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We tell you the historical context, and where things are headed all what having hilarious and intelligent guests from the world of comedy, so tune into the daily on the iheartradio APP, apple podcasts, or wherever fine podcasts are given away. You are listening to the Dan Patrick. Show on Fox sports radio well, get you up to speed for more marlins tested positive. Welcome to the final hour here on Tuesday. Dan, in that in. It's Dan Patrick. Show also know Philadelphia phillies players, our coaches tested positive in the most recent batch of corona virus tests after the Marlins and the phillies play Jeff Pass into the mothership followed up that report by saying it's important to understand just because the phillies test have come back clean. Today doesn't clear them the incubation period. Period for the coronavirus per the CDC is up to fourteen days. No positives today doesn't mean that there are no positives. A good initial signed though that's according to Jeff Passan of the mothership eight seven seven three DP show address DP Dan Patrick dot com twitter handle a teepee show. If you listen and or watch the show, you know I hate list well, actually I'm okay with list. When list are inaccurate like Michael Jordan being voted the best college basketball player of all time. That bothered me. It bothered me a lot. There other listed come. Come out and I'm I'm I'm a little more tolerant with them. mclovin came in today goes. Mana Mad. About what Carson Wentz is not listed among the top one hundred. NFL players according to the NFL network and I said okay. And then he goes on Carson Wentz is not in their Josh Allen Kyla Maria okay. Has Anybody given an explanation on this. The players voted on this mclovin. So if you have a problem, we should have a problem with the players in his their likability problem in not that that should factor in, but. I've. No idea. I guess. People say that the NFL never top one hundred often has a lot of weird things on because of the voting system. It's not that comprehensive like the all-star voter. Never really when players vote is that usually at accurate portrayal? Probably not, but this is different because you can't convince me, Jimmy Garoppolo's better than Carson Wentz you can't convince me. Josh Allen is better than Carson Wentz. Cuyler Murray is not better than Carson Wentz, but he might turn out to be. Color Murray by all accounts exceeded expectations last year in Arizona, and now you give deandre Hopkins. He's still have Larry Fitzgerald all right. You got a chance to do some pretty interesting things there, but Carson wentz is still among the okay, if he's the eighth, his odds of the eighth best to win the MVP this year. By, last look according to write. The Vegas, odds now are there. All those are all quarterback goes. Jackson Wilson Shawn Watson Tom. Brady drew brees Dak.. Cuyler Moore and Carson tied at eighth. Okay. That makes sense because he's the cowboy's quarterback anything. They're gonNA try and. Yeah, but DOC is put up good numbers. Carson Wentz I think you know. He had that moment where he was going to be. The MVP decided to Tuck the ball and run against the rams, and a season was over. He was going to win the MVP. And maybe he would have led them to the super. Bowl win against the Patriots. But the fact that Nick foles did it almost like. It happens so quickly in the NFL where you're there, and then you're gone. Because somebody else comes in and then they'll so you got new quarterbacks. You Got Joe Borough in there now. I got Trevor Lawrence coming in next year Justin field coming in next year. It just happened so quickly where we're waiting for that next guy and Carson Wentz. He was up on the pedestal for a little while, but not as long as you would think. Great Story and then prove that he was a legitimate quarterback, got paid and had a respectable year last year, but I'm surprised that Jimmy Garoppolo is that high Jimmy Garoppolo should not be on the list. Certainly not in the top fifty players. And I Garoppolo is what in the mid forties, there of top players that I'm really surprised at that we apple grapple feels Kinda like we're. Jared Goff was a year and half year. His team gets Super Bowl your remember. They're scoring like crazy. That Rams, team and everyone golf may have been propped up by the team around him. He was very good that season in offense and defense, great and Kyle. Grapple Asher same thing, good offense, great defense! But I know it's these lists, and if I'm Carson Wentz, use it to your advantage. Got A chip on your shoulder. Great. Go out there and prove everybody wrong. Eight seven seven three DP show email address tps Dan Patrick dot com. Do you have a poll question, mclovin? Yeah, we went back to our one. We were talking about which quarterback would you want to build a team around? And all these of mid level? Guys Jared Goff Jimmy