E115: The Ypsilanti Ripper - John Norman Collins


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From her purse for the pay phone just as she's about to call her roommate and old car pulls up a handsome dark haired man rolls down the window. Does she need a ride maybe missing the bus isn't so bad after all, but what starts out as a friendly conversation quickly becomes uncomfortable. The man quotes a bible verse to scold her for having her ears pierced, then he asks if she's menstruating by now they're on a dark rural back road. She doesn't recognize she isn't even sure whether they're headed in the right direction. Suddenly the driver slams on the breaks before the woman can react. She feels the cold metal of pistol press to her forehead. He. Doesn't shoot the girl realizes he has a much longer evening in mind. I'm Greg Poulsen. This is serial killers on the parkas network. Every Monday, we dive into the minds and madness of serial killers today, we're going to peel back the layers behind the terrible crimes committed by John. Norman Collins known as the coed killer not to be confused with Edmund Kemper, a serial killer also known as the coed killer. I'm here with my co host, Vanessa Richardson. Hi, everyone at par cast were grateful for you, our listeners, you allow us to do what we love let us know how we're doing reach out on Facebook and Instagram at par cast and Twitter at par cast network. And if you enjoy today's episode the best way to help us is to leave a five star review wherever you're listening. It really does help we also now have merchandise had depar- cast dot com slash merch. For more information. John Norman Collins likely killed at least seven people in Michigan between nineteen sixty seven and nineteen sixty nine. He's best known for obstructing young women from college campuses and subjecting them to horrific torture, sometimes for days this week will cover John's early life first murders and the rising panic in his small Michigan town as police struggled to track him down next week will cover his final murders and the culmination of the investigation that led to his capture in nineteen sixty nine John Norman Collins was born John Norman Chapman in Windsor Canada on June seventeenth nineteen forty seven. He had two older siblings. Jerry and Gayle Chapman. Right after John was born his father, Richard Chapman, abandoned, the family. His mother Loretta struggled to raise three young children on her own and supported her. Family by taking a string of odd jobs after a year. She met an older man whose name is not known. They married quickly wrote. His new husband was an abusive alcoholic. He spent long hours at local bars and beat Loretta enter children when he came home, including two year old John once after becoming furious with Loretta while in the car, John stepfather grabbed two year old John out of his mother's hands and through the baby hard into the backseat about a year later when confronted at gunpoint, John stepfather grabbed three year old John and attempted to use him as a human shield. It's worth noting that John stepfather had intentionally picked a fight before the man pulled out his gun. The abuse continued for another year while the red is secretly save money. By the time John was four years old in nineteen fifty one Loretto left. Her husband and fled to Detroit with your children almost immediately after. Moving she met. William Collins, a large gruff man who helped her adjust to the new city the two married. A couple of months later, this family's new life started off happy. But the good times didn't last long William to became abusive and took to drinking late into the night. Loretta and William would sometimes go out drinking together leaving her three children in the car loan for hours while they hop from bar that made three father figures who had abandoned or abused, John and his siblings. John's mother Loretta was a victim of a cycle of abuse that can be nearly impossible to escape Vanessa's going to take over on the psychology here. And throughout the episode. Please note Vanessa is not a licensed psychologist or psychiatrist, but she has done a lot of research for the show. Thanks, greg. In addition to physical abuse Loretta suffered emotional degradation in all of her relationships. Darlene Lancer, a family therapist rights. Emotional abuses, insidious and slowly eats away at your confidence and self esteem, the effects are long term and can take even longer to recover from than blatant violence after years of abuse, Loretta self esteem was lowered to the point where she may not have felt worthy of a healthy relationship. Lancer continues quote abuse triggers feelings of shame and fears of both more abuse and abandonment in the victim, and quote, abusers often cultivates strong feelings of dependency and 'isolation in their victims, which leads to victims becoming afraid to leave the relationships exhausted and short on money, the Reta Tudor best to keep the relationship with their newest husband going, William even eventually adopted John and his siblings changing their last names to Collins, perhaps as a result of this abuse. John grew into a nervous young. Boy, he wet the bed often drawing the ire of William and had to wear diapers into his early school. Two years. He showed signs of pent-up aggression as well he wants strangled a stray cat with the clothesline. Torturing animals is one of the most commonly known early indicators of future violent behavior. Dr Gail Melton a researcher on child development rights when a child of any age shows intentional cruelty toward animals that is repeated