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#117 Is Being Trans Brave?


Hey what's up. This is your girl diamond styles and I am the master chef cooking you up something succulent. And it's you boys I here. We are serving hot. Talk and cool. I see his set the tone and make sure the mood is writing. Come on in and get comfortable. PULL UP A chair. Have the seat you can even take issues are way. Not If you're welcome walkup play the term for to be here no more around and round with the thought from the threat. Uh Aw man around the the PLO join. The conversation has tagged marshals played. I'll instagram facebook and twitter Eh. Want to hear what you guys have to say. You could also help us bill community by becoming a patron on a Patriot dot com slash. Mars played by contributing to this podcast. You Help uh-huh uh-huh continue our power for work to change culture one episode at a time. So let's get started. Hey Hey what's up. y'All feeling great. Good I'm going to Dallas in the morning for for the creating change conference. I'm not super excited but I'm calm now now. I'm going to meet some New People that I've never met and now were that's type Athen's but we'll see when I get there. Yes well that's been going in the world what's been going on in the world you're going on so hopefully impeachment is still going on. Okay still taking place that it goes. Democrats is by the Senate is like Knob rescue though you you you try it but there's an awful meet all do Oh Meghan markle you know has shoot Booker Palley. uh-huh leaving right sir. Bye Bye back to Canada. We go and I'm taking my man. We how Matt I WANNA be motherfucking races and Patty. A Harry said Beverly I beyond I'm about to do my wife like Yadi. My mother fucking Mama. Fuck you motherfucker. I'm about to get up Outta here. The Guy in my ebony Princess So on so ebony what they'd be given though go dinner h sorely. She's you know she's very Rashida down. I I know I was looking at I was like wow she gotta be she black and white. Yeah I was like she gets her way jeans strong. Oh He's just a structure of her face and everything archie. Okay so the son it is the air to like some habits him he would be the new prince. I know the WHO's the new south. The Harry don't be no key in nobody lifetime. It's too many people before him. Oh no million people before I am to be king so he ain't going to be key brands so basically so basically what's happening is blown up. Because it's interracial relationship this is blown up because he's stepping down from the Royal Fanta their relationship period. Oh Oh yes yes of course so because this is somebody who's not why come yes. uh-huh monarchy think but there has been a non white person in the monarchy when it comes to Queen Charlotte. She was biracial. So that was years ago. You centuries ago so You know they used to re her about her African features and Blah Blah. So it's always been you know taboo and so they always had out of proportion because he's black and things up where What else do we have? Okay so if you know if the Queen passes oil well when she has the way who's going to be the king the way I really don't know the details of that but but I do know based on this story looking into this story about Meghan markle hair. I got multiple people before him. That would have the live for him to become king like about five or six people now. Yeah he's long down the list. So what is his brother. You know his brother's still alive. He's the oldest. What is the he would be vast before him? So I can't explain it because I looked into that shit but I I know based on what I've read that but I never know position to become the queen but that will be funny out the baby but what has been making me cackle. GEICO is like the video responses that the library talking to the news they are distraught. Just look so bad or the royal family. They are extra Megan. Got The motherfuckers in Campbell. Symbols Ah this is so funny I kinda popping up I was just looking at them videos corral. A they weren't just the ones that were really extra. It was so funny tried it. They tried it she he said maybe nothing to do. which which I did some moms now? I'm about to hitting many. I'm good. We really what we're GONNA go over here to do our Thang Hang. Making addition Disney book over contract. Baby all right the another black Disney princess. Bye Bye see you on the other side of the pond. Maybe the Dow Queen with the Q add Trans the Disney princess. We got some years ago. Why Oh how you try to make aerial the Trans Press says literally yes? You're really is for. The report was an Dan did no did now What else going on got tricked the ugliest for what lies with the how will get no? The finance is trails. I like the whole song I like. I love train apart. Netted US pilots. But you don't know now. How say how she places? I bid the grand theft five. Now that's GonNa say Miami the Yeah he was looking ugly. His pitcher online happened happened was he had gotten a little sculley. had a man piece on so have you learned thank the part where they drew it and everything and the places. Yeah people were saying. He has the demonstration brewer. He has lupus talked. About how long honey. We we we tell him to tighten up the black girl I. That's what he told the girl. The black girls tighten up because these Spanish holes white holes and go dude Oliver. Tighten up my Nigga tight-knit hairline. Yeah definitely tie net edge up death. He pleaded no man weeks on his beard. Investing wasn't honestly. Nothing's wrong with the man way. I think I'd do all right. I get your. LA's stop letting when people get their yard in but if he's going to be on there it should be peeling back. Lucas Sir. Now tighten up my nigger like you told her up tight. Knit the fuck up the irs and these manage Nick Dane. Ain't they here looking good so I think in hair transplant. Find tighten up was good for the goose is good for the Gander the countries where now oh my God. I want to thank all of our new patrons this week. Thank you thank you thank you so not only. Are you helping to sustain this particular pack. Has You know I also donate to other podcasts. Donate to other organizations. I have my finger on all the post of the community and I know a lot of grassroots organizations. That are doing great workout here. So you're not only helping to sustain us. You're helping to sustain other other people in our community because I put my money. Where my mouth is that? Just Kinda Bitch I am community is so thank thank you. I really really appreciate you and if you have not become a patriot. Why have you not you can donate as low as a dollar a month? It doesn't matter anything helps. Please don't have to play Sir McLaughlin and show you puppies. What do I have to do to resort? What people what do to get you to give him money all right anyway thank you and the Patriots and pay them back to the show? So the Y'all why go on Youtube right thirteen I'm a Youtuber I kind of fell the whack now but you know for a long time. I was and one of the girls who have I have been following for years. Her name is Nikki tutorials. Auriol's she her. Makeup channel is really really popular. She's just been Dora thanks. She's Dutch and are really just like I thought she was be. She does make up and she just wanted them popular youtubers that does make an so absurdly she had twelve me scrapper. Twelve million million twelve million subscribers thirteen million followers whatever. It is where now how somebody tried to blackmail her. That she is trance dance but his whole time people have not known apparently that she was trans. And somebody said what girl if we're GONNA use them coins we're going to. We're going to expose you if you don't do what we want you to do. We know you don't want this data come out and so today. She has actually did a video coming out as transgender. And saying I'm just GONNA take my power back and I'm just GonNa put it out there. I'm trans bottle of blotchy. The explained her whole story. She explained her grown up and getting her hormones when she was thirteen fourteen years old and then once she hit nineteen she got her gender reassignment surgery. And and you know she said since. I've been on Youtube job. SEAMY grow up into to what I am now and I just haven't talked about it. He just that's the part of my life that I would lose. Didn't really want to talk about. And then she brought up she's like I know that you're going to bring up Like my boyfriend. 