that saying got up in the eighties motherfucker. You don't know what was like. I I was moving during the process of that natural heat wave what's your what's your situation no A._C.. But like on lots of good fanling fans spread out actual mounted. That's really position which I was worried about when I first moved in but we managed to put enough tables under them. Keep it cool yeah every every room should have ceiling fan. I'm coming around on them. I wasn't like you know home. Improvement shows and they're like Oh. That's gotta go to ceiling fan. I'm like no. I guess I was GONNA say. Do you live in constant fear of ceiling fans. Are you allergic to ceiling. I'm just breaking out at the thought of invent saves. I just don't leave him running. When you go to sleep Oh yeah with the door closed and dangerous? Is that often often anything down your soul. Is that right right. It's not actually a thing okay well. He's making it depends on who you ask now at the thing some people might you otherwise welcome hi. It's a great gas. It's it's fantastic to be here. I'm Brad you're Jeff. I'm happy to be here. He's jam hello. Jason already covered Ben Yup. That's the short not his legs. Yeah uncoupled pod see that's all right. I'll figure that out pod sees jerks in real time that didn't work so well Nancy's. We'll workshop at yes this real time stuff for breaks pod see diet yeah if I'm on a hypothesize. If I see a podcast I eat who's playing what give me a video game. I'm not even so. I'm playing all video games the urge game with a new keyboard go ooh we always always think about hardware coverage around these parts and we talk about it off line and stuff yeah. I don't know they'll be tracked the code about like what the what could we offer a hardware coverage sense other than would you use this. Yes how long I'M GONNA say on this podcast. Anything goes well shit man so I got an email. We get emails. All the time. People going like we got fucking Bluetooth headphones you up to your ass. Thank you usually just like we don't have hardware okay all right well. I'll tape it but I n e mail for keyboard came in and I was like you know what I wanNA. Try this thing out. It's a CA- niece's gaming just put it out the free style edge R._G._B.. And it is a split keyboard with a big old like twenty inch braided cord between the two halves of the keyboard who I was like I was picturing the Microsoft actual economic pieces connected by cable and sounds kind of cyber cyber yeah and so you can set it pretty far apart almost like captain's chair like just hands in a natural this the idea I mean they're primarily in economics company but they have a few gaming devices and this is this is one of those <hes> and I started using it. I don't know three weeks ago or something like that and I really like it you can they. They've got an like an optional attachment for the bottom. That'll let you tent the sides of up to a more natural role kind of like fifteen degrees up and the so for folks listening like the inside edges of the keyboard would pop up so you your hands would naturally tilt I guess to the outside and type a little sideways which is a little more natural all and modeling a ball like my desk is too high for like actually got me thinking like me and my desk is to fucking high or my chairs to low one of the other so I didn't really use that too much just because the desk but it's actually pretty nice I'll tell you you you can fit a pizza box between the haves these keyboard they say things like you could put joystick or move your mouse or whatever I'm like a pizza box fit between them which can come in handy standard size pizza box medium pizza. Oh you know like twelve fourteen inch she ergonomic pizza. That's like half and half and you've just split the box down the middle so it's like to probably yeah you know you. You have to get something on the left side. That's you know going to be a little more movement movement oriented right yeah and then the right side just nothing my only keyword space that I have I could fit kells zone zone yeah. That's all that I could fit there. You're talking. I'm talking full medium mm-hmm. I literally tested this out of the weekend the dish it was a thick crust okay. It was a thick crust medium pizza from a non chain established a local chain. Let's say a non national chain anyway yeah. I haven't news next couple hundred bucks. which is you know? Maybe a little bit more expensive than some other keyboards out there by twenty thirty bucks something like that but I really like it this. I got used to the split stuff. It's like it's split six on the left. Side out of the keyboard. Seven is on the right like that's kind of where this is. It's in the middle. This image of the tented hands separated yeah for it feels like some kind of Star Trek like alias interfere exactly like it had kind of like when I had it. It's most split in my arms. Were relaxed have like a tactical just kind of typing title stuff and I yeah I was. I was pretty impressed with to the point where that's the the metric. I think that we as we talk about about this stuff like. Would you keep using this. I think I'm GONNA keep using this all right and it's it's been pretty nice. The only catch is like the whole hook with this. One is over their previous one is this one has R._G._B.. Lighting so they've got like an APP you can go change the lighting also stuff but it doesn't support any games that support keyboard lighting and light things specifically. I don't know if that's got razor exclusive A._p._i.. Or something but anyway it does not support that stuff so maybe they'll do it for you can update firmware are all that stuff so maybe they'll get there but that sort of thing is like man if I if the keyboards going to light up I want it to light up to the way game developers choose to make it light up because that's always like dumb and not just like pulse blue which is why they end up settling on actually maybe turnover lighting off 'cause who I'm not even looking at it who cares it's hard to look at when it's completely vertical that too well it's not completely vertical and you're not only up like you know I think fifteen degrees is the maximum not you're not like full on sideways typing on sale now. It's kind of up in the middle okay. How's the W A._S._T.? Pleading shooters on yeah and so that's kind of like the cool thing as a gaming thing is like you know a lot of games the right half of the keyboard. You're not doing shit with it so you just Kinda push it out of the way and move the mouse there no and kind of it's a little more natural in some cases so it's it doesn't have a keypad on it so it's like you know missing needs it yeah. That's kind of I need like so factor. Education was the the thing on your phone one hand and using one finger on the other and then it's like Oh wait. The seven is on decide. Yes it was like that that sort of thing was the only time when it was like this. If this had a keypad even on a standard keyboard and having to go back and forth the role I just I like the phone pad Aspen Punch it in blind. This movement to get rid of numeric keypad. I feel like is guided. It makes sense for gaming product. Okay I saw now. There are people saying the caps lock. He should go. What what is nonsense? Why why it's fine claim is that nobody uses it and it gets in the way that's just on the Zodiac motherfucker? There's an audience macaroni so so you know because it doesn't have a keep at it doesn't have scroll lock key which I use a handful of applications devoted to playing video games because that is a specific he used in things like maim and stuff like that so what are you can map macaroni and all that other stuff like a modern keyboard the for gaming you can map all kinds of macro and all that sort of stuff if you want. I didn't necessarily need that that function but I thought it was really nice to type on and good for games and I think it's got the whatever's mechanical switches the its way quieter than the other cherry switches I had in my previous keyboard. The were waking mme wife from three rooms away so hardware coverage there you go there. You go covered. It's the free style edge R._G._B.. From canisius gaming mouthful yeah it's have to have names like that just be called like yeah I mean if if anything I think this this can be edgier could be like the word murder. I don't know what you know because razors got all it's make free look and widow restyle edge freestyle separate seven twenty Benny Hana's absolutely what if you flip them around I mean you wanted to. I guess we know. Is that how he plays well you could you could say I'm going to look up upside down to gonNA find footage of him playing one so my desks in like a corner I'm imagining went up on my wall <hes> over here yeah yeah absolutely yeah. It'd be like in kind of a martial arts pose time. I'm dreaming. I feel good definitely paint the keyboard green tea and key it out so it's just looks like you're doing wizard most minority report yeah love this idea love. This plan play any good games on the keyboard controller what I've been playing some more bloodstained <hes> and enjoying it yeah. I just got past the train part. Oh Yeah I waited. I kinda took a week off often and forgot about it like I'm going to go back to it and and get back in there with that tree impart. I don't want to spoil it explicitly but did you know how to get on that train. Did you figure out what you needed to do pretty easily because I feel there was like three or four points in that game where specifically just was like legit cannot figure out what to do. You think I stumbled into the solution by mistake which was like you get to the train and it's like I can't take this because I don't have a thing that you think you could like. It's like Oh. It's item. That's GonNa let me do a thing but basically have to do something else with the item. That isn't necessarily that well. I had run over to where the photo station was back at the base like first thing I remembered that was there so you got that and then I but then when it's like you gotta make a passport reporter whatever the fuck it is. I stumbled into talking to the guy and she just randomly asked like Hey. How do we get on this fucking train and I was like Oh man? It's a good thing I did this because if I didn't go to that person and have that conversation like yeah exactly exactly I could see you in wandering the castle for a dozen hours going like fuck one more point like a couple of hours after that that same thing of just like I have a game like that you really wanted like figure it out you really want to be able to score and it feels opens also can lead to that feeling of just like well clearly. I'm not supposed to be here yet because it hasn't presented. It's like I haven't figured this out upgrade so I guess there's somewhere else I gotta go and they'll be some chest with fucking wing in it or whatever <hes> yeah this. That was a little thinking about thinking through like yeah. I guess I was lucky to do those things in that order because without that conversation without that guy saying Oh yeah I can do that for you. You just gotTa bring me a photo and going oh well. There's that there and do all that stuff like without that. I would've never never would've happened for me but but I happen to stumble upon those things in the right order and I've been playing more apex like I've been I'm kind of chipping away at it here and there he's into full swing yeah yeah and just having a really good time with it yeah. I helped on the P._S.. Four version last night for the first time since Launch Day Day was the last time I played that there was my first time like really spending more than like a game or two with season to like I had never even come across the weird birds at like yeah carry around the death. Box is one of the new map thing yeah. It's like just free death boxes like PTERODACTYLS will pick up somebody's death box and things people. They don't even pick up someone. That's a new fresh death box. I think I had two times it will have one of your friends names was on it. Oh okay well yeah I had to one of them looked just like it was like there's just like what purple thing and I'm like. This is obviously like yeah thing but the other one it was so random the items in there. It made me think that it was a real every time I've seen one. It's always been it's always seem like random stuff something. You've just got lucky deal you shoot the burden dropbox carry in the box around and sometimes it'll have like one of your friends names on it which before people realized it led to people don't like what what am I friends is in this game no add look into the new math features and that's the first one I've heard and that instantly makes me want to play that way more than I expected like. It's a huge thing and it's like something something the other stuff the dinosaur stop around the map which again is is not a huge. I Taboo lately interacted with in a way that will kill you like you have to avoid it up and down like I don't think I've never had to avoid it but it seems like if you went out of your way to run under the feet I bet you could die. I don't know didn't they blow something up in one of the neighborhoods there's a well it's the tower in the center was destroyed in a cut scene. That's cuts that lowers the force field that lets the dinosaurs get in okay so it's not have you noticed parts of the map seeming dramatically early days. It's not like they went like we bloop skull town and now it's fucking bone fragment town. Nothing nothing that dramatic that I've seen but I don't like inherently know the map like the back of my aunt or anything either so some of it could be lost on me but have you played watson once or twice. I don't know that I well so it's kind of the problem with that game and the genre era and this is this happened in Pudgy lot too early on for me is like you get deep into these games without having experienced with certain types of weapons or abilities or stuff like that and then suddenly the chips are down and you go to deploy them and you're like I have no fucking idea. How any of this works and you're done because you're like? How do I make these fences? What can I walk through these fences like what are you know all that stuff and there's all like practice ratings trailing room where you can just like they have training but not exactly but you can't pick what you're have to spend his lifeline right exactly yeah? It's not like ability training and also oh I wonder if they even put the all-star into that training area well so you got ran the if you wait along route if you wait around long enough random drops like care packages we'll drop in and that might have a chance to drop L. Star but I've never fired a traber in that game because I had the opportunity to grab one but it's always late game enough that I'm like. I don't WanNA suddenly shift the gun. I've never hired you. Learn how you learn very high risk rights. It's high risk learning where I feel like if they if they had something where you could go like okay I wanNA fuck around with these abilities or or just like give me a paragraph about how these abilities work as opposed to video to in-depth videos to deal with the Kramer. Where is it guaranteed? Kill with a headshot or it's close very close to kill but because that's the guy got dropped twice the first time like you just got nocco. You're right. I I didn't get knocked down. Knock down. I think it took doc all of my shield. I like four shield to all of that plus most of my health and I was able to get off and recover and the second second time I got knocked. Yeah you see this footage going around last week of a there's a streamer playing who was sure that he was getting cheated needed like he was getting bombarded by this dude and died and you spectate at the guy on his stream for like five minutes watching him with the are ninety nine from like basically not even being able to see enemies just yeah killing them from so he reported him live on the Stream <hes> MHM for like three minutes later the do got banned live while you so. Everybody was like freaking out going like Oh my God. They're banning live. This is amazing. One of the respond devs posted news like I happened to be watching that stream while I was fixing using bugs and just went in and looked at that's cheater Dubai like murdered him on strike from Riyadh H._Q.. So yeah I think that's that's like my issue with like I so I stick the lifeline most of the time because most teams need a lifeline lifeline works and I'm effective at all stages of the game yeah yeah so it's I feel like I'm not necessarily incentivized to branch out to new characters at this point because it would be such a reset and also like the healing is useful and no one else on the team is picking lifeline having like a practice ranges is something that we've been talking about since since this was sort of like high stakes gaming right same deal with the L. Star like I've I've passed over an all-star for a weapon. I'm more comfortable with because you know because we're deep in. If it was like the first gun I found a great. Let's go like low stakes who cares but if I'm two-thirds the way through and I find a gun that I'm just not that familiar with. I'm not going to switch off of stuff that I probably already know about. I ended up going. I just going to say I ended up actually record shop with the massive for the first time just because of the three that's probably the easiest because it's a shotgun under shock yeah get close to pull the care but yeah I understand the like. You're just like there's three squads laugh. Do I really wanted to. I doubt the star new for Susan. Why would I heard that name just played all fall to the one that it's the one that titanfall to that wasn't yet in Apex? It's the one you pick off those robots totally <hes> is it is so it's in that drop pod tier with the crater. The goal isn't always like a fully kitted out one in the drop ship. I don't know okay in the world to then they actually I've only pulled them off dead bodies so maybe I don't know where there were there starting. Those weapons are not in the tutorial shooting range no they might have added them but I don't know played the Ford Dettori all right okay good unfortunately apparently the game right. Now is the alternator with that new shield piercing rights extender or whatever you WANNA call that like four shots will drop Purple Shield to nothing so you just like an altered the fucking Shitty L. N.. G. has become like an endgame state mile and then they put a hop in for the mosaic. I heard her competitive situationally good food at minimum. I guess I had read the patch notes before the season two on paper. It really didn't seem like they were changes. Were that playing in kind of twin around extended ended energy. mags is a game changer totally the that heavy energy gun. I forget the name of is the havoc yeah yeah. It's even better before it's crazy. 