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well we have our emergency podcasts. For the worst possible reason Late Sunday night. We just got into the Knicks studio hair. I'm sure I'll you know Kobe. Bryant died in a helicopter crash today with this thirteen year. Old Daughter Order. Jonah also killed nine people total in the helicopter Crazy but you know. We've obviously had all Sunday afternoon. I'm sure you guys were watching. TV and seeing the you know the guys colleagues still with task of course former colleagues and those guys trying to wrap their head around this which is honestly is. It's it's doesn't feel real. I think that's fair to say you don't want it to be real of of course But now that we've had a little bit of time here throughout the day. Whoa what what are you even say to this? I don't know I. He was looking to with stunned silence at my fine just sort of refreshing because I saw come through. TM xenia thought. This doesn't feel right but it's coming from they. They legit account. And so you thinking like this is you sometimes see the celebrity deaths that a hoax is for whatever reason and just kind of thought that was gonNA eventually come mount someone saying this is a crazy stupid report. Nah that never happened In fact just went the other way more and more reputable sources kept reporting it and Very tough just to. It was stunning. It was stunning. There's only been a few moments. I think in life with something like that's happened. Michael Jackson dying. Probably the last time where it was. Just something you just couldn't even though people were saying it you hearing it you're reading it just didn't feel like it was actually happening while he's he's obviously He's larger than Life Right A. He's one of those few guys in the NBA that like impacts not only basketball football players but just the world at large like we got an email just now saying that I named my child. Kobe Bryant Obviously you guys on the floor. who had to play on Sunday or were thinking about the guy who is there Michael Jordan really? And that's you know after J it really. Okay was Kobe's era You know you can throw another couple of names in there but Kobe is the guy that impacted the the basketball world he impacted acted like there's guys like Neymar giving tribute to him today. Only a few days ago Novak Djokovic You know before he passed away was talking about what he was to to him and And to fans out there like he is he is like you bring Michael Jackson. Lee People are bringing up. You Know Princeton Princeton and to that effect and You know we were lucky. Enough to to be in the same auditorium is him and got got to interview him and how people were like chasing him and screaming and yelling and One woman yelling. Kobe touched me and That like he he had that sort of impact And he's just he I mean there's there's just not many people in the world like that and And he's just you you know we can. We can go on and on. I think about him off the floor. And and and this poor family. Obviously yeah. I've just been sick to my stomach mechanically. Since I saw the tweets coming across. I was like leave. Just seemed unbelievable that it had happened and then slowly but surely more and more details are trickling out and reports reports are being confirmed and then suddenly the Games are starting and you're seeing tributes all around the NBA. It's like you can't get away from Kobe was such a huge part of the NBA. Even having been retired for what four years basically you can already see the elder statesman role. He had taken on the what he meant to the players that are currently in league. Some of the guys obviously played against them. Since it was recently the Kobe was still a player and others like trae. Young are obviously very close to Kobe. taking the court wearing his uniform. They have He's even trae. Young has had a bond with Kobe daughter who was on the helicopter as well. And it's just it's just very sad added it makes you really realise how quickly life can be gone and how important it is to enjoy being with the people you're with when you're with them. Yeah I mean look it. It's it is it is crazy to me. I keep going up Kobe. Bryant's dead and then and then I go. Oh my God. His daughter was in the as it was in the helicopter to. It's it's the double punch to the Gut. Yeah I was. I was flying back today from New York and so I I wasn't maybe living in the moment with the whole twitter trying to figure it out. Is this real or not awesome when I land of course the phone just goes blue like you know. It wasn't just me to. Of course this guy beside me and the person in front of me you could tell everyone's like what what what is this and everybody's like is this real and everybody's trying to figure it out and it was like I've been sleeping so I felt like a dream a bad dream nightmare And then yeah trying to wrap your head around all day it's It's it shocking. It is and you said like trae young. We're number eight. The mavs just recently say they're going to retire retire number twenty four. Nobody Ever GonNa wear number twenty four for the mavs. I think I think the rest of the League is going to do that. I would be shocked actually if the NBA doesn't do that all the teams. Maybe not but it sucks to that you know he was. He was doing for the hall fame. I mean we're not we're Koby speech and the fact that just last night he was in the news to with Lebron this whole thing I would take him. Yeah like like there was so much talk. And and and Kobe's last tweet was basically signed a Lebron handing are handing over the next generation to you. And that's the thing about Kobe. Laker legend spent twenty years. There one everything you know not always like great times with the Lakers. He had his mind and say it. But in the end he persisted and he stayed with