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Hello, Lakers nation welcome in overlain here for Lakers nation dot com, your home for everything Lakers today. We get to talk about rumors a conspiracy theories. That's right. Put Your Tin Foil Hats Q.. The X. Files Music. Let's go. Are the Lakers holding secret practices Gosh I? Love it. Guys make sure before we dive into it. The you subscribe right here to the Lakers nation Youtube, channel, and then ring the notification bell. Bell right there. Get notified every time we have new videos coming out all right, so the rumor comes from Celtics. Lover Himself Bill. Simmons starts this this comment all right. This was on a podcast that the Lakers are holding secret practices. Here's what he said Have you heard there's this L. A. Room right now that I haven't been able to crack of all the Lakers are playing at some rich guy's house. That's what he says Kay. Jj, rediker, who is on the podcast with him, said all right, so in regards to the Lakers, I've heard similar things, obviously nothing imposed on social media, supplying us with the evidence that we need, but there is a gentleman I. think is houses in Belair. WHO has a staple center replica in his backyard? He goes on to say my assumption is those guys are working out there. That would make a lot of sense. Okay, so this is spread quite a bit and the first thing I want to know is that Jj Redick says my. My assumption not that he's heard. They're working out there that he's assuming they're working out at that particular location now first of all, does that exist? Yes, hundred percent eight exists there is a guy named Steven Jackson and he does have a home in biller that has a replica staple center, floor, full-court, bells, and whistles. All of that NBA teams have been known to work out there the sun-sentinel how to story from years ago on the Miami Heat practicing their right teams. Go there. They use it it. It's available. It's known as location so. Jay rettig and you're thinking. Where could the Lakers be going? That's probably the first place. They'll pop up in your mind if you know you know. Hey, training centers are closed. The training facilities not not acceptable, so it would make a lot of sense and we've also heard that Lebron. James and Anthony. Davis have been scouring the area for places for the guys. Guys to work out, and so if you if you are Lebron, if you're a D and you're looking for a place to get the Lakers or workout in that would probably be the place to go, so that makes a lot of sense now. Are they keeping things secret? Keep it off social media. Yeah, that would also probably make a Lotta sense to do. But is it a full team workout well first of all, Bill? Simmons said all the Lakers no one hundred percent, not true one hundred percent. Why am I so confident? That goes Dwight. Howard is not there and he's not the older one, but we. He's the one we know. He's been in Atlanta. That's where he was was doing his social distancing. Himself Isolating Dwight. Howard has not been in La, so he's clearly not so it's not all of the Lakers. It's not truly a full team practice, and the other thing that I wanNA question is. Is, it just hey. The Lakers have been working out there. And suddenly that rumor of your played, the telephone game turns into all the Lakers at the same time. Work out because that's what Simmons is kind of insinuating here or implying here, is that all of the Lakers were working out at the same time, which would be in violation of NBA rules. Isn't it also possible that Lebron was able to get the guys into? Into this gym and they have one or two guys. Come in at a time. Sanitize the place when those guys leave, and then more guys come it like that's also possible, and you would still be able to start that rumor that hey. The Lakers have been practicing 'cause that wouldn't necessarily be untrue, but they could have been following social distancing guidelines and still getting in. That's still that's still plausible but is it also possible that the entire teams been going in there and working out sure and if you're if you're the Lakers new looking for the motive? This team needs all the all the edge. They can get right. They've already lost homecourt advantage that exist anymore. That's gone as soon as you go to. Orlando and everybody's playing on the same courts. There is no homecourt advantage out the window. They worked so hard for that all season, the number one seed in the western conference and it's gone. Just think about a potential match up with the clippers you would. Would have had essentially seven home games for the Lakers. Yeah, there would have been a dozen or so clippers fans in the crowd, but that would be about it right. It will be seven home games for the Lakers now instead you get to play in an empty arena with no fans. That's going to be Irian quiet and all of that it's Leonard. Dream right. That's the situation that you're now in. And there are some people who say Oh homecourt doesn't matter. If you good team should win, no matter what homecourt does matter unless you're the Sacramento Kings in its game, seven homecourt absolutely matters so the Lakers have already lost something so would it makes sense for them to be looking for some other kind of edge to give back that advantage possibly possibly right if they've been getting work in and other. Other teams have not and they're able to keep their chemistry. They're able to keep the momentum that they had four months ago. Almost then, yeah, look at that might make sense to as a as a plausible thing that the Lakers could do. There've been pictures of Lebron. James going at open run workouts. Ben Simmons is there as well. Alex Caruso has been been playing in gyms and things so. Look if they pulled it off. Okay, we'll see what happens. Hopefully it allows the Lakers to keep their chemistry as they head towards the NBA playoffs coming up on July thirtieth. Let me know your thoughts. Guys have the secret workouts. Really been taking place fired off the comments down below. Don't forget to follow Lakers. Nation on social media at Lakers nation on twitter and facebook at Lakers nation official on INSTAGRAM WANNA. Follow me. You can find me at Trevor Underscore Lane on twitter at Trevor Lane NBA on Instagram till next time, stay safe and.

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