Aug. 23: Chatting with Devlin DeFrancesco


Coast to coast in Canada, across North America and around the globe. Worldwide Web. This is Ray Swan, on the race line radio network presented by Subaru and race on is driven by the two. Thousand Twenty Subaru wwl wrexham wrx s ti the H. Typical sports cars why the Subaru VR's Ed the attainable sports car that's fun to drive and by general tire anywhere is possible. Here we go again with. Another Subaru candidate presentation, your National Radio Motorsport Authority go race line radio network. I'm Eric Thomas hosted anchors still working out of the home studio will Weber is our Supreme Commander Race Line Master. Control Andrew Holland Manning Network. Once again for us this week the very latest covert nineteen news results in schedule adjustments as the virus is still manipulating the sport we run down what happened at the greatest spectacle in. Racing the one hundred Fourth Indianapolis five hundred replay you part of our introduction of twenty year old Canadian Devlin di Francesco who is the current points leader in the indy pro two thousand development series working for Michael Andretti and that we meet in this Joe Jeffrey Campbell the man behind the brand new oral station racing and AREN development north of Toronto and we have sound with one Sebastian battle still. Fighting with his Ferrari squad during his exit season was more entries with comments for the Subaru Race Lonnie mailbag Trivia contest in the race rap news all that happened in the BRICKYARD NASCAR. Cup Does a double Dover and the SARGE is in for a few more sober race fans anywhere and everywhere powerful sport powerful radio. It's our twenty eight year on the Eric Canada. This is the race line radio. Network. This is Michael Andretti. We're coming right back on race line. Radio. Eric Thomas. Race on race line ready on burke latest news opinion and here we go on the race line race rallied is results news round covid nineteen. It is the biggest race in our sport Barnen one hundred and fourth running of the Indianapolis five hundred postponed from May to August Doodoo see nineteen, of course, run without fans two, thousand, eight winner Scott Dixon led more than half of the two hundred laps but it all went to dust under caution with five to go when Spencer Piggott Crash Japan's Tacoma Sato actually leading no red. So the race ends under caution Tacoma winning the twenty twenty addition of the Indianapolis five hundred to go with twenty seventeen brickyard triumph in terms of the field strength. Tight. I couldn't mocks. So I had to switch back and forth and Oscar was coming right through out tone for screaming coming in. Shasta held. Come Assad winning the indy five hundred this year Dixon at settle for Second Saito's Ray. Haldeman lending and teammate Graham Hall finished third the Canadians James Hinchcliffe of mighty fine run I thought finished seventh stay out of trouble Dalton Kellet, though one of the victims and a high attrition rate into the wall on lap eighty six, he finished thirty first conor. Daly, engineered by recent gas candidates coal pearn also made contact twenty-ninth both geyser. Fine. Any pro two thousand. Single at the Indianapolis Raceway Park Facility Cody Swanson winning that Canadians Devlin di Francesco, Fourth Parker Thomson, Tenth Antoine Cuomo thirteenth coming up part two with still series points leader twenty year old Torontonian Devlin di Francesco formula finally gets the week off after Spain before the Belgian Grand Prix thirty, and here's good news all ten teams committing to the sport to the end of two, thousand, two, thousand, five, all signing the new Concorde agreement to secure the future the. World Driving Championship. It's focused on a more equitable share of revenue and revised governance structure into the spending cap in a rules overhaul era. Nice to see the solidarity for a change Williams deputy team principal Claire Williams Sir Frank's daughter tells us making the team's successful again and securing its future were central in its sale to Donaldson capital. That's American private investment firm the price tag around one hundred and fifty million euros. That's about one hundred and seventy nine. Point five million US the new owners describing a described as understanding the sport we certainly hope. So current management remains for now George Russell and Canada's Nick Latifi still driving still lots of speculation where four-time champion Sebastian. Venerable goal after his woeful exit season with Ferrari said, and the team are still not connecting. It is clear. The Ferrari brains still are not listening to their driver when you hear this terse exchange on their radios during the Spanish Ron Pre? While they're. Going through the end with this. Take. Before Yeah veteran. The red cars cannot park company soon enough he got a thank. Thank Sky Sports F one for the use of the sound many. Still believe that will replace. Sergio Perez it racing point to team with Canada's Lance Stroll we shall see Nascar Cup a pair on the concrete Mile Dover Delaware race one Denny Hamlin controlled all three stages for his sixth win of the season second race at Dover too late for our prerecord deadline postscript on that next week cup clippings though NASCAR will test their next generation prototype. At Dover after the double header Cole, custer will steer the fifth test for the next Gen Chassis. Its debut pushed ahead to twenty twenty two because of