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Best Of: Stan Van Gundy On MLB & NBA


Stugatz here here's the deal. When it comes to insurance state farm sets the bar they make everything about the process easy. You can manage your coverage. Pay Your bill or file a claim from the palm of your hand. Thanks to the state farm mobile APP which was awarded. Best Insurance Mobile APP two thousand and nineteen they truly care with nineteen thousand local agents. They are able to get to know. You provide options that fit your personal needs but most importantly you can rely on state farm to give it to you straight just helpful advice and the answers you need when you need that so when you want the real deal on insurance go and stay for like a good neighbor state farm. Is there data laboratory woodstock got show? Podcast is presented by capital one. This is banking reimagined. This is the Dan LE. Batard show with Stugatz podcasts. Do I want to get to this bat? Blade crazy story involving Sammy Watkins. It was written by bleacher report. We will get it with the author who wrote it at eleven. Am Eastern Sammy. Watkins one of the Best College wide receivers. I've ever seen goes to. Buffalo is a bit of a bust goes to Kansas City. It works out fine and now he is giving opinions. That are really counterculture. Really unusual asked Chris cody to give me a one sheet. A one sheet condensing the most interesting things in the article and Stugotz. What he sent me was longer than the article. He sent me so many details. So many bullet points that were longer than the article because condensing isn't a strength with him and also there's that much in there that's rich and different but we will get to that in a second. The first thing that we have get to is billy wants to celebrate house to God's owned all of Espn yesterday during the dry desert of content time. Potty rose up I also WanNa Talk to God's about how much trouble he got into it he. Spn forgetting Tom Brady but not going. Through whatever their proper labyrinth of protocols is because you know someone in the NFL department is having their head pop off because they wanted to ask. Tom Brady unimportant question. I didn't get into any trouble as far as I know because no one reached out to me not a single person. Nobody reached out to me about Tom. Brady yesterday no except for you. Mike Golic Junior. Mikey see and a couple of other people other than that. Not a pete are named about a half dozen people while saying nobody reached out to you but a Stugatz was offended that no one complimented him on while while also bearing his producer and questions about why it is that we got Tom Brady before mighty the rest of Mighty. Espn got Tom Brady. I will say this Stugatz was keeping it even for me because he was afraid that if anyone at ESPN got it that they would get in there and they would nuke the ability of stupidity to do it. I that was something that you are calculated and hiding it from. Espn and for me. I want to be very very clear. I am not offended that no one reached out to me yesterday. I am perfectly fine that no one reached out to me yesterday. I was expecting. Maybe someone one of our bosses to say. Hey that boy. Good Job Friday night. You stayed home you got Tom Brady. Of course we're all staying home right now but I was not the least bit offended that no one reached out to me and I did sit on news. I don't know the protocols okay. All I do is generate content and when my producer decides to release it. That's when he decides to release it. I don't know I don't know any of these rules do you do you. Do you do know the protocols you know the rules. You say you don't know the rules in order to break the rules. I didn't realize the Hashtag one team you sent me was serious today. Regardless Billy's got billy's got some thoughts on ESPN and basically STU got yesterday dominating ESPN. The worldwide leader in sports finally reached the biggest platform in sports stupidity. Bigger THAN OPRAH BILLY. What were your thoughts as you saw this mushroom cloud on television it had me smiling from ear to ear just seeing nine. I understand that it's a desert right now and probably sportscenter will take just about anything. I'm surprised Greg Norman interviews. Didn't that up on sports editor. But but I was really happy for Stu gods yesterday because the whole goal of this entire ship is to use my obnoxious strident journalism credentials. So that God's at the end could be at the top of the worldwide leader in sports. Scurry UP MY BACK. And plag- PLANT IS FLAG OF STUPIDITY. Which doesn't have a flag. It's just a poll in the back of my head because he has conquered all of the gas bags in sports journalism yesterday. Stugatz was on top. What were your thoughts? Billy STILL GUTS. Own the day yesterday and like you said it was great seeing and hearing that. Clip from stupidity. Run all over sportscenter in everywhere. Now it's kind of a testament to what's going on right now that they were able to get a clip out of the botany plate at work. Because I don't hear the whole body but it was a very brief interviewed now in terms of protocol. I think it was basically. It'd be stupid to your Tom. Brady is not going to be on. Espn anywhere so they're happy with just getting. Tom Brady is potty. Here's where I think that they did you wrong. Stu Gods if anyone else would have had a sit down with. Tom Brady and Chris to actually to a certain extent. They would've been on sportscenter talking about time with Tom. Brady was before he started. I mean anytime kinds interviews. Anyone that we're GONNA be like needed for myles Garrett say about this and that and no one talks to us about Tom. Brady was doing so in that. You know. Even Chris Cody could been sportscenter yesterday talking about his time with Tom Brady and they didn't ask them. I think that I am willing to take on this crusade even if it even if it means we are steamrolling meaning times where we are actively jealous of the amount of promotion and publicity that she is getting while nobody at. Espn helps us with any of that stuff like at all. No there's nobody. There helps us with any shop. Where are your biggest digital property? No help from you guys. I mean I spent a segment yesterday saying how I've learned more talking about football with meaning than anyone at the network wondering the Monday night. Football booth not a peep about my brady interview for Miyakawa. Just update nothing. No you're elsewhere. Do you have something else here. Billy or you just waving your hand in front of your face because you're backing away from the microphone because you don't want any part of my feuding with ESPN over meantime getting more publicity than we do. Let's just clarify this for a moment. I picked his out of a hat. That was a shot at and use that as a screen board for you to be going after whoever over me to sort of feel like a shot you said any. They interview at times interviews. Anybody they put her all over the net. What's to Gods and Christianity? Let's just say that. Tom Brady landed on the wrong platform. Landed in the wrong hands. That fair and I'm okay with that. It landed in my hand at that comes to the abbey disappointment of many at this network. I apologize you take Tom. Brady get them where you get them and I happen to be hope Friday night when he was walking off. Some of the golf course and I was more than happy to spend seven Mediocre Minnesota. I Love I love Justin data. You describe it. It's so perfect that he won you over in seven mediocre two decades since the jets. Man Tony I'm sorry. I side swiped their by saying that. Bristol has given us no help. You've been a part of our show for many many months now Chris. What can you tell us about the Sammy Watkins Article? We're going to have the author tyler done on with us an hour but now that you've done all of the research and every paragraph is more unusual than the one before it. What were your takeaways from the article will it was a roller coaster of