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In initiating update degrees to one what is going on everybody welcome back to the nerve on update our weekly show in which we talk about the nerdy news. That happened this week that excites us and the later half of the show in which we answer questions from you. The people the people I'll go ahead and start since i'm already talking and it just makes sense to do that. Yeah this past friday. Hbo announced that they have officially ordered the series based on the last of us Oh not a lot of details exactly into like who's cast or what even the story is. There's rumors that it's basically going to be an adaptation of the first game writers will be the last of creator creative director. Neil druckman and craig mazin. Who wrote chernobyl. Which is an amazing showrunner creator. He did a funny tweet about that. And saying everyone's like oh. Is it going to be any Like no you know. The internet doesn't exist and we care about people's opinions you know who's gonna like if you if you listen craig as on script notes like you know kind of person he is and he's talking about us. It's cool nice And then Dreckman will be executive producing alongside carolyn. Strauss who was also a producing. Chernobyl and game of thrones The producing team will also include naughty dog president of wells and playstation productions. Assad kissel bash. I had to look that out by in the really. Get a true Pronunciation so i hope that is correct and carter swan waste also playstation productions I'm excited Last of us holds a very special place in my heart so I'm very excited to see what they do with it. I hope that doesn't suck but it's hbo and with the team like with chernobyl Chernobyl was amazing. So i i am optimistic so nets person yet. Care only want to us right now. Though bringing up a fight before research gordon. Who's got news next. Have a little one just a little one A player found a little easter egg in the new miles morales spiderman this week and it went viral. There is a street named after chadwick boseman. Oh so cool willing game so that was really cool. Wanted to share that. That's it that's that's my whole news. That's the also news. Miles morales came out this week. That's true about this week. I've been living vicariously through other people's play throughs looks yeah that that's probably the game that i'm like i That's why i want to see us. But also siripong anyways. But i don't actually fight me. Okay that's news fight me. Tom h. i. Dirty so So sub- suburb by you. Know this is. The dc dc built nicely. I gotta make it sound dumb because it is fucking dumb. I'm big chill So so hbo baby. Israel max jason killer. No you've been listening to me. Boy we friends onto well anyways. Wait did he just like it tweet. Is that what happened. No we had a succession of tweets built all right because that totally means something with me and my neck beard anyways so. Hbo max announced that wonder woman four will be coming to your streaming device that can actually stream hbo. Max because recently wasn't on amazon fire sticks and now it is oh so december twenty fifth. So christmas comes on time. Is this your on. So you know for the rest of the world that you know knows common sense and decency Get to watch it in theaters then here in l. a. good huntington and ran out theater And i'm excited for it. And it's going to be at no additional cost for subscribers. Which is really cool because this is cory cory is talking some mad mass to me saying like i like to pop shots disney. You you punch up. You know what. I'm saying baby but look at this. So tenant dry in theaters failed right mulanje from your fail. Only that succeeded was trolls to world tour and it was just. Vod is great. I didn't watch. I wouldn't be shit. I wanna wash it. I really liked the idea of the world building of like. You're the john rosa music at war on like. Oh that's kind of cool anyways but it made probably on asia's then it would have made in theaters like if the world had not gone into a pandemic So it was. It was interesting. It was a huge success. Caused all the controversy wealthier. I think some people are definitely sad because like everyone was holding out for it but to me it felt a little bit more. Like hey fucking people wanna watch it and you know people can still enjoy it in theaters where they can you know like some people i know drove to san diego drove three hours to watch tenant and you know i applaud for some people watched it in a drive through. I applaud you for it. But i mean i think there's people who don't have those kind of access thing but so far what. I've heard nobody's hurt. It hurt. no they haven't heard the dial. Wow yeah that's comes off the the heels of the re uploading of the snyder trailer. So what about if you to know in dc fandome drop. The snyder cut trailer and people kind of went crazy about it. Right and Look at this Anyways it was secret cool. Yeah so leonard. Cohen's song was the featured song of the trailer and because of either not from snyder himself from a not cross tea or not dot i The copyright didn't go all the way through so they had to pull the video down and then so they re uploaded and he said oh. Just give it to me. I'll put in some new footage. And then i'll make a black and white version which also spawned its own sense of controversy amongst small minded people twitter and but also a breakdown corey. You know what. I'm talking about pursley all black and white doesn't make it look cool like oh yeah. It's not that that's the small minded thing it's like. No one was saying this shit when fucking blowing with the black and white version because they're fucking stupid chills anyways. I literally wanna see these things like people were like you and i will be. We're putting black and white filters of end game and be like. Oh i'm doing the same things like no. This is not color grading like you just made look muddy for