Detroit City Of Champions Episode 7: Stick a feather in your hat for the Tigers! Tiger fans in 1934-35


You're listening to the PODCAST DETROIT Network visit, www, dot podcast, detroit, dot com for more information. Nineteen thousand five alliance win the. Nfl Championship. The Detroit, Tigers take a world series, the Red Wings Bring Home Morgan. Stanley Cup. Joe Lewis begins his rise to world domination. This transforms the motor city into Detroit city of champion. droid city of champions, the podcast. I'm again Charlton and we are diving into the story behind a trilogy of Books Detroit. City a champions. And we are what A. Seven eight. This is somewhere in there were deep do I might have to do a correction on the next show. It's not. It's it's. Really, all right, seven, hundred, ninety, percent, ninety, percent. Sure. It's seven. Well, I have no problem doing correct all that and I actually have a correct to you make really also, but before I do that, I, want to Madison. Cameron me. Real quick. have. You got a little. I just got a little congratulations. I want to say, okay, we got. So it's my brother-in-law, raise our greg, getting his bachelor's he's graduating and the Sunday in these. He's like getting it. So I, just want to send a message and tell tell them how much I love him, my brother-in-law, my sister, and. Everybody, our family. So congratulations brother in do so. That's that's. Exciting. I. Like it. Yeah. Joe Cheese. You know it's it's like what a time to be graduating tough time this website. That's a tough battle. Finish. Easy to finish this up right now. You know with all stuff going on right now. So. Congratulations to him. That is very, very cool and excitement. The fans wild. Graduation. They're throwing the cast your. Video version I spoiled my sister graduated to on unless you re she, she got promoted to an officer for the for the coastguard. Oh. In the middle of all this to we had like a big zoom thing for there's like a hundred and fifty people on the zoom. Chad, it was crazy that we hey, we got a wide screen TV family. was there. There was like one hundred, fifty other little. Little thumbnail. That was cool too. So we're proud of her. So a lot of it. But next the next thing is is negative, which is the correction from the last also. So. So it's Like you say, you know we we go through power through some of the stuff I. Do rewatch the show to Yeah. Hey, some mistake every once in a while, and this is a mistake that i. you know, I, I picked up on immediately and it's one of those like. I. Knew It. You know. Like for some reason or another? So. I always, the mistake that correct is the fact that I said that tie Cobb left the Tigers last, he left the Tigers in one, thousand, twenty four, and then he retired in one, thousand, nine, twenty, six. The. But in reality, he left the Tigers and twenty six and he retired in nineteen twenty eight. You've two years with the as and then left after my rental. So rather small I, guess you could say. Accuracy. We we pride ourselves echo then yeah, I mean that that was the whole thing because you put seven years of research into these three books in the other than the screenplay that you put together and all these stories behind it. You have so much information in your head. It just astounds me. Well, here's the thing is, is that the crazy thing about that particular fact is that like I knew it and that's what I'm saying like I'm not. I'm not trying to like. Play money. Know Thursday. Evening, quarterback. I knew that I just like this, but I knew enough to catch my own air. But that's what I'm saying like I. The reason I knew what is because nineteen twenty four actually was one of the Tigers in that whole era of like you know dark times for the Tigers. That was actually one of the only years at the are actually somewhat competitive. And actually drew a million fans that you're so But that's like besides that. That was like they drew million fans at here than there was nothing for different other years. But they were they were competitive that you're in like I and I've actually said that told that story to people before. So that's what I mean. That's why it's like I knew that was a mistake. It's like I. I call Myself Pretty Quick. So it again, because we're you, you make a couple of cursory notes and We're just having a conversation about. The amazing. Year. And the amazing teams, the interesting people in their stories and it it just the information that you have stored in your brain is astounding to me. My mind would probably explode. Yeah, It's. In awe every week. Say It's just you know that's the thing is Moving parts that you know. So but here's the thing is like I have no problem admitting a mistake like it's like you actually learn I. Think you learn from it because i. that's a that's a fact that I'm not GonNa like. Mix Up again, I'm looking forward to someone calling us out on something that we miss it or if they do if somebody you know if somebody catches it out. You. Know put it in the comments or whatever for your show and you say we'll correct it and Mecca updated for accuracy and all that. So Moving on with our with our show episode seven. Ninety percents. Sides. Of Correction. Number. We I can't believe we're seven inner any. There's six in the bucket. So if you're listening, we appreciate you taking some time to to live through these stories with us as trials shares, these stories with me and with you. So go ahead and and if you could be a Jain favored us as to hit a subscribe button or. Follow like it share and all that stuff. We're wherever you're at whatever the device is ring. The bell viewership last week wrote a thousand viewers, I. Know like he was great I mean I think we were joking episode said something like y'All twelve people to Watson I. think There's going to be a few more than that. I, think there's like house. Predicted, it and the crowd goes Wah. Actually had some. You know everything starts small but before you we're going to. See. But that's where we're GONNA be talking about. We're going to be talking about how the crowd goes wild and how this one, thousand, nine, hundred, eighty, four, and the nineteen, thirty, five year. With this Tiger Mania tiger-mania, it was just it was just crazy. These two years thirty, four up at the end. Just go to the world series. It had been such making such a drought and people were so into it and and now we're back into thirty five. The city is like, Hey, it's not a fluke. National Media is going they get along with the. The players were healthy nobody coming in thirty, four total fluke, and it's really that was like the it was like the national media saying, it was totally lucky. Then thirty, you know the fans were like we weren't lucky. We're going to do it. Make a course leading that charge. Yeah. But then we know in the back of their minds cigarette like please let it. Really, they don't, but they're like, Oh, where it's not a fluke we're