'cause I love that gun before like they've done a good job of at least shaking the things up I mean we'll see if it's not always like visible shaken things up in terms of how like just things fire things feel and the damage that you're doing and stuff but yeah it's not like we blew up this part of the map and Blah Blah Blah Blah aw sounds exciting yeah. It's a lot of fun. There's a free battle pass like I was playing earn rewards on my secondary account which is nice. I just some stuff on my P._S.. Four don't necessarily have I'll make characters and locked and stuff. I'm still earning some some prizes. It's a nice little small thing that keeps you want to keep playing. I think we're GONNA dig into that a little bit deeper leader in the week. Yeah that'd be nice should be phone the Games we'll talk about. Maybe got a couple of what you please okay yeah before anybody else place soul Saraf no. I've seen some pretty mixed things about yeah. It's the on paper you the check check it out. We kind of made a new very excited about that. Announcement the came down the less excited now that I've played a bunch of four after the quick play a little bit more. I tried to play two or three more times and it just gets very repetitive like so. You're GONNA love this. They effectively termed the strategy portion of actor razor into a tower defense game. Oh sweet yeah. I heard that that's kind of what is a little more to that was but that is the core now of what that is. I mean you know monsters would attack your town inaccurate less like structured wave based kind of way it was more of just like kind of top down shooter almost and they were kind of constantly spawning and like the fucking with your town in a way that was not necessarily devastating right just like Oh. You're slowing progress. That's right whereas here like if you you know your town has health and if too many waves get through you straight up like get bounced back a certain amount of progress like it's it's okay but it's not quite what I was looking for. We're out of that part yeah and the sites growing stuff is just not great when it's very cliquey if they needlessly identical to act kind weirdly I would say it actually doesn't play as well even though is not playing games but like you can get a feel for it and for the most part to deal with its quirks this just feels mushy and kind of not responsive in the way that you would like and like the enemies are pretty boring fight and it's pretty weird that like to seal before when you would get a road to a thing that you're towns people would just like seal the monsters in this one. There's a very small combat arena is still has the first and last like you get into an island you have a combat level and then when you were wrapping up right and there's a combat right. It's got that but then yeah in the middle every time you kind of eradicate a monster spawning thing you go in there and just fight enemies for two minutes like really small screen this kind of repetitive like it. It's okay yeah and it's only fifteen bucks but it's not there's some cool things like uh like hey. It's probably still better than act razor to problem just an action game yeah like no strategy at all because fly but the flying was bad the point yeah yeah. There's some there's some cool in the little stuff like I'd like to that all the monsters. You were fighting in the two D.. We're the monsters outwardly then the writing writing. It's got some really charming characters in it like that. Stuff is pretty entertaining but it's kind of slog finished like three of the six worlds and just Kinda don't have much motivation awesome it's disappointing but because it was such a flash in the whole there's a new actor went away deflated enthusiasm been plans dragon quest builders to that was that was overall much better game than the first one even though it's kind of like I think we all had some qualms about the first yeah you could see where that game. You know really hadn't strengths in building. It was fun yeah but you know the progression was oppression. Stuff like a lot of you is stuff and just like Kinda crappy inventory management kind of stuff fix all of that wow. That's why you're listening. I it's been like three years since the first game came out here almost seems insane same but I've forgotten how many limited things are were in that game like kinda frustrating things until actually went back and read like what the differences are and I was like Oh right what you couldn't craft multiple objects of once in the first game like Oh yeah you couldn't carry around unlimited resources sources like you had to just drop stuff. He ran out of room on your bar so right now. They've given you a bag. That's effectively unlimited announcing carry as much as you want like you can craft as much stuff as you want. My towns people will do some building another busy work for you. It's cool like they've they've of kind of streamlined. A lot of that stuff story seems fun. Did it is written really well but there's so much fucking dialogue like holy like it's it's entertaining. It's got a lot of charming personality to it but like manslaughter. It's just a lot of reading every time you do anything. It's just like six or eight screens of texts people common constantly on everything you're doing so we did that. Quick look this up on the site now and you said that it didn't really have a lot of reasons for you to go out into the world next time still on the island okay <hes> has that changed at all or is it so there's agricultural game which raise crops like it's weird. There's a little bit of kind of started Valley Harvest Moon in this year because there's like an actual like farming system in the game so after I did the stuff that we had left off in the quick look like I raised basically like thirty cabbage and fifty wheat or whatever now they want me to go out and discover three more crops and start raising those for a total of two hundred fifty crops yeah so like I need to go out and find those crops but it's all just kind of feeding into this like treadmill of sure objectives yeah so it's much more based on quests and doing tasks people unless about just like roaming world than digging and finding stuff kinda picked a couple spots and there's like all right. I'm going to dig down and see what I can find like. I never found any caves underground the ground or I hope that's out there at some point in but I'll keep pecking away at the town gets attacked yeah now and then like story driven or is that like it just there's there are there are story based like you've done all our quest associate now. There's monsters coming. You gotTA fight five minutes so the cops come and try to snatch your crops one hundred percent what happens then but then there are also random just like at night and stuff like random monsters spun him so are they dealing with the Russian says oh you mean like compared to the first game the first game like broken up into chapters and every time you finish a chapter like that stuff was gone like you didn't keep your structures or your resources like anything kind of a bummer this game. You have like you own islands. You have a private island <hes>. Can you invite people to it. Yeah I haven't I haven't finished the first story island that I left my island to go to you but my understanding is some of the people you work with on those other islands. We'll come back with you okay and kind of do his online play. You can play to your article online and you can make them fight right. Maybe for your entertainment possibly more play volleyball have a fighting tournament on my island private islands Douglas Island but yeah that's that's how they fix that problem not maintaining progress in the first game. is you go out. You're still going out and doing kind of chapters four other people but but you have this island that you come back to and like you keep all your recipes and stuff like that kind of your kind of building up a home base that you can kind of customize is as much as you want it permanently throughout the entire game <hes> yeah so low overall it seemed like a much better game than the first one even though it kind of has really slow start cool checking up and not as much exploration so far I came very close to getting into it over the weekend. I had a moment around like I'm going to buy the eighty dollar version of this season. Pass comes with a recipe for sunglasses. Oh so you need those island yeah yeah. I locked BANDANNA but I haven't figured out he's kind WANNA. Put It on your head okay. I say there's only one hairstyle. When you create dragon quest okay fine Toriyama only one hair style? It's five eight colors but literally just heike the Spiky anime here is the only for the mayor also do kind of a bowl cut thing for like trunks female characters same hair. It just goes flat when their energy is low or it's wet out. That's right. That's fair. Also you have a companion in that game who was like Florida death made made made into small child but he doesn't know it Amnesia so he doesn't know he's got instruction. Don't tell me tell him that he can't that. Suppresses murderous urges though like he's constantly just like very jovially talking about sledding people's throats and stuff like it's. It's really funny the Sats we know how to yes. I see it's there's there's some really good writing in that game like I said there's just a a lot of it and it Kinda gets in doing stuff sometimes childlike retelling of drag my understanding but I never played too but that's what I read it is the first game was kind of that also from one right so also I will say I haven't heard like the over world music worth of music yet. They managed to get you five or six hours of the game with without dredging up those themes Dragon Quest Games is one of those things like is great but also people are always pissed because the guy hi who holds the copyright prevents the versions okaying orchestrated versions always what's up with the guy is the guy sucks that the same guy. I've heard there's some weird stuff going around. I I don't know it was just kind of a jerk well general my understanding. Is that like this. The person slash company responsible for the Copyright of the Music Sucks Okay and that's why the music is never redone away you want interesting as someone who only comes comes to dragon quest once every ten to fifteen years. Let's go fuck yeah but if you are playing every single one of these I imagine at some point like fuck that the money money honestly that feeling about the music is a lot of wild like the first roller exactly like I actually I kinda. I'm giving them credit for not just dredging those same same themes again at the beginning of this game so it's a little bit different in that respect. It's cool. I'm definitely going to keep I need to get off that first island and see how that stuff yeah. What's that transition? I kinda hit that wall of like well you raised all these crops now raised five times more crops and I kind of slow down a little bit yeah. I'll trudge through that stuff so I believe the mortal Combat Combat League in this morning or maybe an hour ago. It seems like it was close to you. Guys get into that thing. I fell hard into that thing the whole lot of wanted I probably end up playing probably fifteen sets total okay so you got problems most of the challenges and get the Scorpion Skin. No no that was like I would have to play five sets a day for ten days and I did not do that. I played like fifteen cents total. I thought you meant okay. Okay Yeah Yeah so no I completed one or two of the challenges. They all seem to tangible like it was just a matter of like am I into this enough to meet that daylight. Somehow ended up being superintendent. I couldn't believe that I looked at that stuff and all that stuff looks like a grind and then I started playing online and those I was like Oh shit. I really liked this game. I'm trying to get better at it and ended up. Getting I got Scorpion Skin. I have to check but because you don't get the rest of the stuff till it ends and then I think I got Qatada and the scarlet skins as well okay. That stuff structured pretty well. I thought very upfront about not like hey. Here's what you need to do to get this. This the second tier of ranking like I ranked once the past Tana Skin into this Dr like whatever the getting out of the zoo should them league. You should get scarlet yeah and then they think great characters will never play yeah also all the skins it turns out or palate swabs of existing costumes. I thought they were brand new. Yeah we'll now yeah. That's there's I think it's kind of the other shoe dropping on a lot of the early a disappointment around the games skins and this idea of unlocking one hundred percent of the corrupt and all this other stuff is now. They're just like if you've got a twitch prime account you can get skins and we've skins for that and you're like oh right. It's a modern video. You're never going to get all the skins because at some point you're going to have to go yeah yeah. They've they've built it as a modern video game yeah that makes sense for sure. They're always be more skins but turns out. I really liked playing in K.. Eleven yeah it's it's fucking good and even like the the my big fear about not wanting to have to play like a ranked load out like a tournament friendly load. It turns out that the load out I was building Scorpion. I only really relied on one one of the like that played said Spear Spin Yeah so so it turns out. I don't need the other moves that I was using my custom. Load out got so many is mixed up the right term high like high and low hit combos. He's like all all of them but you have to memorize all combos the block them effectively much yeah. That's yes that stuff like that low kick into the fucking downward like that overhead fucking sword. Yes stab yes. That's all really annoying Scorpion and Kung Lao or my nemeses after this first season I I got saw this. I got salty enough to go online and Google like K.. Eleven Scorpion overpowered just found a bunch of people going like yeah. He's had favorite character. Of course he is all right. He's syndicated tear like this was the one in black. The one I think is event hubs like trusted they they had him favorable title on Lake two-thirds or three quarters of his match-ups or something there to your thing is I community voted vote on individual matchups and then it like rinks people accordingly so it's like you know yes and no but I mean all of its kind in a subjective sometime yeah wrong about because based on personal preference if they said how often those colleagues are going to happen I they may have I don't know I wonder how come you the game I started playing a little more sam show yeah just because I was staring at my playstation and needed to play video game. Okay 'cause all under the weather but I yeah I watched C._E._o.. Topic for do see the one from C._E._O.. Now it was really cool because just in one just wreck shop through. It's the final yeah it made me like nostalgic in a way for like old fighting game stuff to seem like up because just in while he's still very good at fighting games but like he's not the best of the best anymore aging out. It sounds like a child living the life he's ascended indigo like the elder statesman of fighting community now one of really cool watching that because it was so easy easy to follow even though I didn't know anything about the game itself anything about these characters or anything it was just cool seeing like really strong fundamental fighting game action like really Kambas at most. You'RE GONNA see like three hit combo unless it's a multi hitting move or something but yeah just seeing how fucking lame he played and it was so effective yeah that was the pride like a lot of people don't know just as long had a real nasty reputation early on is it's just be the lamest player just like very good defense like this game or in all games and just see mostly mean like not flashy not necessarily as Turk sterling up a little a bit traditionally inviting aims means way more than a lot more waiting for your openings a lot more than like going in so a bunch of bullshit what I'm here but it was cool to see that like a game in coming out in two thousand nine hundred thousand can cut hearken back to that earlier style of the stuff is Kinda still exists in people still I just as long as like super love and the game so is Samaranch showdown like the old man's fighting game then is that where does that kind of mental focus like a nice little dish their lot of other fighting seniors tour more of a head game than a reflects just like a head game being really good good at noticing your spacing there you are opponent is what you think they're going to do. It really is the new Pacheco Blade kind of the unfortunate part was so so