the franchise. And and you know when it was all said and done no-one spent more time at the Lakers than heated. And you know his his legacy is interesting because when when you look at the number right that he wore and then the number twenty four that he wore when they broke down the stats of what he achieved in both numbers. It was incredible. Just how identical at all was and and It's just shocking that he's not going to be around the game anymore because I loved seeing him as as a committed dad his daughters all of his daughters he was there practicing practicing and playing and trying to teach moves and coaching. And and you remember. He was disappointed when he's when he's daughters. Team finished sixth. Because you can just you can tell that he you know. Some people took that the wrong way but Kobe was trying to install that work ethic into his daughter. This young age and and I think that's the one thing that's consistent whether you liked. Kobe didn't like him. I think everybody in any sport sport respected he's worked with he was so determined to be the best and that's what a lot of people say. Kobe just worked and worked and worked. And it didn't matter what sport if you if you want it to be at his level. You hit the gym. You work hard and you have that determination. And I think that's why he did. Connect with so many athletes from around the world is the guy that everybody is chasing. Everybody's trying to be like he goes into the two thousand eight Olympic team and guys like Lebron and Wade and Chris Bosh and mellow we are watching Kobe. Just outworking everybody there. Despite the fact that at this time he's already got championships. He's already got an. MVP that kind of stuff and you can see from that moment forward Koby just became even more respected around the League as the guy who is the hardest worker basically since Michael Jordan. This generation's Michael Jordan like you're saying task and defining employer for the generation of guys that are in the League now because they were all trying to be as good as colby was and you know you might not think. Kobe was the greatest in the league at the time but he was still up there. A guy you at least had to bypass to become the greatest in the league. And I don't know I seeing him as dad I think is probably the best Kobe there was to see the advocacy. He had for the women's game how much he just loved getting to tutor his daughter and talk about his daughter and how much she loves playing basketball. That's something that but I relate to a lot and it's something that it's pretty sad that coby got four years of being a full-time dead. It is Rosett He navigated gated that that transition from being a professional athlete to to being a his post playing career which obviously included a lot of fatherhood. Extremely well you know from the outside looking in I. I can't imagine how hard that is because you know. I never competed at that level. I know we're just watching athletes. It doesn't go very well. He was somehow able to channel that that crazy crazy easy competitive edge competitive level that he had into being an incredible dad and And you mentioned about being supporting the WNBA and women's College basketball more. I I love that Jimmy Kimmel Clip That's going around. It's phenomenal about a Jonah. And how she wanted to take over the women's game and how special that is I want to play in the WNBA. She does for sure she the this kid man happy great man. The best thing that has to go out and and fans come up to me and she'll be standing next to me and it'd be like you gotTa have a boy you gotTa have a boy. Somebody carry on the tradition the legacy just like. Oh I got this doc got this I know I hug my daughter. Pretty frigging hard today and I'm sure a lot of people are too because it just reaches so many people and and he attacked not not only did he. Transition transition want to being a father and like from you know from the social media world who the heck knows what's really happening with Kobe Bryant but that's all they posted about and and and not only did he attacked that'd be attacked his his his dreams and his wishes of of being a producer and and writing children's books and giving a crap about would he gave the crap about and really working at it. And so the work ethic like just transitioned from twenty years of being a basketball player to really being and I think they're the competitive edge kind of it kind of faded away in a in the basketball world like he wasn't. He didn't talk trash on twitter anymore but he he's just big up to everybody. He was so encouraging to everybody. You are going to be the MVP to Yannis and to everybody just so much support and and obviously players looked up to him in a major way and he was able to really to navigate that really well and still attack life and and like as former president. Barack Obama tweeted. He was legit on the court. Just getting started in what would have been just as meaningful a second act and as from from a very special person was a very special words because who the heck knows like you said. It's true three and a half years since he retired and he was able to accomplish a lot went an Oscar and and right kids books and and really attack life with what he wanted to do. He told how he wanted to be more than a basketball player when he retired. And a lot of guys say that but they don't sort of take on something else but Kobe did in these things. You're talking about here with the with the Oscar like he actually really tried his best and he put him put himself in a position to to back up his words like that and it would have been so easy for him to take a cushy Media Media Job coaching role somewhere. You know. He didn't need the money but he needed that stimulation. That basketball wasn't going to be able to give him any