LCB Ep. 249 - Draft Day Review (Bad Movie), Interview With Captain America's Stunt Double Sam Hagrave (Extraction) and Characters With Football Names


I'm not I'm I'm not dumb. Net around fifty and beyond me. You can get me out of this massive. Finish off your sh might pay. You can't handle the truth. Maybe not maybe fuck yourself shoot your kid. One Full Day of what we've got here is saying yes. Just well we're going. We don't need roads your son Ali. Welcome to leads. Camera Bark slips owed to forty nine one way to fifty Jeff Law Ken. Jack Tro bonds. This is coming out Either late Wednesday Thursday so happy sports I guess. Nfl Draft Day in an honor the NFL draft. We are nothing like sports. Like watching a bunch of Bull Selassie people see. There's some people enjoying some sports ball that hey watching much older people select young college players in give them whatever that twenty two year old defensive tackle order of you draft day Maybe we all liked it. I don't know that's for you to decide and for you to predict the old reviewing that In honor of Jennifer Garner being the movie run into a box office game with Jennifer Garner movies and then top. It's not a topless. We've done this before we did a PFC as one of my favorite list to do it is movie characters who sound like football players last time we did this to t- like two years ago most the character name and then we assign a Position College Fund. So we'll we'll do that again. It was it was a good time. what's going on what's happening trill Trills if you hear some like a different type of trill today. It's because your Internet cable. Around on your wall with a pair of headphones. I got disconnected from the cloud. Longer part of the cloud. But I'm joining you via the the magic of the Five G. Network which which Everybody loves you. Tethered up right now. No I'm not either. I'm coming straight from my phone even better but I'm not even bothering tethering right now. 'cause my debt. My desktop actually doesn't have a WIFI connection Yeah I didn't invest in that caliber motherboard. Additional fifteen dollars to get the WIFI. Well why get Wifi when you have perfectly good ethernet? What's the point right? I I have one of those Google pucks in I'm talking about just strictly plugged into the puck but and end connect the PS four. To The puck when I WANNA download a game within eight hours. GotTa have the PUCK. What else does so? What are you reading? So you've been doing to supplement. No Internet No. No I've been. I actually tethered my work. Laptop Kim Jack so you Kinda get me there so I always working. Yeah boom And then Just went out this afternoon. So United Pretty Normal night last night She didn't catching up on the old. Simpson's I've watched like seasons four through seven Passively Watch them a lot of cases And I've been watching what my daughter to which may be a bad parent but I still think it almost two years old. She still doesn't believe what's going on. Simpson's obviously not bad. Not Bad could be watching what we're stuck in the census. That's how I'm GONNA rationalize it. Yeah I don't I don't think you're GonNa like fuck your daughter's future up here watching the simpsons now. No if I if I do if I do mess with their future is going to be because I ate fruit snacks. Don't let her watch drafted That's that's one thing when I got married to my wife and I we built in house. Promised to protect you from any Kevin Costner. Sports not perfect. That's instantly wedding. Though that in the Woody Co the Funchal Popper Vision. I will never make you watch a single Kevin. Costner Sports movie even though I like to. I three of them three of them. We're GONNA do a Kevin Costner box office game. And His filmography bored me to tears. Size said never mind. This is one of those boring one yet. What's the deal with the? What's the deal? Timing CAL ripken junior. Their personal relationships. We never heard that like that. Rumor Net lake at. I don't know just look it up. Just Google Kevin Costner. Cal ripken junior. I you guys were know something about. It doesn't ring a bell pretty sure that was like a rumor. That was out there with alleged Louis Rumor. Whoa THAT'S CRAZY. That'd be kind of cool. There's two good looking dudes say a man that's Tamas causing baseball. I'm just GonNa read ahead. I'm going to read the headline headlines. Kevin Costner really almost cost. Cal ripken junior the streak after sleeping with his wife. I don't care if that's fake. That's just been using piece of Trivia but I do care of. It's fake from the standpoint where I'm saying that's a rumor in allegedly. I don't believe it but I like in my mind. Everything should have a context like that again. Everything everything should be Kevin. Costner almost cost people something. That'd be like a whole separate addendum on his Kapiti page. Psych Cal ripken junior. It's like Nineteen Ninety something the nineteen twenty something years. And that's like one separate page Kevin Costner. Incident the Kevin Costner swatted down. Peyton manning's fifty a touchdown passes would have been climbed out in the fields. Batted it down punched out of the year. I just. I'm still kind of blown away with his Kevin Costner Story. I'm surprised you guys never heard of that before. No Yeah I mean I am too because you know I love knowing all the dumb shit and that just supremely qualifies as Dumb Shit. That's all right. I was too good story. That's like two famous people another person's spouse and I think that's I think that's also lead to some really good songs. Oh for sure like Leyla in something. Join yeah in a sense. Yeah although you know like Layla was real or is Joe Lean. I don't know but it's it's good. It's you know like they always say like out of out of the darkest skies you can find a rainbow. I think of making a song about that. Experiences isn't the worst thing that could come of it. I want this. This was the first thing that came to my head and you said Joanne. I can't play this clip. It's it's the greatest Alternate version of a song of all time Georgia. Okay what's what's up from the guy who when Roseanne got booted off the Roseanne Reboot. You did a version of so we miss your Roseanne. We want you back. Hope you're okay. And then he greeted Jolie the two Roseanne to one of my favorites. He's also like a decent singer too so the more funny Roseanne from a from a sonic standpoint fits in really well with Joanne. Oh Yeah My. My favorite version of Joe Lean Ever done was a swarm of leg recording by the white stripes. And it you know. It's like everything else by the white stripes where it's like it's like it's not like the Dolly Parton version but like you know Jack White's y'all Joe Lean and he does his dirty guitar pretty cool pretty cool sauce. Somebody should write that DEA. Joelene at the end of the POD. Why not severe good one for today? Bro Lean Rolling Rolling Broglie. I'm begging you please. Don't hit my jewel Paint yourself in accordance record. That won't get the Internet back. Your v Neck t reveals your PECs. Your xbox controller was left on my deck in. I cannot get over you sterling to be a great traps onto you. Don't talk about Joe. Lean off the PERP and can bow. We used to drink John Barley corns every other weekend. I wish we could go back there and used such tunes Joe Burling. Oh my God Alsina for watching her or I by the way I want to note something I've followed through on one of the show's finished it. The when the streetlights go on terrible ending life one of the thrill my phone I saw I could not believe I watched it. The the industry lights go on was they never went. They did go on actually but like the whole point of the show is at this girl and her teacher get killed and like it's this whole mystery of who did it and there's this this suspect to comes in kills like the boyfriend and all this in the end it was none of them. It was just some neighbor in it and the the last the reveal is that it's just a one off they're like Oh and the neighbor got arrested. He ended up killing both. What what I want you that ten ten minute episodes for that. What other shows like that where they just they they ex Fucking suspect out of nowhere. It was anti-climactic. True detective phenomenal saddle. I know I don't think it was true detectives. I don't know I can't remember I know you're talking about that's like it's insulting to the viewer. When they just make up a killer at the Dow even go either way can make it too obvious insulting. I don't WanNa be that screenwriter. You gotta find a happy medium. Can you imagine usual suspects just walked out? He's like looking at all the stuff. Knee realize some guy you never heard of before? Like just guy from the hot dog vendor. Yeah like just like like. Yeah wasn't wasn't even. It wasn't even related to the Kaiser Story just was like he's like Oh fuck when he was talking. I just remember it like it was a hot dog vendor murdered. That person as great seven instead of it being Kevin's Capex. That's essentially what the when the street lights go on. They just the sister gets killed. I mean I don't give a sham. Sorry I just bolted for everyone. The sister good skill at the end of the fucking series. And they tell you as she'd be being killed they tell you it's this neighbor and the neighbor. It's the last episode. I thought it was a joke or like a a fake APP over spoiled it for all twenty qube users. Sorry I know you missed me. No Oh capable begin again to the second Chris. Video is just Jesus man. It's a yeah pop better Sassafras. Somebody called the Kevin Spacey Christmas Eve video that I tweet it out today and said no nothing has been. Nothing's been the same since his video came out. You know what true true true all right. Well let's go. Let's get a door episode. I know we're just itching to actually I'm kind of agent at TACO draft day. I wrote a list of grievances basically. That's what my review was like my my my written notes on grafters grievances. I'm GonNa read them all off But this episode is brought to you in part by death. Wish Coffee can gentlemen leave. They sent us a little treat for the For the listeners. Yeah they send us a little treat ahead ahead of time. They knew were reviewing draft day And they knew that it wasn't a streaming anywhere in that we are forcing our listeners. To rent it or look blue so they sent us a little song ahead of time. So thank you to death. Wish coffee watching you ever motion from the college pros game. Dennis leary. Coaching Kevin Costner gets the blame Chadwick bozeman eighteen. Even though he's thirty five we know it's not streaming and you really had to pay just to watch draft just to watch Dr. Well that's great you know. How do they knew before we even get? They knew before we knew we were going to review it. It's crazy I didn't even know. Berlin was still like recording songs anymore. Trophy bands just ask draft. Yeah exactly Oh my God in this seemingly never ending lockdown folks. You gotTa have good coffee and I'll tell you what boy I lasted Dave Entire Day. I'll take a nap. Woke up I went to bed. Super fucking late woke up at like six with the puppy and I does old that the cold brew. The Death Cobra is fucking great. It is the logos. Give it to the dog. I didn't know if you can do that with the dog. I didn't sell champ. No I don't think that's a positive thing to do. 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When you're wearing glasses. Get Coffee Cup. He kind of blow in your Coffee Cup. And then in the air comes back and hits your glasses and warms your face up to a cold brew in the ground. Beens like coffee Equality both very good very rare sometimes brands. I like that a lot of moving on a lot of movie delayed. I'M NOT GONNA get into them. Dc moved back. Almost every movie moves a couple of up all just by a couple of months. Everything basically moving back to get into it. It's it's like doing fucking math problems at this point. Just reading numbers Shit. I say one got moved to a different platform that is scuba. School is coming to streaming like may fifty s go different blood worms or the scale crucifix. Cube sounds crampy. Do Screw are you sitting? Down is dead Miami Scoop there so this I've definitely GonNa Watch this. We're definitely going to scoop Mike. My question is though I wonder if we could tall enough people together to do like a live review. This I don't know just thought let's go to a lot on. How much cost at Bendigo? People that we can pull seventy five people together. We probably seventy five to one hundred people enough to be entertaining which we've learned because like we've done. Our movie nights across periscope. Twitter twitter is definitely a lot harder to keep people like their attention. You basically have to keep. Tweeting out the periscope link and be like like yesterday we were like we have the Family Guy Writer. Alex silken rules by we gotta get him on this show. Good end vader's fighting luke and we spiked up by like fifteen hundred. Two thousand people on the dips down his twitter. There's no-one sits on twitter like that. Unless there's a clear end goal. You know it's a movie and we're not. We're not showing the movie but I've learned that like you. You really got entice me. It was a movie they know already become difficult for for the live attention span. So I don't know if scoop is the right move but I was thinking that we could do. It was old school but anyway getting close tag to get into the free community. That's the way we tell people drake's coming on this this and then it's just like a guy named drink your phone but it's just not drake. It's just another drink every fifteen minutes. You'll hey dre how you doing. You're coming on five minutes okay. And just keep teasing him straight. And it's the audio from clanged Ninja. Yeah I was just just like same thing in just like okay. Drake like what's your favorite drop spot. Drake's Lake Alex over here. Oh cool Drink what's your what's your favorite weapon. Drake's like Malik. The gun and Shingo so-called Dude. He's so easy so smart and he was obviously not bad into fortnight but he so savvy been due to get on it. It's like how he released a song made Good Managerial Drake. He He Drake's releasing school. Early I don't know I'm kind of excited another new movie. There's a movie coming out on Thursday actually interviewed this episode. Sam Hargrave who directed this new movie extraction with Chris? Hemsworth the Russo brothers produced it on Netflix That's another new coming out that interviews later on in the show I t's he's fucking awesome. Awesome awesome dude and some set some cool shit about mandatory in a vendor's all that anyway scoop is in a movie and that's cool. I was like the fact that something new is that we were kind of looking forward to so it's nice. I'M GONNA rent it question. No I like it. I mean if if I spent If I spent twenty dollars to watch trolls world tour. I'll do scoop right because I did spend a did spend twenty dollars to watch. Charles you did you like it rid of it yeah. I enjoyed inam ballot. The first one and I'll make fun of those movies. And I'll be a big hypocrite about him because they they are without a doubt like the most cynically design pop movies. You know structured