Damage related to climate change will only grow who's liable?


Economy Bank of America. NA member FDIC who pays for climate change damages I'm NPR chief meteorology support for climate cast comes from Bank of America as one of the largest Global Financial Institutions Bank of America is in a unique position to help society transition to a low-carbon Minnesota Law School Alex thanks for talking today it's a pleasure to be here you've been watching several lawsuits against the oil and gas industry for its role in climate change this new lawsuits are the financial outlay that states and local governments have to deal with climate change so we're talking about Minnesota let's say you would have increased in this round of lawsuits are states local governments are theories of public nuisance products liability and consumer protection laws and these so how does the legal system tease out the climate change damage liability there at big piece of these lawsuits is the idea that the oil and gas companies knew about the impact of carbon on climate change and on severe weather is far back as the nineteen sixties and actually had a coordinated campaign carbon in the in the atmosphere and then ties that amount of carbon in the atmosphere and warming to the increases in flooding see and it basically says if someone has engaged in conduct that harms the public it's either state or local government for the most part who then brings level rise harm to species harm to crops I wanNA talk about California for a moment. PG and he has set a target of eight point four billion for payouts to wild sort of annalong line of other lawsuits that deal with these types of harm we talk about public nuisance theory what does that mean flooding a harm to crops harm to wastewater treatment systems transportation infrastructure those sorts of things so they're the actual dollar amounts the territory is that a challenge when it comes to making legal arguments well new lawsuits are always a challenge but the theories that are being used by the plaintiffs who in tax and sort of move forward you touched on the fact that you know our societies and economies were built on the use of these fossil fuels most of us have used fossil fuels in our lives agreements are faulty yes all of those things they will say that fossil fuels of course have been used by the public and by the same state and local governments to also the lawsuit against three M for the PF as contamination in the East Metro area so in some ways these are these are new lawsuits but they are action on

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