more and he wanted to try something something else ad in a in a different field and just had incredible success with it and you know he Again when you when you see transition into dead Kobe. That's something that you know. Some of us can relate to where you see like he you know he had some struggles as a deadlock. All of us through where it's like you know sleepless nights and and kids drive you crazy. But he was always there and determined to make sure because he missed out on much being a player that he wanted to not miss at anymore now that he was no longer. You know the guy who was committed to playing basketball for a living. Am I going too far saying like when you got the tax the tweet it felt like someone in your own family. Take your immediate reaction to it. Did to me and I don't know that that's just because of what the nature of what we've done we've made a basketball show for what near in fifteen years now. So he's an entire basically entire career. We've been watching his fans and then before and did the spiralling into the show. It's like you know we don't have a real connection with them. We did the video with them. And All all star weekend. You're right task. I was so much fun. Hawk hilarious task trying to get Kobe. Do apologized for scoring eighty-one against the Raptors But you know we didn't like we. We're talking to Kobe him on the show all the time stuff like that. But he's just because he's the one word guy it's always talking about him and and we talked go on forever to like. I talked about Kobe. Bryant in middle school with my friends I talked about him in college with that set of friends. I've talked about a lot with you. You guys since then. I had group texts this past week about. WHO's the greatest of all time? Michael Kobi or Lebron your. We'll never stop talking about Kobe. Bryant but we've been talking about him he's been part of our lives for twenty five years. Yeah definitely hits hard. I remember when he was first drafted and he came into the League. And I'd heard about these young guy out of high school athletic. I Don. His Dad used to play. This is ran ninety. Six Ninety seven so basketball at that point still wasn't mainstream Australia so you you know you saw clips on the news or wherever. I'M GONNA think. Geez pretty pretty athletic. This guy is like he he sort of looks like Jordan young Jordan there but you know a lot of guys can do that in the first couple of years. Will this guy be able to live up to it. And then it wasn't until the finals in two thousand against the Pacers were actually sore on that on the big stage him step up and he was only twenty twenty one then maybe twenty two but he like all of a sudden. This guy already is delivering the clock in the playoffs in the finals. On the road for the Lakers. Like we might actually have the next Jordan and had the Kufra. We looked cool. He was big he had he could throw down those dunks. He could hit the big shots but he also seemed to have that like. I'm way better than everyone else on the court. You know he had that swag and which I that something like that or like all today you heard every talking head saying the number one thing is like the competitive nature right. You just worked harder. This always blows my mind. And it's like all these guys in the NBA to make it to that level. They are working everybody else to get to that level but even at the most elite level of professional basketball there's another level level for the very few that these guys who've worked. Trust me harder than anyone you know to make it there in the first place or even going like. WHOA no? That's different. That's crazy crazy to me when you think about it. It's one thing for us to be like that's crazy but like they're they're they're and tasks point that's why he's been able was able to succeed away from basketball immediately as well to the just the drive to be the best at what he was doing. I saw a tweet from Jeff starts. WHO RUNS IN STREET CLOTHES ABOUT OUT? it's like an injury database. He was talking about an article. Brad for Baxter homes with doing on Cobain who say I WANNA I wanNA double check these injuries here. I got forty one. Sounds like a lot over twenty career to miss. Time for forty-one injuries the real number one hundred and forty one. Kobe played through one hundred and forty-one injuries while he was playing in the NBA. That's like insane. The guy took free throws with a torn Achilles. pinching it together so it wouldn't fall apart so you could actually walk off the court. The desire to be great and the desire to be mentioned ginned amongst the greatest of all time is insane for Kobe. And that's why we talk about him so much. Yeah and hopefully his legacy will be the Not Not just basketball. But I think he was. He was on his way to really affecting The women's game because he was Like as Rebecca Lobo tweeted today. Rebecca Lobo said No. NBA Player supported Wnba or women's college basketball more than Kobe attended games watched on TV coach next generation. We pray for his family family and I think he would have swung like whether you know John would have been a WNBA player. I think he would have swung it to to even bigger heights. I think that would have just been part of his legacy and hopefully it continues that way other legacy other than his three children which obviously will be a a huge part of it. I I just think that he he wasn't done and that's the sad thing like there was a lot more to be had other than his plan career. And that's that's uh-huh yeah I mean I saw a lot of people tweeting. This idea. Chris Mannix is one of them. You know I wonder what they will do it all star weekend right around the corner in Chicago. I think Chris says team Lebron. Maybe they're all wearing number eights and team is all wear number twenty four. That's that seems like