around the dumbest songs but somehow they're able to do it in such a way that just fucking pope's with his stick my little Back my brain enjoys shit. I just something about Anna Kendrick's voices just comfort food to me or like racial bloom to that too busy. I hear her voice now. I'm just like I'm at home. I feel comfortable now but I like the. The voice cast the net incorporating all the other musical elements. That was a nice touch. A classical section killed me obviously their their view of a music country music wasn't that refined the country music portion kind of expanded country music's a little more than just this sad person song. Kelly wasn't a Kelly Carter. It was Kelly Clarkson for that inaugurated like was the Jamie Dornan. Sex Men bit those good. Those will play one guys. I am live switching over in real time between between my computer and my Internet. Mbacke Oh does me seamless seals anyway? That's scoop how Halloween. You remember that movie. They're coming out with two more sequels because yeah Halloween kills than Halloween. Men's one of the Writers told Movie Web. It's like the first one on steroids. I guess it really is. The bigger badder meaner version of the first one. Remember the great thing about Halloween. It was something that we forgot is that it starts off and takes place around podcasters so it respects us which I appreciate about Halloween. I think I'd just completed the first live transition. A recording device in my Puerto Halloween was how they made it seem like it was this official final sequel to Halloween. And then he's not dead and they're making more because they just don't fucking care. I don't know if I had a favorite part of Halloween custer's renew spot. That was a great way to just. She'll like that time of type of stuff with Cova. Nineteen is what you're going to expect in two years at a movies or they're just GonNa Shoe Horn something that's current and do it two years later. What are that's how he dies? What if that was finally how they end? Not that we care not like huge Halloween fans. What are they finally killed? Michael Myers like a fire. S I think that might not I think that might not make anybody happy. Not a single soul. Jamie Lee Curtis I I don't know I mean they may the writer. Manageable said this ambitious right. That's basically what he's saying. It's on stare. I love movie on Steroids Right. There were bad right steroids. If like for movies it's it's painted like steroids have such a positive connotation for everything. There's a business intelligence tool that like people are trying to sell to me back in the day like vendors would like email me and they'd be like this so it's like excel pivot tables on steroids. I WANNA be like all smaller. Does it give me bacne? People still say that they'll be like yeah. It's like this on crack crack S- bad in front good. What was the movie you're talking about? Where the director when he was describing just he learned his said Yeah. It's like godfather combined gladiator combined with like good photos combined effect. Titanic it just listed off movies. People thought were good and said that his movie was like every one of those combined figuring it was but it's very funny. Net sounded like a bright director person. Type thing to say. Oh yeah oh Max Max Landis comment great dude that's what is sounds Santee. It just sounds like somebody like who just like Yeah you know. It's like titanic in that I show you some some Bubis Godfather in the sense that I'll let me people are in it. There's a couple of dudes in it. WanNa Talion Guy How about this one? This one's fucking crazy cary Fukunaga about no time to die. He'd said in an interview with interview magazine. It's very literal. I had an idea that this movie could all be taking place inside. The villains layer from the last film very memorable There's this scene. Where a needle goes into James? Bond's head which is supposed to make him forget everything and then he miraculously escaped by a watch bomb. And then he and Leia blow up the place and go on to save the day. I was like what if everything up until the end of act to is all inside his head that would piss people off. Yeah I couldn't think of a I couldn't think of anything that would belong. James Bond movies less than that. And I've seen the later Pierce Brosnan movies too in people but did you see what he said after that though but always said he was pulled anxious for this. No we said we thought about some ways we thought about some ways to send Suspend the prentice thing bond off But at the end we we just ran out of time. Disappointing as I expected it today. I mean this. I'll tell you what there are again. Which what did we just? We compared it to something. We compared it to to the man-in-black international no member the men in. Oh we oh. We talked about westworld how everything was a dream and all that shit we compared to men in black in the first one everything numbers marbles. The Earth is a Marta or Gallo. Like there's no big fuck you. You wasted your time than that. 'cause that's not. Even it's not thought-provoking it's annoying. I guess maybe you can find a way to make thought-provoking shouldn't shut the door completely on that but for most part that's just very annoying isn't isn't the hell like humor the TV show Dallas. Yeah isn't it. Isn't that how they ended the series or like a major plot point series of Patrick Duffy in the shower saying oh it was all a dream or something like that the big point in Dallas. Like somebody died. There was a cruiser. Jr Jr. I thought I was just thinking about the guy who shot. Jr they should. They should remake hours. Dead the remake Dallas again. They remain a few years ago except now should take place at like the sweets. Above THE W. And and the the the protagonist is like He. He's Vice President at his DAD's Real Estate Company and he does a lot of cocaine and Dr King Ranch and his girlfriend lives in Plano. As long as there's a WHO shot. Jr in there somewhere yes. We'll work that in there. I'm trying to work out a few different things with this. I Know Greg contact. He's listening right now. He wants to do few things. This episode brought to you Barbara. The barstool sports store we got. We got some Nice Nice hats for Mother's Day. Nice call your mom. Had some really good stuff there. Don't think you can say that a puzzle a puzzle with Mining Ken. Jack's face on it risk which is kinda crazy. Yeah you can just bleep that out. Yeah I already believed that. It's fine. Get some get some Gronk merch signing not signing a treaty to the bucks a Barstool sports store stored up BARSTOOL SPORTS DOT com. Get Your Barstool. Merch. I it was A. I'm excited. Gross back but I was like reading some stuff yesterday where like Patriots fans thought. They gave away or thought they didn't get enough for GRONK Korea. I know they're so there are some patriots fans now. There are some people who are making fun of Patriots fans like Yeah Okay. You're saying you're saying like. Wow we a fourth for a guy who wasn't gonNA play in there like you're really actually mad. I think that's like the Patriots fans are saying that and they're being seared. There's a reason because that's a great deal Yeah there's a great deal. It's something you never thought was going to be worse. Something is now worse. Something as a colts fan just pisses me off. Just found twenty dollars in your fucking suck ass before pig is like that. Yeah I don't know it just fucking heads there's a there's always be subsections of any fan base. I think is probably one of the things with three people were like. Oh my God what the fuck and then like buzz fuck. Sports picks it up and runs a de Patriots. Fangio kissed their fucking limit on twitter. It's like two guys. It's like Brady Domino Dom Grady Dom Brady Domino's guy who's a fan of Brady Domino's pizzas. They don't even have a profile picture. It's like two tweets in the that Tom Brady. We gotTa Bring Back Dom grading now that he's on a different team top obey. That's right. Oh that's the worst. Dom Grady is so much better than Tampa Bay. Tampa Bay is one of the worst things we do. Have the DOM grady account now. Original owner passed away. And Yeah one of somebody. Somebody sat down on it. It is. It's taken yeah again because I know the the results trying to get it from the original owner for a while because I wanted to do. Just a very ironic. Tom Brady thing. You wouldn't be funny anymore but think about it in the context of two thousand sixteen. It'd be fucking hilarious. Oh that Nelson Tie dom grady so much better than Tampa so much better significantly better dot. Downgrades the ultimate like Darren Reveals GonNa Post this sort of thing Moving on Star Wars and other New Star Wars series in development From Russian doll creator. Leslie Headline She He's been making some according to variety that I will be a female centric star worship for Disney plus. There's sort of like martial arts type thing going on there She's writing the script. Serving as showrunner is with screener and says lottery reporting on this. But it's GONNA be set in a different era not the same as like the high republics. Shit I the cool keep keep making star wars shuts all all in all in on star worship. I don't care if it's all female or they'll Yoda's Sabas like star wars shows but working so far. Just keep making them. I'm very happy with one episode of Star Wars. A week like what? What's the worst that happens? You don't like it. Don't watch it. I think it's fucking awesome. Like just make as much as you can like any fucking the good stuff like the warring. We'll just keep watching and they'll just keep making 'em all about it and apparently and I haven't washed Russian doll yet. I really like behind list. People love Russian doll. So that's Excites me a little bit? I watched an episode was okay. I was actually. It was good. I just I didn't didn't continue and I probably should have but it was. It was it was interesting. It was a concept ambitious worse than ambitious. Imagine if Keanu reeves like read the script of the new Matrix two. It's a concept it's really on so I just feel like I wasn't grabbed. I should have been but at the same time like a lot of shows do that to me. I don't think all altered carbon did that to me. I just kept watching it because I knew that it was as much stupid dumb shit but this is this the Russian doll. I think is a little smarter than that. Maybe I'm just not there. Did you finish the last season Carbonate now I stopped watching. Yeah that's I can't do. It can't do it right now. There's too much too much stuff. There's too much stuff on all these platforms and just don't don't have the bandwidth to devote to a suboptimal show right now. Fair enough which is Which is why I am currently watching movies. You keep watching. I'm currently watching Dave on fx. Oh which is good for can I? I came into the wrong period of that show but apparently people do like it a lot. So many good chance Mark Wahlberg have a mark Wahlberg. He was almost in men in black three. As the Tommy. Lee Jones throwback character instead of Josh Brolin Delight that I think dress Brolin was very good comp to Tommy Lee Jones to be honest. I don't think he was either but imagine. Walberg feared it would have taken your right out of the movie. I think I would have preferred Walberg really. Yeah I don't know I just there's something about there's something about a no fence mark. Wahlberg but Josh. Brolin hold you a higher standard and I felt like I felt like men in black was beneath him whereas with Mark Wahlberg has been in transformers movies. I feel like would fit into that universe perfectly. He did Joe. Heck's like the year before doing fucking Menem Jonah. Hex Is the least ambitious. Yeah super fucking ambitious. We who we just talking about that. Oh we interviewed every. Let's say that right. Yeah we can. We just interviewed someone from Jona heck's and we were just talking about random tossup what movie talks to the dead. Who just talked about Jonah hex Jared Jeffrey Morgan? He was you know what I did. Watch the other DAY WITH MARK. Wahlberg was Ted to and Had all-time great line I forgot about was when they're in the car and Amandus I freeze character. Says she went to Arizona State and then Ted head? Some wine like Arizona's Day on like how many times have you done fucked on the houseboat? We talked about ten to actually recently. We just talk about. I don't know what his accent of his work on it with separate Farland was but Robbie Fox asked him like a controversial say that ten tooth better than ten and he goes yes he goes he goes. We had a lot of funny jokes and Ted too because we hits appoint were. There's a courtroom scene that lasts a year. It's it's awful. It's funny listening to someone who works openly. Admit like I didn't really like that. It's nice refreshing. Yeah go back and rewatch our our empire strikes back thing he talks about the stars family guy a bunch of other stuff family guy in general but it was. It was pretty. Fun Is Fun. Listen true you know the the family guy bit where it's like Look what he loves. Bureau loves it when they say the line of a movie within a movie yes he wrote. That joke which to me is one of the funniest guy for me. The most referenced line for me from Family Guy. I'd like to come along because I'd love to talk to him. They went back. You know what we ask for back to the future because that's actually getting released on Netflixing. May and he said it's one of those perfect movies. That'd be a good one to do it with. Yeah that'd be Stahl Jit Trillon actually people in the Kinda chat when Alex Zahn. We're like I think outs who might just be true. And truly voice change. It sounds exactly like you guys. You guys will hit it off. I'd love to talk about how sensitive the other writers are for like the Simpsons. Is it for a while? Simpson's got so pissed off at family. Yep He mentioned a couple we talked about the simpsons for like five minutes about a joke and he mentioned how funny like that's the thing is like obviously like I feel like anyone who wrote for family grew up with the simpsons at least had the simpsons in their teenage years and then the simpsons went off for a while. It's all simpsons did it. Thanks again they did every plot. And there are a Lotta things that rip off the simpsons. But that's because the simpsons were brilliant as true Simpson's did of Greek Egg. I watched two twenty two short stories. Or whatever it's called Springfield last night. It's just like one of the all time. Greatest episodes of television is brilliant Anyway family guys get to got no. He's Super Fun to talk to you. Fuck what are we talking about too? But just like we were just talking about random lines from blue harbor site that that fucking parodies is so perfect. It's an all time. I mean the whole all three of them like even mentioned my Seth Macfarlane all the writers they were very more down on the last one because there it is out of ideas but there are still very funny all three of them. Especially if you're star wars fan. Yeah very much. So last thing of news and draft day. Hbo Max Launching a May Twenty twenty the steps at the Stepson For Hbo. I was going to say it. Sounds like