what, what else nineteen the next Gen Cup car has a new body. So what looks closer to the car? You can drive on the street to increase brand identity you know a stock car it also has a shorter rear spoiler raised splitter in the front and larger brakes to Nascar xfinity runs at Dover just Albert, chase, Briscoe, winning those Canada's Alex Levy Nineteenth and Seventh trucks were there for a single Zine Smith winning Canadian Stewart freeze a ninth Raphael Nineteenth. Raith. Though had a career best third in case you missed it on the Daytona road course. But as Karpin TS series report brought to you by general tire anywhere as possible general tire dot Ca Click on the NAS car banner of the homepage find the best generals for your vehicle the first of three twin one twenty, five lap runs without fans at sunset speedway one by the veterans LP Dumas and recent guest Jason. Hathaway. The next one, twenty, five's at Flamborough speedway August twenty, nine am nine, hundred C. html sports, cars M severed Jinnah International Raceway Bill Arlen took sole possession of the all time lead in IMSA race wins in the GT. Only event it's a sixty I g td win that breaks the career tie with Scott pruitt Canada Jeff Kingsley by the way former race radio on the Porsche GT to challenge. Cup USA I rounded V. A. R. HE WOUND UP second in the second scamper the rally news is presented by the Subaru. WRX WRX STI, the typical sports, cars, world rally replacing. Japan. That was down as the last rally of the season and replacing it with Belgium November. The twenty second Belgium returning after ten years away their the thirty four th nation to host WRC since they started at all in nineteen seventy-three bikes world Mo- GP Sterian Grand. Prix at the Red Bull Ring Austria yet again Miguel. Olivera with a shock maiden series win and his Katie Gamma when Jack Miller and Paul Espera Garowe ran wide on the final lap the race. Red flagged when the brakes on Maverick Finales bike failed he had to jump off going one hundred and thirty miles an hour the leathers of course do their job he's fine. Is Yamaha burst into flames against the fence scary. But nobody got hurt and that's the main thing. Drag racing SARGE did hint Disney in our interview that he might have more top fuel to do after that one often Indianapolis last month while he was right Tony Schumacher winning his top fuel driver in Nhra at eight time champion will suit up. For Don Schumacher for six of the remaining events on the NHRA schedule, see nineteen forcing the NHRA to cancel the rest of August. The look ahead to the round September now faces in the pits two months after that terrible hand by crash in Italy former F one and two time indycar champion and former waistline video guest at thirty ish showing as they say significant improvement he's been moved to semi intensive care that's good out of central suffering severe head injuries that required several rounds of reconstructive surgery are very good friends. Sid Priddle. Race promoter and media architect is retiring after sixty years in the sports showing us all how it's done the former race line guests recently been recently was rather the general manager and fellow inductees the Canadian Motorsport Hall of fame. Sid. Simply the best in the sport I'm honored to have worked with this man countless times over the years. Another feature interview with the legend is planned and Kyle Larson who's been racking up sprint car wind since being suspended by NASCAR and fired by Chip Ganassi for using racial slur. On I race back in April is asking NASCAR FOR REINSTATEMENT NASCAR, repeating that Larson remain suspended and his case is still being reviewed and that's it. For this week on the race wrap your questions, opinions, comments, and headlines and issues are always encouraged. Let's hear from y'all stay safe with masks on at a safe distance racing opinions with fellow fans across the network could win you the Grand Prize in the Subaru Race Mail Trivia contest we play in a few. Short minutes. Okay. Well, let's work in another pit. Stop up next part two of our introduction, a twenty year old Torontonian Devlin di Francesco points leader in the Andy Fro two thousand developing series. Then later, the newly proposed oral station racing development with Jeffrey Campbell. This is race line presented by Subaru, more Info News on. WRX WRX TI NPR's Click Subaru DOT CA. This is the ray slime radio network. This is Marco Andretti and you listen to raise line radio. We are Canada's national. Radio Motorsport. Authority the race line radio network. I'm Eric Thomas simply splendid to have you strapped in with us this week after winning last years to Asian Championship the twenty year old Torontonians already tillered his Andretti steinbrenner entry to the top of the points flight in the indy pro two thousand series on the INDYCAR development ladder. So it's part two of our conversation with Devlin D Frencesco on race line radio. Now, we were talking about influencers and and people that have that have been instrumental in in your success. So. Far One guy that we haven't talked about that we need to talk about is one Pablo on Toyah. He's a family friend. He's a guy that has been very, very helpful in terms of advice and what have you just just talk about one's role in your development of so one really started with me and in two thousand eighteen started to a difficult patch and you know he's been he's been immensely helpful as part