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Hi i'm dan done host of what we're drinking with. Dan done a fantabulous completion of history culture politics famous people and booze on the latest episode. I throw back rum with country music superstar kenny chesney and if you think either one of us had a shirt with sleeves on will think again kenny and i talk about everything from music cocktail to the sex appeal of farm equipment and then there's willie nelson you mentioned willie nelson. You got to do it on coconut tree. Which i thought was funny. They loved the song but the chorus is i'm. I'm i'm high in the coconut tree and i kept thinking. Is there any tree. Willie nelson has not been. He's like i'm high in the oaktree. Yeah well you know he's he's the guy's been around a while you know and he's music and he searches for inspiration and any place he can find that i would imagine anybody else does like me so check out the latest episode of what we're drinking with dan done where we drink and we know these welcome to murder minute on today's episode the murder of cassie joe's stoddard also known as the the scream murder but i your true crime headlines after five years and numerous delays as the trial of ronald lee haskell junior is underway in the state of texas haskell stands accused of six counts of capital murder for the execution style killings of six members of his estranged wife's family house school had been married to melanie lion since two thousand two and the couple lived for most of at that time in logan utah with their four children. Their marriage was fraught with domestic violence including haskell's arrest in two thousand eight for allegedly dragging his wife by her hair and striking her on the head. He pled guilty to simple assault after the incident but the couple stayed together her in july of twenty thirteen. Melanie filed a protective order against her husband. The following month she filed for divorce melanie he decided to relocate with the children to spring texas where her parents and sister lived and haskell went to stay with his parents in southern california one week before the killings ronald lee haskell's mother contacted san marcus police and asked for a restraining order against her son after a particularly particularly vicious argument during which haskell have threatened to kill her police attempted to find haskell to investigate the incident but they were unable to locate locate him on july ninth of twenty fourteen ronald lee haskell disguised himself as a fedex delivery driver and approached the home of stephen and katie stay. Katie was the sister of melanie and had assisted her in her relocation to texas. When haskell arrived to the stays home their oldest daughter cassidy fifteen at the time was home alone. She did not recognize her former unable but told the man that her parents were not home housecall left but returned a short time later this time he identified himself to cassidy then forced his way into the house and tied her up when stephen and katie stay arrived home with their four younger children. He tied each of them up as well. He demanded that they tell him where his ex wife and children children were. When they did not comply. He shot each of them in the back of the head execution style. Stephen and katie stay died as did therefore children thirteen year old brian nine year old emily seven year old rebecca and little zachary. Just four years old cassidy cassidy was also shot but the bullet grazed her head and she survived the shooting playing dead until haskell left the home once he was gone cassidy. A city called police and told them what had happened and that haskell was on his way to her grandparents home. Police were able to intercept him there and he surrendered rendered after an hours long standoff. Haskell's attorneys are planning to argue an insanity defense in his trial and he is facing the death penalty. If convicted a former exotic dancer was convicted of first degree murder and armed robbery in the twenty sixteen death of an elderly missouri man forty eight year old eva hash and her boyfriend thirty-seven-year-old jesse wurley were charged in connection with the death of sixty eight year old daniel daniel taylor who was acquainted with through her profession wurley who pled guilty in two thousand seventeen into serving a forty year sentence testified at heysham trial trial that the couple had set out to rob taylor and that they killed him so that he could not identify them taylor was found dead in his home in december burrup twenty sixteen with his throat cut nearly decapitated though wurley delivered the fatal stab wounds to the victim he testified hard that hey suggested him as the target of their robbery and handed wurley the weapon that he used in the killing haitians trial so sixteen delays as before finally proceeding including numerous complaints by hey sh that she was receiving improper medical treatment in jail she also requested a restraining order against some employees of the jail where she was held for the judge to recuse himself and for her to be allowed to represent herself. All all of those requests were denied abraham. H faces up to sixty years for the murder conviction and thirty years for the armed robbery conviction <unk> her sentencing should take place in about six to eight weeks the family of a man who was shot and killed by an off duty police officer inside a southern california costco store earlier. This year have filed suit against the l._a._p._d. The officer involved and the city of los angeles joined by their attorneys. Paulo and russell french told reporters their side of the story of the deadly father's thursday's altercation. Mr and mrs french were shopping with their son thirty two year old kenneth french who suffered from schizophrenia and was mostly non verbal able at a sausage sampling station inside the store. Some sort of altercation took place between kenneth french and another shopper salvador sanchez us who was an off-duty los angeles police officer during the altercation french shoved or pushed sanchez who was holding his young son on the shove briefly knocked