I was inspired by that so I hopped in picking a few characters in training mode training out there moves train out just like if you'll for the game leaning towards who's the do all the swords not Ju Bay gaffed. Yeah I always forget swords right is the guy I like 'cause he's got seven swords and his has pretty cool move. Move is like a huge grou-. It's almost like a powerwave yeah kind of thing that comes out of it looked cool as hell. I it was impossible for me to find a game online go into. I haven't heard the greatest stuff about the when I find China game. I was searching for ranked. Only I only tried for maybe twenty minute. It hasn't been where there is no such thing as I only tried for twenty minutes to find a match of video game. That's not you don't need to say only in that part error out like different stages before I found a match when I found a match right when we loaded into the game I never play but it would just kind of maybe the rooms are better. I didn't try the lobbies but unable to get a group together to fortunate in that regard. That's a bummer but we should play locally yeah. It'd be really I'd be willing to put a little more time into it now that I've kind of seen what it looks like being plagued by people who know how to play tam-tam Sprit Cece my pockets ham town. Everyone's got a pocket team. Did you see even numbers I did. That pretty I happen to have them open in front of me to see that what we mean number the final registration numbers for each of the bad good they're up overall up overall feeling about where fighting games are at as a John Shaw fighting. Do they not cap registration. Does it just take all comers. They might have like a total entrant cap. Not For events people can enter multiple games. I guess it's real quick smash ultimate. It was the first place with thirty four hundred ninety two streetfighter five behind that with about two thousand than Tech in Samurai showdown mortal Kombat under Night Dragon Ball fighter actually dragon balls above yeah there were swapped for Dragon Ball under nights all caliber and Cross tag battle in last. I was surprised the other night so well for sure and then especially saying Samsung fourth place or whatever yeah a lot of people interested about that game mm-hmm I mean a lot of people probably registered before the game was even out for that. Just like Oh play the New Samurai. I should say my show register for this just in case. It's good yeah or like it'll be fun way to like you know the pool you have the odds of like like making out of your bracket right. Oh like nobody knows how to play this by bullshit and if you don't know a bunch of people like getting it on my matches pretty difficult so you'll fight people who've only fought A._i.. I'm excited for Yvo it's coming up. It's going to be my first time and a few years not going which is nice because you always get to watch for going to events continues to be the worst way to follow follow. Thank you can stay sober and watch street at Vegas Yeah. You're not in Las Vegas. Just feeling your health. Just drain out of you every minute. You're there <hes> Gaming Pyramids or Magic Pyramids you that's true yeah. What does this Dragon Ball thirty who it is right or did it come second yeah yeah early? Yeah you're right okay. It's more low seems like it's fallen down the list. It feels like it Kinda. Yeah like it's simple should going on like the rights holders. They weren't letting it be in tournaments so that probably sucked out yeah. Yeah we went back and fourthly everyone kind of pointed at everyone else when it was like if it's not US preventing it from being play I it was like Namco Namco was getting the finger tollway but then toy is like no comedy you everyone was just pointing the finger. Nobody really no but yeah that dreamed a lot a lot of pros for dragging ball players like do I really WanNa put into it might not be there or maybe it will ya not worth it. I don't WanNa get shut down. Bound copyright strike yeah so they're just kind of hands off with it. I think I don't hear about it being played his job. Everybody Nice work on that one but yeah also maybe things like the play on. Maybe I'm wrong. I don't know I got the impression that maybe like people kind of topped out on it a little like that. Maybe it didn't necessarily have the depth like people got real good at it. Real fast name has I don't know they keep throwing a new characters and people gravitating towards them and I hear G._T.. Goku broken fuck yeah. There's there's still probably Shipton to discover about that game yeah for sure. I don't think it's cheeked by any means okay. I'm just relied for under night. I really cool now that this game I watched watched it at the previews evoke side-stream threatening it has some killers. There seems like a really great diverse lineup of total aims it at least speaks to that end defied. I think it's easy to look at it and you're like man tech and it's kind of long in the tooth streetfighter five feels like very ancient at this point. This is like tech like six or seven fucking years like arcade version. There's only available in yeah it really has it's been around for a while and yeah you got some new stuff obviously the new M._k.. cross-legged battles another. You're always gonNA have a slot for whatever the current and other realm game is but I guess it's cool to see like under night in there cool across tag there. Was You know when they announced that Malay wasn't going to be there. There are a lot of people like Oh Yvo obviously doesn't care about smash all Blah but it's called to sue that like thirty four hundred people are are coming out for ultimate like there's still obviously seeing around smash you know how did that shake out. Obviously fucking the Malay people are Malay People Bun has ultimate scratched the enough. I have people moved on from Malay or they just broken inside always a new. It's a new crowd. It's a new younger crowd of ultimate players like maybe grew up watching may lay and enjoy in Malay yeah a few years ago before in four obviously was a big setting so for a lot of those people a lot of the thing I think you look at like counterstrike almost like that divide the six speed or whatever like are the Malay people just doomed to be the one point six people forever basically mocked well but a big the problem with that of this anecdotal so this is like my group of male friends now. We're all like coming up on thirty. Do you really WANNA learn a new competitive games or the ground up when you're thirty. It's a lot harder like you don't have the time to pour into it that you did when you were like in college playing every night with riots you just Kinda like playing the game that you love 'cause it was the game you've loved. That's probably not to different from me still sitting here saying this is due hyper fighting now. That's a streetfighter game. Yeah Super Street fighter too is bullshit to Turbo Desert Super Turbo classically a friend of exactly. No one likes that games garbage can't say maximum. I kinda cool very cool do D._J.. A lot but he's music that's a long word to have mirrored the way down yeah right man. They thought they thought that went through. What letters can we yeah? They're just like probably look the letters okay okay which ones are really symmetrical. Wisconsin could get away with those two weeks away. Yeah we end of August. I wanted to tweak and his yeah wow that is that's pretty super qualifying games there. What do you do things like what what do you think Disneyland no but I mean like streetfighter six what they still seems in those thoughts we have perhaps Oh user questions? The next big like what game is GonNa like. Shake this shit up and I'm old registrations and be like okay. This is now like if not number one number two for next year's Yvo rations wise like where we've really thought Dragon Ball was going to be the fear of like kind of this big thing but yeah that's that's. I think what I'm like becoming increasingly interested in like looking at stuff take like like yeah you're right. They seem increasingly invested in streetfighter five but also there's no upcoming announced content for that game right in a couple of weeks if they've got more not as far as season passes concerned right yeah so edano overs com file four we're GONNA pretend in for the didn't exist or they just play tappin o hands in the real seniors league. I took out a little bit seems alright. Yeah Jan Cuban yeah. I've been playing a little bit of it. So you say card game right. It is a card battling or what if I told you it's like clash royale. Wait not a good thing thing well. How how so you're although I'm listening? Classroom is one of those games where like yes. You're units are on cards visually represented as cards but the actual game has more of like an action strategy yeah so tappin like take your stamina meters building up and then each card costs a certain number of stamina points to play and positioning matters and the timing matters also and then you're just like straight shot towards your opponent. It's almost like an act of time battle right the the meter is constantly filling up so you're you're next to play a car kind of yeah that sounds cool and hardstone. Your hero character has like an ability that can affect either specific units or the enemy complete pick a character like fighting game style. It's basically just like Capcom all-stars right from what I could tell because it's like mega man of Dante Crapton art good reason the whole reason I know about that game people post hosing screen shots on twitter of the art is like and I'm not even like some big concept art fetishes look at this art yeah like the art in the garden that is like it is very cool like it looks amazing. That's free play read. That's cool yeah. You know what else you play right now. Kind of the first couple levels yeah it's final fantasy fourteen there you go and after tiptoeing around it for months now finally took a Mathausen. It took a little bit of a plunge <hes> like a little bit Zeitgeist at the moment bringers like dropping recently and I have gone to further in the stream we did last week. Maybe up to level all ten fifteen ish still wanNA ride that Shoko having gone it up to it yet. The big level you gotta get to you before you can redeem Jacob. Oh Yeah Yeah I'm almost there for someone that hasn't played too many memo's other within like a maple story a Ragnarok online. This is neat because everything looks pretty fantastic. I mean you were there at show. Boat looks real fuck and on top of that. Let you see it before you can write it. Oh we saw other players Ryan Okay you use. That game looked pretty. It does need for that starting area thing it's kind of the weird thing about having not really followed. M._O.'s all that closely kind of dip in and out of like I'll play play tariff for a couple of days out. No thanks so a lot of those games is kind of drift in and out of the consciousness and so how still becomes like the prototypical this is what an emo looks like and then you take a look at fantasy that came along years later and is a much more modern looking engineer like this game fucking Good Holy Shit and yeah it's and then people are just pulling all different types amounts out of nowhere and like I thought it was just mostly because we were playing on stream and people were following US yeah they're bussing weird mounts but then like there were three people separate people. I saw just running around in their cars that turns out. I missed the window. There was a final fantasy fifteen car rolling around like the mountainside in their cars. Yeah Look Grace shold out for the match offer. I deem punk mix. I already started. I stopped playing because I wanted to see like the most optimum build because they're they are selling those level level of post booster potions think to just like story skip stuff and you know people have gone back and forth about whether or not like Oh skip it doesn't matter the new stuff and there's just as many people saying Nano you should do slog and then if you've really find a boring then get the skip potion. Everybody says that each expansion in that game gets better and better. It'd be cool to see that progression exactly experiencing all the improved stuff. It's just a matter of how many hundreds of hours to get to quote unquote the good stuff. I think that's been the daunting thing for me. I almost like that was that was my my weekend was looking at drank with builders to and final fantasy fifteen. I just don't have time for either these games right now but I came pretty close to to pull the trigger on both of them pull the trigger fourteen also did free trial like you can just download it on console and just go or what's the one of buying on console okay uh-huh well. You don't have to pay the subscription until level third. God Okay and like the P._C.. You could just get a trial yeah and characters. Don't go back and forth right after you have to pick your platform and stick with it or characters I do yeah probably but the clients don't cross play thought I'm pretty sure like there are a couple of peeps that friends real-life that said going on on my P._C.. I'm playing on P._S.. Four so what scientists like if you have to buy it on both okay okay but you can't let the same character across I think okay yeah started another pugilist because I still want punch stuff <hes> yeah long history of punching things game but then I started looking at like Min Max everything I just want to eventually get up to that gun blade. They just added all this other. Everything was so cool but then that's level sixty out to do so many other things to God. I'm just going to be an it's going to play the class. Yeah Tell Ya giving you jacket and the frill scar across your face Skim your best. Nothing personal kid too shy. You can never do it then you don't earn the gun blade unless you can do it all right well. We'll I'll have to earn on like video or something yeah okay yeah. How many classes are it's jobs right into the like? How diverse are those dancers? They're like blitz ball asshole or um yeah. That's that's the prime one yeah. Let's all asshole daddy issues. Is that a check characters well. That's just a cost across class. Yeah let me see it was like a bunch because I think one of the last expansions like added more jobs or classes during that level fifty. I wouldn't say his name he could be a Samurai. You'd be a dragon funding off the screen and come back in should hope so. Oh my gosh there are a lot of classes in game uh-huh and like you have to be a disciple of war was going to say the website has the mall broken up into disciples war disciples of magic disciples of the hand disciples of the land. That's me those are the that's a lot of classes there. She's so I assume land pet classes hand casters badgers probably punchers no punchers as part of WHOA. It's like crapping yeah so hands like Carpenter Blacksmith Jeff Goldsmith Culinary Ian Oh that'd be cool weather worker. The Steven Seagal of final fantasy samples of the land to ponytails. I so land is just minor botanist Fisher fun now I could spend hours fishing problem subjects that guessing we're not expect fancy fourteen to become the game of the moment yeah I from. They've told me shadow bringers like the best final fantasy games aimed I've ever played well. Actually people like people have stuck with it so much for so long we know heavily interest has been building to the point that of course there was going to be that expansion that just got everybody's yeah it is almost a shame that like the there's no optimal way to experience you get to that stuff without compromising one way or the other and I think that's unfortunate but also for the people that are in it like it means that they've got this ongoing story are you that it's still ongoing and getting better which like awesome for them but it makes it a little impenetrable. I think for for new players so anybody know if the Yoko Taro Dungeon is in yet. I assume don't believe it. I figure I heard about it or your head. Dungeon Right Thaddeus also is that what it is okay yeah I just want experience that and then you know twelve is supposed to also be in the Game God you can be bunnies and stuff crystals rather than be bunnies and crystals rabbit ears and gun blades is how God dream come true indeed what happens when they put Donald Duck in that Game Joe not get me started bad kingdom hearts shit warlock class. That's not that's not going to happen because he's like you know the master astor warlock. It's right now do the ending of three can. I show you guys that scene one time. She's Oh man I. I almost cried. Yes I almost cry Fuck Donald Duck. You can show me the ending of course three walk on man when everybody else I will not have to finish one true when he did that. Zeta flare he'll okay it evoked on the first movie moments to me that might resonate with you. That's a big statement right there. That's a huge because that is maybe the most emotional moment of my childhood. I'm just saying I was looking at some Donald. Duck orange juice to the store the other day and I felt pretty emotional too but I'm sure pants on they were when I started but when I was done somehow they weren't our Donald Yeah once you get to get your vitamins all right on that note. How about we take a break and then come back talk about the news? Yes support for today's show comes to you. In part from new starbucks triple shots energy triple triple shot three threes triple beans right. Yeah triple means three okay. They've got that triple starbucks okay everybody Chad can get over here and tell us about it. We could probably at these days starbucks triple shot energy has two hundred twenty five milligrams of caffeine slot from starbucks coffee. That's triple triple shah. It's gotta hit the flavor and it's enhanced dance with Guarani b-vitamins engine sing the energy to do what