going back but then. I. Hope they go. Go back. Yeah. So and that's the thing. Right. So what what can you tell me about the fans from nineteen, thirty, four, nineteen, seventy, five, the episode, I put the title of the episodes. Stick a feather in your hat for the. Tiger. Okay. For the Tigers and I made that title specifically because I wanted to tell a quick story of something. Cool that we're going to. You know maybe a little bit out of alignment for we wanted to talk about it in this episode but I, love. I think it's just like so-called. So anyways. So. You know there's all his Tigermania everything. You know we're GONNA, WE'RE GONNA. Get into. But but there's always just like back. You know back then just like now. Especially, when stuff is popular, people are always making. You know there's always like little gimmicks in knickknacks and giveaway type stuff that you know souvenir. You know that there are people trying to make money every which way they can towel. There you go. Perfect example. Like the for the fans do stuff. But anyway. So the Detroit News at one point they issued a feather in their newspaper and it was a yellow. And it's it was stamped on there. Yes. These actual feathers literally yellow feathers. You gotta you gotTa know back in one, thousand, nine, hundred, eighty, four. Yeah, these were not sourced. Yeah, these are yeah. Right. Snatch. Okay there's probably it's probably ugly story. Somewhere Cab said right on the feather is said Yes said a state you know stick feather. So anyways but there's a tigers stamped on it and everything and I saw it was just one of the things I was like looking for like Ebay or whatever. and. So it was just like I'm like what the heck is this nine, hundred, thirty, four, tiger feather, and I didn't buy it because you know when you're when you're putting stuff together, you know you're. Using information gathered information like sometimes he's like six hundred dollars on a game program. Scan the I was really after the information. Sure. Sort of all kinds of quirky stuff that was online on that that I could have bought. You know what I mean if I had the money. The feather was like one, hundred, fifty or one, hundred, fifty dollars or something like. So I did a screen shot of it, I did a screen shot of shouldn't be saying this maybe this illegal. I did a screen shot of it slows, you're not reselling it. No. What's what's the resale? Okay. So I know I know but. But anyways I did a screen shot and then I printed on a photo and then I. Think it was two to side I. Wish. I, would've brought it in because anyways what what I did was I. I did A, it was a front back picture and I did a screen shot of the front and back, and then I in fact printed on a four by six photos in glued them together and then caught around it and actually filled the end. So like actually looks like somebody. Put My wall taped his. Little Beatles, some mementos or whatever. So I got it. I got a reproduction. I'll stuck a feather in your cap. So anyways. That's Kinda why I. Wanted to name the episode that just because I wanted to make sure I told that story because like where else do you get to talk about off a yellow feathers? So that came in the paper which one of the papers right news news. Okay. All right. Because we had the news, we have the time in in the free print through all three. Yeah. So The Times has kinda gone away, but back in the day, The Times was quite the the flair and quite the cheerleader of what was going on. Yeah. In the tiger world. Yeah. Well, the news in the free, the news and free. Press. With cover the stories, they would cover the events whereas the times where like actually actively. Into the events that they would have the only exclusive in town You know if you're good journalism. They the morning. William Randolph hearst owned the Detroit Tigers Balls, a syndicate of newspapers across the country was fabulously wealthy, and so he so really he I believe he didn't say this or anything. But in my opinion because the the the ramp of sports coverage especially in Detroit in, lend me to think that like he looked at this opportunity, maybe drive these other newspapers out of business, and so you can say that the amount of coverage of sports in the. Detroit. Times at that at that time was just incredible staggering. It was great marketing. Yeah Great Journalism. Amazing Marketing. But Hey you know it's Those times others were sure sourced. Wanted to start the show actually, really right in the proper. Mindset I wanted to get in the show to I wanted to sort of paint a picture. If we're talking about the fans, I think it's I think it's essential to to sort of paint a picture that the the time that they lived in because nineteen thirty to nineteen, thirty, three, ninety, four, ninety, five, this is this is the great, this Great Depression and the dust bowl, the picture of that the the the the that migrant woman you know in Oklahoma someplace that just that that. Kid looks like the yeah. That's when you think in the nineteen thirties when someone says the depression nineteen thirty, that's the image that POPs in my head that woman with kids that black and white picture that dustbowl picture. But I WANNA paint. Another picture seemed like the mood of America. Well, I. Mean I mean, Yeah. Absolutely. There's those are the iconic images today associated with depression. There's no doubt about that. But that's like an opportunity to really maybe paint a few other colors into this. You know what I mean to show a little bit of a little bit more some of the cool things that were happening at that time to get a frame of Reference Times so on. So I just I basically I have a huge time line in the in the second book that talks about this stuff. So, anyways. I just going to ramble redone Elizabeth I'M GONNA focus on thirty four. Okay. So on I three stooges, short comes out in one thousand, thirty, three stooges yup and then. You have Bonnie and Clyde or killed John. DILLINGER's shot shot to death. Alcatraz island's. Founded or they've committed Alcatraz Island, final season Babe. Ruth. With the Yankees final season. Red Grange nineteen, thirty, four. Okay Shirley. Temple debuts. You have the in nineteen, thirty, five, you have monopoly is born. You have the birth, you have radar. Canned beer is the introduce for the first time. The first hot meals on airplanes. So you seem like there's a few other like there's some some some pretty big deal, nineteen, thirty, four can't beer your third inning. I can't be on the field. That kind of leads me like leads into really the main. One of the one of the biggest things really that one of the biggest things was was The repeal of prohibition right was so so. So the day. So April April seventh nineteen, thirty three. The sale of three point, two percent beers legalized by Congress. The very next day. clydesdale horses deliver a keg of Budweiser to the White House. Legalize Budweiser. First thing I do FDR just