a no brainer to do something like that You know a lot of people love that idea but yeah I I keep coming back like. We're not gonNA get the Kobe Hall of fame speech. We're not gonNA see the statue. The Kobe statue was him. When valiente install like those things like you put all that work for the twenty years and then it's like just taken from you like that in the helicopter crash? Yeah it's it's it's one of those moments where you try to find the right words but it doesn't seem that they're out there really you know it's just it's a feeling and it's an emotion than and It's you know we're GONNA go to bed tonight. Wake up in the morning and heart that this is not real and I It's funny remember Ten years ago I was just started working at the score and I was building a World Cup feature on the soccer World Cup and I was trying to get any stop. Plaza could the Lakers are in town in Toronto. So obviously everyone's trying to get Kobe Bryant and eat any didn't do any media before the game. After the game the Lakers lost but two points cubby. Cubby missed the game winner. That would a three point of the given the game and he missed that and In the scrum afterwards. Obviously everyone's just waiting for Kobe and he talked about it talked about the game he wasn't he wasn't Dannon. atty answered the questions. Yeah missed the shot or whatever Blah Blah Blah and afterwards. I was just standing there with the mark with the cameraman. And I'm like well. This says mom shot. This is my shot. Koby is right here if I want to try to get him. It's going to be right now and I just said. Excuse me Kobe. Something like that and I said I'm doing a feature on the World Cup of news time in Italy. Can I just ask you goes like Yeah Sherman and so Ryan Stratton was the camry. Get that Cameron right now. Right now and I just blurted leading out like five crazy questions to anything Bailey on the payroll at the school wasn't really sure you're not supposed to the Kobe. Great athlete did you ever try soccer. And he's like tried to be and then I said I was talking about Italy. I said what immediately edited. They got a chance he said Yeah. They're they're chance yet. But I'm going for America of course and then I said give me a score in Italian for the final. What does that mean said like USA neo was five nil and thanksgiving? I came home to to Roxana and I just like walked in the door. I said I can't believe I just got Kobe. I got him I got him. I have no idea has going to turn out. It's blurred some crazy. He stuff at him but he answered it and it was probably only ninety seconds but to me it was just like Oh my God i hit the Jackpot and At fortunately similar similar with us when we got him at all star weekend early days that Phoenix. Now there's two thousand ten Dallas Dallas. Yeah we're lucky to get him and a and very much likely I mean he. Kobe was extremely gracious but he had a young task smells yelling. I mean I was yelling yelling because it was extremely loud in that room but also because he had literally hundreds of screaming fans yelling at him. So even though I had a microphone in my hand and and it's supposed to take in your voice and amplify it. I yelled as loud as I could because I thought Kobe couldn't hear me. He was gracious basis. He was very very gracious. He was he was calm and handled my stupid questions. Not The Russians are stupid and dumb questions for sure. He handled them very well. I'm surprised he could hear what I was saying. I just nervous so sweaty. There was little it was February or January. It was freezing in Toronto. I was perspiring heavily in the locker room and I said this recently I think here on the podcast which is another reason. This is so weird. It's like when we started the show back in two thousand six. Fix You know. Mid January will the Kobe goes for eighty one against the raptors. Like a few days later I mean it was probably like the second thin show. We then we're talking about uh-huh percent right which is sort of just surreal Yeah no IT'S A it's a it's it sucks has no other way to put it. It's so sat is just damned. Damned depressing is what it is do you have. I mean just because we're like I like this. I'm glad we're doing this because talking to note and I don't I hope people are digging this as well but do you have a favorite Kobe like game or moment or like what will you when you. Somebody says Kobe ten years twenty years from now. Where will the angle right away? The first Kobe thing that I ever liked was the two thousand six playoffs against the sun's where he's part of the huge steel on Steve Nash. Half Courtney gums down and he hits the game tying shot with point seven left in regulation and it's like a floater. That somehow goes off the glass. Despite the fact that he's on the baseline I was like I don't know how all somebody makes. That shot let alone makes that shot at that moment of the game in the playoffs to send it to overtime like the touch. Just the fact that he had every single shot in the bag was amazing and onset over time wins the jump ball dribbles straight to spot straight to the Right Elbow pops. The game winning jumper from the free throw line pulled the jerseys of the side. This this was in eight days. And that's when I was like Koby's undeniable. He is undeniably great right now. Hey that's like a movie is exactly ran. It's quite like ushering assuring him. Yeah come right to your spot. Hit this perfect shot and make sure you hit your mark. You'RE GONNA WANNA be right on that ex- We got the shot set up for you right here and he just drains. It was awesome. Yeah that could be. You could statue. I think for him standing on the there's the classic on the thing with arms out Scott it definitely the jaw lower jaw out. I think A game or a moment. Well it's game. Four from two thousand finals against the