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"Lesbian Vampire Killer" - Tracey Wigginton


Due to the graphic nature of this woman's crimes listener discretion is advised. This episode includes discussions of murder and assault that some people may find offensive. We advise extreme caution for children under the age of thirteen. The australian night was cool and quiet on october. Twentieth nineteen eighty nine and word bulldog had been out carousing with his friends he'd won in a game of darts and had far too many free drinks as he stumbled home. A car full of beautiful women pulled up alongside him. They offered him ride or anything else he'd like. When it rains it pours he thought it seemed like lady. Luck was his shadow tonight. He jumped in the car and let the women take him wherever they wanted. They were dressed in black and seemed other worldly. That was a familiar sent in the car something he couldn't quite replace. It smelled like iron. He didn't let it bother him. He drifted in and out of consciousness too drunk to stay awake. The girls didn't seem to mind. They drove him towards a park. He'd been to a thousand times. He followed them down an embankment where he'd played with his kids. Of course he would never visit the park with his children again. In fact the faces of these women were the last things he'd ever see picture a murderer a gangster a thief. Did you picture a woman. We didn't think so- society -ociety associates men with dangerous crimes but what happens when the perpetrator is female every wednesday we examine the psychology motivations shinzo and atrocities of female criminals hi. I'm sammy ni- and i'm vanessa richardson and you're listening to female criminals apar- cast original regional. This is our one and only episode on tracy wigan australia's infamous lesbian vampire killer on october twentieth nineteen in eighty nine. Tracy shocked the whole of australia when she murdered a man in cold blood and proceeded to drink it at podcast. We're grateful grateful for you our listeners you allow us to do what we love. Let us know how we're doing reach out on facebook and instagram at podcast and twitter at podcast cast network and if you enjoy today's episode the best way to help us is to leave a five star review wherever you're listening it really does help we also now have merchandise nice head to podcast dot com slash merch for more information tracy tracy wiggins dark descent began long before she entered this world. The trouble started with her grandparents averill and george wigan ten. The wigan tins were an affluent family in rockhampton a small coastal city in northeastern australia. They were known for small eccentricities for for instance. Admiral had a pet chihuahua that she carried around everywhere and treated like her child her three adoptive daughters meanwhile received none of the same affection not much is known about rhonda doral or michelle wigan ten other than to say they were adopted as children by averill and george who proved to to be abusive parents averell beat her daughters and town gossip says she poisoned them against men. She told her daughters that men men only wanted sex and would do horrible things to them if given the chance but despite her mother's best efforts rondo wigan tin ran headfirst i into a series of dead end relationships with men she met around town in nineteen sixty five rhonda met bill rossborough. It's unclear you're how old either of them were at the time but rhonda was presumably young a teenager or in her early twenties averell forbid her from seeing bill but but rather than obey her mother she eloped with him by the end of nineteen sixty five rhonda gave birth to their only daughter tracy but a bill quickly realized that he had rushed into a commitment he wasn't ready for he left rhonda less than a year into their marriage with no money or or other options. Rhonda was forced to move back in with her parents. If rhonda thought her mother was controlling before she had yet to experience the full we'll force of admirals cruelty. She openly criticized her daughters. Shortcomings especially her failed marriage between the stress of a newborn and baby and being constantly picked apart by her parents rhonda was miserable. She searched for outlets to relieve stress and when those fell short art she looked for a way out in nineteen sixty nine when tracy was only four her mom's skipped town never avert to return averell george didn't think twice about raising little tracy and officially adopted her when she was seven in nineteen seventy two and for a while everything seemed fine averill and george doted on tracy they showed her affection they had never shown their other adopted children but she wasn't the only new addition to the wigan household around that time the exact date is unclear but it seems they also adopted another daughter who was also named michelle around the same time. This michelle was a bit older than tracy and immediately became admirals least favorite daughter tracy recalled admiral beating michelle whipping her and once locking her in the dog's kennel overnight in nineteen seventy-three when tracy was was eight michelle ran away from home after that tracy says her grandfather george turned his attention on her and began sexually abusing her she kept quiet about the abuse only ever telling one classmate about it when she was ten