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Ronnie Mund And His Hoarse Voice Calls Mark The Bagger The Howard Stern Show


Here is Horse Ronnie calling mark the Bagger Yeah this is Ronny okay yeah so I wouldn't I took a DNA test it turns out that I'm your great grandfather. What do you think about that is awesome pussies graders? Howard Stern show cool I wanted to find out what kind of stuff we have in common together to you pussy what did he come came here s what made you do that Oh okay I like experimenting together we'll stick together like dildos Shit how's that have a good day my friend I is that it's cool 'cause I let my girlfriend stick dildos in my ass how big how big was the cock in your how big was that tentage really really was it was it black or white white nice our grandson of mine. I'll call you one day and then maybe we'll yeah I liked put cock in it to do you take it up the ass to get pegged consignment. It's all good I'm giving you pat on the back of that you gotta man how did it feel when that guy stuck is taking your ass I was at all what what what did you get stuck in your ass Some guys call a guy stuck as yeah that's cool my grand great grand.

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