got elected president few months before and they drop off a keg of beer the. Clydesdale horses, and then may tenth of beer that three three point, two percent beers legalized in in Michigan and so and so this December fifth nineteen? Thirty three is prohibitions completely repealed. So we can drink liquor then to and and then so New Year's eve of nineteen, thirty four. This is sort of the summary of everything new. Year's Eve nineteen thirty four was the first to involve the legal consumption of alcohol since nineteen twenty and so things. To try to frame where we're at right now entering this nineteen, thirty, four season. So we've already talked about the rival Mickey Cochran ended nineteen, thirty three. The Tigers are head in the nineteen, thirty four, and there's a little bit of excitement common. You know and all of a sudden. You know because they had this this. They've just signed like this hall of fame all. World Catcher, and then all of a sudden now beers and beer and liquor liquor legalized, they're selling they. Again. The, very first year. Liquors legalized all of a sudden you. The tires are players invasion. Also, they you know they got to really go at it. Liquor. For this season. Tom. Like a great way to kick off could probably play those probably in public domain. Eighty years. Yeah. Yeah. Absolutely. The Pu-. So. That's so yeah. So that ADDS to the Party your city. There you go. That's what I'm saying ads absolutely I. Mean, it can undoubtedly adds to the party Detroit was always Detroit was always sort of on because we're so close to Canada. As as the as the river would freeze, they would just. Drive drive it over. First World. Land speed record. Henry Ford on the Detroit. River. Is it really sixty five miles an hour or something? Yeah. Henry Ford set the first land speed record really on the Detroit River while was frozen really Yeah. He had a driver who and then the driver was scared like up, I'll do it all. and. Then from there, they went to Florida on. Some kind of a water record because he's not going fast on water I. Mean, it's frozen. He's. So yeah, they would bring it over so. We weren't really as dries, we probably should. Notice I said the word legal consulting legal. Yes. Yes. So like I say that's sort of pre sets. The stage I mean is. This is sort of sets, the stage for the season, and so anyways, sort of sets the stage for one of the quotes I was hoping to get to and yeah what? It really is. So that saw the quote that I'm going to. Break out the page and have it raining. So, it comes from the second book on Mri page to eighty five. And because I did a whole section in the fans. In the second book okay and saw. They all you talk about, you know today all the twelfth man and you know it's, it's it matters. That's the interesting thing we're we're recording here in in in August of twenty, twenty in sports are kicking back in with no crowds and you got pay cut out crowds. I listened I was listening into a couple of baseball broadcast and they were feeding in. Crowd noises and stuff. Like reminds me some Andy Kaufman said like. I thought you remind me Andy Kaufman sketch and it'd be like maybe a little bit. With Jim. Carrey the movie man, the man and the. where he was talking about like you know like the laugh track like he hated the laugh track, there's dead people's voices laughing on this like he was released. Yeah. So I was like. Kind of. A similar. Thing to me, I'm like. You never. I mean the crowd and I understand you have to have a little bit of background like ambient noise for a home run or something to give it a little bit of background. Sound. But like to make a cheer like there's cheering home run, I just is it just weird? Yes. I've watched a little bit of baseball. It is it disingenuous? It's it. It's no longer. It's gave the when you take a photograph because today with the computer manipulation. Deep, their deep fake and baseball is what they're doing. It's A. It's a deep fake. Just. Horrendous, CA. You can you can? You can buy a couple of stadiums are doing it where you can pay to be cut out? Well, that's what they really what they should be doing. By your cut out and put it in someplace. Mean make a couple of bucks of it. I. Guess You know behalf sort of a point to it. I mean, it's just it's just it's just odd. Fans right now, I know that. But neither to is that why not let some fans in? I mean these baseball parks seat. You know what does COSC- almost forty thousand. Not, even get fifteen, thousand a game anyway. What are they? Bring them in have sit three or four seats apart from each. Group has to be of maintain a six foot social distance. I mean come on man to fill us the park. I don't I just don't I just I. Yeah. But it's it's a deep fake of reality. I, mean, we're living deep fake of reality, but this was the real deal back at thirty four. The fans were just excited. And you you said, you had a quote there want to kick things off with that. Yeah. So I just like this this, this comes sort of at the tail end of of nineteen, thirty four. There's a ton of quotes in here. Really is actually tough to choose from but I love these kind of quotes because it. You know it takes you back in time. You know these this guy was actually they're looking at this stuff and So anyway so that so the quote day is the quo Islam from September, Seventeenth Nineteen, thirty four and at that moment the Tigers The tigers were. The Tigers. They end up. Spoiler Alert The Tigers won the game in the by at the at the conclusion of the game. They were six and a half games up on the Yankees. You know basically heading towards their their nine hundred four. and. So Rosaria So anyways. Yeah. So they would clinch the pennant one week later. In. So this was like you know headed towards the last sort of peninsula. Big into playing against the Yankees of course too. So you know the Yankees could potentially get back in a game Damn Yankees. Yeah. So general crowder would end up beating a lefty Gomez three to nothing in this game, and so like I say spoiler alert because of the you know the game results are not Nestle as important as. The the actual. you know the the scene by. What's happening at the game which I think that's what is the purpose of this quotas. So written by Bob, Murphy, one of my favorite writers over the course of all these books Bob. Murphy. was just an absolute caught up man and he was so funny. Just absolutely. A great writer from the Detroit. TIMES, I was able to one of the things about all these books I was so happy about because I did a section on the on the media in one, thousand, nine, thirty, five, who like who are the sports media national and local and one of the one I was so happy. I found a picture of Bob Murphy Oh. Nice. That's right. Incredibly rare photo Bob Murphy because it's one of those like when I found this photo, I was like Oh, my God, it's really grainy at the spent so much time trying to restore it. But I was so happy