Garoppolo Dak Prescott or Carson wet. Who Do you think is leading the poll? Well it's either once or back. It's actually wentz one Jimmy. G. Somehow is second. He didn't make the Super, Bowl. He's had some I so did Soda Golf. Yeah they buy those guys both monster contracts as I recall. What's the difference here between Jared Goff in Jimmy Garoppolo? They both on farther than back. Yeah. DAK plays every game. Yeah, it's. He doesn't play well, every game. But. He played every game day out. Here's some numbers you. You know, Ethan. WHO's our stance? Guy Graduated from Harvard. And he has the day off today and he just sent this in. Dak Prescott has ninety seven touchdown passes thirty six interceptions. Carson Wentz says ninety seven touchdown passes thirty five interceptions. Are they really that different. It feels like Carson has shown us a higher side. has but that doesn't mean you know. Jack is not going to do that this year with all the weapons. They have there, but I don't get caught up in these lists. I guess it. Let's say there was the top fifteen sportscasters or radio host then I would probably get caught up in it if I was down the list. But if I'm a quarterback. Just like you know Cam Newton. Just use it to your advantage. Got A chip on your shoulder. Glennon proven wrong. Dan. Orlovsky of the mothership former NFL quarterback. Upset that Wentz not in the top one hundred Orlovsky, tweets me confused in two thousand seventeen number three top one hundred players now not in the top one hundred people need their Dang. Checked. 2017 wentz sixty percent completion thirty three touchdowns seven interceptions. Two, hundred and fifty three yards per game, twenty, one, thousand, nine hundred sixty four percent completion, four thousand passing yards, twenty seven touchdowns, seven interceptions threw for two hundred and fifty two yards. And Twenty nineteen as Orlovsky points out was done with way less help around him. Yeah Carson Wentz had quietly had a very good year. And that was an and they won the division. Now Given, the redskins aren't any good. The giants are rebuilding, and you had Philadelphia banged up and down still didn't win the division, so something should be said. There has to be accountability for that with Carson Wentz. Carson Wentz not in the top one hundred. I don't agree. Here's another thing to keep an eye on. The NFL players names that you're familiar with who are opting out of playing this season. And the Patriots are getting hurt here marcus cannon and Dante hightower. Are Not going to play this year. The chiefs, offensive lineman. Laurent Duvenage Tardif. Who is a doctor says that he is going to continue to do what he's doing and help to. Help people fight the corona virus. Treat them, and he's not gonNA play Eddie Goldman for the bears, just got paid like a four year forty million dollar deal, not a big name guy, but a talented player. He just announced that he's not gonNA play this year. Did you see where the Vikings infection control officer? Tested. I shouldn't laugh, but so why are you laughing I? Don't why I'm laughing I. Just found it funny. Nobody knows more about this than I do. The Vikings announced Monday that Eric sugarman. The team's head athletic director. Trainer and infection control officer tested positive for grown. There would be irony in that right mclovin. That that would be ironic, typical sugarman. Guys younger man. Now Hope. He's okay. After I laughed. It's fair to say that. Many people in sports industry view the world through the football colored glasses. The view of other sports is maybe a fun site activity to the main event which happens in the fall. Or you're watching other sports to see what impact they might have on football and I think football's going to be monitoring. What's happening with the Marlins just to win if they're when or if there's an outbreak how you treat that? And you had four more players from the marlins roster, so I believe that's eighteen members of the franchise, the organization you have tested positive so far. And the non bubble sports that they face an uphill battle fighting the virus in the early news in great for the NFL, they try to open camps and like every sport. They've had a number of positive tests yesterday. The Vikings said trainer. Tested positive. So that's where we are the sheer number of players on our football team, and the sizable staff present enormous challenge here coming up and the logistics of the NBA style bubble would have been really difficult to pull off. You just can't imagine a whole football team a world descending into one city, or you could have maybe a couple of bubbles like the NHL has. The NFL, trying to figure it out, and hopefully they can learn from what they're seeing with major league baseball as we move forward. Jason Lockenfora, the information guy for CBS. He said that he was talking to a couple of anonymous sources. And these are all people in