Olympics Postponed; Mary Carillo Q&A - Part 2!


Hi this is Marion Bartoli Mats Wilander. This is Mary Carillo thundering. I'm lighten Hewitt. I'm Andy Murray. Hi this is Dan. Prosser from Merlin Oregon. And you're listening to the tennis. Podcast Donna thank you one of kickstarter backers at the intro level at the start of this year when things seemed as though they were GonNa be fantastic for twenty twenty and now look what's happening. Well anyway what we are doing is bringing you the tennis podcast every single week. We are going to continue at the Grand Slams. Even if there aren't Grand Slams I'll tell you more about that in a minute we've got Mary Carillo. Qna part two coming your way. Today we've had so many lovely messages from you. All thank you very much for all of them including from Brown who works in a hospital in Dublin and island. How about this so lovely to hear from somebody? Who's helping us to to keep going at the moment. And she brought a tear to our which some very kind words about the podcast and and what? It's meaning to her. So thank you very much. Browner Catherine Matt. How're you doing David? Okay excellent the. I mean you'd be surprised to hear the same same. Okay me so I'll carry the can for that we did. I did twenty full minutes of exercise today. And that's such a break from. What's been the norm since lockdown that? I'm feeling very very pleased with myself. Which is pitiful absolutely pitiful but they gay in sports were makes a change from lounge. Wear very cool sports. Yes I'm wearing my. Usa Pin 2017. Parole jacket which is one of the cool things that I and I think it's one of the all time best ever tennis kit ranges since with the with the exception of the Alexander. Sheriff knee high socks which I think he will face first round night match and then renege on the commitment after that because he he wisely realized litany I seem but every every other item in that range with great. I think I think right so I've just described myself as a conic as I sit here during his licking anything last wearing his tennis. Podcast Hoodie. Matt maybe you can tell me who will what is ferrall ferrall. Sings happy right. He's he's an American singer. Rapper and he got he got involved with designing that that line in twenty seventeen. Vi- colorful okay. I think I'm a bit before it was the best thing about that. Usa Pen wasn't it weird US Open. I'm thinking I'm probably before that time. Hence why I'm so excited about our new launch today. Which is to tell you all about what's going to be happening in the months and weeks and maybe years to come. It's in the absence of actual life tennis to talk about as well as our a Q. And A. Part Two with Mary Carillo which is coming up now and in a couple of weeks. We've got our own listener questions which we recorded. Pre Corona Vice virus outbreak. Now goodness knows well. That sounds like now. It'd be interesting to ever listen back. That's coming up in a couple of weeks time. The first question is which tended the first question is which tends to be most advise a fan to to visit David without skipping a beat goes Rome to Rome guys. Not Current Advice Still Love. It still love it. Just don't do it in twenty twenty. The fact is we're looking back in order to look forward because over the next few months. We are going to be launching tennis. Relive tear on the centers podcast. It'll start next week on Miami finals weekend. That should have been and in keeping with that. We're going to go back to nineteen ninety nine nine hundred nine. And the first ever final between Serena and Venus Williams. We're also going to watch. Andy Murray against AVID FARRAH FROM MIAMI. In two thousand thirteen which was an absolute classic. So we're going to watch certain or against Venus at eight o'clock. Uk Time on Saturday. Three o'clock on the east coast of the United States. And we're going to go and watch anime against our for on Sunday. Who's got to answer the phone doorbell? Which makes no sense to earth would be visiting. I'll just go see. Let us know how fascinated I I mean. Who could who could possibly be someone? You should be ushering away. I think. Yeah somebody you should be keeping your oak door close to ivy someone with a big party jigs. Catherine has been going jigsaw crazy this week. She's completed one point. Nine nine nine jigsaw past week one of them. A one thousand piece jigsaw complete and a one thousand piece Jigsaw nine hundred and ninety nine pieces complete in the other ones lost under the bed somewhere. I will never sleep soundly until I know what happened to that. Piece of lamp. Shade is is the is the nine hundred ninety nine peace part of the Jigsaw still in its entirety and just sitting there I've done. I've done a full jigsaw and started on a third one since then. But what did you do with the one that was nine hundred ninety nine per pieces complete? Did you check the sites and felt smoked for about a minute and then put in the box and got out new on voter someone on twitter very kindly offered to send you the missing piece because they had just completed the same pixel yet. Yeah I I'M NOT GONNA lie did hover over that offer before realizing that self respect is at the moment so. I don't want to relinquish mine too soon into lockdown. I'll save it for like Jean. Okay so in our self respect. We're going to be in pajamas watching swimming against Venus at eight o'clock on Saturday. Uk Time if you'd like to watch with US WE'RE GONNA be sharing the links around on our social media channels and and in fact if you look down you show notes. We'll stick them in there as well. So you know what we're going to be watching them and in our newsletter this week Saturday night ice o'clock UK time sooner against Venus. Then Andy Murray against our for four o'clock on Sunday then we'll talk about them on the tennis. Podcast MATT has already been researching these these matches in these plays and and I'm going to be trying to find the dregs of my memory to to come up with whatever anecdotes I can. And we will relive them as part of tennis relieves. We're going to be daily during the French Open. The should've pain. And if we have a real French Open in twenty twenty as well. We'll bring you daily episodes from that as well