'cause she had had her boyfriend on her instagram or videos and Blah Blah Blah Blah. So she was like He. We didn't know initially but I did end up telling them eventually and so she just start talking about stuff like then just be honest with people and then she goes into how supportive her parents are in just. Has this amazingly beautiful coming out video. It was super super super amazing. So I've asked that blown-up today I've seen it when we pug when you posted it on marshes marshes play and I looked at the coming video and it was really really touching it was it was interesting how she was trying to make it. Imperative to our viewers that you know just because I'm coming out his chance. I'm still the same person at the chain about me so you don't have to change your views about me so so do you agree with that Were were her like her commentary. As far as trying to win the audience over that statement not Doing it but that statement. Do you feel like once you come out as trans. You're not that you. I know you're the same person but there's a difference between a person be open about being trans and then being assumed to be as this person and then style yeah. Is it your me assuming that your person and you not yet. You're the same exact price of the year. You a trans person under compunction but I'll but you're not if I thought of you as a says. Hey same thing not that I. I'm saying that that give you license access to treat somebody different. But how I think if I'm watching your video how I think about you as a person how I think about you as a trans person as a transportation myself is going to be different. You're gonNA feel more connect. I'm looking at Jackie. Check this this girl right and so well. There's a difference between me watching her and me watching gee-gee gorgeous different and black it's just like you're A different connection just a different connection right. I think that's different. Yeah I think so too I think it would either. I think it would change the way her. Our audience views her. Unfortunately but that's just the way early. Negatively depends on the view like of how that person views trans and like versus like. I think that's the main thing but I think that's what she was trying to get over to the audience. Like like you know okay. Yes I am a trans person but I don't want you to view me any differently as far as like. This isn't something that is a negative impact is is a positive Actually this has been about makeup and he doesn't really like literally what my gender identity is has really nothing they do with the power of makeup and the power of my skill is a makeup artist. Doc there's tons of James Charles and All kinds of charge genders gender. Make up right now so let me ask you this. How can I say this bathroom? That's why we let me save is okay. So is ally who don't have any issue where people being stealth. Okay have any issue. I understand that you do it because of safety. You do it because privileges. If you have the privilege list to be safe to be stale the perfect gift COM would be installed people not knowing in treating you like this person you get that sits privilege. Okay I can't say that I'm mad about it okay. It's not not mad so it's not and I'm not shading or anything but I do give a slight side at a flying. They are real slight side. I to somebody who does take up the mantle and then when you're threatened with exposure brow to be trains now I want to accept me. I am proud and trains. I feel I give. I'd give that aside. I like because I feel like you know. It'd be different if prior to her being blackmailed. Every chance she got she was sharing. LGBT in general or last year because you can still be an ally especially if you know your transfer real for real let me. How can I help the Trans community from behind the scenes and if I had this big ass platform late let me boost some trans narratives? Let me boost some you know some of the Trans Channels and not necessarily just transgender. But some do you see what I'm saying. Yeah you're not using using your platform to boost the Trans Narrative any. Ob Jamie stuff like that. So now that you're at risk of getting exposed exposed because it's not like she did this voluntarily this was forced You're forced list to come out and now I'm proud. I wanted to do it on my own but somebody like me but I don't know I would ever did it but I'm here. Yeah I'm here I'm proud and I'm trend lended baby and oh I love who I am and I'm proud to be transgender gender and I'm not ashamed of it and welcome me. Please overnight arms that gives me a side it goes back to Kind of Nikki argues thing Because you know she wasn't in a trance community until a win heart when our husband got murdered in the fight not martyred. I'm when her husband was killed in the He was a firefighter. He was killed in in duty. uh-huh in a house. And she was married to him and she was supposed to get spousal support and her in her in his his ex wife hired a private investigator investigate her and found out that she was trans. So the white the ex wife try he. She's he to the private investigator he told the ex wife in the ex wife said Oh. Well we're going to expose bowls her to we're going to expose the t to the court so she can't get her spousal support because in Texas X.'s. We'd all at the time. We don't recognize marriages unless you're born one person male female. We don't even if you don't got your six. Shane aimed that. We don't recognize unless you born this way born this way. So that's at the time that's how it was so at the time that's how it was. When now that they're bullying her and using her translates has to bully her? She comes out and you know I'm transgender and I need my community to support me. I need I'm saying like she's on the news. And but prior today is but prior to this exposure. You fucking with us and that goes post to back to the old standard of just getting up and packing and stuff and leave and having a new life how that highlights how much that doesn't work because because at the end of the day a lot of people if you become popular some people could use their over your head. Yeah that's something that I was talking into Somebody who post made a comment on The Post that you made our marshes played FACEBOOK page. Somebody's like you know. Oh Something to the extent of they understand why happen or something and I was like well. This has been happening to the girls for a long. The time specially in Trans Women who have gone stealth and they have gained some type of platform. There's always some some. Some can't take person Dan. I may try to Africa. Yup Do think this this interest but not just somebody popular like my own particular story most of the time when I got fire for being transferred because somebody exposed it When we talk I want them on our very very first episode of this March play period? My very first episode episode number one is called Daddy's lesson and in died in that story. There was a trans woman who transitioned