CCK Podcast: The Tao of Mush (featuring Willie, Large, Coley, Robbie Fox, Kirk Minihane)


What's up everybody? Hopefully you're having a great Monday. This is the C. C.. K. podcast the best of from the week before and of course some new stuff is always but we don't have both sees today. We just have the K. and we have Mardi Mush. Oh Yeah so you're basically I mean. This is is a kind of a huge deal. You're the first nine C. C. K. fights doesn't really count. He's definitely a C C K guy so he's with K._F._C.. Radio Times C._K.. Should be our new logo. I'm very much I love it you. I love it. I like everyone listens to it now and I love it like my family loves. Listen to our radio. I love that I mean I need to meet your mom. It's really I need to ask her so many questions. That's what I have so many questions where we're GONNA get into all this. Martin got some advice for me and this was a wild week on radio so we're about to go down quite a rabbit hole C._k.. PODCAST is brought to you by Neum Mardi. It is July which means it still bikini season very important. 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Bad mood real bad I would love to hear it. I just I you've told me before. I just care not much. It's insane so actually this is gonNA sound really really bad but why not let's go. It's like I one hundred percent think. I have the best life in this office. Please go on like not like the assets to it like I definitely don't have much going on okay but my day to day brain state is better than everyone else's. I might take off okay. I only do things I like that. I can't argue with that because one day ah the old office I don't know if I was sitting next to. I think it might have actually been Kevin and I went around the office and was like that person hates themselves. That person hates himself and there are very few people in the old office. Obviously we're separated but I kind of alarmed at and how few people are like they kind of like they are yeah. It's Kinda Sad. It's nice when you like to be fair. I'M GONNA I'm very down today but I do like myself because you're crazy. I'll take that way. You're crazy nutbag because as you care about little things you love you these games you play these women. I'm like the Bagel boss got. These women are fucking crazy. Okay I will give you that women are crazy. Guys are crazy too. I think everybody across the board. It's crazy but you'll hear this later on in the podcast. One of the things things that I started to do this week only two days so I'm only on day. Two of this is cleansing myself of my cell phone during the radio show now. Most people are GonNa think I'm doing that because I want to be better at the radio show. That's just not the truth. I do think that's a great element like like you're not distracted. I can sit and listen to calve jared fights. You whoever's on without any distractions why I'm really doing it is because I'm currently in situations where I don't want to see if I get a text message or if I don't get a text message and if I do get one what mood mood I'm going to be in when I read it and if I don't get one that I mad for an entire to our radio show those all nonsense you literally do not need you don't need to do that literally. It's crazy I get text messages and I don't answer and if I want to answer I'll answer. That's what I want to but you're you're doing it like just to fuck with someone. No no no no no. Oh no our country our Sir contraire I am it means no contract. It's like actually you're wrong on. Let me tell you why you're wrong. It's more about I have now allowed my phone and communication on my phone to dictate my mood. It's not I'm not trying to like not answer somebody. I don't WanNa see if I've been answered or not answered and if I have not been answered I don't want that to then ruined. The radio show vice versa so I came up with one piff me last night. I smoked the fat rat with my friend came and let me tell you 'cause that's what I WANNA do. I'll let me relax you deserve it and we went <unk> out to my all my favorite fast food places all of them saying hi and drove to your favorite fast food places okay all right all right anyway. What the Hell you look at normal thing so I mean my fishing is why go because when you when I go these places I always get my favorite item always a secondary arm? That's I know it's not going to be that good okay so so why not go to every situation and get the best thing there so that's why I went to McDonald's Wendy's Burger King at their best item that I like and I loved everything instead of just having the best thing and then the Shittier one okay. I saw that in in life you have to do this messaging. You take the best situation phone and that's only one you answer nothing else but what if in my mind pretty good I I actually. I like that logic but here's my counterpoint to that what if what I I think the best situation in my phone is the other person doesn't think so who gives a fuck about the other person that's the thing like you care about what you like right but what if you like somebody and they're not answering you then you gotta move on all right. I know that's the whole thing no see that's it's I have say first of all I would like to say I'm not in a bad mood because I'm just one of those moods today where everybody's pissed me off and you know why I'm in a bad moon because I started drinking Tequila early and then I stopped drinking it so now I'm like it's been a couple of hours. I probably they should keep drinking. You ever been to a bar by itself. Yeah that's insane to well. I traveled by myself for a long time running Ronnie Marty Ronnie Irani but I'll tell you I don't really know I don't do anything alone. Literally really anything I won't. I won't go shopping alone oval eat alone. I go shopping alone all the time. I don't go to bars alone unless I have to be like if I'm on the road and I'm by myself. I'm going to go to the hotel bar by myself. I can eat by myself. That's fine. I don't care about that but going to the bar. Buy Yourself stuff. I can't do it I also there's a <hes> I another tiffany I had last night. Oh boy and right now quick answer. What's anything square? That's good nothing see brownies <music> brownies. You could cut him anyway. Though okay that's tough I honestly this circle this piece. I'm Kinda out pizza. Could you think of these bad shape and I think people need to be more woke about squeeze more woke about squares. Okay more woke about phone. Conversations more woke about just only texting the best person that hold a piff knee was so good. That's good why why do things you what I because you feel like you have to. Maybe no you don't that's the best thing about this is why I do think that you probably have one of the best minds is I'm not even GonNa talk about the business or sales people because we don't know their lives. We don't know from a blogger the blogger bay a talent pool whatever we call ourselves on camera whatever I three up up there because like I feel like trends always very happy to yeah. He's pretty happy about it but I can't. I really can't think of anything I used to say. Why P GUYS APP those guys big time not happy I mean there are there parts of the day or on my gripe like stop? It's I think more of it's like what happened to happen. Okay so that's your advice for me. I'm a philosopher. That's why etc you like psychology. I mean who knew this was gonNA come full circle. I mean this is this is great. So what's your advice and by the time people are listening this Monday morning. We're going into a Friday afternoon right now. What is your advice for people who care too much so it's easier so I have a friend? That literally cares too much and I always I know it sounds easier to be like hey just shut off you can't do that. I just can't but you just need to look at like the good things that you have and just keep doing those. Don't we do this like that's what I I am life. I am life. I wake up and it's like you lost me there. No I'm life modern. Mush is life Mardi machines life yes. I'm life so when you wake up. What do you think about well? I'll be right now. Things I don't unwanted think is why when I wake up I was like damn. Let's bet today or one of my actually today what I woke up. I was like who my dog in this weekend. Who should I be on the lookout for whom I- planting exceeds for Friday for Saudi okay? That's okay well in this episode as well. I'm sure we're going to get to the night of K._F._C.. Radio live which was an awesome show. You also were a part of girl talk and I explained to that to view the girls think differently and I explained some of my problems to you. We're going again. You'll hear it in this episode. It's a must-listen episode. I must say so. Your advice is to just think about good things and a lot of things too. I feel like you like people. We'll think about other people's thoughts more than their own status. Chill yeah like you are thinking about the person you're texting thoughts what they're thinking what they're thinking but you have no idea that thing right home my God what the fuck is going on here. I am speaking speaking fucking bidding facts. I might be just in a better mood now. Just listening to you figure yourself out a low figure US myself I do. I do too Marty Mush philosopher also rough and rowdy champion. Yes yes ravin rowdy. Nine is coming up. It's going to be like real fighters yeah. I do you so when you watch it now because there's been one since the super bowl yeah like what do you feel like. You're just like want to get back in the ring. Yes when it comes on I did with an right after term. You know what let's calm down off but like I respect it more to even these these crazy people go in jeans and do it like no matter what it takes balls do but this one coming up is interesting because I mean they're in like summer like in the Army Fort Bragg North Carolina and it's called Red White and bruised beat down. I don't know if that's what it's actually called but that's what we're calling it right. You have to call and it's amateur fighters but there's obviously the military aspect of it and largest making his rough and rowdy debut which is cool because he actually knows boxing very very well and it's it'll be interesting to see it'll be hilarious because I've been big category great together but like largest so good with the technical side of boxing and rough right. You don't get that Robinson look so small walnut broadcast Mexican pick the cat enlarge like David leases like in the middle so you know it's GonNa be great and it's four hours long so if you're listening to this and you've never checked rough and rowdy you definitely should go to buy our in our it's our art the three we letters dot com and you can learn how to watch the fight for free and we were doing that. We're giving away rough and ready for free. Why not so our nine is coming up? It's in Fort Bragg North Carolina. It's a show mark as a champion. I mean what were you want a referendum last question okay. Let's go streetlights yeah. Why does someone controls or they just is like who's controlling all the streetlights sensors? No yeah like that's just you think somebody's he's sitting up in a control room Casey. Take a lap come on. I need to take a lot all right well right sensors what the fuck else would control them for Emmanuel people like I. There's like how else would go on trusting computers for Lights Lights Yeah which is why I'm GonNa Really Blow your brain right now. The whole idea of the when somebody takes over like our grid system the idea that the all the streetlights would be fucked up. That's like a huge part if somebody could control our grids how much much of a problem that would be because traffic would just go haywire. Here's a take there are a lot more jobs that I think are like the person who liked lines. Street is more important job than president. Okay it may take you and he's more on the left. You're fucked for the president can also cause Ma'am because they got the button for the Knicks I can't I can't even spend the new this is. Oh you know what just listen to the rest of case-by-case we had a wild week. Fights hurt his back by literally just lifting his leg off the ground so we go through that we also talked about what we get fiber diet because he's dying is a big factor. I mean that's happening. Thanks yeah I mean definitely sooner than later <hes> K._F._C. Radio live at Carolina so we were back on the boys are on Broadway. It was an awesome so I can't even talk. It's an awesome night. We had some girl talk situations. Marty may or may not have outed himself as a chopstick expert Fraud Fraud Willie enlarge dominated the show where you in there when William Large given I mean they bullied fights right out of the room. Literally Kidman just chips. I mean just bullied him and the United States Women's national team won the World Cup. We live all that and much much more. It was a great week on C.. C. K. Hope you guys enjoy and have a fantastic week Tuesday July ninth Louis C._K.. corrobos out and doing it spikes up tour vital Berg back in. We're GONNA talk about Homerun Derby. He'd Alonzo's a champion. That's the only story line to come out of the home run Derby nobody else even worth talking about we'll get into all Jersey today. We'll get into all the news day but first and foremost almost teasing peas thoughts and prayers to my my brethren here John Mellberg who is officially washed up as he has a bad back and he is hobbling around like a one hundred and fifty year old man. It's the only only explanation for how this happened. You'RE GONNA love. This was the bottle Cap John Justice. There's no other way I could have done this. Twice like barely little roundhouse kicks yesterday and you were out because you know I couldn't get up. I was at the office till nine PM last night. The only reason I left because there was no one even here to change the T._v. for me so it was on N._B._A.. T._V. and people were talking about lag grow so much I gotta get home for a second round so lift lift and like you were just laying chairs fitting. You might just sitting yeah so fuck I was telling him I woke up this morning. Just in from pain I don't wake up at seven o'clock in the morning now and I laid bed until like ten thirty being like all right. I'm going to get there because we're going to run down eleven and find out like either taxed guy. I'm just not getting he said I can't sit up right away from those two little kids name. It's so bad we had like. It's it's it's not usually I would just blame like along last week but it's not like lower than my ribs so it's not like organs that her it's upper back and it hurts so bad. It's coming around to my stomach feeling ribs almost just like everywhere every fifteen seconds or so. It feels like my back makes a fist and then I get stabbed but like it's not like not stab with a knife. I'm not being dramatic. It's like like one of the antidote for V._X.. Gas Thick needle. Yeah like like like one of those. You know like stop you from overdosing like Pajau or narcan whatever yes yes something like that. I don't Arkansas' spray up the nose. I think but I refuse to believe that it's from that. Expedition Wasn't lucky yesterday house of sexist past week. I did too much yeah. Just pick up everything old man funnel Burke Cali Yeah Cooler by the way I hit that pen hoping that may help. I don't know what's going to help you John. You need like an entire new. I mean frankly I was just sitting on the floor by the way it's going to smoke. It and I was like oh no. I've only been in this room today so it was you know the answer. I've never been to a chiropractor. I don't like masseuse. I imagine I don't like higher practice. Carpenters made me come. We have like back five hundred fifty like free trips to the chiropractor insurance