two years after it had started knowing this it's it's poignant to remember that averill repeatedly told the women of the whig intesne household that men were evil and only wanted sex mid seems likely in hindsight insight that she held that opinion because she shared a bed with a sexual abuser and yet despite the tumultuous relationship between tracy and her caregivers from the outside it seemed as though they provided her with every advantage in life they sent her to a fancy private school where she learned art and music but tracy tracy became a bully to the other children. She repeated the cycle of abuse that she experienced at home. She was expelled from her junior high for quote molesting. Oh listing other girls she would have been about thirteen at the time of course in the nineteen seventies. Same sex relationships were highly stigmatized. Tracy could have genuinely been a predator but she may have also been a scapegoat for parents who refuse to believe their daughters were having consensual relations with another other girl. The exact nature of her bullying is unclear but what is clear is that by the time tracy entered high school. She was a mean intimidating eating woman who spoke openly about hating men and had no intention of being discreet about her lifestyle before we go any further we should address awesome problematic stereotypes apparent and tracy story to pervasive stereotypes about lesbian women is that they hate men and were sexually abused by men in childhood piloted while both of these things were true about tracy wigan. She was absolutely the exception not the rule despite the prevalent opinion the gave women and feminists for that matter hate men no credible studies show this to be true as for the belief that gay women were sexually abused by men in childhood. This is tricky. According to the national center for biotechnology information national institute of health studies do show that gay women reported higher rates of childhood sexual abuse than heterosexual women however there are many caveats to consider vanessa's going to take over on the psychology ecology here and throughout the episode as a quick note. She is not a licenced psychiatrist or psychologist but she has done a lot of research for the show. Thank sammy research suggests that gay women may experience higher rates of abuse for displaying non hetero normative behaviors in childhood. They're also more likely to engage in high risk lifestyles. After facing familial and social rejection for their sexual orientation furthermore statistically the great majority jordy of gay women have been to therapy or counseling in one form or another and might be more comfortable reporting abuse than their heterosexual counterparts. It's not not definitively clear whether childhood sexual abuse affects sexual orientation all this to say relating tracy story is difficult because because it's hard to suss out what is fact and what is mired in stereotypes and rumors especially as tracy entered high school by then she was around five ten and two hundred and fifty pounds she had short hair and dressed somewhat masculine forensic psychologist gary harding said of her physical appearance appearance quote. The physical transformation was simply astonishing. It is no exaggeration to say that tracy went from looking like a super sweet and cute cute kid long hair earrings and long dresses you compare and contrast her childhood photos to the woman she became and it brings a tear to your eye. Hi this grown man admitted to crying over the fact that tracy wigan to no longer wore dresses. Imagine what the rest of her hometown thought of her there were far more devastating reasons to cry over tracy's teenage years when she was in her teens averell and george both passed away within a year of one another. They left tracy a sizeable inheritance from the wigan ten estate which was given to her in seventy five thousand dollar installments tracy a._c. Felt heartbroken and alone despite the abuse the wiggins were the only parents she had ever known and she loved them. After their death. She took to carrying a security blanket around with her everywhere. It was an old pillowcase. She called her bilo. She rubbed it around her face and ran it through <music> her hands almost constantly on the rare occasion. She lost track of her bilo. She dissolved into hysterics and toward the house apart until until she found it again she ward under her clothes when in public and slept with it under her pillow case friends psychologist gary harding also noted this behavior is indicative of abandonment issue. The bilo was something she could count on to be an unchanging constant in her otherwise tumultuous life. However later psychoanalysis showed that something much deeper was manifesting within tracy that the part of her that needed her bilo was beginning getting to separate from her adult self tracy began acting out in disturbing ways shortly after the death of her grandparents she snuck into into her aunt daryl's house and painted the walls with swastikas and swear words she also grew deeply obsessed with the occult. She moved in with an unnamed roommate. Who was the first to notice tracy's deepening fascination with witchcraft tracy had always been somewhat talented artists and over time time her paintings began reflecting her newfound dedication to the black arts her new art featured