live on the French. Open daily podcasts in one year awesome. Let's do it so I thought that if the French Open we're going to happen in September you would say oh well that's that's not the tennis relived in. May June. It's just save it all up for September but but now Knight Knight. David wants to D- tennis lived and retail call white. We can only dream of tennis lived. There's no it's it's great. I'm excited about tennis relieved. I need to do research because I wasn't alive for most of these matches that were going to be talking about extreme. It's GONNA be awesome. I can in the spirit of it math. I can maybe show you some of the films. I was watching when I was fifteen as well and This belt says Oh junk. Van Damme fills films in Areas Matt loosely. It's now okay. He does bear adverts. Lots of enthusiasm. So that's all we're going to have the monte-carlo funnel weekends we'll have Fed Cup relived. We'll have Madrid's Rome GonNa have everything before Before we get into that the daily editions at the French Open who knows we may end up. Having Wimbledon relieved as well because News coming to. Us reportedly from Simon Briggs over the weekend that Wimbledon are expected to cancel their event. This week They'RE GONNA have. They announced last week that they were going to have an emergency board meeting at some point this week. Which is reported in Simon's piece is being on Wednesday And the All England Club. It's saying their statement that they were not going to hold the event behind closed doors. They also pointed out the difficulties in postponing the tournament because of the nature of Grass Court tennis and obviously the they need a certain amount of lighten. There are so many logistical challenges in order to postpone so whether that is a possibility we don't know yet but it sounded as though that that would be a heck of an ask It may turn out that they find a way to to try to buy themselves a bit more time and see if they can still hold the event but But that's what Simon is reporting. Is that the expectation is that they will cancel so if they do then we'll be bringing even more tennis realtor here on tennis podcast. And we've got loads of ideas to try to keep things interesting. We'll bring you as many interviews as we can as well but yeah what we will do is later in the week. If that ends up happening we will bring you another show so that we can properly look at what that means for the tennis. Well because the so much to talk about we'd like to talk to some of the people within the game as well and Simon hopefully in order to just get a real sense of where we are now because we already know. We've gotten a tennis until the start of June as things. Stand so huge story Already this the corona virus globally obviously and the rest of the world but having a significant defense in tennis as well. So shall we have a listen to second part with Merica Real? I don't want to be a big Downer before that. Should we just quickly mention that? The Olympics has been canceled efficiently. Or your picks. Yeah we've got about the Olympics. Catherine well done yes. The Olympics cancelled sorry Katherine and that was That's something that you've been keeping you awake at nights and Yeah I mean that is the big story. Isn't it since we will with you? Know huge surprise but but still jarring. Isn't it when you actually hear it's happened? Yeah well I mean really hasn't been keeping me awake at night ready because it's funny. It's funny how quickly you adapt to a new normal we were saying about how shocking the cancellation of Indian Wells felt at the time. And how seen that felt like it was sort of always inevitable. And the Olympic cancellations Felton evitable for for a long time and I was kind of pretty numb to the news when it actually broke which is just Democra- of if Wehre told me at the start of the Olympics wasn't going to happen. I would have descended so deep into a pit of despair. You probably wouldn't have been able to to pull me out of it for some time. I'd if I'd have felt sick out of sobbed give. He knows but you know when the knees finally hit last week kind of folk pretty numb about Radian my reading feeding right now because as we record a Monday this morning we got news that they have set dates for the Olympics in the summer of twenty twenty one pretty much the the the parallel dates just just twelve twelve months home from when they they were supposed to be. I feel really invigorated by that. It feels like the first Daffodil of springs somehow just something concrete. Even if it's eighteen months away which it is I think even the most pessimistic experts touch words a pretty confident that we'll be. We'll be three this and and and back to hopefully something like normality by then so it feels like it's sure enough that it's worth looking forward to even if it's faraway and things to look forward to at the moment are few and far between because everything is on such shaky uncertain ground so actually. I mean somehow I'm I mean grasping positives is a silver lining is kind of the theme of our times. Isn't it but I'm feeling a lot of silver linings about the Olympic situation at the moment. Yeah I think it was the I think. Jonathan new wrote a piece about a month ago where he said that the notion of the Olympics being postponed is like abolishing frahm. Something was the most the expression used and and yet it didn't fail bake did it because it's just been seven evitable for the last few weeks And I think for tennis. It's good that it's found the same slot in the calendar next next year. There was some debate over whether they might have a spring Olympics which would obviously with a lot of tennis events but if if they've slaughtered it in in the same but of the calendar that's that's good for tennis feels a bit like everything that goes up has to come down you know. We're famous up the hill at the moment but we're going to be sort of sliding down. Hopefully this time next day was just a series of amazing sporting events. Hopefully one after the other and as you pointed out on twitter David the fact that the Olympics is scheduled now to finish on your federal his fortieth birthday eighth of August and when it does happen in eighteen months time. It's going to