I always here. We have the best insurance in the world which is smoking doctors or have you never ah render never never never when you get an I mean my back in next fucked up so maybe it's like extra for me when you get adjusted and they crack you deep Homa oh they crack your shit like like I don't even know how to stop being a fucking knuckles. People know how to do broke records fuck with that but even that's like. I thought I yeah no problem but they get you. These deep ones like the vertebrae on the inside and they crash it where you're talking about like in the middle they put your leg up like you lay on your side. You put your leg up like this and they put their whole weight on you and it is it is temporary but but in the moment I've I've never even had someone like pick me up and crack my back way too large and I've always been there. All your friends with the Obama Snowman was supposed to do that. I need to hang out like shout. About what have you had some stuff on your back. Yeah that works to if you because you'll get on your body time that they hop a little bit on their oh no I go to the chiropractor back. I don't think that will help give it away. Oh it'll do it. It'll help a swear. Scientific actually really happens when your muscles spasm and you crack bracket it compresses your muscle even more and then it oh you're gonNA do that. They're going to step on them this. This is a bad idea. This is bad. He's doing the pick up from behind. He holds the breath that you you you bend it back and focus tall. I could step on the. I'm chasing better. Okay okay. Okay you big Pussy Pussy. I mean you really have to crack the key. Is You gotta like gotTa stand on it and then you eh Kinda double compressed. You know what I mean. You gotta get that quick like yeah. We probably ought to be laid out on a forty bitch. You guys you gotTa step like in the Middle Yeah. You got to give it a wait. Hang on. Let me let me usually film these dumb things. I'll filming filming. Now you see now. You're standing you. GotTa you gotTa give them a crunch there. You go hop or hop. <hes> well fuck you. That's why you go to the profession. Ass didn't even lucy up a little bit made it worse than Hell. You gotta go get cracked for real man. Gosh here's this video. Have you seen the probably not it's all up in my like my my algorithm because I watched this shit. There's people getting cracked man. I watched. I watched pimples. Get positive I love that those old people with their black heads they're disgusting people old people who've had a blackhead kids since the Korean War never thought of picking that or popping that or cleaning it at all but there's this Indian kid on Youtube. He goes like an Australian chiropractor. This dude is fucked. I mean he is Hans. Completely over you can see if he takes off his shirt U._C.'s spine. It's like a C and do just for months cracks him and just straightens his shit out and it is so fucking satisfied. My boy rudy does this rudy goes down to the chiropractor rabbit holes rou- oh I don't know about the he'd like Rudy and Frankie today. We're just like you've got a chiropractor rate. There's this they're definitely they do. There's one guy who is. He wraps his towel around your neck in a couple of days but I mean I don't even go to the chiropractor when I do go. It's like you gotta at least stop being. Chiropractor Virgin Yeah I mean I knew last last night I was I was here until nine pm by the way we have like a significant amount of mice in his office. They're scared to come out when they were around but yeah yeah last night eight thirty. The Knights came out to play. I'm sorry just growing around one. I looked at my backpack at one point. What was at my foot so girls are not happy about this? Make sure you see all of the girls like two blocks from Penn Station did not think thank the reminds New York City Manhattan there everyone in your yes there is not. I never saw her deal stunned about that. They're everywhere. Maybe you don't see them. Mice are everywhere. Cockroaches are everywhere yeah it was it was it was it was kind of Nice to just sit in the office because since I since I couldn't no one's chain T._v.. For me so we're watching the home run on. I got home and talk for Vladi second round <hes> but I was just sitting there and I watch. I watch like all stranger things last night because I couldn't do anything. What did you think it was pretty good? Yeah really good did you that Mazaris disgusting hands down the grossest monster yeah the rats the mice yeah that scene in the first episode almost actually had loading the thought of you just sitting alone. Are there like a like a motion sensor lights during the dark to know so it was all lit up. You're sitting there your desk for like five hours after the fact like most people other office people get out of like seven if you stuck around till nine. That's crazy like you're packing it up by four where you're like. You're like five and a half arguably as long as you're worked it was yeah Devon Devon and like someone else over here the last two and then they they snuck out at some point. Anybody aware that you were just sitting there paralyzed pain. I don't think it's actually a testament to how not bad this office. Life is like if you were sitting in the cubes you would have powered through your paralysis and got the buckle. Oh yeah before sitting here is like I am either. I'm a couch doing this like watching T._v.. On twitter or I'm here doing yeah I've had this is even before. We had an ICE officers. I've slept on the floor in the office higher to go home. That place has rats squirrels but yeah it was like they were like. I think it was like maybe the Monday after the Galley or something like that just so fucking tired. I don't have the energy drive home sleep here tonight. Just start off tomorrow. This is just laying down on the floor. BACKSAW fucked up. I sleep sleeping on the floor above guy a Mexican prison. I just sleep wherever the what we need to do with you. You're like Christian Bale in that hit suspend you buy a Rhode it. There's just no way from those roundhouse kicks I again probably would be crazy if it is but that's the only thing that happened between me being fine and me not being able to got Kendall Jenner is out here whipping around on fucking jet skis doing the bottle title trick and you can't just stand up and do around how slash above his hip so above his knee that affects it was it was parallel lays down lower. Where are you trying to kick me in the head like a week and a half ago yeah but I was getting a jump with that and I was close on that one so that's probably lingering effects are trying to jump roundhouse kick Coley? It wasn't around house. It was just a straight front kick this probably that played a part in countless things in my life that could play in all my disabilities but usually these things have an instance it could even be something as who was. I had this year like they coughed sneezed. Once and blew out of vertebrae usually can be something that you're like a piece of shit but there's still is a something a while. Everybody's back was hurt in this office. It's called bingles guys number at one point on the one of the planes back from the college football show Dan Roan had to trade off off and on who is laying jet because they both couldn't lay down because they're both too long and big to do it. I'll tell you what to quote the foreplay guys you gotta get Fusion Dude. The only reason I can even walk is because the fusion those are you had one. I do <music>. I have two more bag searches. GRONK has yeah I probably have had six total surgeries missing two vertebrae. I have two cages in my spine. People how how come you can't run three call A. Made of titanium at this point forget about running around in a circle and just try to get out of bed John. I don't get to go through the same T._S._A.. Machine it's you you may be loan. You may have cadaver. I have the only bones I have in my spine our from other people's dead body Elliott around a fucking metal cage. I got one in my neck and fusion. My negative fusion about my back was so fucked up so usually when you have a fucked up disc they always like the description that the doctor was gives Jelly donut. You like you squeeze it in the Jelly comes out the side. That's the Jelly is what pinches the nerves and fucks you up but usually you squish is to one side. I somehow had a disc that was squeezing out both sides. The doctor was like I've <unk> seen this. I can count on one hand all my years. He's like a Jelly donut. There's no Jelly Jelly left. You have jelly coming out of both sides. What did you do? I sleep walking. Incident was like the only thing that sparked it but I think other than that. It's just been like my mom is a fucked up back. I almost thing is just like genetics but yeah I I just had my whole life. See I actually remember like the sleepwalking thing was freshman year of college but I remember playing basketball when I was in like sixth grade and I remember like I caught a pass and turned and what I now know is like a horrible back spasm or like a nerve pain was like ripping through my body but I was like twelve right and so you're not you don't now if you fuck up your back throughout my back or some shit you know my parents went. I don't know it's fucking go away and looking back on it. It was like eh spinal nerves being pinched mom and dad the polly Bergen store your kids I like I. I don't know how to fix this so I've just been doing things on boarding. I actually started last night. I got a salad. That was my first solution. I have taken zero pills or anything strange I this morning I was doing some downward dog in bed but here's what you gotTa. Do you gotTa Land Your back. You gotta like make a ball basically like put your knees to your back and just kind of rock yeah. I did know Oh position for it I was I was trying to roll it out. I did a little heat fucking thing. That's the worst they can. I just I just attack it with from all angles so I don't WanNa go the doctor because the doctor while you're here. Why are we do a physical and other shit dying hi? I don't need to deal with all the other stuff right now do the back ignore everything I got. I I WANNA take you painkiller Juanita. Just an adult would work. I have this. You haven't even tried regular pills tylenol aren't you don't even believe those either so I just have my apartment until I got here. I usually you know like at least concede that other fucking people get the placebo effect. I don't even bother with it but at least try something yeah. Have you had a salad like I said I got a green juice. Diet just does nothing immediate like the spasm muscle. There's some Greens were good is it's probably better than like housing a cheeseburger. I guess I because at least you'll get the endorphins when I cough. Yesterday I might be out Soon Min off this at my desk and he may take his the headphones off that you see he's like honestly sounds like my grandfather was a long would smoke and by the way Trent is not next to you so for people that are truly literally four or five got up today. uh-huh yesterday's sound like a dinosaur Jurassic Park like getting out of a crib so definitely died shirt for certain through's like like I'm dying. We're laughing now but when we have to plan a funeral. He told us it was coming. Let's let's all decide what belongings from Germany is like what things and he doesn't have much. Don't have much. I've a very simple man. I really have closed and that's it. I'm GonNa take the trademark for Saturday's he doesn't on that one thing you intake. I'll take all I'm going to take your hat and I'm GONNA burn funeral. That's what I'll do in retaliation that the only thing I will I want. I want all all of your diaries so I can give all those ideas. Fuck is wrong with you all those ideas years. I've got some good ones cooking. That's all you got to have a couple of very versatile business ideas. I want to reverse this idea lamented in many different you need to walk around talking more about V is the idea that if you walk into a meeting and you tell someone you have ten or twelve good continue their checkbook talking about it because people are GonNa steal the notebook that thing is fucking cases got her eyes off. I mean yeah go. Tell Ya one day out of this fucking place. I WANNA be rich. I WanNa make money zero point. When do you think your legitimate i? I was thinking about this the other day. One of the one of the hypotheticals we do on on the Internet is you can build your Dick from scratch but every inch you add to your Dick two years comes off your life how many how big do make your Dick so if you make yourself twenty ten inch Dick. You'RE GONNA die twenty years years earlier than you ordinarily would I don't I don't like this. One is so if you had one your mind like Zafy so zero is the only one Nicholas Oh yes. I always thought that was starting with your ah okay so I just keep so no no no. It's not going to the Penis Museum when I die but no all right you can have zero. You have no Dick and you get to live your full life. If you have a two inch thick you lose four years if you have you know. It's like that so if you basically do you want to give yourself a solid list but what's your full life. Are we talking about what I'm saying so I when I was making this argument for myself I think I'm cashing added about seventy. You think he got seventy so like if I buy the joke is genuinely do not think I have six so then in this I if I if I wanted to have a seven inch Dick in this hypothetical I'm cashing out at fifty-six. It's pretty good that's not it's not good. You don't WanNa dial your fifty-six you. You want more than twenty years where you are right now. I hooked up with those things because they feel it. When we started doing those it was I was of the mindset that I'm GonNa live forever? My Dad's fifty seven. I'm like that Dude's might as well be twenty two like Oh yeah because we're all living longer saying well just like he's very young but you're not going to be your debt. No no no. I'm just saying I see what I always assumed as like. If you like once you're over fifty you're bald and fat yeah yeah you know he's doing. He's also a specimen. My Dad is sixty five and it still plays basketball and works out every morning. That's living but people guys are not representations of the every mom say twitter so they don't really come on if your if your dad was on twitter for a solid ten years in his prime he'd be a piece of Shit. I think I mean really if I think I'm live until seventy the most I could do it would be a five inch Dick can't die before sixty you gotta make it to angle for sixty not that I can be in this pathetic because I'm a girl but what are you dying for six. I think I will that's early. I know I just I've never been able to raise on. I know I've never been able to picture myself old. No that's different than actually no bodies a calamity. I think before seventy four I'M GONNA die. Diane like an accident has final destination schick. Oh Yeah don't you most believe that. Bush said he'd never died in an accident. which is a crazy shot? I told them I think he tweeted it. Auto accident resort they didn't like narrow it down to like cars their helicopter ounce of logic behind it or just he's calling his shop. I've seen the playbook and that's not that's not me. I'm not an accident guy. That's another thing that's another hypothetical. Would you rather know how you die or when you die 'cause like if mush if he looked at the hypothetical book and he saw I'm not GonNa die in an accident that means you can go on every helicopter rod you want that is it means you can drive two hundred miles an hour on on the high winds the question of all time. Why would you WANNA know how but not win because if