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NBA Draft Recap, China Trip Update, Dames Diss Track


This is really good scouting really good understanding of their team. What they're trying to accomplish. Call forward. It's impressive to see the, the amount of talent. They have you know, they got a lot of young talent that's going to continue to develop and Atlanta's going to be good in some years ago. And I'd be remiss if I didn't talk about who the Portland trailblazers draft. You know, we get a guy who's nineteen years old. You know, he's only playing eighteen nineteen minutes tonight, nine points, four or five rebounds a game versatile gets to the basket guy who was a year ago. Co MVP of McDonald's MVP of Jordan classic. When you want to be the best at something you go at who you think is the best. And I think in terms of talented artists, it's Dame. And I think Lonzo ball is as well. And I think Bagley mentioned both of them and he came out with a distract and the rest is history. Welcome to the gene Upshaw episode of pull up. That's right. Episode number sixty three while we've been doing this for a while. Now the draft has come to an end. It's actually look at my calendar to be sure it's actually Friday, the twenty first almost the twenty second year in China. I'm still in Shanghai. If you haven't noticed or don't follow me on social media. I've wrapped up my leaning tower, and now I'm just taking care of some business in Shanghai got a little camp. We're going to do out here that starts tomorrow, actually, so looking forward to doing that before I had back to the states and get ready for my brother's bachelor party. But excited to welcome new teammate, Nazir, little to the point in Trump lasers. We also Japhet another kid in the second round. Actually, we actually side. We signed someone to two way by someone. I mean, Jalen hoard from week to wake on Drexel. Welcome and also want to walk. Jordan shows that pull the pot is always Jordan is running on E. He hasn't gotten much sleep. He got another taste of what draft night can do to the soul. The mind in the body, you know, man, I am gassed, I am absolutely guest. I, I real draft experience of like being on the air and being in it, and it was a great experience. But I didn't go to bed till like, four AM, four AM is, is insane. How crazy was it to see you know some of the traits that before the draft some of the actual traits that happened during the draft? Everyone's always on their phones wolves is dropping bombs players or having to take hats off in switch. Hats pelicans players in Lakers players. Aren't sure what team they're on? You know moving forward. There's just a lot that went on. Did you notice how on edge everyone was not mentioned some people sitting in the green room longer than expected? What surprise me see was not the bras of traits because I think everyone expected that, but more. So just the tension in the building. So. Once ion goes job goes and RJ goes, then, you know, there's, like, okay what's going to happen now because then all of a sudden, New Orleans is traded the pick and you have just instant action where you don't really know what every team wants you know what their needs are. But is there are so many smokescreens? There's so many different options because you could go, you could go with one of these great freshman. Do you want up side? You need a help me now pick so between the teams and then really the players in the building, watching the guys wait in the green room for me was just agonizing because I could feel their, their unease. There's nothing they can do they've done everything possible to this point. But now there's, there's nothing they can do. And it's just a wait and see process and between them and their families and their agents I could just feel. And it was it was agonizing. Yeah. For me, having been in the green room as a player, you know, kind of waiting to be drafted. You never wanna see guys, you know, have to go through the waiting pick after pick. It might draft Nerlens was expected to be number one pick. I think he ended up dropping the six there was some other players who went probably early expect. I think Dennis Schroder had a promise early in the first round ended up dropping out of a lot of activities at the combine. He went early. There's always something that happens is prize. I think this year with Bulbul drop in as far as he did in the second row is talking about a guy who was projected as a top twenty pick in before he stepped foot on Oregon's campus. He was projected as a top five pick. It's, it's sad to see something like that happened. But I think in this case, he drops Denver, Denver, who also took another guy who through a similar situation where he had, you know, some questionable medicals in terms of back, or lower extremities in this case will blow ball being the foot would do you think was the cause of him, dropping a solo in this draft? And what kind of steel is different getting in him. So Bobole there was a thought that as. As the draft started to go on the lottery that early lottery that he was going to slip. Now, I didn't think he would go this far, but it's a combination of two things. One is medicals and then to what he what he put on tape wasn't I don't think it wasn't good enough to warrant necessarily the lottery given his his his injury now. He's an incredible talent. He's one of the most, I don't know, maybe five six seven most talented players in the draft at seven, plus his ability to shoot it. I saw him in person. His touch was incredible. But he's, he's he needs work. You know, his body is extremely narrow and slight. But you're talking about a guy CJ that from a talent perspective has legitimate all-star ability, but it was the biggest surprise of the night to see him slide and continue sliding. And I must say that having seen the hype around him coming out of high school seem in college. It was it was hard to watch because he was there. And I I'm sure he was just he was just waiting. And it was extremely frustrating. Yeah. He was way, news extremely frustrating. But I think the, the best part about this situation is that as I always tell players, and as most players have noticed that are already in the league. Now is not where you get drafted. It's what you do after you're drafted. So obviously hurts the money in the front end, but being able to really show who you are as NBA player in these