be the most wonderful joyous jubilant thing things always better if you feel like you've really earned them Deferred gratification is. Is what distinguishes us from from beasts. Isn't it And we'll defer gratification big time and the pay at the moment and the payoff. I mean. Hopefully it comes seen it in the Olympics in two thousand twenty one but the payoff when it comes is going to taste so so sweet. I keep closing my eyes. And I'm thinking about that. And Dominic team is another John's to rethink his his stance on the Olympics. Nicklausm ASSU get in there eighteen months to persuade them right. Okay well with tennis podcast. And we're going to be talking to Mary. Carillo second just a quick word for Mascot Butler though adequate photo butler the other day that she had mayor Catherine the you know if you have any children of Look Butler yeah. Dogs are the ones profiting from lockdown on their America. Lsu And our first question is from batch of boy on twitter. Banjo boy says I'm showing my age a bit here. We reference in this in part one of the the interview here with married showing my age a bit here but I believe Mary was friends with Vitas Carolina's quite patchy boy. Vitas antics were the stuff of legend the interested to hear if Mary has any good anecdotes. Oh maybe be my favorite one beat us at did not get along with. Vojtech feedback to do you guys remember. Are you to the nine? Remember the name Polish player. Very good player. Any ended up taking Yvonne Lendl under his charge. Remember that and and taught Yvonne an awful lot about art and he was a very good player there solitaire. Nothing too flashy about GORTEX Sebok. Here's a good player. Anyway Peterson like and he didn't like vitas either. And they I guess. They ended up playing each other quite a bit and there was a. I was watching him. Veg- they were playing and Vitas had really gotten under feedback skin and I think Deepak was beating vitas which wasn't going well for for my guy. Either and at one point beat. His Point beat his yogurt tune. Why are you go back to pick and potatoes? And you said you don't potatoes you dig for them like the most ridiculous on four five. I've ever actually ridiculous but this was very good friends with. I mean that was the joy of Vitas as this man obviously knows. He was friends with people who couldn't stand each other. He got along great Jimmy Connors. Who got along great. John McEnroe John and Jimmy didn't want to be in the same. He got great with your work. Who wasn't terribly outgoing. I mean he got via las he. There was something you just felt when you were with issue or in the bathroom anywhere in the world. But he was short he was. I mean everyone knows the famous when he finally beat Jimmy Connors after sixteen straight losses. Nobody loses nobody beats Seventeen times in a row. I mean I was very quick and but he did get into some ridiculous fights with the with fellow players. Adidas again he was great to again. I was in his slipstream because of his sister. Ruta so I got to see him. We went to. We went to a nice restaurant in London. A couple of days before Wimbledon and it was Bjorn Borg and Vitas and McEnroe Rueda and million. Like a couple of other people and as we were walking into the restaurant. And here's Bjorn Board John McEnroe. But it was very minutes. I mean that just happen all the time and some guy at some big table next year we were passing by guys. Hey Good luck my man you know one of these and thanks thanks and you kept walking and he said to the guy who is taking us tour table The guy. The Restaurant Guide said. I'm going to pick up their check too. Just because one guy it was like a drive by good look vitas. That's how generous I mean. That's what he was like. is a lot of Nice features. That can he was. He was very very special. Well rookie conor would like to ask about your own career. Because Richie says a quick question agree she says not out he says you're a grand slam champion for crying out loud. Those those issues own words I'd love for her to share her thoughts on that. Seventy seven Roland. Garros mixed doubles title and separately. I'd like to ask about memories of a young John McEnroe and their friendship what was was McEnroe Mentor. Yeah so we grew up in the same group three blocks away from each other in a beautiful little town in douglaston Queens Bicycle Douglas. Manor my parents deliver on the water run on little Neck Bay. Long Island. Sound the Douglaston Club is where we played And John Again. He followed the season. It's not like he was crazy about tennis. He was great at everything. We will go down a memorial field to play ice hockey. He was great at that is great basketball. Ran Track for his high school because they needed somebody. Who's that guy so we had? It was the first time John was going to the French. Open for the first time so as I but eighteen year olds skipping skipping his high school graduation because the USDA in their great generosity for their junior players gave him a stipend for five hundred dollars to play junior French Open and junior Wimbledon and he was on his own for the rest of that you had to figure out a way to make five hundred bucks last for the European swing so we signed up to play. Because I mean we've been playing together since we were nine eleven on the older one. We signed up into his time. Seventy seven was a year a routine tenant so a lot of the best players were implant so we got into the mix doubles raw. And as I'll never forget you're signing up for the Straw and John Looked at the other teams who'd already signed up and he's not man. I mean we can win this thing. This first major one of did you say John. I'm three hundred percents. That's exactly what I said. I'm not my hundred percent. Have you seen you seen you lived your entire life watching my forehand? You really think we're GonNa win the so anyway. We kind of picked our way through the draw. John One juniors that year as well junior French Open and I was choking badly for the final And we were playing. You Know Shutting stadiums huge and John at a certain point. I couldn't serve. John Just said look just kicked the ball in the court and I'll do the rest anyway you. I'm not kidding. Those who are now that's on-court coach. That