I know that I don't die from a heroin overdose I'm going to go do our wintom okay yeah but if you know that you're going to die from illness then it's like okay well then you get diagnosed with this illness and then you just don't every single day? It's going to be the day I'd much rather know when so then I can be like okay. I have ten fifteen. I knew I knew that are bad for me yeah. I WANNA know if it's one of those things but if you know it's not an cancer so if I know I'm going to die from cancer and then go to the doctor and get diagnosed with cancer. I'M GONNA make this is it so if you say you're going to die at forty five you can do all the funds shit. You want until forty five because you're not gonNA die from it. You're not gonNA over going to both both like it's like you're talking about heroin like Oh. If I'm not going to die for fifteen years when I can just do as much heroin I want for the next fifteen years. Actually this Kevin if you knew you were going to die in seventeen years but you also knew it was going to be from a heroin overdose. Would you do heroin starting today knowing that you have seventeen eighteen years of good heroin use basically trying to zero in on the answer that lets me do peak drugs fucking loaded up. I know today is not the day show sure that's like most people the overdose in that man. I know it's coming but I understand your logic because then you can do all of the things but like I said I've really narrowed it down to one and so would come through here when he doesn't I WANNA die would really be devastating if I open up the Magic Crystal Ball and it says you're going to die of a heroin overdose because then it'd be one alecky and now I can't even do a one that's because it might be that time. This is like the dark side of it too for me. It's like if someone's okay you're going to die because you kidnaps literally every single day of my life on my God. I'm going to get kidnapped today so like why would I want that. No you're going to die from getting kidnapped. When you're fifty well? I can do whatever the fuck I want and murdering that day kidnapping they're pretty miserable time during it but you know the murder you know I'm saying if I if that is like a heroin overdose is so specific but if it's like you might die in a car accident while then I'm not going to get in a car every single day like fuck that Carter's drives through your house. The final destination is right. You think you can gain the system and it's like I'm GonNa stay in my house forever because I only get kidnapped the canaveral somehow in your house with your whatever it just life death finds a way which is why if you know your Mom's a kidnapper and that would be that would be like a shitty movie that people hyped up the mom was the kid is no you know what it would be. It would be like you don't realize that your mom's a kidnapper kidnaps someone else prior and she ends up murdering you technically you died from a kidnapper direct which is no way Oh you don't care how X. amount of years. I don't really care if you're a kidnapper not because I'm not dying until next Tuesday. I don't even have enough time to have fun socks so myself today. That's what I found out. I was going to die in a week. It kill myself today. I feel like it wouldn't get it would take a shower a vegetable for the rest of the shower in the summer. These suicide did not horrible conversation this is this is a great one. We've learned a lot about Kevin we really wants to do. I think John Would you rather die than feel this to a pussy for that yeah. I don't have the stones for sure I can wish it. I hope it air conditioner falls and hits me but I'm not gonNA go undo it. I don't WANNA I don't Wanna be like a direct participant in my death you will be you know you're gonNA participate you have to be. It's your death. You know what I mean. Yeah no I do H._B._O.. Has that documentary Henry on that coming out on that girl who just texted going to kill himself until he did it at some dark dark she go to jail. She did write offer. She's not she's still in jail but she's whatever yeah it was like. I love you now. Die Is the title it's phrase and it's such a fucked up so it my sister went to forever just to witness it because she was she was that makes I thought she was just like suzy was very Crowley holding up signs like if you're interested in the case legal tomatoes and heads of lettuce. When does that come out? There's a whole series of they're all very bleak very dark but the text H._B._O.. Produce a lot of the text messages that are just like. It's okay babe like of course you're nervous. You're going to die. You're about to die. Don't worry it's all going to be going to that. Of course you're nervous. You're about to die and then she say he got in the car and he got out because he was scared. She was get back in if I remember member like the worst because it was such a big deal I believe those tax that really got her in trouble. Go back into this yes. It was because that's like I think everybody could may come to their senses like okay. Wait a minute. The double down back in there is some sick. It's such a it's interesting. I'm pretty sure the defense's argument was like that was suicide. You can't like no one else would be someone suicide but man. Let me just say this. I know everyone is like oh boy. You've got that guy had a whole bunch issues and I know you like fall above and like people can poison your mind and shit but don't go listen into girls to the point that you yourself okay like that's crazy. It's crazy news in the future. Don't let anybody don't let any guy or girl influence. You'd like you shouldn't even let them change like the music you like or the clothes you wear. You shouldn't certainly let them convinced you to kill yourself. I I would agree with that agree with hard no debate here nick embracing sad. It's like I know when you're mentally like when there's issues that you're not thinking clearly but it's like what did you listen to her and she's sitting there. Crying in the courtroom like Fox is she she did she did like the all the facebook groups and she put together fundraisers for like four him yeah <hes> unlike his the fundraisers at the memorial services she like she's got one of those syndromes like The Guardian R._C.. Saving dosage of somebody that people who set fire to the houses but then they come in rescue people out of the House that like why she did it. Maybe she wanted that was part she sees all kinds of fucking. People are so fucked so it's like Guardian Angels Syndrome. There's just such so many levels crazy when you see true crazy in the world's all right. I'm in that band. Sometimes I'm like man. I'm like fucked up thoughts or like some priorities and it's just like well functioning. We're like just one percent of not crazy when you really break it down faulk Lucas from Florida. We'll take a quick question before I break you gotTa Barstool question for US Luke <hes> yeah. I don't know if you guys are actually probably definitely selene did not hear I did call him yesterday when many with us I don't know what show with shows called <hes>. I've been a long time P._M.. He looks married but I just started falling like the contents US law six months and while the by the way but anyway like basically I was trying to ask the question before smitty cut me off and <hes> like the you know how like everybody like I was saying like the only out like hey do me one favor out. Just ask the question. Just ask okay. You can just ask it. I understand why you didn't get it out on the other shows. You could just ask the question because take a little bit of like explaining what I'm trying to say like just but here's here's the thing the next words out of your mouth should be the question okay. Even if they're setup. They need to sign up thing. Do you think that Barstool should be concerned about like what content it's putting out if like when you have Midi like my I have a nine year old brother and him and fifteen of his friends like literally watch. Maybe play <hes> whatever like religiously like I mean. Is that a factor at all I think the gaming into in general barstool has been just getting so much bigger and growing so and it's also we're getting to the point barstools almost kind of like rap music in a way I feel like it was new and so we're you're seeing the first like we're aging with it. You know what I mean and so you're you're seeing the first crop of like younger siblings that when someone found out about Barcelona mid-2000s as soon as their siblings are old enough. They're telling them about it so it's all new problems that we're encountering so I think Barstool in general is reaching a new demo and then the gaming is like so young. Was the question. Are we concerned because there's kids listening. Yeah like what will content barstools putting out because kids are not consuming well. I mean kids can consume anything. They can go consume anything on H._B._O.. Showtime what else not on us. That's like I mean people burns. The people can't committee I it would it would probably be my mind if I knew like I just know that like the audience for Casey. Radio is much older so I work with video the quite often and he does sometimes mentioned that are try avoid swearing and all that type of stuff. I don't even know do that void swearing but I think I would. I don't know I don't know if you get into like advice and shit like that on the show but I it would be I would be cognizant of it. I don't think I would change too much but if there was anything truly outlandish gosh I picture like nine year olds listen. You're rant about wanting to heroin those one time we got a voicemail and it was like it was a guy asking like how to last longer in bed and we just listened like I guess in the beginning of the voice mail he he was like hey what's up guys. I'm like sixteen and like we're on our phone and we tune back in for like. How can I last longer in bed and we just treated it like it was an adult you know and it's like you can't tell a kid to go like I have a few beers for you? Know go look bar and do some shots before he take her home and we were talking talking to a child. We didn't realize it so if I knew it and I was aware that my audience was like young I would probably have it in my head like I don't know how much I would change but you're right yes you can't you can't like yes if you know that you're Democrat and you're specifically talking talking to is like a young crowd fine but that's what every single piece of entertainment in the world like. You can't change because you know kids are consuming. It kid you consume porn if they want they do but I learned to get hit enter way before you were actually eighteen if you are out here actually leaving exit like looking exit because you're not eighteen fuck. You don't even deserve porn yeah. It's an it's me your question but I think maybe like everything else. It's like you. We can't change. That's on the parents parents. Don't like kids. Listen to me. You don't want your your daughter's listening to call her. Daddy don't let them listen to it. That's a good piece of responsibility yes to the kids. I am not a role model. That's what you're sitting in a chair. You know who is a role model jarod travis giving out tickets to the fucking home under grow in the game. What up Lesean what let's make fun of jared? I'm here for that. I don't come over to your desk nope. I don't think I ever have come over to your desk. Ever in the old office sided because you're right next to the bathroom in the radio room. That's where you were well. I'll make sure I swing by more often. We're GONNA be bonding next weekend so oh that's right so the Atlantic City Pool Party mm-hmm has gotten a little bit out of control so originally it was supposed to be me and Willie then people started getting word of it and sales upstairs like look. We've already sold it. I have no clue what that looks like because we don't obviously see any of that. We're just yeah we're we're zoo animals. We're just GONNA go we're going to it's going to be just to look at literally whereas animals. I don't remember what day was referring to at one point. He said that to me was like yeah. I'm going because I'm a zoo animal like it's so accurate I mean that's what we are though we've go out. It's like boy. They don't even say hello sister so at the Atlantic City Pool Party at the Ocean Beach Club we will be at a table. The crew has now grown from me and Willie to me Willie P._F.. He eft commenter. Marsh Glenn e balls big F and I believe jetskis going to film the whole thing. Is that right. I'm guessing since willies there. I'm sure for the parcel I would or rudy. Somebody's GONNA be there. I saw when they first approached me about being the person to do this. We're going to sell you with whatever and I said listen. Obviously I'm going to need a guy to go with me and then we'll yeah like we're not going manages cindy by yourself. I was like okay. That's fine. He's they said Willie Perfect Willie is never going to let anything happen to me now. I've realized as the only girl going the only girl that no one will get anywhere anywhere near me. You literally have an offensive line going. I haven't offensive line plus. You plus me and listen. I played flag football his I. I know how lucid he can be. I'm the one people should be worried about a video that little guy on exactly no mess this little guy's so that's what I was GonNa talk about and that's why I whenever cubs said he was going to be a little bit late into radio. I was like well. Obviously I'm going to talk to Marty. We have so many things to catch up on but this video that's going viral right now. Have you seen it yet. No I when people are like a a lot of things. I don't like to watch it. I understand that I'm very much that way but this is one of those videos that and of course people send us stuff all day every day. People don't understand like we have a social team dedicated to just vetting through these videos. This was one of those that as soon as we saw ah the entire office stopped and everybody was playing it on their computer really loud because it is the most ridiculous video. Do you think we can play it on radio. I know you don't get the visuals house. Actually I was actually going to go through it again to see how would do on. I mean I can I can put it on their visual visual development and let me set this up before we hear the audio. This is in a Bagel shop just a normal everyday ass Bagel shop and it is a man who is very clearly a very short man okay now i. I don't know how you can help me out this like obviously he's. He's not a legal midget. I actually yeah that's actually I was bringing that up. I don't think he's I think he's telling what they said. He's very foot right so he keeps saying in the video. He's five foot so so he's not like he's not a legal legal midgets four foot four foot nine and below how are you I'm four foot five okay so Frankie said four foot three we were I mean this you weren't even you weren't in the room and everyone's like like so Keith wrote this blog about this video that we're about to listen to you and he said like you can't say midget and then like Liz piped up and was like well. No zaas said it's okay to say midget and there was one of those conversations inside Barstool sports that would be horrible taken out of context. Everyone's talking about what you can and can't say we talked about like the guy in Elf gets mad because he calls them angry with whatever this video of this man who is and I'm one hundred percent sure not illegal midget is very mad about how short he is the Great Wiser Okay for women to say oh you five feet or dating sites. They should be dead tax. Okay you hear nobody journal have seven on dating sites. You take making that shit up