of my development and steering me back on on the right path. Nice to be back. Back into fighting at the front winning races and he he really has played a huge role in the as well the twenty four hours of Daytona and the petite llamas. So there is some sports car activity in your background to be able to excel in different forms of race cars. I think is valuable asset. You you obviously you agree with that? Yeah. No Fisher I mean your sports racing definitely, very enjoyable. It's a very different kind of racing. Coming from a single seat in from A. You know a sprint race you know sort of mindset in informer three and much more about you know longevity consistency total sprint total. In time definitely the mindset changes but you know driving a race car driving race cars sustained principal and. Definitely something I I enjoy doing I work with some people. You Know Austin Syndrich was my teammate in two, thousand, eighteen, the Daytona twenty, four hour. You know he's a great guy that work. About some really teammates sports, cars. That's. Canadian talent in this series when you think you've got red deer, Obama's Parker Thomson there's yourself and Antoine Komo from Quebec. It's You know there's there's there's a lot of Nice little Canadian flags when you look down that box score, that's that's always a good thing of course you know. Where I was I was born and You know I think that the town poon candidates definitely grown over the years you know look. Definitely. More Canadian drivers coming up through the ranks is as you can see, it's that's always very nice to see Devlin di Francesco with us, unraced line radio meeting. This young man I saw that you still work with the Sunnybrook Hospital folks in Toronto you're born a preemie and and You still work with that very, very fine organization the wonderfully talented compassionate people that are there. To give back because you know if it wasn't for them, I would be here. it's it. Twenty five weeks under under actually less than one pound. All doctors he say by life for sure Definitely Great. Bunch of people still there you're a dog person and your dog goes everywhere with you actually have a French bulldog name name Louis and cool hearts thinks on. The squeaky pig toy. Always kept in my bag. And it's it's. That we get to know you and know what you do behind the scenes in, it's it's amazing and I'm a dog person to how many. Racers from all the different pursuits it doesn't matter you know Formula One drivers or Indycar stock car racers even drag racers that are that are into dogs and they don't call a man's best friend for nothing and after a hard day They don't care what kind of a day of had. They're always there with the end and They're. They're very comforting thing to have aren't they? Know. When you get home after a long stressful day you know. Your Dog's always their you know Louis always there me when I you know if I have tough game. Only, WanNa, talk many people is always there. You know. So yeah, definitely a nice asset of you like the water as well. Lots of jet skiing lots of boating is that to kind of what you do when you're away from the race card? Oh Yeah you know when I'm away from the card when I know when my downtime. fannings obviously, very important. But he I the on on the boat with you know my friends and jet skiing and those kinds of fun activities with with phenol my close friends of mine in Florida Jer Yup and looking after the body because you need to do that. This has been delightful very, very glad to get to know you in the fans have as well. We've we've all of a sudden notice that you're popping up here and being a Canadian that's one of the things this radio show has. Done in the the twenty eight years you've been on the air is focused on the the Canadian talented. Luckily enough there's a lot of it and we now include you of course in that stay safe with US covert nineteen thing. But continued success because you're rolling at the top of the indy pro two thousand standings right now with very good team and very good friends of ours on the Andretti side. So continued success young man, and we will be watching closely. Thank you so much for the time. Eric stay safe. There is the current indy pro two thousand points leader at least going into their event in Indianapolis Canada's Devlin di Francesco and race line radio. What a season he's having easily a major player when we think of Canadian racing stars of the future. All right. Well, do another pit stop coming up more entries and comments for the Subaru Race Lonnie. Mail Trivia, contest to be get some details on this new oral station racing development with main man Jeffrey Campbell. This is the race line radio network. This Mario Andretti race line radio returns in a moment. We are Canada's national. Radio Motorsport authorities the race line radio. Network. Canada's National Radio Motor Sport Authority, the Race Line Radio Network I'm Eric Thomas Chicken, Thomas Collins it inside track motorsports news magazine up. In the next issue I'm told you can also the tails at sports net dot CA. 