my friends is what is what I'm there for. That's what I did. I swear to God. I spent a barely whispered. It barely hit my strings. That's how bad it was so and then of course so now we win and Wimbledon's in a few weeks and John. Of course we sign up for Mixing Wimbledon role but there are a lot more good players. Were looking so. We got to the quarters at the mixed doubles at room. That's John Famously. Made his way through the qualities and got all the way to the standings so John Played Jimmy Connors in the first semifinal grumbled nineteen seventy seven. And he just. Jimmy beat him. John was not happy with the way played. But even more problematic we had to go play. Martina Navratilova in the quarters of the mixed Martinez fight with Dennis. Ross in America while the Carolinas almost bjorn in five amazing sets which we didn't get to see but we could hear it from court. Tv here the score. So we were both. John was upset with how he played the singles. I'm trying to listen for Vita score from the old court do anyway. We lost ten eight in the third quarter Wimbledon. To Martina Dench Ralston. So that was Kinda. That's kind of how that why don't we lost right away. The US have been arguing that sovereign and that was the end of our mixed doubles career. Him Do you have footage of the seventy-seven French Open title some photos. I'd be happy to share with you. I'm sure you're you're tired of seeing baby photos of my granddaughter is Matt. Have you ever watched it now? Never no I don't. I'm not sure it exists anywhere honestly. I'm not sure my my forehand stuck to any back in the late seventies lefties right. Yeah so if there's no footage to so I can picture it. Who was who was on. What side in. How did that play? John just took every play. I would basically deserve and jump sideways into the stands where you don't have to see. It profoundly Welfare Trauma. I had so little to do with that. It was just great. It was great. Where does it like Rankin us? Sort of lifetime. Memories in an achievements like tennis included like is it. Is it a sort of pleasant footnote or is it number one or is it somewhere? In between it's it's it's highly pleasant. It was as I like to say. Catherine it was John McEnroe's first major title and tragically was my last you know. Let's not quibble now. It was a nice. I don't honestly I didn't play long and I didn't play that well. I knew there were. I was riding on rims. My knees terrible in highschool so. I knew there was very little time I could play professional tennis. I skipped college tennis. Because that's all on hard courts and I knew I I blow out my knees before I ever got a chance to as I said as I told you earlier like play Wimbledon so I I mean it because of what I did I do love it. I miss it now. I miss it this year. I it's it's there is a the late great Robert B Parker. I Dunno if you you know much in in England. But he's fun- he's a terrific. He was miss terrific mystery writer he aqap kind of upsetting robbery. He made he's a good writer best-selling altered in this country. He died a couple of years ago but he wants he loved baseball. Here's a Boston Red Sox. He loved baseball and and every season you know he said it's Is Most important thing that doesn't matter and I. I guess I always felt that back in the grand scheme of things. I guess it doesn't matter but for me it's the most important thing it doesn't matter that's perfect. Catherine needs a bathroom break. I'll thanks outing me David. I'll be quick. I'm just giving you giving you an opportunity. Should I carry on? I'm just going to carry out now. We get to talk about it. She she can come back because the next rolling rolling rolling on the next question is from pull Warren on twitter. Who Says I would love to hear about the difficult decision to retire because of injury and to take the step into broadcasting and how that happened look broadcast. It wasn't difficult for me. I I the last tournament I played with Nineteen Eighty Wimbledon. First round ought Sapan tea-garden an American veteran Very quickly I was afraid to move. It was and they made his playthrough rain so I knew that was my last. That was going to be my last match. I was my knees. Returnable anyway And then I. I didn't quite a bit of teaching at a High School for the late. Great Harry Houghton and I figured all right. We'll skip college so I figured out. I'll probably go back to school in all. I'll do some more teaching figure out what I was going to do. And then I mean it's not like there's a lot of tennis on television back then certainly not a lot of women's tennis and until pretty recently women at least in this country didn't get too cold men's tennis so it wasn't a lot of women's tennis producer. Who had heard me once. Just do an interview. Basically that turned into calling match a couple of weeks after Wimbledon he said. Would you be interested in calling some women's tennis for USA Network? And I was madly available was on my way to more knee surgery as yet. So that's how it started for me. There was no. There is no pain involved in that decision. I was glad to get the work and but I consider it a new job. I mean it wasn't. I did a couple of tennis tournaments that year and then a few more and then eventually I certainly men's tennis which made things a lot better for me and then I started doing other sports and working for other networks and it turned into something. But I certainly didn't go in. I love it and you. I'm sure you you to interview players to say when I'm done with this I'll you know I'll just get into TV. And I'll take it honey. You said an interesting thing in twelve years you're GONNA YOU'RE GONNA walk into a booth and continue not to say anything like I don't know about that. I'm not sure about there because I we've done a another listener Q. And that we're going to have. How probably next week in which I talk about about radio and TV broadcasting the difference between the two etc but I just sort of given that you've made that step into the into the country box from from playing were there. Were the people that you sought out to try to get guidance on what works. And what doesn't you know Collins. I got to work with the late. Great Bud Collins Center early age and he was he