Benzema back for the Derby ? look ahead to the Madrid derby.


welcome back everybody the rahmatullah. Paul costs coming up today. We're going to be looking ahead to the madrid dhabi. This weekend. we'll out walked is making the madrid news. First of all what has been happening at trading today eating has odd is progressing back to fitness. But anybody expecting to see him. Before april at the earliest is going to be disappointed. He's he alternating. His training between the gym and the training field sedan is adamant that will be no rushing to get him back. The good news over carrying moore is. He's been building up strings all week and he finished a training session today. There is one more shedule for tomorrow. After that has been concluded a decision on whether to play him will be taken. He is currently remember being out of action for three gains. Benjamin was talking in a rare interview this week on his relationship with the dan. He said he's like a real big brother to me off. The field is always there to give me advice on his ideals he said. I don't really have them role models. Yes the original rinaldo was a great inspiration of me as indeed with mike tyson. Both he and i started with absolutely nothing before working our way up now. Most 'tatoes are expecting bensimon to stop this weekend. If he doesn't make it back he leaves it with another real headache because it marina is definitely injury to him. This week by the way is injury number. Forty two of the season for this squad. Is there no end to this permanent injury crisis that the club was bathing guilt in all season ketteringham by erling haaland continue to dominate media. But nothing really new to add to the situation of either about. Hey remember still talking. Listening to offers from holland is the seems. Just happy scoring bruce. Dortmund the queue of clubs there that are often continues to grow daily manchester city chelsea manchester united all desperate to sign him under. You have to say even at this stage of it comes down to a battle of money. Then it looks like the premier league might well be his next destination. Left and right by positions are still again up for great debate in the media. What stands from this. Is the continuing rumor. That madrid wants to bring back. Regi loan from tottenham and ashraf. I ki- me who's currently to enter as well after selling both. Remember the end of last season if it is true. What does it tell you about the management of this squad. Whose decision was it in. The first instance to actually sell them both looks at the moment like remarkable lack of foresight on the part of the club and then there is the ongoing several of regarding debit alibaba. After it was revealed. His agent fini's harvey is negotiating with. Ps g. he added to all of the debate is at all of the great teams in europe are after it is he who has to make the final decision to erling haaland briefly. What is everybody excited over. The last twenty four thirty six hours with the comments made by hands. Russia over brucie. Dortmund's his comments have been seized on by everybody. He said if we had to play with that spectators next season we will definitely have to think about selling player. That for some was the sound of the starting pistol being fired as the race. Decide holland has officially begun. Move-on to take more in depth. Look at this. Weekend's madrid dhabi beginning with the referee who was announced yesterday alejandro hernandez will be in charge a surprise because it's the first time he's ever taken charge of madrid dhabi's being around on the same for six or seven years now ranked official he has had five. Classic goes in that time overall. He's taken josh jove. Rail madrid games on twenty five occasions. Sixteen times away from home nine at home. He's given five penalties to madrid. Four against them out of your send off for real madrid plas-. It's the twentieth time. Three is refereed. Athletico gabe ten of those home. Nine aways awarded seven athletic penalties for against essential one athletic. I play in bat time this season. He's been charge eighteen game. Show eight hundred nine yellow constitute read on his awarded three penalties obvious weekend. It's the two hundred third meeting the madrid rivals. Real madrid hold the significant historic advantage. Like one hundred and five of those drawing forty-seven and losing fifty athletic. I haven't really had a great deal to cheer about in recent seasons since that loss legal win which was back in february of two thousand sixteen fourteen times since then a lot as delivers. just two victories. The champions league second leg semi fun wit in may of twenty seventeen when they won by two goals to remember they lost the first leg three nil and in august of twenty eight athletic. Try to in these supercup. Four chew was extra time that said though that most productive period which included the longest effort run unbeaten against real madrid. Also fairly recent ran from august twenty fourteen in the first leg of the super keller final and ran for seven games until of twenty-fifty when they lost the second leg of the champions league quarter-finals. It was an incredible season. As i'm sure you'll remember for athletic as well as those two super cup of games. They did the double in the league. Including a four nil. Win tiago mendez. Nagueh the grease man. A man's zukas getting the goals that day and until lottie remember was the man in charge of real