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At Race Line Radio DOT CA get in here as well. FACEBOOK and Instagram the address, their race line radio network three words all squished together. No gaps in there at all Eric Race Line. Through that again, facebook instagram race line radio network I confused you more than likely twitter. We'll get that straight at et race line once again facebook and instagram race line radio network one big word and twitter at e race. Let's go to the mailbag into get some entries. Why do I always put it far away from where I am you'd think I'd know better by now wouldn't you? You think so Joe via. Twitter at et race line just talking about that. He says Joe at Sports Nut motorsports nut actually joe at motorsports nuts as I eric always enjoy your show on Tsn six ninety Montreal Sunday nights only enough one to see drivers contract not renewed midseason metal knows he won't be back with Ferrari next year. So there's no motivation. Why is it this way in f one instead of waiting until the season ends like they do In other sports. Hi Joe thanks for the note and listening Sunday nights on Tsn six, Ninety Montreal in getting in here via twitter at E. T. Race Line Joe also here's his preview the racing weekends on tsn six, ninety afternoons at Three Forty with Mitch Melnick and the weekend wrap up Monday mornings in the morning show at nine, twenty, McKenna and star. Well, in fact, Joel Sebastian Federal announced his contract was not going to be renewed with Ferrari for twenty twenty one in May of this year the. Nineteen ravaged season didn't really begin until July once they got rolling. So technically, this really wasn't season at all but I kind of know what you mean Sebastian the four-time champion was in talks with Ferrari to renew until may but then a phone call came in and he was told that Ferrari was not going to negotiate an extension of the twenty twenty one season and maybe beyond he is honoring the final year of his deal by carrying on with an obvious you want call at lame duck season you're. Right there with the red cars and maybe a lack of motivation. But yeah, you just look at it. His qualifying has been terrible results not that good at all certainly nothing we're used to seeing with him and we played you that radio transmission in the program here during the news during the Spanish pre that the team is clearly not listening to their driver in the frustration not being on the same page and all those other things we talked about are clearly still there, which is a shame though you. Know, the bottom line here joe that his Ferrari tenure is ending this way because I think that that Sebastian metal can still win races and be effective for whatever team that he latches onto next season the indication seems to be it could be racing point to run with Montreal's own land stroll. That's entirely possible. We'll have to see but yeah, it's it's not a good situation a lame duck no motivation whatever you whatever you wanNA, call it. But yeah, it's it's not a very good thing at all. In terms of of the way veterans going out here because I I really do believe that you know he is capable of of doing some good things and it's it's sad when you know the team and you, you heard the transmission in Oh, he's asking about earlier on can these tires last the stent and then there's really no response and then later on the team asks federal again if you didn't hear the Clip do you think these tires can last the standard and vessels? Well, my God I asked you that a while ago. Why are we? Why? Are we still talking about that and you know that kind of stuff shouldn't happen and it really has been the root of the reason why vessel has not you know look that good. The last couple of seasons at all and you know the team feels the same way in the reason why probably that they're not going to renew his contract and it's too bad. So we'll see where he latches on. But as I said, I still think it can be impactful still thinking can be effective i. mean you know you get people saying well, he's old and he's Washed up well, come on now you don't win one championship because you're lucky. You might a little bit which win championships because you're good and if you win four, it's not because you're lucky is because you're good and I still think even at his age which ain't that old I don't know what it is on top of my head but doesn't matter I still think he can be effective out there and hopefully you can be that way with whatever team he signs on with Sanish contest entries and comments. US Eric Race on radio DOT CA connected netter facebook. And instagram Race Line Radio Network and on twitter at T. Race Line still qualifying question you need answered correctly to have a chance at the prize twenty twenty two, Subaru wrx to reported to come without engine power how many horsepower is the next generation wrx Sgi projected to put out let's work in another pitstop will then we go one on one with Jeff Campbell developer of the earls station Racetrack Road Jack this is race lying presented by Subaru for more on the sports coupe go to Subaru dot ca slash yards ed this is the race line radio network. It's a veteran Abbas and you're listening to. Race Line Radio. Canada's National Radio Motor Sport Authority. It's our twenty eighth consecutive season here across Canada, we are the race line radio network. We have followed several proposed new track and speedway developments over the twenty eight years have been on the air just about all have failed or have stalled but I'm told this one is going to be different the new oral station development just north of Barrie Ontario north of Toronto in the Lake Simcoe region will include a sixteen turn four. Kilometer Road Course for GT vintage in club racing. So let's get some details on this with the developer of the oral