was he learned a lot not that I saw him out and asked him a lot of advice. But if you sit next to that guy after awhile. He's going to rub off on him. I loved that he. He took this for various searcy. He didn't take himself so seriously. He had a very playful attitude he liked. He liked using words and and you know putting them together in creating. If when Bud Collins would walk into a the media room at attended short amount in my country anyway you felt like there was a lot bigger all of a sudden so I think I learned a lot from blood and then I I went from color. Commentary play by play each Start Learning had an interview. People Had Big quiet. In the silence of your interviewee feels the need to fill that space. And I think over the years you you end up learning a lot and then the people you sit next to obviously affect how you call a match and how you tennis game posits. It's it's got and you have to be respectful of that and you have to win to come in and win to let something just play and if you've got a terrific director cutting cameras. It's often that in the biggest moments. You don't have to say thank you. Just you just meet the moment by being quiet. So yeah you know you learn a lot of things and then you want to develop your voice anyway And your jargon your own your way of looking at matches but I don't. I've gotten to sit next to really good people over the years you know. I love working. I love sitting next to Lindsay Davenport. I think she's very very good. I look sitting next to Jim Courier. The three of US work together. Tennis show And they they they they see things differently. Often I'll be. They'll be watching. They'll be watching the better player. Play his match. I'll be watching the news. Losing I guess because I like watching like to in a way. You're kind of watching to differ matches you know. I'll be talking about somebody who's just keeps missing their return to predictable service pattern or whatever and they're talking about the other guy and I think that's always very interesting. It's unstuck unstuck never gets old. Estelle says from playing days to commentary days. Now what do you see as having been the biggest changes in tennis and on the toll probably shrink technology more than anything rackets racket technology and that's just changed everything to me. I'm no seven fully anymore. Yeah I think I think a lot of it is what okay Bali lefty. I mean I hadn't vary. I didn't lose matches because I didn't know what to do. I just didn't do. I didn't execute it well but I knew I was going to miss. Great Harry Hoffman. Coach fetus and John McEnroe Peter Fleming a bunch of he would say in in in a tight match. Would you rather be volleying or or trying to pass? Some money for me was not even a question with that. I mean so is a very simple survey Bali you kick it into. Somebody's back in. Get tight to the net. Hit your first. Golly it's all over now I mean so. Many people have great return games. They've got they've got these powerful rakkason really good streams and open stance for him backhand returns and they're backhands are bigger than therefore hands a lot of them on the women's side. You can't ame into someone's back in and come in you'll you'll go ventilate your chess if you've got a shirt like science. That's a big reason why people don't circle volley anymore. I think the to hit back in did a lot to make Bali's go away. Do you agree to a quick moment of indulgence. I'm going to ask the question which I expect to. My Dad is shouting. Whatever audio devices listening on right now which when you you said string technology any any development in particular strategy it will just generally evolution. Thera of Google Google curtains strings. Catherine Your Dad's if I was in Matthew Right Brother my dad's David David it biblical everyone connected with the Senate's except maybe they do. I only associate with Mayo Insulin. Matthew and David Wow. I didn't realize that no David I think when Google when he started using those strings and winning French opens with him. I mean so. Lie The hank worthy the streets. It's the kind of strings at hung onto the bull in allowed you to really cover import so much and then did he. Had these really long take backs in elaborate. Follow through and the ball just bounce like crazy. There was a time when Andre Agassi thought. It should have been outlawed those streets and now it's usually a blend that players use everybody. Stop playing with strings but a lot of people use of some iteration of the now. It just changed the Babylon rackets. The lively stuck is I genuinely feel that. The power of rackets and the liveliness. If if play at so many of these players today use wooden rackets. Their form would be so much better because it would have to. Be you see Serena and so many other players who can hit remarkable shots from ten feet behind the baseline falling. They're falling backwards and it's still a winner. This crazy violent. Schroeck that you would never be able to do if you're using gut strings and wooden rackets with small heads so I think that in my in my tennis lifetime that's changed more than anything and I also do think to backhands. Just that that change things too. I think also the the way people play tennis now else to explain why people have hip injuries now. had off risk the other wrist injuries. You know the ball's coming out and they're trying to hug the court. There is hitting with wide open stances. So they're putting stress on muscle systems. That did that didn't happen on. We're I put on so loved. I love to watch some tennis today. With wooden record with everybody using them just make tournament where all to use a wooden wreck. Woodwind hold up. I mean you think Roger Reddaway he would adapt well. I think the Dow would adapt remarkably well because he's shown his ability to adapt all through his career. Even though he hasn't got a natural about his grip so ashby the women's. Oh Oh it could be done. It would be fun. I watch teach Sampras played with a wooden racquet and it was like and I also Martina Navratilova nine years ago. We did a feature on wooden rackets because Martinez won a lot of a lot of our big titles with would I was great. Goddamn anyway I distill guarded bitch anyway. So