next years will be crucial for these guys and some of these sick around picks in no it's a it's a double edged sword. You have you have shorter deal, not as much guaranteed money, but you also become a free agent faster. So I've seen some guys really take advantage of, you know, being a second round pick or being drafted where you really get the handpick while you're going sort of, like Fred vanfleet did where he picked a situation. He started off in the D league, worked his way up and now has become a very successful NBA player in my draft class. Alan crap goes, second round, he's able to negotiate the proper deal to where he becomes a free agent faster and he has. Success at the right time is able to capitalize on a big deal. Chandler Parsons, had a similar situation as well where he was able to get to the money faster and last, but not least Wesley Matthews another guy who you know, he goes on drafted he ends up being starter in Utah. He plays. Well, and he signs any signs of deal out of it. So there's always interesting situations to where you may not be excited in the beginning. But there's always a catch twenty two where things can change on the back end. Do you think there's something to be said about second round picks non-draft guys that it changes their mentality at all, or these guys so motivated already, I think, is a super-motivated already? But if you're the guy who's supposed to be a first round pick and you fall to the second round, it's definitely a reality check is just definitely something, you have to look in the mirror kinda valuate, and it's not that you care about what people think, but you have to look at, like what can I do better not just as a basketball player, but as a person, and if it's medical, then that's out of your control. You can't control. Your medicals. You can't control if you're battling injuries or overcoming something. But if it's from a perspective of them questioning your mindset questioning your mentality questioning, your overall work ethic, and that's something you can fix and build on going forward. And I think for some of these players who have dropped in this year in these circumstances. I think it's more so injury than anything. I'll noble personally, but I would imagine a play with his type of talent, you know, his his level of offensive versatility being able to hit threes gets it around. He can do so many different things I think is medicals probably hurt him a little bit. But that's just me in guessing because, honestly, I have I have no clue. Yeah he played in nine games for Oregon. Eventually he had a stress fracture in his left foot. He said is one hundred percent healed. When you're that big CJ, obviously foot problems are, are a little scary. He was the highest rated player to sign an organ history. And he did average twenty one ten and shot fifty two percent from three. Which to be honest way better than I thought I there were times when he disappeared in games. But I didn't realize he was that efficiency. So, you know, it's going to be really fun to see him try to prove everybody wrong, he goes to Denver, who has, as, you know, ton of offense of talent. He won't have to contribute right away. He goes to a winning team, which is probably a positive did anything sent out to you, in terms of guys that were drafted higher than you thought. Like I thought Ryuhachi Maura, go and nine was pretty surprising to Washington. You know, sacred and boy, I thought it'd be a lottery. Picky ends up sliding fifteen to Detroit, obviously, I was working out in China during the draft. So I was getting updates through my workout, you know, just basically waiting to see who were going to pick in where we were going to be in the draft in terms of trade. Do we keep it? Do we trade up, so on and so forth? But I think there's two things that struck me by surprise. I didn't know dairies garland, was that good. I watched you know, some of his film. Obviously, watch a lot of college basketball. But when are certain players that, you know, get comparisons or our guards or have flashy play or first versatile games. I try to watch, you know, some clips with him in and get a better understanding of them, but I didn't know he was that good. He looks like he's going to be a solid player in this league I was surprised that the missile timber was drafted year over not because of his versatility or like his game. But because they had Andrew Wiggins, I think this is a sign that, you know, based on some of the rumors that maybe they're trying to shop. Andrew Wiggins or maybe trying to pair them together because they're both six eight versatile wings. I think another thing that was pretty surprising to me based on what I seen was Kevin porter going thirty. I thought I thought he, he might win a little bit higher than thirty but outside of that looking at the draft at the, the, the kid from from Texas was going to go pretty high. I thought. That Kobe was obviously gonna go pretty high. I think you know, for Duke being able to get three players in the top ten you know that's super dope. Something that hasn't been done in, in a pre longtime. So no real real surprises over this. Well, I was surprised ponds from Saint John's o- surprised he didn't get drafted in my guy, wherever just twenty two five and five twenty one five and five in goes on drafted. Okay. Mr mccullum. Some breaking news here on the pull up pod. I just reported on Twitter and Instagram that shimmery Pons former Saint John's standout is headed to the Houston Rockets. So you think it's another big time score. He averaged twenty points, five assists, three steals last year for saying John's super dynamic, like one of the most explosive electric playmakers in the country. He was the only player the last two years to earn first team. All biggies honors we saw them light up Duke for thirty three two years ago. And I I've seen you play against him. At sky during the summer, he, he's really lethal downhill, he can score in a lot of ways, improved his shooting. What are your takes, and I thought on this Mr. McCollum hearing about Samora going to Houston? He's got game. He's got pace is a big game player. I like him a lot. I do. And I thought that the, the Edwards kid from produce should have been a first round pick as well Carson awards. Yeah. He goes to Boston. So he'll he was second round pick. He'll have plenty of opportunities to score in this league. I would