station project. Let's meet Jeffrey Campbell part one on race line radio. We've got some time here. So Jeffrey again give us the five dollar tour behind the idea to put together this development year end in real estate and building homes and businesses and buildings. Tell me about why you wanted to get a racing element involved in the auto station thing. Well, the the impetus forestation station really started with my brothers and I when we were quite young, we were all passionate about cars. We all had dreams of one day racing, and so we used to banter about wouldn't it be great to have a facility like one day? And I've just been very fortunate to find an intersection between my skill set and development and my passion for motorsports and put the two of them together with Oro Station. Tell me about the location where you where you're located the oral Donte Area Lake simcoe north of bury north of Toronto I, mean why this area? So. In terms of its location, we are equidistant between Muskoka in Toronto on the highway eleven on the way up north. So we're really at the Gateway of recreation country where people going to Collingwood or Georgian Bay, Muskoka Earl effectively passing by the circuit itself. But one of the biggest challenges circuits is noise and so that is why they're often located so far away from urban centres and Berry inaccessible. Our tastes were directly underneath the flight path of the runway selects regional airport. Good. Yeah. That's that's provided. US some very good related sound uses around us and So that was where we were able to to manage to have a site that is complementary, but his is still motor sports base to the so close to the GTI. Now you're talking noises the one thing in concerns and I've had some involvement with the the attempt to build a track in. The area and there was a lot of pushback from the residents in that area, and then you had to put in your plans for you know noise berms and noise mitigation studies and things like that. Did you have to go through a similar kind of an exercise or as as you say because you're kind of in the same area as the airport you didn't get any pushback from the residents. Well. I mean we still are working through and diligently on older required engineering, and that includes sound studies as well as environmental engineering, storm water, etc. But when we are looking at the sound related impact in the region, we're on the primary gravel hall wrote, which is a big noise generator cross from the airport were just a few hundred yards, boroughs, creek, and highway eleven. And so with the gravel pits, also in that area, there are a sort of blanket. The creates a little bubble for us in terms of other noise related uses in the area But nonetheless, we've still addressed that in terms of creating reports for our site plants missions that are showing the impact of noise to ensure that we're not adversely affecting residents we are talking with Geoffrey or Geoff Campbell managing partner proposed. Oral station Racing Research and development facility just north of Barrie. Ontario on Race Line Radio, a sixteen turn four kilometer road course for gt vintage and club racing. That's at the heart of it. You and your and your brothers have been you know as you say, race fans, car fans high-performance fans for a while this this this course tell me about how this design came about and why you decided to do it this way. So in terms of design, we worked with driven international out of the UK. Um and Ben Wilshire who's the principal of that firm is a young and up and coming designer who is now part of the motivation committee. Okay. And he came out to oral to have a look at the land in which he and I walked it intimately to look at the contours of the fields looked at the layout of the property and design something that really fit into the landscape, and so we wanted to ensure that we were making the most use of the land but creating something that was fun and exciting. But our intention of going to grade three standard was that in some circuits now particularly, FAA great one right when they're designed for Formula One car, they're not so fun in the GT car feels a little bit like the highway given how big the corners are. To, be something that was exciting in some of the older cars and then some of the GT cars. but from a challenge perspective, we'd also designed it that as amateur drivers are on the circuit, it's something that will be a lot of fun and safe. But the faster you go the harder, it gets similar to a golf course in that, you can play from the whites and have a leisurely day. But if you choose to place the tips that's going to get a lot harder a lot faster a very good comparison. So you wanted to make sure that it's GonNa be challenging enough for those that can do the challenging bits. But if you're a hobbyist or a, you know someone with vintage racing or whatever that it's going to be handleable for them. So that was kind of the basis of why it was designed this way because you need to attract as many people across the board as you can. Right. Absolutely, with our six hundred and eighty meter back straight, you can compare that to a wide open fairway. But as you get into some of the more challenging things like our S.'s the trail braking corners, etcetera, we say that if you're driver doing two minute lap times of can take you an afternoon to get to one fifty. One. Forty. Years to get to one thirty five. No. Exactly. Exactly. A