emotion. It starts out and you think this is a comedy act. I'm reading this. I'm like what kind of articles is going to be. You read the first couple of paragraphs and you're like okay. This is. This is a comedy walk in saying that he keep possibly playing football as a horse as a dog as a dinosaur. So I'm like okay. This is going to be fun and Wacky and then it gets a little sad and then he talks about how depressed he was when he was in Buffalo. He's drinking every night literally every night. Just very depressed and then and then he finds himself. He spent six months just in a in his room. Not Talking to anybody. Studying every religion he can find and then he comes out on the other end and he's found some Spirituality that has led him to a path where he's happy he's he's all. His teammates love his energy. He has a relationship with Andy Reid he was very like. I'm just GonNa keep going the articles crazy. And then he talks about his his contract situation with the chiefs. He's very open is demands and I it took me forever to read it because it's the longest article ever but it's very interesting. It seems to have ended in a place where he's found himself a put it on the pole. Guillermo at Lebatardshow. Would you drink every night if you were in Buffalo at Lebatardshow Sammy? Watkins believes in reincarnation. And he's searching and you know that I love the eccentric guys. I love the guys who are willing to be out there with their vulnerability. One of the things I WANNA to get into with you guys in the next segments to God says the Jerry Seinfeld has a new special out and it's really testing the boundaries of what I have said about comedy not aging. Well he's sixty five. It's surprising to see him. Be Able to literally be on the floor physically and get off the floor quickly at sixty five years old to do this comedy routine and of course it now has its haters and its detractors because surprise putting something creative in the world risks not everyone applauding in fact. It's kind of the point. I don't know there is no courage in criticizing the creative. There's only courage in creating the creative and then trusting that vulnerability over to others but I wanNA talk about what I have seen of Seinfeld special next after you update people on what's going on in sports. Espn radio is presented by progressive insurance. The last dance concludes this Sunday at nine PM Eastern on. Espn good morning. Finney immediately after the show wears listened to the wrap up podcast hosted by Jalen and Jacoby the after show presented by state farm and. At and T. The Gaza will be joined by Director. Jason Air to talk about this week show behind the scene. Stories of the making of the episode. Subscribe that Jalen and Jacoby the after. Show at Apple podcasts. Or wherever you listen to podcasts. Here's your sports. Interrupdate participates on a board of governors call with NBA. Commissioner Adam Silver Left. The virtual meeting feeling increasingly positive about the league's momentum towards a resumption. Play this season. Meanwhile at informal politic in by the National Basketball Players Association showed overwhelming support for any plan. That has this season resuming in a safe way at finally spotify has launched the Beta version of its newest feature for premium subscribers called group sessions which allows a host present day scandal code to as many gas with a premium account given all users control over the ability to play. Pause skip and selector Ed as specific Song to collect collective playlist the all in challenge fundraising initiative continues to offer exciting sports experiences that you could bid on or enter to win. And it's all to support or his Asian providing food to those in need Dana White and actress Halle Berry are teaming up to provide the ultimate. Ufc experience the Allah. Challenge the where we'll go to Las Vegas. Ufc pay per view event of their choice. Meet Dana White had dinner with Halle Berry and they're watched the fight with her from Dana White seats and that's not all the winner also getting private training session with UFC legends. You can enter to win this sweepstakes of one hundred percent of the money raised will benefit organization providing food to those in need if you like to participate or learn about how these organizations can help visit all challenge dot com today for all the latest information doing the sportscenter on. Espn radio all throughout the author of this Sammy. Watkins article for bleacher report. Tyler done is GonNa join us in a half hour. If you've not seen the story he will condense it for you and it is as unusual and interview as you will find anywhere in sports. Usually guys with alternative beliefs. Don't express them while they're still playing. That is not a normal usual thing in the antiseptically Shea of the locker room. It was A. You're going to be shocked that I read this. But it was it was it was very well written. I thought had like the right tempo and the right urgency attached to a story. Like this. And I'm telling you Dan I have been inside for so long that I am willing to go down just about any path. I am not ruling out what Sammy. Watkins is telling me in terms of dimensions knowing things and we're constantly dying and coming back to life. I am not ruling anything out at this point. Agai. That's all right. Thank you for saying it. Do you have any idea what you said when you said that. The article had the right urgency. I felt like whenever Sammy was saying I feel like the author wrote it in a way and just words. Yeah just they were just words to say very good. Tyler. Done is GonNa join us at eleven o'clock eastern billy. What do you have for me on this subject? Did you just feel bad for because billy I gotTA BE HONEST? Your face is a helpful Q. For me in terms whenever you make a face. If you've smelled something bad it makes me extra. Listen because I want to. I want to remember what it is to. God said. I'm curious. Was that reaction to struggled saying. The article had the right urgency. I don't even know what that means. I feel bad during this. Stu Gods which gives me permission trip you through. I don't believe that he read. It might theory hinges on the fact that he did a reply to the email. Where you ask for a one sheet asking for Chris to send the same one sheet which would mean that. He didn't need to read it right while. So that's that's a fair point. I've earned that billy but I read it last night. Retention is not a straight and so. I knew I was going to need that one sheet as a refresher from Chris now. Christie rewrote the article. So it's not really I don't want to read it again but I did read it so I mean and I'm telling you right tempo. Proper amount of urgency other than good job of the right I had Okay very good so anyway. Just words. Words words also words and words and words and words in advance auto parts and words The thing that I wanted to get into here with us to God's because I felt bad for someone yesterday and the baseball discussion happening right now. It's interesting to see the owners of baseball. Who Don't actually get to play games. But they're games are negotiating contracts. Their Games are winning at business to sort of change around their original proposal in order to make the players look bad for possibly causing a work stoppage while they're bred lines and unemployment rates are historic and it feels like the Great Depression make. The baseball players look greedy. This is how the owners play this game. You don't have to take a side on this one year allowed to say well. The owners are losing their fans so they should ask for. Pay Cuts the way the Governor. Cuomo is telling him to take pay cuts and I understand if you said that I would get if you would protect the business owners. Right to protect the business. Even as I don't understand and won't ever understand why so many of you end up calling the player selfish while you yourself are being selfish wanting baseball back and while you yourself for