everywhere I go to the same fucking smart with the biting lip and your mouth your God on my father all my fourth one step outside step out attack any E. coli now what you can't see like Zaas at he gets his ass handed to them and the guy who he goes up to and says what are you GonNa and do take it outside like attack me attack me that guy could be easily six foot tall but he looks like he's eight feet tall next to this guy sues problem with why would you belly up to so-and-so short. That's you're you're so short. Don't WanNA show more people that short bellied up to first first of all. He's a fat. Little girl was the best the best low key part of the video is the girl that's recording it at the very end says I just wanted to come here to get some Bagel. I just wanted to like that's what she wanted. There's so many different different things in this video one. I don't know what started it because the video starts late so the girl behind the counter or a woman next to this guy says why do you feel like it's okay to degrade women. I've seen stuff going around. The Internet that maybe through a couple of CBA comes around can't really do that. I called her a bitch. I have no idea how it started. We also don't know how it ended. which was my biggest problem with the video? That video is entirely too short because I want to know where that attack ended. You know everything about it. I need to everything the way that he tackled that guy and on Keith's blog if we can put that out on the bar radio count the screen shot of the guy like glancing towards him it looks like David and Goliath unbelievable. What a form tackle writing a Bagel shop just right in a Bagel shop didn't give a shit it has been said before? He's like people I get these same smirks. Same looks like someone had to say some. I don't know it's its own call him short and fucking bagels. No I think what happened was and that's what I'm saying I this is one of those videos that I would pay money. I pay so much money to see how it actually went down because I think that the woman was just saying you can't degrade women and he's so mad about being so short that he just unleash all of his anger about it. I don't think anybody in that Bagel shop was like Oh you're short guy and I think that she said you can degrade women. He was like Oh really well. Women are assholes because I'm sure Kim put five dating websites. What are we talking about because he's definitely a guy who puts like five eight on a fucking dating website? Can you show Japanese fucking five and you can't do that like you can't do that can't ause like a difference like he's not illegal midget so you one hundred percent not to put five eight. You can't do that but you have to like. I understand that is a legal midget like that's I mean that's his twitter handle. I understand that but he's still four five. He can't put saw is different is literally a midget five aware of that. This guy heights heights as the same but I mean you think five eight showing up eight inches shorter. You're short shit when you're five eight so you might as well just like that. I mean this so I'm between five eight and five nine. Obviously if I throw on heels Dell's six feet whatever I understand if a guy is like five eleven and says he's six feet because that is close enough and like you wear shoes fine. You can't say you're five eight when you're five feet you. Can't you're screwed anyway. You might as well so marty out of curiosity. How many times do you think that if he put he could? Maybe like if you put five five. It might be a little bit. Five eight is is it's short for me. It's short for you but it's not like short in real life is it what five Eh let the average guy no. I think like five ten is like that when you're short like you walk into the into the L.. Daniela walks by menas pointing out her phone. I get very nervous. Five nine is average out for okay. That seems to a bar and you're you know you're disadvantaged. It's just a fact what are you. What are you covered your eyes? She's fucking company. I can't I cannot not with this company. The text message from Daniel she came. She knows we're on live national radio right now. She knows that I'm in here with just you so you can't just like distract out. She walks up to the glass like begging me to check. It's a lot it's a lot we'll get to that. We'll get to that <hes> during the commercial break. We get a lot of shit for like the way the guys talk in this office. People assume that guys are just in here just like talking like crazy. The girls are worse. Girls are worse than every aspect so I watched <hes> as you see the Kim Kardashian everyone yellen Oh yeah that was the scariest thing I've ever seen so. I'm not a kardashian person. I've had maybe seen a couple of episodes by accident of the keeping up with the Kardashians. Obviously if you're on social media you cannot escape them at all. You know that you know the Kris Jenner and they do run into the athletic world a couple of times. I saw that video on twitter. I loved it because the real people to go. It's also like they're going to take somebody down. Unlike guys is like are so they just get tough and it's like I don't get scared by that. Two girls are like they could rip your fucking throat out and insults you to no end their insult among you. It should pop it out of my ears. Yeah that was good. That was the. Did you know what that was. It was the joker you've Never Seen Heath Ledger in the dark. Knight Fuck is wrong with you. I don't really watch I really don't watch those movies but that's like an iconic movie. No that's my boys'll iconic movie. Now Trust me. I'm not a I'm not a movie person myself. I don't watch a lot of movies but I have watched the dark knight and it's probably one of the greatest movies of all time really preaching. I'm not even I'm not even a Batman Fan. I have no idea what goes on in the Batman World and all that nonsense Batman does just from just from a pure acting standpoint and all that it is crazy as movies so good like Superman flies in Straw that Batman thing fights yeah but listen. I am not a I'm not a big comic book person. I'm the same way as not a big superhero fan. Don't care about any of those movies the Dark Knight and the Dark Knight rises are awesome. The Dark Knight With Heath Ledger is one of the best movies he's I've ever seen changing topics. Oh some just popped in my head my girl situation off the charts so we'll tie this being scared of girls so when you when you talk to girls out at bars clubs in the wild whatever do you ever assume that they're crazy right away every girl's crazy so so you just go into that thinking that because what I don't understand and you can help me understand this a little bit is some guys think that like if they start dating somebody who's super super nuts and I'm not talking about just like everyday like you could say crazy democratic. I'm talking about the girls. Slash your tires type crazy. I feel like you have to know that off the bat. There's no way a girl can hide that right. No I think they're pretty can hide it pretty good any girl that I've ever known. Let's to that degree crazy. I feel like I know pretty soon talking to her but like every girl is it's always make sure what you could pick out like what's the most hulliber tolerable crazy like some girls in most everyone's nuts guys are to everyone's online. It's not me I'm telling you I'm not nuts there. I don't know if you're not you're not. I don't care about nothing so that's fair. That's fair. I've been asking you to teach me that. It's the best way to live. Just not care us. Not Catch feelings don't like if if you catch him you catch him like does let go what happens Alleluia. What happens if you catch him and you don't want to catch him? What the fuck do you mean what does want to catch them in your catch them yeah like sometimes you don't want to catch feelings? There's somebody and you do know how why I mean. I don't never not want just like whatever happens happens if your dog him once and it's like I'll see you later or it's like. Maybe we'll see again. It's going to happen like whatever's going to happen. It's going to happen you wake up the next day to go to work. You get dogged. You say are kind of like this girl and you go out again. Then you see what that's literally fucked you look into anything. It makes no sense. Do you understand what I'm saying. You don't want to catch feelings but you do i. I it's it's happened to me. Okay see Mardi Zaza Romantic but that's what I'm saying like. Sometimes you go into a situation and you think okay. This is going to be casual and then you're like well. Wait like I actually have feelings for this person but fuck. I really don't want to then you just don't then. How do you just turn? I've definitely liked girls but it's like. I just don't WanNA girlfriend so it's like sorry can't do it. You just talk yourself out of it yeah. No No. I don't talk myself. I just don't do it just like hey do. You do understand that. Most people can't just saying to me I if you actually like somebody and have feelings for somebody in some form of capacity. You can't just tell yourself not to and they just go away now you now you can fake it till you make you can force yourself to be like okay like this is a bad idea but you can't just like nope. I'm not gonNA catch feelings about so I have feelings and it's like you know what I'm not feel. I don't can't have a girlfriend in this situation in my life right now. It's like you know what just don't talk to anymore. 'cause then you won't have any more feelings so it's shit. It's shit lay. It makes you end up like the bedroom and the and the Bagel store when you up. That's exactly what he's going nuts with boil. It's going to boil over at some point. No it's just literally care about yourself. Came you wake-up to care about yourself. You Brush your teeth. Make sure they brush you always and then you lose our jet through work done and you go home and do what you want like. Some girls like I've known one of my guy friends like he just got yelled at for an ice cream neil night well. That's stupid I would. Are you kidding me. What was why I can eat ice cream? Kozo like on diets some shit fuck that I was like what listen I've said. This and Kevin and I have gone back and forth with this because you're right. Every girl to a certain degree is crazy. There's no doubt every person to a certain degree is crazy so I'm not sitting here like Oh. I'm not nuts. I have definitely have my qualities that can be crazy. Should they be provoked stuff like that. I've never understood. I don't understand if a guy wants to go play golf. Let him go play golf if he wants to eat his fucking ice cream eat is ice cream. What are we talking about here? That's what I said. The two of you want to like. If you're going to cheer me go for it. I don't care well. That's the K. Mart. That's no since like if you're going to do it you did it so just let me know I'm. We're all good Kevin. We've no I mean obviously I'm coming stepping into a conversation which is obviously unloaded much very much. You know what the we had not even uttered the word cheating and then you seems to be the effect so true talking. I'm nothing to do with cheating there. There has not been even a thought in my mind that we would go down that road and then you pop up and Marty says I don't know what that means. I think I think people I think I think when you cheat and if you when you if you're just like a one time thing and you you you realize you make a mistake and you want to stay with the person I think telling them is. Is the selfish move. Oh No. That's fine that that's I wouldn't tell me that if I still use this fucked up you still want to be because all you're getting your own guilt guilty conscience and like fucking fucking their shit up no you're not you're not GonNa do it again and you really are committed and it was a mistake and all that shit. So what are you but you're saying if a girl cheats on you it's okay it's not okay. I'M GONNA be mad but it's like you know what like. What Am? I getting mad over what the fuck do so. Would you stay with him. Though no oh got it so you're just going to be obvious to me is like I mean you obviously before you've never been in love right see. I don't understand how we got here. I was fake love high school. I think even I saw I was in real adult above and I realized I wasn't so especially when you're younger and you're dating and you think like you're in lost or whatever because I think even I learned like when you're truly in love with someone it's like you radically alter like everything you do and think and say hey for that person but there's got cheated on you would just be like okay. Knock cool have a good life sealer see this. This is how this is going to end up exactly because the way that this conversation starters we played the short guy clip from the glass bagels the Bagel Bossy. I like that so we went down the Wormhole as we always do with Marty where he was saying fuck. Did you get here. We started with that when he talked about Atlantic City. We I mean we've talked about everything somehow got to that. The Kardashians scare Marty because of the video that surfaced yesterday of them all saying the great communist custody and Marty has just. He said that he feels like girls are crazy but that if you just don't ever catch feelings for anybody say that you have no problems and I said well you know people that catch feelings sometimes don't want to but they do and he said that that's that that's how it happens is yeah. You're always like I'm not gonNa like you know. I'm not going to get married and it's a little time he's like I'm not getting married until I'm thirty eight or whatever and I'm like. I respect your plan and I hope you carry it out but usually what happens. Is You meet someone that you like so much. You realize that you can't wait until you're thirty eight or you can't play by the same rules you set for yourself and you change you and Marty is saying that he just when he starts to catch those feelings he just doesn't just stop by but even that is like. I don't think you've ever even caught those. I think there there will one day be a girl where you're like. Maybe I don't know you're an alien but I think it will be a girl one day. That's like even even if you tried to cut it off after date one. You'd be like I got us. You Grin no yeah. I don't WanNa go right now. I'm like twenty five. I'm having a fantastic time. So why would I want a girlfriend and right if it happens it happens thing. I'll tell you having walked in the door. We have not talked about would see Kevin I saw so it was so bizarre we weren't talking about cheating at all and then all of a sudden all here. Is Mardi say if I if you cheat on me like it's okay no big deal came out of left. Field was a subconscious thing. Mardi sought Kevin and decided to start talking about that. I think I do I. I do still think the answer to me is not like Marty said no because he just like he's never going to know all online if I was like your in love it's like you know what like you did it and obviously you didn't like me enough. It's whatever it's like. That's what I think I would be like. Whatever like that's really I I it's like I don't know I know what you're saying but I think when you really are what if you changed your life for someone and then they do that if that's the hurt comes in? I guess it's one of the things you can't really say but I think a lot of that comes from like what what what was. What were they like getting bookable? Couldn't I give them yeah and I think I think despite how much they by my hatred fries. I'm like I'm pretty fucking good. I think it'd be like you fucked up. That was on you judge like me. He walked out so jon against the Shit. He's doing all the