severe and without remorse. This should be taken very seriously. Childhood animal abuse is linked to other forms of violence, and psycho pathology, John certainly didn't show any remorse and actually boasted about the incident to other students at his elementary school when early signs of emotional trouble. Like, this go untreated, it can have long lasting consequences when counselors at several federal penitentiaries evaluated inmates for levels of aggression. They found that seventy percent of the most violent prisoners had serious and repeated animal abuse in their childhood histories. As compared to six percent of non-aggressive prisoners in the same facilities that goes to show the potential damage that emotional and physical abuse can impart on children, especially children have a series of abusive father figures as role models John's life remained chaotic into his elementary school years Loretta stayed with William until John was nine years old in nineteen fifty six after she divorced. Once again, Loretta took a job as a waitress and attempted to provide some measure of stability to the lives of her children getting away from William did a lot to reduce John sayings -iety over the next few years. He became more social and well behaved by the time John was in high school. He was popular and well known around the community as a wholesome friendly. Young man every Sunday, John attended Catholic mass with his family. He maintained good grades at school and was well liked by his teachers, but his darker side would still occasionally rear its head around this time. He. He took to secretly starting small fires around his home while outwardly vivacious and sociable in one on one relationships with women. He could be moody and bizarre his high school girlfriends later described him as a strange mix between sexually aggressive and puritanical. He would occasionally fly off the handle exclusively at women without any provocation once during a school dance, John scolded, a girl and quoted the sixth commandment honor, thy father and mother when she danced too provocatively for his liking in the same year, a girl who dated John in high school called him a bondage freak for as Gress of sexual preferences. But despite flashes of pent up anger, John maintained the appearance of charming all American boy, he was the captain of his high school football team. A pitcher on varsity baseball and maintained good grades in nineteen sixty five at age eighteen John graduated. High school and started to attend nearby eastern Michigan university majoring in education, he told his family and friends he wanted to be a teacher heated well during his first semester. But when he became a member of the fate of Chi fraternity in the spring his grade started to slip, then a professor accused him of cheating out of test. And John was reprimanded. By the dean around this time. He met a fellow student named Andrew Manuel and the two started committing petty thefts together Andrews philosophy of taking whatever he wanted appealed to John and the idea of possibly getting caught the real him as the months more on the two grew bolder and bolder they stole everything from wallets jewelry to test dancers and food. Eventually John was caught stealing money from his fraternity brothers and was expelled from the Theta Chi house, his startling lack of remorse and casual attitude toward theft was revealed in a later. College English paper or he wrote if a person wants something he alone is the deciding factor of whether or not to take it, regardless of what society thinks maybe right or wrong. This might makes right mindset has been adopted by many psychopathic serial killers, for example, Richard Ramirez. The famous nights Docker wrote, quote, I am beyond good and evil. I don't believe in the hypocritical. Moralistic dogma of this so-called civilized society, and quote by claiming that they're above the rules of society. These killers are really just trying to justify their own selfish. Desires and often these justifications are made after the fact or while they plan to commit a crime in order to mask their true narcissistic motives in John's case, he showed he meant what he said in nineteen sixty six when he caught his pregnant sister in bed with a man who is not her baby's father. He flew into a violent rape. Age and lunged at the man. He beat the man unconscious and screamed at his sister calling her a whore and a tramp then he hit his sister several times until she bled. But the incident was hushed up around town and John was never charged for the assault after that John's relationship with his sister was obviously strained, but he maintained a close relationship with his mother Loretta. Meanwhile, he continued to struggle at eastern Michigan university through the rest of nineteen sixty six both academically and in terms of his personal life on campus. He had a string of short term relationships with women in his classes who later had stories about him similar to those of his high school girlfriends at first he came off as charming and confident, but as the relationships progressed, they said, he became testy sexually demanding and had strong ideas about female, purity, he never had a long term girlfriend. John hated women. With pierced ears. Because in his words, the women had left holes that defiled their bodies. He was also disgusted by the thought of women menstruating once after girlfriend informed him she was hundred period. He left her apartment in a fury. He told her. She was disgusting stormed out and didn't contact her for days afterward, his rage toward women grew throughout