sanchez to the ground according to eyewitness statements when he regained his footing sanchez handed his young son to his wife and drew his gun identifying himself as a police officer. Mrs french told reporters that she begged sanchez not to shoot before he opened fire killing kenneth french and severely injuring both of his parents kenneth french suffered two gunshot wounds to the back. He died of internal bleeding sometime later. Mrs french was also shot in the back with the bullet exiting through her stomach. She survived up to the shooting but has undergone seven surgeries. Since the incident her husband russell was shot in the abdomen and has also endured multiple surgeries injuries including the removal of his kidney attorneys for the french family called the shooting completely excessive and unnecessary and are asking asking for unspecific damages in their lawsuit. They have also asked that surveillance video from the costco be released to the public. The judge ruled last month to block. The release released video citing an ongoing criminal investigation. Mr sanchez was placed on administrative leave after the incident he maintains and that the shooting was justified and claims that he acted in self defense. Those are your true crime headlines up next cassie jo stoddart but first a quick break. Welcome back to murder minute on today's episode. A horror film brought brought to life. This is the story of cassie. Joe started in two thousand six sixteen-year-old cassie. Joe started was a junior at poca tele high school in idaho cass. He was well liked by. Both friends and teachers was a straight a student enjoyed drawing and music and hoped one day to become a lawyer friends described described cassie as smart responsible motivated trustworthy and kind a beautiful girl the kind of person you could would always talk to and who always wanted to help others cassie her older sister christy and her younger brother andrew were raised east mostly by their maternal grandparents. She had a lot of things on her mind for the future. Kassy's grandmother said she wanted to go to college. She wanted a career kassy's. Younger brother. Andrew described her as the head strong one in the family. She was the the one i always looked up to. Even though she wasn't the oldest one she really was a role model. She was really smart doing good and had a lot going for her. In two thousand six cassie decided that she was ready for her own call to earn the money she started working as a babysitter and a house sitter friends and family on the weekend of september number twenty second kassy's aunt and uncle were taking the family out of town for a couple of days and offered cassie sixty dollars to watch their house and in care for their pets while they were away kelsey accepted and asked them if her boyfriend matt beckham could come over and keep per company while she watched the house. The home was in a remote area called whispering cliffs and cassie wanted a to invite matt over to watch a movie matinee cassie had been dating for about five months and kassy's family trusted her and the young man who had always treated with respect kassy's aunt and uncle had no problem granting the couple permission to be together together in the house unsupervised on friday september twenty second around five thirty pm. Kassy's mother dropped her off at the house and planned to pick her up on sunday. When the family returned matt arrived soon after but around eight thirty pm madam cassie heard a knock at the door they're classmates. Brian draper and tori adamczyk had had come to the house expecting to find party matt had invited the two friends over to join them for their movie night. Brian and tori were movie geeks. Brian was an aspiring filmmaker and tori was obsessed with horror films. Cassie was not happy her aunt and uncle had told her no parties and she had only been given given permission to have matt in house. The cassie agreed to let brian torrey stay and watch the movie with them and the four friends decided to watch kill bill but around nine thirty pm brian torrey said that they would rather go to the movie theater and see something else. They left the house and math in castle alone at last around fifteen minutes later kassian matt. We're watching the film. When the power suddenly went up. There was no storm. No cassie was nervous. Matt called old his mother and asked for permission to stay the night at the house with cassie because she didn't want to be alone but matt's mother refused. Certainly the power came back on matt decided to call tori to let him know that he would be leaving but map could barely hear tori who was whispering saying that he and bryant were in the movie theater matt said goodbye to cassie and around eleven pm. Matt's mother arrived at the house to pick him up. What matt didn't know was that he would never see cassie again because taurean brian weren't at the movies taurean brian. We're in the house and now they had what they had been waiting for. Cassie was alone <music> taurean brian had reentered the house through the back door which they had unlocked before they left and we're now hiding in the basement next to the circuit breaker dressed in black robes with frightening masks and armed with knives. The boys cut the power a second time and waited. They hoped that cassie would come. Downstairs dares to flip the breakers they waited and waited but cassie stayed put too afraid to go down after a while bryan and tori decided that if cassie wouldn't come to them they would go to her. They put on their masks grabbed three knives and went upstairs slamming the door in order to terrify terrify cassie the last thing that cassie saw moore two dark figures wearing halloween masks coming after her with knives brian and tori attacked cassie and living room and stabbed her to death <music> on sunday september twenty fourth kassy's aunt and uncle returned home kassy's thirteen year old cousin was the first to enter the house she found cassie laying dead on the living room floor in a pool of blood stab marks covering her arms torso and neck the cordless phone heartbreakingly kingly a few