labor and you don't side with Labour but here's why I felt bad for your buddy mark to share it. Did you see what happened to him? Whatever all right so to share it comes out and he says publicly. I think it was on get up. He says that he thinks the player should play for pennies on the dollar. And this of course is going to be met by the Sports Fan with a great deal of applause but it might not be met by the player with a great deal of applause for example brandon. Mccarthy this is the problem when you do the thing that makes everyone pay attention when to share a says. The baseball players should play on pennies on the dollar. They basically should inherit more risk and less money more more health. Risk AND LESS MONEY BRANDON. Mccarthy reminds you by going through to share his history he reminds you. Texts was this by twitter. Tex was quite possibly the most pro union player I came across in my career and then this is what Mike sure the creator of parks and REC and a huge baseball fan says and this is the part that made me feel feel bad for to share to share was drafted in one thousand nine hundred ninety eight asked for too much money turned it down then he was drafted fifth in two thousand and one would have been fourth but everyone knew he was asking for so much money phillies didn't even bother then. He made two hundred thirteen million dollars. So sure says this is all fine of course put also zip it proving yet again that there is a little stugatz in everyone so so when this happens your thoughts are what because it's real easy for him to tell others pennies on the dollar. He's no longer playing and he's already made two hundred and thirteen million dollars worth of pennies right. Now listen I know markup friendly with more mark was also never faced with a pandemic like this so I have no earthly idea how. He would have responded or how we would've acted had he been faced with a pandemic like this and in terms of the money that he asked for listening. You don't know unless you ask but I will say this okay. I will say this any major league baseball player. Who DOES NOT WANNA play for less money? Who DOES NOT WANNA risk health and harm to his own to his own. Body does not want to leave his family or loved ones behind to go play baseball for our amusement and our enjoyment. I am totally fine with that. Totally okay with that. Just accept the other side of it. You're not going to get paid it terms a plane for pennies on the dollar. No if you'RE GONNA play baseball they should pay you properly for playing baseball in the middle of a pandemic putting yourself at risk leaving your loved ones behind to do so if indeed that is the case. I do find perpetually interesting the way this stuff ends up going Stugatz because you've got the Illinois governor saying he's disappointed with Major League baseball players holding out for more money when quote. Everyone is sacrificing. And I just think that this ignores in a way that is really borderline intellectually dishonest that these people are partners on collectively bargaining their contracts. If the people in our audience had leverage they use it like if they had a choice if they had the privilege of partnership with their bosses they use it but most of us don't have that privilege we love to take it away from others. Though I'll tell you somebody else I feel bad for next. Geico knows there are many reasons why you ride from the Camaraderie of the other bikers band of brothers always there for you rain or shine to the amazing savings you get with. Geico on your motorcycle insurance and accessories coverage all year round but for butting cornhill. 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Has You covered more progressive commercial dot com tune into the conclusion of the last this Sunday nine pm Eastern on ESPN and let's to the wrap up podcast hosted by Jalen and Jacoby immediately following the broadcast presented by State Farm and at and T. available wherever you enjoy your podcast tyler. Done a blue report wrote the article about Semi Walk Ins. GonNa join us in just a minute. Here's your sportscenter center update Arizona Governor. Doug Ducey has opened the door for professional sports to return to the state without fads the NC double A. won't mandate or oversee a uniform return to college sports. Ncwa president Mark Ambert said Tuesday leading decisions on star dates to state officials and university president and finally a woman who allegedly entered yellowstone national park illegally. Yesterday was trying to back up to take a photo what she fell to a hot spring at the old faithful geyser. She was life flighted to Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center at had serious birds. Try to update that one for you. Sports is brought to you by blue EMU. From one of America's most trusted brands they knew maximum strength arthritis pain relief cream. I love it. I use it all the time. Blue EMU maximum arthritis pain relief. Cream is now greasy deep penetrating Ed. It's odor free. Don't join paints drake up reach for blue EMU maximum arthritis creed for onlays headlines and information tune in sports center on. Espn radio all throughout the day. Before we get to the meat of this article the interesting stuff. The unusual stuff about Sammy Watkins. I WANNA talk to the author Tyler done of bleacher report about what he thought going into. This like what was the journey going to look like. What did he intend on doing? When it started with Sammy Watkins and was he surprised by where it ended up going because best articles like these guys. You followed the subject where he wants to go to the places of his interest and you find the best stuff as opposed to going into it with a preconceived notion and then trying to right before. You've actually talked to the person I would imagine even if Sammy gave you the gist of it sitting down with Zambian and actually hearing it come out of his mouth. You're still stunned by it. I would imagine all right well. Let's find out tyler. Bleacher report joins US now on. Espn radio thank you for doing so. So which way did it go tyler? Explain to us how it is that you started this journey. No doubt Dan. Did you just kind of nailed it really on this relationship kind of goes back to when I was at the Buffalo News covering the bills and in two thousand fifteen the first conversation. I had sandy walk. It's actually He he commanded the ball ten times the game so the bills. They're making themselves look bad making him look bad and Lo and behold he was right they started getting the ball and he performed. That was kind of a the one moment of joy for through some pretty deep depression in Buffalo. But we just gotTa kept in touch Did a story on him when he was in L. A. and then down in Miami during the Super Bowl. We know all the players are available at all those tables in the hotel where they where they stay just got caught up just kind of BE S. We're talking and he just said. Hey you know I I feel an energy here. I feel if I WANNA get together once the season ends and I kinda thought. He was talking mostly about all the rubble behind in in buffalo with with being down and the depression and I know there was there was something there I heard that no you might have had a drinking problem or was partying and there was a little bit more to everything. He was dealing with You know in addition to the football problems but yeah. There's no way that I expect him to go all the direction he did We got together to save restaurant around Orlando Bar Restaurant. It'd be easy and We just started talking. He just like you kind of put there and you just follow along stream apparent this and try to buckle in and then hold on tight was he self medicating because he had not yet learned how to identify as a young male with what depression looks like. And feels like yeah? I'm not the roots of that. You know in terms of the self medicate. That's that's hard to tell. I think it was that combination of his step or other getting taken