his time at school. He grew more controlling with his girlfriend's and became agitated if he felt they were being too friendly around other men, sometimes John's girlfriends worried he was on the verge of a full blown explosion. It was just a matter of time that time finally came on July nine nineteen sixty seven when John met nineteen year old Mary Fleischer. Mary was a fellow eastern. Michigan student studying accounting. She was a thin attractive woman who was working her way through school as an administrative assistant John spotted Mary while he. Drove around campus that night, she was going for a walk alone near her apartment complex. He drove up aside her a man who is sitting on his porch that night later told police he saw blue car driven by young man. Pull up alongside Mary the man claimed Mary and the drivers spoke briefly before Mary shook her head emphatically, according to the onlooker the car drove away after that. But pulled back around at least twice more each time. The pair talked briefly and Mary refused. Whatever the man asked for after the third time the car peeled out. And sped away. Mary continued her walk and turn to corner out of sight of the man on the porch. The man didn't see the blue car or Mary again after that police later determined that this was likely the last time anyone other than John saw Mary Fleischer alive. Mary's roommate reported her missing the following morning after she didn't show up for work Mary's parents. Were frantic. But police advised patients it wasn't out of the ordinary for college. Students to go on spontaneous trips or steal away with their girlfriends or boyfriends for a few days without informing their parents. But Mary's parents insisted she wasn't the type of person to leave town without warning besides she had left her car and all her clothes in the apartment in the end. The police didn't budge and her parents had no choice, but to eight after Mary had been missing for seventy two hours. Police finally put out a missing persons advisory for Mary's father. This was already too late. He didn't know where the feeling came from. But while he looked at a picture of Marian his living room. He was suddenly struck with a chilling certainty that his daughter was dead. He stared at the picture for a long time that night unable to shake the horrifying thought. Police did their best to piece together Mary's movements on the night of July ninth. But there was. Strating little to go on in addition to the man on his porch. They spoke to a campus police officer who had seen Mary walking away from her apartment complex, but hadn't seen the blue car with. No sign of Mary detective Lieutenant Vern Howard was assigned to the case. He examined Mary's car and apartment and interviewed her friends, but could find no clues as to where she might have gone after she had been missing a week. He took to walking along the banks of the nearby Huron river during his off duty hours searching for signs of Mary's orange polkadot sundress. It wasn't until two months later on August, seventh nineteen sixty seven but her body was finally found in the early morning, two teenagers working on a farm. A few miles north of the EMU campus heard a car door slam in the direction of an adjoining field curious as to why anyone else would be out there. So early the boys decided to investigate when they arrived at the field. The car had. Gone, but there were tire tracks leading into the underbrush near a disused farmhouse the boys followed the tracks until they began to smell something rotten right next to their feet covered by some tall grass. Was the corpse of something unrecognizable the boys were horrified? They couldn't tell exactly what they had found. But didn't dare take a closer. Look. They called the police who arrived a short time later fully expecting to find an old animal carcass. Instead what they found was the badly. Decomposed body of Mary Fleischer next John weights as a police investigation unfolds. Pair of thieves is known for its Uber. Comfortable men's underwear socks undershirts. But guess what? After two years in the making pair of these has launched their amazing underwear and Berlet collection. Plus, there's no pink tax. In fact, pair of these women's underwear are half the price of the men's underwear without compromising comfort and performance. 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Or is it each week my show not guilty examines? Controversial criminal cases and tries to determine why solid evidence doesn't always lead to a conviction. You'll discover the ins and outs of how police I investigate a case by working the scene of the crime, taking witness statements following leads and identifying possible suspects. Then you learn how the evidence collected actually plays out in the courtroom and how the jury reaches their verdict. How should we determine a person's guilt? Do we defer to the evidence discovered by police or the verdict reached by jury and what happens when the evidence and the verdict don't line up search for an subscribe to not guilty on Spotify or wherever you. Listen to podcasts. Again, search not guilty or visit park cast dot com slash not guilty to listen now. Now back to the story. The nineteen sixty seven at twenty years old eastern Michigan university student. John Norman Collins committed his first murder after ducking nineteen year old fellow student, Mary Fleischer. The autopsy found that Mary had been beaten severely and stabbed approximately thirty times in the chest. One arm was missing along with all five fingers from the opposite hand her feet had been sawed off at