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More than Words, Last Words


This is the final week of our series called more them words. We've used that title. Because often we devalues the power of words. We say things like sticks and stones will break my bones but names will never hurt me. The reality is that words have incredible power. In God's Word Has God's power we can think we can all think of times when words have changed the course and direction of our lives two weeks ago we did some of the sins of the Tunc though since come from our heart we looked at how our words reveal our heart and reveal what we have to work on in our heart. Last week we looked at finding words in scripture to bring clarity interaction to our live words that give our mission the mission that God has called each and every one of us to growing up or even as adults people can say things to us that puts down or throw us off the right path. We don't want to let the words of others to find direction. We want to let the word of God set the course to our lives in for our lives today. On Pentecost Sunday we want to look at overcoming those communication breakdowns communication breakdown. There's always the same. There are those times when there is confusion and win communication to strained. There are some people we love and have to work with or that we have to work with and we can never seem to get over the confusion communicating with them. Any manner child has been sent to the store. My mom to pick up something specific knows the pain of bringing home the wrong item whether it's a breakdown in communication my mom or dad and child just not paying attention well enough. The situation is common in almost always frustrating. There are times when we are talking in is not going through. And there's just a just a mis we all know how frustrating it can be when there is just a spirit of confusion and misunderstanding in a workplace in a friendship in a parent child relationship in a marriage. We all know how frustrating it can be to misunderstand in our. Our relationship can go south because of a spirit of confusion misunderstanding. Many you find yourself in that situation right now. You can't seem to get on the same page in. You're struggling to find the words to communicate well struggling to receive the words of some other people in your life and it is breaking your heart. We're GONNA look today towards a solution to do so. We're looking at a passage from acts of the Apostles Pentecost. Act tells us when the time for was fulfilled. They were all in one place together and suddenly there came from the sky. Noise like a strong driving win and it feel the entire house in which they were in. Punta costs took place fifty days after the feast of Passover was Jewish. Feasts that celebrated the harvest Jewish people would bring to Jerusalem their first fruits and offer them at the temple on this particular year. Pentecost happened fifty days after Jesus had been risen from the dead hundred. Twenty one hundred twenty disciples were in Jerusalem. Pray because this is what. Jesus had instructed them to do is they. Were praying a strong driving wind. Kane and filled. The entire house felt like a hurricane. As the wind died down we were told then. There appeared to them tongues of fire which parted and came to rest on each one of them and they were filled with the Holy Spirit and began to speak in tongues in different tongues as the spirit enabled them to proclaim. Fire is a symbol of the Holy Spirit because fire purifies fire gets rid of IMPURITIES FIRE PURIFIES METALS. It kills germs. Impurities eat a piece of raw meat or a piece of chicken. That's raw neil. Find Yourself winding-up up sick. Could that check on your grill? And it adds a whole bunch of flavoring gets rid of all the GERMS. That would make you sick it it purifies the Holy Spirit purifies our hearts he purifies our soul and then we are told and they were all filled with the Holy Spirit began to speak in different tons as the spirit enabled them to proclaim. When the Holy Spirit came to the first disciples. They were then able to speak in different tongues in different languages. The coming of the Holy Spirit at pentecost is understood to be a reversal of what happened. At the Tower of Babel now the Tamil at Babbel God confused speech of humanity and brought about different languages because the hearts of people were wicked people working to build a tower to heaven as an affront to God in his power they said let us build ourselves a city. Let us make a name for ourselves. It would be similar to us saying we will name our own president or we will name our own pope. It was declaring war on God and his will and so God has to come down and look at what they were building which was a way of mocking the builders. Bible as if they could even force their way into heaven. God confused as the speech so as to limit the evil in the harm that they could do now with the birth of the church the birth of a community of believers God is bringing unity to speech. He is making it so that everyone can hear the same words and this comes from a humility of the believers. They had gathered in prayer as Jesus told them the do God was giving the disciples inability to speak in different languages and bring unity of speech because they were filled with God's spirit and unified with Desire to bring the Gospel to the World. So we hear now. There were devout Jesus from every from every nation under heaven staying in Jerusalem at this sound. They gathered in a large crowd but there were confused because each of them heard them speaking in his own language. They were astounded in in amazement they asked are not all these people who are speaking. Galilee and the how does each one of us here them in his native tongue yet. We hear them speaking our tongues of the mighty acts of God even though they spoke different language even though there was a language gap because they were speaking about the mighty acts of God all these different nationalities were able to make sense and understand the disciples are saying and after this Peter Preaches. Meaning people come back to God confusion. In our words speaking comes from sin confusion leads to frustration and the breaking down of our relationships the relationships at work or at home they bother you that bother you are marked by confusion while you might not be speaking different languages with some people in your life you might feel like you might as well be maybe for you. It comes when talking about finances with your spouse new. Keep trying to explain that. You can't spend more than you make your spouse can't get it or there's a problem with an employee but no matter how much you tell them about the problem just as improve your trying to explain to your parents your problems or issues but you just getting through to them they just don't understand. Confusion IS CONNECTED TO SIN CLARITY IN CLEAR. Communications or mark of the Holy Spirit. So how'd you get on the same page or cut through that confusion? The feast of Pentecost gives us insight and some steps to take. I purify your heart. Is your communication in your words being spoken with the right kind of heart. Are you speaking because you want to prove yourself right? Are you speaking so the personal truly understand you or because you just won't do an argument trying to be helpful with your words. Are you really speaking because you want to help? Bring the person to a better place because you just want to hear yourself speak so many times people talk because they want to hear themselves talk because it makes them feel better. Did you get it off their chest and there is a place for that. If frustrates me to no end when people say things. That just aren't helpful. There aren't leaning a conversation towards a better place but are speaking to hear themselves talk and it really frustrates me. When I do that. I think that was a dumb thing to sang. Imagine if before every time we spoke we asked. The questions is helpful. Am I saying this to help the other person we can ask the spirit to purify our hearts that we only speak with the desire to be helpful? Not Prove ourselves right. The best way to be helpful is to understand where people come from. We understand their position in their situation. We can better communicate them. Seven Habits of highly effective of highly effective people says it this way seek first to understand and then to be understood. There've been several saints have said the same thing second invite the Holy Spirit into that next conversation you have. If you're struggling to speak with your spouse or your teenager or your parent in a way that you understand as the Holy Spirit help you communicate in a way that they can hear. I believe the Holy Spirit can help. Whatever struggle you have in communication the Holy Spirit who wants to unify people and he was working towards our good.

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