imagine for quite some time, you know, it's interesting, you mentioned garland. So Cleveland Cleveland has Colin sex in there and some people will look at this as a negative, I look at this and you tell me if I'm wrong, but I look at the Cavs, as trying to build the blazers east version. I mean, isn't that what isn't that a fair thing of like I'm not saying they're going to be that's successful. But there. I'm looking at you and Dame and saying, why not have two guards that can play on and off the ball can score and play make even though there. They could both play the point like why not have combo guys. Yeah. I think I understand what you're saying from a sense of having two guys who can play on and off the ball to guys who were very versatile players capable of scorn at three levels for the most part, not threes. Mid range finish at the room, the only difference from what I've seen is that they're, they're smaller than us. Dame's about six to, I'm all six three but basically, six four at this point in my career, deaths the only difference, but if one of them is willing to sacrifice actually both of them will need to be willing to sacrifice, especially with the way, they're used to play in having the ball in their hands all the time in a being the, the guy who gets all the pick and rolls, you have to split, the low yet, the sheer too low, which means smaller usage rate, less less time on the ball, less time, actually in the action and. You have to be become a better catching shoe player. I think both of them willing to become better catching shoe players being able to attack in angles and on different parts of the court. I think from spacing standpoint, figuring those little things out early on in your career will be will be very, very crucial for their development later on, but anything is possible. Honestly, if you really wanna make something work you can but offense defensively it's it's always a challenge in this league, especially when you're young guy coming into the league. Yeah, I agree. It's the size difference is, is worth noting those garland is about six one and, and, and so a Sexton, they're, they're probably not going to be able to, you know, maybe play against bigger lineups as much. But you can see the template that you have set CJ as two guards who can play off one another in complement. And it goes. Goes into this kind of position. Let's style basketball where let's just have our best playmakers are best scores on the floor together, and let them figure it out because they're good enough to do, so, yeah, I agree. I think the best players need to be in the fourth floor of the best players need to play. And looking at the way, the NBA said of now, if you can dribble, she pass and defend there's room for you. If you can do one of those things, extremely well, you're going to get minutes at some point, so having guys who can dribble create for others create for themselves. Shoot scored all three levels and defend. I think you have a very solid backward. Obviously the defendant defending part is what, what takes the most time in the NBA, get adjusted to the three point line. All those things will be important. But you're talking about a guy who shot I think he shy damn near fifty percent from three in college. So the jump shot is there. He's really really solid. Yes, garland. I wanted a story on Vanderbilt right after Garlan got her. Hurt. Their original idea was to do it, and focus it on garland. But he he gets hurt and, and obviously their season really just goes down in flames. But what was what really struck me about garland, was the relationship that he built with Bryce drew, who was there last night at the draft and the actual Vanderbilt player. So when he got hurt he stayed with the team all year. He he, he was a part of their roster without actually playing stated school. There are some natural leadership, qualities there that he has for young man that hasn't really played a lot of basketball. He's just nineteen years old. But in the four games he did play including against USC and Kevin porter who I think, is going to be hesitance to be a really good player, by the way, as you noted garland was lights out. He can really shoot it. It gets downhill he's kind of in that, you know, Chris Paul mode of he really is. Excellent and pick and roll. You talked about defense, that's obviously going to be an adjustment. But. Now, all of a sudden Cleveland has two guards I can really go. And that has been criticized. I liked it and we'll have to wait and see when when you talk about CJ some of the bigs that we, you know, these these new age bigs, I can spread the floor and, you know, create matchup problems, we obviously saw yoga and the playoffs do so many different things we're you did anybody that you are able to see this season. I know you didn't watch ton of college hoops. But whether any bigs that you saw on this draft, you mentioned Jackson Hayes from Texas that you thought could maybe step in and play right away. Yes. Seen jackson. Hayes his athleticism is ridiculous. I seen some of his pre draft workouts as well. It's explosiveness ability to really alter shots. You know, get into blocks to plus blocks per game. He showed some, some dominant tendencies that translate right away. I was able to check out obviously Bobo. I was able to see him. I seen the Cam Johnson kid from North Carolina. He smooth. I like his demeanor. I like the way he's able to shoot score the ball with loosen different things. I was happy to see him. Also happy see Kobe white his team may talk about how hard he worked and how happy he is. He's in this position. Obviously the kid from Gonzaga is pretty skilled. He's super strong. And as we talked about on Clark. Yeah. Yes. We talked about off air little bit the sokaia kid. His versatility is, is out of this world. He's super versatile bouncy can shoot it to a little bit of everything. He's not a big man. He's like I little three four men who's gonna play a lot in this league. And. I'm also a fan of. The Andrew Hunter. I watched him during during his conference conference championship and NCAA championship tournament run I think that he's going to be a special player in this league as he develops in. He's done a big man. He's just a three four guy maybe play some four because his strength is live is ability, stressed the floor. I think he makes his team better. I way Atlanta's. And they're doing some serious