matters to you will sounds exotic. Yeah it's available three delicious flavors glued French Vanilla Cafe MOCHA and Caramel yeah. Sometimes you get to that point in the day where you're just like. I got to wrap it up I can't I don't have the energy to do what I need to do. Sometimes life takes a lot out of exactly did a little of that liquid pep that put a little bit of that life back in you with triple Josh because this life that's right starbucks. troubleshoot energy is right there when you need it within reach within reach at the local convenience store forget it. It'll it'll lift you to new heights if you if that's what you need in three delicious flavors as I said that's what they call choice exactly there's choices and also it's choice you could find starbucks triple shot energy at your local grocery or convenience store right right now at the top of the news this week. They announced that switch light finally yeah L. I.. T. Then we were wrong but David thing yeah I saw those pictures like Oh man we guys in the anti being the joy con Brandy callers. I sound like that yeah. I was going to read the top Blake Three SORTA headers on the actual like the officials which light site hit me dedicated to hand held play the system for Gamers on the go switch light is designed specifically typically for hand-held play so you can jump into your favorite game wherever you happen to be so it's a T._v.. Or what happened to be in my living room looking at my TV the house much is this the consul for me probably not yeah it's funny because if you scroll down to the bottom of this site they have sort of like a straight up in photographic comparison feature compares thing and the regular switch has like every feature lit up from none of them except for the one says handheld mode and why would they have that. That's terrible way to sell their new product well. It's only two hundred bucks. It's all three you. You probably can get me three. There's three different colors one of each yeah so coming out September twentieth one ninety nine ninety nine quick gray yellow and Turquoise <hes> yellow yellow Goodwin. Yeah thinks there's the pokemon One god Pok Mon.. When is maybe the best looking that's a launch? One re yellow mm-hmm yeah built enjoy cons do not detach proper deepak proper deep had instead of the weird button thing I saw T._v.. Out No doc eating one of those comparison charts with three the S.'s and stuff and it was is like kind of in-between the switch in terms of sizing so yeah. I've got a good sized size and wait comparison here. Pretty much looks like a normal switch with one of the joy cons off with yeah yeah pretty close to the new Three D._S._l.. incisors a little bit bigger but less weighty yeah later I saw that twenty percent or thirty percent more battery light number floor yeah something like that. Yeah didn't seem like a huge change when you look at it written out as hours depending on that's obviously depends on what game playing I think they were saying like three hours on the regular switch Zelda and four hours on this things but not massively more massively more especially for a consul. That's designed to be your consul on the go yeah screen smaller. It's like an inch smaller was they went from six to two five lesson an inch smaller actually. I'm not sure that's actually right. I think I think it's a super super smart and good thing for them to do like that's a good market. It's like the two took things like unique features that weren't necessarily vital to the experience and said Oh fuck all those. Let's sell this two kids and and get a bunch from out there like the best use case. I was seen families that right like a second switch or like a causal specifically for a team. I think I was personally hoping that when they did this that it would still doc that I saw my my only hang up. I have about this like I think. The model is exactly what they should have made. Just wish you we would still yeah so that's the thing that makes it kind of not for me at that point but I still like whatever we're as more and more games come out with POK MON coming up the likelihood of people animal crossing the likelihood of people wanting multiple switches in their home is only going up totally kids if my girlfriend is going to need a dedicated she I have my switch. My wife is going to need something a little a bayonet and and across and this will work for that but it's kind of a shame that they couldn't also drop it in the your existing doc yeah but also like she is never going to drop the switch into the dock. Anyway people totally will care about so yeah like in that case like a smaller unit with a better fucking deep hat on it. That's great like awesome. They're getting rid of the H._d.. Rumble stuff that will have used you know in what two games and that I are sensor on the controller that also real fun for lab oh and one to switch and maybe nothing else because like when you think about the first few switch commercials. There's that one of the rooftop party already right. That's like the go-to old switch ad which was just like the premise of it. Was You bring this concept to a party. You can set it down slide off the controllers around. Get some two player action going and like I'm sure most of the audience didn't do that but I think to like moments where we had our fire drill here we were out there playing streetfighter in this stream the street on a switch and that was cool but now like this without the detachable joy to cons. I feel loses just like a little bit of that charm yes but also it's still does ninety five percent of what people would do with it does a handheld like yeah that charm is is fun and all but like in realistic like people actually using the switch switch like how often was that and if you really are dedicated to that life get another set of joy cons still together other trollers to it. There's no way to be fair. Thing doesn't have a kick stand on it so you can't stand it up so no no you're right. You're saying yeah you'd have to play one is holding it while player to is looking streetfighter in the alley. I mean extent yeah. Not Everybody has a Jan.. They should get one contract me out to hold you switch do parties yes only rooftop fair enough to keep the left so any mention of like account sharing or family sharing. That's out there. who is out there? Okay I don't. I still don't remember exactly how it works. They have a family version of the online online account. That's like a discounted rate yeah. I don't think you've even need that. They they launched some kind of account something something with online service last September ish like they put out a fact basically at that time so you can limited. I think there's like I heard it described as similar to the P._S.. Four stuff as like you would have your primary switch Nankai Mary C. You make your primary give that one to someone else they can play your games and then you can play your games on you're not primary right but you have to be connected to the Internet to do their limitations around like Oh. If the Swish isn't signed into the Internet right for thirty six hours the Games are disabled or something like that but there is some of that okay yeah also like with with no docking and you lose any sort sort of ability to connect to like Ethernet for larger downloads right that might so work to Ethernet like that made that we don't we don't know we don't know people but it's harder and man 'cause. You're imagine how much more excited people would be about this. If it has some sort of Lt or four or five g not at all because then it'd have a monthly fee associated with it on top of that like I know a lot of people would be really going for a monthly if he if it meant they could have Internet for this which play like smash anywhere. I don't know about other providers but on verizon. It's just a flat ten twenty bucks or a twenty dollars a month. Yeah Shit was ten last last time I looked. Maybe I'm wrong. That was in my understanding is was twenty like ten ten bucks a month to put it on your data plan would be totally doable. I don't know man I was there. When the veto came out well the Beatles on three Jeeva like this is in kind of a different internet world didn't have video games yeah yeah but it had near here at persona four multi-player video and by near the thing that was a location based thing that you can get like you could actually play tetras ninety nine on a bus over not connection totally like I would be super into that? They didn't go that route but all the other hand is one hundred ninety nine dollars like they had to features at some point to get down to this price level totally. It's hard to argue with that price honestly the games that are already available for that thing. It's easy to go like oh well. I wish I had this wish this. We'll get a fucking switch then they still make those they do. I mean not like this complicate. The product offering bill lake there was say like Dacas skew the regular switch MHM for less. I'd be fine with that. I don't need to die of one TV. I don't need to docks but if I wanted to buy that does docking you get you end up with another but then you gotTa Road Doc throw in your bag when you go places. I guess I don't know have charter. I sure hope so I guess it's not guaranteed guaranteed based on Nintendo's history with handle guaranteed Davidge Archer yeah yeah I thought I thought I read that it did but I wasn't it. The new thirty s that's shipped without one that sounds right and that's pretty common practice in Japan yeah that was less common here when they did that. You're just why do they say anything about the touch screen being different other than like zoning size modes just smaller. I think team okay functionality. If that's what you mean yeah that's kind of a long in the short of it yeah. I bet they will sell a lot of these yeah. It's good it's it's good. It's the right time <hes> and I don't like the Cutler's. I'm kind of with you. None of them early do much for good. No yellow is the color of children crying. It's sad sad add color okay. I'm going to try to argue. It's gross. It's Sean is truly discussed the color of peak itchy you shouldn't that'd be that'd be the pokemon well that depends on how you feel about Pika Chew. How do you feel I feel great about Pika Chew? I can't speak towards everyone's about drop a hot take though he said that no dog peak choose a detective Lucia door wrestler peekapoos very versatile. He's he's a renaissance man. Yes I'M NOT GONNA get to even of the weeds on this but a couple of days before these which light got announced in fact I actually found the story. The digital foundry did after the switch like googling around they have been doing some digging a. and found that apparently knew better faster version of the tieger x one which is the chip that runs the switch. Yeah is coming because it's also used in the Invidia Shield TV though share basically we're digging into like open source documentation because I think just runs android android Lennox right and also the thing people discovered on the Wednesday that got analysis that Nintendo filed amended right. They didn't admit it filing with the F._C._c. with the existing switch to say that stream united united that we did this came up. I'm trying to think I we did talk about it anyway yeah to cut to the chase. It sounds like the system on a ship is getting basically smaller and more power efficient <hes> and less hot and it sounds like it may run just a little faster her and that's going into the real regular big switch as well. It's royal which <hes> so that's not the switch pro. That doesn't mean it's GonNa like w framework and it may actually they may clock it such that it doesn't have any performance other than just like hey battery life got better or or just you know. It's cheaper for them to make it. This is the same way it's your standard like transparent console minor revisions right and stuff but like again in a system where the battery life is contentious issue anything thing even that helps the the big switch last longer is kind of a big deal and until there's been doing this weird stuff where they're like patching stuff like Zelda over clocking the thing to make it load faster and weird stuff like that right so there as they get used to how how it works in the field and like okay we can afford to do this like you know what I want to say. It was the P._S.. P. Was similarly clocked a certain way but could be clocked and later on they kind of unshackled some developers <hes> to to be able to take advantage of those modes and stuff. The seems SORTA like that yeah we're once they get it out there like okay. It's not gonNA burst into flames. If we do this so we can. We could do it so there's some speculation this article that like hey maybe this new switch will have as much of a fan in it orange fan at all and stuff like that like maybe the last longer stuff like that like nothing nothing huge but like if you were going to buy the big switch at some point in the next few months maybe wait and see if this maybe wait and see if this revision hits the deal Israel is significant others say but and then presumably they're still be some kind of additional revision down the line there would be the new so yeah yeah right lose came out of the same anyplace that talked about this thing right and then the pro stuff kind of back Bernard and then dropped off as the light stuff picked last time I got address. The reporting was basically like ain't nobody knows exactly what they want to do with this yeah yeah so it might be awhile so maybe maybe they just kind of stay. The course with these kind of incremental upgrades get them better battery life and just Kinda hang out but anybody like chomping at the bid to get the light reorganised stick with your regular for the time being I will get one but it won't be for me Yeah No I. I don't see like I just have so many instances. Where like WANNA show somebody game? It's all slide into the dock. GonNa stick with the yeah. I really liked the video functionality. I use it a lot. I like that kick stand yeah yeah. I think so flimsy. I know it makes me feel every time I opened the thing. I think it's GonNa Break Off. I mean I feel like the switch like my joy cons. Both <music> are just wobbly enough that I like the idea of permanently attached. Joy Con seems great but I can't give up yeah. I bet the thing is built love to dog. I've heard that I bet the light is built like a tank. I bet that thing yeah yeah like style. Fuck Fuck. It says doorstop. That's coming up pretty soon. Griffin has been getting into Mario Kart. No Yeah the plan till the battery runs out. I'm going to be much to switch household. Maybe there's shared if I don't have to buy another Mario Cardinals with the Best Mario Kart on it. What's up a D._S.? Oh with no he likes using the touch screen. I don't think the D._S. doesn't have a touch right. Well it depends on. I thought this was interesting. I'm sure Jeff we'll have something say about it on how everybody feels about it but retro arches coming to steam for what purpose it's weird just to get it in front of more people yeah that that is they're kind of initial stated cigarettes arches the front end for the biggest to do what multi emulator thing out there that emulates emulates practically every console yeah like upfront. They say yeah that's their goal is initially just like let's get it in front of more people yeah. It's going to be the same as the thing you can download from her website for a while but the the reason is interesting to me is that the two things they mentioned that could happen in the future are willing to work with publishers who want to use Retro Arch to get their classic games on the steam right just going to use it as a as a back end yeah librarian but that's I mean Sherpa Damn. It seems like a good way for them to like wow have a foot in the legitimate business video game business well yeah but like all of the cores that emulate retro which is Really Fancy Front right. There's cores right yeah. Eh worst open source so you know it's a lot of ports of other emulators being ported into becoming Lib Retro is a unified library that they put all these into and there are some cases of course being you know advanced or or things beyond their their non recharge the non libretto state or having forked significantly enough to where they're relatively different things at that point but generally speaking. It's like hey you can go download beasts snus or you can run it as Libretto core and they're going to be positive negatives associated with <hes> your choices there <hes> and so they've become like this very big thing that is very convenient thing for users and in some cases there are emulator authors that find them to be a gigantic hassle because it's creating a lot of <hes> <hes> customer support type stuff that is coming their way from users trying to ask them to support these libretto cores that might have made different choices on certain things and like I know the the main team at the drop of a hat. We'll talk shit about the Libretto people and choices they've made around name Like Med defense similar deal ray cast which was a dreamcast emulator just got forked to become fly cast on live retro for a lot of fuck unseen drama reasons so there's there's like a lot of half the related Richardson is like controversial in a way but at the same time it's a very convenient thing for end users who don't WanNa fuck and think about any of that stuff. I JUST WANNA play video games that they totally legally acquired so there's actually some interesting quotes in this blog post about that one of the things they say is we want to grow our base and as of this month we have been putting a heavy focus in the making sure that Retro Arch urge can run originally bought content on game discs yeah they. They've added that that's in their their their nightly builds have menu