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Welcome back by faithful listener to the sales energizer podcast. By the way I love you each and every one of you I mean true. Love not the beloved pizza. I mean love like I wanNA marry it type of thing all right well ladies and gentlemen it is time for your daily dose of the deeds with the sales energizer. Podcast coming to you as always live here in beautiful Atlanta Georgia and by the way. It's beautiful even when it's raining. I don't know where this whole thing came from that like. You know it's a beautiful day only one it. Sunny rain is gorgeous. Every do used to be these old kind of like personal ads and they people would actually advertise on the type of person that likes long walks in the rain. Let me tell you something. Nobody likes long walks in the rain. Maybe when you're dating once you get caught in the rain and you'll giggle a little bit and you. You never do it. You know who likes long walks rain gauge I. Today this morning I took a walk and I put my hat on. I had this hat and just the sound of the rain on your hat and doesn't get your face what you'll just feel great. I just loved it by the way. It's tough to walk in the rain because even wear using an umbrella where the hat and not the umbrella but what happens is the front of your legs and your pants get wet so being the salesman and the problem solver that I am I said how am I gonNA stop getting my pants from wait in the front as I walk will. The answer is simple. Wear shorts so I wore shorts and your legs for some reason. Dry off a lot faster than your pants will dry and so see. That's the thing as sales people were just solution. People and I know you think that sounds stupid. It's like when I am a terrible driver. So people always honk at me and so to fix it. I'm not gonNA stop anybody from honking at me because I can't change anybody else but I can change the day. J- I put one of those magnets on my car. This student driver greatest thing everybody stays away from me and nobody honks at me anymore. But that's what I do because I know I can't change anybody else but I can't change myself and you're the same way each morning I wake up. I want one thing in today's no exception and so far on I'm just on track all day. Today I tried to live a perfect day. Now my perfect day is different than your perfect day. But what is your perfect day? What is what do you have to do to go to bed at night? And this is the story that I learned this when I was in high school from a gym teacher. Mr Lau shh Gosh Mr Allow Chevron thought about him at Thou- Mr Lau was like a big dude. He was an ex football player. He was a monster you know back then when they could teach us who really couldn't hit you but they can scare the Tar Adia and this guy one day I was telling jokes. I don't know what I was doing but I was in the locker room. And he put me up by the teacher but me against the locker and didn't hit me in the face but took his hand and bangs. The locker right next to my head. I'm not to a big of a man to tell you right now. I peed myself right there in front of everybody right there in front of I mean scared. The Tar Adia. Mr Laos was a tough guy but he used to say in his class. And you're they do that to get you on their level you'll listen to them and he asked me. How do you know if you live the day? I was talking to the whole class but everybody always thinks only about themselves. So when I'm saying this I want you to be thinking. How do you know when you've lived a perfect day? And His answer was this. He says when you go to bed at night and you're just there with your with your own personal God. Your eyes are closed. And you're thinking about the day you just got one question to ask of yourself was Iowa plus or a minus today. Did I give more than I got or did I get more than I gave today? I'll tell you whenever you're listening to this or wherever you're listening to this there's one thing I know for sure about you. No matter what country you're from a no matter how old you are no matter what position you're in because A lot of people. This is a sales driver. Podcast A lot of people are sales people but a lot of people just grab gravitate to the show for motivation about life and you're the art of practicing. Sales is the art of practicing personal development. And there's no gray one this it's impossible not to sleep. Well when you're a plus you will have the best night's sleep of your life and you'll wake up refreshed when you gave more than you got the day before and there's so many different opportunities to do it even today. I mean even just giving somebody a smile. Brightening them they even paying somebody. You would consider a small complement. My Gosh you have beautiful hair. I wish I had a hair like that putting away the shopping cart. When you're in the parking lot that somebody else left out there in front of another car something small that you can talk to yourself and your own personal God and said the world is a little bit better because I was here today and then sleep well baby because once you get that done once you get the feeling of what that is when you're really changing yourself to make things better for everyone else it's addictive and you can't stop doing it and you wake up in the morning and you start asking better questions instead of. Why is this happening to me? You start thinking. When can I do something more? How can I help? How can I fix it? And then you become part of the solution instead of the problem then you become attractive to others then you don't worry about selling because your prospects and customers are too busy buying and that's what happens when you listen to the beach cast every morning in this daily dose right Mr Producer Man. Listen I really appreciate you guys listening and I meant it when I said in the front end of this I love each and every one of you. You're the best. I'm the go get him today. Make it your perfect day.

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