the ankles and the bones of her legs had been crushed the advanced state of decomposition made it difficult to determine additional information about her murder, but evidence at the crime scene revealed more based on scraps of clothing and tracks left around the farmhouse where Mary was found police determined that her body had been moved at least three times during the month that had remained undiscovered detective Howard was distraught. He was a veteran officer with nearly twenty five years on the force. But. He also had a twenty year old daughter, though, he had already expected the worst. He could barely face the Fleischer family. He was more determined than ever to catch the person responsible. Not just for the safety of the town. But for his own family as well John Norman Collins watched the news on August, seventh without Getafe police had finally found the remains of his first victim just minutes after he had finished her body. He barely had a chance to drive off before a couple of teenagers appeared in his rear view mirror. Snooping around the scene. He was terrified authorities might find something leading back to him. But after a couple of days with no police visit John relaxed. He replayed the murder and his mind over and over. It was a rush. He had never felt before he had finally found an outlet for his pent up anger. He was a little surprised to find. He felt no remorse only desire to relive the murder. Over and over again, Dr Joni e Johnston, a forensic psychologist writes, a serial murderer might fantasize about killing for years commit the first kill during a period of stress and feel an emotional release or high during the crime with this release of John's tension, he experienced a euphoria he had never felt before he couldn't help wishing he had a trophy for his morbid triumph John knew what he wanted to do. But also knew it was an unnecessary risk after a day of indecision. He finally decided he needed to see Mary one last time. On the early morning of August tenth nineteen sixty seven John arrived at more funeral home and Epsilon Michigan. A few hours before Mary's funeral was scheduled to take place. He told a funeral home employees that he was a friend of the Fleischer family and asked if he could see her body when the employees told him it would be impossible John replied, quote, you mean, you people can't fix her up enough. So I could just get one picture of her, and quote, the employees again told John no John left, the funeral home in a huff and drove away the employees notice John drove a blue car and reported the incident to police, unfortunately, the employee was unable to provide a clear description of John and couldn't be sure of the cars model. So with authorities still had little to go on and no physical evidence back at his apartment near the eastern Michigan campus, John chastised himself. He knew he had taken a. A big risk going to the funeral home and all for nothing. He told himself he needed to be careful and keep his violent loss in check. He decided from then on to satisfy himself with his memories of Mary's murder and to refrain from killing again almost a year passed with John managing to stave off his urge to kill. He took a clerical job at the student union and did his best to improve his lackluster grades, but by June of nineteen sixty eight the memories of his first victim had grown hazy. He found himself again getting angry at society and the women around him. He longed to kill again and was confident enough that by now the heat of the police investigation of his first murder had died down the tone of slanty had returned to its naturally, peaceful and quiet state. No notable violent crimes occurred in the town following Mary's murder and women once again felt safe to. Walk the streets at night on one of these nights June thirtieth nineteen sixty eight a twenty year old art student at EMU named Joan shell headed to campus bus stop. She intended to take the bus to an Arbor to visit a friend, but arrived at the stop after the bus had departed. She decided to hitchhike instead her roommate. Susan Colby who had escorted her to the bus stop tried to dissuade her but Joan was determined to visit her friend that night. Besides it was only a fifteen minute drive. One of the first vehicles to pass was a red and black Pontiac Bonneville with three young men inside some other students leaving the student union at the time saw Joan get in the Pontiac with three men despite Susan's protests, Joan promise, Susan, she would call soon as she arrived in Ann Arbor. So Susan waited and waited and waited slowly panicking at their apartment for three hours. Before she finally decided to call the police. The police told Susan to be patient and call again in the morning, if she still hadn't heard from Joan at seven thirty eight AM, Susan made the second call police filed the report and interviewed Susan to find out what she knew it had been dark, but she had seen the driver of the Pontiac. He was in his early twenties. Handsome about six feet tall and was wearing a green EMU shirt Joan disappeared only a few blocks away from where Mary Fleischer had gone missing a year before and detectives noticed the similarities Joan to was petite brunette and pretty, but they refrained from jumping to conclusions especially since Jones father had a suspicion of his own. He accused Jones boyfriend Dale Schultz of convincing Joan to run away with him. Dale was a rebellious boy one year younger than Joe he was known for being burnt out. He had dropped. Out of high school, and it was arrested for breaking and entering a year. Earlier the