a fucking another account that criticizes. Hbo Hbo. Max here with my review of Westworld launched may twenty seventh monthly price of fifteen bucks. We'll talk about the differences between that and HBO NOW HBO. Very fucking confusing. By the way that's going to be a huge problem for them Ten thousand hours of programming on launch friends. The Big Bang theory the fresh Prince of Bel Air South Park. Doctor who rick and Morty shows from New Line Cinema Warner Brothers movies cartoon network. Tbs TNT HBO and other things as well to protect its warner. Brothers is what it is And then original content including Dune the sisterhood of Dune spin off. That'll be gorse. Mex- you've been taping episodes real sucks and so on to your frontal school. Got The nickname. Hbo Marks Necks. Oh my God what a pull on that. You're howdy Max name. Did you think of in your head. They're much better than me. Be olmecs. Tokyo vice in Ansel. Elgort movie are no wait? No it's a series. Tokyo vice starring in Solo work. I want that to be a grand theft auto game. Sounds like a good grand theft. Auto game give me a grand theft auto set in the eighties in Tokyo for player. Shit derived from Destin Daniel Krant. Who's doing Shanxi Sanctuary? That's right I swear to God that if the next grand theft auto takes place in New York or California. I'M GONNA BE I'M GONNA play the shit out of it and love it but I'm complain about it and tenders Intifada des Moines true. You've been missing Keighley quoque O or Kumiko. I mispronounce it for the Big Bang theory She's a new show on. Hbo Maxwell the flight attendant the flight attendant follows the titular flight attendant. Cassandra Bowden after. She Wakes Up Hotel Room in Dubai. Next to a dead body. She ignores this and returns to work at the airport flying off the New York where she's met by FBI agents. I kind of like that. I like the concept. What about like dark dark comedy? Is it a dark? Comedy or drama. Drama Oh okay John. How many sounds like it'd be kind of forty two different wave here you know? She's a very good Equestrian competitor no. I did not know that. Yeah she I think she got the she married A man who question Anna Kendrick is teaming up with Paul fee again for a wrong common fallaji series called love life cheerful boy. I can't wait. Can't wait for another fucking slice of Life Romance Anthology. I loved modern love on Amazon Prime. Love like all the stories about people in Manhattan who fucking go to counselling wines and then like Abdin Italian restaurant dinner fall back in love station. Eleven based on a story a book of mysterious flu like sickness which sweeps across the United States. Oh Fuck Dude timing made for love. It's nearly fair. Production adapted from the Alissa. Nutting I read made for love. It's a wedge. What we call it a switch who moved in with her dad after escaping the high tech count power. Her Ex Boyfriend Tech Entrepreneur kept turned monitored. Her every move that you sounds like a visible man. Gremlins animated series. And that sounds like that's it for the star okay. I don't mind gremlins. Bring them back. I like grim ones. I think the I think the GREMLINS are great. I think the director of Gremlins is a genus way. Had done. So what's the difference with? Hbo Max and HBO here. We're gonNA read these off. This comes from consequence of sound dot net. Because they feel Max offer a lot of things that offers a lot of movies and shit and stuff people warner brothers. Obviously that'll be Harry Harry Potter franchises. So that's that's big Hbo Max New Umbrella Service that collects programming. Hbo Warner Brothers. New LINE DC DC entertainment's on their DC movies Dark Nile that CNN TNT TBS TRU TV the CW Turner Classic Movies Cartoon Network Adult Swim Crunchy Role in more fifteen bucks a month. Hbo Goza Service Available for subscribers over cable TV subscription of HBO include dollar content programming and subscribers connecting your TV log in Hbo Now is the same thing as HBO containing all the same original content but without a TV subscription to HBO Hbo Experience Those. Those are the difference Varieties reporting that. Hbo Now Subscribers Bill Directly Through HBO. Receive h feel Max upon lodge at extra cost but HBO subscribers through one of at and T.'s. services will get it or charter. Communication will get it Your Max automatically otherwise you have to buy it for grams along very confusing. I mean just they. They gotta find a way to make that simpler. GotTa find a way to make that easier to figure out. That's just that's too much like I. I'm sure there's just too much but the HBO Max covers so much that goes beyond HBO. I don't know why they couldn't call it something else though I know. Like Warner Warner plus like is because I feel warner is A. Hbo Worn Again. No that named sucks but if you if you told me hey do you want. Hbo Max or do you want a combination of like the Warner Properties plus like Turner Classic Movies Because Turner Classic Movies. Actually probably a big sell for me. Somebody who's always like man. I wish I could watch more classic movies try. They're just never on the streaming service right like I think a lot of people if they had that John and the way there's also like there was a a platform that did that but I think I got shut down right. I don't know but I I like all that stuff. I just don't think it sells it. I don't think the HBO HBO and your brain just thinks HBO selling point is affected. They have such great programming and all that Shit. He needs something differentiated. But there's got to bundle those and make it simple because it's just not simple because I get it I like there's there's a point to each side but there's there's gotta be a way to make it easier to digest because right now it's a bit too much but again use the word. Hbo BECAUSE THAT'S QUALITY PEOPLE LISTEN TO HBO? Maybe here quality. So that's why can't they make a streaming service that bundles all the soundboards? I love together like Griffin soundboard. And the Arnold just an APP on your phone that I can use to just like Lois. Debbie Woman Lois someone on our last resort Daddy. And what does he do the the time that you couldn't get the canes for little linemen down from from 'cause I never? I'd never knew that that was the name of that song you sing it so fast. There's a little lion man what's your name. My name is little lion man. So Kevin Costner. Draft Day came out in two thousand fourteen by two or three weeks before the browns actually had like a wild night in the draft. Kind of ironic. It's the After Johnny Manziel so so Hysteria Chris. Berman going nuts. It's like it's like the movie it wasn't his the movies not plausible whatsoever. Follows the Cleveland browns swiftly than the General Manager Sonny? Weaver junior played by Kevin Costner when a pro football's most important days the NFL is drawing near but sunny has much more in his mind than just which players to recruit his lover. Jennifer Garner bizarre steady. The weirdest part of the movie domus be plot maybe ever added. Unnecessary is pregnant and the team teams owner Franklin Jello Played by Franklin Jello. Wants to fire him after sunny. Except I'd never take sunglasses off by the way Sarah Strange. Not once very weird. There's gotta be reason behind that like I've maybe he was sick or something. I don't know after funding except to deal with Seattle than Nazi team's first-round picky immediately wonders if he has made the right choice for himself and the browns draft day twenty fourteen. Dennis leary as the head. Coach Chadwick Bozeman before a Black Panther. Plays a college student. What's the deal with this roster fifty two players how come I only fifty two players get fifty two cards in a Dick Love Smoking? These assholes giant drag from a cigarette. Yeah Chevy bowls and plays a forty year old college student. Arian Foster's in the movie which is kind of blew my mind Sean combs in his in it for a little while at a p Danny. That was a brand of his well Terry crews in for a little while and it's a random movie it does some cameos from like maybe some of the longer they could have gotten better cameos for this is what I'm saying Elliott's in it for like for forty seconds as the Wisconsin head coach Even just like the NFL cameras right. So goodell GRUDEN. Okay so Jim Brown legend Bernie Kosar Cleveland Legend. Then every football movie made in the last twenty years has Chris Berman in it just by Law Lake George. Bush signed that as soon as he got into office and then Ray Lewis Amalgam selfishness movie. Yeah what'd you do? Get pick ring any six still good. Were you pick the president does it? It's not illegal. That's all I can hear this song. I'll tell you what folks this movie draft day is a Gase Fart. V movie is a Gase fucking Fart. It sucks is the the most wannabe moneyball ass thing I've ever seen. This movie wants to be money ball so bad and it misses an every. Well I flew doesn't have Aaron Sorkin. That's a big. That's a massive difference in this and moneyball. Just the writing is off the wall. It's terrible and I don't think from my nose. I don't think football's ever had like moneyball. Mo- Indian. Now might be like. I think there have been changes to the game. I think the two thousand and three rules change that in you know basically Polian complained so much about that. Kohl's loss that kind of made it into more of a passenger glee like there have been changes to football because of things that have happened but like I don't think anything to the extent away like analytics taken over baseball. I don't think you can do that as much in football and other sports Basketball maybe as the one that comes in second closest. So you're right. It was like they're trying to they're trying to like horseshoe this lake outside moneyball type perspective into like this. This is understanding of football. That seemed like it was it was written by an alien who had access to Madden Games. Yeah that and they had a licensing rights. Nfl teams yes. He had all. I mean somebody tweeted us at me. I can't find a tweet. This was not my thoughts from giving someone else. Dade said that. This movie is a cool story if you've never seen the NFL draft that's like that might be the person inclined to say. This was good. It is all their solve anything with this movie. That pissed me off and look. I don't know I might be a little biased because it takes my favorite football team and it's just it's a corny disaster and my favorite baseball team is in my favorite sport. We've all time which is I would say. I don't like snored. Objectively objectively though at least close enough to sing objectively one of the best sports. He's ever made in major late. So I've seen the really good and I've seen the bat and this is fucking that so bad movie. It like watching. It made me think this and I didn't like thanking this. What if I'm watching a movie like hidden figures and somebody knows science is watching that? And that's their draft it but I'm watching hidden figures and I'm like this shit smart inaccurate and I'm too much of a dumb ass to know that I don't even know that much about football but I'd say I know more than the average person and this made me feel like I was might sensibilities. Were being offended when I watched it because I knew so little about football. I'm just like is. Is this what it's like when a race car driver watches rush or whatever like is I is this? How bad movies really are for some of these single within that profession and I'm not even within that profession so I don't think it is but it's just like I don't know that's one of the weird things about it. Is that like I agree in that? I think that they don't really have that money type angle they could take with a with the. Nfl is at draft age stuff. Like this doesn't happen in the same way that there's no story like Analysts in being traduced into baseball but the same time like this is like one of those first moves that really gets those licensing rights given that open window to do something super cool with the NFL and not having looking like like a blue jerseys in guys called the wildcats in. Yeah we're in the national football league like them. Having Michael cuddles corners going around that shit like that to me was a great opportunity that gets wasted so bad by this movie. Right like having those licensing rights and just the story is so implausible in so interesting and I think beyond being people who are experts the NFL. Like you're saying like people who really understand this shit way more than we ever really could like. We're Lehman we really don't understand that. Should we even knew that all that was so implausible and so stupid and far-fetched that's bad. You don't want people having that realization Bo Bo Callahan. Yo this this type of thing happens no it. Doesn't this doesn't happen this like no. They're like Oh remember. When the saints didn't know the saints it didn't happen during the draft. This is it's an implausible movie. And that's put that here's a thing throwing that aside. 