in my life when I was younger. And and she said I D- transitioned back to being a man. Because every time I would find a job she was different now she was like this is back in the seventies indies. When she was trans she was like when I will get a job? I was passable so I would stay there for a month or two and the Butch Queens will come and be messy and tell matty you would never will be noticed this woman it never. We know assist man she was like it was always the betweens and so for me. It's always been close but that doesn't really mean anything because everybody is everybody. Yeah and they still every body body and they still have that privilege yeah everybody could be the culprit of a person who tells you T in a situation I've never had no so Not In no job situation assist. I assist Heterosexual Guy till mitee any meaningful meaning for. I've had I've had it like in a club Or you know shit like that and a job at a cost and main. Like it's like a trickle effect because the cost is big as well when I was was big. So well my teague. I spilled well there was a you know the trae gotTa Talk Amongst Z.. Childcare so they are ready talks among talk amongst each other about the women so they had their little conference and the woman had theirs. And then everybody knew so as I say I do think was interesting versus the responses now versus back then unlike somebody like Tracy Africa like she knew people knew her career was over and now this was probably some probably is going to happen. Different different with this girl Nikki. Because now it'll be like because lgbt people have more power where would it be okay. We want the reason you know she'll get a simulated into they'll gibt culture. Now I can still be able to make money and be able to get opportunities and all of that but back then. It wasn't like that but a lot of the responses as to is like stuff like you're brave and how awful about people calling you brave when you choose to be allowed in I. How do you feel about that? Because I've heard some people say I'm not being brave. I'm just me I guess nothing I can do about that as a compliment is because there's so so many people who are closeted with like when you think about Whitney Houston in Robin or with her name Robin like she weren't able to spill her tea because or if she did have like like their affair with her or she went able to tell anybody she had two dead whatever they had and you didn't find late until she passed away unfortunately but like they like being. LBJ T stopped a lot of people's careers. Especially when you think about SIS men and how they don't want to be an open relationships where trans women I mean. Because they're like okay. This is my career because you always hear about what happened when you hear about any star and they bring up Chinky you. You did this person's Caribben with to be honest okay. Maybe that's what happened at the time. Maybe you weren't able to get a contract at the time but before. Well she before she had did her little scandal wherever with him he wasn't popular like he had one of downs. Like the last time you ever heard heard of him was probably like a year or two or three before she has said anything about him and then he just came out of nowhere no shade. That's how I was so up a lot of you've Stereotypes is that. You'RE GONNA lose what you have as a assists person especially like the privileges that you have Being assist assist person if you're associated with anyone trains so you do you so you don't mind when people call you brave no because it it is uh eighties though but but yeah. That's who I'm but there are still people now. That are are still afraid to be who they want to be because of the privileged. I mean we're we've come far but there are still people out there that will deny you a certain access because they they're prejudiced award not prejudiced. But because they're transphobic like they're they're they're still out there. They may not be as vocal kind of like the racist right now like there was a time where a racist people could be racist and it was like every day and right now I feel like we're going into an era where transphobic and gay people. I mean transphobic people and homophobic people that kind of being in silence kind of like the same way. The racist people were like you were. You're starting to get more constant quizzes quizzes celebrities are starting Celebrities are starting to get Like if they start being homophobic or uh-huh transphobic. The girls are getting together. They're losing what they Some of the privileges are some of the access that they have in job opportunities so I think he's starting turned out way as far as like being vocal about it. Yeah I was before you start talking. I was thinking I guess that is sure it is still some consequences that comes with coming out as trans So there is a level of bravery but also I've been transp- and open in a ballot for so long then I don't understand it. Don't feel brave to me That makes it. I get it I get it like when you you You as well because it is consequences that comes with it and I know that there's some access that I won't have as being a trans woman but but It is I don't feel like I'm being brave I feel like like like you said like I feel like I'm just being me. I'm just being who I am like. I couldn't be anything else so the only time I feel brave 'cause I only time I feel brave. Save is when people was how about how much they struggle with certain things and because of me they felt more comfortable to do certain stuff because of of my corrigo bravery and okay. Maybe I'm doing a lot of some some so when I feel brave save is when I'm in if I'm in a circumstance where I'm giving my privileges stealth doubt. I'm I was just thinking. Yeah so like say that. I'm riding on the train or bus and somebody is making making fun of somebody taking or or Trans and in that moment I got through i. Are you gotTA option. Do I pay or do I get up and say hey cob thank you. What's to say okay? Something like what's it to you. I'm trans to motherfucker in Dole's moments when I'm giving up the privilege. That's when I feel or being forced to do it on my own That's when I feel brave. I feel like this is moment. This is a moment when I'm where I feel like because it could turn into something ugly and I'm here with you and I'm switching the focus from one person to me. Yeah and so I do feel bribing situations but I just daily living like ooh. I'm brave going going to walgreens. Do you grow. So you're kidding you got the past couple of blocks girl you may. I will buy a cell phone. I didn't say I feel pretty brave for trying to go into the whole transphobic country. Take your team bravery bars being a far as being trans like times where I dig it up my translators Let people know like one time when I kind of have made me feel like I had to do this okay. We'll made me feel like I had to come out to my whole training class. When I was working and going to school I tell you why? Okay so the reason why was because I felt like I didn't. I really do want to you but I also didn't want to go into a situation that have been in before my name and gender marker wasn't changed so all I knew I know that what happens with that when I get into a job a big show for the first two or three weeks baby a month and then the trickle effect happens somebody cloudy and then you know everybody whispering and so you have this. This deception thing are welcome. She's not transplant. I just didn't want to deal with the the fucking as anti-aggression the microaggressions I didn't want to do with the microaggressions that come with that so I was like fucking. I'm just GonNa let the CAIN UP Goddamn box. They'll way nobody can say a business. Say Nothing