those listening. You don't know talking about when they do a black and white version of a film they don't just gets a slap color out or slap a filter on it. You literally have to remix the entire film for black and white so way certain colors. The lens certain way darks shadows work that you can't you can't just take the color out now and white films. So with logan like he was he was referencing. Their james mangold actually had to re master the entire film for a black and white cut. So that's what that's about so you slap a filter on endgame and be like look at justice like all the dummies brains But so this also comes with full not understanding what they're looking at. No they're trying to make calls. They're trying to say this anyway. So a breakdown hugs. Caesar came out in color now. there's a color version online but then this is also came up the heels of him releasing on social media of his choice. Vero which has its own problems he did a breakdown of like. Hey these are the new sequences and stuff like that look. The internet is laced with issues. And i don't have enough time to talk about Will mention it and You know talked about a couple of certain things particularly like l. steppenwolf armor works. And how it's a more of an organic spike and all that stuff But yeah it's There's much more confirmed idea of like. This will tie in a lot of things that we saw in beverage sermon in terms of like how the joker and death stroke and all them play out in a quote unquote future sequence okay. What does that mean tom. And his ideas and thoughts of where it goes in terms of like a series and or his own universe and this also got a kind of like echoed amongst the the dc higher ups were everything of their website or the social media's all included as acts snyder character on the page the batman page on stuff. So it's like the high embrace of the multi versus at play so I think it's really cool to see the collaboration but also the Reversal of the support of the anti support. I guess one brothers pictures had for exeter and now with warnermedia and atrial max and everything eighteen t coming in. There's just been so much more support for It's just tell the stories of people want to see and you know we'll get the audience that we want to get Because there's a lot of news about the hbo max green lantern show And it's gonna feed your guy. Gardner i think as the lead with his partner Forget the characters name but the characters half human half alien and we played by a black woman and they're going to talk about race and i think that's really interesting how you can create some nuance in space. Cops how we're gonna talk about the police force in space during a time of twenty twenty. So i'm really excited to see where that and they get that extra. Hbo money versus the cw has a little bit of a smaller budget. And hopefully the talk about really important things like obviously nothing might get. Close to what watchmen talked about but something that just hints. That feels like yeah. Hbo remains to be the hbo television. That's all the news. I got baby nice and now for the last part of our show in which we answer questions from you the audience and if he would like to have your questions answered you can send them over to questions at nerd on dot tv. You can also go to nerd. On dot tv backslash questions you can also join our discord where there is a channel bear that you can submit and just for you just for you and if you are a member of the nation you do get what we call a nerd on in which you can get your questions put to the front of the line. Could stunt talk just a little break that about that. When when josh said honored on edge it sounded much. Like the cape's crusaders say around the horn brand pamper. That's all that's the same cadence But yeah you can send in questions and they can be anything like jeremy. I'm asks if you were a pok mon. What would your three evolutions be. Jesus oh i know caitlyn's what are they telling me right now. It would be a volpe of nine tails and then the third evolution with the sun stone would volve into a ball rock shit. Oh and smell. That's really good. Except for when you try to label me an avatar and were really wrong. Maybe i see you for who off. She'd be like a metal bender. Banding but i mean you know you have metal casting in your life so i just He's got a corey would be Probably a like a meow. But that's cute. And then it evolved into purely analogous sam and then after that it evolved into we were our own pokemon not old original post. I think that's you know me having fun with. I think there is a second stage that i'm at right now which is like middle of pandemic long haired bearded glory and then my third evolution. Yeah it would be like a chill old white guy. Oh my gosh. Wow come what you've always love. I'm getting there. I just got. I feel old. I had physically be old. Now nice calm but the real answer the real answer for me. If i were to be approached the had three evolutions rupe. I think i would be. And i'm not gonna count mega evolution. I think i would be. I'd wanna be a ghastly goes into a hunter the becomes a game. Dr because that's fucking baller. But i think i. Would you know what i'd be. I'd be fucking cuban that evolves into amac that evolves into a king's gone okay. I misunderstood the question we can pick poke on. Oh we mean what if you were reported on what would be if you were gonna get it but you can choose anything. It doesn't necessarily have to be. Yeah i mean you can have your fun got it. There could be like. I don't know enough fits so do you want me to horoscope you. Just the blast is no no for josh saw it. I don't know. I might actually see josh. Chew topeka chewed you. Oh because she wants to fuck in. Stop the fighting and then probably dis. Oh no no judges toga p. And then p could shoe and in paddington. Pass the right answer. That is right fucking. i'm cool. I'm cool with that way. Tom late let