The Mueller Report Is Coming! Soon!


With over two million Americans suffering from opioid addiction. Walmart is taking action to help communities across the country by limiting certain non chronic prescriptions to a seven day supply and requiring e prescriptions for controlled substances by twenty twenty to help tackle the crisis and save lives. Learn more at WalMart dot com slash prevention. Woken the point four Wednesday February the twentieth. It's my birthday twenty one years young. I'm Chris cillizza cutting through the political spin to bring you the news, you need to know where we got big news and CNN broke it, and that is that Robert Muller's report could be filed to attorney general Bill bar as soon as next week and that bar would look to expedite that report. Then being forwarded to congress in the near future all of which suggests that yes, Robert Muller is nearing the end of this almost two year investigation. What does he know? Well, we already know a lot of things number one. There's been a slew of charges filed. There have been thirty nine entities and people charge. There have been seven people have pleaded guilty. There have been four people have been sentenced to prison. There's been one Paul Manafort who was convicted by a jury of his peers and found guilty so allots Ardy happened. The real question here is what if anything does. Color have that hurts Donald Trump perks. Donald Trump junior hurts Jared, Kushner or other senior members of the Trump world that have not yet come under the public scrutiny. At least of what Muller knows another question. Here is how much of this report. Do we get to see so Bill bar in his confirmation hearings to be Torney general was very vague about his willingness to release the mole report? He said that he would do everything he could under the law to be transparent. Well, everything he could under the law is very vague way. To think about this thing Trump has essentially said, look it's up to Bill bar Kellyanne Conway interview with Chris Cuomo on Tuesday night said we might never even see the report there may not be a report not really totally sure what to make of that. I do think that the Trump administration could find itself in between a rock and a hard place here on the one hand not releasing the majority of the report would make them look guilty on the other. If the report is damning for Trump or Trump junior or someone else in the Trump orbit that we don't know about. Releasing the report could be hugely politically and maybe legally problematic while our long national. I don't know if I'd call it a nightmare, but our long national inquiry is almost over maybe by next week or the week after we'll know something maybe everything about what. Bob Muller knows. That's news. You need to know for this Wednesday, February the twentieth for much more. Please check out my daily Email newsletter. Do it as a birthday present for me? Sign up at CNN dot com slash the point. You can also subscribe to this podcast at Stitcher. Spotify apple podcasts or wherever you choose. To get your podcast. You also choose to call it up on your masonic. Oh, poor Google home device. Hey, Sekou Smith here from the hang time podcast. Join me, and my main man John Shuman every week as we break down, the latest, NBA, news and storylines with. Yes. From around the league, be sure to subscribe to NBA hang time on apple podcasts. Spotify an NBA dot com slash podcast for new episodes every Monday and Thursday this season.

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