'cause it's a fantastic sensational sports movie. Like I mean what Major League unlikely to happen either but a good movie funny movie and well written you look past it because that's the point of a movie this one. The problem is like I can pick that apart because the rest of it's terrible and I can lean back and say all right if you want me to overlook that if you'll need to suspend disbelief the rest will be sucks anyway. I get drafted at twenty. Eight is garbage movie so bad bad movie and a bad movie and people only like it. Because it's the NFL and if the draft and they watch around the draft it gets them excited to watch it. And it's I don't know someone's guilty pleasure like at movie that the the the problem is. I don't think in order to make a movie with all these. Nfl licenses and NFL celebrities and whatnot. You'd Never Gonna be able to make a captivating project because everything's GonNa be essentially a propaganda piece. All wait wait you remember. We had that interview. We interviewed Timothy Simon's from Veep he's in this movie. He's One of signs assistance. He told us that Bo Callahan in this movie was originally supposed to be a bust and the NFL said Nope you can't let one of our teams draft. The bus. There must be a positive spin on everything in this movie. Nobody really loses a trade right. The seahawks get quote unquote fleeced. But do they really because they end up with they had anyway? They lose a fucking returner so your debt. That is the dextrous true. Yes and so. You're never going to get a captivating story involving the NFL because everything's going to be polished to the point where it's you know. It's IT'S PROPAGANDA. It's it's it's a publicity peace and that's fine. That's what they do like out of all the leagues. They probably historically in the last twenty five years up until the last five have been the best at protecting their image. And then I think the gates Kinda crashed down on that. I don't think you can say that anymore. After the last five years still obviously a strong product but Neil goodell exist in that position to be yelled at basically take take eight dollars so I think he's just I think it's a function of like what we found out about the game in how how You know what it does to players when they play it and I think it's also a function of it just kind of being so big and people investigating it like as a business under a more critical that being said like I think when you separate like a sports story out you get into like the real interesting stories either about like how somebody changed the game or they're about a really small story about how somebody overcame odds and I think here you just get a story about a guy who had these odds that you know we supposed to overcome but at the end of the day still still. Nfl General Manager now. He's got a he's he's got a pregnant girlfriend like sort of a lot of people man like it's just not there's nothing does nothing different about the story just a regular guy doing his job it weird thing and I think when was the best movie so much to thirty five hundred by the way. It's not very good at all. Three point five okay. What are the things that bothers me? Maybe more than anything else in this movie is that it's extremely poorly. Acted like Kevin Costner. I Love Kevin Costner. Great actor he mailed this movie in more than anyone's ever performance in their entire life. It is so bad he but yet but you keep going though because Dennis leary Dennis leary telling the story about Arian Foster's character. Like how fast he is and how quick. He was teleported. Six yards down the field. What Boring Stupid St. That's like his scouting story. Oh totally auspey like. Who Cares what. We've lizzy story. The best story has running back of eating a defensive. Tackle this doing here this movie and then I get into in. I don't understand it. People are bad some in sorry mc like my thoughts here. I'm going to say this the most interesting part about this movie. If you look at Raji Joseph who wrote it won? The writers was a polar prize nominee. Okay so I think they had competent people writing it and I think Ivan Reitman has probably had a pretty good history but I think when you get down into it like I think there's like inability for most people to write a organic things about sports and I think you even see it like the NBA Two k. and the that and career modes where. It's just like everything written like in the in the road to the show or like what's the thing about the man that we played this year. Jeff like the playmaker. Yeah you go to college forever. Yeah and like in the man career mode. They tried to create this narrative. But it doesn't it's not rooted in reality so it always feels off because your character in this didn't play a fucking snap of college ball until his last game gets drafted number one or whatever and that's the way like this kind of felt like a GM like the stuff would never happen. You know just a little bit about it takes you out whereas I think something that lake is maybe more rooted in like play or actual like one game like in heroics is less. So I don't know I think it's just like things how the characters are framed and they feel like an NBA two k. career mode where people are like. Hey what's up chief? Good Gay man. I really liked your handles out there. Hey I represent gatorade would you say you come with me and I sign you to a deal and just for some reason? Yeah instead of being a regular person. Yeah that's how that rules and they ate yoursel been there for like like one role that he recorded year. Something out I really liked your style out there when you were shooting the ball at one of the things they fucked up pretty bad with it is that they try and tell a miracle story like you're saying it wasn't very much reality which whatever but the also think tried really hard to make this movie digestible to like non-football fence. In that sense everything's exposition. Like they have to explain literally everything that is going on out loud said the audience hears it and I think that that was a huge mistake because like when you're making the sort of movie the people who are going to go and see it I think are for by and large going to be football fans or people who at least have a base understanding where. You don't need to do that right now. I agree I agree completely and I think one of the things about like even like what you know about the. Nfl is is. It's one of the. It feels like it's one of the more conservative leagues about trades and trading in the drafts drafting philosophy and like how draft picks actually worked. Just like there's this implausibility because always this assumption that the draft picks GonNa work out and say you're watching your like these guys don't like the real guys don't know shit they have. What like twenty twenty five thirty percent hit rate in at the ones? That are successful. Maybe forty percent hit rate under picks and for this guy to league actually know what he's doing when it doesn't seem like he does he murderesses dad don't forget to statins dead immediately like bear. Bryant Joe Paterno and died so yeah but that's just that's bullshit murder. I the one that backs up the idea that they're trying to do. You can suck my ass the thing that they tried to like. You could tell they shoehorn this end to make it easier like. Oh what's explain the draft? They had a rich Eisen. They filmed the draft for real like they filmed it on the NFL network sets. They had rich. Eisen up top interviewing sunny Iran or interviewing Franklin Gel which would never happen by the way Him sitting up there overlooking Radio City Music. All the shots you could see far in the background and then there's a shot in this movie before the draft starts they say the browns around the clock. They have ten minutes and if they go over the ten minutes behind them will pick next which happened once before but he's like on a green screen. He's he's like right next to or in front of the stage and you can tell they had is in film it like in his studio on the on a green screen and they send it in and they just fixed it up at the last second. That wasn't what I think they went through it like. We have to explain the draft a little more. Because you can't really like you can't make a movie like this moneyball type thing a metrics numbers like the the inside parts of of sports and dumb down because otherwise it just. It's not good like money ball. It took a new that it would lose people because of how complex it was funny that complex but they. They knew that they would probably lose people. But you sacrifice that for a good story for good movie. This one tried to make it so easy digestible. In big FARC stunk well dunk. And that's the thing is they would P.T. Barnum say now separate every minute now. He didn't say this. But it's just like you know you never go broke by a overestimating the intelligence the American citizen or is it underestimating? All right you know what I'm having. I'm having having to go what I'm trying to. I'm trying to say he's like I don't. I don't think people like in general. I don't think they're as dumb as we like to think. They are like like honored as UNA base level. And I think like when when you kind of like go down like at a level below where your audience can actually like catch stuff even though they may have never seen an NFL draft lady. People can tell And that's why I think something like moneyball worked like another thing like the big short like that. The big shore did realize Saab of bringing the audience to its level rather than going down and having like it and I think like like the cheeky bathtub scene certainly helped it like. They didn't just cut away to some bullshit. It was done with humor and I don't know how you do them in this one. But I'm just saying I think people can tell when they're watching is like they're like this movie's kind of fucking talking down to me a little bit. Yeah it's always a condescending. It's the I think everyone has a piece of knowledge to understand especially if they're going to see this movie and kind of what's going on you frustrated me and this is stuff that I remember from my first watch on the ang-lee hoke like fucking comic book. Bullshit that they did. I forgot about the fuck. Outta ME watching it. It's like it's like somebody figured out. Like Drop Shadow on Photoshop. Like embarrass an everything. No no no no here Mr. is you know the word are on Microsoft word where you can make the fancy. It's like somebody learned how to do that into everything they do on every page has that now someone like learns that effect of cutting out. Somebody wrote a scoping them and get it for every phone call it added. Nothing was if anything just distracting like. It wasn't cool. Nothing it was just bad fucking useless added nothing to the movie whatsoever in which just fucking distracting. It was so annoying and all of that to every single time. He said the phonies I tim. Frank House my favorite. Gm of the bills for bullet that line the most out loud rose from new air field and Ralph Olsen stadium of the buffalo bills. How are you this is? This is Carl from monster cable. training facilities. You're here down in north Texas because we can never we can never we gotta say North Texas got to say South Florida. We can never say the city because not actually in those cities My favorite one of those was the exposition. Introduction was the strength and conditioning coach. Who's the worst actor in this movie costumes? Second place second place only to that strength and conditioning coach but when he walks up to greet him he goes like Hey John. How's my favorite strength and conditioning coach? Weird greeting anyone has ever given someone abor born on the League. It's like Oh my God. I'm at the grocery store. And it's Josh CRIBS kick returns like the Cleveland Browns a net forte. Are you going to run for seven touchdowns on Sunday if you tell me? Yes I'm going to start you. Can I say this the NFL is going to do more of this shit? Because isn't that facility. They're opening up in Inglewood. Doesn't have like music just for. Nfl films are they doing like a whole like. Are they going to do their own? Wwe style like film production companies. I mean I would be shocked. We get more of it was the NFL puts puts out a ton of a ton of great content in terms of like a football life. Great Documentary Series Really. Well done the top one hundred players as well done this not not of this chat with Bozeman. By the way I WANNA get to this. What a miscast. Holy fucking shit nuts. Because he looks old who just what a mis cast him in the car in that first scene with the brass knuckles phone and ever Samsung by the way in the movies I mean can the script like writing and his phone. Remember this phone ringtone right it's the NFL on Fox theme a mini audio version of the NFL on Fox. That's eight eight. I hate. I fucking hate this movie. This is so stupid and a fucking arguing via sixty one. Shame on you. It's movie movies. Thanks if we stinks did you. Something comforting about being able to actually see the NFL branch. Basically the only thing I can give it out the GM they protest office and there's just like three people with a sign that says the word boo on. It would be like fuck you and your fucking stupid face this viewer. You're right like the stupidest people in the world it is. I Oh my the thing is and this is why marketing is such a highly like good marketers so highly sought after because they can get into people's heads without people knowing but when somebody even if you are dumb as fuck you can still tell when people think you're stupid and you can still tell when people were talking down to you. I'm not that smart like I'm like average but like I can tell like when a smarter person thinks you're done and you don't like that when you're entertainment telling that to you. What else the the reason? I hate super fans Pumpkin head. The browns January. Pumpkin and said he's in the fucking. That's another reason to hate this movie. Pumpkin head the. What's the scouting? Sorry the scouting footage of Fonte Mack and Bo Callahan. It CONSTA- like cinematic shots of the sack. Zip I it doesn't even matter but I hate what we rail on like triple X. for doing that. Why is this movie doing that? And and the worst characters movie I I hope on the same page the worst Karen. This movie Hold on hold on. I was GONNA say the strength and conditioning coach was such a bad actor. No bad acting I. I actually agree. He's sector. This is the worst character and draft day with a dense. Leary's character now. It's the assistant intern. Rick The nerdy intern. What is the point of that Griffin knew? What is the point of him getting bullied the whole movie? I think. Probably humanize humanized Costner by Bingham. Be Addicted in the beginning. You're having a hard time champ. Tell you much better to be a GM system back in the day. Okay and they WANNA make A. He breaks his computer and then it fast the draft party. He's like that moment where you were like. Oh we'll take the kick returner too because I said so. Those awesome right. What the movie be annoying the antagonists from a credible fuck fresnay? I was GONNA say or gas moment. That's whatever that's what this kid's name was. I'm trying to imagine what sunny weaver would do in this year's draft in the all digital one. I don't know phones. I've gotTa have diarrhea. The Guy who plays Selina Meyers like one of her top aides chief-of-staff ever what's his name. Ben. He abandoned Vida in yes his. He doesn't even really. It's the phone call. Now they're taking a Mac and all he does. He gives the thumbs up the Franklin Gela. He would've been like. Are you fucking kidding me speaking to Franklin Joel what a call out to Spiderman? Turn off the dark. Are you going to the draft going to see Spiderman? Turn off the dark. What a reference. Well how did he get to Cleveland? So fast between draft picks there's four graphics happens in heat and he had driven out of New York and flew to Cleveland. Man Did the taste awhile. Though you get on a private jet and get to Cleveland. And he he said he would be door-to-door radio city to Beret Ohio one hour I don't see that happening. It's crazy. Traffic alone is sitting. Yeah he's leaving in the middle of the draft. He's leaving at like seven thirty PM. Airing thirty it probably seventy. It's probably August seventy five minute flight. Maybe an hour flight at best from New York to Ohio it could have been the fucking concord. It wouldn't have made a different near. He's taken thirty forty five minutes alone to get to a private airfield man. I know it's totally not the right time economically but they need to bring back the Concord. That was such a cool complain of one. Had One fucking accident and they said no more just one. What was a two two and a half hour flight rate or something Cleveland Hopkins to Teeter. Borough is on a light jet a CJ. One is an hour and twenty four minute flight. Yet I mean sorry no chance and you gotta get from from Radio city to T- borough which fuck this. I'm doing the math. I didn't care. He left at the start right after the first right like he threw the Jersey down and he left. He stormed out right after the first big fucking Ben from veep went out to bring him to the car and everything and he was in Cleveland at the time of fourth. Pick give but I could see a full