madrid at that time. Now there's fixed law season here. Delivered a nil nil. It was the fourth nil-nil school in recent years. Madrid's ranked up three attempts on target only that day cruise to low with one and sounded lauber athletic managers one attempt on target with from savage inside the nineteen minutes back in december of course raw materials. Be athletic by two goals in and it was another game a few clear-cut opportunities for either team madrid managing three attempts on target the eleven to which ended up with goals. One of which was an anglo from all black of course and z. Dan where the four three three that day the two best performances on the day came from midfield crease and casimiro with crews being the manner the match despite the fact that we've had a few neil nils draws of late this fixture does deliver a lot of six hundred eleven of being scored in total in the two hundred and two previous meetings coming into the weekend leading lollygag by five points from bustling around madrid. The recent form of highlighted a few areas of concern of course despite the win over villarreal by goals to nil managed. Just one goal in open play in three games now. That was zhao felix last week. They didn't score against chelsea champions. League didn't school either the week before against advantage fall flat had been pretty impressive up to seventy in the fourteen games up to then. They won ten and drawn four eight clean sheets as well. The lost though was severe back in january since when they haven't kept a single clean sheet levante bitter. Al the only teams to deny athletico goal at home in la liga. This season look moscow. Also did it in champions league as did chelsea of course that game wasn't played at the metropolitano so then who are the key players who to look out for eleven different goalscorers. This season luis suarez on sixteen. Is the leading score and the highest score in spain of course behind lee messi. He is already equal. This turtle from last season boston learn is on a run of five games. The present without scoring a goal longest run for him this season. His record madrid is pretty good. He scored against them in every competition. He lined up against eleven goals and five assists in seventeen appearances against remedies picked up. Eleven yellow cards pretty has never ever been sent off against real madrid. Marcos gear anti on eight goals is the closest rival foregoes. He of course with madrid lying for them from twenty thirteen fourteen in the c team. The casteel team. And the i team made to two appearances. He didn't score a goal in that time but he got three seasons school to eight goals. This season easily. His best return of his career. so far. and you're going to add into that seven assists. See the influence that he has had own the team. This season and of course there is twenty one year old zhao felix some reports. Today's suggesting that he won't starts but He's in his second season here last week. Scored against takes him ahead of his total for last season on seven this weekend if he does appear his will be his forty ninth appearance for athletic thirteen goals in that time since his big money. Move from benfica. Who's providing then full. The forwards revolt already mentioned the rent. Who leads the list of eleven who provided assist ankle korea in his seven seasons year as six assists plus foregoes as well geoffrey dicks and got lasko of also provided for each as for the formation Semiotics team started out the season. Pretty much playing with a full four to since november the three four one two or three one four two are the preferred formations of choice looking back into that game. In december considering the team that played against betraying madrid with suarez lawrence angel- felix total of five attempts on goal. Wasn't great but you can certainly expect better this time round simeoni to control this game while the word is c. One student defy the presence and the influence midfield of real madrid in particular highlighting cruise mud rich and casamayor because basketball talking eddie on today about the key to success in this game he said we simply must replicates how we played in the first game we have to attack and defend together as a team for ninety minutes and make sure we do not let our concentration slip. He was asked as well about his personal situation or he said about that was regarding the contracts. I'm happy with how things are going. So then how big a task is this for real madrid. Can they overcome it day. Well they are up against the most successful team. In europe's elite leads this season where they win percentage of seventy five percents. Eighteen wins four draws and two losses. They are ahead of guardiola's manchester city. Who owns seventy two percent by media on sixty nine point six and psg way back on sixty seven point nine now after the week and they're just thirteen games left to go. They season in la liga. Athletic still have a trip to barcelona and severe com have looks like a tougher run of games remember. They have one less as well. They still have betty's severe veteran and barcelona to come and those teams all inside the top seven. That's eight four today. Thanks for joining me and enjoy the game wherever it is in the world. You're going to be watching it. And we look forward to gain having your company next week until then from me tim capable bobby fennell a.

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