feet away from her body. Just out of reach cassie had been stabbed thirty times. The autopsy revealed that nine to twelve of her stab wounds had been fatal defense wounds on her arms. Show the cassie hassi didn't go down without a fight when police arrived to investigate the crime scene they noticed used there were no signs of forced entry that nothing had been taken from the house and there were no signs of sexual assault. This police let cassie most likely knew her attacker and willingly let them inside suspicion. I fell on the only person known to be present in the house cassie that weekend. Kassy's boyfriend matt beckham when a detective arrived at the beckham home to informat the cassie had been murdered. The young man sat expressionless matt told the police everything he could remember that he and cassie had watched a movie. The taurean brian came over then left to go to the movies. The strange power outage and how cassie had have been scared matt told police that he spent the following day hanging out with tori and he had tried repeatedly to call his girlfriend but couldn't reach her after hearing that story police interviewed the only other people who were present isn't that night berman in tori both of the boys told police that they had visited the house expecting to find a party but when they found out that it would just be the four of them they decided to leave and go to the movie theater instead. They even showed them their tickets. The investigation seem to be going nowhere. Police looked again at matt concerned with his lack of motion. The news of his girlfriend's murder they decided to bring the young man in for polygraph test. Keep past police were convinced that matt was telling the truth. They decided to take a closer look at brian and tori when police questioned them further about their whereabouts that night and and ask them questions about the movie they saw at the theater. Neither of the boys could recall anything about it. They couldn't remember the plot the characters any of the scenes how it ended nothing strange for tune self self proclaimed horror movie attics tori and bryan were lying and police knew it they decided to bring in brian and tori a sir time when bryant arrived to be polygraphed and interrogated he he started crying this time his story changed brian admitted that he in tori they had not gone to the movie theater and that they had returned to the house he claimed because they wanted to play a prank on cassie to scare her but tory brian claimed went crazy and started stabbing her brian said the tory then and told him to stop cassie and that he did stop her because he said he was afraid of tory. Both tori and brian blamed each other for the murder during their interrogation so but brian didn't just confessed to police that he tori corey had murdered cassie he provided evidence brian said that shortly after the murder he and tori dumped everything the knives the robes the masks in the black hawk canyon area brian agreed to lead police to the area and showed them the exact location where the evidence was buried police uncovered to dagger style style knives a silver and black handled knife with a smooth blade a folding knife with a partially serrated edge a box of stick matches a melted bottle of hydrogen peroxide to partially melted masks a pair of black boots several pairs of gloves and a black calvin klein dress shirt among the blood covered items was a half burned note and a sony v._h._s. Tape the writing on the note was not clear but appeared to be a written plan for the murder including fragments of what to do with matt stayed the night or returned to the house kim matt. What police found on the tape was horrifying. The youngest firing film director had been keeping a video diary of the events leading up to and following the murder. I've cassie brian and tori had been planning the murder for weeks while each blamed the other for the actual killing both claiming that they thought it was just going to be a prank and that the other stabbed cassie the evidence on the tape tape told a different story september twenty second two thousand six morning of the murder brian walks up to cassie in the hallway september twenty second and two thousand six just after noon brian torrey sit at a table. They've skipped class in order to write out their plan for the murder. Tori is writing notes. It's brian speaks to the camera explaining that cassie has been chosen to die to twenty six tsk scan you our plan right now. Contactless casas family jedi the warning yesterday. She's curtis september twenty twenty second two thousand six nine fifty pm just before the murder brian torrey drive back to the house. Tori is driving. There should be no against killing people know it's wrong thing. Hell you restrict. Somebody it again victim in saz. Maybe she's our friend but you know we all have to make sacrifices. His first victim is already be cassie starter. She's gonna be alone any big dark house in the middle of a perfect kid you get holy shit. I'm horny just thinking about hell. I honest nine fifty september twenty second two thousand thousand six. We know there's lots of doors and there there's lots places to hide. I locked the back doors. That's all a lot september. Twenty second two thousand six approximately eleven thirty pm just after the murder <music> brian and tori drive away from the house tori is driving. I just killed cassie. We just let your house. This is not a fucking joke. I stabbed her in the throat and saw her lifeless body. Just disappeared killed cassie fuck by so the interaction on september twenty seventh two thousand thousand six brian draper and tori adamczyk were arrested and charged with first degree murder and conspiracy to commit first degree murder so the boys were tried separately as both pled not guilty each blaming the other and telling the same story aw that they thought it was a prank that they were just making a movie that the other had been the one who killed cassie prosecutors in both cases focused on the tapes which showed premeditation by both boys and were virtual troll confession d._n._a. Evidence from the blood on