and that's something that I actually heard like when I got on the floor was like she was like yes. She told everybody in the class. And then there was last would be like okay. Yeah I don't Know No. He looked like one or just like yeah. The only thing that I had a problem with which which I addressed at the same time was. I'm going to the restroom using the restroom at home so we have a problem. Then I'M I. I know some girls outside of work that are activists and we can get up here. And that's what I oughta girls during the Howdy Mitch. I'm using the word. Well that's a cue card to play in the right right state in the right state because the making it'd be back baby Rah wrong city girl right around they can play you I don't know I just ah feel brave but feel out now. I'll give us out onto the people who are forced out of the closet now. Only time I give four sub wishy was talking about her mom. Sorry not talking about as you do Digging for premise. Like okay I was going to spend my tea but this kind of like made it a little bit earlier. You believe in no Iran away for ten years ago. You never. No you got blackmail. So that's what. It is the only time I released side. I is if people okay like if some trans people decide to live still hinden they wanNA talk down on the community as why they won't assimilate and and then once something happens to them. Something bad happens to them. They come to the community for like a cradle for like a safe haven to help them out. The most knows what that's annoying as fuck and I'm Dan where a Nigga specifically a trans man. He he was not seen. This would translate into but the one I remember right now is a trans man. All this unique is. Are you all being well lesbians and being used to positive I saw that too. I was like you shouldn't be lesbians. And what because women who who's validate knew she was in a relationship when you were the women's so she's looking at you as a woman and all that and fast unfortunate cup like two years later. His job is wearing him out for being transgender. And then oh I need my community step up and like literally sent Martius Blight. IEP Mail like like serving all of that Like go yeah. That's that's I. I guess I do more than side. I get kind of frustrated because this like Bro. Why you're like? Why put us down? PUT US down. Just I do you understand like going. Assimilating into the being cell l. and riding the privilege. If you were able to end getting the access that you could from it to don't understand it is just the convenience of you come into the community like oh please be open arms to me. Please don't change. I'm special I I wanted to make make me feel special. I'm trans doubted when this whole time is different. If I see previous to you come now trying to uplift the voices assist. Could you can be a Parson and doing Lucian from a background. If you're not doing that and then all of a sudden thank you come out because somebody you come out and then you every lgbt flow at every pride in every city like it gets to me and my mind gets like girl aide. I'm do you but I'm not going to be mad but I'm I'm GonNa be okay Asked the team well anyway. Anyway Mickey tutorial welcome. Welcome circus released. Darling we are. We are in a different era. Your people you do take. Your focus is on makeup. It's not on anything else and I think people who love your skill and talent are not going to change that people are not going to change when we look at the comments on twitter people standing up with you so I don't think you have anything to worry about You know there's a lot of people who have especially in the United States I know she's not in the United States especially United States. There's a lot of people who have you know. Pave the way for you to be who you are online on Youtube on everything in regards to that so you are good. You're going to be okay. And you know congratulations arrays. So in AA C P image awards last National African African American Ice Company program. I don't know an African American National African American and in a C. Corporation put pedestrians. Now is the national associated I association for the Advancement of Colored People. I in some way. Yeah well we still use it. You gotTA understand it was. It was found deep post win. Colored was a hit on me. Heavy color trains man so basically people have been Fella like wow I feel like it was Kinda shady for them to snow. The year like give L. Ward to the cast of view including Meghan McCain and hasn't given any recognition into the Trans Women specifically impose and that's kind of notice like people kind of been given awards to you Kinda prop up the game. In as far as media goes now really media but as far as award shows goes it seem like ooh like billy boy. That's a that's the first thing I can't remember. She's everything away. Yeah yeah yeah that's cool. That's cool but they kind of been ignoring the Trans Women at the washouts. Yeah not the EMMYS THEMIS now. I thought glad was doing a job too. Well glad yeah wait. Who wanted to Emmys well she? They didn't win but nomination Tom Nation nomination years. Not like just totally ignore them. These my focus is knowing yeah I I totally ignored like. It ain't different if they gave him a nomination and then they didn't win. They've what I'm saying but they a lot of people are saying that it's not unknown that the AA C. P. Con ignores LGBT people period and kind of under look the work. I wished I would have known that before I had I went to a fashion show. There where worldwide so we got up there history has been bad but actually recently they did change Wjr and not bad they just thinking about join organizations. No it's it's the organization has some history. They got some problematic very when it comes to respectability politics. It's a lot of organizations that have that kind of foundational roots. The issue is are they changing like. Are they moving with the Times Times are they are they. You know evolving so if you see a company that's old that is not evolving. Then that's the problem. They did do a little bit of evolving volving. Recently we talked about it on the show where they changed their policy to be more accepting to tran- transgender members of their association interesting. So it's a little bit of having maybe slow but a little bit. There's no excuse for the image awards because the image awards is a bow black people's image on television and entertainment in in culture. It's only one black person on the view cats now it's too sunny and okay so mm sunniest let let necks thaw would be was attack but I think because it was making his donayre. That's when Raven Simone. I said the twin who is not in tomorrow. That's the real. The OBI gotTA confuse should everybody show is not black. Ah Minorities we got Adrienne. She's Lennox Guy Lonnie the Asian wage I'm Jamie Mayer and Biracial. Tamara and now Amanda Seals. Anyway what am I. Plus as Long I love is Love Donny. Anyway I think the issue that I think the the article that was that was kind of been circulating is that Meghan McCain would be Kinda technically a Four because she is on the view as a host she will be technically up for one the image awards but none of the Trans Women of POWs those were for any of the awards now. What has been said is shadily is kind of Arab? I keep saying anybody who has a rebuttal they're like but then house can act anyway everytime everytime see the article somebody GonNa come in saying they said the girls can. I said they don't think acting on politics. Good Oh my Oh my shame to Aliya Shady. Dobbin what's there are some moments you I do I love. I've said this I have been honest about this. I have said this on our polls reviews that that there are moments that I feel the