drafting all my goodness. They're doing some serious serious movement. Acquire assets acquiring the right as they look good. I like what they're doing. I really like what they do with that Anthony Davis straight through New Orleans in Atlanta killed it last night, killed it. First of all, you talk about hunter that to me, there's one guy, I see with hunter and just talking to people. I seems like this is the comparison ICO on OBI. I mean, that's, that's the body type is almost identical measurements. What do you think about that? Yeah. I think if he is I mean I like the comparison because of the size the live than both being young athletic players, but I think hundred my have a little bit more skill at this at this stage than than OJ did from Indiana. They're both super athletic. But I think that based on what I was able to see. He has flashes of being able to handle the ball a little bit. You know, the jumper is coming alone. He has a, a comfortable, mid range, comfortable, Al two three dozen shoot. A high volume of buddy seemed very comfortable could definitely see the comparisons in Atlanta's in a position right now to where they're not. They don't need to necessarily win. Now they need to develop players in really look long term, the the jumped trae young made. From on game thirty two game. Seventy kinda show. You know what he's capable of you got Kevin hurt her. You got the big fella in the middle. They, they picked up. They also got the kid from Duke to didn't it Cam reddish. Can you believe that you get camera tish in the same draft you this is this is this is really good scouting really good understanding of their team with they're trying to accomplish going forward in it's impressive. The see the, the amount of talented they have, you know, they got a lot of young talent that's going to continue to develop in Atlanta's going to be good in some years to come probably sooner than later, you know, with the development, they're able to do in how Lloyd's been able to know kinda let his players, go empowering them to make mistakes, empowering them to try things out in figure out exactly who they are and how they can be successful in this league. I think success a lot of times isn't just on the player. It's only organization in the staff to empower you because there's a lot of capable players who are empowered by staff who are in. Powered by coaches who aren't giving opportunities to play through mistakes who aren't given opportunities to be themselves in are put into boxes. And when you put players in boxes, it's hard for the release succeed. But when you let them go. You're able to cease extreme levels of growth. And that's when you really get star level players enroll players who may be out the league become, you know, high quality individuals like Joe Ingles who's able to knock down threes can defend only ever six seven points a game in Europe but has showed that he can be extremely impactful in NBA games than if he's in the wrong team wrong situation, you're talking about a guy who wouldn't have been able to be a point forward on a playoff team. No, that's a great point. So much, unpack your you mentioned Cam, Johnson goes eleven which was a lot higher than he was mocked. I thought he was a really good player all year. I thought it was so cool, how Kobe white responded, you talk about Atlanta with finding fits think about the young talent they now have with, with Lloyd Pierce, who is a great. And I mean really great developmental coach. We saw last year with trae John Collins and, and hurt her and Spelman guys that got better. Think about who. Has not a work with. So he has his core already of trae Collins, in herder. Then they add reddish, they add hunter you you're talking about. I think one of the most talented in these guys are all twenty one or younger talented, young cores in the league now, obviously, they're going to have to learn how to win in develop, but the hawks in the last two years, CJ, I would say have done as good a job as anybody in his raft. Yeah. I would agree with that. I would agree with this statement for sure they've drafted. Well, they position themselves to have success and obviously, the trae young, Luca Donncha situation, it is what it is. Those two players are both extremely talented. They're both gonna have great careers. Obviously, only one can win rookie of the year, but, you know, going forward, you know, they'll be the standard for guard play until another guard kinda surpasses them looking at the duality of both of them, you got this upcoming draft where you're gonna job Moran dares garland. You have all these types of players who will impact the NBA, but I think they're the standard. Of, you know, young rookie guards who coming in averaging twenty Guinness's really impact in the game. And you know, trace had multiple forty fifteen games thirty fifteen games. So he's, he's really figure some things out. And like you said before the development from Louis Pierce as played a big role at IBM miss if I didn't talk about who the Portland trailblazers drafted, you know, we, we get a guy who's nineteen years old, you know, he's only playing eighteen minutes night in North Carolina Sherwood would but they were doing over there. No, Carolina's the big tarheel fan, but obviously, he's backing up a lottery pick, but only playing eighteen nineteen minutes tonight, you know, nine points, four five rebounds a game versatile gets to the basket guy who was a year ago. He was winning what he co MVP of McDonald's MVP of classic. So he has a lot of potential. What are your thoughts on? Is there? Little what can I expect to see from him? I my future our current teammate I'll come into next season. So I, I have been a. A massive fan. Ause little for the last three years. He was a, obviously, a huge recruit. I'm sure he would've wanted to play more. I thought he should've should have played more North Carolina, but CJ, he from a raw talent perspective of coming into the NBA and having the tools the he's got everything you possibly want. He's six six two hundred twenty pounds. He's really athletic. He's he's, he's long. He averaged ten in five. And like you said, in eighteen minutes, he was he really wasn't used the way I thought he should have been used. He he he's a great defender. He can guard three or four spots. He moves his feet he competes. He he's not. He's not Zion. But, like, that's the and he's not that, that