judge agreed to let the charges drop if Dale enlisted in the army for three year stint in the year since Dale had already gone AWOL twice both times to visit Joan needless to say her parents did not approve police contacted the army base in fort, Gordon, Georgia more Dale was supposed to be in training. The provost of the base informed. Authorities that Dale had been absent without official leave since June twenty-ninth one day before Joan went missing DALE'S family had not heard from him since he went AWOL, and none of Jones friends knew much about him. Police gave the Zeleny press permission to run a story about Joan hoping someone might call in with information after seeing her picture in the paper that night a tearful Dale called Jones. Parents he told them he had no idea where Joan was and begged for them to believe him Jones father asked. Where he was. But Dale hung up in response. Kilns father was shaken up based on the anguish in DALE'S voice. He believed that the boy also had no idea where Joan was he called the police and told them what Dale had said two days later on July fifth nineteen sixty eight construction workers in an Arbor were taking a break when they began to smell something dead. The stench was so powerful that within minutes all the workers halted their work to find the source after a few minutes of searching, they found what they were looking for. It was the body of Joan shell dumped on the side of the nearby road. Almost immediately after police caught the call from the construction workers they received another call from Dale Scholtz after going AWOL from the army and a week of hiding from police Dale turned himself in and was interrogated on July fifth nineteen sixty eight he was nervous and. Emotional police demanded an account of his recent whereabouts and strongly suspected him of killing Joan Bill confessed that he had been planning to meet show in Ann Arbor at her friend's apartment on the night of her disappearance. He had been with Jones friend for the entire night waiting for and worrying about Jone Jones friend had not told police that she had been waiting with Dale that night to protect him from punishment for going AWOL police confirmed his story and told him they had found a body matching Jones description earlier that day Dale broke down and had to be helped out of the police station. The autopsy confirmed that the body was Jones she had been raped beaten and stabbed twenty five times with a long knife. Her death was estimated to have taken place to four days before July fifth and the state of the body suggested that her corpse had been stored somewhere cool and dry prior to being dumped on the side of the road. With DALE'S alibi confirmed. Police turned their attention to the construction workers who had found the body, but they too all had solid alibis for the night of Jones disappearance once again police were left with few leads besides the vague description Jones roommate gave of the driver of the red and black Pontiac John Norman Collins watch the news nervously in the days following July fifth but managed to keep himself calmer than in the days after his first murder. He could hardly believe he had pulled it off. Again. He had worked hard to improve on his previous mistakes, his murder of Joan was less unhinged. He had stabbed her fewer times and beaten her less. He had also not tried to dismember her corpse finding during his first try that he couldn't do it properly without better tools to discourage his twisted desire to see her mangled body, again, he dumped Jones corpse in a more public place. He had plan for every eventuality. He could imagine these details. Showcase the attention. John put into preparing for his crimes, according to classification created by the groundbreaking F B I profiler, ROY Hazelwood John would be considered an organized killer. Dr Scott bond rights organized criminals, according to the classifications game are antisocial often psychopathic. But no right from wrong are not insane and show no remorse John tended to meticulously plan as murders. He waited long periods between his early killings and always avoided being seen by witnesses. He was extremely organized for the most part has planning paid off police found no usable physical evidence at the scenes of Mary and Jones deaths despite the fact that John had abducted his victims on or near a busy college campus. Nobody had any suspicions about. The handsome John Norman Collins, but thanks to dog police work that was about to change next another near-miss now back to the story. Police pounded the pavement in the weeks following Joan shells death in July nineteen sixty eight based on scriptures from witnesses. They produced a composite sketch of the driver who picked her up on the night. She went missing detectives attempted to match this catch with owners of red Pontiacs near the campus despite their best efforts everyone who matched the criteria had alibis for the night of June thirtieth nineteen sixty eight after a month the case remained open, but the number of officers working on it was reduced then in September nineteen sixty eight the police found two new witnesses who remembered seeing a girl who matched Jones description with a male student. Neither of the witnesses could save for sure because it had been dark, but they thought the man was John Norman Collins there were inconsistencies in the witnesses stories one place the pair on the street near Jones apartment at nine thirty pm. While the other insisted it had been eleven thirty pm. They also both seemed reluctant to get John and trouble both witnesses. They were