options for that now so we're talking like straight up console games off the show at a disk in Taylor in your Blu Ray drive of your P._C.. And hit go oh and also it can dump those disks interest to format that I don't think is like hyper accurate like re dump back type stuff but whatever should be surprised wasn't in there to begin with but it's just never been a priority for most emulator authors. I think right now what's happening. Is you see people looking at the polly mega and really sneering at it as hard as they possibly can and saying we could fuck do that. I mean that's cool because I've got God boxful of P._S.. Two original xbox isn't there yet but this weird because those disks don't run in a drive right tiny discs now you'd have to them. You can't just put those in well usually as disarm drives. We'll have the they have the trade but there's something about the format of the right generally. You got a bunch of P._S.. Two Games at least that I can play Gio C._D.. Case you know <hes> Saturn. That sort of stuff would probably be a good candidate for that. I forget what the list platforms that it works with and now they just added P._S.. To support the emulator play that they have brought into Libretto is not as solid as P._C.. S._X. too but it is portable in multi-platform and all this stuff they needed to be so <hes> so hopefully that'll see some improvements yeah. It's it's been it's it's fascinating to watch all this stuff stuff happen. I think riches are really Nice Front End. I think the run ahead stuff they. They've done is is interesting but I see why people that are like accuracy focused. There's actually it was. Just like yesterday I was reading someone like this sort of thing you see from them from the outside in you're like Oh this is going to be some shit like someone went into the fucking maim sub read. It and we're like you guys should do this. Run ahead thing that retro is doing and it was just like all right. I'm GonNa Click in here and read dude. I know who's going to post this response and what it's GonNa it was it was just like this long screen. You'll fuck shit and reading it. I was like yeah. No I get why I get exactly why you would say fuck that Shit also at the same time it's kind of cool interesting and it becomes this weird fight for the end user that doesn't necessarily care about doing things right. They just want to do things easy and that's why Z.. Snacks was so popular so many years because it just because to there I of like what was his very convenient and just totally works. Actually it's a fucking. It's on fucking fire. It's complete piece of shit. It's been surpassed. He's saying like retro. Arch has versions of maim that are like from fucking two thousand three uh-huh because for whatever reason those just run better on raspberry Pi or they're trying to cater to at the expense of exactly what the main project was supposed to be about which is accuracy and so that's that's why I look at it and go like man that must fucking suck because now you've got the main team getting support requests for a fucking however many years old version of name that their responses always just like you should run real name. You should fuck and run the real thing. We've been working on for a long time. It's gotten a lot better than but you want to run pie through this fucking front end so we can't fucking help you and I get it. I don't know it's interesting that this thing is coming to steam on Xbox one now like like legitimately non through some fucking hacking thing. It's don't you still have to death mode but it's like but it does. I mean as your console. It's in the store. However you get off is not like barring exactly yeah it is not from you think will it ever get to the point where you can just run it on xbox as an APP without being developer mode? I don't know if Microsoft would approve that Microsoft. They already updated the Media Player in the Xbox to let you essentially wash pirated movie formats pets yeah there's deniability. They're like hey what you do with these formats is up to you. We just supported now. I mean you know M._t._V. is a versatile four just used by bootleggers but it is but it is also used by bootleggers <hes> and you should you know whatever I don't know if they feel like they have denied emulators in the past like things that we're just going onto like they were being submitted to go on the store. I feel like that stuff is given polled or or whatever so they may not be okay with that and then officials store setting also times changed the maybe they'd be a little more lenient towards it. Yeah I don't know it's fascinating this just a lot of tremendous software out there now and then as more and more of that software gets more and more places. There's just a lot of fucking drama that surrounds it because you've got a lot of people that have been focusing on the stuff for decades and think it needs to be done a very certain way and then you've got people coming along. Why do you still do it that way? We're going to do it this way this in this way and then they fight on Internet always fun to watch a proxy war of never directly talking to each other just end users asking for help and being told Hey watch go tell guys go fuck themselves fun fun. Watching the clash of Egos didn't takes place in these scenes open-source software development. It always has been so this is out on the thirtieth July. It's free windows. I Lennox Mac later. Here's the one other thing they said that I thought was interesting. At the beginning there will not be any difference between the version you can get on steam the one on our website as such no steelworks S._D._k.. Functionality will be present at launch or any additional steam features however after the initial launch we will begin exploring options on how we can start leveraging steams functionality as a platform cloud saves would be yeah. I was GONNA say features. Are that would work with emulators but you know it's I wonder if they know that'd be too deep of a weird thing so they have <hes> retro has support for Retro Achievements Roach. Even started work is is baked in hut to that now and it's Pretty Rad. It's people making it. If you don't even know what it is it's people making achievements for old games right. Now I kind of using the same tools you would use to make cheats attacks for a game <hes> going in monitoring memory and figuring out like this you collected one hundred coins in this level so we can trigger an achievement for that site profiles and other stuff that that community like self policing enough to say like okay. There's one set of achievements for Super Mario World and this is it. Yes like it's not like hey there are twelve different sets that people think that you know what they do. have is they will have official and unofficial achievements so like when a game is still in development quote unquote from an achievement perspective there may still be things kicking around the unofficial side of Ah Okay test and around with it but I do agree on like here is the conical set of yeah. I Really WanNa look what the Super Mario World achievements are they do leaderboards to speed run leaderboards for every level in the game <hes> and shit like that or at least one they do that. How should I shouldn't be looking at this? They're all written just like chill like they've all got. They totally vo got pithy puns for for titles. It's really nice we got. Let's see I think retro. Achievements just recently added a handful of apple two games while so it's like you're getting achievements in apple fucking two games unleash the dragon collect five dragon coins in one level. I believe I can fly collect feather. Let's see hijack like to use cloud eighty Kupuna okay. There's one for defeating the kids trying to see if there's so much of weird ones in here. Well Weird Weird. Ones get harder because you can only memory. You've only got so much to work with. You've got to go with what the game is already tracking right and so a lot of that is more easily numbers some stuff yeah definitely get create et at the start of one to overturn all eight Cooper's at the same time with a Cape pound okay get to the normal exit of five to without touching any walls enemies or blue blocks interesting. There's a lot of these action on star World Four Bring Baby Yoshi to the in the flag without feeding him. That's cool yeah. She plays Super Mario World Yeah. She gets world achievements. There's also a toggle and it's you know the sanctity of achievements is dumb anyway but they've got a toggle called hardcore mode that when you enable it turns off things like save states rewinding like that and you get double points for achievements you get in hardcore mode which is fun. That's neat. <hes> a couple of weeks off for the Retro Arch released yeah they added discord rich presence support not that long ago so this you know for games like game your plan for your running game. You're playing and stuff like that like it's it's a slick fucking piece of software when I think back to fucking Genesis Te and nest the at the time those were mind-blowing because they had fucking graphical user interfaces and you think and then you look at this thing is like it's pretty fucking while the how far that stuff is come see them talking about the raspberry Pi four yeah they support run ahead up through with. I think the sixteen bit Stoneham something like that pretty impressive yeah if thirty five dollar piece hardware yeah I'm on the Mr Side of that hardware though I don't give a buck for that price you'd just get right totally yeah what's the dynamics has announced that they will be doing a panel comecon. Four of the vendors game. Make sense will be the first public demonstration of Gameplay they will not be live streaming it okay look forward to we don't want to many people to know. This game is about how to build hype man. I guess that is kind of common for COMECON isn't it there aren't there are a lot of situation. We're not GONNA put this trailer rises for the people who can help build word of mouth. Yeah I twitter all that a lot. It's not like totally out of the norm and also they may very well. Just put this footage up themselves after the baby separate from the panel eighty so it's just coming out of e three in the way that thing and went down to like this making headlines by saying hey they're still not gonNA stream it when they actually start showing it like you know he's raised. If you I based on what you saw and what you described coming out of that presentation yeah I wouldn't show that two people either yeah not a good look yeah yeah. It was just yeah. It was hard to Parse. What was maybe maybe they have time to like? Maybe this will be different footage yeah so streamlined or whatever but I god it's it's I I understand why but it's still upsetting to see like whenever there's an article or something post about this with scream shot of the characters from the game. It's just all memes comes about how the B- Tear avengers porn stunt doubles all that stuff and like. I really don't think people are going to be able to get over it. Maybe not it's a weird thing yeah on one hand. I don't think they need to look like Robert Downey junior and Scarlett Johansson and all that they don't need to look like one to one but the weird the weird part is the suits are kind of the same. They're really invoking. The music is similar the movies and so many areas in which is similar but the faces yeah. It's really jarring when you see them. We'll just faces look like like look-alikes in a way or they've just Kinda went their own direction the character <hes> yeah I wanNA say like Tony Stark has trademark goatee and shit like that. They're look. They're looking like enough that they have the same colored hair instead yeah but not like it's not like what we changed one facial feature so we didn't ever or anything I know that egregious yeah well. Whatever that's you know I'm? I'm not in the not any any target market stuff because obviously like I've seen those movies. I don't know what the fuck this character is supposed to look like. They're so like that. It doesn't really bother me. It's more just like watching that leaked footage and talking to you about going seeing. It doesn't look like it's very good footage. Leak sell someone's on indie three. Somebody will do that COMECON and yeah exactly that's almost land gives them some like oh well. When you see the footage for real it'll look good but the shaky cam doesn't really show or we think that surprised praised me about that article in that game coming out? Tell them eve next year before that seems far not that far not that far but like marvel mania is like the weird state right now I feel like they kind of had their big climax with endgame and now they're in a new cycle so to speak that has his charge Ben and maybe they had wait until the cycle was over so they competing with those storyline those maybe distance from the movie of injures will make people accept this morning might come around a little more because it was coming out now after like these are not the adventures are those actors are pretty much done right. Is that more or or less confirmed shoot them at the though I know but I mean like contract. I always understood that they all kind of making another sore. She's getting around kidding same directors last one yeah. He was the most ambiguous his fate or whatever kind of the most ambiguous interesting I got the sense that all the kind of marquee actors sort of wanted out of that like doing this for so long bigger names to maybe maybe maybe a cameo down the lighter next year like normally whatever games get delayed all the time for all kinds of reasons. I thought it was interesting because it happened. Post host Microsoft acquisition. They also got out there on FIG. If you remember that's where that game crowd funded right fig right remember figure fig- still exists gee. This blog post was posted this is from Tim or at least. I think it's from Tim Schafer by I don't actually see who wrote this blog. Posts Anyway Field Spencer before anyone panics. We've confirmed that we will be able to honor lots to for every platform that we have already promised here and that includes bringing the game to play station for so yeah. I never figured that was in doubt apparently enough people did they had to get out there and say that the recent stuff of like steam steam saying now you have to actually on epic yeah I could see people fairy. That's fair even though there's no like console right and Microsoft is you know had there's precedent for Microsoft saying yeah put like honor your yeah like Obsidian pitchfork before they come out right. I wonder like this double fine and now get the pitchforks back because we're delayed twenty. I Dunno whatever double fine's it seemed kind of studio that benefits from having some wiggle room and then maybe it's time now that they've got some of the like resource cushion soft like they can make that game the thing they wanted to like. That's actually really why the seems interesting. Joining me is the maybe Microsoft is GonNa give them time. They need to really do what they need to do with their games now if I was looking forward to psycho knots too and I heard that they were going to push back because they are now working with Microsoft that would make me a little more excited. Maybe because that means yeah the resource cushion we're talking about and maybe means they can Polish it up a little more than like I've mentioned before but if you've ever watched that broken h documentary they did like they don't shy away from showing the sort of struggle to keep revenue coming in to continue funding their games does dislike does does this paint like grim picture for fig in a weird way that like hey yeah we were making this game as this crowdfunding thing that his platform and then we had to go get acquired by Microsoft and take another year on top of whatever other time they hit the lesson and just to get it out there and twenty last year and a half kind of point paints them fixer picture for fig really I mean there are banned unveiled on fig. There's a bunch of there's a good number of projects up on <hes> the front page in silent Bob game looking at it writer Franck Blunt Punch up people did what was it called. I'M GONNA I'm not. I didn't even clicked on it. I'm going to say it's attitude. East side scrolling beat up Super Combo. It is extremely to decide scrolling beat him up like she Bucci's Amigo outer wilds was a game okay okay wasteland three Phoenix point okay. There's some stuff stuff but there's some stuff anyway I cannot stand next year can only got out and announced the full game lineup for the Turbo Graphics Sixteen the mini release information so forth. It's coming out march nineteenth next year kind of still aways off yeah just in Japan or no. It's a weird thing so it's coming out of multiple territories and there's a different models based on territory. No I think you can get any of the territory. All three models went up for preorder on Amazon Japan allow that much so they're doing. They're doing a graphic sixteen looking one a P._C.. Engine looking. I think I Corps Graphics Graphics Yeah Okay which seemed guts. I think it's just the case but the kind of this is cool. I haven't decided I think it's cool that they've all got the same lineup in every territory as opposed to these other ones Japan gets set of games James <hes> U._S. gets another set Europe gets even third set the weird part. Is that like the Japanese only games or not getting localized snatchers. This thing will be so that's the weird one. There's a bunch of their plenty of games that will believe Japanese these Games on here that you need them to be like Super Super Darius. You'll be fine salamander. It'll be okay Chohan Iki. Hey definitely definitely gets its point across kind of better with new don't auto show any he speaks the