time either but he just worries about himself and it's a good way to people yeah you. Were I the smart or. The more complex way to handle it is more to look like it happened for a reason so you should at so easy and I know this from a lot of experience is cheating. The society has deemed seems like a third rail. You can't touch it. You can't do it and if you do it. Everyone hates you and yours comeback but it happens for a reason or if it does if you're if you're just like if you are if your life is perfectly happy and you get blacked out and use fuck some girl at the bar. That's kind of like that was really fucking stupid like you shouldn't have done that was a mistake that was dumb. Whatever when there's a reason why or when you're driven to it or you know in a relationship it's like there? Are you have to uphold your end. I have to hold my end. There's kind of it's almost like a contract and it's like if you didn't if you're not providing what we kind of thought we agreed upon there's a reason why it happens. It doesn't excuse it but it it explains why it happened and if you don't look at that on yourself or you're the person who had cheated on you don't think about like a why did that person go do that. I think you're just you're not really be like you did Canadian and I don't think I would have that and maybe there is something. Maybe that's dad's like my idiocy not like thinking but I think I'd be like like you fucked up that one you lost a Willie justice stole allied ships and like believers never I'd never even considered saying thing brand that band right well. Did you even consider if those were yours that even cross your mind those long I've ever dealt with all this the Lars Broadway. What are we SUPP- bottle read a little tavern as the day we got? We got the the Barstool Breakfast Boys Jolie who are now the beats needs gang their show will be dropping on Friday large the the food and drink connoisseur and and your boy Willie's bringing through a musical actor musical influence or interview each episode so Friday at two PM will be the first one do we have we announced who the guest is going to be surprised while show you guessed okay starts at two small Willie. We were talking about earlier in the show how our the party has gotten out of Control Man. I thought it was just me and you know we got fucking all the barstool coming. That's usually how it goes much dominicans when Lebron's though you while while I'm excited for it. I don't know what's happening happening having a party this usually happens. We'll be a large walk at sea. Gets out of hand I tell you I've never had one. I've had wine never had a glass of wine out. Never all he seemed like I feel like probably four twenty five mark. I would be like to your first fucking glad. How old are you twenty five crazy to drink it silly start giggling and find out thank you came on Saturday? What'd you drink black black shit fears to for large you can drink blackheart and they'll probably you take a little sniff of Cabernet? You're acting like you're doing one fifty. Those chills went to my old fucking pepper. You really would've thought he's doing like a shot of liquor. The way he like children is fine. The knows it's time to grow up a little you marty. You know what that's twenty five twenty. Three twenty four tried to be like I'm out of college now. I'M GONNA adult. I'M GONNA wind didn't know cheap wine five dollar models but I was like swirling red to yellow to the big one. The beauty Julia wine is you can do it. When you're like a poor dumb? You can do society but either way. It's time to grow up Marty so here's your I. I let me just tell you I'm imagining whatever large brought us here is some pretty quality wines. You're you're starting off pretty high pinkies up. What is that drinkable right down the goal? Give me your description. You know a lot of people use some very flowery language when they drink wine. What does that taste like to you? I ah that's fucking ridiculous ridiculous five eighteen church blood really even when I was it's like a kid we had my grandma had a basement and had a bar in the basement and there was just old bottles. I was drinking like two hundred year old line. It is blown off the dust sneaky whatever I could never even like snuck some wine from your parents or that by four locos the Friday drink budweiser. I roll a blunt in Loco. No actually grow just being a man cave feature local blood that backyard the wild waves four locos like the new age of those jobs. There was like you start getting Oh. You're getting the job done. How am I know how breezy the hour I get the giggles? I wouldn't hate being highlight me why I like. I had a girl over two weeks ago and I was bored and didn't know what to do so I just faced a joint by myself about the solar system getting great sir to me. She didn't Okay Mine Martin. This is the guy who won't even by rounds at the bar. Who are the most selfish motherfucker not because he's he's a shield so blackout before the ball but now that's not an excuse but you you can't have a girl that comes all the way out to your mother's house to sleep with you and you don't offer her? A girl's GonNa fuck you Mar- you gave her a let her know you'd have put these unto spotify lists. Where where can people find it out? It's my it's my pin tweet tweet on my twitter account midget Zimba the midget symbols where you find everybody's always asked me working. I find this is music where you can go find the phone Joe back in the day classic sick dude that beat to joe had a run man and I feel like I feel like big Pun. Kinda stole the whole like don't WanNa be a player the everyone thinks of him but it was Joe Joe Joe Joe. I was like into into the mid two thousand eight early two thousand yup up love. Let's get some calls here eight hundred three eight five schools the phone number eight time for Massachusetts what's up. Hey <hes> so I'm on my way to New York right now for archambault busy tomorrow. Let's go and I was wondering if there were any extra tickets to your show tonight at Carolina. Now you fuck you know okay for you. Combine them. I don't know maybe you could take information. We can see if there's there's any any leftover tickets but you spot we see but we definitely sold out if anything this is gonNA be like where I'm helping you out 'cause he put me on. The spot aren't tickets available coming from Massachusetts number. I WANNA come on. Why don't you buy them? In the first place browns months tour. I got invited Saturday all right that makes sense. We'll see no promises but we'll try to get you so hang on the line until Casey mentioned earlier so so you just don't even fucking know or care at all but you man. I'm not even GonNa try anymore right right. They might get your information. We'll figure it out <hes> <hes> this is tyler from Florida. What's up what's up? I gotTa say what to Aunt Casey as always your favorite but mush is he still there is dude. I swear man <hes>. I don't understand how you don't have a billion followers on twitter because everything you do is fucking magical is like you're a rising star starting from rough and rowdy like you were fucking amazing. You're exactly what <hes> what was it. What was that competition? You David Mantis one yeah that that was instantly like we just gotTa. Get this guy on board your fucking amazing. But why don't you do thing when you're not there bar to if you're going to go out when you got a record this I gotta see what you're like when you're fucked up. I don't know why anyone wants to see Atlantic city. I don't know if you want people see you but I've always wanted to allow Gopro my head of those cameras. Remember those old school shows like the one where they went to like haunted places. They have a camera. That's like like straps to them and just faces do it that way. So you get the mush like whole experience. Oh my goodness what you've been killing a man I but I am constantly woke to mush like you can't be that fascinated fascinated by the water dispenser in fucking fridge like I it's just like are you fascinated by the faucet yeah. No No. There's water running water on your house can hook up to I know water will come like there's there's hoses and shit under my sink. I see that the fridge where in the fridge is coming from yeah I mean I'm not a refers engineer but it's just like the same way that there's like pipes and hoses connecting to your like your your fridge in the world. That's like this is my world. I'm I'm more interested in that than like crazy shit going on. I just it's one of those things where it's like. It's just the water line that connects to your hard to figure out so much more than that it really is. I don't understand why he's really isn't now. If you you WANNA you WanNa ask me like where does the purified water get to your neighborhood and how does it. I understand all that that I'm not sure about but I know that there is a line of water that goes to my house that also then connects to my faucet my fridge my washing machine my dishwasher so how can you put them on all on the same time. HAS IT spraying everywhere. There's connections to all the different things. There's there's like water availability. It was like something that's like ceiling it all. I'm not going to be an engineer. I just know yeah engineers know how to do it. What's available when there's something ceiling push up I know fucking worked with pipes and water and there's somebody that can put those water also? If you're so fascinated by you could have easily looked at Google Google. That's just a fact I'm not good at literally whatever the words in your brain R._V.. Type it into Google. It'll like it'll help you know. frigerator water yet probably start there if I typed in what is really good. You'RE GONNA have to give it a little more in this morning to when I was I was taking a rat this morning and all of a sudden like I'm sitting them like see that doesn't mean the sample do exactly what what do people do with their laundry because I'm having a big problem with my I towel situation because I don't bring my closer downstairs and I take a shower. I take the towel I wrap around me. When I go down says my laundry room I leave it down the right the next morning I have to go back downstairs and get that and come back up right? I also saw that launch. Shoot people don't have that. I saw that you had a lot of shoe like how long of my life but like I really looked at testing. Wow what do people do that. Don't have a laundry shoot the bring your clothes downstairs like that's what I might ask you stand up in your hands and just carry like we we have a hundred shoot in my house until I was probably like fifteen or something my dad and we put an addition and we'd like to have lost their who and then like as a fifteen year old super quickly learned by the way got more like what do you do. The laundry chute doesn't go up right so you take clothing from the laundry and you just carry it up right now. What do you do your mom? Does that or you just don't care you don't have like so. Everything's on that first floor but the bathrooms on the second floor is what you're saying no wait. How do you get to clean clothes to your room? I don't put anything you just live out of your laundry. Put everything the one. That's the closet I do. There's like us Chad Johnson jerseys in something like my old ask Pol- close out of the Dryer and put it on yeah or if my mother's home she hangs up in the Water Andrew so your laundry room is basically closet yeah but we've been trying to really put the underwear and the socks upstairs really the system is not well right now. It's been a big thing and my toilet man. Don't toilets every Tom I gotta clean it every time every time the water doesn't wash it away. No and I don't know what it is going to your fridge gluten. I think that's what it is. Just you gotTa Gluten Disease Shit's just F- thin Shit Eric from Philly. We got much talk. Hey Marty. Have you asked out of danger yet so I text her occasionally. I congratulate her on her new apartment. We said a few minutes here. Are you share we'd with her. She came over she. She can do whatever she wants. First of all and I will share my weed. If you ask I'm not what am I here what it does a host of host yes. Someone's your than your hosting. Then hadn't here yeah. You're supposed to be hospitable. You you get up to go to get yourself a drink. You say on the fridge. No yes if you want some. Hey can. You give me some sure you know you. Can I offer you something. That's that's the water. Can I offer you a beer on the clock. I gotta work at my own home you do since if I go to anyone's house I just don't drink anything so so you're a great guest in a bad host grill dude guests. I sleep over your house about seven o'clock in the morning. You don't see me the next morning. Yeah that's clutch. I mean you can't linger. Nobody likes the guest Johnston. It's like three P._M.. Dana stayed till eight o'clock at night at eight o'clock and I still get all my best friend he that man he's just lounge use it. I would have stayed here if I had my laptop the night off right. I left the night off usually the night up but if if I go home with you or something like that like I mean a girl I'll probably get out pretty early. Believe I'm like devices like crashed my buddy's couch. I'll be like we'll do that a girl's house I I'll usually stay 'cause I don't like to be I don't. I don't like morning sex. You know for sure well. That's I mean. I think it's different for guys because in the morning you're sober and that's a whole thing emotionally physically mentally when you're sober the next morning it's different. It's way more fun when you dog never his girls yeah like you go home and you wake up call. What do we never seen something to worry what a guy can have sex drunk much better than he comes over? Yes girls opened for business. You're open for business. You Sober Good Morning night perform. I've never been like I've never turned down morning. Sex tried to avoid morning. Sex might be not big <UNK>. No I don't really care but I'm famously had never for had sober sex and so like recently Oh yeah I gotTa Count Look. I'm not sober in the morning. That's more sober in the morning. It's not any good count that as like sober sex if like I'm like if I just woke up and I'm like hung over is still like you're still a little numb yeah so the performance not GonNa Change my point. I have to worry about sober drunk land sex fresh daisy. I would be like never mind you. Actually she care about your performance. Yeah already I do. I want to make sure the girls would be a time limit and say you too far like I'm never going to like say no if I think I'm GONNA put in a bad performance. It'll be like well that sucks for you but I'm GonNa get mine but I don't walk away like trying to not satisfy the no no for sure I pull out different moves. I'm a move guy I. I'm actually scared to ask you what you mean. I have moves. I'm Tony so we've gotTA so Lou. I never I never seen that one. I said yeah pulled some good stops you but what I'm saying is with your deck with your hands with your body. What are you talking about my hands at dog shit yeah get tired could have been criticized of breath? Just say on the run. You feel great. Yeah my said my philanthropies are great not in that sense though like sports wise flanges good not maturation wise manipulating wise not good no no but I'm telling you that there's some moves wow that was pretty good and then every time when I'm done pretty good <hes> what will give me an example of them you say that to them every one example of a move mush move. It's almost like a curveball Jackhammer to the left. Take Curve Ball. The fact you said Jackhammer is party about but it's not a Jack. It's a jackhammer curving to the left. It's like it's a