we took we took Taylor Townsend. Sorry Martini get off the line. I'm trying to concentrate here Anyway We took Taylor. Townsend Catherine unaggressive quarts of women retook her to a Ranji and gave her wooden racquet and she was great. It was like nothing man. She everything 'cause she's got a sliced backhand anyway. She's got beautiful. She doesn't have complicated grips doesn't have to do major changes that so many players would have to do it. Made wooden rackets made total sense to tailor towns. I'm hey if any D- tennis rule change which which makes Taylor Townsend more of a thing her match against helical unbelievable at the US. I argue is my much of the year at our end-of-season would shea is that. You WANNA bet call. I was just I was just thinking about the I played a tournament at Uni with wooden rackets and this is so pathetic. I had to stop after like half an hour because the grit was so bad it was giving me a terrible blister was it just. It was just ruining my hand. Yes could use use that when you play I mean. Could you just quickly before we move on? Could you just finish your sentence? Which started I saw. Pete Sampras play with wooden racquet waltons and it was beautiful. Oh wow I mean he. He played he played. I mean and again pizza. One of those guys who grew up idolizing Rod Labor and Roy Emerson and Ken Rosewall. I'm and I think he probably think I've seen pictures of him as a little boy when he still had it too in the back in. I think he's started with would so that would make sense any spectacular grips. I his game. I thought every now and then I have to remind people how great people as when he when he won his final major ended that mic. Drop in that guy was a joy watch and I love watching Agassi and I like them against each other. But Pete was my kind of guy he was he was my Kinda got. I thought he was great. And now we don't even barely mentioned we talk about all time greats. David does he was my hero and I was before I got before. It started working in tennis. Sort of the crossover of in the mid nineties he was he was yeah. Oh yeah loved him he was. Did you ask for some circle? I'm not really hairy type. United pull off the swarthy among. Can I dated one one of my all time favorite matches involved Pete Sampras in it's one that has been lost in the midst of time but Pam Shriver was working for ESPN and she interviewed. Nick Bollettieri like I before Tommy Haas was gonNA play. Pete and Tommy had Isn't the US Open? And Tommy had been playing really well. Tommy when you got up to the world man could he had beautiful game Big serve and big off the ground. Nick had basically told him that this time. And WHO's taught me time at the USO? And he was going to beat the and then keep started clobbering. And just you know by the second set he was throwing Tommy down a flight and stairs. You know just playing great USO. Pete Sampras Tennis Sapan went to interview re interview. Nick Nick. What's happening you know with what's wrong and good? Old Knicks Cami Dea. The problem is yet. Tommy has launched his perspectives on the court with his but tragically. He Lost Nick Anyway. I think Pete ended up winning the US. Open that year with with he kept his. Is that what we've been missing all this time? Perspectives of the L. That's a whole bunch of all these. This mandatory eight is to find a prospectus. Good luck with this. One says semi on instagram wants to know. What's the worst match you've ever commentated on? I'll tell you what is ner rounded springs to mind wise that it was a same frigging point over and over again and I tell you what it got to the point. I was calling Oliver. Forget this was a couple years ago. Hardcore match rounded is ner on They're both lovely fellows. I'm sure this takes nothing away from. I'm sure they have both had sparkling personalities. Who's the same damn point over and over again and I was calling it with Lindsay Davenport on runs Ademi and Paul annacone on the other and we were all trying to take the match Seriously but I made there was no rally it was just rally loose and artless and an Paul annacone who's usually a very straight up kind of meat and potatoes Guy. You know at a certain point. I'm trying to insinuate that. Maybe there are more tactics involved more. Subtlety than what we're seeing. So I and Lindsey Giving me this and every now and then she's she'll give you the finger during a match of you say something like after a question litterbug loss but and tried to say something like well. Maybe you know the serving pattern is an impulse that nope no. There's no none of that. I am trying to breathe the little bit of life. I'm putting the paddles to this match. You know anyway as you know. There's a cough back button when you don't WanNa go over the air. Let people hear you either cursing or laughing or whatever we wrote the cough back but all three of us for about ten years utter silence until someone finally won the tiebreak. And I said we'll be back to answer your your listeners. Question that was it. Dave BBC Radio Troll David at Wimbledon by assigning him to any match involving two players over six foot. Five David is covered row. Niche Polka was it last year. David so you've got six five six seven. May and seven foot Friday PALCA. That's my fellows was the guy was so shirk. Yeah they did it just for single use gag on primetime BBC radio bosses. Oh Man Yeah. That's up sort but honestly we required for like over ten years. We'll be saying about pulling goodell letting the tennis breath drink that. Sometimes you just gotTa let them match like that Washington. We have one more question here. Mary from come Grabsky on Instagram. Who says what's more likely to happen. Mary federated break. Connor's record for the most titles or Serena to break course record for the most slams admiral. Here's the thing I think Federa. Can he can play a bunch of small tournaments if he wants if he if that becomes his goal you can play like the two fifties the smaller ones. You'll get paid a fortune to show up and he can win. Titles like that. And so I I as you you three. No because I've made a fool of myself in the last couple of years picking Serena to win every major final. She's been I've been dead wrong old every time I again. I worried