the. Executives one AFC team executive, said the NFL better be looking at an eight game schedule. You also had another high ranking team official. Were playing sixteen games in this question mark really question mark. Then he goes on to say. This is why some GM's I've talked to believe. Ten or twelve games would be the Max. This is why another GM recently caught himself talking about when the season starts and quickly changed it to if. There's degree of difficulty. We knew this going in and I think. These leagues are listening and watching other leagues to see what they're doing and how they're doing, and by all accounts looks like the NBA has done it right, and we're going to have basketball coming up in a couple of days, college football to me is going to have a real difficult time just with the cheer number of players and trying to control them. and. You have colleges coaches. They're changing their schedule. Like. CAN WE MOVE UP A game? Can we move back again? But I think just trying to keep everybody safe here in college. Atmosphere is going to be difficult. Of You know because you can say to a professional hey. You got to be smart with where you go what you do when you leave the facility with college kids good luck with that and I. think that you know that's where college football going to have a real difficult time. With any fluidity in this season, it just feels like there's going to be situations where games are postponed. canceled. Can you move them back? If you start to season later. Does that help? I don't know if it helps but. I. Don't look at this doom and gloom because we've gotten farther than I thought we were going to. I didn't think we're going to have an NBA season. I thought that the NFL season would be push-back. I Thought College football was in serious jeopardy I didn't know if baseball would ever get their act together now. That's not to say that just because you start. You'RE GONNA finish. Because I have serious doubts about baseball finishing and I have doubts about college football, and the NFL being able to finish. Hockey seems like they got it. Under wraps, there feels like they got a pretty good handle here and the NBA feels like they got a pretty good handle. Once you get in the bubble, you stay in the Bible and they monitor you then. It feels like the NBA should be able to get this started and you know. Hopefully to completion here that you get a championship here, this is why it's so important for these leaks the reason why they're going through all these. Loopholes is they're. Not even loopholes. They're trying to overcome. These hurdles is there's so much money in the postseason. Everybody wants to get to the postseason. Because that's where your money is. Twice Baseball added six more teams. Six teams I'm GonNa make up a little bit of revenue here. I don't know this could be the your college. Football could say we're going to do a sixteen team playoff, and no one's GonNa Complain. Now I know you have a contract with the mothership, but. That's where you could make even more money in the postseason. Football adding more playoff teams, you gotta get to the playoffs hockey. The same way get to the playoffs baseball. Get to the postseason. They don't care about this sixty games. They care about all of those playoff games. That is the big key here. The phillies are reporting to their ballpark today in small groups to submit saliva samples before departing for New York tomorrow. Joe Girardi toll the MLB network yesterd- moments ago. Team doesn't have access to the clubhouse at the ballpark today. So they have a field trip to their ballpark to submit saliva samples before departing for New York tomorrow. Because the Yankees rated come there for a couple of games now they're going to New York. But nobody has tested positive yet with the phillies right now. It's just been the Florida marlins. Eight seven seven three DP show email address tps, Dan, Patrick Dot Com. It's a pretty good story there, with Alex Smith and the Redskins. And if you got to see the I, don't think it was a thirty for thirty. It might have been an east sixty story that was done on Alex Smith. It was really well done. It's well done because of the access. They Alex Smith was giving ESPN and letting you in on exactly what he was going through and I think he's up to maybe seventeen surgeries. To try to come back. From that devastating knee injury, and when you have these injuries in, they're worried. Sometimes there's artery damage or the. You know that you could have your leg amputated. But Alex Smith. He hasn't been cleared to play by the REDSKINS doctors. He's on the physically unable to perform list, but if Alex Smith is healthy, then he's your best quarterback there. But I. Don't know Alex Smith plays for the Redskin. They might say to him Hey Alex. We're going to settle your contract here and then if you WANNA, try to play somewhere else. Then you have our stamp of