universal they've got the arcade isn't the isn't the P._C.. Engine version of Ninja Guide in the Arcade version because that's on this list I believe so weird one word you could like jump up and the polls wing around and stuff like that that's a good game theoretically download fan translations that gets hacked and all other stuff so yeah but yeah there are a handful of Japanese Games on here ease one and two and snatcher kind of the tooth jump out of blood. You know like Seattle out of miss some missed the story. <hes> snatcher is the big one. I guess because that's one of COGEMA's pre metal gear. Well I guess just text based and it's an Adventure Game Tax Alec. You're not gonNA play that if you don't right yeah and you're out of your way through picking menu options with understanding it right but not the not the idea what it is that <music> I'm not super familiar with the lineage of snatcher releases. It has come out in English here right. Yes which came out I yeah okay here and has become somewhat rare or somebody expensive at least right so I guess this is probably not that different. I'm from that in terms of kind of the same game yeah okay anyway. They're a bunch of games in Japanese on this thing that you will get a certain amount of depending on how much Japanese you can read and also that lineup is good but it's missing. It feels like a list that was come up with in Japan and not necessarily the Games that it was known for in the U._S.. Is Not on this thing bryce box alex box revenge wants revenge but not bongabon. Don't think Balk Wyoming Yeah Yup surveys is the only ballgame on yeah and that's still get an air is on his on their no kief courtesy chief courage Keith. Damn <hes> charges not that good bad game but it was the pack in. Yes you know it for that shirt. Also it's like games based on an anime so interested yeah I forget what it's called in Joachim King but it is not called Keith courage. They've got the got cash on here working designs I games. I've never made it but I remember looking at it in magazines when I didn't have a turbo graphics and thinking man what's got numbers in it. It's like an R._p._G.. Sites Roller. I don't know if that Games actually T._v.. Sports football. We're this thing's doom now. It's it's it's. It seems like a solid lineup. It's got a lot of names that you recognize J._J.. Jeff military madness a recognize. Does it have the Japanese version of J._J.. Jeff Kato and Ken Doubt It Yeah Jeff Jeff is under the list so it was called. Quedo Ken localized J._J.. Jeff breath yeah. That's a really top notch. Kato and Ken were real people like one of the variety show comedic comedy duos Japan and there's a lot of poop in that game that they changed to you look like so it was like you could crouch and just fart in the game but they changed it to where when you crouched in the U._S.. Version he pulls out a spray paint can and the little cloud comes out the front instead of the back. Oh man real weird real weird weird weird game regardless of which reason you play nick terrorist is military madness yeah. They're both those are both on this list yeah. That's the thing is like they kind of reduced the overall game count by getting both versions in some cases now and that's not amazing for something that they pitched fifty games on the you're like Oh you know what I didn't realize he's wanted to also in the English list so if you will have in English and Japanese apparently yeah pleasing lasers yeah. It's my favorite Cagno on some good stuff on that platform ninety three. That's the one they go. Also that thing gets pretty expensive. If you like a real turbo graphic yeah if you you want to play actual five player Barman you have to buy a multitask trollers although weirdly the thing has to control reports on it oh the thing they're making defies history and puts to control reports on the front of this thing for people with people don't know the graphics at optics had one controller port on it. Do you want to play more than one controller yet by an adapter so it's like a switch light yeah basically pretty much anyway yeah. That's coming up next March. Whatever it's weird like all the stuff is easily obtainable? If you WANNA go that route already right but people like this stuff and the seems like a surprisingly okay version of that now totally this platform I would probably get the core graphics looking one. I'm not sure what I'm going to yeah. Yeah yeah sure I could see that probably the best one all right last story. I feel like I keep keep forgetting this that a new mortal Kombat movies on the way yeah yeah they announced that it will be R. rated for the first time in the history of mortal Kombat movies it will be R. Rated and it will feature fatalities which ones fed which ones explicitly they're. I have to wait and see I'll read the tweet from the writer of the movie since it's already been stated by other members of the team. I'm going to put this one to bed guys. Mortal Kombat will be R. rated and I for the first time ever fatalities will finally be on the big screen. No I'm not going to say nine one weekly. There was some fatalities mortal Kombat movie that you saw Scorpions ice ball thing sub zero zero broken or something like that or there had kill some guys or something like that I forget but the the first gory ones I guess right okay somebody said on fire like Scorpion did he pulled his did the thing or get away or yeah. It's just a move wrench. It's got to be like him. K. One fatalities right those are the iconic owns. Somebody is going to get their head and spine rip-off. Nobody's going to blow up the world probably not all that in the next seen everything back to all that that'd be amazing. Jack's gets super huge just every scene scenes that don't have fighting in them with someone killing someone else and then just like everyone's alive at the that would be the true to mortal combat. Yeah I'm guessing dragon fatality okay sure as the big kind of <hes> Kung lower king king the big Lou king that in two yeah the relation Armageddon Annihilation Armageddon was the game that's right. Do they only make the two movies yeah okay because they say there could have been like made for T._v.. Movies or something sense now. There was like defenders of the realm the T._v.. Show there was some there's a cartoon also and then they just announced that what's his name from the radio. Hey displayed in sub-zero. Yes I the rain but that seems things I hear about the raid that sounds like appropriate casting yeah to me if they just make a kick ass Marshall movie where everyone is dressed up in mortal kombat outfits like ridiculous yeah. That sounds sounds fantastic. Boorda combat stole that from cool do it. I saw the footage going around on twitter. Recently of Joe Lieberman from the congressional hearings ninety-three to the two fatalities they opted showed Congress were the head ripping and canine his heart. Okay thank goodness. You're probably the to say those two. I'm GONNA say those are those to be in the movie the to you would show in that setting this. This is probably the to like vote. Worst one punched enough. Someone's head well okay. It's comical though exploded ribcage. Yes I probably directories account areas where they did a director extra extra cages oceans edition hold hold down and hit play on your player and I don't know one of the things coming out writing. I thought wow yeah march twenty twenty one. That is a ways off. He's got the right like the space invaders movie that actually true yeah is he actually on that for how long ago was the asteroids movie going to be a thing years ago shopping yeah oh yeah twitter bio lists Resin Evil Saints Row Space Invaders and fear movie adaptation boy in addition the mortal Kombat how the tracker I'm mortal combat is owned by movie company. That's the way more likely to happen. Yeah Yeah what the fuck is space invaders movie other than just like gingy like generic alien million independent yeah. You just slap like maybe like Oh. There's a little pixel soul alien on the outside of the spaceship. Do they make the noise. Is that movie like it's just the fair Futurama thing. We did the last guy because he's shooting where he is instead of where he's GonNa be. It'll be just like that. Asteroids move you remember that yeah yeah all right. It'll be just like that. Asteroids game that came out and early access never happened then vanished tonight. Yes all right the whole thing just fucking disappear for news. Let's take one more quick break and then come back with emails having a credit card get you into a lot of financial trouble but pedal is a new kind of company that may change the way you think about credit pedals. A new credit card company wants to help you succeed financially. THEIR MOBILE APP is designed to help you spend responsibly which is especially great. If you're just starting to build credit with pedal you can qualify ever-higher limits but that doesn't mean you should always spend two that limit pedals Appalachia track your credit card spending against your own personal budget pedal wants to help you build your credit score. That's why they reward you with more cash back. When you pay on time or one percent cashback right away and one point five percent cashback when twelve on time monthly payments pedals partnered with web bank member F._D._I._C. Webbank Issues Pedals Visa Card? It's about time there was a smarter more modern credit card company the wants to help you succeed financially you go to pedal-car dot com slash bomb cast today to find out more as pedal with a t pedal P. E. T. A. L. Card dot com slash bomb cast pedal-car dot com slash Bob cast based here is the selection of the show where we read emails from the listeners. It's called emails O he suggests females but a lot of thought feel like we could we could spruce that up getting better at a little bit last year name and our branding meals auch what if he's called it Austria find their Danzon man. Why did you send us this better yeah? It's not bad podcastone IBOM DOT COM is the email address Andrew in Sacramento. My four year old son Loves Mario Oh and Yoshi he's obsessed so naturally he helps me play Super Mario sometimes since my rainmaker to came out and he's been on a veritable Mario spree but if they treat for him so he doesn't know all the names yet I think he means it's not something when he gets to do often and the game doesn't explicitly say this many people yeah the other day. He asked me what Yo she eats. I said something to the effect of well. He eats fruits. The gels go on heat. I the shells and ended Goumas his response. Does he eat the poops. I asked him what he's talking about. Those are the both the poops that walk the ones what the shoes my question is is he right or googlers. Just walking poops does Yushi each it. Does Mario poop all over his shoes. If so Mario's really take shoes off before going on it's complicated are the Goumas Shit. No does Yoshi each shit. Yes complicated matter that ever since the POOP EMOJI has become like the standard way that we can draw and recognize who does look like Koumba kind of that mud brown in kind of Google and then the thick around the waist. You just described me Lease Co.. boozer dummy thick. That's what they say yeah. That's sort of Jan say yeah yeah. I'd walk around pointing that the that fire hydrants thick <hes> vending machine that villian machines genes are slim thick you right. You're right Bagel Fridays. Just look at the different bags. Hold the bagels up to each other Damas dummy thick hope we answered the question. Your child is listening. You're welcome another satisfied customer. Courtesy of the giant bomb cast you mail. Mike Zenia of is India say stack that Zinni what happened to the art of the deep had Sony's is the only one that feels good enough but it is far from traditional Microsoft's is trash and Nintendo has abandoned it minus the switch light have the harbor makers just forgotten the art of The D. Pad and do you think will ever ever get one worthwhile Microsoft's trash. I don't agree on a regular controllers. The elite controller I think is is really good Deepak. Even on the standard controllers got a decent a good click to us. We're talking about the S._e._C.. Yeah let's let things terrible yeah but the thing things xbox one. I got new problems with yeah. I think it's fine <hes> also typically. I will defend the e pat on the shock but playing all that M._k.. Then the amount of contortions like my phone was getting getting a little sore. Were after like five sets of K every day for ten days. I'll go away and building a cal. Yeah I think in walk sticks her universally better so I feel like this weird. I feel like the Tiger Wood Deepak is more nostalgic than anything anything I see that you were spotted playing Mario Maker with all those Mario levels with analog thick well. I mean the joy con deep good position thumb that's and it sucks and it's not all the analog sticks in that case but you're not telling me like if you were saying. Let's say a fighting game on a pad are using an analog stick to move well yeah specifically for like four I was because I was playing grappler and it's easy to surgery sixty real real quick on that okay but like I would run into issues where I was. I was like double tapping the tha dash instead of having the flick over twice I yeah I mean like nine nine times out of ten given the option option or ninety nine times out of one hundred. I'm going to go with an analog stick over a deep pad. I think deep has just kinda outdated like also if you think about most modern games than you're totally right I mean it's really only these kind of throwback genres that where you you even care about a deep hat anyway the one thing I will never want to give up a deep had forwards menus gave the good news day faster good point and also like I think that's why Nintendo was kind of right with what they did to. That's deep hat on the switch is because most games just use that PAT as four more buttons anyway for like a quick select or you know or yet getting around menu or whatever but literally yes but then a million people may platform this week and then like yeah in India development got into platforms and now he's got big. Suddenly we want good e- pads again for some of the like I said some of those throwback genres not necessarily throwback games but you know fighting games yeah. Are you playing bloodstained with a pattern stick deepen. I'm just accustomed news in the stick because for video games like the I would need the precision of to get some of those specials out and stuff stuff like deep then I'm using my league controller there with the weird thing. It just feels great thing. I've ever really that it's okay interesting. It feels like I think you might like it because it is a hybrid of the two things in a weird way. Speaking Fighting Games gave from Brazil. I was watching a show where maximilian was a guest and he was asked a question that I would like to throw throw a use scientists. What would you do for the next Capcom fighting game? I loved his ideas. He basically said in a perfect world he would make a type of Capcom all-stars starting with a smaller entry point that is less than sixty dollars to get people people in and keep expanding over time as killer instinct did in a realistic world the best idea would be to go for an N._B._c. four improving on what M._v._p.. Three did now that they can bring back the X. men but what they will probably end up doing history fighter six so his wish would be for them to either. Go back to an Alpha style to D. or go full on realistic like M._k.. Maybe with the R. E. engine arguing this re fighter five looks too much like four and it's a style that might be done <hes> I realized that verse suggestion especially the point about getting in like if you make like twenty fifteen twenty dollar fighting in that has like six to eight characters capcom care and it's a good like it has to be good but if all of those things are true. That's like an amazing way to get people in who are like Oh i. I liked the street fighter. The thing that like you is surprising that we haven't seen more of it and when it has happened happened is usually been kind of on the fringes a killer instinct probably like the one has a major franchise but maybe killer instinct does that we are. We call that a major anyway because I think they play thing made a lot of sense and was really off the best right out of the gate. Yes wow right forgotten the yeah the definitive edition of that game pass Pope Pretty soon here finally yeah I think that the the Capcom versus Capcom <hes> I would love to see that like the tappin butter fighting yeah streetfighter just about to say who's your eight four four three five or make sense to me. We've seen CAP cockfighting evolution or fighting Jan yeah that wasn't review Charlie Honda Guile Mile Scher Zinke. You need a grappler in there yeah but you also need like a bad guy. You need like Seagal or Bison in Oregon Mascot for you the I think you're bad guys in all new character okay and that gives you some wiggle room there in terms of like who you make on the playable Robin. I'm going to say ball Rog. That's my fourth really yeah yeah. I think you need one of the original five Sh- shadow blue bad guys just a buzzer choice I would support. I would think that would be cool. Yeah trying to not like we're retry in this scenario. We're building this game in a way to to be good for people who aren't necessarily super into the fighting seen people whose last fighting the game like shoot writer. Maybe two or four yeah working backward from there. Yeah I guess yeah if you're looking at the character selection that way. I was thinking about it more in terms of archetypes of like yes gyles charged character. Chunlai is a mash character thing happened. I'm not saying you know review is fucking is the Ri- You of that game and then I would think a grappler but then