that Serena this of all the the problems that that will endemic is causing. I think for Serena. She carries the weight of her own history. A Lock Happier. I think than than Roger does his iming Rogers. He's not as it seems to me with the idea of breaking anything at this point he just wants to. He just wants to keep playing and I think he enjoys it war I think he understands when he walks out. On Accord Everyone. There is trying to lift them up. Whereas when you watch Serena sometimes walk onto these big stages you feel the weight of everybody watching her like she walks like that leaden blatantly. If that's a word I think I think it again. You can pad your record. If you're veteran. You wanted to do something like that. I can't imagine and who knows what what's important to those people but I wouldn't mind seeing Serena have a couple more looks but I think I think Roger again can play some small ones in and get their if he wants to D-. Can you really see federal doing that Mary because it would be so as you say the the weight of history he certainly gives the impression federal that the weight of history doesn't sit upon him In quite the burdensome way it does props Oh with others bit if if he suddenly turned up at Winston Salem and Newport Rhode Island we'd it would be a tell it would be a tell Ryan it'd be it would be a Torque I've never played. Yeah it was like I wanted to but I mean I'm talking about yeah. I don't see him entering the North American Tournament. You can play Basel in a couple more times if he wanted to. You could play some grass court tournaments. He's never played. You Know I. I usually play here hollow but maybe now I'll play east for. I mean I can see him. I'd again I don't know what means the most to these people at this. I'm sure he's heard that Nottingham in June Israeli lovely pizza Roger Federal tens of wasn't so we'll we'll isn't that Serena play these boon. Yeah Yeah but again. It looked fires going to play. You talk about tells. I mean you look at the tournaments at Venus Williams plays in. Now she's GonNa what she turns forty this year. She plays a tournaments. Where you know. She's getting huge. Guaranteed whether it's in the mid east or in China you know and that's fine. I mean that makes that makes sense if that's what she wants to do. And that's they want her to show up you know that's all good but a lot of times you can tell by like and that's the interesting thing for me. If the French Open is serious about playing this year after the US Open Serena Has Been Shutting down her season after the US Open for us and basically Robert a Dahl. Does the same thing right. I'm in pretty much You know the guy who's got arrest after his. Us Open effort. So I don't know what I genuinely. I know I'm maybe I'm supposed to be kind of insider I have no idea how much tennis's credential tennis is going to be played this year. Yeah no none of us to what one of the thing. I just wanted to ask you Mary. You mentioned In the first part of this show just just in passing having been at the funeral of Jeannie Evert's the sister of Chrissy ever. It's an I just wondered if you could give Allison's a little bit of insight says to the person that she was an memories of her because we heard her name oversee when she passed away. We heard the details of of the fact that she played. I didn't know an awful lot. Better but Jonah. Stadium is terrific again. She's I just turned sixty three gene. You would've been sixty three in October. A couple years younger than her famous sister And I have been to win. Chrissy loss her dad. A couple of years ago I was at I went to that funeral as well and Chrissy you know. She's one of my favorite people. I Love Chrissy Martina. I'm lucky enough to have really gotten to know that. Well and I knew Jimmy ever. That guy looked his tennis watched a lot of it and when Chrissie went to the podium not including in church when she went to give her eulogy her and I'm thinking how she gonNa pull this off and she did with great grace and sweetness and she did the same thing just earlier this year with Jeanie Jeanie had been battling terrible cancer for a couple of years. She was a terrific junior player when she was fifteen she be Mortgage Corp. She didn't have the same focus as crecy choose very short. She was only about five one. So you know you could kind of. She can get overpowered but oil. She was terrific and There was a famous quote where Jimmy Evert. Were trying to convince his younger daughter that she could be great too. She could be a champion and Jeannie famously said back to Jimmy but I WANNA be happy. That men were to her and imagine being Chris Evert kid sister. I mean I can't be an easy thing to follow. The Tracy gave a beautiful speech The church was packed for genius funeral. Martinez had been skiing in Aspen and she came Pam Shriver took the red eye from Los Angeles. There quite a few US oldies. At least Bergen. Who I know has done some international commentary as well. Kristie talked about had terrific. Her sister was in an how loving and loved. She was what a great sister mother daughter she was and then she told his story about how well in an effort to explain. How will genie took being? Christie's kid sister like she always you know was gracious about about it. Increased tells the story about one time she martina played a doubles match against Genieford and the Russian Soviet at the time Omarosa and Genius Ogle won that match and Chrissy who's highly competitive as we all had seen over and over again with sat way with her sister to Chrissy tells the story she said. I didn't talk to Jeanie for three days. And we were sharing a room and every one of us just rocked with laughter. That in the midst of this really. Sorry Day that Chrissy Tell a story like that and make us all smile. Christie's been through a lot in the last couple of years. She's lost people she's truly and And I have to say I. I wonder sometimes we get together. All of us Billie Jean King obviously is a big part of the reason. We get together a couple of times all of the oldies in and enjoy each company. And I just cannot imagine that happening easily anymore. You know I just we. We meet a lot to each other. We've all we've gone to each other's weddings