athlete zion's is in his own world. But that's the kind of he plays with that same kind of energy in that same kind of, you know, ferociousness that you'd want of young. Guy now. You like you said he wasn't a lottery pick. I thought he should have been one. He's an incoming completely ready to roll. And I just think you're talking about a high character guy. He had a near four GPA four point. Oh, GPA. He is he's going to be a really good NBA player. You're gonna love having him because he's gonna make a ton of winning plays. He gets after it, and he's going to get a lot better. And I think I don't think it's going to take too long to, to really earn a spot in the on the on the on the roster in terms of playing time. Yeah I'm looking forward to seeing his development man. I'm impressed with the near four point. Oh, GPA. That's that show's character their shows the will to really show up for class in the apply yourself, looking at the fact that he probably had to do six months of school. 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What do you think about who the warriors drafted in then briefly discuss some of the rumors that the warriors could potentially facilitate a situation where Kevin Durant signs a five year extension with them? They allow him to rehab and signing trade as a thank you for your services, while I mean, I've seen it online. It's not. It's not this is not me coming up with this by Bryant went horse talked about it yesterday while. Was on the elevator in China randomly, you know, head into a workout. So I, I'm not gonna take credit for that. I got I'm not okay. I'm gonna have to. I'm going to have to hit Wendy. I'm going to have to hit Wendy because I hadn't even seen that. So it was that he was more. It was more speculation. But it was a video where he was talking about, like things that could potentially happen. You also talked about the Knicks how you know, I don't know a month ago he thought the Knicks had a chance to get Anthony Davis. Yeah. And Kevin Durant. Yes. But now obviously you know things have kinda changed, but he was just talking about different situations in things. The warriors could do in the event that Kevin Durant agrees. Signed a five-year max, they could do a sign and trade and allow him to rehab. In the meantime, until the signing trade is done in that way. He still gets the most money possible, because he's staying with his team getting the five full years, and then able to pick his destination because of what he was able to accomplish in Golden State the type of person. He is how good is player in what he sacrifice by coming back early. Well, that would be the the class. She thing to do of Golden State. They'd obviously have to find the package that that fit. I don't I don't know if I would see that happening, I'm just trying to think about the money. Yeah, I mean it is possible in terms of soil. So why don't we unpack the warriors draft really quick? They got Jordan pool, and Eric PASCAL who I think both of them are like year proce Jordan pool for Michigan sophomore swingman can shoot. It can score PASCAL a guy that can really just do everything he's like a classic Villanova kinda undersized for man can place them three. He he's a winner. He's, he's gonna play right away for them. Okay. So in terms of Katie, the, the biggest thing for me with, with trying to evaluate that situation is. How things have changed since the injury. So the Knicks have felt throughout this process. Really, really good CJ that they were going to get Kevin or that they had a really good shot to get him. Then the injury happens. And now we start to hear the fact that kyri could be a net kyri wants to be a net. And then the Knicks thinking all along that if they got Kevin, they could probably get Kyrie. So I don't know how the injury changes things if Golden State were to give him the supermax inside in trade him. How would that? I'm just trying to understand. So would how would that benefit the warriors though, I guess they would get something in return. I have no idea. I don't think it made sense, but listening to the way, he was phrasing. It was if the warriors were trying to gain assets understanding that they could lose Katie, right? No. For the yeah, they would get something in regular walk for nothing. So in the event that he did wanna leave no one knows what he's gonna do. But him he probably doesn't even know what he wants to do right now. But in the event that he did wanna leave right? Okay. It could be a nice part in gift that was kinda like win horses out my explanation. So to speak made me kinda think, you know about like, how classy that would be if in the end they decided to do it. But speaking of classy trades, Anthony Davis finally received his, his wish, you know, his one wish like Ray j and was traded to Lakers. However, however, the money situation wasn't handled the way it should have been. So the Lakers were forced in a bit of a pickle. You know, in terms of trying to figure out how. To sign another max slot in Atlanta, slid in like a DAM. Like this living like the right time and direct message and allow them to kind of complete the trae. So now they have space another max players. Correct. Yes. And so, and they're not they're not quite there, but they're really close to getting there. They've moved some stuff, they're moving stuff around, because they want to get that final max slot. It's a really smart move. I if I'm the Lakers right now I'm ecstatic because we get avenue Davis. Finally, we don't have to give up coups. And we're in the process of potentially getting a third max player. Whether that's Jimmy Butler kyri, perhaps, I mean, if you're the if you're the Lakers, you go from being, you know, one of the most disappointing teams in the league to one of the most I would say, one of the three or four you know, lowest odds to win a championship next year. They're definitely going to be in the conversation when a championship. I think they're odds increased greatly soon as the season ended because the speculation in Vegas was that they were going to get at least one max player. To star alongside LeBron James, odd. They've got Anthony Davis who's in all world player in a chance to get. I don't know a Kimba or de ngelo Russell or Malcolm brogden, or a Patrick Beverley or the list goes on. And on Jimmy Butler, there's so many potential names being thrown around right now, Nicola vucevic that I'm