approval, but. He's almost back. I think. His doctor cleared him to start working out. But not to be able to actually practice with Washington yaupon. That's exactly right. My Ron. Rivera said to Alex Smith has passed part of his physicals, but they still have two of the football portion the physicals. They're therefore. He's on the PUP list right now. If you are put on the pup list before the camp starts, they could take you off it if you are put on it like in the middle of training camp, you're kind of on it for the season, so we would give them the option of bringing him onto the active roster almost any point. Yeah it's a good story, and you can't help, but root for him, you know. He was there in Kansas City, and then they brought in, mahomes he was in San, Francisco then they brought in Catholic here. He is in Washington. He gets injured now. They bring into Lane Haskins. They, move on. They move on quickly. Maybe he gets an opportunity, but I think. Team doctors are probably GONNA have. A hard time. San, let's let's try to Alex. Smith back out there even if he's cleared to play. I just I, don't know if he plays another game certainly for Washington Yanic Club. What a weird career that you just! so He's number one Aaron Rodgers goes at the end of the first round. And then he goes Sanford he's. He is a very good quarterback. He's not great, but he's a very good quarterback when healthy he wins. His winning percentage is pretty impressive. I think it's probably like seventy five wins and forty five losses, something like that, but he's never been good enough to be better than the guy behind him or the the guy that they brought him and. I don't I don't think he's going to be playing football. But the fact that he's even this close is really amazing. I had a hard time watching this. And having gone through six knee surgeries, it paled in comparison to what this poor man went through. And that it was in graphic detail. They showed you what he was going through. And wasn't it? lattimore this South Carolina. Back Marcus lattimore that I think they were worried when he got hurt that. You know you risk amputation depending on the severity Teddy Bridgewater when he got hurt. and. Blood vessels, and all the things that could go wrong in Alex Smith had just about everything you could possibly have. And it's tough to watch, but if you WANNA see you know somebody overcoming. An injury in the perseverance. Alex Smith, show. He showed me far more in that than he ever did on a football field, and he did some great things on a Football Field Yarmuk love. When he threw me in the Super Bowl. Sad, it was very catchable ball even when he was, that was in Minnesota, and remember I've always called him. And he got traded that day when he was there with us. In Minnesota, and I've always referred to as a gay manager and I was watching pardon the interruption last night Michael Wilbon said you know people. Call Him Alex Smith Gay Manager. I call him a game a manager and I mean that in a positive way because if you put him in a different era. Bart Star or he's Bob Greasy? He's a guy who in quarterbacks used to games. Troy Aikman was a game manager. Now it's just hey, let's just throw the football, but these guys. You know Johnny United's managed football game. and. That's the compliment that he took. He was taking what you were giving him and then try to take even more, and he could beat you with his legs. He was really a good quarterback, not great but good, but he knew how to. It's the difference. Greg Maddux pitches. Other guys throw. What I was talking about without with, and I meant this with a full complement of he manages a football game. Start to finish how to win again, Russell. Wilson does this. He manages a game. All right we'll take a break more phone calls coming up here. It's twenty one twenty two after the hour. This is the Dan Patrick Show. Got draftkings back with us all right. 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It was what now where the BBC's season fetish okay. Yeah you can do that if you want. What do you think? I. I'm trying to be positive. I'd like to see what happens over the next week here with the Marlins and any any other teams. That they came in contact with I. Just like this is a hiccup. I don't I don't know if it's sort of a prediction premonition of what's going to happen with other teams. We're going to have positive tests I get that, but when you have a team that might not be responsible in the moment when you have positive tests. Here's something to keep an eye on. Baseball source said that to me yesterday. Because what happens when they're. Your team is not in the playoff race. Let's say we get too late. August early, September in your team is whatever a twenty and. Twenty eight. And you still have games left. HOW DILIGENT CONSCIOUS THEY GOING TO BE! You know when they may be like there's if you know we test positive for the season gets shut down