and funerals and happy times and said times and I'm very glad to be. I'm honored to be a part of that community. I'm honored and Oh yeah. Genie was. Was Somebody very special? Say it just shows when you when you talk in that way there is more to it than just the bid on the court and I think I think of Sorta Martina increase when I was when I was a kid. They were The the ultimate rivalry in tennis. They they were the Balkan McEnroe but it felt more so because it felt to me at least from afar as other needle between the two. They didn't get on when they were when they're absolute top of the game. And I I I find it quite moving. They seem now so close. It's lovely it's lovely. I mean considering that they basically made each other cry like every other weekend at some in some locker room somewhere in the world because they played each other so much and so and as much as look. If I'm not going to get into a big argument with anybody says Serena's greatest player on the women's side about it. Okay that's fine you know. Let's have a beer and talk it out but boy Chrissy Martinez supported the tour so long and for so well and they treated every tournament like it was special. They weren't just looking to get a warm up before a major People counted on them to show up and they did you. Never you never saw. You never saw either one of them lose early. Have a bad day. You know. It just didn't happen back then. They they understood how important they were to tour and they also knew how much the torment to them. I think I think sometimes their respective camps pitted them against each other when there was real no true animus between Chrissy got much better publicity for the entirety of their pit. People said Martinez Shave Manish. You know she looks like she plays like a guy that Martinez had to put up with a lot of stuff. That Chrissy never had to face in Chrissy had a lot more. I remember. There's Chrissy had Lipton ice tea sponsorship and in this channel kinds of stuff off the court. Martina headline a floor lows suck deal. Janna sock deal shoes. Bonnie your own clothes at Epworth. They were giving them serve for free but they weren't paying her. You know they're both as I said I'm very very I. We're we've all been touch. We text each other ridiculous stuff back and forth. Martinez is always on twitter. You know dumping on trump in the risk the risk of of his administration daily our whatever but we all keep in touch. Tammy is like we're all on it. It's it's a very nice. It's very nice thing. I played tennis at a great talk at a late seventies in the US. I mean tense was huge. Because it had it had connors McEnroe and Chrissy and Billie Jean and Arthur. Ashe's had great American players and then it had all these cool foreigners like organised ASEAN number two love who became an American. It was a great great time. I hit a real sweet spot. I I was lucky very very I I. I understand how fortunate I was. A and continue to be by the way I happen to have very much talking to you three. Well I was GonNa say you you. You had a nice a nice period of of your your era there and the people that you got tonight but I mean we can't quite believe luck really that we that we're here. We've just used up an hour and forty two minutes of your time and over two shows and now. I mean I could sit here asking you questions all day long. Thank you so much feel time. I mean it's it's interesting. It'd be nice. What a concept it would be wonderful so I think you'd better go. You can't actually walks. Kenya allowed to walk to release them released. E forbidden from Doe King Mary in Florida. No I know but you're supposed to do Allina. Yeah it's serious stuff. We gotta be careful. Mary talks on them. Like what's facing won. T full the ceiling in here person by the way the the woman. The neighbor's dog is now very active member of a community. What's up greet That I'm a part of. She's she's doing a guided meditation tomorrow night on on Facetime for residents of my building. I mean I wake up to liquor in the eye so I I I'll have to. I'll just have to sit out. All Souls of positivity at the moment catherine it never apart from a sort of brief hello to people she she lives near had never had a conversation with any of them now. She's suggesting to them. Jigsaw idea. Suggested suggested a jigsaw exchange on the community was they went nuts for it Mary. Honestly it was like it's just Invented Exchange your social distancing before it was even a cacophonous a rule social distinctions. It has been said Whitaker. What's up groups. This is when we come into a rain fakes out. Thank you for your pleasure. Absolutely thank you all for listening to US know. There are a lot of you out there. Everybody's everybody's finding this difficult and some of you particularly in different parts of the world. We'll we'll be having a terrible time at the moment so many different ways. We've had so many messages telling us that we're thinking of you. We hope you're enjoying the show that we're bringing to you. We're not GONNA stop. We're going to keep on plowing along and trying to come up with some good ideas and some some shows that can entertain you. There won't be as good as this one because this one we had Mary Carillo on. Do you have any parting thought from Ranchi? Essentially we carry. Tomorrow I mean what can I say? What can I am so exciting. I am too exciting for talking. As a rancher said after she played a great Wimbledon final against Steffi Graf in Lawson. Three she's She was philosophical. She knew just what to do. With the weight of that law. She came in and What can you say? What can you do sometimes? And sometimes you lost. And how true is that? She never lost her perspective. Put their listeners on the tennis podcast for another week. I don't even know the difference shot. That's shoutouts or we we wait for next week. I haven't got any chance out. Really was just one Mary impression so no Shazad. This week. We've had the full gamut and we will be back again next week for sure. We'll bring you whatever we can make an announcement in the interior. Yeah absolutely well. We can't wait for for more tennis podcast and thanks for listening. We'll see you next week.

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