away involved in a huge Rico racketeering case in his hometown and was not getting the ball and seeing the Odell Beckham of the world blow up in the same draft that it was all off the drinking and you know destroying his body. I mean he made that connection himself that it was it was pretty self inflicted and I just think kind of one thing led to the other. He didn't really just take a deep breath and recognize and realize he was doing a lot of this tool itself and all the pressure back home kind of weighed on them. So you know after the third foot injury after cried in the arms of this position coach and just decided to basically locked himself in his room and just fall down every row the could learn about every religion learn about the universe about four dimensions. That just just challenge his mind like he never did before just to figure out. Like what the heck am I doing this planet like why? Why am I here? I mean he was really asking themselves asking myself. These really deep questions and And Yeah I I know a lot of this stuff like seem wild and ridiculous and insane a lot of people but you know He. He believes a lot of this stuff and it helped him get out of that. This really really dark place. Tyler. How do you come off to you? Was IT COM CRAZY SANE? Like you're there with them. How do you come off to you calm? I mean you know? There were a couple of moments there when he's talking about darkness and demons and seen Dak whatever. The form of that death was early on when he was researching a little too far but unbelievably Tom. Smiling chuckle here and there but as we wrote I mean he said again and again. I'll I'll put this on my kids in terms of that. Jacksonville game and making defenders just freeze in place as the playing out of body in terms of maybe his his soul leaping into the body of another player again and again and it just Kinda took all these just wild directions but you know his teammates said they don't just like write him off as if Crazy uncle you know in the locker room I mean he once you're in you're in and sitting down with felt. David is talking about teleportation and the fact that he witnessed somebody teleport and he might be an alien spaceship. It's he has that affect. You know I think it our conversation and you know he s. He put you kind of feed off energy. He feeds off good energy to the bed. So and that transfer of energy you just try to Kinda right along with it all. I mean he had me thinking about auto body your instance that that I had. And he's like all right now. Imagine that moment being like that all the time I can control my body from the outside. So yeah there's a lot going on here and and he's like he's still working on it he can't he's other dimensions quite yet but he believes you feel dense this for us please tyler. Don with US bleacher report. He's written an article in which Sammy. Watkins has a whole host of unconventional beliefs. Go ahead and give me in the next ninety seconds for the people who have not read the article what you is. The author believed to be the most unusual thing. Som- you've gotten to some of them that Sammy. Watkins believes ooh. Good question. I would say the ability to manifest outcomes in his dreams that and that converts that point of the conversation started with him telling me that I'm dyin right now over and over and I don't even know it and I said what are you talking about. Sammy said well when you go to sleep. You're not just sleeping. You're somewhere else. And he believes through the asteroid around whom you can go there and play a football game before that game is played in our physical bodies the next day and he gave an example the AFC championship game. That hundred fourteen yard game. He said that was played out before he went out. There and Yeah I mean I think what's important to remember guys only this is this. Is Sammy Watkins on the other side? I I've got a lot of messages like is he mentally. Okay is is the filters yard needs help. I mean he is in the best mental state mental place mental space. I've ever seen him back to those Buffalo Days Again. Tyler done with us on. Espn radio not to be disappointed by your answer. But in terms of him thinking he's been a horse playing football. There's a whole lot of stuff. You could have gone to their winter in just as interesting as the dream world. You're allowed you're allowed to revise your answer or elaborate if you'd like because if you want to give people the bullet points on the unusual things. I think the people who have not read the article would have good reason to read it. Because there's a lot in there or dinosaur. Think that when he can manifest the sun he'll come back and live through his son one day. There's a lot there. There's there's a lot there no doubt and you know I I think he he really does. Yes we've been reincarnated back and forth. You already have tyler. Thank you for being with us. We appreciate it Sir and thank you it real quick to in research for this. I enjoyed your conversation with Mike Tyson. Back a few years back talking about entering dimension so There's there's a Lotta time pack there. There's always spreads it's the surface. Thank you Sir Tyler Don of bleacher report. You should check out the article. It is interesting. It's somebody WHO's trying to think differently and doesn't appear to care what you think about the fact that he thinks differently. Which makes me a sammy. Watkins Fan just for that by itself. If you missed any of our interviews. But he's checking on demand the Damn Guitar. Show podcast brought to you by capital Wa with capital one. You could open a new checking or savings account with no fees or minimums. Welcome the banking reimagined capital one. What's in your wallet? Approval require capital one and a member. Fdic data time for straight talk. It is brought to you by straight. Talk Wireless Stan Van. Gundy going to join us here in about ten minutes Bret Michaels GONNA join us at twelve thirty eastern. You mentioned it is time for straight talks to God and I thought that Charles. Barkley gave it to me gave it to us as he always does earlier this week when he wondered something that I wonder. Why more isn't being made of what I'm about to say Jerry? Krause the general manager of the Bulls featured in the last dance the late Jerry. Krause can't defend himself and I do believe that part of what's happening here is with Michael Jordan and with the audience is physically. It is just so very easy when he is surrounded by the statuesque people who are the height of human athletic achievement. To Make Fun of this person and the thing that Barkley said that I found interesting and I'm curious what you think of this and I'm curious why it's happening is right in the middle of all ten parts of this series. Jerry Reinsdorf is the guy with the money Jerry. Reinsdorf is the reason that those teams didn't stay together because Jerry Reinsdorf as the last voice could have kept everyone together. Jerry Krause got that job at least in part because he was the punching bag for Jerry Reinsdorf and I just love the revisionist history on sticking him in the middle of the documentary as someone whose voice is of altruism when he says I gave Michael three million dollars while he wasn't playing. You did get your open. He'd come back and continue the money machine going for you forever. It's the best investment that you ever made paying him three million dollars while he was away from the game but the idea that the documentary doesn't just a visceral a dead man. The idea that the guy who still alive right in the middle of it should be getting some hard questions. About why the hell? He didn't do what needed to be done to override the power of his general manager. Who's getting crucified? It's because he knows he's the one responsible for it and the remaking of the story protects them in a way more than it should because he has been a mom and pop owner who cuts costs for a long time and he did it with one of the greatest teams ever