to find this picture Bob Murphy. So anyways because I had so much respect for him. He doesn't nobody knows we is nowadays, but he was just such a major city of champions writer. Okay. So anyways, this comes from him and so again, September seventeenth nineteen, thirty, four. So. So the title, the article called wild eyed mob. Cheers, Tigers victory. So all thoroughfares, street arteries leading to Nathan field scene of today's Tiger Yankee. Battle were choked with traffic hours before the scheduled start of the game streams of shoving pushing humanity were crowding the gates at one o'clock and hundreds of persons mill built about outside ticket windows disappointed because yes, are all sign was out? There was a zip in a Twang to the breeze that swept through the big stadium making making top coats. Comfortable. It was probably the best natured crowd of the year that storm the turnstiles there was shouting in horizon from every corner beer vendors despite the chilly breeze were being given a nice workout centerfield bleachers were practically filled at one thirty and hundreds were hundreds were ganging into the unreserved. Grandstand seats from all entrances. The Tigers appeared on the field shortly after one thirty, Oh clock and we're given noisy. Welcome. Flea. Clifton, who scored the winning run in Sunday's game with Washington. went out to the PITCHER's box of serve up offerings for batting practice. The big crowd. Let out AURORAS. Some lad in the right field bleachers made a headlong die for schoolboy rowe hit over the screen. He fell down three rows of seats, but came up smiling with the ball, the Yankees, the Yankees filed out at one, forty five and received a resounding chorus of cheers. Just to make them feel a home one group organized to give the. Bronx. Cheer the once Mighty George Herman Ruth was one of the last two to totter from the. The dugout to the field. The great crowd arose in Rhode Innovation that must have done the soul of the aging and ailing Bambino. Good. The right field bleachers were overflowing before two o'clock. Few unreserved seats were vacant the Newsreel. Cameron back and ruth from the Dugout, and he passed poem. Sorry posed with Schoolboy Rowe for five or six minutes when it was all over the great man from Gotham, affectionally padded the schoolboy on the shoulder. So. The next little header fight for balls by two fifteen, Clark, the crowds were were lying behind a wire in center field. Then the fun started as the Yankees took their batting practice men, women and children, dove push shove, and fought for all balls hitting the direction. It was one stampede after another with the crowd applauding and cheering the spectators made no bones about taking the balls away from the helpless fielder A. A, goodly some of dull went overboard and the item of loss balls. The centerfield. Overflow crowd was fast reaching near riot proportions in outfielder, took his life in his hands. If he attempted to catch one of the balls, hit in the batting practice, boys will be boys you know, and that goes for girls to the four Pires assigned to handle the game were George Moriarty, Bill. McCowan, Bill, Bill Dineen, and red, ormsby. They scratch their their noggins and look puzzled as they watched the actions of the ramping crowd packed to the rafters as a header for the next sill thing here, a group of uniform music makers came into the second deck shortly past two thirty and started blaring away. This caught the fancy of the big crowd more than ever. They swayed and cheered, and we're making much. Hey, hey, as the Tigers robbed out from the infield practice order was restored in, Centerfield? Centerfield precincts when some twenty or thirty policemen lion themselves in front of the crowd, the crowd like this to the crowd today likes anything it can take. It's fun where it finds it Mr. Evans? Big Concrete House was literally packed to the rafters. Even the box seats were three fourths filled twenty minutes before game time the Tigers snap through there and feel workout as the milling humanity continued to pour through the gates into the field before five and six. I'm sorry before five and six thousand were lying around the field and perched on the fence and Centerfield. The press box was jam was scribes from most of the countries leading newspapers. All seemed eager to concede the Tigers as good as in L. Google, Gomez is lefty Gomez, the gangs Great Pitcher Paul's with Schoolboy Rowe crowder then came out and started warming up for the Tigers Gomez unlimited his left wing for the Yankees mounted policeman road into center field to render soccer. Soccer. And aid to their to their fellow blue colts who were attempting to hold back the overflow crowd. The umpires assembled at home plate with manager. Joe McCarthy of the Yankees and Mickey. Cochran on the tigers grounds. Rules were discussed cost and whatnot. The crowd by this time was restless right for the colorful battle to begin the jabbering changed into a rumble sound, and then into a deafening roar is the Tigers rushed to their position. The game was on oh nice. Just. The vintage language, jazz shoe there. The gentlemen from Gotham. What did he come to the gentleman because the book? I love that. The giant from. Gotha. It was the scribes he to eighty five. And then The scribes called the reporter, the scribes from. Just, the almost poetry. Newspapers were the primary vehicle installation at. Like, the writers were like elite. Elite of the elite to be a newspaper writer back. So they call me they call. From God. Yes. Sir. I. Just love that I'm I'm getting all Batman with Babe with the alrea Gotham was was that the point? Yeah. Yeah. Create man from Goth. Sit A. You've got you know ruth comes out tips as cabinet was the last year for Babe. That's why I mentioned in that. So. Big In that beginning, but the last reuss last year. And he? was. He playing a lot that year he played significant. And he was always good. Even his last couple of even last year, even even file year. He finished the finished in Boston, the Red Sox. But the National League team was the braves back at that point but Yeah. But you know he was he had a good year nineteen, thirty two was just just like Kimmy and he's been playing for years. I mean he'd be go back to the. You know the end of you know, let me tie COBB. He goes back to tie COBB. Era. In the same like Takab was younger than him. But yeah. Be He'd been you know even playing for forever. So is really last Hurrah. So when babe comes out tips his cap I mean it doesn't matter where he's Tiger nation loves them some of the biggest moon shots ever seen. All Tiger. Stadium. Field. Yeah. So the navy field. So, that was Michigan and Trumbull they will. They weren't called that tiger sad time. So naven field that was the same spot became Briggs Stadium and then Tiger Stadium. So it was the same spot and a lots of the look of the stadium Didn't change a whole ton. I. Mean they added to