round. Takes like an hour dude. He was there by the fourth pick. Three three picks later he had formed from New York to Cleveland Bananas Hour and Twenty Minute Flight. I'M GONNA keep it real you guys idea. I did a little light scrubbing through this. That's good for the best. I got to the back half or whatever got understanding thirty right now corona virus. You can't no one's on. The road takes twenty four minutes to get from radio. City music all the TITA borough. Okay so that's an hour forty five and then from Cleveland Hopkins Airport to Let's see Brown's facility browns in Berea Ohio on Lou Groza Boulevard? That takes took a fucking shopper. The private upper wouldn't mad formats is an chance. That's an that's an hour and forty nine minutes assuming you get out of the car and rolled into the jet takes off old ask man. He's not that mobile as movie movies. Ally movie is a lie. Maybe they took the chunnel. This should have the NFL draft now. Doesn't that goes it? Goes FROM LAKE? Lake Erie to the New York Harbor. Yeah the Browns Fan. Parking one winnebago outside of the fucking facility watching the draft and partying by the way Awkward that would like. That's that's a maybe it's not for us but then if it's not for us why did you make this if number four really semi serious sports fans and who is this moving exactly or this is again? It goes back to the whole backwards. I think a lot of these leagues like approach outreach to new viewers very wrongly and think has gotten a lot better but I really ten years ago. They come by the colts. Like women's clinic. Were will show you what a football is. And it's like well I mean I think people Patronize people are willing to learn more about the game like they had like a base knowledge. But it's like there's there's always like a knowledge gap with the sport that they don't WanNa go to like even for people like like I love when they do the National Championship. And they have the coaches talk on. Espn two and stuff like that. Because you never get that level of analysis like they never go to the next level they just always keep it as patronizing. Everybody can jump in the pool of all I think at some point like people get sick of it they get sick of just the basic shit right. They get sick of Terry Bradshaw saying lots of good sack. It's almost like a you know when Shawn Watson was like breaking down that play for the report and everyone was like. Oh there reporter got owned for being explained to play but Shawn Watson Evans Notes. Actually kind of sick like it's Kinda cool hearing like a professional in this field. Talk about how this work. Yeah you gotta ask a question. He answered it like then it became. Then that's why no athletes like answering thing because because then became something like wanting someone or not like no athlete. Wants to be like. I'm in the news because I answered the question. I answered the question and it was a good game out. There played hard tough On Cincinnati to some people said to us Someone gave us from their favorite quotes. Camman Tom say with me. You pancake eating motherfucker smoothie said our rating by one one more fuck away. I want my picks back what David Goddamn Putney because I feel like that one. I didn't feel but I did like the Pancakey motherfucker. Learn I've got fifty two Tarzan's I could use a Jane Boo. I thought that was that was that was actually great line because it makes a lot of sense. So Orion from Google world's worst orgy. Pamela be h reviewed the movie on Google and said captivating interesting fantastic movie about the NFL draft. I'm female and I consider this to be one of my top five favorite of all time. It's just the you trace that fucking email from that. Google accounts are dot cadel at NFL. Oh my God Jennifer Garner talking about. Tom Brady being sixth round. Pick if it's new information is one of my favorite moments. Tom Brady being used as any sort of like for the draft is is just horrible thinking talking about the most outlying areas outlier of all time. That has never happened again does don't you can't you can't talk about Tom. Brady in relation to getting a quarterback late draft. It just doesn't doesn't happen like that anymore. The the cop just compared. I think Russell Wilson's a better comp situation like you can get a Russell Wilson in the third round sure. Yeah that's totally fair. Blake chance like you can get a Tom Brady. Well yeah but also thousands and thousands and thousands and thousands of pigs have gone with that same level has shit so Chad Kelly demisch it. Okay so okay. The one thing I'll say that not bad. I like the concept again. I like the concept of the Bo. Callahan thing like it's the birthday party. I don't know there is something interesting there. Like some psychology. Yeah like really like like a who done it like a missile Mustang. It'd be good but there's at least like that was that was interesting me like oh the birthday. That's interesting like he has. No friends like really trying to figure out like the secrets of a player like that with that said they there. There's no way that Vaughan Day Mac. One of the best players in the country get suspend gets thrown out of a fucking game because he touches. Aref in. No one knows what the reason was like. They just found out that like like they almost selected Vantera. Mac He was it was either him or Aaron Foster and they didn't know that it was his mom is like you had some chicken the stands it's as mop your vetting these players. You know that you know that so unrealistic that you would not know why he actually got thrown out why he was celebrating. They barely even remember that. He got addicted in the first place. You let it go. You think you're a or something. That's like every ejection you would figure be like. That's a moment. Every single fucking Jim looking at and that's the way that Bo Callahan thing like wall. I enjoyed that. It's still like that was like the Anti Money Bowl moment to me. Because that's like that's like the ultimate backup of football kind of having like no explanation other than like the only people that really know about it or old guys who've had a lot experience looking at it like Got The idea. Estany passes the eye test which is fine. But that's what I'm saying. I think this movies but I think this movie exists in the same universe trouble with the curve rather than moneyball. I feel like Clint Eastwood's character and Kevin Costner's character winter like elementary school together. And that's that's a fact that Somebody throw out some during some game or something. I might fail. Tell my story you know. Even Clinton who is like thirty years older than Kevin Costner. They still went to elementary school together. And actually never saw the movie until like a month or two after the draft. I didn't want to watch a Cleveland browns. I I watched their nonsense enough and goofy Kevin. Costner what it turns out the movies worse than the team which is impossible. Bad a rule stood. I know they could have done better here. They could have done better. I think I think Kevin Costner needs a do over in traffic here. Jeff Day to draft in the night I can run to that same draft bloom boom Shaka dress. Hey as a big in the six choice in the fifth Oh make future news. That's True Jeff that he doesn't have any second round picks the whole movie just him trying to get second round picks? Now I'll trade away the in the kid from small Got Smallville Guy. Three first second round picks the draft day takes place at the nineteen. Nfl draft in Nashville. And it's just Honky tonk central on the third floor balcony just like asking for beads. People saying Sir. This isn't this isn't New Orleans not New Orleans. Or He's he's he's a kid rock's bar and grill or wherever I haven't been to Nashville and so on. I think like every person who sang country song has their own corporate branded bar now but Yeah he's at the kid. Rock Bar Chris. Gaines are yes. I saw you today at the Ho Two. I I've been doing trivia for the bar so Brecca's ratios are good for enlarges on and music is one of the categories and I had the question was this is exactly I read. I go what musician have the Alter Ego Chris? Gay and I got to gain else. He Goes Garth Brooks Garth Brooks Garth Brunson. Everyone made fun of Willie clones. Like as a Whitest fucking answer my life is like I was so jazzed up for that answer All right let's let's do our interview. With Sam Hargrave. He was Catamarca Stump Double Eaves a second unit director on a vendors vendors endgame just in Mandel Lori and stuff awesome awesome interview talking about the Stub community if an Austrian matterson. Stunk community all He was he was the man and his movies coming out. It's actually if you're listening to Right. Now it's out it's on net flicks extraction. Here's our interview with okay. So we've had plenty of people on this show. Directors people have written some things producers actors. We have another stuntman yet. But he's more stunt man much more than stomach Sam Hargrave. You've done so many things and you're joining us now. Thank you very much happy to be here. Thanks for having me. We were just talking before we started. Extraction hit net flicks on April twenty fourth April. Twenty four three hit Netflix. Quite the time for new movie becoming stars Chris. Hemsworth David Harbour tunnel other people quite the time to have a new movie coming out land. There aren't new movies at all. Yeah we we know is the the the way it goes in these crazy times. What we happened to finish our movie. We're in post and the you know it's It's a very good time. I think people are looking for entertainment especially at home because a lot of people aren't allowed to leave their homes right now so we're very thankful to be able to provide entertainment to the fans out there so the trailer for extraction. She was released this morning. When we're recording. This interview is not GonNa air to the League. This comes out but the trailer came up this morning. I had a chance to see the movies morning. I'M NOT GONNA say too much. I don't WanNA spoil anything. Somebody read the Very Generic Synopsis. As opposed to saying anything Black market mercenary. Who has nothing to lose his hired to rescue the kidnapped son of imprisoned International Crime Lord at Mercer would be Chris Hemsworth but in the murky underworld of weapons dealers and drug traffickers in already deadly mission approaches the impossible but in your words tell people what to expect with? Extraction extraction. Is An action packed? Throw ride where Tyler Rake plays played by Chris. Hemsworth is hired to yet to extract a a kid from this a a very populated corrupt city and he He has a lot of trouble doing it. You know. It's it's a as part of the phone is we. Put this guy who is physically very great. He's done a lot of things. His background his is expertise is in extracting people and doing these physically brave things but emotionally. He's very Kind of cowardly. Once you you get through start peeling back. The layers of the onion EST characters reveal his his past reveals. Some pretty less-than-stellar choices but this this new relationship reforms with the lovie played by Rudy he you know he's allowed or given a chance at redemption and so it's now you know what you do in the present the decisions you make now that in kind of define who you are so you try to explore that in a lot of action pass through arise on the on the way our. It's all say that much Again I watched the trailers morning. That's one of the beauties with net flicks movies is. You don't typically see much until trailers released and sometimes just out and for this example. You're going to see the movie about almost twenty days after the trailers released. There's A. There's a scene in this movie again early on where you start to see a lot of action going on now. I was like what did not expect. I knew there'd be action but it is fucking intense. I mean what was it like your first time directing something. What was it like not just directing a feature length? Movie directed one. There's a I won't give give too. Many details waited pretty insane. What I believed to be. You're trying to do a extended one shot seen at one point which was funded Nana's. Was it like doing that? You're pretty ambitious with a lot of this. Yeah I mean it was it with your first feature. You have to swing for the fences and that's what we did you might. You might not get out of the bar you might strike out but hopefully we we at least got on base to use that finish that analogy but we did try to go big and do things that I wanted to do for awhile. That would push the action movie envelope and kind of just see things in a different way. Now we've done you know in my past. I've done extended shots but never won this long complicated. That went through all kind of a stunt man's and stunt coordinator action designer's dream which is almost every Stunt or Facet of stunt work is involved in this extended. One shot vehicles high. Work wires fights falls guns they gets. It's all in there and we decided to really push ourselves and push our talent who did most of that sequence you know. There's only a few times where we had to use a double BEC- Hemsworth was right in there. Rondi Putu played. Stodgy right in there doing the work and they really blew me away with their abilities to handle action yet. There is actually in the trailer. You can get a very quick glimpse of that scene where the camera goes from outside the car into the car. Seamlessly it The the continuous take stuff is It's pretty wild. It's I will say that and actually when I was watching that scene too I I guess this is the beauty of Netflix. Made is not how you intend to some of the watch it but actually paused rewound. See How long that was what felt like twenty two thousand insane so if you want action. I'm telling you what people listening you're not. You're not gonNA senior yet. It's not out yet out my few days but crazy action. Was there anything that you you tried to take. From any movie franchise series any directors. And you tried to channel for your first experience here or did you have your own like this. How I wanted you might think is. I've seen clips you even like your again in there with the camera yourself. Hand-held some of the shots yeah. I've had a lot of great mentors in his business growth through action and then directing I worked very closely a growing up in in as my career was developing with David Leach. End Chad's to Helsinki who styles from the John Wick Franchise and David Leach from many different franchises. He's kind of started. The Russo brothers have also been influential in my career. And I've worked with a lot of directors like Francis Lawrence's one that comes to mind and I tried to take little bits from all of these great mentors infused that in my own style but I would say that like Chattan Dave My desire to show action in you know Kinda back off a little bit and show the performance. Doing the action was very. That style was very inspirational in the way of trade the action but I I also which is very me i. I did have the camera a lot and I was in their operating like that entire eleven and a half minute almost twelve minute. A one shot