sure the odds will continue to increase the Lakers to win a championship in terms of Vegas thoughts in, in their predictions. But we didn't even I know we're going to be talking about traits next week will really highlight, the, the trades that have gone down in discussing little pre free agency. I was surprised to find out in China that Mike Conley was treated while isn't surprised that he was traded. I was surprised at the timing of it in where he was treated going to the Utah Jazz, in, in how good Mike Conley release, healthy people really realize and understand how good Mike Conley is Keith. Can really hoop is a game changer dude. I love my car. I think he's one of the best been one of the best most consistent point guards in the NBA over the last decade when you say game changer, though, that like that stands out to me because I agree. He hasn't been in this like all star player that people that I think average fans really look at as like a great player, but he is can you elaborate on that in terms of because I think he's an Emba dexterous passer score. He he does everything he shoots it at a high clip. Tell me what you what you mean by game changer in how you see him fitting in alongside Donovan Mitchell, because I think he's going to be able to alleviate so much of the playmaking for for Mitchell. But by game changer. I mean, he can single handily impact the game on both sides of the ball like he's good in pick and roll coverages defensively. Yes, active hands as you said before he can really shoot the basketball catching shoe off the dribble has mid range is disgusting. You know, you can get to that fifteen footer. He does play him adultery. He prefers the sheet the writer with the, the writer, the floater with the right hand. But he can also shoot it with the left hand. He's a threat to stop behind in shoe trays. So not only, you know, do you have to worry about the lab threat would go bear in. Do you have to worry about slashing? Winging Donovan Mitchell, but you can't just go under screens the way you could on Ricky Rubio 'cause Connolly's capable Nakanishi down by game changer. I mean you have the game plan for him. So when you go into, you know, pre-game when you're going through certain plays, you have to understand that Mike Collins, capable of breaking a play at anytime. He's capable of scoring during possession anytime he's going to actually have place that are called in design for him to score. Whereas Ricky Rubio no offense to him. He's more of a pass first point guard. He's more of a, you know, set the table. Can't hit the jump shot or doesn't like to shoot it. More of a mid range shooter, not, not necessarily three point shooter in terms of statistics in how he's been used in how he's played historically. I think my county changes the perception of this team his aggression level being able to score forty in the game. He has that type of offense of firepower and then is just experience overall playing in playoff games. You know having a shoulder to load of a franchise like he's done all those things, I think for mentorship standpoint he'll be able to help Donovan Mitchell from on the court standpoint, you'll be able to help the whole team. Because he's a winner, he's a leader. He's a defender, he's a good teammate talked about a guy is probably one malls awards for being, you know, one of the best teammates in the NBA. I think he's just a all world franchise changer and someone who impacts the game on both ends in the west just got a lot better. Like we said it was going to be west arrose when, when Katie Brown all those guys came to the west, but the west is just continuing to get better in the funniest part about all of this is that Kimball. Walker could become into the west Harrison Barnes could be signed with another team in the west Jimmy Butler could become in back to the west by Harris could become evacuated west and coli Leonard could become into the west soldiers so many things. Could happen in these next. I don't know how many days I didn't even say Chris Middleton who's probably gonna get a five-year max from the buck, so we will have to worry about seeing him four times in the regular season. Big about the west what is everybody? Go west like nobody goes east. Nobody I mean even even. Coli gets traded to the east. Maybe he stays in the east. But nobody goes nobody just says, you know what let me go east maybe K D 'cause because it's it's been a hell of a run for the west. I mean it just gets harder and harder. It was it was an interesting year. But that's what's fun about the league man. It's, it's super competitive talented in the talent continues to increase you get more guards coming into the league every year who were talented you get more free agents coming into the league every year who are talented and not only do you get more athletes that are talented. You get more rappers like Marvin Bagley who's out here, dropping this tracks. Waited for six four. So I had that in my in my like number one thing to talk about today, but I wanted to say I knew you were going to bring it up so proceed. Have you listened to the district's alternate distracts? And then before we get off here because it's almost bedtime. We have to discuss the wine of the week in the wine segment. Yes. Can I just say, one more just really quick about going back to, to, to, to Utah? Yeah. Go ahead. Okay. So my thing with the jazz has been they needed another. They desperately need another playmaker. Because if as you saw on the playoffs against Houston, like the, the, the Roc is just loaded up on on Donovan. And just basically played like a pack line defense because they didn't they weren't scared of anybody else. So now you add in Conley, who has one of the best mid range games in the league he really like you like he's just deadly one two three zero polo plays pick and roll unselfish. I mean that I think Utah got a lot. Better. I in, like I think the, the changes the entire perception of that team and how you guard them. So I like you. I think it was a great move. So that was my only. I just wanted to just wanted to throw that out there about the jets. No, I think you, you made some great points. And as I've said, historically you hit it right on the head man. Only makes the jazz better. He just us. They become a better team with him out there. They lost some assets, they lost some pieces, but he makes them better. Okay. And just talking