if you're if we're talking eight total grappler had architects the other four so yeah who the mega man to make a man in Dante Guard just because people have been wanting him in a proper street forever's three more that revenge and in <music> was the top down one the one that had that's fun talking about Magar N._B._c. to write three threes. I thought I'd seen him somewhere. Still the Union yes. He is probably a final fight. He's the guy no hunters again was that the monster think calicoes big enough to be fighting game character five Pelicans and the highest selling selling video game mosser stuff in there that able Raffles Super Combo does not gonNA make around. Give me a couple of deep polls who want in this game. I want the car from speed grumbler the dude from black the tiger gene from hand yeah but yellow monster with red eye I demand he's called Seton Castle. The big yellow monster double. I Want uh-huh like most of all in this may be speaks to my feelings on the versus games or at least the marvel versus Capcom Games is I would want all new takes on not like characters who are not fighting game characters but have appeared in fighting games i. I want fresh takes on those. I don't want mega man to play like he has played in yeah. No I want an all new. Take on mega man agree. I want an all new. Take on dont`a like these these characters appeared in the versus games like the fucking slate clean and start fresh rush with a you know a new system that is because I also think like if we're talking about this in terms of dry trying to bring new people in this is not some Juggle Combo versus game though this is more grounded like a traditional streetfighter and so I think you would want to have fresh takes on a lot of that stuff you probably would come to some of the same conclusions over again but at least like starting fresh going okay. We're putting this move in because it's a move that mega man does not because it was in this previous this game and give it different properties or make sense for for that system interest if we're talking something along the lines of streetfighter six the most well the biggest thing that you need is a system because ever since three third strike had the Perez more that had the focus tax five has reskill V triggers kind of like propor- these as the start here and then build the characters out from those things right. You would need to figure out what that big new thing is sowing the be what if few just made Alpha four and just built on the Alpha systems which some of the like the V. Counter is kind of Alpha counter right <hes> I think that is definitely true for the hardcore street our audience but I didn't realize agreed with him until he said this. I feel like one of the things working against five so much that it does at a glance look a lot like for our obviously if you if you play him a lot you can easily tell the difference but lake right in my mind thinking back from three to four was so yeah mental also time was it was a long time but also about like four had that distinctive look with the ink staff and everything and in my mind five just is lay my memory. It's like more of that. There's nothing to really set it apart. I wanted to go back to I want them to dry influence from from from games like guilty gear the that keep that to D- looking animation but still in Lug at three engine they can still have that effect and still make it look to D I go back to so that I haven't haven't been a huge fan of the way that you know the model so since four forebade a lot of sense of the time yeah it's totally did and it hasn't aged super yeah well it end yeah. I guess I guess that's a decent point that five is just kind of here's more political characters like it's maybe stylishly a little different but representation of these big feet tests vibe as four yeah something to set it apart but also trying to hearken back you know when you look at the strider two models and what if they were pulling all and exaggerated just so you know they're made sense. I like to yeah brush style that was that was a nice flourish. Yeah and I don't think five looks bad in motion. I think it'll just not that distinctive sure yeah. It's the thing about three men as much as I you know that was someone asked me separately like hey did you guys just to cover arcade games back. In the day I started thinking about it and it was like it was such a limited but I do remember like we heard about an arcade that had streetfighter three and went and go to go seek it out and play it having never seen it in motion before and that that I well like wow that's a lot of frames also. I don't like any of these characters true. It is a cool engage really amazing looking game. It's got style especially by the time they got third. Strike on. You know like the stuff just a just a killer looking game like music art ever yeah. That thing came together <hes> if they could do that but I think yeah what I think what you're saying probably is that that guilty gear her like going more in that direction but also weirdly enough. I'm super into the idea of make it look hyper realistic like mortal Kombat models kind of do I'm against that that does the Brad. You've got a laptop screen shots of streetfighter the movie the game because that's what it would look like it would dope degree leading blood out as Ken. I'm going to save that four tekken versus streetfighter eight five okay fair enough I would be way into a weird realistic approach but also if if they went that guilty gear ask route of the really good looking to like three that reads as to d and then went very like anime with it not in terms of game player you know our speed or anything like that but just in terms of just like the quality of that art the quality of those characters high-quality well. I mean like okay I mean like make it if what if it looked like fucking izaak level of fucking like made way too much attention to every little facet of this model role that this is more what I mean that'd be pretty cool that would oria there's go back to these artists literal actual Tutti and that's the catch those like so yeah and can you do that. You know trying to sell games to a modern audience. I think that's that's kind of the thing that and it's a little separate from this but you know the discussion around what kind of what fighting games need to be in all the sort of stuff like you always have to filter through like Capcom not making games for the F._T._c. they're making games because they want to sell millions of copies of those games too much wider audience and they've been. I'm getting back to doing well at that the last two three years finally after fighting but yes I feel like happen on those kind of like lost in the woods for few year right monster happened in the remake and like they're kind of doing it against the answer is obvious and we answered this. During this week's rankings fighters you have to your three toggles right you want to be able to sidestep yes or no how'd you guys feel about their their their model the pricing model the season passes and ten one dollars for stage of the costume I don't I don't want the stage in costume prices. I think our way out of control and because that stuff is so ancillary. It's like stuff that I want but not the prices they're charging is like no way they were trying to actively kept me away from the beginning talking about how you can get anything in the game with fight money but the amount you have to play to earn one thing maybe character or one stage yeah exactly like that's that's free to play level of grinding per game that came out at sixty dollars. It's not was broken launch. Well yeah all for sure. I think the season pass stuff for characters. I think that's a pretty well worn territory. At this point like the pricing I think makes sense as a twenty reach snow. They were more of the case thirty or forty yeah yeah. It's like eight dollars. There's a character or something like that like that doesn't seem out of control but at the same time I think that there's room to wiggle in terms of what depends like hey can you reach a more massive audience by having a cheaper or starter edition of the game almost like fighting layer did okay of and they kind of badly yeah like you could have and this is how dead or alive ended up in a backwards way. Just it's like hey. Can you charge sixty dollars if you go in there and pay you a full games price worth of money than give me the full games price worth of stuff but also there's an addition like the core fighters that has just straight up free that maybe you back act or into it that way and I think the transition path going from core fighters to full if you went there piecemeal route. The money doesn't work out in a way that makes sense anymore but something that is a hybrid of that but have them the money actually work could see them. Yeah I think that's the you need to be able to get people in their playing also people that are not going to be great at these Games always need more people to play against that are at their skill level and when you make those games free to play or <music> are hyper easy for people to try your kind of making it more likely that people are going to be on boarding all the time and so you've always got fresh meat more or less you know and that's I think the problem with long-term I'm fighting. Games is like if I go place five right now. It's people that the people playing that game online anymore are people that have been playing it for a very long time much longer than the likelihood of me having a good outcome not necessarily winning or losing but having fun to significantly reduced from where it was at launch streetfighter five totally I mean granted there. There have been sales where they're practically giving that base game those that are really good times to play it began you do get that influx of kind of new blood exactly but if you're making a game free and then throw some deals on it on top of that you've you've kind of dropped that barrier even further and I think that that that can only help with the games kind of long term health as an online game. I will say anecdotally really good time to get into a fighting hiding game. If you have never done is right after Yvo when everyone gets really heightened so like after watching it and they're like Oh man I wanna go we download. This game like that. First Week is so many people. I bet there's always a huge spike of up immediately. Oh I if I probably that's me that's that's my arc. I wonder what Capcom will do with fighting games next. What what their next move of is when they do it? Will it be the same faces doing it over there. He Yeah Division League Yeah Yeah that's almost external right then almost then it is like hey we are washing hands of this and now outsourcing it to an external team. We still care very much about it but they moved. Some people remember some key people in place from Capcom oversee associate or anything like they have someone in charge of E. Sports of course yeah I'm thinking about more in terms of lake future development of fighting is are we going to back out there or is it time for yeah. It's it's probably time for fresh blood at Capcom when it comes to trading fighting games and then making some of these decisions. It's maybe Ben time for that for a while right so I think he might be right so I'm curious that's right now if if they come back out and have another game and it's the same crew <hes> same pitch like they marched out Samar yeah you know what type of credibility is that announcement GonNa have right at this point so it was Lou Bucks. We're just getting into these things grief heard. They're awesome. Everyone talks about you. Guys love to be surprised. I wonder that's that's that's their new mechanic rise. One next email from Coltman San Jose my girlfriend and I are considering going to California extreme and I asked her if she would ever own arcade cabinet being familiar with games and such as myself asked the obvious question will how big of a cabinet is it. We then proceeded to have to very separate conversations. I eventually realized she was confused. She believed that anarchy now believes that archaic cabinet is a dumb name telling me if you can't put anything in it why is it called a Cabinet T._v. and despite explaining that it's because it opens up and how the form factor is. She refuses to change your opinion so I put the question to you. Why are they called Arcade captain? He's got a door right at the bottom that you directly stuff stuff inside if you monitor boxing yeah isn't there a lot of empty spaces cabinet yeah you totally can put things in there. It's got an arcade board stored in there. Yeah you know true. It's got a T._v.. Three top-heavy yeah there's lots of stuff that goes may not be front accessible cabin. I mean they didn't they used to stereo cabinets like like if you had a stereo like you couldn't put anything in there because they're already stereo in there. <hes> I think cabinet back in the seventies and eighties when these things were terms were coined. Yes cabinet meeting mental different different thing that it doesn't that's my cabinet. I think that is true. Let's see where's the person seem Alex. WHO This person Alex is last week? He goes talk about your experience watching demolition Derby so I thought I'd share mind driving in one new. It's pretty long email but it's good. My family has a history of driving at our local county fair in Indiana. So for my eighteenth birthday my parents bought me an old junker junker and my dad and I spent the summer strip down and getting ready for prime time cool. Nobody knew we. I'm sorry nobody we knew had driven for the past several years which will become important in a bit so anyway we print it out the big list of rules and painstakingly made sure Arbroath drove reliably and wasn't going to get us disqualified the rules include stuff like you can't reinforce the body reframe at weapons relocate important targets like the radiator and you have to remove anything from the inside that isn't bolted down down or otherwise strongly secured imagine our surprise when we showed up to the event check in and the people who were supposed to check our car for compliance barely even looked at it of course the regulars who had driven the past few years new this would be the case and exactly what they could get away with. which which was everything weapons on the car yeah? It's a it's a racket. It's real. It's my radiator. A minor concussions you know a minor concussion caused by fire extinguisher coming loose and flying into my head. Oh some whiplash rush and one missing wheel later I somehow made it to the final heat where it became clear that my poor ten cam held together by aluminum duct tape hopes and dreams would not hold up to the reinforced tanks. I found myself surrounded by blaze of glory. I made a kamikaze run for the first guy I saw my car. Immediately died and I sat out the rest of the round with the best seat in the House I would one hundred percent do it again by the way those wooden sticks are for the drivers to break themselves to to break themselves to signify that their car will no longer start okay thereby surrendering the heat you would do this to save yourself or your car from further damage while you're a sitting duck. The one part of the car that you are supposed to reinforce is the driver's side door and you also have to paint it's stark white. If anyone makes intentional contact with the driver's door or a car with the stick broken they are qualified and the white paint will come off and they'll know exactly it was all right the included some pretty good pictures of his time cool in the mud so the way the rules are enforcing demolition derbies at least in Petaluma as I understand it who knows if that's compliant right real place is that they are enforced after the fact like yes. There is a loose inspection when you show up your car win but it'd be no it becomes more of a it's a good way for people to earn money. After the fact is is they win and then a bunch of people challenge them and say he's got cement and his door and then the judges go over like art. You've been accused of cheating. We have to strip your fucking door apart and look for it and then they don't find it and then the challenge. There's a fee if you challenge someone you have to put up one hundred bucks or something like that well and then if you pass the challenge you get that hundred Bucks Ooh so it was like a good way to earn dinner. You know some some beer money. After the fact <hes> was to pass those challenges which reality he meant that the people just had to get better at hiding the cement or they had to get better at like hiding their shit. You know so yes absolutely rampant. Rules were made broken man. That's Derby live actually started dazzles Herbie life as a lifelong derby. Fan People tend to get seriously hurt in those things or is it pretty well patrol so I was in one and my neck hurt for about two weeks is totally worth. It was fucking terrible but it is like a whiplash sort of thing the other thing you run into and I don't know but like a lot of those drivers know each other super well and aren't really looking to hurt each other but if you are an outsider coming in who has not driven in some years looking like fuck that I could see that and and completely take him out yeah I could tell like the the older dude with a fifty year veteran was like kind of the key player and they were like Kinda played around him and like doing a lot of team of attacks with him and stuff and I could tell like oh they'd probably know him the student forever like respect right like they're not gonNA fuck each other up until it gets down to the end yeah and they've made that agreement ahead of time. There's a lot of in my experience. There's a lot of bullshit like that as with most as with visiting yes yeah you got got to keep the