or are season. Get shut down. I think you might be a little more lax. These you might see that with some of these teams and that's going to be. It start to finish for everybody. Got To be fair to everybody involved in it even if you're not going to be a playoff team, I mentioned. Alex, Smith, career, record actually it's ninety, four, sixty, six and one, which is very good, but since twenty eleven seventy, five, thirty, five and one. And the only quarterback, who had a better winning percentage since twenty eleven. peyton manning, Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers. Pretty impressive, they're almost sounds like A. Stat. Dad of the Day. Here comes that. What stat of! I still think these Patriot players who decided they're not going to play this year. You've you've lost a couple starters here. It's a it's a big loss. I'm surprised that this isn't garnering more headlines. That players are opting out of playing the entire season Yarmuth club. That was another poll option. Do you think the Patriots have a winning season? Their win totals about nine nine and a half. You does playing quarterback through I don't. I set a long time ago. I'd never bet against Bill Belichick so I won't. Bet against him. I won't bet against him. They might just eke out. Nine wins. But. I'm. Not Gonna I'm not. GonNa bet against him, but he I mean you've got to replace a cotton and hightower or starters on this, too. And got a quarterbacking situation. That's in a state of flux. You're not sure about your wide receivers. Thank you got a couple of marquee players on defense but But it comes down to handicapping that division because is Miami going to be a threat this year? is going to be starting for this team. Is. Buffalo able to build on what they did last year with Josh Allen, and it comes down to Josh, Allen. Because I know they got. That's good team. That's a good team I just. I'm not sure about him. And then you got the jets. The jets somehow won seven games last year. Can't imagine that that would happen this year, but. GM came out and said we're not tanking this year. Well who does come out and say they're tanking like? Wouldn't that be the news if if you're mark? Cuban is the only guy think on record. Who any came on her show to say that they were tanking. In, he lit up by the NBA Home Office doing it. And he said I'm just being honest here. All Right? A couple of phone calls here. Let's see gave Texas Hi Gabe. What's on your mind today? How you doing Dan Happy Tuesday. A couple of things on that poll question on the four. Pick one I guess. I'M GONNA pick. My my home state Guy Dak, but only because they have one of those Not Not big on any of those guys. Just the last few days I've been wearing some astros gears of getting ready for the baseball season restart and I'm getting so much. Hey, you know like. When I go golf and I wear a hat and the Oh cheaters you know and stuff like that I'm getting everywhere. It's it's it's a little. It's a little much. I mean considering that the other teams that have gotten busted cheating lots years, so are you. Are you going to stick with being in an astros fan? Yeah, that I have to I mean I grew up with you know I think I am I mean? If? They got caught again or something like that is then maybe I might rethink that, but I gonNA stick with my team. Well you'RE GONNA. Get grief, but it could be worse. You could be on the Astros and get hit by a pitcher to. Juno who the manager do you know who the manager? The Astros is gay. The. Baker right well done you know, stay on hold gay, but we're going to get your address from Marvin. We'll get that. We'll send you out. A couple of t-shirts there fritzy. Season Astros fan he did not know that. Baker manager, but thank you gave good luck with your astros. The Astros. You're you still got a good team? I, have we got an update on Justin verlander. fritzy. Do you know what the answer is? Have done so far this year. As far as their record, we've only a couple of games. Somebody guests there like two in one. Three in one three one, but I want to know. Why did we go out for the season two? It's. Well, I don't know I don't know who said that. he was out for the season was at a reporter. Someone was the little too quick to the Yes mclovin can not name last year's manager for the Astros off the top of his head under pressure. Last year's manager of the Al.. I hate being put on the spotlight. Well when you don't know the answer, but I know that's like I. I don't know why it's escaping me for somebody's. Yes now we don't have break. We got time to know where you're all right. I'm picturing the face of have it because I know he got a lot of grief with the whole thing. Yeah, he got accused of cheating to win a world series. It was in grief he. got fired for cheating. Did Jam Gotten GM got fired? I'M NOT GONNA ask you to name the GM for the of your team. And once again astro's gear. The rest of this year