pentagram surrounded by demons and mystical beasts always painted with a decidedly angry tone slowly the color left her wardrobe replaced by black clothing thing and calf high boots at some point tracy carved pentagram into the back of her hand with a kitchen knife she also gave herself a military buzz is cut and covered her body in a cult related tattoos. It was around this time that in the rockhampton bar scene tracy started going by the name bobby bobby. There are a few theories on why this might have been in hindsight tracy might have been transgender without the language to properly express herself she might have taken on the name bobby and began dressing more masculine while still referring to herself as a woman forensic psychologist. Harding also believes that bob might have been a persona. She adopted after the death of her grandparents. Tracy was as scared abandoned. Little girl but bobby was strong. I'm in able to take care of herself. Bobby could have been another personality developed two separate tracy from the person. Her grandparents had known in nineteen eighty two when tracy was seventeen. She met her first girlfriend. A woman named sunshine tracy was head over heels for her but sunshine wasn't quite as a namrd. She often cheated on tracy. Despite this tracy pressured sunshine into becoming more serious and the two who were married at some point in nineteen eighty two or nineteen eighty-three during an unofficial ceremony presided over by a member of the hari krishna a sect of hinduism tracy spent the next four years and relative bliss with sunshine living off the dregs of her inheritance and carousing the local bars but just as life seemed to be improving for tracy she would once again find herself abandoned by everything she loved <music>. Next tracy slowly begins to snap your direct passionate and fiercely loyal oil. You exude an air of mystery that draws others towards you and they work hard to earn your trust. You love for a lifetime and carry others on your adventures. There's if this sounds like you. You may be a scorpio if you're not a scorpio. That's ok whether you're an aries capricorn or leo podcast has a horoscope nope show for each of the twelve signs of the zodiac find scorpio today along with the rest of the astrological signs for free on spotify or wherever you listen to podcasts simply go to the search bar and type in the name of your sign and the word today for example aries today gemini today or capricorn today and stay tuned after the show to hear today's episode of scorpio today now back to the story sorry at the start of nineteen eighty six twenty one year old tracy wigan ten was living with her wife sunshine sunshine whom she wed in a hurry krishna ceremony for years previous after a life of near-constant abandonment and abuse it seemed like she i finally had something stable to ground her but all good things as they say must come to an end after four years of marital semi bliss sunshine left tracy for a man she'd been seeing in secret for some time tracy also learned that sunshine had been unfaithful to her throughout the entirety tired of their marriage. The break-up sent tracy reeling. She curled up into to a ball on the couch where she stayed for days. On end after the dissolution of her marriage tracy was never quite the same something deep deep within her broke and she became noticeably darker and more deviant to those who knew her according to social worker dr claudia black who serves on the boards of both the national association of children of alcoholics and the moyer foundation children who live with chronic loss like tracy usually internalize internalize incredible fear of abandonment as well as toxic shame toxic shame is the term used to define an internalized sense that the abandoned didn't child feels that they are not value and not worth sticking around for as adults this toxic shame becomes the driving force behind their decisions sunshine's abandonment of tracy was likely a trigger for these feelings of inadequacy lack of self worth and insignificance tracy had spent the lifetime feeling strange unlovable and abandoned in the wake of her breakup with sunshine instead of seeking the help of a mental health professional she she embraced erratic odd behaviors that either attracted attention or shunned the world that seemed so hell bent on shunning her around the same same time her marriage ended tracy inherited another seventy five thousand dollars from her parents state. She used the money to move to a resort. Town called camp sands along the coast a fresh start far away from the home. She shared with sunshine in her grief. She burned through the entire inheritance in less than a year for the first time in her life. She found herself desperate for cash and took up a job as a bouncer at a local gay bar. According to trish samuelson samuelson author of the true story of tracy wigan she also delve deeper into the black arts becoming obsessed with the idea of witchcraft and devil-worship perhaps in an attempt to find unconditional love and someone who would not leave. Her tracy also began trying to get pregnant. She asked the owner of the bar where she worked to impregnate her. He agreed but the circumstances of their arrangement were to say the least weird appeared they agreed to have intercourse as a means of impregnating tracy rather than opting for a fertility clinic