assembled and the greatest athlete ever assembled in that Docu series. Reinsdorf tells the story of how he asked many people about Jerry. Krause and not a single person had a single good word to say about Jerry. Krause and yet he's still hired him to be the general manager of the bowls. I think in large part because he could control Jerry. Krause he could tell Jerry Krause what to do. But you're right. Those questions should be aimed at REINSDORF. And they're not at least Reinsdorf can give you answers cross obviously cat but then it is puzzling to a lot of people why would not fight order to keep a team who had won six eight years. I would have one. Eight eight years would not fight harder with the owner. He won't stop talking about how often you fought harder with your boss. Like what are you doing for Michael Jordan? I feel like you fight with your boss. Like when you're fighting to keep Michael Jordan around and I feel like that's a fight worth fighting I do. I mean you don't feel often but Jordan I would the thing that people don't seem to understand is that Jerry Krause was better at his job than Jerry. Reinsdorf is up and the idea. Well you say no doubt but I think this documentary is leaving. That doubt all over the place. It's placing that doubt in your lap again and again while again celebrating the dude in the middle of it who can't shut up about wanting to be in the center of it when he's the one who broke it up it's hard to ignore because the Docu series is essentially about Jordan. So it's hard to ignore all the footage they have of Jordan taking shots at Jerry crass but I do feel like if you're attention the DOCU series has gone out of. Its Way to point out that he got him. Scotty pippin that he got him. Horace GRANT THAT ENDED UP GETTING TONI. Kukoc who ended up being a good player that ended up getting Steve Kerr Dennis Robin and all of these guys have free agency. They really surrounded Jordan with the party needed to finally win some tiles. Feel like they've done a decent job of that. But your log report is so right. Your anger should be directed Jerry. Reinsdorf it shows Michael. Jordan's I mean it's not my point to be clear it's Charles Barkley's agree with it because he's absolutely right. I'm sure Stan Van Gundy has some interesting opinions on this. We'll get to him next straight. Talk brought to you by straight talk wireless no contract no compromise. Espn radio is presented by Progressive Insurance Navy. Federal Credit Union has a mission to put members. I by making their financial goals. The priority learn more navyfederal dot org and join. Today's Dan Gundy. Do I miss him? He is going to join us here. Just a minute. Here's your sportscenter update Arizona Governor. Doug Ducey has opened the door for professional sports to return to the state without fads the NC double A. will not mandate or oversee. A uniform returned to college sports. Ncw President Mark Amarin said Tuesday leaving decisions on star dates to state officials and university presidents. Ed finally there have been rumors that arch nemesis saying that right of them. Katy Perry at Taylor Swift. Have a collaboration on the way sports center brought to you by blue. Emu. From one of America's most trusted brands comes a new maximum strength arthritis pain relief cream. Blue EMU maximum arthritis pain. Relief Game is not greasy deep penetrating end. It's odor free. It's fantastic Doa. Joy Page. Strike you out reach for Blue. Emu. Maximum arth rightous green for all the latest headlines IT Information Dude in the sports center on. Espn radio I miss him to Stugatz. The audience misses him. Stan van Gundy was the executive. We had in our weird Stable but he has gone now off to bigger and better things. We appreciate his time. Here I have a number of different questions for him but if you've been listening to us for a long time you know Stan loves baseball. I think is much as basketball. So let me start here with what's going on with the players and the owners and that negotiation stand and thank you for making the time for us. What from afar. Have you made of the idea that now the governor of Illinois and a whole bunch of other people are saying that baseball players need to make sacrifices when it comes to the amount of money they get for risking playing in the coming future? Yeah I'm on just always amazed when Organizations have a impact between millionaire players in billionaire owners. That fans seem to always be on the side of the owners. I mean that. That's just really has always amazed me so it's just more of interest to me that the players will be characterized as greedy but the billionaire owners. Who can survive losses better than anyone? Don't dip the same animosity from fans I mean. I don't know where all come from. It's just funny doesn't start with the owner's interest aligned with the fans interest so the fan can claim the players selfish while not noticing that the fan him or herself is being selfish by just wanting their games back well but I can understand wanting to game back but I don't understand why the left doesn't go to the owners and just say hey it's the players we wanna see. Pay Pay Them. We did what we don't care about you guys pay of. But they don't they they turn on the players as if the players of greedy and I just I don't know what's right or wrong maybe it's somewhere in the middle but it's just interesting to me every time. I've seen this whether it's been the NBA lockout or baseball wassels. Windfall went through it. It's it's always the players are greedy and and it's never turned on these billionaire. You know the business have all this money that Syria with them. I I just I don't get it. I don't see how the average fans interest is more allying with ownership than it is with the work stand in this particular case the fan. I don't view it as much as citing. They do fans. Don't really care they just WANNA see. Baseball wants feel good in their lives and the baseball players control whether or not they're going to play of owners. Have you know have a position in that but the fans really don't care it's not siding with ownership it signing with. Hey figure it out get out there and play because I am home. I am miserable. And then there's a lot of Fan Standard would say. Hey I'd play any sport right now for any amount of money because I sit home and what. I still don't understand why that falls on the players. You can say the players you started off by saying the players control whether they play or not. You can look at if you had the owners control. Give the what they want. And the players apply. The responsibility is on the owners. I mean the players will play from what I understand. Anyway the players will play to what they already agreed with which the same amount of money they signed for pro rated to an eighty two game season. They'll play for half their money but now the owners saying wait a minute. Forty percent of our Revenue Comes from fans in the park. So we WANNA pay even less and what we WANNA do is essentially a salary cap which we've never had in baseball where we're going to split the revenue. Basically fifty fifty. Why aren't you just saying? Hey owners dip the players what they want. We want our games back. Why do they target the players? I don't I don't get it Stan. Van Gundy with us on. Espn radio we don't have to keep talking about this particular thing but I would say that the reason that that happens in terms of perception is because some of them are playing a game for a lot of money and some of the owners when they're looked at no matter how dumb they might be. There is an assumed or perceived merit and difficulty in being able to make a millions upon millions of dollars in business. It's viewed by the fan as more honorable even though getting to the major leagues is harder than getting their kind of rich. Well Yeah and and let's not forget that a lot of these owners inherited the money so at some point maybe their forefathers built the they'll see business