probably mistaken, but the mad at more or less looked like John. John was anxious when he saw two police officers outside his door, but he wasn't unprepared ever since he had dumped Jones body. He had rehearsed his story inside and out. He took a moment to compose himself before opening the door with a warm smile. Police foam tall twenty one year old to be as charming as anything. He seemed extremely confused by the detectives questions but answered them directly and without reservation. John told them he had never met Joan and that he'd been out of town on the weekend that she had disappeared. He claimed he had been visiting his mother in the nearby town of center line. What about his car? John showed them his old Soto and new motorcycle, he said, he didn't know anyone with a red and black Pontiac police believed him for the most part, but we're left with lingering doubts. It was almost as if he was trying a little too hard to seem cool and confident while it was being questioned. After further inquiry. The detectives learned John's ankle was Sergeant David lake a respected officer in the arbiter. Police force sergeant lake vouch for his nephew. And so police abandoned the lead without confirming John's alibi still John's last words echoed in the head of one of the detectives who questioned him. I hope you catch that guy that guy police weren't even sure that the murders of Mary Fleischer Jones. Shell were connected, though, they were similar but detective put the thought out of his mind after all they had no reason to suspect John aside from some less than reliable witnesses following the visit from the police John was more nervous than ever. He still cultivated a relaxed and likable outward persona, but inside a storm was raging. He told himself to be calm and patient. He promised himself. He was done killing. It was too. Risky, and he had already been through two near misses. He was twenty one. And in the midst of his senior year, he could make it through school and start a new life as an elementary school teacher. But even as he told himself he wouldn't kill again John knew he wouldn't be able to stop. He was in too deep. The murders had given him an outlet for his rage and hatred that he couldn't find anywhere else. What concern to more was growing up tight for violence? He was having to exert more and more effort to keep himself from going out at night and finding more victims criminologist. Dr Scott bond writes, quote after committing their first murder novice serial killers, generally become obsessed with the need to kill some serial killers become bored with their original fantasy once they have actualized it. So they escalate to more elaborate or violent fantasies and an obsessive addictive pursue. Suit of a more orgasmic high and quote despite inward misgivings. John did his best to keep his worst desires at bay. He kept quiet again for nearly a year by March nineteen sixty-nine John was a quaking volcano of rage. He snapped at friends and family over the most trivial things and became increasingly withdrawn, he went out less and dropped some of the wholesome veneer. He had worked so hard to maintain. And then he saw an opportunity he couldn't resist on March eighteenth nineteen sixty nine a twenty three year old student at the university of Michigan named Jane mixer put a note on a bulletin board at the student union she needed a ride to muskegon the small town where her parents lived about three hours from the university. To her pleasant surprise, the ad was answered almost immediately by good looking dark haired boy who called himself. David hansen. She told David she needed to visit her parents to tell them that she was planning to move to New York and Mary her boyfriend David told her he was driving out that way anyway, and would be happy for the company they set off a couple of nights later on March twentieth. She had no idea she was really agreeing to go on a road trip with John Norman Collins, the Michigan murderer this time John was determined to do the deed quickly he had beaten and sexually assaulted his last two victims. But he no longer wanted to take the risk of leaving behind physical evidence. He wanted to get it over with. So he could return to his normal life he hoped that by killing Jane, he could move on or at least fight back as urges for another year to suit as numerous method. John procured a twenty two caliber pistol on the way to muskegon around midnight. He pulled over to the side of the road. And demanded Jay. Get out of the car at gunpoint. He shot her twice and strangled her with a nylon, stocking next. He shoved her body in his trunk and drove to Denton township few miles east of slanty or he dumped the body in a cemetery. The body was found the next morning by a woman who lived nearby. The autopsy determined that the girl had not been sexually assaulted, but her tights had been lowered to her ankles and her legs were spread prominently. Displaying her tampon despite the differences between Jane's murder and the two previous unsolved cases the location led investigators to tentatively connect the three together. Unfortunately for police John had once again, escaped the notice of any potential witnesses her boyfriend knew she was getting a ride to muskegon but had neglected to ask who she was riding with. And even if he had John ever organized had. Given Jane a fake name locals around Denton township hadn't seen much suspicious activity on the night of March twentieth. Either the woman who discovered the body said she saw white station wagon park near the cemetery late at night. But didn't know the make of