but instead of having these meetings in private of it they allegedly had sex in front of six close friends on numerous occasions. It's possible that to her. Having sex in front of her six friends friends with some kind of ceremony tracy was after all a budding witch whose practices proved far different from most modern incarnations of witchcraft left. It's unclear who these friends were or the nature of their on looking but tracy did eventually become pregnant when she was about twenty two sadly sadly she miscarried the pregnancy shortly thereafter and didn't try to get pregnant again as the next few years rolled by tracy indulged tur- obsession with a few harmless hobbies associated with the occult tarot reading seances and some rather graphic artwork she he had a decidedly devil may care attitude which drew other lost souls to her eventually she amassed a little group of women she treated as her coven then lisa pinski kim jarvis and tracy wa all of whom were in their early twenties when they met tracy likely in nineteen eighty seven or nineteen eighty-eight lisa and tracy started dating and tracy soon proved to be a bully in their relationship much as she'd been in school tracy told old lisa she could completely disappear except for her is and that she had other occult powers that would scare lisa into submission the fear you're an uncertainty helped tracy maintained control over her little coven as well. They dressed all in black and began meeting in graveyards around cans and kim. Jarvis later reported that tracy began capturing bats and keeping them in her home then one night tracy revealed her deepest secret to the coven that she was a vampire and had been subsisting on animal blood to keep going but she was growing weak and needed human blood to restore energy at the time her coven was in awe of her her tattoo covered body and dark dark blue hair combined with her charisma and knowledge of the dark arts made her a captivating leader her coven transformed into a little colt with tracy at the head after telling her coven she was a vampire tracy. He began embracing the most stereotypical of vampire behaviors. She took all the mirrors out of her home and avoided mirrors in public. She became nocturnal doc ternal telling her coven that while sunlight wouldn't kill her. It weakened her and gave her headaches. She stopped eating solid food. At least in front have kim lisa and tracy wa instead she frequented the local butcher and bought canisters of pig's blood to drink on some occasions. The other girls in the coven would slit their arms and let tracy drink their blood. Kim later described tracy as a shark in a feeding frenzy. When she drank her covens blood she would slurp away at her friend's veins until they grew lightheaded and forced her to stop. This vampiric behavior is admittedly disturbing but it is indicative of a mental illness known as clinical vampirism according to mental health counselor helen nieves clinical vampirism resum describes those who believe that consuming blood gives them special abilities and it usually excited the person sexually because blood becomes fetish fetish is for the person in question it can be very difficult to treat the disorder what makes clinical vampirism so dangerous is that consuming human blood ed will make a person sick but individuals with the disorder often have a compulsion to drink the blood anyway many clinical vampires eventually seek treatment treatment after landing in the hospital one day in early october nineteen eighty-nine tracy and her girlfriend lisa both twenty ninety four went for a drive and tracy told her that she had been speaking to satan directly and that satan wanted her to become a destroyer. Tracy told her coven that their blood was no longer sustaining her. She needed to kill a real victim that would allow her to feed in earnest without the worry of drinking too much of her friends blood. She needed to feed uninhibited. The three other women were initially hesitant but recognized that their leader had gotten the orders from satan himself. There was little they could do to resist a week later on the night of october twentieth with nineteen eighty nine tracy and her coven piled into her car and cruise the streets of cans looking for a victim. They wanted a man specifically typically largely for two reasons. First tracy didn't feel remorse for taking a man's life the way she might regret killing a woman second second. She felt a man would be far easier to lure into the car around three thirty. In the morning. They turned a dark corner and happened upon a drunk drunk middle aged man singing and twirling around a stop sign too drunk to walk straight immediately tracy knew she had found and her victim she pulled the car over beside him and asked if he wanted to ride as they had planned the other three girls began flirting with him all but promising sex should he get in the car and take a drive with them forty seven year old edward boondock had a wife and children waiting for him at home home but he also founded hard to resist the idea of group sex with young attractive women. He made the fatal decision of getting into the car. You're from there. The coven continued to flirt with edward as tracy drove the car towards a park along the banks of the brisbane river there tracy coaxed him down to an old boat shed where he believed they were going to have