me see. I don't know why this is probably really wrong. But it's one hundred percent. Oh it was a geo dude into volta orb into geeta what is wrong. Why why okay. A two things real quick. I don't have legs. And then i don't have arms and then and then i don't have a good hairline like obama. See i'm not mad. I'm ed it's not bad. I feel it's not one hundred percent accurate but it feels in line of thought on it more. I would find a better better series. But i am looks at me. I feel he says. I or sokha bend your lance from voltron and then you fall into brought from book owner. Ah that that's fine by me Anyone have their own pokemon avatars that they want to go with like so i pick so in. Yes or kings con. The little baby evolves into cuban. The king has gone dies. I got a real answer. Okay so my first evolution like thinking back on my first era of life the first half of my life. I'll say fucking charred line-up be mad. No it would have to be some sort of like overly energetic. I was in theater. Like i was jumping off staircases. Twenty four stare staircase. I wanted to be like a fucking stunt man and stuff. What did you say. I was doing the lines of Upside down bounce out So like the only thing that comes to mind is like sand true because he was like would i thought he was. You know you think entry thinks he's invulnerable. He rolls around everywhere. Jumping-off shit jumbled to. Yeah and like i. When i was a kid i like in high school and stuff. I was the kid who you could dare to like. Jump off stuff. Like do pratfalls. Whenever i had a chance to do. So i'd say something like sancho My second form. I would like to think is like a alexander type maybe cabraha and then my third and final form is the Dowd from tokyo acting sweet. Oh man if we're going to do like that. I feel like i would have been abobo. Sor i because they're always so happy and they just want to help out. And then i feel like what's like a really I'm trying to think of like i would. I would go into e or that was like basically my teenage years was just being e or so pokemon would be gloom would be the gloom flint of your same same energy or sidewalk no but it would be gloom gloom would be your your e or equivalent in pokemon. Yeah bill awesome. Yeah and i don't know what my last one would be fucking. it probably grew. Don fire eye majors. I may just stick with the ball. Rug sticking with the ball rug but like not quite as evil. You know just like a pinch scotia of evil. Just like little dash. Do you guys have one. That's pure lineage pok. That's like the chop it'd be aber that'd be my ultimate form. The only one that has a beard no go ahead. Go ahead no. You ain't grassy. Though i was going to say the i was going to say the the bill awesome line but also as i see the. I don't know about the psychic stuff. I don't think carnivora line. I don't know if you liked lake's psychic types. Know what i know it slam ditto. Okay van next question comes from black. Mamba what d c d think needs a revamp. And who would you hire as the main character. I got corey's answer to gain. Okay let's you know. Yeah constantine with matt ryan fuck. Yeah baby you always exactly what came to mind number. Constantine with matt ryan one hundred. You have his number in your phone. Do yeah give it to you times. Been stirring the pot ties during the pot on social media on purpose with me in a from kansas crusaders. Where anytime he wants to make a comparison to something. He makes it between constantine matt ryan. I mean it's keanu. So the the backstory is steve's put the stupid facebook who you really like and it was like this dark-haired source or cool so you're kiana from constantine and then he's he's like fuck utah. Not matt ryan uses a. You're not matt ryan. And then i just came with the gift of a cat stirring a pot tom but yeah. Constantine with matt right. i have spoken out. I won't make this long because i've spoken out enough about. There's not from and tastic new our film. But it's not a constantine movie. It has a lot of the elements and i do believe that in a film or adaptation. There are certain there are certain things. You can't change about a character but this my example online was you can't just slap in s on christoph waltz and call him superman. There are some criteria that needs to be met. Don i am not a fan of the kryptonite lois lane. You are looking ravishing day. I don't know it's me clark. Kent big money to see red sun which are remains ship lands in soviet russia. I would pay big. Money can journalist for higher up again. The oh my god. and there's a movie on dc. i'll have to. John got one. I can't even like. I feel like i've seen so many of these movies i can't even pull one to the forefront of my mind. She's going sit. I would want to change amber heard. She's says her sister self as me. Oh meaning yes. I i want to be me and also have jason momoa mirrow. You'd have to kiss him ohno home. No that'd be. No i i would hate to have to bite people by yourself without a nine to five people on. No that would be the worst. You would have to be a waterman water bender and have interesting colored hair this jason memo and fight people actually be a. I wanna be opposite jason most. That's my answer. I wanna no no i get first dibs. Dibs dibs for me padding maybe. Abc movie which one for for for paddington loves paddington key for the accent pediatric boulogne and then he his whole his monologue. it has piece. Yeah remember meyer. Jewelers nice day breakdown of paddington. His his mask and all his videos is paddington. Mask telling you telling us a master. It's a masterclass real answer Honestly the things that come to mind Maybe like an actual good green lantern movie john is kind of in the dc universe. 