sequence. I operated for all ten days of shooting and I shot all those shots when diving in through open windows of moving cars was strapped to the front of chase vehicles. leaping off buildings and doing it all just because mostly. I want wanted the audience to experience at that time in the movie you gotTa experienced in real time what it would what it's like or what it would be like in our scenario to extract someone out of this dangerous situation how intense that would be in how Just difficult and tiring is a hopefully when you after you watch like man. That was a lot of work and so by putting the camera in there and following them not cutting that was. The idea was to just immerse the audience in an experienced. And so I think that along with working very closely with Tom. Siegel R. Rdp WHO's done? He's one of the best of the last decade. Maybe two and just trying to have a visual style that was beautiful and featured that part of the world away. That hadn't been seen before and you know. I think we achieved that. You don't get much in that world especially in anything. American cinema wise like that world. The last thing I can think of that was a big block which wasn't even big blockbuster but a one off it was like slumdog millionaire right. Were you see like that part of the globe but you get a sense of that here that you don't see often really. Yeah that was. That was one of the reasons for choosing that Put The story in. That location was just to to transport audiences somewhere unique. And I think the you know this story surrounded with action and in the The intensity of it it was just very well suited for that locale. I love hearing that. You're out there during the one takes doing that. All yourself leaders lead from the front. It's fucking awesome to hear. It's funny to hear you. Talk about us to Helsinki because one of the things. When I first heard about this movie that made me the most excited was the fact that you're you're stunt work as a coordinator in your your experiences. Second director derives from these action franchises. That we love so much and and Keno instantly. The first that comes to mind is to Helsinki who obviously transition doing John Wick which has been a rejuvenation for the entire action genre on a whole house curious. How much you kind of took me from a house-key in making your own work as a lot. I Mean Jet Jab is a great friend and mentor and he actually said only gave me a lot of jobs coming up to fight coordinating in stunt coordinating and directing. But he in this process. Who is very he actually was attached to this movie to direct it like a long time ago and then thinks fell through. I ended up with it but I was you know. I asked him a question before starting yet. A lot of great advice in that even in the post process like he. He sat me down took he was. We were both in the same in the on the same block Wimmer started post production. He was just finishing John Wick. Three and we were just starting postproduction on extraction so I got to sit in with him. He invited me to sit in on his sound mixing visuals sexual abuse in his color correcting just so that I would know what was capable are always possible. Sorry what was possible in those different times and in those different stages of editing and post production because for for him as. He said he didn't have a lot of people helping you. And Dave on their first movie. They learned so much and wish they had known more. So he's like I want to share that with you and so will be forever. Grateful for him You know handing down that knowledge in the Rousseau's did the same like they were posting in game and they were like come on down at checkout this stuff in post production so I had incredible mentors and on the production side. A lot of what I took from Chad growing up is the way he broke down. Seen in through action was telling stories right and where to put the camera a Lotta Times and just the way to think about an action scene and production as a whole his whole One of his big overarching advices to me was Or override pieces of advice was no everyone's job better than they do. So that I can think number ways. I took that as no that. So when you're working you can better communicate what you want. You know what's possible? You know what you expect out of that job and so then you know here. Here's what I can is possible. So don't tell me that this is impossible. I know that this is possible because I researched this at. I know this job and then you had to hire the best people for that job and then guide them and let them do what they do. Best because as a director. You've got so many hats you're wearing so much of your time slip. You can't do it all so he's got to hire great people in those spots and then work with them to realize your vision. That's great advice that the heels could actually take a little bit from that so shooting action. I think has been really really critical in the success of these recent action movies like we've been doing. Netflix is of a lot of action movies. In the early two thousands of Justice League of extraordinary gentlemen where they just they. Just throw everything at the wall and see what works but then a lot of the more recent ones that have been successful like John. Wiccan like that. We Love Mission impossible fallout a big mcquarry. If we think that like you said they shoot action in a way where it's super easily digestible. And they're able to tell a story through the action instead of the media side piece to the story and how like. How do you kind of do that as a director? How do you story board that well for me the starts into the script and you have to? You have to make sure that action is in the script in order to service the character that you're learning something about the character or moving the story forward and if that isn't the case then you don't need it and it has to be. You're right with easily. Digestible is sometimes get so much noise going on visual noise whereas the this'll be cold this crazy thing where the viewer gets distracted. And you forget why. Why is it watching this? Why is this happening? But great films. Like John with movies or I Love Fish Apostle fall out. I thought it was a very great use of action. One of the best action movies last decade. I think it was just because it was old school action so a lot of not relying a lot on. Cg Yes they did. Use a lot of to enhance things and make them look more realistic. But that's how I like to incorporate you know Cdi How to help things with more real or to help increase safety like if you had a cable or if you know helps smooth out a pat on the ground so it doesn't look like a pad with the heart street whatever you can get to make the the performer. More comfortable and safer. That's how I'd like to use e G and I think when designing action for me storyboarding I'm I've done a couple different was storyboarding but usually I like to do what's called a fight. This or an action biz where you always shoot a sequence before you shoot the secrets like guess what we did with the the one shot in this in extraction is we went out to these locations and we had the amazing stunt team led by Daniel Stevens in Michael Layer designing this action as we would you know on the side just in our stop Jim. But then we'd go on location with the with team once we've decided on it with our Location managers and what not and then in that environment. Let's come up with action makes sense action that we can follow. Don't just you know come with action? smashing together. And you're like why is that happening. That isn't what you do that. Why are you just run upstairs like why are you doing this crazy moves? It's not logical so we tried to base the action designed around the location and around. What the characters going with time so that it makes sense and it's always having somebody who's the logic police have learned that from Nate more one of the producers at marble is e would just always got to take a step back and say like like. That's bananas. That doesn't make sense. That was shared phrase. So you just try to think about it from an audience standpoint and a character standpoint of. Why are we doing this? I love how you mentioned that too. And something we were because we've never had a stunt coordinator ever own here period. And so we were GonNa if you can kind of. Give us a breakdown of everything on coordinator does because we're we're very dumb. People are a lot of our audiences doesn't even know what a lot of most basic operations within a movie. Production does so can. Just give us a breakdown of everything. Stunt Coordinator does within a movie stunt coordinators job as I understand. It is to Oversee the ordination of the stunts and safety on set so breaking that down further is when you have an action sequence. It is one person's job to design and make safe all of the actors stunt performers Crew anyone involved in that sequence. Their job is to keep everybody safe and to oversee. That and make sure goes smoothly. Hire the right people. You know just communicate with everyone what's happening. How is going to be done and then make it happen safely and smoothly breakdown now again? We're again we're it's like the dumb brain audience that you are be stunt double. I guess we'll say art because we're GonNa stay positive that we're going to you. So you stand up for Chris Evans for Captain America Pretty Iconic character. Yes just a little bit has to be pretty awesome too. I'm sure you'll think that round the rest of your life too. Yeah that was one of the highlights of my career and a something that will be forever. Grateful for the opportunity of Remarkable Kevin. Feige in the Russo brothers everybody who Joss Weeden Arendal who is the son coordinating hired for that that everyone who has supported me in that in a in a position along the way give me the opportunity to to bring a character to life because I I feel like with stunts early this now I look at it. I M as much. The character as the actor is the character. I bring to life that error. Just as the actor does with their words in the emotion. I do that through action through through movement and so we share in that that Eric. I'm just happy to be part of it because I is an iconic character and You know to have been a part of that Little call in the huge wheel of the marvel. Canon was a dream. Come True Yeah. It's funny because the Captain America the first Avenger. He's just a kind of very clunky fighter. He doesn't really know what he's doing but in winter soldier which is one of our favorite marvel movies. He's like very refined in his combat and all that and for us. The elevator fight scene in the highway. Fighting in winter. Soldier is among the best action scenes ever to come out of the entire M. C. You and that's one that a lot of fans love. They love watching the behind the scenes of the elevator fight. They'll be watching the behind the scenes of a cowl. That happened with expansion Stan. Talking about how. He's flipping the knife at home just like trying to practice. All of it was that were winter. Soldier was one of the pinnacles of my career because it was. You know I did that. That the first avengers movie where we got all of them together and then where soldier was like a cap reborn for for me and for for a lot of fans so the Russa's asked in a community a part of this in the team you know invited me and I was thrilled. And so- designing those we we did. We tried to give cap a Basically what fans had been wanting it had been missing is a cap with the skills because he rates in the Marvel Universe like a ten is more is fight skills. He's like one of the highest level Combatants in the in the Marvel Universe. So we tried to bring that to his character and showcase that in the elevator fight in on the freeway fight and that was a lot of that action designed. I I had a hand in it but a lot of that goes to James. Young who I worked with very closely in the Marvel universe. And you know He. He's just has a great mind for that. Kind of argosy and an good collaborator. In the Roussos you know it was very interesting working with him on that show because I feel like they this is Beth were they. They've been making movies and telling stories for many years but this is where they gonna cut their teeth and they learned a lot. I think And we learned a lot from each other we would. They would ask me different things. I would give little advices on how I shot action. The past done things in to see from because we shot the elevators sequence early on and how that was shot and covered and just kind of the feelings of like all areas is going. Just how we wanted to get to the the freeway. They feel very confident in stores in our schedule and they're really feeling and they were a well oiled machine and they were just going to put the Amer here. Excuse me do this do that. And it really watching their growth as action directors on. That film was really awesome. Were you made? You didn't get to be Chris Evans stunt double and knives out sweater double lettered you know no I. I really enjoyed that movie that little ever fun. I thought he did a great job. Nice cable knit. You WanNa look good. Go get one in honor of that I old Evans's career the the other movies. Obviously an which. I'm actually if you see behind me. I mean we're big. Marvel fan gang gained into anywhere poster behind me. We actually tweeted today. How somebody tweeted out the audience reaction to the final fight scene when they all arrive in. It's like that was for us. The most unbelievable experiences of my life like not not an exaggeration. It's like being in a theater for that was like what is this is like. I almost not a body. It's crazy. Yeah what was it like though because you were a second unit director movie right so you got to do even more than just stunned. Were what were your seen. That movie warlike or their little shots here and there what was like more the stuff that you handle. Yeah in game was a phenomenal experience for me. Because I was given more responsibility. I was stunt coordinator but also the second year director and the offer on Infinity War I was mostly coordinating and given the the stunt doubling of Captain America responsibilities to my younger brother Daniel Hargrave And then onion game. He continued that dulling process Standerton she taking over some coordinating. I was the second director so I just had more involvement in designing sequences and I did A lot of the sequences towards the end when when? Hawkeye when the explosion hits the avengers compound and in Hawkeye is underground with the adding all the Delirious animals called them mudslides trip from Hunger dance 'cause I had another underlying right Kinda like that. Yeah they're similar they're very kind of otherworldly creature and. Hawkeye is underground. Fighting those creatures. That sequence was mine I I. I direct sequence I got to direct win the Smart hope and rocket Rodeo underground into water and I got to do actually. The cat versus cap fight sense. Feel like like you should be allowed to let me ask the big question here. Who who is America's ads? Is it yours? Chris Ed's you know I'm Gonna I'm GonNa let the world let the world