sex tracy kissed edward and the two began to undress once once he was naked tracy stopped for just a moment and told him she needed to get something from the car. She ran up the embankment leaving a very drunk drunk edwards sitting against the old boat shed what happened next is highly speculative but while edward made no attempt to leave the scene he did seem to sense that tracy had turned back for something other than a condom. Perhaps suspecting she might try to rob him. He took out his wallet and slid it under the corrugated door to the shed then it's believed he noticed tracy's debit card laying on the ground since he was drunk he might have thought it was actually his card or possibly he knew it was tracy's and was happy to rob her instead either way. He talked the debit card into his shoe. Just before tracy came back down the embankment foreign zick psychologist gary harding has an interesting theory on how the bankcard god dropped in the first place he believes that tracy actually suffered from dissociate identity disorder formerly and more commonly called multiple personality disorder and had at least two identities bobby the persona she adopted after the death of her grandparents who was hardened against against the world and capable of murder and big tracy who absorbed the anxiety and depression that manifested after a life of abandonment and fear ear harding believes that midway through the seduction big tracy overpowered bobby just long enough to drop her own bank card as a way of planting evidence against herself then edward tucked the card into his shoe unknowingly snagging the sole piece of evidence that would link tracy to his gruesome end in a moment edwards untimely untimely demise now back to the story on the night night of october twentieth nineteen eighty nine in cans australia twenty four year old tracy wigan lured forty seven year old edward bulldog all dog to certain doom along the banks of the brisbane river she had left him stone drunk beside an old boat shed promising to return after after she grabs something from her car where her three cohorts waited when tracy god back to the car. She looked murderous. She grabbed a long knife and asked her coven to join her kim. Jarvis and tracy wall refused not ready to kill someone in cold blood. Lisa pitch inskeep jumped out out of the car and happily followed her girlfriend down to the boat. Shed where edward was waiting as they drew closer. Lisa began to have second thoughts. What's with each step. She took the situation grew more real. She had spent a week visualizing what it would be like to take a human life. She had always picture herself able to do it able to kill for the leader of her coven but when she saw edward the gravity of the grisly crime struck her you're she froze then slowly began to shake her head unable to continue. She backed out tracy. However was undeterred deterred. She stepped around her girlfriend and snuck up behind edward. She withdrew the knife and stabbed him in the back repeatedly she him with such brute force that he didn't have time to react and being incredibly intoxicated. He couldn't get his wits about him. In time to defend end himself he crumpled to the ground in a heap tracy kept stabbing. She stabbed his back and neck twenty seven times in total hodel nearly severing his head at one point. She grabbed his hair to pull his head up then stabbed the front of his throat as well. Lisa watched watched as tracy hacked away at her victim looking frenzied. It was terrifying although she didn't feel scared hesitant but never ever worried when she finished tracy ordered lisa to wait at the car it was time to feed and she wanted to enjoy the spoils of her kill. Kill alone. Lisa headed up the embankment as tracy looked at her victim. She had stabbed edwards so many times that part of his back had concave d- making a little bull that was quickly filling with blood tracy drank from it eagerly until she felt dizzy and sick from the feeding frenzy. She had never drunk so much blood in her life. When she got back to the car she was covered in blood and she told her coven. She felt like she had just eaten a three course meal. Feel at some point in the next hour so tracy realized that she had lost her bank card when a thorough search of the car didn't produce it she the in her coven returned to the scene of the crime to search. They tried to be quick looking for the card. In total darkness the crumpled up body of edward bulldog just inches away but after a few minutes one of the girls thought she heard something and they scattered and a few hours later just after daybreak stephen karen was throwing his kayak down the brisbane river as he did almost every morning but as he moved past the old boat shed he saw something odd at first he believed it to be drunk taking a cat nap or possibly a homeless person sleeping on the grass but then he saw blood fooling around the body and splattered up the side of the boat shed. He knew immediately that something was very very wrong. He called the police who discovered the dead body of edward bull dock and determined that the murder had taken place within the last few hours a coroner report found that the first stab wound had been to edwards backside and had been so vicious that it nearly severed his spinal column detective have pat glancy recalled standing over edward at the scene when he went