entire year. Yeah I'm thinking. I'M NOT GONNA. Cheat in Google I know. It'll come to me as I. Just I can't think of it the second. Yeah, well, clock is ticking time. I hate this. Terrible I can't think of. But. It's your team I know that's just or is it to? He was your team in a everything about the eighty six. Can you name? You should be on a name? Three players on the current teams that I won't ask you that. I got to get the Astros manager before the show guy got fired for being a part of cheating scandal. You Look Frank. You gave me his phone number so I could reach out to him. You tried to book him for a month by. Let's look it up on my phone. I don't come to this so. Let me go to Keith in Virginia. Hey Welcome to the program. Hey Dan first time long time six one action at a doctor's office right now and discover the skin and say to twenty eight. Thank, you? I wanted to ask you a question I'm longtime dodgers fan, and it's somehow someway. The dodgers don't win the world series, is you? Dr Roberts continued to keep his job and I really appreciate I liked morale. Did you guys do during this time and I really appreciate this show every single day and great job. Thank you You were talking about Dave Roberts the dodgers manager. He's GonNa Catch Heat. Even if they get to the world series, they don't win it. He's he's GonNa catch eat, but. I don't know the inner workings there. Of, but it seems like Dave. Roberts is well liked, but with you just spent all that money on. mookie Betts. At some point you're going to say. You, know we. They're a weak link here. Like why are we winning? And by the way remember the the owners were pleading poverty. And then all of a sudden mookie betts gets a four hundred million dollar. They somehow found a way to get money. Yeah. Dan Your dodgers finished in first place in division every year since two thousand, thirteen, ninety two wins, ninety, four, ninety to ninety one hundred four wins, ninety two wins, one hundred six wins last year, and they have two world series losses. mclovin just want to point out at least that guy knew one of the name your. Favorite team. Roberts right, todd. Do you know the manager who got? The whites I don't know I'm thinking of. Heat this. In, you tried to book him. For at least a month. I couldn't think of dusty. Biggest stories in recent sports history manager all ends of all the. Guys I know the ZIP, the area code and everything. This guy got fired for cheating snow thick of it. They won the world series and he got fired. The! GM got fire so frustrated. Jim Something? Jim Something Somethin- something. Ron Something. It's not Jim something. Probably got the initial so imagine if I couldn't get. Yes? And here's. What everybody here's Dr Eli Trash I guarantee. There's not a basically. We knew to managers out of thirty coming together. This was one of. Those guys that is forget him you. Can't laugh at the irony of what todd that was funny, but But I don't think Paulie would've. He's the most forgettable manager. They reaction was still got fired. He didn't know dusty Baker. Am I allowed to give based on their reaction and that's something. Aj hinch there you go well done very memorable name even with the the whole scandal in the banking of. His fault for being named Aj Hinch. Memorable. Did, but it's like why is it? A more memorable name than you might have remembered is what you're saying, but not dusty Baker hours town like that seems like a memorable name. They're very weak. Well done well done. Well done. Well done Aj Hinch, thank you. You. Never book to either did not yeah. I'm looking at now. This is early in the season. The dodgers, big stars, bellinger and bets hitting a combined one, eighty nine rested the team batting three, twenty seven. Too early to panic? Aj hinch. Right. Aj hinch. You got it against. The baker now runs. Aj, hinch incredible. You've done it. We'll take a break last. Call for phone calls. Close up shop what we learn. What's in store tomorrow? Thanks for listening to the Dan Patrick Show podcast be sure to catch US live every weekday morning nine until noon. Eastern six to nine Pacific on Fox sports radio, and you can find us on the iheartradio APP at Fsr or stream it live every day at Youtube Dot com slash the Dan Patrick. Show John Horn host of the podcast Hollywood the sequel on every episode where Challenging Producers Actors and directors to tell us what's broken in Hollywood and how they fix it. Here's producer Eva d'Hiver. Name on ending systemic racism. Just, not enough statement is not enough. One black executive is not enough to not enough you're accompanying must look like the real world, and we're tackling other problems like keeping everybody safe onset and fixing Hollywood's broken GIG economy. Here's Mulan Producer Jason. The financial pressure to. Do less with more in terms of days. Running a crew twelve fourteen hours six days, a week wasn't a sustainable model