it, but the core of it was. Replicated on yeah. into improved and but the look of it stayed stayed the same on the same footprint added the extended onto it. Yeah. Yeah. into me. To me like the way like the evolution naven field to Briggs Stadium, and then Tiger, stadium that to me because I'm I've got this whole another you know versus this baseball project when I'm I'm starting I hesitate to go too far into. Totally, off track. But the idea that one of the things that I question is, is this current in your current baseball current the way the world works today for Pro Baseball is it's it's like become this necessary thing for a city to have A. Old like half a billion, whatever it is ridiculous. Ballpark. This incredibly expensive ballpark. Even, even to get an independent baseball team or even a minor league team, the first question anybody ever ask where you're going to get the money to build a one hundred, million dollar stadium right now, I. Just want to start a team. I want to start a professional team. They're like, yeah. Well, you need one, hundred, Million Dollar Stadium. You know like, what are you talking about as back? Then that was the evolution of Nathan field you know to you know to. Debris to take your same as you point out there, you know it was it was the same footprint that just added on added onto it over the years, and they built it according to the needs of the fans like what was coming out and I just think that you'll in this modern in the current world. It's like you gotTa Start Massive and Matt. You, know you got the biggest ballpark with thirty thousand seats or whatever, and it's to me, that seems kinda crazy 'cause it's like You don't even know really some especially these minor league teams. You don't even know like how many fans you're gonna be able to see like aren't shop to your game like why not build a smaller park a nice park, and then evolve at the you know reinvest the profits evolve at gradually to the so anyways, yeah, it's and I think the answer is really to that question is you know if there is a question about why do is just because you know it's almost like they sell the ballpark now more than the product and the feeling again, we can start drifting off and it was not that's. Evolved the audit. Yeah. I. I find that. The Navy, as we mentioned earlier episode, the name is that his entire you know he. He unlike a lot of these other owners, his his. Income was dependent on the Tigers. So whereas lot, he's other owners were wealthy industrialists that just did baseball for fun like He. You know his ability to turn a profit on the Tigers reinvest the money into the ballpark and such like this was like that's what he did. That was his primary thing. It wasn't like a wealthy magnate for the chewing gum fortune that. That came into this. So sesame and so he reinvested profits wisely evolved the stadium over the years and the thirty five, season thirty, four, thirty, five, season all the revenue they brought in from the season from the world series is what allowed them to expand it into what became Briggs stadium that will go the next evolution of it reinvested the money wisely so There was, where was I going? I had something I was going to say I distract the the the imagery in that that article that you read. About the police coming onto the field with their horses. mournfully. Had Twenty or thirty cows, and there was already a near riot. They added like we need reinforcements they were. Standing Room only on the field. So people were on the field roped off. Yeah. Drag a rope and I say, don't cross his. Imagine today people following rules. The way they follow. Baseball today. Again, we're drifting a little bit in my. You know, I'm just GONNA stop apologizing for now. It's GonNa, Happen No, but baseball today is to sanitize it. Sanitize everything never signed the crawling thing I'm not trying to save this of course. I'm talking about every other like the that real that You know like this is like a rope dial feel like, Oh, God. They're roped off the field. They have fans cool. Name in like the last two years, it's more and more and more netting. Around and it's it's all. It's all because of you know because I, mean they hit harder than ever and the balls are moving faster. Are They not I? Don't know the ball hits off a bad. I mean, maybe A. Of a ninety I guess throw a few miles an hour fastball again, it's. It's. It's because people. I mean, a lot of it's because people on their cellphones not paying attention. In the ball gets hit, ricocheted off a bad hits them in the face. One of the reasons why get off your phone again, I'm not trying to. Make, anybody. Having to be politically correct and go. Oh. Defend position. But I'm just saying like baseball's existed for a hundred years. Right? Netting behind home plate for his been there. But the home put the netting. You know what's changed. In, the last ten fifteen years at necessitates putting netting all along the entire field to protect every fan in state. Attorneys there. Yeah. But there's been attorneys. TV, attorneys. Yeah. I mean it's just seeing all cell phone, but it's an example what I'm talking. Yeah. Whatever the reason. They should take it down, but I'm saying that's another example. Another example we can sit here. If we want to spend all show talking about it, that's you'll. This is that's what I'm talking about those and. Sanitizing. Game. With the nets going up around the sides now you never imagined people just on the field with a rope saying don't step across. It's. Such a different world, I've actually got photos photos in the second book that shows a policemen on horseback on the view, the fan. Fantastic quota. All proud like you know like a total. You know like a real bleeding. All the guys know looks like a nineteen thirties policemen man, he's rugged. Horse back. Horses looking tough too. So yeah. I I can imagine that that there was a handful of games from when they clinched it to to the world series. That was just those games were all just tiger main. Oh Yeah. You know what else has? Four So it really the next component I wanted to talk about was With in relations to the fans is is not just like what it was like to be there whatever. But SOM-. The impact of this season like sort of on the fans of Michigan in Detroit, and because the impacts of the season, there are profound. There are so many different illnesses are important. This is a rare rare opportunity to talk about something. That's like sort of just gets overlooked. Discussed, which is the is this season is what made Michigan a Tiger nation right? Before nineteen, thirty, four, nineteen, thirty, five, The tigers were a Detroit team, right. If did the people that one wash, the Tigers were detroiters and that's not to again, it's not to say that there wasn't fans from all over the everyone will come in from other areas of the state to wash the Tigers. I'm sure there were. But to bring the entire state in the