to turn the body over the head didn't initially come with it. He thought it was going to a fall off. Glancy has said that this was the most gruesome murder he encountered his career initially due to the strength required to stab into the bone bone as deeply as the assailant done. He believed they were looking for a group of men. An initial sweep of the crime scene revealed no clues on who those men and might be it wasn't until a few hours later that the coroner found the debit card and edwards shoe with tracy's name on it. Police were quick to arrest tracy whittington in connection with edwards murder they've since said that had it not been for edwards sticking the card in his shoe. They never would've caught his assailant for some reason. Police arrested kim jarvis at the same time as wigan ten. It's unclear on how they knew. She might be involved. The girls had worked out a story. Should they ever be arrested that they had been at the park earlier in the day but had neither seen nor heard anything tracy receive and added that there had been a strange looking couple of the park that gave them a chilly eerie feeling and they knew they needed to get out of there fast then according into tracy they booked at home not wanting to be around after dark but kim had given a different story. She claimed they stumbled upon the body. Not that day. Tracy agreed to that story saying she had omitted that detail because she was nervous but then police came back saying the body hadn't been murdered until four in the morning. Now tracy really began to grow nervous. She agreed that they were at the park in in the early hours of the morning and had seen the body but she'd been too scared to report it to the police. Meanwhile lisa had been a tracy's at the time of her arrest arrest and when her girlfriend was taken out in handcuffs she panicked. She left their home. In case police came back then wandered the streets in an anxious stupor for a few hours before her nerves got to her lisa had watched the murder with her own is she was deeply disturbed served so much so that she walked into the police station and confessed the entire story sparing no horrific detail tracy a._c. Confessed to the murder soon after as did the other two women in the coven but the interviews that followed showed a depth of depravity the disturbed even the most the senior members of the police force for one tracy told them that the reason she had stabbed edwards so deeply was that she wanted to get into the bone on she felt there would be a magic power to stabbing into his bones before drinking his blood. Furthermore police were shocked to discover. She had no no drugs alcohol or stimulants in her system. The number and strength of stab wounds suggested that the person who had committed the murder was likely on drugs. They were horrified to learn that she had been running on pure adrenaline. She told police that she had been fantasizing about chopping up a man for months and had run the scenario in her head so many times that by the time she committed the actual murder. It felt like second nature her most amazingly. She didn't seem to get sick from the amount of edwards blood she drank which men that she had either been drinking that much blood in the months events leading up to the murder that she had built up a tolerance or she lied to her friends about how much she actually drank. It's hard to say how much tracy he believed that she was communing with satan and whether she really thought she was vampire. We also don't know if she truly believed she could disappear leaving. Only her catlike is in the physical world. Tracy was a deeply disturbed deeply hurt human being who feared being abandoned by those around her sure she might have knowingly made up lies to keep her coven obedient or she might have dreamt up ways to see herself as special. This is called called pseudo exceptionalism and according to dr jeremy sherman. It's something we all do. Essentially most people believe that they're secretly morally orally superior to those around them. We are married to ourselves from birth so were prone to making accommodations for ourselves. We have a hard time looking at our our actions objectively. This is most evident when people are asked to apologize for hurting someone unintentionally someone with a hyper sense of pseudo exceptionalism might refuse to apologize because they didn't mean to offend making it about themselves. Instead of the other person's feelings the more the person feels unliked or rejected the more heightened their sense of pseudo exceptionalism tends to be for tracy who had been abandoned and rejected all her or life. It probably became easier to delve into dark arts and vampirism producing reasons for more people to abandon her rather than confront the pain she you felt from the previous betrayals in short. We all believe that we are a little special but tracy felt. She was extremely special. As a way to conceal seal the inner thought that she was unlovable and easy to leave tracy's pseudo exceptionalism insured. She felt no remorse for the murder. Having committed it in satan's name police were shocked by her callousness and rightfully suspected there might be something deeper going on in her mind. Aw before tracy's trial she was asked to undergo twenty six hours of hypnosis and was diagnosed with four distinct personalities. I there was