lot of lot of good thought and behind this right now no no facility for spectators. It's not a spectator facility and some of the fans listening out there would say why there's the Question Jeff why? So in terms of spectator based facility is when you get into hosting that number of fans, the infrastructure in the land that's required is significant both from things like safety barrier fencing to infrastructure for washrooms and parking. In Our case, Ontario has most which legendary spectator based facility and we don't want to take away from what most sport is. Okay. But for us, we were designing it predominantly with the amateur driver in mind, but as well as the research and engineering education. Components. And so we chose to have a sort of more condensed format in which It's not set up to bring in large volumes of spectators. That's not to say there. WON'T BE PUBLIC ENGAGEMENT But one thing we do have one hundred gigabyte per second fiberoptic, the property. So from a broadcast capability, we have the ability to broadcast racist quite easily from there. Oh, good So we are we're still thinking about engagement with the with the enthusiast and in the oral station complex. itself. I mean between Museums Cafe, restaurant workshops, etc. it becomes a lieven living breathing sort of pit lane, and which enthusiasts have the opportunities to come and walk the grounds and be immersed in absolute automotive culture sort of a chance to see behind the scenes that you wouldn't see elsewhere. Sure sure and and that that that sounds terrific because that's kind of a kind of a new innovative approach to it but. You know other than just letting fans on their but as you say, you never say never so there is the possibility of of maybe some grandstands in the future and that's good. Jeffrey Campbell managing partner proposed oral station racing, research and development facility just north of Berry north of Toronto there is a reese you you touched on it they're a research and development component to this development explained that if he can. So in the rotation complex, we've got over five hundred, thousand square feet of buildings that were designed for advanced manufacturing research and development in the automotive industry. And this encompasses anything from high-performance motorsports, workshops, racing garages, which we're seeing significant interest rates. Teams to locate here as their main campus and homebase. But as well as things like preservation. So we're looking at bringing in a number of automotive restored in companies that would be in there working on classic cars. And then on the innovation side of talking with Thomas and electric vehicle companies good. All of this provides a campus in which they can work and have access to testing facilities directly on property. in the case of autonomous, for example, with that fiber optic connection that we have, we have the ability to do five G. Broadcast and subsequently have Thomas cars running at highway condition speeds on the circuit for testing purposes and so It just creates sort of dedicated business park to automotive ingenuity rate. Now, it's a road course is there enough property there that if you wanted to research and development can also include you know an oval component, not necessarily racing but maybe for testing, do you have room to expand maybe incorporate that in the Future Jeff? We do. Yeah. So we own the Jason. Property. That is there for future potential expansion and the idea there is that. We're going to look at how the tenant base of all's and subsequently developed according to where most demand is. So then you are part one with developer, Jeffrey Campbell one of the officials behind this new station racing real estate in rnd center, just north of Barrie Ontario part to Jeff next week on race line radio. Okay. Well, let's fire off that final pitstop. Then we're back for the last laugh for next week show guess lineup and more. This is race line presented by Subaru powered with a heart pounding wrx Sti for all things. wrx. Go to Subaru DOT CA slash. This is race line radio network. Hi, this is Scott. Bird. Eric Thomas Race Line Radio across Canada on the race line radio network that white flag right there means one more to go. So here's what we're lining up for you. For next week, we'll have part two with a developer of this new oral station race track project in the oral Madani Lake, Simcoe region north of Toronto with Jeffrey Campbell will have sound with the winner of the Indianapolis five hundred will get a new formula one season update within sidetrack. Motorsport News. Editor James Neilson plus our Subaru Race Lonnie mailbag trivia contest. But when checkers fly, we say goodbye enormous race line. Thank you going out to Devon di Francesco, Megan Barnhart and Andretti Steinbrenner. Sebastian battle and sky. Sports. F One, Jeffrey Campbell, and the oral station development. Big. Thanks as well to supreme commander Will Weber and Andrew. Holland for. Pre and post production expertise. So from Alabama Race Line Radio, I'm Eric Thomas once again, reminding you to use your had to stop the spread race line coast to coast on the race line radio network presented by Subaru has been driven by the Subaru wrx wrx Sti and be ours Ed. You can learn more at Subaru dot ca and by general tire anywhere is possible talk again next week. Do it right here on Race Line Radio

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