move zigzag. Almost I don't know how to explain clearly. It's a really well in my head that makes so much sense. You said Jackhammer knock. It's not the Jackhammer that's like. I wish I know you're listening to doing this thing in his hand like twisting punch. It's fast. It's like it's like you said Jackhammer also by the way I thought you I thought you said you're bad with your hands so I wasn't thinking hands at all. I was my hips. That's my my hands. Twist your hips. It's it's the hits a different spot what was wo- Jackie. I'm a curveball. I WanNa talk to a girl at Ted sex with you so bad so bad. Could you please listening right now earring what you have experienced the Jackhammer to the left. If you don't want to talk to these idiots just D._m.. Me I'll talk to you like girl girl woman Oh woman. I have got to know what the fuck is going on. It's an unbelievable scene Ville from Boston. You got on the Mush. I I was just curious if actually smashed out that girl that night what you're GonNa have to be able to join nine the joint when when you didn't offer joint. Did you have sex with her. Oh yeah twice I'm telling you that's it's like girls are dumb like that. I mean she also. I knew she drove it was our so it was in the bag before you even start it but sometimes a move like that which is blaze blatantly rude disrespectful will actually help seal the deal told the world is backwards and girls are crazy. Yes people just don't they don't when they can't understand yes and that makes them just be like this is different and mysterious and intriguing. That's something I'm going to let inside with girls. It's crazy speaking of the girls I realize the U._S.. Women's national team took over there yeah and Kristen press rich down to us like she reached out to US fucking monster. I just blocked it. Thank you so much more so sports sports like wait. I thought we were ripping off their stories and I was like guys guys told me that it is going to be riding high on his two years. I mean I've worked here for about a year and a half gases never mentioned to me like hey. Can you blog something today. He was a K.. I need you to blog this but I guess she reached out. She's a big story. She reached reached out and said that they weren't going to be able to do press today. For some reason or like something somehow they wanted to come to headquarters say they couldn't so she asked how we could get involved with it and we decided to give her the keys or instagram pretty good solid get right. They're not not so we went to one degree away separation of Alex Morgan Yeah like Alice Morgan. Let's make that has in the mix of Alex Morgan just walked in here what happened I wouldn't say word I was GonNa say I would loyd and it was like cool too. That's good looking yeah. She's so she going out with someone. She Harry shame shame yeah that's right now. That's what I said. I lost my opportunities the Jacka we need a teacher. That's Jack Taylor from Long Island. What's up guys? I'd say Capri congratulations to the show tonight I'll be there. I'll be lying. Actress correct me if I'm wrong is open to six thirty. Six thirty show begins at seven thirty. I'm fucking excited. Wait for this along. Yeah you should have been like Taylor and you should have been ready and had a ticket and you're gonNA come to me. I like twenty minutes. It was like twelve hours before the show sold out so we'll be doing more of them probably Lee within like a month. My idea is to do and once a month and there was enough of a quick response that I think people will want to do that and then eventually we'll take it to Boston philly Chicago stuff like that so tonight it'll be me and fights KRISTA Steffano joining us my man cautious. Is Opening up. I like to Steph no. He's so funny so funny so he'll pop up there so <hes> definitely comes a high Taylor when you when you come through tonight six thirty doors seven thirty show we'll probably go up there and like I don't know seven forty or whatever whenever a cautious done <hes> Uh uh Austin from New York what's up guys mind Yup. Hey I was listening to you talking about Guinea Pigs and wanted to play you guys know about what goes down in Peru so we were visiting and we were we were in Lima and we're like Michelin Star restaurant where you know guinea pigs on the menu and I'm like there's no way I mean Guinea pig. My sister had a guinea pig in the third grade so they make and you don't even know what you're eating and it's like a fancy Taco well a week later where in like a hot in the country way way out from Lima and you're you're visiting inside these people's little huts and there's the little grandma Graham on the corner literally you know it's a small little place where they live and they have literally about twenty five to thirty the guinea pigs. They're like family family pets but then on certain days they pet the juicy. It's like one and they throw it in the pot and they cook it for that night Jiminy cricket man I gotTa be honest. The Guinea pig thing I really think is worse than humans. I also really think really clone thought that Guinea pigs pick a serious comment. I I agree with you wholeheartedly on that. I think eating inhuman is less than meaning any absolutely not true. Did you see the Guinea pig man. Look I know listen. It's got the head and the body and the role listen. I'm not saying that I would be excited to eat something. That looks like that but I'm not eating a human and I said said this yesterday when we were talking about it because this is now a theme on the show. I don't know how that person died. I don't know who that person was. I don't know anything about it and the fact that I could if I could like clarify all that and you're good to go no. I think you're sick. You're eating some out on cannibalism little fucking rodent rodent vermin this by the way if you're worried about the quality of the meat you know what I will tell you I will tell you I love the only thing that I would eat human head of would be a dog what judy human the head of four dogs head before like I processed it faster than what seems but initially live radio. There's back corners careers the dog ahead of a human a haven for like if you put like a puppy on a plate like that I'm out. That's basically what you doin. The Guinea pig I would like to go on record and say cannibalism is a bad thing and I. I don't want any part of it just like I don't know how back in if you're killing a dead person how they I don't give a shit. If I'd I knew you eat me I do not okay go ahead for survival just in general in general if I die tonight Kevin I mean your whole fucking body right and you'll have leftovers problems launching that probably tasting very bad because it's been ourself Yeah Ryan inside but the you know you want to crack Fucker have added me. I couldn't care less. I think I get larger someone to cook you up right. I do not hook you but then put you isis. I don't just throw me on a grill and again. That's not even out of respect for me. That's how the respect for your taste buds. I treat me treat me right so I treat you right going down well. That's what you gotta think about is like when grass grass-fed this and that and free range that these animals are pampered. You are going to be terrible tasting because U._p.. Tree by leagues but actually I'm coming back around. I might trade take chase delicious taste delicious. I learned in Portugal last last summer. Think and I went I went to a like cattle farm and it was really it was more horse dancing which was fucking wild and addressing ship rows is yeah that's right and they're just like they were fucking. Step wants us and it's hard of that. was you got like a big steak dinner that from animal slaughter I'm farm so it was like this cow died back in our slaughterhouse three three miles away. Now we're cooking for you and I learned yeah. I like pesticides and ship all the stuff. That's in our cattle makes days better yeah. It was like to believe that like I. I like Taco Bell. I don't want to I don. I liked fake shit. I don't want the organics yeah I just go impossible and I'm GONNA go vegetarian like I don't like I like just you can make fucking. You can make up stuff with a bunch of poisons that I liked better than than just actual me. I'm GonNa get some Nice clean meat and just spray it with radiant spray three. That's what you marinate it and if you get if you get like pure grass-fed killed that morning it's on your plate tonight Shit Yeah. You'RE GONNA WANNA put some bug spray on that. Get outta sits around in L.. A. Candle fucking drips of wax on that Dan from Reno and he got what's going on guys. They got some hot photos off the press. We got the England women's football team with leaked new pictures during the World Cup use by grape. That's life. That's track down dance number. That guy arrested. What's that called into a national radio? Show just how it was wild. Let me go look now. What the fuck amy what was even going to be like was he gonNa try to usually people are trying to sell those I don't? I don't think that that man has them. I don't think he but that's even crappier that he called. They've hit the Internet and he called into a national radio. Show alert us that there might be revenge porn somewhere the <hes> I I felt like he's angle there was to be like a world in the locker room or something I see <hes>. I felt like the angle was like how are you taking into the World Cup. Take new everywhere. I don't think that was the I think it was the angle but he was a creep and he was excited that there was naked but I feel like yeah. NEWTS can happen any time the World Cup see that ass though yeah I mean that's to while away bro like you're on. You're away from home. The only like Oh missing you I'm over in. Where was where the play France in France? You know you're back home in an England Casey. Did you see the video on instagram couples. Go over the girl on like the foldout chair like the Beach Chair said with the selfie stick trying to basically get her face and harass all in the same picture yes all time I think I love that girl commitment to the crafts to the mother Lissette by the commitment to the craft great. I have to know how fucked up she was. I have to know I want to see the picture. That's an awesome picture. I mean yeah. It's probably great. I can see those pretty face and then it's like power there too. I don't hate the hustle at all. I just want to know if she he was sober or just a little bit drunk doing that. That's a completely different thing or she was so fucked up. She forgot she was in public. Two different types of hot ones crazy ones like I don't care about anybody all of its the people who would be attracted to that thing but it's different. I mean shit face acting like that. It's different than sober. I know I'm so hot I can't picture ever faces all fucked up like all right. That's not as hot. I always looks good where you get that kind of communist the funniest thing to me like every walk to work. When I'm we have an episode dropping that day is like how I will inspect my surroundings so intently to anyone who is anyone near making and we'll see what it's doing a swipe up in public and be like hey that's you're saying hey my podcast is hey look at my Goddamn fucking asshole like that just like hey? My podcast is out swipe up thank you what was the into it was something funny. The person who was filming it put like a instagram like like a banner across it and it was very funny and he's like people are evolving evolving or something like that like Oh. Yes the amount of girls guess what your casual like. I'm just laying here naked with my hand up taking US healthy. That's not going to cut it anymore. You gotta put it onto. Goddamn sick spin it around Ben's bend your neck around induced downward dogs in and get the whole face picture s and like maybe we'll side boob all in one shot this selfie stick is the best part of that because now every like Oh shit. I don't have to strain my back to try to get this grey Selvi six ben in the Gal. I know but I'm saying I'm saying in public selfie stick in public to take a picture of your ass. That's a move everybody's using the selfie stick at home. Really everybody is but what we know. At least one person is in. Everybody's yeah. I was GONNA say like I saw like five five years ago. Who would I'd be like? How'd you get that one and two Louisville great pick? How about just like I have a Selfie sick shout out? Every girl has used a selfie stick at some point I would assume in public. I've never even thought about that. Our guys are GonNa have to do this. <music> upping underneath forget about the the bottom mango bird's eye views just take the whole screen up. You're all right. That's the thing it's all it's all it's all the depth perception and whatnot you get a distance. You're going to see exactly how big and small things I need to be. I need no size reference. You know no frame of reference in the background of these pictures at all Evan have been from North Carolina. What do you got <hes> not much doing good so I saw that comment on the picture was begging for Marshall to comment and Tagger so I don't think he would have drawn girl? I think she's just a attention to war kind of ruins and I wish you didn't call me and tell me that I'm a lot of the latest thing I think the latest like phony engine that thing I think is you see someone at the gym on a treadmill like wearing being like the navy seal like camouflage thing and it's like that guy is doing that to get on the girls training with a sword at the gym. It's like they're doing that on purpose so you're doing that on purpose. They're they're literally filming it in like it's a bit they're putting it on their own so I think a lot of the girls like selfie stuff like that is one hundred percent that way like we're throwing youths when girls like pop up places with their like it's like they're not they're not just like trying to trying to get on the we're like those girls underneath these you holding your boobs up on top you with a fan blowing your hair like that's not for the picture that's for the Internet if that girl wasn't taken that picture for like a day just on one and it was for the Internet that's like telling me Santa Claus is that makes me that seems way more more likely. I know what Superintendent didn't happen. Let's go to break remember how awesome it was. When that girls taking a picture of her face that was great meals route twenty two in verse soon as you're done like if you can't play in a league any organized thing where it counts then fog and hanging on have to he asked the guy in the crutcher task take a picture with me and I I didn't know he was on crutches and Iraq reached around and grab on grabbed his crotch and I felt so bad because a crutch those nails go back to this? They're not sledding nails. They're just longer than not their statement. Now thank either there. I'm a slut. I think it's I mean they're definitely not slutty but they're not like you know that they're interested in and out yeah like you're trying to watching nails for sure but they they're. They're definitely like St Statement. You WanNa put it put it out to the jury. No I saw I looked at Martin because on a phone cleanse I looked at Marty's phone during the break and I put it out on the Internet and let's get Jerry. Absolutely I'll let you take you take the picture. No I'm not doing now. Don't be a baby. I put up a picture to the pool on my instagram story like just my feet and you know how many times that was like Lo fi they're like oh. You're just GonNa do Kevin like you can't even be your footprint if you're just putting him yeah. That's crazy if you're a girl and you're putting Ellie Smart Elliot's blurs feed out. She was scribbled on her instagram stories. She covers her feet up. I guess I need