in. Pires took great intelligent but a lot of these people simply inherited it so I don't know that it was any great accomplishment that got them to having a lot of money so you know I. I'm not sure I'm going there. That all of the owners in baseball. All thirty of 'em earn their money. All I'm talking about the perception though I'm not talking about whether it's actually so I think that the average fan thinks it's harder to become rich in business than it is to play baseball at an elite level level. Ooh maybe you have to from where most people are and get to that level of money but the fact is those people didn't start there. I mean you know. There are very many of those owners who started with nothing and became billionaires and now I mean there's a two. There are a few but but not and so I. Just don't I say the whole thing on how fans you owners as opposed to how they do players has just always enough great interest to me and and something that Confuses me help me with this because we were talking before you came on about the Michael. Jordan documentary are you as confused as I am speaking of owner sort of skating on how it is that Krause's getting bludgeoned but REINSDORF gets to be in the center talking about the altruism of giving Michael Jordan three million dollars to play baseball. Yeah look the whole series. It's been interesting to me just in terms of perceptions Of a lot of things first of all the fastest krause's being bludgeoned. That has always been interesting to me for. I mean well long before the last dance of this guy you know the guy who built it and he went out and drafted guys. Like you know. Scotty pippin like from Central Arkansas. But the only thing we remember Jerry Krause for is Tiffin didn't lacking because he didn't get the contract you wanted and then you know Jordan said on one of the earlier episodes. You Know Scotty one is wanted. His contract renegotiated in Jerry. Just wasn't GonNa do that as if that's accessible. But but REINSDORF re-negotiated Jordan's contract. So you know I. I don't know the whole thing is interesting. It's like Jordan. Means you know a guy who was was sort of a whole as well produced said To his teammates. That's all forgiven. Because of his great will to win. That explains it. But I think it's Thomas doesn't get the same benefited the Dow for his competitiveness. And the reason even Guy David Robinson said the reason is Asia's not on the wasn't on the Dream Team is nobody liked him. I mean it's just the contradictions in all of these things. I think is what made the as what made the series interesting to me is how people's perceptions are of of these athletes and the personalities involved and how they really don't make a lot of students in terms of value to Reinsdorf Stugotz Jerry Krause is remarkably undervalued. Not just because he built it but because he took all those arrows. Like when he's out there talking on behalf of the organization he's doing so as a mouthpiece for reinsdorf doing the bidding of Reinsdorf who made all those decisions to not pay people. Dan as I told you earlier. I mean krause kind of had to do it because Reinsdorf went around as everyone about crowds at a good word to say about him. He hired a guy that he could control. That was desperate enough. That would be willing to take the bullets Jerry Rice. But what I'm telling you is that is that REINSDORF got great value after being able even after his death to us. Jerry Krause as Meat Shield. What else did you find or have you found interesting about the first eight episodes stand. Well I mean I just the whole comparison you know the way. They talked about The whole thing with the Pistons and you know and they left out some stuff like they left out the fact that before that game where the Pistons walked off the floor Disrespecting the Bulls Michael Jordan the day before that game at essentially disrespected disregarded two championships. The Piston had won. I mean that's GonNa create bad blood and it was like if I watched the series. It was like the bad blood came all from one side that I say at Thomas and his team base were all bad guys And the Bulls. Were all great guys. You know the black mats and the white hats and it's never. It's never quite that simple Generally those new czar Both sides and then the second thing I find really interesting is how people people love stories and I get that and so they'll buy into this stuff that like the reason. Michael Jordan played so well against the Seattle Supersonics was because George Karl didn't say hello to him in a restaurant like how Michael always played. Well you know why he played well because he was really really really really and everybody wants to. I don't know why this is been but in sports. People always want to attribute things to the intangibles. I mean they always WanNa talk. I gotta ask another day by of media person is Jordan best competitor. Ever and I'm like what was a great competitive but I'm telling you you've Donnas has one is as good a competitor is. I've ever seen the difference between Your Donald has woman Michael Jordan. He's not their competitive there. Pal It is as good a competitor. I would say yes. Michael Jordan the differences in their talent but I guess Halloween ability to play. The game is not an interesting enough story so all of a sudden Michael One not because he was gray but because he used all these things to fuel is performance and because he was a better competitor than all the people. I'm just not buying any of that. All right. We missed your crankiness so much. Call us back tomorrow. We're going to talk to you again. Tomorrow I'll talk to you tomorrow. Alright guys saying the entire time during that he hates Michael Jordan. Put It on the poll at Lebatardshow to Stan Van. Gundy hate Michael Jordan. Geico gets you access to licensed agents twenty four seven which means that Geico is always therefore you if only everyone was always there for you like your wife when you forget your keys at work. I am looking for the spare house key. Maybe I can get through the window. Turns OUT THE ALARM WORKS? It works fast. You should probably call me neck. Geico always there for you with savings and twenty four seven access to licensed agents. Espn radio is presented by progressive insurance. The last dance is now on. Espn if that's not enough the final episode of detail on ESPN plus premiers. This Sunday in this episode Phil Jackson analyzes the side game six that resulted in Michael. Jordan's parting shot that earns Chicago. It's six title and Second Three Peat Championship in eight years side up now at. Espn PLUS DOT com. Here's your sportscenter update a PGA tour memo has outlined the Safety Protocols for the upcoming tournaments players caddies at various tournament officials that employees will be set pre travel screening tests. They also will be required to take nasal swab or saliva test upon arrival. Ufc President Dana expects the lightweight unification bat betwee champion that interim champ just engage easy to happen on island this summer. I can't say could beads last name. I can't even say cheese. Listening at finally net flicks has acquired the rights to the book. The girls of summer to possibly create a movie about the nineteen ninety nine United States. Women's National T. For all the latest headlines information the sportscenter on ESPN radio all throughout the A. We will get to a question that Stugatz has been asking me almost every day since my wedding about my wedding in just a second. No I have not answered this question. He's been on me since October. We're going to get to it in just a second but before we do that. I just need to go to billy on something because Mike Ryan when we went to break their Mike Ryan said on air that it was worth it to buy undertaker dirt for eight hundred eight dollars because of how he loves wrestling and then we went off air and he said mumbled to no one in particular. I would have paid. Two hundred wasn't even doing shows. He was just being