entire state, basically like a universal tiger nation, that is what happened. That's why this. This season was so key and one of the main triggers of that having happened was arm w XYZ radio station. Okay. So nineteen, thirty, four, this is. So this is the Michigan Radio. Now, this is the This is the a one, thousand, nine, hundred, eighty, four, bringing in Harry Heilmann Okay Harry. There's two major names like in the world of early Tiger Broadcasting Tie tie. You can't even mention Harry Heilmann Lot beginning beginning sort of the story with ty Tyson, who is who was the WJ WW J radio announcer, basically the local, DETROIT? Broadcaster the announcer and he'd been he'd been with the Tigers and really doing detroitsports elements since since one, thousand, nine, hundred, ninety, three, and so he's like one of the things that he broadcast the first University of Michigan, you'll Vam football games and when he wanted to broadcast one of those U of M Games the the. U., of M. Coach coach Jan was his famous famous guy. The He anyways, he um I'm probably going to get a comment saying, what's your comment below? What's what's the Michigan Coach at that moment? anyways. Nine, hundred, twenty, three. So anyways. He he he wanted to broadcast a University of Michigan game in the net coach was like now because it's going to make people wanNA, buy less tickets to come to the Games because they can get it for free over the radio. Year one, thousand, nine, hundred, twenty, three. Yeah. So I believe it was twenty three when he actually happens. But but anyways, so he so they still let them do they let them. So they let tie Tyson broadcasts at University of Michigan game in then and then like the next week, it was like a sellout crowd they'd had not like don't not sure what their attendance was, but there was a noticeable. Difference when them broad the when they broadcast the game on the radio on, they've made people want to come to games, and so that was like you know you're talking about the infancy of broadcasting over the airwaves, and so that's why they're like, oh, my God like it actually had the opposite effect, it made more people come to the Games. On joost feeling. Thank you. Thank you. It was his twenty third. He was a superhero. That's what I'm saying like I'm almost embarrassed forgetting that name I mean my God but. anyways. So anyway. So that was so that you know there's leads this. This idea that radio actually has an impact on bringing attendance in this, and the idea is, is that what you're doing is you're engaging the fans in the story of your products. Right? You're changing the fans in the story of this team is so the especially when they're hearing on the radio to like. Like ALMAC and hear the crowd going wild I wish I could see this person. It makes them want to come to the game more is a similar effect was on was on Frank. Navy for the Tigers. When the Navy, the same Guy Tyson's like talking to him about let's broadcast the tiger. Games to and Naven. Initially, they're like, well, you're, GONNA, lose money on attendance, and they were saying the same thing like, no, he builds a fan base really does in naven actually. Letting him broadcast even in the thirties they were. You know people were telling him frank. You'RE GONNA lose tennis. He was like he didn't even really care about the fact that it was gonna add attendance. That's not even why did he did? He let them broadcast because like I mean literally like he was like, well, the are fans can't afford to come to the Games anyways like it's better. When they can afford to come and pay money they will you know, but we want to keep them engaged with what we're doing. So you know frank kind of knew that already frank was frank was a highly intelligent baseball owner. That's what I'm saying like. Of, all the all the Pantheon of legends in Detroit Sports History, Frank Navy, and it just seems like he like all a lot of times whenever whenever he's mentioned in any book, it's always he was this kind of Nerdy bookish owner who lake was never gave ty Cobb, the amount of money. He deserved that that's always kinda how he's up the pictures. But. He was a highly intelligent owner, one most well respected one of the most well respected like owners in the entire game of baseball, he was huge Zilz, the tiger. So vintage troy selling us the jump from thirty three to thirty four. There was three hundred and twenty thousand attendants around in thirty, three, an and thirty four. Thousand Nine hundred, twenty, thousand, and then. Travel million tripled thirty, five is over yeah. So, anyways. So the so the radio is like you say, the two big names Tyson was already an established presence in Detroit. He broadcast over W W J over over the to the city to the city's fans. But then it was a w XYZ comes on the scene and they set up a misdemeanor radio network in that come in the in the T and Harry Heilmann, who was a hall of fame Detroit Tiger outfielder. Titles that he wants a tremendous hitter. Already a fans already loved him. Harry hyland becomes the the main broadcast through the main play by play man for in really the the one man show for the W for W. XYZ is. So that is the voice that the rest of Michigan here like so Detroit here's Tyson, and then Harry Heilmann is heard across the state beginning in nineteen, thirty, four. Okay, and so let's say it's like So that's what. So Harry Heilmann it's like the origin. Of of of of Michigan of Detroit Tiger fans that are from around Michigan like Harry, Heilmann. was there guy. He lives there till nineteen fifty. So I mean, this is like their guy, you know in Phnom like for me grow up at the Tiger Fan George Cal was my gosh, sure. Yeah. Was the was the announcer? for for George was the voice of the Tigers from me. I used to watch it on TV all the time on out in Kalamazoo when I when I was living in Kalamazoo. So the Old George Cal, was a lot of times. People say Ernie Harwell I didn't listen to him as much in the radio I was always watching the TV. So George cow was my guy that the per voice for me, but for my George Cal that that's what Harry high on the was to people from nine, hundred, thirty, four to nineteen fifty, and that was the one, thousand, nine, hundred, forty, take like this. Is it a coincidence that you know one thousand? Say Nine hundred thirteen thousand fans in thirty, four, thirty, five, there's a million. If you keep going down the list of attendance for the Tigers from nineteen thirty, five on, take a look at the attendance from that. It's a million fans every single year from that point all the way till now, you've never seen as hundred, thousand, and three, hundred, six, million, thirty, seven, never. The average, a million fans every every year year after that. Maybe World War. Dipped a little bit but they still had good fans of World War Two. Yeah. But I'm like the rest of time it was just through a million, a million, a million like. Is it a coincidence? Is