paces shack fails adcose to overtime and Kobe hit three baskets in overtime in the last one is like a put backwards so it comes from underneath the backboard and sort of tipped it over his head. And then you're seeing being run over to the Lakers benches the pace call a timeout. and Kobe's got the Zaragoza Dan I got this. I got this again. Is Like this guy's twenty one and he's and he's composed already and they went three one up in the series and that was their first championship and Again a bit like like brought trailer saying like all right. Kobe's legit. That was the Miami familiar whereas like okay. This guy is is living up to the hype is going to be pretty exciting to see just had good. He can be when he was. The news broke that he was retiring and stuff like that and we were getting the goodbye. Kobe year there half year. Whatever it was like we were doing like top ten lists on the show and stuff like that and I remember? We did like the top ten games like Kobe Games. Like how much fun. We'd had like debating where everything goes and like what does it make the list and stuff like that but you said like there's definitely the one that team for like you said of two thousand finals. You got the game. Whenever says the sons the one thousand tons more obviously the game where he hit twelve threes guy was the one that he was not an amazing knocked down three threes in a game and an random January two thousand three game against the Sonics? MSG Sixty one the sixty two versus the mavs in the three three quarters which was wild and then of course eighty-one rappers tons on and on and on and they're so awesome. Eighty one for me because I never saw another human do it in the NBA and then no one wilted in the sixties. Obviously to one hundred but You know the eighty-one was special. Because it was it was Kobe. You know Kobe at its best I it was also sort of his downfall. The fact that he shot every single time and part of the reason why some people didn't like them but You know when you look back jacket the Waco played. Some people just can't do what he did even if they're miss shots some people just can't shoot that much. It's a little bit of the Russell Westbrook scenario that we that we're watching today and eighty one man. No one's done it so crazy that happens they were down onto the. I mean it was definitely getting some points there at the end when it was under each round win that game but they were down eighteen like in the third and he caught fire the the massive second half in that one obviously eighty one. You're going to have some massive ads for anyone. You had a few moments against the raptors to it. Actually there was a game in Toronto. Remember is another one where he had a big one at forty six after he said. Listen I only come to Canada once a year WANNA put on a show and it felt like he did that. I like that that it did mean something to because that was like Jordan type thing where I know that the kids in the stand this is the end again. They're ever going to see. I want to remember it and I and so we had that chairmanship quality about him. You know he he liked to put it on and you know in the All Star Games as well particularly those early years he liked he liked to show off in those those. MVP for sure. Speaking of that. This I remember. I found this quote when we were doing the whole. Kobe was retired and stuff. And I think it's just so perfect Michael Michael Rosenberg of SL. He said the NBA is appealing for two fundamental reasons. The artistry of the game itself and the personalities of the stars nobody of this generation honoration epitomised both like Kobe. Bryant spot on on the Lakers through like on the biggest market the biggest thing you know. That's that's the other thing to ought to live up to. That sort of a market is very very tough but he did anything else guys. I mean this we again. We're coming in here late on Sunday night will let us one. Of course breathe here on Monday. We got the. We'll get back into the swing of things. Don't you worry with daily podcast and stuff like that. And we got some specials coming up to But anything else to add. I mean I'm glad we did this. I am actually. I'm oddly feeling better than when we first sat down here. I don't know how to explain it. Maybe just smiling and talking hoops so these guys and thinking about his his career Assad is at all is it. Does it brightens you up a little bit. Yeah I loved his final game as another the thing that it'll always stick with me the warriors were going for NBA history. They were going to win their seventy third game that game that same night and nobody cared. Everybody was watching Kobe. Take fifty shots even remember who he played. It was the jazz. Nobody cares about that either. He took fifty shots scored sixty points. You might think yeah fifty shots who cares sixty points. That's Kobe Bryant man. That was what a way to go out. What a perfect way for him to go out of the NBA taken as many shots as he wants it scoring sixty points and he joked about it saying you know people are telling me like like you shoot too much on tonight shoot? They started really hot too right like he was really efficient. I I if I did see the step right early in that game in that game. Yeah Yeah Yeah well. The jets had a late to in that one. Didn't I and yeah places going in the show. The three yeah. Everybody's obviously respecting the legend. And giving him you know another half foot of space as well just shots up a two for sure all right so Yeah we're GONNA call there. I mean look our deepest condolences or obviously going out to Vanessa the entire Bryant family. Everyone everyone the Lakers Lakers organization N._B._A.. In general but Yeah that's we'll we'll you'll hear from us a little bit later this week.

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