show but I know I am a most the reason why I'm feeling the show always because I'm emotionally invested in the storyline because I've experienced some of the things that they are sharing and so it's already the rise area of my emotions and expectations are higher. No no no higher. It's it's lower actually because you already hooked me with the story. You're acting doesn't need to be great to get me because I know this narrative I I know this story and I'm going to be pulling from my own personal experience emotionally to understand what's I'm I'm emotional like wing candy passed away way. I'm emotional about that automatically because I know what that looks what that feels like in real life not me not passing away but you know how are they Susan my friends to whatever. I know what that feels like. And so the storyline is already sensitive. You've if already I'm already invested in the show so the acting doesn't need to be amazing to get me to feel an relate late to the story line and so there are some times especially when I go back and look at stuff that I'm lying This is a real like when I watched it I was like Oh crying enjoyed but then when I go back and look at you know the season the previous season season and I'm looking at it outside of that emotional and looking at it for the technical stuff. I'm like Oh this is some of these. People are really new to act the only honest about it means he was actually about to watch season to oppose. But you it's a great thing you know maybe three we be sickening. And everybody's acting is going to be better but I don't. I think they did pretty well. I think I hi. This is herb anyways. I do feel like sometimes as transpeople Kinda nowadays we kinda get will. We can so that we can get propped up and we'll even though we know some people might be token is enough and no they might be trying to put us in the loop because they know being Trans Kinda like the choppy here. Even though you Kinda feel like that as transfers are used so hey get your. The money won't won't lay. We kinda do that right now. And I feel like we should give people a chance to grow. They don't at the peak of perfection because we'd have had these kinds of opportunities where this folks get all these opportunities to learn to get better and better at their craft. This one incident one show if they're trying to get better while doing the show the work prior to this what was some of them had but not all of them so now we're seeing the the blossoming of these people's career. So I'm not expecting them to be no fucking mail street right. I'm not going to be no Viola Davis. I'm not gonNA say expecting them to be those people right. I want them to grow so I want them to get better. I WanNa see better storylines and I WANNA see. I WANNA see growth. I don't WanNa see the same acting that I saw on one in season very true because we should have went into classes. We should have went to you saying we should have gotten better and better and better and better so season three out. I'm going to be like that and I wanted. These acting earned him image awards. I WANNA earn them You know emmys and Blah Blah Blah. I WANNA see somebody winning the war other than billy porter. I'm happy that he did this time. When someone he do be acting here he can but he also has had the practice over the years getting the opportunity on stage each and so you know I wanted to be better? So I'm I'm looking forward to supporting and scenic grow and get better right right right as far as in w are we expecting them Yeah I'm expecting everybody to do better. I'm acting like when we talk about Black Girls Rock. I'm expecting to do better. Yeah you get left behind like obscene. It like I've went to our attorney Sunday where they still do the same. Oh it's spur empty because you are doing old. Though by people want to have different conversations you know what I mean in many ways the true you get left behind and be on that negative side of injury injury like Lee particularly like black girls rock so you not even going to show them love at all like direction Zaveri Direction like no. That's not what we're doing and it's your project is okay cool but I get caught up in so in double. ACP is getting caught out. Because Josh them all I can even nominate them like I see you being shady and not letting them weird but so you know just WanNa look. I don't know so. Hopefully they can be added more people people to be inclusive. We got a you know. It's okay to be called out. Oh mean we canceling you out of time. I mean we just calling you out. I swear I seen in them has some issues back in the day but not transphobic Jus- just in double ACP has always inclusive not been inclusive being respectable. But I think they have some problems back in the day but anyway N.. Double ACP. Oh uh-huh less evolve in Raynham on and Arlene Elaine. When I went to visit the fashion show I had a really good time and that was like this is really memorable like they were talking? Why wasn't a fashion show damage with? I think it was very I. It was something it was something bigger than the fashion show. I'm I'm giving less credit than what it was but it was really really nice to go to their really inspiration. Organised are inspirational organization. They don't bother me. They seem antiquated. They see if they want to. They could change Ambi if they wanted to. They could changed him as to African American. Come on now. Ah IT'S NOT GONNA change the abbreviation I ain't know what if not what does the ZANDVOORT company coalition that is their day is their history by being already. I'm trying to move forward advancement of. Ah La la La la I am going to be talking Abou how a really interesting Bill S. B. Ten eighty two. I'm just I'll the. What is that proud talking? The schoolhouse rock and what is Iraqi billing goal or some shit no both in the uh-huh Squirrel Rocky. But what they gotta do me about the radio one of those moments so all right we got wearing happily absolutely have a bill. And it's SB ten eighty two. That's the bill is called. It's the now. How pro no promo home? Are you know Promo Homo. That's what the mills car right. The sound is that no no way ask me one a the FBI. Ten Eighty two is the new deal that they're trying to pass. But what has been in effect that they repealed for like twenty eight years eight years is a no Promo Homo Homo Bill. Which says that? You can't talk about homosexuality in sex education and all right now. DVD's at all. You can't talk about it. You can't discuss it when it comes to sex education. So that's what they repealed a couple of years ago. Now they're trying to bring it back with this bill that you're talking in about ten eighty two something different Colin it just the same old tricks of the right colony. Something different. It's like seventy six percent of Arizonans believed that age appropriate medically accurate. Sex Education should be part of public school curriculum. But this particular bill goes against the wishes of most Arizona Families Abe Abe. Abe Promotes What he wants to do is quickly a man to remove language? They include homosexuality. In a list of topics that would be banned from sexual education classes and basically teaching. The teachers are instructed to teach. LBJ students students to be absent and we go because that's a tactic of the right. The tactic is to is. We're not gonNA talk about us. We're just GONNA WANNA stay stay. We're not gonNA talk about diseases when homosexuality we're talking now we don't have sex. Dont have sex. This is a tactic. Do they have used for decades. And guess what remember that at the moment do what they wanna do. You remember that my sister for putting me on it but you remember that part I mean girls were