it just the biggest coincidence in the world forty six, go from three, hundred, thousand, like you mentioned in thirty three, and then look at the years before that. It was like three, hundred, thousand, three. Hundred Yeah lately. Seven hundred dollars. Yeah. Every single year after thirty, four and thirty five. It's a million, a million, a million clockwork going all the way up to like three or four, million, three, million that we get today. That's. Our is it a coincidence that this season, you know this imagine you're somebody that's lives in. You know anywhere lauding ten or Kalamazoo any like this. In your first tiger experience, you're listening baseball's already the biggest sport in the country in your first baseball experience listening on the radio. Is the one, thousand, nine, hundred, thirty, four, and thirty, five tiger seasons. How much of a fan would you be? Your your hoped for life. You're an entire generation of fans grew up their very first experience of listening to the Tigers? Was the the nineteen, thirty, four, thirty, five seasons. The city Jim is worth mentioning to real quick while we're talking about is WWE J. in one, thousand, nine, thirty, four, when the when the lions came to town, they broadcast they connected on on a nationwide syndicate radio channel and they broadcast the first Thanksgiving game against the Chicago bears, first, thanksgiving, nineteen, thirty, four on this radio. Our you see what I'm saying not. So now you're getting connected all the fans Michigan hooking up with the Lions to yeah. So that's what I mean like you see. Again. You know you see this impact like the radio is a big deal in thirty, four and thirty five in say, it's not just a coincidence that you'll one year. They're like again, that looks. Like Donald Three, hundred, thousand fans, four, hundred thousand fans wherever in thirty, four and thirty, five, a million, a million, a million, every single year thereafter. All and that's what I'm saying. So this is so this, this is the the. So, this is the impact that that radio had in. This is that the fans is not just Detroit fans now, it's fans from across Michigan. To Tigers, they're hearing about on the radio there following the story in the radio, and it becomes like the Tigers become like Mecca. Like their thing did, oh, my God I'm going to Detroit for this and we're going to watch the tiger game you know, and that's how I was when I was in Kalamazoo. Whatever when when there was the tiger game, you'll go into tiger game was a huge deal. I remember. Yeah. We travel across the state back then. Can Bush says the second time of clothing like back when the Tigers are terrible is easy to find seats and we'd get like a little caesars. Crazy bread was like buy one, get one free, and we'd make the track from Kalamazoo and get You know it would be a we'd get. It was. The tickets were two dollars. and. Then we're going to buy one, get one, dollar each from. Kalamazoo, to get a tiger ticket. But. It was like it was great. You know. But but it was like our Mecca like it was that big of a deal and say, that's how it became. I grew up in the city and I remember it the field trips in grade school going to a tiger game getting on the bus and going down to a tiger game. I would love to have some sad. Be Able to go that close growing up a tiger fan man. Man It was. Like I used to watch it on TV every day and collect the baseball cards. It was like the rare time we'd get out to Detroit to watch a game was huge. It was a big deal, and so I've experienced that side of it from being like from Michigan, right? You're listening or watching every day George. That you know Travis frame and Cecil or some of these legends that a lot of people don't remember these days, but just just perfect storm here and thirty-four is built. This and this is the first year that everybody's exposed to it. So I do have a quote that Wanna read. This this is. This is actually a you know I'm not the only person that's written about the city of champions was the first I was a i. these books are the first ones that come out talk about the city of champions, right? That's fact nor books out there mentioned city champions or or champions day, especially, that discovery is mine and so like seriously I'm the only the first one to mention champions day you know that. That there was the let's just make that clear to quit sure but but there's been others that have written since that I came out in a good one There's a book called. Detroit. The unconquerable. It's it's of a book done by there's Sabre. With Sabre, Saber is a You know they miss well known as the analytics group but you know they're, but they're you know they do I've got my own critiques about the the the, the the the analytics behind it, but but their history is joe is generally very well done, and so on. This particular, there's a book on that was like spacey like a Saber Project called Detroit, the unconquerable in there's a, there's a writer in the book to His name is Matt Bone of hope, I'm pronouncing last name is spelled. Spelled B. O. H. N. in the article. It's this online article in the articles titled Good Afternoon. Boys and girls the nineteen thirty, five tigers on the radio. That's the my little introduction to the to this to this article is you can find it online. But this great little quote that talks about how big I really think it's like this is not in my books and. I just think that they'd he did a fantastic job of finding a quote from some at this moment that shows just how how big of a deal on the Tigers were. How just like how cool it was. So anyways So this the quote that he uses comes from a guy from the new London Connecticut Day named John Deere. Who in September, nineteen, thirty four, which is approximately one. The the quote earlier that I read came out So anyways. So, this is the This is the quote. So on a typical day, it was possible to walk the streets of Detroit and never miss a word of the play by play emanating from radio's in shops and homes. So. So this is John Game. So this kind of introduced gains new London, Connecticut Day wrote about his experience driving through Detroit in September nineteen thirty four. So he's just driving through Detroit and he's telling you what it was like. Okay. In the again, he introduced he introduced by saying I typically was possible to walk through the streets, Detroit and never miss a word of the play by play. So you so you don't even have to. Go on, you can hear it. So this is his actual words even before I reached Dearborn, the radio broadcasts of pre-game activity had begun from there at every gas station and wayside shop a continuous radio broadcasts. The game could be heard from an automobile traveling along the road at a normal cruising speed. As soon as the car passed beyond hearing distance one radio set, another loudspeaker could be heard just ahead. It went that way almost without interruption from Dearborn through Detroit