Angry Alice On Why She Loves Fred Norris So Much The Howard Stern Show


The Howard Stern show Alice has always had a crush on Fred people, and I think that's absurd but okay, no offense. Okay. It'd be Jillian barberie I have angry Alex Alice has always had a crush on Fred. And she asks about him every time shouli talks to her and she's not happy with the new studio because Fred is placed behind a wall. So I don't have to look at him. And she does not like it. I don't like the big TV found my Fred. Yes. Now, you have said in the past that that TV is blocking Fred. All right. Why did they did they put that big thing in front of him like day? What do you love so much about friends? Oh, I love about Fred. He just has a brother, and I liked the way he looked for them. She has multiple shrines to Fred like these little eight by ten while frame photos of Fred in multiple area knows about that. And that's pretty amazing. Well, this deserves to have on a bad day. Fred think about there you go. I that's I'm going to fricking blowjob either nine angry blowed angry glow. Listen, every blow go I wouldn't do that to her. You wouldn't punish her that? No. Well, I liked it for it has a fan in Alison. Thank you. Howard. Stern's.

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