like no have sex because you'll that that is active and it doesn't work it hasn't worked in most of the the states that practice. This is kind of a you know acid after the right way type of deal they're pregnancy rate is higher than the other people who got good Sex Education in in their school curriculum. So it's not working. It doesn't work. The aftermath technique tagging does not work. Yeah the stupid but were some people will have to do. Now is move to sterilize and folks. It isn't make sense. I think everybody should be. Where was that waster transport that was Asia somewhere in Asia? They noticed that don't work so they try to go to the extreme. You sterilize people. So the senator of Arizona. Her name is Sylvia Allen. She has a long history of opposing. Jose equality for LGBT Arizonian. She the bill that we were talking about that was twenty eight year history than L.. Home probably no Komo Promo that beal. She was one of the opponent's she was one of the people just like when they were trying to appeal it. She was one of the people like I. We need to keep that. We don't need to be talking about this Shit Eve but this is the same woman who was trying to allow a bill to allow people to bring concealed weapons into public buildings. She won't be Yeah so this is. They're not. This is somebody that they had. This is an elected official. Who is in the right wing on the right wing and really trying to He just fuck our kids. Just try to kids over we are. LGBT kids are very very vulnerable all to suicide they are vulnerable to discrimination. They are there the people they are preyed upon sexually they want sexually. They are coming into puberty with these questions that need to be answered and they need to have it. They they need to have somebody who is educating them about sex. That is accurate and age appropriate. We they need this kind of sex education. They need need a very comprehensive. They needed to be thorough. They needed to be inclusive. You especially when they talk about the dishing part. I had to learn about that from Bush cream friend and this took me you know. Okay so maybe I should talk dishing age dishing how about this dishing. 'em How you teach him. Awed are walking school. Wouldn't have been what's up dude I I. It's mellow life. Yes talk back to the restroom door. Hit you write your nostrils. It's GonNa be like we did see the trannies out of our bathroom right now. We're not doing Blais boy. That is between mom and daughter if you have to have Mama. I think that that's the bombers that teach you how to do that hygiene Him that should be. I feel I would feel uncomfortable. I don't want the girls to be mad at you but some you girls house. You know the other girls be that'd be needed if he's not a dish some Kramer Heidari. That's not sex royal you. He national policy really they don't self-cleaning Oregon backed up for some years breath again. We the things he does it right now. I I about explain is a South Clinic. Organic tone up. I ah baby the way the rest. You may hit me at the public restroom dagger. Somebody needs some internal tuna. uh-huh getting all right. Let me stop. It is so oh cleaning however gotTa make sure you change Sanitary Napkins and tampons. 'cause that's mostly where for my experience where the smell uh has come from that overall. Stop using that rags you use to wash puss for the same week. You supposed to be entertained. Mia Who's WHO's teaching who data in the same town and now watch that just put bad grab people are sensitive release incident so they have to make sure they take me when I started to Saas road is is easier for me to have orders in general so like as far as body why so I have to take about to show to showers regarding and I gotta hair growing down everywhere now. All of my As we haven't Bush okay gotta make sure we cleaned. So I I do think hygiene personal hygiene could be taught in school aid to talk about. That's interesting there's gotta be like a boring sex it's way to talk about dishing Abaza Hygiene. That is the case. I recommend this. Remember you sex education you. Why would you talk about dishing? How would you 'cause that means? Maybe some people would be bottled. But that's I would feel like it's prevented vented you preventing you teaching about sex so you can prevent them from getting diseases. So you can prevent them specially now. You know because if it's I think it's more about disease is more about comfort what you should be comfortable with how contestant what When a pregnancy can you get pregnant? Can you not give a who you get pregnant. We're we can't get pregnant with us it. I'm saying that stuff pregnancy disease being comfortable with sex knowing about your body knowing how your body bodyworks awesome by making sure. I don't think that's a Fart. Maybe you it measures like this K- help somebody on the first time you don't WanNa have a shady Katie your first time. That's your experience girl. Kabir's could have been good if they wanNA talk about it and sex education but I was talking about was banana impeach justice true. I guess I I don't know I would be comfortable people with my child. To`real I guess you could say it but you make but that's all you to. I got look it up. I don't know I don't know how far I don't. I would be very uncomfortable. Addition can be okay the way they can bring it in is like okay. You know if you're if you've been appropriate edge appropriate conditioning is explaining how you explain exactly to a twelve year old. ooh Okay so my mind was like Aa late. Twenty five twenty five. I don't yeah no twelve years when I learned sex education twelve when I was still elementary. Fifth grade word out so explain claiming they should add it really. Yeah you Wisconsin talking to that. I'm not talk to somebody I know. It's a way that they can nip it in the bud if if you can put condoms on bananas because you gotTa figure out a way to talk about dishing trying to think of if I'm appear in my child came home understand. Mommy Talk to me about book of Magic in. Your pooh-poohed comes data moody dangerous because when I get constipated this which is supposed to do right. Boys have two boys because it could be for women to so how they've now al six six and say that's what we're talking about. How would you talk about anal sex and sex education chain boom? How would i? I don't know how to teach it. It will be comfortable with it. I would want to have those conversations with my kids so you don't WanNA open classroom talking about anal final sex. Because they talk about. Virginia yes I do I want you to give it a general quiet. I want you to give a general. I wanted it to be a teacher. I don't need you to begin to Tori of about duty like I do i. I do feel like you should probably go like this. I felt like fifth grade with the people. You should talk about periods and stuff and then the basics of sex then later on about tenth grade or so you can. Group certain groups are audited grade. Tenth grade is like fifteen eh. Okay you can. Groups are people that identifies certain sexuality and do a consent paper still have stages like not just one sexual the sexual education class. This should go as puberty goes on. It should be more than one. I'll experienced one so it should be another one highest guy so what what why should be levels to sex education. It should be age appropriate. Quite what I'm talking about to a seventeen eighteen year old is not going to be what I'm talking about. Two Eh. Ten twelve is too late but I don't think twelve is too late. I think that's just me. I thought we should start. I think that's not maybe maybe maybe not talking about the intercourse but talking about body parts Adamy. I think that should start around ten because most people