introspective and First of all. Billy is laughing all of this and a number of ways but billy has also realized as many of us have man. There is no sport that needs fans more than wrestling needs. Fans like wrestling it later. The whole thing is so silly silly under normal circumstances but it is so silly when you're talking about wrestling not having fans so billy what? What made you come to this conclusion here? So Sunday was money in the bank. Pay View which is pay per. Because it's free when you have the subscription anyways so I'm watching money in the bank and their whole thing this year. First of all I watch WRESTLEMAINIA. I'm a casual wrestling observer. And I kind of need of the odds of the crowd. They'll let me know something spectacular or something is just kinda normal. What I'm watching them. Do these moves unlike us a signature. Move at just like a move to me. I don't know if this is a big moment or not. I kinda need the crowd. Tell me if watch. I don't really know what's going. Not The money in the bank. They took they tried to tweak this year they had them going up and down the corporate headquarter building in the you know they finish the match on the roof of the building. The problem was his. There was lots of acting involved that it was kind of more of like a comic gold thing or they had like these punch lines in these things would like in the middle of Maj. They got into like a food fight and I was like. We're just kind. We're trying to not just have empty arena match. Which is what every other match was so I guess that's going for but it didn't really work for me like I didn't Kinda get what they were doing. This guy are truth which I thought was pretty funny. Go out to the crowd. That wasn't there. He'd like hold the microphone to the crowd. Sing along with him and like just pull it back as other was so a crowd there was it just feel like wrestling. Needs the crowd to explain to me. A casual viewer. What's going on at Lebatardshow on twitter is where you go if you want to enter the polls. The poll question is. Is there anything in life that Dan Dreads? More than Billy's first of all as Mike Ryan is at wrestling fan. I assume that you agree with this. Oh Yeah it's it's a hard watch particularly the wwe. Because our friend. Tony Kahn in e w doing some really good stuff you were. Billy mentioned the the comedy aspect. They had a main event that fought all throughout. Not just the arena. That they were at in Jacksonville which is walking distance from the actual stadium that the Jaguars play they started fighting the Jaguars facility and it was hilarious. Was a golf cart involves run over by Golf Carts. Ice Machine Multiple Wardrobe changes. Someone got hit with a cone. It was really good. So yeah this is. This is forcing. Some of these. Companies would be creative in ways that they're not used to being in some rising to the occasion and some are Linda's down and wwe has recently. It's it's really difficult and I didn't even consider casual fans tuning in that. Don't really know much of anything. But it's Wrestlemainia and they have no idea who good guy or bad guy is is a finisher and what is the. What isn't spectacular? Is Billy put it? And there's a reason why I don't even understand a world that exists where this isn't common knowledge. Everyone does it know what is somebody's finishing. Yeah Yeah I mean I wish you would pace nine billion. I could walk you through all this it is. It is very difficult. Watch at times right now. They're struggling. They need people. Billy thank you for all of your contributions to the show at Lebatardshow. Bret michaels going to join us here. in about fifteen minutes. So go ahead STU gods The question that you've been wanting to ask me on air since my wedding that you ask me every day off air since my wedding in October go head in have added. The group is mesmerized. Here as there's been a source of subject that you've been talking about since my winning all right go ahead. We you know we asked you who is going to be invited to the wedding. And you revealed to us at one point. That carrot top was invited but never showed up to the wedding and every day. Since you reveal that to us we've been asking ourselves I've been asking. You did carrot top ever give a reason well one of the parts that was disappointing about carrot top. Not Being at the wedding is that evidently he was off from his regular Gig at the Luxor and he was also in Florida but about two weeks before the wedding. We got a video from carrot top holding up the wedding invitation from his dressing room and saying that he couldn't make it while making a bunch of jokes and so we didn't know if he was coming or not because carrot top is always on video making a bunch of jokes so I thought when I when I was there waiting for my wife I thought carrot top was somewhere in the audience. I thought that he was just GONNA spring out from behind shrub. Or something with a wonderful plume of orange hair and upstaged the bride with a prop of some sort some long colorful a napkin that that went a mile from his pocket into the bribes. But I never I never ended up understanding like he apparently was a serious message that he couldn't come there but it was wrapped in so many jokes that I wasn't clear on the fact that he would have been the most famous person at that wedding not in terms of like outside celebrity but I mean specifically in terms of excitement to see we found out. Carrot top was going to be there by sleuthing or at least we thought he'd be there because billy uncovered. Hey he's dark on these dates in Vegas. He's from Florida. This makes perfect sense. He's always face timing with Dan or probably the other way around and we were excited to see carrot top and take those photos and possibly take shots at a wedding with carrot top and Yeah Riley. There's someone else. There's famous people here Dan Patrick's there whatever care top. Let's get to the carrot top. I WANT THE WITH CARROT. Top cared about ice showed but still feel like we don't have an answer in. Dan Really doesn't have an answer and deserves an answer you know. I don't feel satisfied right now. I've been waiting months for that answer and you gave it to us but we have an answer I mean it was riddled just tells why did show. I'm in this respect. I'm as baffled as you guys are. We can call carrot top. We'll call him during the break. If you want and we will see if we can get an answer here Michaels is GonNa join us at twelve thirty. I don't know what to tell you those guts like I don't have more of an answer than you do on. I'm I'm just marveling at the amusing spectacle of it. All because the idea of him at this wedding with you guys wanting to take pictures of him at this wedding is a touch disconcerting. I will say this though when guns roses returned. I've told you this story before. When guns and return their first show was in Vegas. Obviously that was a difficult ticket stugotz. I have rarely and I have been around a few famous people and seeing the swell around them. I have rarely ever seen the way that his face is in that city. Id for him to go wherever it is that he pleases like there was no place that was off limits and when they ask carrot top for identification he would just point at his face. Like that was some gangsters. I was not expecting from from carrot. Top like he runs that sitting more than Wayne Newton or Robert. Goulet ever get anywhere except your wedding. Espn radio is presented by progressive. Jared here's your sports interrupdate a PGA tour memo has outlined the Safety Protocols for the upcoming tournaments players caddies various tournament officials that employees will be sent pre travel screening tasks. They also will be required to take nasal swab or saliva test upon arrival. Ufc President Dana white expects the lightweight unification bout between champion Khabib and in Term Chan. Justin Geeky to happen on island this summer and finally a facebook group in which uses pretend to be an aunt an ED county