the car and hadn't seen anyone inside. Some teenagers. Also told police they had seen a station wagon at an unknown time during the night, but swore it was green. Not white police searched Jane's dorm room and found an appointment in her calendar for six thirty pm on the night. She appeared the name David Hanson was written next to the time. And the address for David Hanson was underlined in her phone book. The address was for a fraternity house a block away from her dorm police raided the frat house during a party on the night of March twenty first nineteen sixty nine after the police shut down the party. They were told the David wasn't at the house. He was performing an play at the true. Blood theater on campus. After further inquiry. A fraternity brother said that the house had gotten a call from a woman the previous night looking for David. She claimed he had promised her a ride to muskegon, but was thirty minutes late to meet her police perked up at this information. But their hopes were quickly dashed, again, the brother explained that she must have had the wrong, David Hanson. He was performing the play every night that week the alibi was confirmed soon after police wed another dead end. Meanwhile, John Norman Collins paste frantically around his apartment he was rapidly approaching the end of his rope. It hadn't worked after killing Jane mixer. He still felt the same unbounded rage. The gun the speed of it all it hadn't been enough. He still wanted to hit something to hurt someone else. He wouldn't be able to keep his desires and check for another week much less than other year. He. New now, his twisted urged for violence wasn't going to go away with time. He was only going to get worse. John only waited three days after killing Jane mixer before striking again and viciously. He picked up sixteen year old high school student, Maryland skeleton outside of a drive in restaurant in an Arbor on March twenty second nineteen sixty-nine Maryland was hitchhiking. She was young but had gotten into using hard drugs and even selling them local police had used her as an informant a couple of times when they needed information about the local drug activity when Marilyn's body was found three days later, it was in a worse state than any of the previous Michigan murderer's victims one investigator who had worked for the police department for thirty years described the scene as the worst he had ever seen. The autopsy revealed that Maryland had been beaten severely with a heavy blood instrument in the face and chest her shirt had been. Stuffed into her throat to silence her screams. There were marks on her lower body that investigators determined were from a leather belt signs on her wrists and ankles suggested she had been tied up. Worst of all it was clear. She had been raped using a branch from a nearby tree. The marked increase in savagery was shocking to detectives initially. They suspected the murder had been committed by a new culprit with Maryland's criminal history, including arrest only a month prior for selling drugs to other high school students. Authorities reason the murder might be drug related or committed at the hands of one of her customers, but initial investigations proved that prospect unlikely after interviewing Maryland's boyfriend and her known associates police determined they all had verifiable alibis in addition all of them agreed to take voluntary polygraph tests and passed none of them. It seemed had any information about. Her murder once again at a loss. Police turn to the public for help. They created a special hotline where the public could call in with tips relating to the murder of Maryland or any of the other three unsolved cases within a week. They had eight hundred tips most were unhelpful, but a few provided more information about Maryland's whereabouts in the hours before her murder. She had been spotted at a house party and out shopping alone the day before the most common tip speculated about the motive behind her death many callers passed along the rumor that her murder was retaliation by other drug dealers because they had gotten wind of her role as a police informant. This seemed unlikely to police Maryland was a small time dealer and didn't provide any direct information which led to arrests or police action. No stone was left unturned though. And investigators thoroughly explored each lead in the backs of their minds. Some officers were. Starting to get worried the increase in brutality made the police feel the situation was reaching a crisis point. Meanwhile, the atmosphere around Solanki was steadily deteriorating for young women had been murdered in the past twenty one months. What had started as nervous whispers was developing into citywide panic women refuse to go outside after dark without a group of chaperones and the Michigan murder tip line continued to buzz night and day with new callers, the media further encouraged the frenzy by repeatedly calling on police to catch the co Ed killer as he was now being called John watch the reaction with interest, but not excitement he had no desire to become notorious, nor did he want to take on any unnecessary risk. His only motivation now was to kill next week will continue to delve into John's brutal killing spree. And the many attempts by police to catch him. John would soon cement himself as one of the most brutal and infamous serial killers in American history. Thanks again for tuning into serial killers. If you want to listen to any previous episodes of serial killers, you can find them on apple podcasts. 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