puberty the ADB at M- my homegirl. Har Har Period started at eight. You know that's not real early early here but you early but you gonNa fan so I'm thinking like around ten we can. That's when you start having the anatomy conversation station about sex about body parts with this. Do this would this. You talked about masturbation because I started masturbating tin you. How do you talk about masturbation? That's me as uncomfortable in the EU member. I I couldn't explain how to my child remember. Yeah that would be so weird for me. I can give you a book like get you appease what are your child you can explain it to. I can give you all but like I can write it down for you. You can read it but like it's not it's not you're explaining them. I'm how to do it what it is making them comfortable about doing instead of being shamed about it yet on. You don't have to have that conversation. It's okay okay the torture cell baby if you touching avenue feeling. Good where. It's okay to do that. Don't worry if that's that's normal. People do that like that kind of conversation. Not the kind of conversation. Where will this is how some people masturbate? Now I'm not saying I wouldn't tell but making you don't feel comfortable and I shamed saying to but my personal journey looking. Hey if I had somebody to talk to about it. They didn't shame me about it. I do feel like they should the when they start talking about. Conversations is like nobody was really thinking about that efforts. Great I think you can in released from what I know but you can start talking about that. Maybe high school cool. Maybe another sexual rarely yeah. Yeah they could do another class on that. We need to be talking about that. Yeah Elementary Middle Middle School. In Highschool there should be six education. Says when you around ten and eleven to me I think the body parts Conversations to start coming up I interesting. I'm in maybe not intercourse but when you get into junior high activity when you get to the teens like twelve thirteen fourteen fifteen. That's when you need to start talking about sex. You need to start talking about you know consent. What consent looks lying especially somebody watching you to the girls to? They need to know how what it could. What healthy consent looks like because I can force and it could be forced into something? I think it's all of them when I agree but like as as far as like from what I've seen. Is that a lot of Amando. No within look like that's true but a lot of women don't either realized I'm I'm I'm I'm I came here and we came out in the car and I guess since I came up here when I gotTa do it uh-huh I do when growing up. Fell light to do it when I do. I do feel like when I grew up. It was like women. Men were meant to be submissive. So you don't really know what healthy sex is supposed to look like growing up as a person and I do speaking of Intersex I do. You felt like you said a college that conversation around transgender Intersex. People can happen around high schools will. I didn't see transgender in a book until college should not be the case Yummy to them. They should be talking about gender identity early on holiday psychology. I've seen transgender. That's it but I think it should be earlier and I think junior high and we're not talking about going in depth. I'm talking about just in general identity them saying that kind of stuff survey from what you were saying. The ally like being a fat person was looking at somebody last night and they were explaining by By we're all born with him and then masculine ascalon energy and some people don't know how to balance it because everybody has it and sometimes you wore you. Wear your masculine side or you wear out your feminine side and you have to learn how to balance it 'cause if you don't then it'll drag on and you you wondering wondering why you're toxic and it's because you having used you're using that side too much if that makes sense interesting. Yeah it was interesting conversation. Hey maybe this individual. It's what like as far as like Like I I don't know the way she was explaining. It was like you're you're feminine. Side is like taking care of self care and cooking and just doing things for yourself when you're doing things for yourself. Your masculine side is like being repetitive. Working and just Labor Sam being aggressive when you need to be. Yeah but don't do that right imbalanced right. Okay that makes you don't balanced energies. She's Then you're you're too much of something and earning less over like if you're more feminine than you're more of a pushover and you're used to being the yes ban but if you balance that masculinity than you can you won't be a pushover and most masculine and people are very straight to the point. Very I guess it. It depends on your individual from Bush's talking about because she was talking about. What are you're always talking about a What's your religion? If that's what she was talking about like the masculine and feminine type of thing. It was really interesting. Maybe I may not be explained the best thing it was interesting. Let me go back to the kids because I I want to. I want to be clear. I can can only go by my experience when I was a child. I know when I was young that I was talking to you. Real early. The real early early then people doubt earlier than I came essay earlier than allow real early with with my peers and I grew up when I was the AIDS epidemic epidemic happening when I was nine when it was at his peak like around polls time I was in. I was nine eight nine years old so but I was looking for De Beers laying experimenting nine ten eleven on and on and on we Experimenting so in that moment guy didn't know about AIDS guy didn't know about eight times e I didn't know about Out Any STD. So do you feel like if you WANNA known about leaders so the people in my life because I was young young. They weren't talking about that stuff to me But they needed to be so when I was twelve I I remember when I was ten. Remember this boy who was thirteen showing me how he masturbated and we you know he talked about masturbation me like this is what you do and I learned how to do from older guy from like there was a there was a friend of the family. Unfortunately who was A. He didn't touch on me or did he. I don't mind minding in touch. I mean he was like well. Let me show you what I do I do. I was like a tutorial. I I knew how to do myself and so that I was teeing. So that's what I mean. It was like so stuff was happening but my parents was thinking that there wasn't anything happening because I was eleven having twelve and so nobody ever said anything. Nobody was talking about that stuff to me until I was like fifteen fifteen sixteen. I have a sex education conversation until you're like sixty I know when we will go to the club Bob for sneak into the club like fourteen fifteen. We need a sex education because we were sneaking into adult clubs and there was condoms everywhere. I knew what the Congress before because by this time. It's like ninety five so we hearing AIDS AIDS AIDS you know iggy Ninety two ooh fucking. TLC had the condoms when they patches in yeah they had condoms on it. Ain't too proud to video side. All of them did so chilly left. It buys all of them so they it was cultural. It was a cultural thing to talk about condoms. HIV black. So by the time I got in high school it was already that kind of stuff I knew. What a condom I four Blah Blah Blah Blah? But I was a sixteen by the time the school had one conversation about it and so I needed to have that conversation conversation between ten and sixteen six years there. was things happening that I needed to have a conversation about and my parents were having a conversation