the weapons were a match for cassie and the knives had been purchased by brian and tori weeks before the murders at a pawn shop at torrey adam trial. One of the detectives testified the partially burned note found among the evidence buried at black rock canyon appeared to have been written by tori presumably being the instructions tori can be seen riding in the video in which the boys had skipped class and we're planning the murder the prosecution and brian draper's this case revealed that he was known to be obsessed with the columbine shooting and that students had reported hearing him talk about it to the high school faculty we as early as two thousand four tori was a horror film junkie and was inspired by the movie screen he wanted to reenact the film in a real life murder on april <music> seventeenth two thousand seven brian draper was found guilty of both charges on june eighth two thousand seven tory adamczyk was also found guilty on august twenty first two thousand seven both brian draper and tori adam check received mandatory sentences of life in prison without the possibility for parole and thirty in years to life for conspiracy to commit murder upon hearing the verdict kassy's mother. Anna said justice is has done. It's all for county over the next few years. Both brian entory attempted to appeal their cases multiple the times all of their attempts fail the family of kathy. Jo started was deeply affected by her death and pushed back against every appeal on the data. Kassy's aunt uncle and cousin discovered her body in their home. The family left the residents. Never to return kassy's thirteen year old cousin would found the body was traumatized. She suffered a breakdown and even attempted suicide in two thousand ten. The family of cassie jo stoddart dirt filed a civil lawsuit against the idaho school district claiming that the school was negligent and should have known that brian draper in tori adam him checkpost a threat to others both the civil court and the state supreme court dismissed the case in two thousand twelve. The supreme court ruled that mandatory sentences of life without the possibility of parole are unconstitutional. Oh for juvenile offenders even in cases of murder in two thousand thirteen brian and tori were interviewed for documentary recalled lost for life which told the stories of juvenile offenders had been sentenced to life in prison without parole brian's interview. He attempted to explain what was going through. His mind at the age of sixteen high school is a very it's hard time. I had no idea who i was. I had no idea where i fit in my peers and i thought that i was nobody high school and i i wanted to be known and so i tried all these different identities and i couldn't find an identity that i could not be pushed out out of. I guess so i got into column. Columbine fan created a sub culture for this in franchised kids who don't fit in anywhere. I saw at the time fine. They transcended their high school for the hour that they did they did they were in the spotlight and that's what i wanted wanted. I wanted to be in the spotlight. When i met casey start. I think i may have here for is we were joking around in class and she was smiling and that's average. I haven't been back now as i the kick that but my car it's hard to talk about but the beginning <hes> who's just person she <music> sorry. I was distract your thoughts who's special person but she started going out with his other cared high school. It kind of struck struck me hard and i was like okay so you're brian recalled meeting toy adamczyk during sophomore year. He started talking about the movie screen how it'd be cool to actually do a scream scream type crime now. He's like okay he's like. Have you ever thought about that. Not really i mean i've had one other thing carmine and he really was and i was like well. I can either be alone or i could join his plan and you'd be with ham and not be alone when asked what he remembered about. The murders brian struggled. I really don't have a lot of <music>. The actual incident i have a what they call a the wash bowl images of that she's reading hard and your eyes are open and she's woody off someplace else and <hes> and then i i remember saudi. She wasn't screaming screaming. What am i had. I can hear that i know she. She's screamed before happened tour but it my i had sh she's screaming. I don't know if either us would have done it if we were alone. Brain said head off each other. I guess it was a formula for disaster tori. Adam check refused to take responsibility in the documentary. Torius interviewed with his parents who continually repeat tori is a good kit your kid his father sued percy was before he went in his mother echoed twice kind kind kind signed person and we're still found he's still every bit as part of our ashby bore tori and his family told interviewers that they believed moved. The tori was demonized in the press. I remember the first article. I read about my case. Jeez i mean they made me sound mike this brutal cold pathak killer sheep. They're making you just like they made. They put us like as the same person together. I only hung out with him for six weeks before this happened. I think it's crazy how the last week old me being on the street. Being free really has affected the rest of my life. If you were to watch that video and nothing often it would literally be joke did express some regrets but they weren't for kathy. When it did did happen. I was just shocked to do anything and i ran from and hitting from it and i made a lot of mistakes but they were just think i look at myself now twenty one one i think stupid i was sixteen. I just think i'm paying for somebody else's mistakes at this point in twenty sixteen the supreme court added to their twenty twelve ruling that the doctrine must be applied retroactively and directed a review of all juvenile cases brian draper and tori adam chicks cases were reviewed their sentences were upheld and this has been murder minute for true crime anytime download the murder minute app or follow us on instagram at murdering.

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