to be doing gotTA. Get that paper. I I mean you haven't come through. As is my foot PAM. So what are we doing here because you're not. You're not about that life. Not You're not you're not going to do the whole foot pimp things I it like you can ask it as a joke and still get paid. No I could make about that lighter funny Gimmick and then next thing you know you're actually getting money for picks now full until I recently sixty dollars worth of Sushi here. She's not even that much. Let's probably the delivery do not WANNA pay that. I don't care at this point. We've got it's like whenever I go to five guys. There's like three or four people that are ordering. I'm like whatever I'll just pay for it and then we ordered one hundred dollars worth of fucking doing last tonight. I like Sushi got the bill and I was like what is this. What did we even order? I realize it's because we're degenerates and we can't stop drinking. You guys last night. We took shots of Tequila a couple of times at the table Rhone came late and sat down and like most people taking like half of the Tequila at one point because they gave us like what Seem Cups Carolina's like the glass like Tumbler Cup almost yeah and as soon as roan sat down he got two or three shots put right in front of a music all right leftovers you mean no rea- took like half of her Tequila shot because we were going to take another shot down and needed to catch up during it. I don't think anybody got like drunk. Lows two dogs I mean we all started drinking on the show yesterday with large willing Yep. Yes is one of those long days of drinking did that. I I just I ask. I was backstage in the Green Room. The Green Room was a little bit different this time around last time around stage Collins was three years ago and the green room had like cons of Beers and I feel like people doing drugs smoked we this time it was like we get bottles of water. Please yeah last Bobby Fox had margarite Margarita. He put three glasses of water in it throughout this time it was. I don't know why right this yeah twenty one now you got. He's got so excited and Babo. He had a Moscow mule. Come on in. I saw you get carded last night at the show. You're up to show that ide- carded for the Margarita that I ordered ordered for the rest of the night I was pouring water thing I've ever had and then afterwards we went to a place got. How'd you never had a Margarita? I had a Virgin Margarita. Be God those are delicious. I got a Moscow mule because Rudy told me he's like this is good and has has ginger. It's not too bad on this. You didn't like it. I took the tiniest tip as if it was like a scorching hot cup of coffee just threw it out. Oh you should've seen his face when you lose your berries mules especially if you make it with like too much lime or whatever I'm you'll is like like like you. I saw it with me off. What do you drink? I can have like vodka Ginger Ale Ginger Ale. I can have a nice never malibu babies. That's what you said is your is your mom's drink. It's my mom's go. That's good. It's just Malibu rum a little bit of cranberry. I'm barry a little bit of sprite. Malibu has like like it's like ten proof. There's barely alcohol on it. That's what a lot of sugars drunk no smoke. We don't drink correct less wind he was yet. Why for the first time yesterday talk radio? I had red wine for the first time my first legal drink. I got on red eye back. It was like twelve o one as a shit order myself a drink. I thought it helped me sleep. It didn't it was just disgusting. Dry mouth up red wine yeah and when you do acquire that taste once it hits it's great but before that it's like every single sip of it and I told him to a wine red wine and he told me that he had read right on the plane. I was like that's like that. Red Wine is not good. You know that all of that age where cup but they also it's very much an acquired taste and I don't know why like I don't know when when or why you acquire it but when you do it just becomes convenient thing I mean I used to drink I was I was actually pretty young. I was probably it was limited. Murray Hill I was probably twenty four five and me and all my roommates just decided to start drinking wine but we were getting like four dollar. Magnum bottle like sounds it was a hangover to bottle but we would drink like each drink a full magnum and it was this is great. This is like wine wine-drinking now if I were to sniff that I'd be like I'm hung over already bagged why I feel like how we started ever drank big. We never said it slapped the bed. He actually has to do that and Chug Chug it yeah food beer bonding. It's so unnecessary but you do. I don't know if I outed you. I don't know if you've told this but I said at the other day on radio I think on here I told everyone how you get high. You'd think that people are famous celebrity this yet you. I've got to tell you this like on my mom's basement like in detail. I don't know it's one of the funniest intoxicated habits I've ever heard I like to. I like to smoke on my walk home. If it's Nice Day just smoke on the walk home and I'll just see random people. I'll be like that's picture but you gotTa admit the picture I that looked like Taylor swift. No it did not random person. I showed me right now. Yeah it's not enough to to be like your phone out and take a picture. It's a blonde girl. I saw Henry Winkler grandson. It was like bro You are so high. That was an old man like to answer your question. It is creepy to tweet out picture but I WANNA see tax behind. Could've you said like that's a compliment me Imbaba to do we like to smoke the Gun Ge- and watch Bob Ross paint pictures get high to that enjoy that watching there are no oh mistakes we pop like like a fucking walk off home run when he does the water brother. It's their affection yeah. He does like the one stroke that makes it all come mayhem noun regional so good that guy man he's dead now right. He's got great. That's fucking piece legend the goat but we also like look like her face doesn't look anything like Taylor Swift but as he was walking over here with this picture if I was stone I could totally see how that would look like get your phone out to take the picture because you're convinced it's hurry part. Is I know for a fact. She called me. She just looked at me so I was just on my weird kid. Taking pictures of a random woman and man definitely has a look like her but I totally see where you're coming so close to Kinda once. Wasn't there something that you ever thought I thought I thought it was somebody who was just a black guy and it was like well. Now you're high end. You're racist. No I also billy Eichner the other day actually my phone out because I was like I gotTa Tell Billy Eichner. How much I love man on the street is just the dude work now? He just happened to have a beard. He's tall too far away again is she. Looks like Burnett. Skinny saw the bright colors like colors the banks and she also makes maybe dumber but she had also done that performance where she were those crazy color so it's like she's fucking wearing the same I mean sober absolutely not really high and all of those things in common. I can see how you thank you girl was going going for us. She wanted to be mistaken for Taylor. Swift you made her day between all should have to do is just put on some red lipstick and I mean you could have sold that tweet the picture. I don't think I don't think that creepy. She's wearing clothes like you were high. You thought it was swift again. That's a compliment. What are you GonNa do now that you're twenty one and you don't have the excuse of I can't get into the barring out? You have to go places with people because I know you don't WanNa do that. I'm just gonNA keep using that. People will forget yeah I've been I've been not twenty one for so many years that I think people are just going to be like like so many years here at least 'cause. I can't believe she's like I feel like you've been twenty seven years yeah but it's a fifteen year old Steve. He doesn't age yeah. I'll just wanted people will eventually be like is he. Not isn't it happened a rea- Jared Maria was twenty one. Her Birthday. Last year was a huge deal. That's like twenty six robbie. Doesn't you don't need to go out. You know like you don't say yeah and you live with Trent. who also doesn't like you say cares? I say no all the time I don't I don't go. The only time I drink is is Friday nights after games go fenway. If I'm in Boston strictly business that's it. It's pretty funny. 'cause I mean the the breakfast guys have rolled in here and there all the time and doing a lot but for the most part people here don't really body as much as sports. It's a Frat House party way. Afraid of I numbers anyway Marshall Joe where you have to let you know we're not that cool pop bottles and the club. Probably the after party is like I have an interview at Eleven Carolina last night Bob Fox whereas the like me and trainer starting stranger things we're going to and we're doing six tonight so so we're going to record the podcast August tomorrow strangest thing coming out next week on my mom's basement. I'm jealous of you know. I'm always jealous I we're we're both like we're both fully enthralled world again how about Mrs Wheeler Mrs Wheeler and mink Nancy Wheeler and winona Ryder by the way Winona Ryder is like a nine out of ten Nancy's get Nancy is now officially like old enough to though like she looks older and we know that she's an older actress. You don't feel creepy about it. She's gorgeous. She's a weird question that I was asking Trent and it'll be a little teaser you for the podcast. I guess the Haircut Nancy Wheelers got the total eighties haircut girls have that hearing it looks great and Trenton is like I think it would look weird in twenty nine. It would look weird but she chose it. She looks great with walking down the street with like an eighties permanency like it'd be different like she looks really good with it because her face fits with it. I guess you should go get an eighties perm just listen to it looks like eighties porn star. Are these sledding nails bile. I'M NOT GONNA use that S. word. They're a little pep abysmally that's fair. I'll take that but you don't look slutty right. No thank you BOB is here. He doesn't know he's talking about our caller. Yeah I mean it's a light pink already know the truth. Oh came out swinging with us in that case difference. It's like like Kevin can say those things like when he calls me a bitch really it's a term of endearment. This guy has been waiting to roast you for our six minutes thirty eight seconds. I liked that shows the most punches if there've been thank you man appreciate that Garner. Is that your name yes. That's my name Garner from Oklahoma. What's up so just to give a little before us? I'm GonNa let you do your thing can rant rave. You've yesterday archie on today's sort of K._o.. We have the debate of which is the worst state in the union and then it spilled onto the office and on stool scenes. We were all debating it Casey said Oklahoma. MHM Garner is from Oklahoma. Actually I said so. Everyone was yelling about Missouri. He's obviously why P was involved in it and I said Oklahoma's worsen Missouri Garner right right. That's correct. I object to that decisions. Many were in Oklahoma New Mexico Kansas South Dakota. Those are all bad Oklahoma. Oklahoma just does nothing. That was my thing growing up in Texas but I grew up in. I don't give a shit about O._U.. Oh you football hero so that's my bureau welcome to two thousand nineteen that was in the early two thousand and hang on at least hang on like Baker Mayfield or cuyler Murray. You'RE GONNA come flying out with that. I don't give a fuck about that an fucking just because I don't care I don't care what about Oklahoma that's all. They have. Oh Oklahoma football. You've got your professional teams. What Oklahoma City Jenner great how the professional football team once for me? What do you do for fun and Oklahoma? Go see the Oklahoma City bombing memorial fuck out of here. There's nothing to do in Oklahoma with nothing. I mean we can do for fun there. What what is it like? A tourist goes Oklahoma. What are we GONNA do today? Go see something sad. What do you do Garner? What we wait till the fall we go to it up for me and listen? I'm not saying that it's like by far the worst. I'm saying that there's a lot there's a lot of bad yeah. I do think Oklahoma's worse because I have never heard somebody say you know what I'm GonNa do for vacation. Go to Oklahoma. Now I love. I loved watching Oklahoma football last year love Baker Mayfield. I love Bob Stoops. I love the whole thing but nobody vacations in Oklahoma. No one's going to Mexico Mexico New Mexico. You can go snowboarding. You can go skiing. There are places to gamble in New Mexico Kansas people just like to eat there corn territory but Oklahoma and you had to pay fucking extra you have to pay no they know Louisiana because you have to actually pay these. You have to pay a little extra thing at the gambling tables for the I.. Yeah any any. I'll just go to an Entrepreneur Orleans where Oklahoma is on the map because it stinks bottom left too little tool right above Texas and I will say like I as a college football fan I love O._U.. I mean if you're going to I love Oh you for the college. Football landscape big time Kyle Murray Fan big time Baker Mayfield Fan Bob stoops great head coach. You're right they kicked in. I don't care how it all. The best football players always come up to Oklahoma am saying the state stinks time saying I don't care when you think about Oh we think kids from Oklahoma get recruited more in college football than from Texas or Florida or California. You're fucking nuts dude. You're nuts. That's true case Casey's. It's like I love you. I I spent my entire college football season arguing with Dave about oh you that's fine as state as as a state it doesn't matter if all you can hold onto as a college football team then your state stinks. I'm sorry so I had the exact <hes> we we zeroed in. What do you think your state the worst state yes man? It's gotTa be Connecticut because yeah any if you're a Yankees Patriots fans true no. There's there's a decent amount of those so any state. That's harboring like thousands of Yankee Patriots Fan. I like that Mush. Would you got our current agreed with like because I listened to a little clip. You guys put out today about how they have so many good sports okay so so so my my answer was Missouri. 'cause there's a lot of ways you can go about this. Is it like irrelevant. Is it trashy but Missouri they have the Kansas City royals who just won the world series the Saint Louis Cardinals who win world series all the time the Saint Louis Blues who just won a Stanley Stanley Cup <hes> and the patch mahomes and the chiefs and never once. Have you ever been like wow it must be to be from Missouri. You've got so many good sports going on in Missouri and so I understand the ideas like well yeah. How could it be that bad if we have all those things but but the point is that Missouri Suck so fucking bad? No one has ever been like Oh. I wish you were from Boston. Man No one's ever saying oh I wish I was from Missouri even though they're winning titles and they got sued and at least they have professional titles now Dow with Oklahoma. It's footballs great. No one's vacationing in Oklahoma. No one's vacationing to Oklahoma City not happening buckle Glaucoma Fuck Missouri Jackson Next Fuck Yankee Patriots Fan shot to Mush. The girls are up now kirker there. Hello Hello Hello. How's your main vacation going on a vacation yet? I'm picking up my daughter Kate. Who is she horse camp for a week? She's taking care of horses in the middle middle middle of me like the kind of main I'm not used to. I'm used to ocean made this is like middle class mate and I'm getting high. These people lexuses so I was just still company. I pick her up and Kinda. High is around your ears. What did you think of this news and did you know anything about it? So I mean it was it was I if my podcast today it was funny. 