and and you know school was having a conversation but I needed the conversation goes stuff was constituency happening in. You know something else. I've realized alive to go back to when we were talking about people preying on LGBT kids. Some the I noticed is that people always talk about how a lot of LGBT people have been prayed up on so that's why the LGBT right but they never talk about people preying on you because they see that you're queer because they see that you're lgbt and that happens more than anything. It's like he gets the green light. Like okay are you. Nobody's GonNa know we know that you're marginalized nobody's going to give a fuck about you and ninety. They are ready to make fun of you right. Yeah Ninety nine even just then that's hard to do. That may be the case but I think is just that they see see it And then they try to use it to their advantage and they'll try to use our stuff way too early or they'll try to prey on you sexually or they'll just try to change you or manipulate you do whatever they can and a lot of times. That's why a lot of people I don't really know what some like healthy sex look flag. A lot of people don't know a healthy sex have been in a lot of taxes situations sexually and then don't know why and then they grow up to think Gee bt because I've been preyed on but instead of being Tired Hi oh no you could have been preyed on because people have seen I know for me. Yeah 'cause I could sense. It might name day. They were saying stuff. Ula sugary sugar. And then turn around and try to do some freaky staff right. So it's yes definitely that but also there are people who I know who are kind of because of their trauma. Aw there is circumstantial. They choose in in not. I don't WANNA say war. But it informs the sense and sexual morality It informs what they like what they don't like because you could be like dudes like especially especially like like if they were being molested lasted they could likes and they could have liked. What's happening to them? You see what I'm saying what Not just dues. That's it's not just a dude thing but it could be you. Could they could be doing stuff to actually feels pleasurable. And that could warp warped sense of you know like you might even grow up like head or some like it could be some small like Anything a warp that. Yes yeah. They stopped passed so it could be. It could be warped because of something felt good like I didn't feel good. It's all many things that could that and so this is why we need to talk about sex education really really early on and I'll aspects genders definitely definitely actually identity so because that's you know. LGBT LGBT people are out here they are in a high school junior high schools and they know where they are winning own. Yeah when they're young and it don't matter if you ignore it is they're out here and it's going to be some exploring this happening and to be safe. We gotta be inclusive about all aspects of sexuality and so any also I think talking about a normalizes normalizes the conversation. So I think you said earlier about separating the groups of different based on their knees like with actually wouldn't do that. You wouldn't put everybody together okay and I will talk about it and you know high school during high. So it's going to be some laughter about some stuff Blah Blah Blah but. I think if the the people who are educating about it is very nonchalant and like this is what we're GonNa talk about and that further marginalize. Is you think that I think that you no. I'm talking about. If you were a group them together. Further marginalized yeah okay. I think they'd like it does the opposite when you when you do the bill enact the bill that takes that away from it yes absolutely so I think just having a conversation openly everybody everybody can ask questions. Everybody can Dan you know. And you don't make the gays is going to be here because somebody who might be gay may not want to go in that group for this comes with but if we I'll put it all together and talk about it and say yeah. This is not funny. There are some people who are gay. There's some people who are who like anal sex men and women that some people like oil six men and women there's some there's some straight man that like booty play so talking about just whatever however However it goes down you talk about it in general so that people are not feeling shamed people are not feeling like oh I don't want to go to the LGBT auto group? No I'm talking about in general just like here we go. We're GONNA talk about it and it doesn't. It doesn't alienate the innate them. Either like Mike at the opposite of what they're trying to do is broil everything back and Separate people who's GonNa give like all the bullies is shared the motive like Auger. We don't teach this shit. They pass the bill so clearly you're not accepted and and it's GonNa continue to be violence against the LBJ And I think parents should be involved. I think that when it comes to curriculum there should be homework that the kids take home to talk to their parents about so the bears could be a little bit more personable and do things in their own particular way. Negga make them comfortable if they feel uncomfortable. Because I'm pretty sure. My parents was some parents that was uncomfortable talking about sex me. 'cause they might have seen that quickness to me so they could have been another reason why they were stagnant about it so I do feel like that could make parents more comfortable if they have like a blueprint or outline outline. Go by that and and I feel we're we're parents who WANNA talk shit about teachers schoolteachers sex education education but you uncomfortable with teachers at our own. Like that's weird to me. I'm like to learn about it. Holly accidentally pregnant or they actually get someone pregnant and now they pregnant at eleven and and well I have some friends who got pregnant at eleven. They're having babies Abe's at young ages visible end. But you don't WanNa talk about it because you feel like they're not old enough but then that's where to me so definitely Arizona Wanna get together. Don't let them slide that bill through make sure we are voting to get them To shut that shit down. Let's be progressive because you y'all know was supposed to go through and West. Let's not channel backwards. Twenty twenty as a matt about going backwards. We're all about going forward in bringing the community together. I mean that's what life is about like you the left behind or you try to keep your because I keep thinking about is like all these old as people who grew up in the civil rights era. Like they're all right now so I can't wait until like a couple of more years. Go by where they're kind of out the way and hopefully you know they have a guy healthily. They haven't passed that curse down to the next generation. Hopefully they're generation's been awakened and we can start the numerous. I'm talking about people who hold onto those old old dot price. Yeah yeah they do be dropping. Jim's not that shit in some gyms has evolved so I wanNA keep them two other ones away. Are I think we did a show. Yeah all right my next week see well. That's it. Thank you for comment and getting a taste taste Martius play. You can listen to us on itunes and soundcloud makes you leave a review because we really need those five job and go like facebook page and leave some comment. We'll be posting exclusive content every Thursday. You definitely don't want to miss out. You can also follow us on twitter and any of the social media site. Ah Marshes Plate if you like to donate or advertise with US hit us up at diamond styles. Email dot com diamond S T Y L Z. 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