before, and it's definitely not a sustainable model now listen to Hollywood the sequel on the iheartradio. APP APPLE PODCASTS or wherever you get your podcast. Hey guys. We're Jack and miles. The host of the daily psychos I'm also miles separately, though yeah, both Jack and miles I just wanted to clarify that. Yes, no I speak of myself in the third person and refer to myself as Jack. Miles, what do we do on the daily like? Oh. What we do is we look at the news and we just kind of analyze it and see what is going on in America. And why are these things trending? And why is this the way things are? Yes, we'll tell you what's overrated. What's underrated? We bust myths. We don't just tell you about the culture. We tell you what our culture means about America's psyche. We don't just tell you about the news. We tell you the historical context of the news, and where things are headed all while having hilarious, an intelligent guests from the world of comedy tune into the daily Zeitgeist twice a day on the iheartradio, APP apple podcasts or wherever podcasts are given away for free. The dodgers in Houston tonight for the first time since game five of the twenty seventeen world series. Thirteen to twelve ten inning astros win that gave him a three two series lead going back to La Clayton Kershaw blue separate leads of four to nothing in the fourth inning, seven to four in the fifth inning. In that game, the Astros hit five home runs in the last home game of that controversial trash can banging season. and. Of course, there's a whole lot of research indication speculation that the astros knew exactly what Clayton Kershaw was throwing hitting those five home runs off the dodgers pitchers so back in Houston. How long does it take before? Somebody gets thrown out in that game. Even though it's an astros home game. First inning. Maybe they wait a little bit expecting it to be in the first inning. Todd I'd ask you, but. About the. Fourth! It Yeah Yeah. Pulling aren't you kind of curious? If the UMPIRES, let it go. Because it's going to happen in. The UMPIRES may not be on the side of protecting the Astros. But they have to be on the side of protecting players in accordance to their job, they may not like what the Astros did but I don't know if they can plead ignorance with the commissioner and go. Oh, we all the dodgers and Astros. Don't like each other. Is Much as you would. You know the players police the game. That's the empire can tell you hey, don't do that. It'll be up to the players to decide if they're going to do something. Buzz the tower there, but I I wouldn't be shocked if somebody went down tonight. Another New England Patriot opt out, sided not to play the season. Patrick Chung defensive at six players with the Patriots. And what do you have three or four starters here? This is a big deal. Yarmulke love you gotTa tank. Okay, Cam do deal to tell them sorry cam not this year. Well, why bring in Cam dated? No, maybe they didn't know. All these guys are gonNA. Opt out now. They're deciding to tank. Yes, maybe you bring in Cam to look like you're trying, but then tell all your players want you guys just sit out this year comeback next year. This is six players. It's a big deal for the Patriots. We're not even into August yet. What's the over under on the Patriots and nine wins? Nine and a half Wednesday appalling ballot check will make the playoffs and get coach of the year war this year with no players. Nick and Florida, joining us. Hi, nick, what's on your mind today? Dan How you doing good sir. I've eight one eighty. I just wanted to throw used I'm down here in Florida and speak to was the big guy down here? Don't be familiar. We speak, but the Boston federal grain for a couple of years ago. And I've been looking for a new sports show and definitely founding. Would you guys all do? The show and you guys get along. Together That's all. I wanted to say down. I just wanted to tell you thanks for. Thanks for being you'd be I. It's a great pleasure to listen to you. Thank you, nick. I. Appreciate that. Very complimentary. Thought he was going to say like Fritzy's the heart and soul of this show. Manager was. Zach in Las Vegas, exactly have. Hey. I am one ninety five five. For a long time. Yeah. I was just calling you guys. We're talking about Alex Smith a little bit ago, and how Kinda touch and go? His injuries were at the beginning. actually suffered a similar injury. I got hit by a car and had similar injuries. and the blood vessels on things broke down my leg and I actually had to get my leg amputated. Yeah so went the other way, and it was kind of just within a couple of days, so it Kinda shows you. I'm just backs up. How touching go injuries like that can be especially when there's multiple breaks. Did you know at the time when they brought you in that? You could lose part of your leg. Oh, yeah, it was a four don conclusion that one of them was going to be gone because it