'cause do spawn And i mean. They did the crossover with batman. Fun but No i'd probably all stick with the green lantern. I'd like a a good green lantern movie. What about suicide squad. But you hire the original. Editors you don't it making choices that he wants to make. That's my ear prompting some traction I got i got it. These are i got to superman. Four quest for peace. Oh i'm just kidding. But that's a good answer. I off cat woman berry. I just can make a better movie. Okay because i think there was potential to be like. Let's bring back you know that. That ma'am that memory. You know. I don't know about the super sexy suit you know i don't know about all that I do like benjamin bratt. I i like him. I do like Sharon stone at some level. But maybe a different story. Maybe cat woman is fighting. Max lord or zeus max. Maximilian zeus and. There's like a little bit of like you know a capitalism fight you know. Y- for the the disenfranchised. I think could be that instead of her climbing on literal catwalks stupid anyway. I think it's a good answer tom. And then the second one. Oh would be batman and robin you could recast everybody. I don't give a shit. But you have to keep arnold schwarzenegger schwarzenegger okay. I mr freeze as much as mr freeze. As me i would. I would challenge myself. It's kind of like all right. Cory this is your like gauntlet of. If you're good director to put fucking fred armisen as thor. It's like i. I could do it. I could do it. Can i do it. I don't know if i go. But i like that. That's the thing. Can you make crystal wall superman. Maybe no he's super old and it's like wh- like this is batman beyond territory. You know like he's not been swimming for years. You know me. And i have a second answer. Sure as well. Yeah because i think talking about like these older films not older but not within the current. Dc yeah continuity. I think and keep the casting. But let's do like a real jona hex Keep a colon. megan fox. I mean have fucking. Snyder directed if we want like that. Like a jona. Hex like a proper jonah. Hex that gets the treatment and deserves would be amazing because bruin was great in that movie. There's nothing bad i. It's not a great movie. There's nothing bad. I can say about josh. Brolin has jonah hex and the makeup was on point. I would just love to see a real real stab like a serious take not just like ooh. It's comic book movie but like let's we're in the air now where we can take these things seriously. Let's do jonah hex last question last question. Last question comes from brad brad. What anime would you like to see in rubber hose animation or what rubber hose animation. Would you like to see an anime style. Example death note ala silly symphonies for those. You don't know what rubber hoses it's like. The original disney. Movie like steamboat. Willie were they all removed. Everything's always come example. What anime would i see in a rubber hose. Tie one punch man right. Like that's the i would love wild beasts. Look like just farted in. Bali even know what that looks like. I know right partying people's mouths. Before when i want to see is a rubber hose animation I don't have a lot of reference. So i would say i would be down to see my iraq damien and rubber hose. I don't have a lot of reference. Oh the other way to rubber hose in an anime styles as a rubber so good it would be so that's it would actually work to the insanity which it is the question the other way around as well or just the anime as rubber hose is or it's not okay If you had pokemon as rubber hose than they will turn into fun goes waist. I don't. I'm having such a drag wolsey about that. I thought a quick second but they while they're charging. I i think oh you know what because we say cuphead berserk dark. Yeah do people get kill and yeah it feels like it actually would lend itself to the cuphead of like peers as battle. That's really freaking hard and it's not easy and there's drama is. There is a rubber hose enemy. I'd like to see an enemy style though. I mean bupe seeing who who's was his name. It's not is it. Willie that's the that's the rabbit. That's snow now so it's not disney. It yeah because he doesn't want brothers or some We'll know i it's it's they brought him into that. One i mean disney came up at walt. Disney came up with it but it doesn't have the intellectual property for. Yeah i would wanna see him. Donna in an attack oswaldo oswald. Yes i would wanna see him. God i am attack on titan style. Can you imagine avatar is with the rubber rubber hoses. I think just because there's so much movement already like the mind boggling that would happen with the rubber hose. Animation advertise the last air. Bender can because i feel like they've referenced it in different things because there's an episode. Yeah but like the whole thing would change everything about it. I mean they can go really hokey with it too right. Yeah i mean. I don't know if you guys played bendy in the ink machine which is a rooster teeth game. Yes yeah and they did a video on it. Check it out on her youtube jagan anyway. Then that's been this week's update thank you so much to Jeremy m black mamba embi rad for sending in your questions. We love answering questions so please do. Send them in Feel free to reach out to us on our social media which is nerd on. Tv on everything Do check out our youtube All of our episodes All of our episodes of nerd on the podcast go there in video form And we also have all sorts of gaming content and stuff like that we also have our twitch. Check that out a really easy thing to remember. Is our website nerd on dot tv and it has all the links to all of the things Do consider joining the note on nation. Like i mentioned before it does allow us to keep creating small powerful stronger faster harder to kill And that's what the note on nation does the six million dollar man. June six million dollars. Yeah ok guys. We need six million dollars please. Monday totally totally. Yeah there it is But yeah thank you. So much for listening We heart you guys. Take care of yourself. You know the drill as always.

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