bobby. The mean-spirited callous cynical personality eighty capable of committing murder then there's big tracy the anxious depressed side that absorbed her abandonment issues and genuinely tried to be a a good person. It's believed big. Tracy left the debit card at the scene of the crime to implicate bobby in the kill. Little tracy was childlike and naive leave the part of her that needed to carry around a security blanket and finally the observer tracy's calm rational mind that could record the goings on of the other three personalities. It's unclear exactly when each personality showed itself or whether any of her friends suspected did she suffered from this disorder her psychologists also believed there was a fifth personality named averell who manifested purely as a voice in tracy's tracy's head as opposed to a persona she would embody averill would scream obscenities at bobby in particular an attempt to control her additionally early. Gary harding believes that tracy had antisocial personality disorder although that diagnosis is not official what is clear. Is that tracy you see wigan. Ten was a broken woman plagued by mental illness. She pled guilty to murder in nineteen ninety one and was sentenced to life in prison with a minimum sentence of thirteen years after which time she would be eligible for parole interestingly her sentencing came and went without media attention been since she accepted a plea deal it wasn't until the trial of her three cohorts who pled not guilty that the foursome became a media sensation station the details of their deviant satanic coven proved captivating television and soon newscasters were calling the four the lesbian in vampire killers because news outlets put a large emphasis on the women being gay feminists and the l._g._b._t._q. Community fought back quick to condemn the media as biased and painting an unfair picture of the lesbian community tracey's birth mother rhonda hopkins ends who had kept in touch with her daughter sporadically over the years has since come to her defense. She denied the allegations that her daughter believed herself to be a vampire fire or that she ever drank blood. Despite tracy's guilty plea rhonda refused to accept the truth throughout the entirety of the trial aw but tracy's three friends tried their best to paint tracy as a controlling manipulative cult leader and themselves as her brainwashed sheep tracy was attorney argued that tracy wigan ten had threatened to kill the other tracy if she didn't go along with the murder. The tactic worked eight and she was acquitted of all charges. Lisa and kim were sentenced alongside tracy wigan. Ten lisa was also given a life sentence with a minimum cinema of thirteen years. Kim was sentenced to eighteen years in prison which was later reduced to twelve upon appeal. Tracy served her sentence largely without incident except for one occasion where she attacked another inmate and afterwards sank into a deep depression even so oh she won her parole hearing in two thousand twelve and was released from prison after showing true remorse for killing edward bolduc in the seven years since her release big tracy has lived a quiet life and stayed out of trouble but bobby still lurks inside her and could always this come out to feed again. Thanks again for tuning into female criminals. We'll be back wednesday with a new episode. You can find more episodes of female criminals as well as all of podcasts other shows on spotify or your favorite podcast directory. Several of you have asked how to help us if you enjoy the show. The best way to help is to leave a five star review and don't forget to follow us on facebook and instagram at podcast and twitter at podcast network. We'll see you next time. Female female criminals was created by max. Cutler is a production of cutler media and is part of the podcast network. It is produced by max ron cutler with sound design by kenny the hobbs production assistance by ron shapiro paul libeskind and maggie admire. This episode of female criminals was written by aaron len and stars sammy ni- a. and vanessa richardson as promised. Here's today's episode of scorpio today. Eh if you like what you hear find scorpio today along with the rest of the astrological signs for free on spotify or wherever you listen to podcasts simply go to the search bar and type in the name of your sign and the word today for example areas today gem today or capricorn today good morning scorpio today is tuesday september third two thousand nineteen with the moon in your sign urine. You're in power scorpio the vibe you give off today. Sets the tone for those around you so pay special attention to your intrinsic leadership qualities. This is scorpio today apart cast original. Let's begin your day scorpio. 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The scorpio moon brings you intuitive power so reach inside yourself to find a way to empower your teammates and perhaps finding common enemy can help you motivate diverse personalities. Do what comes naturally after all. You have have the power to create your success. I'll be back tomorrow with the days horoscope until then cherish intensity your passion and your ideals as they guide your wild heart to learn more about your horoscope visitcalifornia psychics and connect today. Scorpio today is park cast original.

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