was so badly crushed the other one was crushed really badly in a kind of. One part of my leg went away to Alex. Smith one where that blood vessels recovered, and the like the flesh eating bacteria didn't take hold on that leg but the right leg had the blood vessels all breakdown, and got some shooting bacteria, and they had to amputate it so. kind of not as bad as it could be, but they had to take one of the legs. Thanks for calling in Jack. I just watching that Alex Smith Rehab what he went through is. It's incredible. The thank you. For sharing that. Lucan Alabama I look we have for me today. Shut up is that they're hard to follow that at all? I know my career. Do. You think that that shift is GONNA come out in a couple of months maybe with a report that Belichick was. Encouraging players to opt out kind of hold my beer to the jets trading Jamal Adams. You think you're going to be the worst now. Watch this. It's not crazy I mean it sounds crazy, but you start to think about this season and what is normal. Thank you luke. Call back in a couple of months. If it happens to be true, then Luke, you can take a victory lap yanic lemon. Couldn't you argue if the Patriots were all in? They would try to keep Tom Brady a little harder. I mean obviously are ready to move on to a new generation. was still cost. You Yeah. But. Now I don't think. I would be doing that. WHO'S GOING TO BE? Somebody's gotta be. The worst team is they're the worst team in the NFL right now. Is Jacksonville in there. Is, Cincinnati, and there again. Is Washington in there and. Who Else, we missing here Detroit the giants I just got last year traffic based off the Vegas jets while Panthers Bengals. The Washington football team in the Jaguars there's everyone. Yeah. Why. WHY KEEP CHRISTIAN MCCAFFREY? Why not try to trade him? If I if I'm matt rule and I'm going to take over this team as much as I love having Christian McCaffrey out there. You gotTa pay a running back seventy million dollars. And you're not winning anytime soon. Remember when the jets were deciding between Matt. Rule and Adam gays. No Final results of the poll question mclovin I never changed it back. You starwave. Carson Wentz runs away with for the day. Okay, but I still not top on. Goal it's unbelievable. Go around the room. What we learned in the program I'll start back left. Todd other than the. Astros, Kurt, manager, in spite of what we've all witnessed firsthand. You insist that you don't let listen rankings. Upset you and ruin your day. No Mike! This top one hundred dozen. Bother me, but it is voted by the players that's that's the curious part of this. What is it that the players don't see or Lichen? Carson Wentz? This isn't the media is in coaches? These these are players Amick. I learned that St Palaiseau for pro football focus is called the pitching tower of Pisa. We looked at up. So. That's not a good nickname. See Connor Buster Posey basically made Steve Palo's minor league career young for a brief period of time, Paulie fritzy blamed AJ hinch. His parents forbade naming. Remembers name. What did I learn? Todd head scratcher Prescott and cousins NFL top one hundred over went what we learned brought to you by RECON wireless ear buds way to go get fifteen percent off your order at by rake on dot. COM Slash Patrick. That's by RECON DOT com slash Patrick thanks for the phone calls emails tweets all around support tomorrow the music video from Tyler, the moderator more item before we close out this show simplisafe home security. Here's the thing about home security. Hey, guys, I'm Jackie, O'Brien Co creator of cracked dot com, and with my co-host smiles gray. I host the twice daily podcast the daily. The daily is we don't just tell you about the culture. We tell you what that culture says about America's psyche. We don't just tell you about the news. We tell you the historical context, and where things are headed all having hilarious and intelligent guests from the world of comedy, so tune into the daily Zeitgeist on the iheartradio. APP APPLE PODCASTS or wherever fine podcasts are given away? I'm John Horn host to the podcast. Hollywood the sequel on every episode. We're challenging producers actors directors to tell us what's broken in Hollywood and how they'd fix it. Here's producer. Eva d'Hiver name unending. Systemic racism. Statement is not enough. One black executive is not enough to is not enough. Your company must look like real world, and we're tackling other problems like keeping everybody safe, onset and fixing. Broken Gig. Economy here's Mulan. Producer Jason Rate The financial pressured to. Do less with more in terms of days. Running crew twelve or fourteen hours six days, a week wasn't a sustainable model before, and it's definitely not a sustainable model now listen to Hollywood the sequel on the iheartradio APP apple podcasts or wherever you get your podcast.

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