'cause I react to the ratings for me. I <hes> the the book that just came actually bad if you listen to the podcast today it's almost like I knew it was going to happen. It's weird I really didn't I talked to Jerry once in a while. He was contract is up and had been renewed but like I feel like sad. Had you know Jerry Knife at some battles and well the I love him like you know last time we talked. We talked this morning but last time we talked before that you know it was a great talk and and I just feel bad that the station allowed this one guy this activist to bully them around and now I'm GonNa Station is now Alex was basically dominic. Got Rid of me. Now it's dead. It's just dust over you're like what do they literally do saying the guy that they are the new morning shows like someone Kinda heard of but it's obviously not a huge deal. I mean they have to know their Fox right right even I I don't know much about Boston and I know this is not fucking good. They're in trouble with it for what it is. You know this activists. I've talked about before Guy Bought Murchison bullied him to the point where they just couldn't do anything anymore and they I think they had to get rid of Jerry to satisfy steiff over over one being controversial in this activists as saying like yeah that's why I left and this is why he left and their stories about it and maybe you can find you do a google. You'll find bomber. You'll find them and they just this guy is really good at it. You know cutting enrich and likes to do it and it's a taste for it. He got me once he got my scalp but dummies the I really thought I was going to satisfy him instead he wanted more and he got therapy when you say when you say he got you like what he he complains to the station head about you until you're you're retired or or somehow so yeah. It's it's even more involved mets like still find like I I did the thing for and no matter what we give you play a clip or a transcript and send it listen to the show right down all the advertisers his name's forty or fifty emails about what is a wealthy and influential but just a fan who just wants to fuck and complain Holy Yeah. I'm here okay so remember you and I went to <hes>. We did the show in Minneapolis together like the Barstool remember when you were there. I was at war with Bar Soviet so that day I was on with Portnoy and <hes> and I think you'll k._f._c. and somebody else lives me. Can we talk David Riemer did Raymond did the Brady thing and neither basically kissed Brady's asked to satisfy according to ask you with Brady's dictates and like I said it seems like Avocado and so like he so there's an example the murchison took that and set it up to everybody buddy and said look a homophobic Manhattan Much Minihan makes fun of homosexual and then if they did if the company didn't respond him after a couple of days. It's it's curious. He don't respond to this. I wonder maybe how you know maybe we should talk about this company and it never and for local companies like they like whether if you're a person in Boston listening like Milton which is a great clothing store or these other places there were loyal to us. They're like fuck you we. We know these guys are good guys. The problem is the big part of it is national stuff badger McDonald's donalds for Coca Cola with enough emails. You say these guys are homophobic and they read them. We're looking at the only we are like. They'll call their reps and be like get these. fucking guys is just not worth the hassle yeah like they don't know right or wrong and it's like whatever get someone who's not causing any any drama and it wouldn't stop it. Never it continued all the way till you know I know all the way until yesterday so Jerry. Call me after the show today. I was driving up here. It's common show in the morning now told me he was out and we kinda talked a little bit and that's kind of you now two years ago at this time before Murchison came in we were number one. We did a fifteen rating. which is you know? If you crazy crazy rating rating in the country we were rolling. This guy came in two years later. I'm gone Jerry's he's gone the morning show. Ratings are down sixty seventy percent now. They're bringing in this other. Show this GonNa sail I mean the station is dead. fucking debt Greg Hill hasn't been on some irrelevant station like he's on a if he's not huge now yeah. I don't know how old is he looks like an older guy. Yeah changing stations isn't going to be like okay now. He's got this platform. Now is really going to take off. What are you gonNA get such an important slot so even that Greg Greg issue? It's like so so they got rid of me. They basically said to our audience fuck. You like we don't we're. We're not fighting for this guy now. It's a double fuck you so the audience which left is now going to completely fleet great could do a good job. You could do a lousy job. It's like it's irrelevant. The audience is just going to go and this is what happens happens when you allow people like this to dictate your broadcasting. That's why I'm so happy to be here. Like you know you can do what you want. They leave you alone. You know in my case where you're not in New York and they pay no attention to it really leave. You do your thing you can do. You can do your the thing and you know like all kidding aside. You know they have your back like is still for me weird a month in when I do something like today I rip Murchison. I'm like I kind of reflexive shit way. I'M GONNA car waiting for a call from the program director. Put us like there's another thing about this Guy America's so he would <hes> every like six months or so I would call him and trying to get him on the podcast with me to talk about what's going on. I wanted to give them the stadium leaving message to say you can listen to the whole thing. If you don't like anything we can take it out. I want to hear your perspective on it. I would hang up with him. Thirty seconds later I got a call from my boss saying Bob Merchant. Just call me since you're harassing him. He's the call the police if you don't stop calling and all this Kinda Shit that like actually happened. This is my day every day the last two years which I noticed all my life and there's other shit going on and all sort of catapulted and it's like that's you know it's just easy the bad guy and Jerry's a good guy and sometimes food very tweets. Some of the bad guys win. I I just look this guy up. What a fucking Weirdo? He looks like a like a villain from a movie or something and you've got a central casting look for sure is like super long dated bald head with bug eyes. He looks like he's what was what was the the first thing I mean. You said it's been going on for two years. was there something specific that he just really didn't like yes so he he has a a now a son. Oh Yeah it was born female and three three four years ago it was me Jerry and Gary Yeah we're doing a show and <hes> and there was a four year old who whose parents were considering having surgery to change a child's gender because the child was living is a is a girl or a boy it didn't feel comfortable in the trash talking about having surgery to change this child sex at the age of four and we thought that was ridiculous. We said it seems Murchison. Murchison one up on some message board we've see the original thing and he found that and kind the one on this crusade we've had met with him about a month and our vice president. Can you meet with this guy. He's really bothering us. We met with them for an hour and a half at the everything out. We kinda argue. Whatever we talked at the end of it? I remember Cherry. Maybe it's me Jerry. One of US said Bob not want us to do what you want. Emergent looked at us and said you know what I don't know and I thought well I don't what are we supposed to do that. What you know we hit P._S._A.'s by the way we met with we'd be trans? We met with transgender parents and families which is fine. I mean it doesn't matter to me. I don't personally I have no. Oh I don't you can be transgender or not doesn't matter to me never mattered so we had to do this thing but it wasn't that he's one of these guys he's suit people in the past. He's been in lawsuits. He's one of these guys every town has that guy you know and he's just too much time on his hands and feels like he's always yeah. It's Kinda get Warren Buffet on the phone the more it's on the board at like Geico and complain like there's that there's that thing I mean you know it was a a you know I honestly he's what he is. My manager my old company who allowed this guy to win right. That's anyone I mean. There's no that's how you been how understand how this is possible this ruining the cumbrae throwing you're going to end everybody like success because one guys complaining also the very top of guy the guy that wants to companies a big liberal and I think he feels weird. I think there's this thing with you. Attack a guy who son his it's bullshit. It's stupid but that's the way they did. Did it like I said look. He won two years ago. I was hosting the number one morning show in American. I'm doing a show up blind Mike and Framingham so I feel like you know I just don't understand the why why would entercom WANNA continue to own IAE or would you sell it in our daily just destroying the comp but do you think that they're doing some sort of math where it's like well all right the Greg Hill show or whatever his name is going to do a fraction ratings but McDonald's is going to still advertise and so the actual we'll be right. That's exactly right. That's exactly right. They're saying well Kirk and Jerry would you in two thousand thirteen but we dealt with Murchison now merchants out of our lives yes we're GONNA do threes and fours instead of the numbers that they were doing with me for six and sevens yes <hes>. Are we going to get a bunch of national advertisers. Yes is that worth more money and less headache better P._R.. Yup So let's do into the paint Jerry a lot of money too by the way you can pay Greg a lot less and not worry about and by the way now your day is you have no no controversy. No issues huge ratings either but no interest. They'll say they don't care about that so they don't care people. Just go listen to the sports. They just don't give a shit. That's right. I think that's why I think yes. I think that's right. I think they've conceded that race. I mean case where there it's a pretty damn competitive race. We were winning in the morning afternoons pilgrimage or winning the mid days. You know it was a good battle right now. It's I mean it's totally over and now they're saying they're saying we're now going to get you know instead of they were losing money. I mean there's no doubt it's their fault but they were bleeding money. I think Murchison Justin cost the company. I'm guessing this from what I've heard talked to people seventy eight million bucks over the last couple of years buddy. How what ratings do you think they can get what can continue to produce bad shows on the backs of old name recognition and red sox terrible? I know the red sox. Ratings are awful. I mean again so they sell all they care about is men twenty five fifty four. That's the number all the ratings you ever see for New York or us. Twenty five fifty four red sox ratings the average Red Sox Lux radio listeners like one hundred twenty six don't it doesn't it doesn't even it doesn't even count listen to them in like you know in old people's homes and then frigging you know so that doesn't think they're doing twos. We're talking to's right now really <hes> I think I think I think the numbers looking at or twos and threes and fours and like I said they'll finish seventh rate but you know I remember being in the we had this <hes> whatever it was called <hes> when the training we have like a year and a half ago and one of the guys that offer of course I fight at that sensitivity that but <hes> but the <hes> the one of the higher ups it was like we would rather finish in sixth place though controversy than first place with controversy of credit to their credit they met like they came up with a business plan and I guess the following through and it it's just one that I fundamentally makes me WANNA fucking Puke. What's that I was under contract yeah? I'm surprised you didn't walk out the door right there. I mean basically it. I mean I did everything I could. I wound up in the situation than I wanted to calling around the ground at Barnes and noble get out of the company video what else I could have done. You know sorry to do more uh-huh somebody on your hands Murchison well jokes that right there is that right there is going to be spent somewhere so there you go you get ready. Get ready now. Welcome as man into your world and how is it going with a blind. I saw I saw a blind. Mike got a got a little upset that the other guys on the show and the other producers and Co hosts were taking shots at his girlfriend. There's a little bit of team dissension over there on the PODCASTS. Are You <hes> <hes> yeah my goal is to get them all hate each other. We'll get to say this is. This is the puppet master at work. You know exactly what I'm trying. I'm looking forward to I'll be. I'll be there next week for a day or two so I don't know I'm doing. I'm doing a red thing or something yeah. I don't know why are you. Are you in contact with people from people from sports people in the Boston media. Has Anybody talking to you about like hey. What's it like to be free and happy and not shitty station or people look let me down upon you or what's the vibe on new most of most of the people on our pussies there anyway so they're kinda like they're fine? They're happy that gone. I think like you know when I talked to Jerry or I talked to a couple of people over there sort of they look at it like almost like a the motion in a weird way where I look at like total freedom like I literally do what they do and they're older and they don't understand it. You know a good podcast good episode of the PODCAST. You'RE GONNA get listened to just as much if not more a morning show in younger like like you know. I've got people that are you know it's I mean it's still I feel like most of the world has now understood podcast on demand itunes the money that is involved the exposure. That's evolved but I could see someone who's still on the air the sports W._F._A._N.. W._F._A._N.. Being like podcast I'm still on terrestrial radio because I'm a professional get with the Times man. Do you think the guys that he will be allowed to talk about this or do you think they'll get muzzled. I think they're gonNA to my understanding was I don. I haven't listened today up here but I got some text from people who are like they did like a very perfunctory thing at the end of the show was like you know it was almost like their hostages. We wish Jerry well in his future endeavors. We hope he does well wink twice. If you're being held captive this sort of thing yeah I am I am not I am blinking only because I am voluntarily whereas like you know. I know that works like I've been there and they're going to say you can't whereas you know of course would it be Nixon discussion of somebody disagreed with the move and they talked about yeah. Do they do that in radio now like you know I'll do it on Monday people. You're doing now like it's it's. It's the biggest topic in Boston right now. Shore biggest topic in the city they are not gonna that's crazy man. That's fucked up. It's it's it's it's.

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