graveyard. Dogs strong exactly definitely concrete the doors Jesus. That's what I'm saying. If you're going to hear one weapon to your demolition Derby car what would it be puzzle right. I don't know flipping back because it's like the lady missed weapon but it's the most efficient yeah I would want probably a really strong spear or set out of spears that gun well something that you can shoot into a radiator whether that's sticking out of your car or something like that but you WanNa get that radiator shot Bala crank rip it out yeah sure yes something shoots in harpoons comes out with barbed like something would pull out a radiator or make sure the radiator is leaking like a motherfucker yeah so the thing they have equipped in every car in fast and furious strong into something that would probably probably be yeah. That'd probably get a very effective. I'm trying to think like a bus all you could shred tires with it and that would you popping tires like that. It's hard to get around like that's mud but you're still going to be able to ride on the rims a little bit not for well. It's on a mortar. What would it shoot guns a small cannonball okay yeah I think something that would they would take the radiator would probably be the like actually if that was definitely the thing that guy was calling out the most radiator damage because steam would be pouring out or water just coming out the bottom just pops of tire pop and so loud there was fire? Dude had like fire tubes to shoot fire out but nobody caught fire. There's always like U._C._A.. Flash of fire just peeking taking out from under a hood for a minute and everyone shit they went out there and take care of female comes in from John who he describes as aged forty two and a half. You wouldn't believe how many emails we got about pigs in a blanket like holy crap really Oh yeah. Oh yeah we that came the entire never seen so. I've never seen so many people email in about one subject before this is the one that I picked. I was listening to the section of Episode Five Ninety One with my jaw agape in horror or one email or wrote in and asked for the bond cast understanding of what pigs and blankets are to my astonishment. Two varieties were mentioned one on pancake based one pastry based. Neither of these varieties describe a true pigging blanket which as we all know is a sausage wrapped in Bacon roasted and served with Turkey Christmas lunch. That's a pig pig or any given Sunday. Hey if you're from the north of the U._K.. That's pig pig yeah. You can't wrap a fucking sausage in Bacon. That's not a blanket. There was once a time where America could be counted onto butter up that Bacon and Bacon up that sausage adding superfluous meet where no meat should rightfully hatefully be what happened to you. What's the description one more time? There was served with something oh well I think he's just a little flourish. A sausage wrapped in Bacon roasted and served with Turkey Christmas lunch. What does that well this Christmas dinner on Turkey Turkey dinner on Christmas Day for I think I think he's just saying it's a you know something to be served with? A big festive. Okay decadent meal. Okay is the idea the vast vast majority of people who wrote in said it was a sausage wrapped in Bacon vast majority. That's I mean they're all from the U._K.. Get Mad you know a blanket implies warmth and Pillowy we cover which croissant and a pancake both that's like having this is basically like having a blanket made out of human skin. Yes exactly this is the analogy which is pretty warm yeah well what interpret here now I experience. We made it better. That's we made their best right folks. Someone else's thing you'd be made a good. I've take their pigs in a blanket and put it in a blanket peak in a blanket and yeah that sounds like the best of all world xactly could get into that and then deep fry it sure yeah with US ticket butter yeah okay. This is butter yeah email from Lee just finished reading console wars while on holiday I own a mega dr when I was around forty years old but obviously wasn't old enough to remember the rise on fall of Sega in detail so this read was really interesting to me. What part of the really stood out was how close Sega of America came to partnering with Sony on the playstation and then again after say Sega of Japan had blocked that partnership getting the technology that eventually went into the Nintendo sixty four? I can't help but think how different the landscape would be now if either one of those alliances had come to fruition which leads me to my question from your experience being close to the world video game development and being slightly older than me in the early nineties were Japanese corporations really that stubborn from this book and further Google Research. It seems like they'd happily off their noses to spite fight their faces Sega was literally their own worst enemy. Yeah I mean and and and yes still races. I had to look this up to make sure because like the story of Sony Approaching Nintendo about video game system is well known but I had no idea that after that fell through then went to Sega which is apparently what happened. That's what he's talking about here but say could have been involved in the playstation if not Nintendo pretty wild think of think think about it might have been good sonic games no not but think about it. Platform Mass on its jumping flash was sonic be worse the sonic get any better once he was on disk no but my Sonic C._D.'s based on exceeding he had a good point is like if like if Sega is behind this console then they need to have their mascot games be the best shit and they're going GonNa have the resources board in imagining like Mario Sixty four but with sonic and shit like that anybody read council wars I need to I've always now. I've been to read that. I don't know what he's talking about there. With the sixty four technology that SEGA almost got their hands on there was like another. That's the S._G._I.. Stuff that I don't remember this pathetic surround that I'm not familiar with that but like like the Saturn was like famously like the complete wrong thing to make yeah like they thought they should make council focused focused on Tutti Games <hes> at the time that the playstation was coming out completely completely misread the market so yeah totally were their worst enemy oops Tony from Chicago. I wanted to comment on last week's email regarding malt liquor finally as an employee forty yesterday what kind titanium Takata one nice here ranked what hurt at ranked well number one. Is that a beer or a malt liquor mult list. It's new oh well as an employee for twenty years at a beer distributor. Hurricane is or was an ebb product that we haven't carried in some years. I assume he means either yeah. Hurricane high gravity which which stemmed from the former is a decent seller here mind you it sells nowhere near as well as Cobra we sell ass loads of King Cobra for a natural ice and bud ice. There's also natty rush which is gross and has fruity flavors. ooh What I would be happy to respond with any other beer related topics in the future. How do you run Eddie? Rush sounds like an energy drink google. The phrase natty rush start thinking jolly ranchers for whatever reason to like that type of fruity. I first match for Natty. Rush is on the site called Total Frat Frat move dot com. If people who advertise it's advertised as Watermelon Smash Hurricane Punch shows this like saint I'd special brew which was like Fruity Malt liquor because is saying that special special brew appears to be you get an ongoing is with those are very jolly rancher colors yeah yeah criminal eight percent gross yeah. I'm in my teeth hurt so you know following on from that <hes> Alex for North Carolina trying to decide to start on his email. It's a long email entertaining. It'll start here. I thought since y'all like talking talking energy drinks and since bang has become more popular worldwide recently thought you'd baby enjoy this a bit of background I worked in these supplement retail industry for about ten years and it was during the last year a speed dealer dealer during the last two to three years that bang energy drinks came out and took the supplement world by storm as remember the day we gotta shipment of the very first and at that time only flavor of Bang in Stock Champagne Champagne Cola. I write out there anymore. No one thing called rose risky Rosa Risky Brazilians but there's some Rosa flavored bang. You're scared I'm writing eating in because I thought you guys would get a kick out of the C._E._o.. Behind the energy drink itself Mr Jack Oac the dude is a little insane and it shows. I bet his instagram bank is Instagram Bang Energy Dot C._o.. E._e._o. filled with videos of him talking into a microphone with tongue a ton of bang energy shots drinks and powders on the table as as well as what I can only assume is a green screen that has giant cans of the drink and logos goes everywhere trying can't in one of these videos the probably sixty something you're old walk looks directly into the camera and says welcome to the Bang Revolution. No Caffeine means post. I'm sorry no caffeine means more post exercise pain so stay woke that he then he proceeds the dive into a research study funded by his company on the scientific benefits of Caffeine and exercise. A second video has a skit with two models one drinking bang because she believes doing so you will get her everything she wants. In life got to the T._v.. Anchor saying that she's won the lottery later on she finds a diamond necklace before her friend tells her she's being ridiculous. She gives away her bang steps out into the street and his immediately hit by a car. Oh like God. That's what happened to me. Being in the industry. I've heard lots of stories about this guy as my company hosted an event for managers every year and he was always there in his probably two hundred dollars silk buttoned up shirts and sunglasses drinking a bang with a crowd of Bikini Akini models hired by his company walking around him at one point. I heard he told one of the model that she wasn't showing enough cleavage and to find another top that would help show it off good good quality. There's more weird stuff that I was solid dude yeah. There's more weird stuff that I've heard but honestly you can get good sense of who this guy is from his social media presence alone. I encourage you to do so for a few laughs Jeff. This guy kind of looks like a coke doubt Dave meltzer okay basing all I'm saying is this man is the visionary who brought us supercrew eighteen so I think we need to because this is this is. This is the same company. That made red line isn't it oh is it I believe so okay. I want to the bank. The makers of the legendary read this like fucking. Come on the one time I'd to drink a red line of thinking I was going to die so so well you know and the one time I drink of being energy. I thought I was going to die banging shit. I'm not I'm not a huge Fan Bang. No thought it was important that people knew where their energy during supplements are coming yeah. That's that's no good old-fashioned rockstar no like a same person. That's your old man's energy. Go Fuck Yourself Pay Bang normal creating sorry old-fashioned fork you all ban. This engine runs on Co Q. Ten yeah the rise of Bang has been strange. I duNNo. It's just it's it's everywhere fast debt. It really did which I guess you know. He's saying he's around for two to three years. Also he said it took the industry by storm right but it seems like something that yeah it was kicking around. The supplement side of things because red line was always that we're thinking just it's like Oh. This comes from a supplement company. That's what's fucked up yeah. It's got the real stuff in it shouldn't be driving exactly. It's like this is no I should be. I should be at least pretending to work out if I'M GONNA drink one of these <hes> so congrats to them for finding like a marketing hook to make that fucking shit but yeah I wonder where the line is with that stuff and if someone will eventually okay these things are actually legit unsafe well. It's banned in the U._K.. Right I knows what Harris forest has to say about rap is reliable source because the only person I've heard that I saw it from okay. I believe that they found super creative to be that was the the hook was that that was maybe creating was like there was a flavor of sobe that had creating for a while so creating in drinks sold convenience stores and not workout places and that's not new super creating still kicking yeah. It's still yeah yeah I mean they still make snapple to snapple timeless US yeah but like no one's there was a time wind snapple was being talked about a great deal and they had all their ad campaigns. All this stuff is because people got more conscious at the sugar snapple about Arizona. Yeah I thought for a while they were going away like they get went bankrupt or something like that. I heard they were actually being pulled from shelves and you guys they're still around the thing that the shock the shack soda that was made by the same company as Arizona the shack sodas sold so poorly Orley that they just started emptying the cans putting Arizona wrapping around it and filling them back so you could like some Arizona's you pull off the label and just see Shaq Shaq on their golden ticket. I Know Yeah Bonus Shaquille couple more quick emails Daniel from Atlanta. Did you see that Gigolo face paid can defeat facial recognition technology. Yes yes does juggle a tech. Make it it into watchdogs three. Yes totally there. You have it all right. Daniel from Los Angeles last email choose for the last time platoon to has its final splat fest scheduled for this weekend who are final so for the last time. Choose your team team order or team chaos. I don't think team cast would care what the outcome of that. I'm just saying you're probably right. No because the one thing team chaos doesn't like order they need to defeat order true team chaos not organized enough to know what a simple tuned to is sit down in front of a TV. Put me down for water. Yeah I'll go on the order side chaos yeah Yup. I go to twitter dot com multiple times a day. Clearly you have this see but you go to twitter at a regimented like time and isn't that order annoy don't all right. I'm just saying you check it. Often enough is is it wants day. That's I haven't with more. That's order. Twitter is really the chaotic evil of Social Media Services Gross. He says P._S.. Why haven't more games done SPLAT FEST style events? 'cause it's dumb. I don't even like cool ideas a cool way to get people excited about your game right because I got people who are passionate enough to get out there on because I remember when flat for this was a relative new thing and people were just all over like ketchup mustard like crazy last one though this order chaos thing. I don't feel like ties into like I feel I gather people get very passionate about the condiments definitely make people argue about manning's cats and dogs this last one is maybe a little misguided but generally I I like the idea. I don't think it fits many other kinds of games streetfighter. That's an new-look splat moral combat had that whole chooser faction action they could just have in Ford faction and a Chevy faction doesn't think that they really do they did some branded ones for the swat fest stuff but transformers summers one stuff like that it wasn't like autobahns versus Septa cons but it wasn't like Ford v Chevy because then that's two brands yeah but those are the things they actually they should do fucking xbox versus playstation yeah okay and into no did say this is the final final swat fastened while wonder what's maxed shirts verse Skins S- platoon three probably right but does a free meals platoon three on the way no not before Arbs to get the priority St John's something someone on team order would say are. Are you kidding me. Chaos is John Road on. I'm saying the regimented. You can't do three before you do arms to. I think the existence of an arm arms to is the most chaotic of going. How could you do that with a socialite if fuck oh my God shit chaos while you have switches there you go you need third went to look at okay who through switches yeah? It's all bunch people out there desperately looking at the switch light announcement trying to figure out how they could leverage that into mario maker creation on a tablet type thing MTV at the same time hold my breath for that who knows doesn't seem on someone's going to recreate that Maude that cats kitty or whatever it was selling for switches which I wish wish someone what whatever they could they could develop some kind of companion mode that beams between switch. Oh which is something oh you mean like wouldn't Nintendo like they'll maybe they'll patch in a way to create on yes on one switch and they could potentially do something like that probably pretty wishful thinking okay that doesn't for emails and thus the show yeah. I've show coming up after show coming up after this okay. If you're watching live stay in this browser tab. Anybody got any other housekeeping business for we hear stuff going on this week. Yes streams and things yeah. I think <hes> some non-story media's trying yeah yeah. We're GONNA try and get a full squad together for this apex. Make ever done that in the sand room before I wanNA game last week so we gotta try to glorious was still possible. I got so hyped. Instill I'm so low level that it's matching with really low level P._S.. Four which is owned through games good great so be guitar all right. We'll stay tuned for that and a bunch of other stuff throughout this week and the next week. We'll be back with another episode of this show. We'll see the support for today's show comes to you. Impart from new starbucks triple shot energy starbucks triple.

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