about these distracts now. I think it's I think it's great for the league. I think it's great for music in General, Marvin Dane Dame back the back lot of bars bars in Marvin responded this morning. I think this is actually this is actually pretty funny, man. I think this is pretty funny, and I think the, the world of NBA fans or truly enjoying this. So I don't know if Marvin knows what he's really getting into because not only does Dame Dame has some serious bars, and he can go, but you're talking about a guy that on the court is, as you know, a stone cold killer doesn't mind taking the hardest shots because he knows. He's gonna he knows he's gonna make him. He is. I if I if I'm a rapper I'm an NBA rapper. I'm not going at Dame. I think it's, it's the competitive spirit that we all have is the reason why we got to this point. And when you want to be the best at something you go at who you think is the best. And I think in terms of, you know, talented, artists, it's Dame. The names at the top of the totem pole for for artists who are talented. I think it showed historically that, you know, compared to a lot of other. Athletes, he's up there. And I think Lonzo ball is as well. And I think Bagley mentioned both of them and he came out with a distract and the rest is, is history. But I'm I'm just glad to see it. I'm just glad to get to see it and be a part of a man. It's been fun to see. It's healthy. It's not like it's not like violent citizen, like no east coast, west coast. You know, pack big heat type situation. It's just a guys. We know rap rapping about each other there. But then Jay heart comes out and says while at Damian Lillard while you have to do my man like that. I mean he responded with vengeance. I mean, even breads, Marvin had a nice clapback Dame dropped to heaters. He did danger up to big boy heaters. And, you know, some of the stuff he was saying, I mean, it was it was a lot of facts. There was a lot of facts in there, a lot of hurtful facts. So you think do you think Bagley regretting this or is he keep doubling down? Absolutely not. He's loving every moment of this, because, as a competitor you enjoy in wrapping back and forth going at each other. The cover art. He's been using on his tracks have been hilarious. You know he has. Yeah. That's yourself. Hold in Dame as the baby like they're really enjoying this, honestly as competitive. They're enjoying this doubt Dame responds. Again, I don't think he responds anymore after the bat tobaks you know, similar to Drake style Drake status, but you saw Bagley tweeted the the watch emoji, right? Yeah. Yeah. I seen that. That was funny. Yeah. See that's why I think Dame is not I feel like Dame's gonna come back again. Yeah. I don't think he responds again. Man. I think it's over. Have you talked to him? Right. Not, not not yet. I talked to Lowell. Yes today for me. More. So I don't know if it was yesterday for east west coast down. It was like two to two AM east coast time. So I talked to him like nine hours ago. Okay. So he's, he's enjoying it, obviously. Oh man. He's, he's a competitor, man. He is a competitor. He got some heat though. He really has. It's funny late people talk about hobbies like he really has bars and he takes his seriously. It's not a key loves it. He goes in his studio, and he really goes to work like he's banging out tracks, like he's putting real music out here. Real beats will real wrappers in real artists that want collab- with him for free. You know what I'm saying? Like when you really good at something people with you. If you're just average, you can't get little win on track. You can't get quality talent on your tried. Nobody's messing with you. If you're weak, but he really got bars. He really like he really does. This is not a this is not a game when you really have to have substance delivery and. A real understanding of poetry, like wordplay. Gotta be crazy for you to put bars together with without curse words like he put multiple albums out without curse words that's hard to do what, what strikes me about Dame to two things is the going in the studio for him is like it's not a hobby, like he it's like a passion. He loves it. He's been writing since he was child. Right. We talk about pace on the court his pace, as a rapper has gotten a lot better the last several years. And he's actually like a legitimate rapper. He's, he's pretty good. No. I mean he's legitimated come out with multiple albums, and I'm sure he has another album coming eventually. Yeah, I wonder I wonder if Marvin comes back at him then, and if this becomes like a Drake meek mill situation or am I totally overplaying? Marvin came back out with something this morning. So as of I don't know what time it is on the east coast right now. We're recording is Friday right now. He, he really came out with something Friday morning respond. Today's back to. Back. So you might wanna go check that out. More show in a minute, but I support for pull out with CJ McCollum comes from wicks dot com with weeks, you can create your very own professional website. Choose a temple you love and customize it by adding your own techs, images and videos, with hundreds of intuitive design features. You can tell your own story. Exactly the way you want one even more for your website. You can easily start a blog launch an online store or create an event. Sure, everything in a click on social media, and drive more traffic to your site with SEO tools to get found on Google wicks has all the tools you need to create the exact website you want. You can even create a beautiful website while listening to this podcast over a hundred and forty million people choose weeks to create their website. Create yours today. Get started now by going to wicks dot com. That's W I X dot com slash pull up to get ten percent off. Okay. Back to the show. It's been a long time since we've discussed why. But it doesn't mean we haven't been indulging in it for ourselves. The off season is here, which has coli, Leonard says means more drinks, more desserts, and I can attest to both of those things, although I'm still working out and back on my grind. I've had lots of fine wine that you should add to your arsenal over yonder in China. Now, I'm going to skip all the white, I drink in New York and go right to China been in China for a little while now still in Shanghai leaving soon. But I have a gym for you. I have a gym that is solid price