even the customs officials at the tunnel, which takes you from Michigan into. Canada. Canada had a radio set turned onto the game. The following summer as the Tigers neared their second straight pennant. The Associated Press reported that throughout Michigan Radios Blare out accounts of the game from almost every storefront merchandise is only barely visible through shop windows covered by the score by innings. Fans gather at the radio spots every afternoon whether the tiger at home or not in cities throughout the state excitement is that he is at fever. Heat accounts of the Games are announced through amplifying systems across which in several cities have reached three thousand. Like. Did you like? Did you get the picture like this is I mean you can go on your anywhere. Yeah. So you can go anywhere. You know in like the fact, you could walk through a street. And here the and he says, you could continuously here that you're not gonNA single play by play they talk about that. For me growing up. It was CK Kale. W. the big eight. In, Detroit. And the big eight. What does it I'm sorry. Jamie seat. Kale W. Is Music. The music is a Canadian. Music session I, it was the be am eight hundred. CK W. And it changed music. It changed it changed everything. And you hear people telling stories of the same thing about you didn't have to have a radio to listen to. Because it would be streaming out a window zoo becoming out of cars is everybody would listen to seek elda. Responsible for everything good or bad I mean the people that that were programming Gill W. A. went onto to create MTV. Program, the early years of MTV. All right I mean. Yeah. Gone everywhere, the signal was just so massive and it just bounced everywhere i. mean it covered the Midwest entirely and a ton more. Yeah. I it just impactful, and so just as you were talking about that I, remember that article is a good job talk talking by the different radio station where they were set up the different broadcast. Yes. So it's really worth. You know catch the article. It's really the entire articles really well done. So the city got really fired up and there and people were like, Hey, we should probably bring another team in here in it on. There you go. Yeah. That's what I mean. Yeah. So that Brings you know with the city in this crazy excitement of the NFL season opportunity. There's this fantastic team in Portsmouth, Ohio is, are we leading up to the thirty four line? I think? So I think we're going to think let's Show, we can do between but we can. All right, we'll. We'll get to the lions alliance common. And it's tough to. PA. We. We have a list of like one hundred episodes at least. Yeah. I mean, there's so many potential We just we just added to more potential episodes the other day. Let's talk about some, but the the lines are coming. That was exciting. We will talk about the lineup. Set it up, and just in case the teed up I. mean the idea is that this is the environment that I mean. We can t up the movie like there's a baseball movie that was filmed in this moment. ME, too so I wanna, I wanNA. Do a screening of that movie I would like I would love to once we get rolling here. People know about this? I Want WanNa, share that with no. With his Addison. Watching this hour listening to it. There's this. What's so incredible. This might as well, I mean in one, thousand, nine, thirty, four, MLB, they wanted to do a movie to show what baseball was. They could broadcast across the country spread the concept of baseball to maybe the at the corners of the country that hadn't you know hadn't experienced a and they used Detroit backdrop to fill the first MLB movie with sound. It's. Like. We found it. When I was doing all years, I got the art of the original articles that talk about the making the movie George. One of the jets total legend was the guy that directed and filmed it use a former player for the tires he was I mentioned in the in the quote, we just did now George. Already, it was an umpire in thirty four and thirty five, and so it's just an incredible one of my favorite baseball. We think it's literally I know. Know, it's I'm partial to it because it's like I found this moving on now, but I'm telling you when we filmed this. When we screen this movie I, dare anyone I, dare you want to tell me that it's not one of the best bass me they've ever seen I'm going to bring will bring us some players I'm GonNa drag in some players. Film this like everybody's like WanNa talk to you. We'll talk about the best basement and the natural and. You'll major league all this. There's a bunch of good movies out there whatever bad news bears of course But like I say that the only reason nobody knows about how great this is because nobody's ever seen, it's almost unknown, and so it was filmed in Detroit MLB is. The you know, the the Fisher Body Company. Sponsored. The movie like. We say movie you know this is this is a thirty two minute version. A fifty minutes I wasn't able to find but it's yeah, I can't I would love to screen this. I would love I can't wait to talk about in more depth. It's time Mendes Film. There's things that people could learn today in broadcasting and filming just from watching this movie. I'm excited there's so much more to talk about. So I and this and that we can t up. Right. There's so many things you'll get to. Detroit city champions, the website. In Detroit champion Zach I thought you were going to US ed. Dot Com. Like I was Jamie and you've got gotta left me going through a dot com. Heated, up. Back. So the website Detroit city champions, dot. com. Charles, I'm having a blast. Yeah, man. I love this. I look forward to it every week. There's say there's there's so many episodes lined up like I. Am I'm actually really I'm grateful to you. Matt back. Here is the only God an oil man. Pushing. Making the magic back there. But. He's doing it. So it's like. Real. Okay I've told the story I estimate. I've told this story at art shows and in speeches and stuff like this. I've told over eighty thousand at least over eight thousand times. I've done the math over eighty thousand figure to have it right by now. A couple, of elements. Club. Every Watt, you actually brought up a good point, which is that usually what I'm talking about this story, it's an intro quick intro, a five minute conversation. It's quick selling a book is moving is the first time I've really got a chance to explore the different elements of it. When I say we're diving really excited about it and we are diving. Put the books go so much deeper still and we're still dispatching. Put My nose together. We're just we're just we're still dispassionate. So keep coming back and scratch and more stuff with us. I don't know that was weird but. Yeah, we'll get into a so like subscribe, leave a comment. We appreciate you spending time with us and listening about this story is the Detroit city champions podcast.

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