wonder at listen. Let everybody is speculating. America's asked the question of the decade but that sequence was particularly significant for me because it would kinda came full circle both in my career in the Marvel Universe for me. Is I in that sequence. I kind of reprise my role I I had this big beard. Longhair is I'd been directing an infinity war for a year and it was all just going along like it is now and then because I was. I got one more time. I'm GonNa what on the you know the the Kaolin Shield and do this fight and I got to. I was fighting against my brother because he was the quote younger cap. I was the older gap so there was a gun of symbolic passing the torch. There I was returning to the suit which you know the infamous lawsuit that everybody has their own feelings about. But that was where I started in you know and so then to do that. Then I was directing like good Frank Chris Evans and helping design with the you know the art directors in the production manager designing the set and designing action the team and then my dad was there for the four days under that sequence so it was really disobey. Full Circle Experience where it going to wrap everything up in Mobile Universe for me and it was very symbolic. My career with marvel Finishing where it started and it was it was a beautiful thing to be part of such because like there's a almost a mock elevator seen before that too. Which is what I think. It's the most underrated Norfolk movie him to say. Hail Hydra because it's that whole movies about these characters now. It's do whatever it takes doing different things that they've never done like apple would never do that now. He has to and so for that seem to be involved in. We're doesn't happen that that's pretty Ni. I feel when you first saw. Did you have that experience where you like? What were your body? Yeah above all else I'm a fan the fact that I get to work on these movies and contribute to them is unbelievable blessing. I'm super grateful. Every day I get to go to work in contribute but above all. I'm a fan so when I went to the I went in a paid ticket sat down when I watched it with a theater. It was one of the most memorable and enjoyable theatrical film going experience. I've ever had hands down and so yeah. It was unbelievable. There's so many moments in that movie a and it felt like you know so over three hour movie but it felt like I wanted more you just it's bittersweet moment where it's ending but you're there so they did such a great job they being the Russo brothers just paying homage to all the different threads that had been started throughout the marvel cinematic universe I was just in awe all those moments where I got chills in the Harris set up on the back of my neck when cab picks up the Hammer Will he stands in front of When he in his lot cap moms when he stands up any That shot when he walks one man versus an army and then when he you know. Here's a on your left like the whole thing was just chill inducing and I'm really proud part of that project. You talk about that experience in that moment and how that that theatrical experience I think not just for you but for so many people. It's the moment like v movie going moment for them. Do you think that the Rousseau's just deserve more credit for weaving together this infinity saga because there's so many like you said different threads that had to come together in this moment and come together correctly and they really just did you? I mean they I think they got a lot of credit and all of it they deserve. Now maybe more recognition because There are some of the performances they pulled out of the actors in that filmer. Incredible the balance of comedy with action and Drama Lake. It's it's a movie that has everything that you could want from. A you know filmgoing experience a cinematic experience like I laughed. I cried I wanted more like it was and I was there. I was there when I shop knew it was a nice day was considering it was an amazing experience. And they didn't have credible job and delivered the most most movie of All Time. Basically it's at an well-deserved and rightly so it's a great show. I don't hit a couple of quick things before we let you go and wrap up with extraction. I also behind me. This is a podcast interview with star. Wars stuff you just did. Second Unit Work Mandalari ideas is there. Is there any teams you can give us? He's There's a second season is coming and you can say that. What might addition to the Amazing Team GonNa Family Star Wars family that Jon favreau and Disney had assembled there is they were asking him his against this is good peace they were they were looking for kind of bigger more intense action to you. That's great teaser. There though they came to me and I guess we'll wait until the second season two If we paid off on the promise of the premise. If you will all we met was amazing pump that but do you actually giving idea f? It's still like have you heard anything about still being slated for October I believe is still is last. I spoke to People working there is. They were editing remotely leg. It everyone staying home but they have a new technology. They got it and so there. There's continuing the editing process. I haven't heard that they're pushing so right. Now it's business as usual. You guys wrapped basically everything right. In terms of like being out filming. We did filming has wrapped A MONTH AGO. Or so a little more than that and now. They're in the editing process. And all indications are. It's on schedule all right. That's good that eases are that uses are are worry. Maybe maybe we'll we'll press you another time for for spoiler maybe day off the regular we can talk about the I also stunk community in general. I think especially this past year. I know Brad Pitt said some stuff as well. How much to you because we've talked about it. We've seen people aren't the community talk about it. How do people in this community care about being involved at the Oscars are just in general birth thing? I know I believe you were part of the State Coordination Team. That won a BAFTA right so yet like we. You guys do get a war but like there's a bigger level of like the Academy Awards and like does that matter to you. That's a very interesting question matter. It's always nice to be recognized for your work by your peers. And by the world at large so having category in the Oscars would be wonderful and it really makes sense if you break it down logic lease just historically take think all emotion out of decor although the reruns of like you know we want recognition just just logically breakdown. The bill making process look historically and you can find action in cinema since before sound. That's true so if you're going to have a category for best. Sound mixing sound editing You know best visual effects for crying out loud I'll well-deserved category all artistic endeavors for sure but action you know is art. It's just as much as dance and movement and so I believe it makes sense to have you know action or at best action directing or whatever you WANNA call whatever category you WanNa call it because that part of it does get a little bit messy when you say okay is it. Best stunt is at best a stunt sequence as stunt coordinator. Who GETS THE AWARD? Who who did who designed this stuff. 'cause a lot of times eel somebody gets hired as the like on. Indian like I was the second director stunt coordinator was many Ghanaian then like the fight coordinator James Young in Any Hernandez who who actually designed who did all the work who deserves the Oscar. It's a collaborative effort. So that's like A. It gets a little sticky there but I think just as any other Category like you know best costume design the costume. Designer doesn't make clothes so every but that that category are that Part of the filmmaking process say for example costumes on our sound mixing all the people that work underneath that are under the umbrella can say that are category one loss for this film so I think however you break it down specifically about stunts action whatever I do believe stunts deserves category in the Oscars but on the other hand. I don't do it for awards because I love it and you know I. I did it before I got paid to do it. I would still do it without getting paid. I just I just love. The artistic expression of action in awards are not what drives me the passion for the work. In the the the the arch that drives me not a lot of sound mixers can say they risked life and limb to make an action movie. Better though that to be very true unless you unless you're on extraction pretty much everybody involved in that one jot was visiting life and limb. Believe he was he was strapped in the vehicle with me the boom the car. Yup We were. Everybody was right in there with me in So yeah maybe that'll be like a unique category where they can say. A risk license was sound stuntman. Highest risk category so our allies. Things here So you play a character which has a lot of meaning for us it. Very specifically and his is gambit. And you played gambit and do you realize how rare it is to say that because this character gamut they have tried to make a movie for him so many times and never gotten it done in the one reason adaptation they have is the Taylor Kitsch Gamut next men Orange Wolverine I'm honored to be one of the few individuals who have gotten to portray that character on screen and I gotTa thank. Jj Perry for that. Because he was a stunt coordinator on expert origins will ring and he put me in that spot. And I honored got to work with Taylor. Kitsch really great human being and talented actor and had a great time doing it and I you know it was a shame that we couldn't get more screen time for that character. And hopefully one day you know fingers crossed that character will get his own a feature film and because. I think he deserves it. I mean as much as anybody in the universe in with a cowl this time hopefully instead of the hat. Yes yes I mean. There's so many different you know Renditions of Ham and so many things in rain. Just candidly that in that movie they kinda strayed from what fans. I think we're looking for but they did get it onscreen and hopefully we can bring them back someday. Fingers crossed. That happens channing. Tatum was going to be seventy five in like I'm doing it. This year is is going to happen all right so I'm GonNa ask you to do like a poetic state of the Union. But obviously this movie is coming out at a time. Where Look we just reviewed hell or high water again throwback view that love that movie we were golden either saying. I love talking about old movies but I kind of talking about new movies. I know it's been a month but it's still. It's like with how much that comes out. He tweet you're like man like black widow. We're going to see black white on a few weeks or not you. This movie is coming up. It's going to be on Netflix. You can watch it in their home. They can watch `isolation staying saints or anything that you can kind of add to that in terms of this will be releasing a time where people do want a little unplugged. Let me get lost in a new world. In a in a cinematic experience we are living through a very crazy time in our history and it's kind of unprecedented. All a lot of the pleasures enjoys that we as humans receive that of entertainment like going to the movies or going to whatever theme parks or live shows a lot of those interactive experiences with entertainment. Have been for the moment you know halted taken away so I think there's a candidate a duty almost in a crazy way to to provide people with entertainment to get through these times because that's how You Know it cinema and why it has withstood so many different recessions and depressions in different. Things is people will always need to escape. You know life can be tough like they were going right now. It's frustrating there is anxiety it's scary. Life can be hard and sometimes we need you know those two hours of our lives where we can just unplug from that crazy reality and enter a world created for us by these filmmakers and so hopefully with this film releasing on Netflix people. In the safety of their own homes can unplug and kind of go on a journey escape for two hours where they can be entertained. Navy last maybe cry and just have a good time which during these During these days is very important to us. Remember the One how lucky we are and to how how important it is to to be To be entertained and to have dreams hopes and things that we can look to To help us through these times. So hopefully this movie can contribute to that entertain people while they're sitting at home in the insane said you'd have to deliver one but you did you. Do you deliver the Great. That's a great way to end this year. Extractions out April twenty fourth again. I just watched this morning. It was awesome. If you're looking for some cool action that isn't just some crabby US straight to the fucking cedar type experience being at home which is rare. 