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Live from NPR news in Washington. I'm Shay Stevens. Democratic and Republican governors are insisting that the White House do more to eight state efforts to test for covert nineteen. Some governor say shortages of swamps protective gear and other supplies are impeding process. How many people are infected president? Trump's state leaders are just misinformed states need to assess their complete inventory of available capacity. Substates have far more capacity than they actually understand and it is a complex subject but Some of the governor's didn't understand it. the governor is an example. Pritzker from Illinois did not understand his capacity president. Trump says he plans to me with. New York's governor tomorrow at the White House suggesting it was Andrew. Cuomo IDEA governor says the rate of new Coronas virus infections continue to slow in his state but warns against lifting social distancing measures to soon. Npr's Windsor Johnston reports that Cuomo was also repeating his call for additional federal support. Governor Cuomo says the state cannot begin to reopen until it receives federal funding to drastically increase the capacity for Corona virus testing speaking at his daily briefing. The governor said that funding could also be used for hazard pay for frontline workers. We all say boy. They did a great job to healthcare. Workers did a great job. The police the heroes. Yes they are but you know what thanks is nice but also recognition of their efforts and their sacrifice is also appropriate. Cuomo says the number of new corona virus cases in the state continues to slow but warns the infection rate could increase as more people leave their homes and resume normal activities. Windsor Johnston NPR news on Wall Street. Stocks closed sharply lower today after oil. Prices plunged below zero. Npr's Scott horsely reports that the Dow Jones industrials tumbled nearly six hundred points with much of the country. Hunker down at home. Demand for gasoline and jet fuel has tacked oil producers are running out of room to store their excess crude and with futures contract for May delivery coming do traders were actually paying people nearly forty dollars a barrel to take oil off their hands that unprecedented signal of an economy nearing a standstill was dragged on the stock market. The Dow fell nearly two and a half percent the S. and P. Five hundred dropped about one point. Eight percent the Nasdaq saw small decline of only around one percent companies that cater to stay home customers like Amazon net flicks so their stocks rise Scott horsely. Npr News Washington. Us futures are down a fraction in pre-market trading as oil prices showed some signs of stabilising on Asian markets. Stocks are also lower down a fraction in Tokyo. You're listening to NPR news. Most abortions are once again banned in Texas including those induced by medication for the duration of state restrictions due to cove in nineteen and NPR's Serra McCamman reports. The ruling follows weeks of legal wrangling over whether abortion is the non essential medical procedure. Texas is among several states where Republican officials have argued that abortion should be put on hold in an effort to free up medical supplies. That's led to several legal maneuvers resulting in a quickly shifting series of court orders controlling the procedure medication abortions. Using pills were briefly allowed to continue but now a federal appeals court says they must be suspended along with most surgical abortions planned. Parenthood Acting President Alexis Meal Johnson describes the situation as whiplash for patients in Texas. People are being forced to risk their health by traveling. Hundreds of miles out of state to get care can't afford to travel and so they're going care. Altogether Texas Governor Greg Abbott. Last week announced he was relaxing. His ban on elective surgeries asked how that applies to abortion. Abbott said that would be up to the courts Sarah McCamman NPR news. The trump administration is appealing a court order to improve conditions at border patrol facilities in parts of Arizona in February use. Us District Court Judge David Berry or the agency to provide beds blankets food sanitation and medical care for migrants held at facilities for over forty eight hours. It was the latest ruling over a two thousand fifteen mall suit. Claiming conditions at detention sites in the so called Tucson sector. Were dangerously crowded and inhumane. I'm Shay Stevens. Npr News in Washington.

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