point. People always complain. I'm drinking wine. It's too expensive. It's this it's that I got a solid price point for you something, very versatile that you can buy on your apps, you can probably get at local store. I've been drinking a lot of Pinos. I've been drinking a lot of Merlo's during a lot of calves, and so on and so forth, but I just dipped into the world of Sarah, I had a Serara Gimblett gravel. Two thousand sixteen from New Zealand and it was sensational. It's among the top seven percent of wines in the world. It's more bold than light more than smooth and a little bit on the dry side. But the acidity isn't too bad. It's more so in the middle basically, I went to a great restaurant out here in Shanghai. And I had a nice, nice meal, and this Orion and really well with this, the salmon ahead there was burgers, being passed around that was fries. There was a nice prime rib. So there was a lot of stuff being passed around, but it went really well with the meat, so I would definitely advise this wine once again it's called the sa- rides. Gimblett Gimblett, grab was vineyard, two thousand sixteen is price points, twenty four dollars. So it's a twenty four dollar bottle of wine. And as we always say it's hit all tastes, the same after the second or third glass, but this was great on the first one. It was created in the first one once again. Then I get in this. I'm gonna add this to your care package. Jordan for sure it's really it sounds amazing. I love Sarah's. And it's I didn't know that you were Sarah guy, or is this your first real dip into it? This is my second dip into it, but the first one where I was like I'm all in, like the first one I was like, oh, this is cool. Now I'm all in. So if I see it along with my Pino like I'm, I'm diving down this peak, like I'm in well, I'm really excited about the twenty four hours. I mean camp cannot be that, that is. That's a special price point yet a semi any bottles at, like pictures in, like four or five days. So that means you haven't been you haven't drinking, what four days five days, I, I've been pretty locked in to, to, to my to my job America married to the very to the grind. No, I actually I had a glass of wine of few nights ago. I didn't send it to you, because I was like you're in China, you might see this, but you're not gonna remember but it was fantastic. And. You know what it was? I had more of the one, you sent the Bo Fritz? Well for oh yeah. The book fair over. Oh my goodness. That dude. Honestly, are you want some more of that? So I still feel oh you a large package of I don't know twelve bottle. So I'll just keep keep bringing to vials three miles until I can put a, a large order together to have it shipped to New York because, you know, they got those, those rules and regulations on alcohol. Was it one or two cases? Listen, if you can say if if, if you can deliver some both how do you pronounce it? Be a US. Dude. That would be I would be so happy so appreciative. And honestly, like if you if you're out there and you love Pino this, this, this winds unbelievable. It's it's worth the price. It's actually not as expensive as maybe it should be. And it's, it's great. So CJ. Thank you for turning me onto this wine. I I'm a huge fan wifey loves it. So big time winner by you. Happy wife. Happy life easy. We will discuss a lot more next week. So we usually we close out the show after the why segment. But I forgot one thing we didn't discuss MVP 'em. IP expand eaves played year. So who's your VP Jaanus who's your might be all? That's I have like five. I wanna know yours I pass Cousy outcomes Siaka. I'm Lou Wilson spam going with Siaka, okay. Coach of the year, bud or doc. So I guess I mean Nick nurse it because the playoffs don't count. So. This is already been decided, but Nick nurse was a great candidate. But. I'm going butter doc. The doc one's really interesting. Yeah, I could see that. I could see that rookie of the year Luca or or they take it back to Jason Kidd, a co. Yeah. Split it down the middle. Like Jason Kidd in a gray hill. I think Lucas getting get it trae had a great great push to last like twenty five thirty games and dances, efficiency did drop, but he was so good from the beginning, and he had so much more minimum developed. I would be fairly surprised if Trey got it. We're got a co. However, I love trae. I think it's pretty cool. They're going to be forever linked. And I, I would have no problem with them being co MVP's. I just think realistically, it's going to be Lucas award. The most improved one is really interesting because Seok them had a great year. We saw it in the playoffs when he had some really wonderful moments other any others to you that stand out because that to me might be the most competitive of the of the awards. Yeah. I mean, I think you look at Siaka you look at. The ngelo Russell. You look at a lot of those players, and they all improve. They all performed. Well, you could even give some bonus look for six men. But I think that based on how like you talking about see I'm going from a solid player to a hundred and twenty million dollar player. That's a big jump. That is a huge jump in all of the voting comes out before the playoffs. He was killing before the playoffs started. He was killing he was killing all season. Yeah. He was it. What's interesting about the most improved is that usually or at least it's common that these the most improved winners, go onto MVP's, or just an idea of some most improved players, Jaanus, Paul George, Kevin love, Jimmy Butler. So maybe an MVP or they go on to be all stars, obviously, all the Ola depots one. C. J. Mccollum. U. C. J mccollum. Absolutely. What year? Did you get it just messing with you? Oh man. What basically what you fifty? Absolutely. I mean, come on. But what's, what's interesting about this award is to is that there's about, I think four or five guys that make a real case. I might so Seok is a great choice. I have to give a lot of look a lot of love to both d load end ear and FOX as well for this one. I think they're all qualified candidates. So I'm looking forward to, to seeing what happens and it's, it's, it's a great catching up with you. You too man, you can catch us on the apple podcasts. Spotify radio dot com slash pull up with CJ or wherever you get your shows appreciate you guys tuning in listening as always. And don't forget. Boop.

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