'cause right now we have nothing new. Thanks again man that is this was absolutely love atop the anytime thank you. I appreciate it in the same anytime because chat. Just hit me up that you're great doctor. All right thanks Sam Hargreave man. What a bad asset so fucking cool fucking way cooler than us. That's one of those guys like that guys May. Oh Yeah. It is not even close stratosphere that dude other captain America Okay let's do. We care to football player names. I WANNA remind you I'm GonNa read off the ones for last time because they're funny. Can Jack you can go. I may control. The audience will go five one name the player give him a position Game College. Just it's kind of fun to say Kendricks last time. Ready for this You'd Snakeskin quarterback Kentucky Tony Montana quarterback Notre Dame warren south nose tackle Miami Jewels Winfield D. End Alabama and mad. Max wrote a Chancy linebacker. Smu WHO's your Your first movie character of the football name. Okay it's my first. One is actually a coach. And it's going to be spurgeon. Tanner a fish. Tanner from deep impact. Play by Robert Duvall and he's going to be the coach Wvu. I like to. I haven't Wvu player coming up actually fish. Tanner be such a great coach like that. That's the guy who coached in Houston. That's what Dana Harrison. But he coached like a kind of a middle of the road like southwest program that put up like eighty points a game and gave up like five hundred yards each night My number my my first pick going from drastic world Owen Grady linebacker Wisconsin just like that. This guy's nose bleeds every game. Grady sounds like gravy. Which sounds like Wisconsin? He's got a lot of eighty three joe. Schubert Paul Has Lovely Penn State and him as well. Owen Greenie linebacker Wisconsin trill number five Penn State. My whole list. My list comes from the John Hughes Brat. Pack all Brad -pecting okay. So my number. Five is is Jake Ryan who was a character in sixteen candles. He's a kicker for northwestern because Jake Ryan is the most northwestern gas sounding name. Isn't there actually linebacker named Jake Ryan? I feel like there's a Jake Ryan should have been jake riot. J. might be going crazy. I think this is a big run on the packers. Football linebacker played at Michigan. But I still I still think it's northwestern nick I it at the very least. He's from Ohio when he played at Michigan. It's very mid western like I'm in. I'm in the neighborhood. Got You inform. I liked that audience number five. They actually had saved like six hundred seven hundred different like really good names. I swear it was so many F. A. We'll do this every once in a while so I didn't even put the vote backout. I'd still had more IRV blitzer. So this is cool. Runnings IRV Blitzer Safety Notre Dame. I will make you look like John Player. That just sounds like his sign the college but they had a Guy Shack Williams that just reminded me of Ice Shack. Irv Blitzer Safety Notre Dame. That's a good one him in the gold helmet. They're planning Yankee. Stadium Fenway Park. I can just see it Ken. Jack Number four movie care to the football names Offensive tackle at Texas. I'm going do. Calhoun from the notebook. That's Ryan gosling is actual name was Noah but like in his early years. Who went by Duke and Duke? Calhoun will be such a cool name for football. Yeah do Hoon say is a linebacker. No offensive tackle offensive tackle. I I always think duke I think running back. Just because do Johnson Johnson. Yeah but it sounds like a guy he goes to southlake Carroll and North Texas and his dad played for the cowboys. Yeah well yes. He's very very wealthy. And maybe like has old tax system but still I grew up in MC mansion like still acts very Texas even though he never actually been out in the country is house was built in two doesn't six weeks towards Ahead yeah he goes he wears. He wears a pair of Blue Casey's with like ABC jeans. My my my number four is going to play quarterback for fish. Tanner at West Virginia. He's going to throw for fifty two touchdowns ten picks senior year go in the sixth round and never start a game. That's from Ocean's eleven rusty Ryan quarterback West. Virginia Dan the obvious. Espn red hair to in this thing. But yeah be so cool. All Rusty Rusty Ryan is GonNa Sling it and then just never be good in the pros not trail number. Four number four for me is Johnny cade nother Awada great names from the outsiders like pony boy. But I just I just could. I just couldn't think of anybody like a modern football player having a nickname like that. Like I think you did historical for Baltimore. Johnny Gade The outsiders quarterback for Arizona. Okay yeah it'd be. It'd be like a big six foot eight quarterback that his his his arms too big play in the NFL because his motions too long. Can't just throw centrally. You you had Zona one for your first list. You did but I read your names your your first list. You had lane. Meyer quarterback Texas Cameron Po Wide Receiver Miami of Ohio Egon. Spangler Punter Michigan Charlie. Bucket quarterback purdue which the belt one pastor troy safety. Usc Charlie Bucket. That's her do quarterback asked name. Oh Yeah Charlie. Bucket leads purdue a late victory over Colorado in the in the holiday bowl. Like what's your quarterback name sounds like Kyle and I think that's a good start. What's the last name or audience number? Four this is an obvious college. Pick Frank Castelo quarterback Boston college right from the roots of Massachusetts. Didn't WANNA leave home not having the time quarterback in a long time bottom dwellers in the ACC? Frank Castillo. Can Jack Number three my number three quarterback for Alabama Daryl Bates from Red Dawn Sick at school named Daryl Bates is sick name here like Bates island getting thrown around there? Like after Baiter like that odd number three another Brad Pitt. Rolf Marine Movie Cliff Booth quarterback Texas Tech Cliff booth is up there with the best coach too. Yeah I mean he's up there top ten passing leader of all time if there were timmy. Chang's the world Timmy Chang the Colt. Brennan's ruler Texas Tech quarterbacks. I mean obviously What's his face? Fuck in Cliff Kingsbury. He's got a lot of cliff Kingsbury vibes same. With Gra Graham. Harrell Booth Clinton CLIFFE's trill number three number three for me as duckie. Dale who is in pretty in pink but this Dougie Dale's offensive coordinator at Ball State University. The duckie call the place. The Place Connects Q. Term actually audience. I like this a lot will hunting linebacker Arizona. I signed Arizona. Scooby RIGHT NAMED VIBES TO IT. Like Scooby Right tithing. He was the knees did him in but will hunting has a really good. Pac twelve linebacker sound alike again. Not GOING TO BE. Great Clay Matthews. Not GonNa last forever but pretty good maybe take some steroids olive. Brian cushing will hunting linebacker. Zona Ken Jack. Number two number two offensive tackle for Michigan Trent Walker As Vince Vaughn's Precarity from swears. Oh okay. Trent walkers just a great great offensive tackle Michigan Michigan. I Yeah I had a ton midwest name yes as as our good friend from our office. Trent very much Iowa very much mid West My List I had a walker to I had Henry cavill mission impossible my first time. I had August Walker tied in Wisconsin who rigging Thompson quarterback Auburn Roman Pearce linebacker. Usc Benjamin Franklin Gates. Why does he James? Madison Jackson Main quarterback Oklahoma. My number two though Tennessee pumping out some great tight ends rowing the boat with Rick. Decker tight end Minnesota. That's great name next GAG Gronk. Yeah the I like to have a title guy have a brutal sounding name. Like decker checking deck deck. Sounds like you're going to get hit trump. What's your number two number? Two is Kirby Kager are Kager. I can't remember how to pronounce it. I'll just parents Kirby from saint almost fire. The this reality Kirby is Head coach at Memphis. Yes yes mathis best team in the state of Tennessee or since Kerr took over not incur. Kirby's got Cook Kirby's doing okay look I'm an old miss van and I just live here in Memphis but I'm thinking about getting some tickets To Memphis curbing plan curbs got him plan a year later. Kirby's been hired by Illinois. Oh God after two seasons he he goes like he goes to a bowl game. The first and wins two games. The next season is least cows. You like ten years Curl Kirby left after year. I'll get the audience number. Two Alonzo Harris will training day running back southern cal to good one. La Anyway works. Kendrick number one. I number one. It's actually Combo. It's a quarterback and wide receiver for Texas Tech Jackson Healy and Holland March. From the other guys know as good Jackson hilly to me. Jay Screams quarterback on March with the name for I think wide receiver or just in general. Lots of good puns. You'd think it'd be great combo the puns right themselves. Sometimes it really do Are the other guys ever the other guys? Tonight's goes. Oh yeah no it's fine. Nice guys. It's on streaming. But I think we may. We'll probably I think we should probably review it probably pretty we all love cornerback from Lsu and ocean's eleven basher Tarr expose to mixing better just GonNa look grain that purple and Gold Basher Tarr cornerback. Lsu tro number. One number. One for me is a linebacker from Pitt from the breakfast club John Bender. Yeah love that. I don't know pits the right school though is originally had Nebraska. But I didn't WANNA have to big ten schools so John. I think fits perfectly for Pitt as his bender. 'cause ben during I just automatically bender from Futurama for some reason she's bending steel bending steel tug name like. I think of like I don't. It's a blue collar school. But I think Pittsburgh's tough city man to beautiful city a very tough city But I was trying to find an ACC school in. I don't think there's a real tough. Acc school like all the ACC school like the toughest school was it. Virginia Tech argues now. Yes I can't. I can't see John Bender any the ACC schools. John Bender Duke now. John Bender couldn't get into Duke because Like now it's like t Higgins Isaiah Simmons like when it's Clemson those names like John Banderas in sound clemson right now. Allow me tell you a little bit about John. Bender is John. Bender's a family friend of mine. John Bender owns two t shirts. I T SHIRTS. Billabong t-shirt the other one's a cut off from the Gus mackey basketball tournament. John Bender drives a two door jeep. And keep the talented back. Oh Yeah for what? What's the four he's always has it? It's a it's a blue collar. Talent Scout folded up in the back. John Bender takes it. He's got his gym bag back there. He's you know he's just driving around the Gus mackey. Shirt he's got the Cox hat up on the visor. He's good sorry. Tokai very cool. Jon Benet Jon. Bender would not have been away for us not absolutely not no no. I like I like. I don't I don't like it but I liked that landing spot for your boy. John come last one. Audience Rooster Cogburn quarterback Oklahoma State Rooster. Cogburn WE MOVIES INDIAN. Originally is this character is a pretty good one. Pretty good one Audience last time I'll read off. There's had John are buckle kicker wake forest a brick Tam Linebacker Iowa Tej Parker Wide Receiver Georgia Tugs. Beadman running back. Ken Stay in. Bob Lee Swagger quarterback Texas Tech Richer. Pick so it's good pig. Yeah very very good. Pick I I I. I like the like the Doctor Rooster Cogburn. Make any left now all right. That's it for Jennifer Gardner. Oh Oh that's right. Let's let's do box game. I totally forgot. I'd I'd I don't WanNa promise anyone anything. No Yeah we forgot live forgot because we we went to an interview okay. I'm ready to go. I have for top five up so good gardener by the way alias is one of my favorite shows and high school. Richaud talk to Greg more about it. Let's see okay. Okay okay I mean you gotta get the Comic Book Movies. Out of the way. I saw daredevil tough top dare-devils not like how you've been doing the recent ones where it's like iron man right. Yeah yeah but it's still made a lot of money. I'M GONNA GO FIRST. Pearl Harbor because I feel like Pearl Harbor. Yes eight a lot of money. Let's do Pearl Harbor. Yeah that was smart. That was you gotta get down on the way. That was an obvious choice. Does number one right. Yeah that probably wonder parts Animated wonder part. Yeah I came out WanNa say last year twenty. Nineteen under part was that a big one wonder park for like a fantasy. I think I remember that. The forest there. Yeah Enemy in yeah. Let's get okay. Let's do that. There are some holes in the enemy theory. That is not a top five movie. Our six actually also close number six on. I'M GONNA go go Valentine's Day. Yeah stood at Taylor Swift on it. Which is why I'm guessing it. Valentine's Day was number four. All right the mirror. Those like those. Those unsolvable movies started New Year's Day. Valentine's Day Saint Patrick's Day Patriot's Day. Not Actually it's not part of that The kangaroo now nerd element dirt. Oh for sure. It had begun. Doodo DAREDEVIL IS UP. There did clear the list number five you have who won. Four and five need to emph-. Three Little Mr Magoo pressing Esa catch-me-if-you-can is number has got to be up there so slim in. I don't know why I didn't see that earlier. We don't hang cameo though it's not a big role. I'm senior again. Would count okay. Because that's up their mail on money right. That is corrected is up there. You need one more. You have two chances at it. Did invention knows no way. Arthur was Arthur and they tried to Redo the east character. Yeah draft day. Dallas Buyers Club Outdoor Day peppermint Dallas buyers club Dra Love signing. A Mother's Day was Mother's Day another ensemble one or was I remember my day. I don't remember only knows a sad moment when like you're like crushes growing up like your onscreen. Crushes started playing mothers in movies. You feel old shit show old grow my car. That's Colt Right I mean I the only one that I think would be obvious here. Is that you and I don't even know how much it did. But it dominated so much in terms of like the cultural conversation. Juno Journo did as I said you know make the only other one that has at least a word of mouth so yeah why not the only other one. I could even think of would be electric but I think because there's no way sucks so bad. Electric didn't do it and then Dallas buyers club. I don't think made that much money despite winning awards. Let's do let's do. What did we say Juneau? Juneau that correctly all five. How how much? How much did you know? Make in Pearl. Harbor made four hundred and ninety million four hundred forty nine and doesn't want to yeah three hundred million for catch-me-if-you-can to thirty two for Juno which is nuts because at movingly costume point finally make Valentine Day two hundred sixteen million daredevil one hundred seventy nine million wonder park than six at one twenty as Valentine's Day movies. Man I mean that's a racket I can. Do you want to get into those? You're an actor because it's like. Hey this movie may two hundred million you only had to be an for ten minutes is coming up. We'll film today's Palay. Pretty well is coming here for ten minutes. The kidney cast the cast. Just Get Alba Kathy Bates Jessica Biel Cooper Bradley Cooper. Eric damp had to keep going. It's a lot of people in a man it's been for a little bit and it's always like. I want to play the guys like hiding the affair from his wife but then she finds out by like going through like my xbox messaging on your expert. But there's there's all there's always the piece of shit husband and these Samba movies right. 'cause 'cause it always always the young couple which is like cure nightly in Love actual ayler swift in Taylor Lautner in Valentine's Day. There's always like the veteran happy couple. Then there's the veteran dysfunctional couple. All the archetypes are in these movies. The new Talked enough for tonight. That's it let's go for now. I don't know what else we got a new Turkish show at eleven am on Tuesdays Thursdays for tuning that if you think draft coverage Ken Jack I'm involved with tomorrow. I don't think I can say anything more Matt do you? Is it on twitter. You how do I how do I listen to it? What your Trivia show true show is there are not serious is on twitter twitter and the Barsha sports website Barstool sports dot com. It's on twitter. Fifty Commentary Brandon Walker all them. The conceit is trying to be. Pfc and Brandon jogging out to pick somebody to be out after pick. Someone be so I bring trillion. You should bring trillon okay. I do okay. We'LL TAG team. Pick a day pretty good pretty good. That's the core on Sunday. I'm excited for that but I just wanted the other day because I got to watch it because there's so much fucking early. Two thousands of style a cigarette right so much. A promise that you're gonNA love it. It's like every single second so you're like Peter Griffin moments Yeah I can't wait. Auspey the core on Sunday Kendrick Andrew on flow episode fifty coming up on the core. Next time say saints. The box office star spread five thousand when you say so long gone but sly UTAH. Aw whatever I don't need to live goods on just talk. Spend was on. Uh MYSELF IS WHATEVER. It doesn't matter to me. I don't need a lot of good awareness. Spock youngest just fun. Ars On talk took.

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