has grown to more than one point eight million members in social distancing procedures to prevent the spread of covert nineteen were implemented in the United States for all the latest headlines Information Sports Center on. Espn radio all throughout the debt. He's the front man for poison- poisoned sold more than forty five thousand forty five million records. Excuse me Bret Michaels with us on. Espn radio he's got a new book out bread. Thank you for making the time for us when you explored the idea of writing this. How vulnerable did you decide to go? How much of Your Life Did you chronicle here? And did you go to many of the places that were hard to go to? Yeah absolutely first of all I just want to say good morning and thanks for having me on and and I hope both you. Everyone in the studio is healthy and doing awesome Through through all the pandemic I hope you guys are good and Just wanted to say on this book. I've been writing it for a while and I hand wrote every single note and decided to step outside of behind the music and some of the stuff that's been out there for years and years and just do a deep dive and growing up in Pennsylvania You know I grew up in Pittsburgh and then my dad was in the military so we moved around a bit. We ended up at the inland naval depot and Mechanics Burger Harrisburg. But I just talked about all the things that goes behind ever even getting to a chance to play on the stage and it does a deep dive in. It's the reason I wrote it in is it stays current it stays. I even wrote is close up to what's going on right now in the world As the new opening of the book and I got to write about the crazy time I had on the mass singer going all the way back to being born you know and just randomly going through the stories in the pictures you're aware though breadth that what people will want from. This is the sex and the drugs right. Oh there's plenty of that in there we you gotTa have both but I said the the the the thing is though you gotta do it in volumes for me because a lot of that has been out there. The chronicles of the fist fights with me and see. See The the sex drugs the backstage parties and then diving into both the youth the party the craziness the insanity and then tells you the moment of impact when you want something yourself. You're able to discuss exactly what was happening. What you were thinking before it after it I was even going down to where I take a piece of paper and it goes back to the polaroid days. I was literally. Scotch taking 'em scotch tape them on to the time stamp the moment of the story. Tell us about the fistfight They were good they were good me and CC. We had you know when people talk about fish. I'm not talking about a couple of those chest. Bumped push shove I'm talking about knock down drag out New Orleans style despite Best one RB manning's bar. He had a bar in New Orleans. And then all of a sudden mean. Cc At a few words and we just listened to truth is we're like brothers but you're under road every day together. Eventually the littlest thing can throw. Ya and we started arguing about something whether it was a song in the settlers. Somebody at the bar or whatever. It was a sports team and the next thing. You know We were we were going at it. They separated US. Went Back to the hotel and then threw down the elevator door open. Cc Did one of the best Best I'M GONNA say true wrestling slash. Ufc moves. I've ever seen took me down. I got up at the end of it. It's IT WE A. I'll say this I lost a tooth broke. His nose and was a good site is a good fight. Bret michaels with us on. Espn radio poison. Frontman check out his biography. Because he's got a new one out. It's it's called Forgive me if I'm wrong. Bret Michaels scrap roofing. Yeah Otter scrap and lacking the better. I won't give you the long winded version. It's basically an auto biographical scrapbook diary that I just hand wrote myself and it talks about everything. I grew up a funny chapter. I think we sent to you all was you know. I called a plywood paneling and rock. Jock. So my room has a poster of Terry Bradshaw on one side of my shoulder and Jimmy page on the other side and I had to panel it because I put a thousand Scotch Tape Bodos on my dad's freshly painted wall that didn't go over big so I- panel over it and I said I grew up loving sports and music and And it's funny to both right now. I am truly when it is healthy safe and we're ready. I cannot wait not wait to get to a sporting whether baseball football in preseason and I'm just ready I'm ready. Give us a couple of the details. Brett on that you would use to illustrate just how reckless poison was in the early days. Well let me let me say this reckless Dan reckless now. 'cause I love to party and have a good time and I think when your hands on like our band you gotta remember a Lotta People Forget. This poison was truly an independent band. Like when I say we came from Pennsylvania drove cross country. We were living daily Van and now and it was the greatest thing that happened to us as we kept all of our publishing and our own record label cyanide music and are signing day are Super Mega Party. Signing Day on an independent record was sitting on the ground. This no lie Elsa Gun to California in a warehouse shrink wrapping our albums. That's that was our signing day and then we would just go out and every party. 'cause I you know tour bus as you're driving yourself. And then when the tour buses came and got out of control because now you have time between cities to party insanely one of the stories on there is called going down the road on a crazy bus and it. It's just one of many occasions but you take a moment gives you a snapshot of the insanity going on in the boss and but I just thought it was a good time to me. I didn't look at it like that. It was actually normal. You know what I mean having a good party and it just slips out of control describe that for US please. Yes and here we go all right so I I know what you're looking for so let's just say this there All you know band on the bus crew on the bus Someone crawling around on the ground looking for bits of substance that might have been falling off the table With a few rolled up dollar bills There may have been some beer bottles broken. A lot of beautiful women Traveled under the next city. And I leave it at that. It was good when a win. And how did Your Life Change? Did you realize that your life had changed from the from the beginning to the parts? That would get tempting Well it doesn't. I don't know that you ever know there's a graduation day. It's SORTA just if you go out there and you love what you're doing. I mean I still throw the best. I'm telling you one of the best parties backstage on meet the fans We we have a great time. I treat them great. They come out. You know goes from the the backstage and if it's going to go on it goes out to the party but as a lifelong. I say this type one diabetic I had to find a balance in there and I think that's probably the best thing that's happened to me is. Is it saved me? When a lot of my friends went down off the edge Being a type. One diabetic and five injections a day. Since I've been six it pulled me back enough to be able to enjoy it but kind of find a little bit of a balance in there to have the the longevity and if all gets healthy Be Out on the stadium tour with DEF LEPPARD and poison and Motley and Joan. Jett if if in win You know it's healthy for the fans the band's the crew everybody when and how again the name of the book is Auto Scrap Og Raphy Bret Michaels auto scrap. When would you say was the reckless time? When would you say was the dangerous time in in the history of poison where you were able to stand back from it observe it and be like man this? This is a bit out of control. Yeah I would say that was definitely eighty nine into ninety two about about eighty eight. Eighty nine ran into ninety two. Where where? There's a moment where I literally wrote there when it becomes this morning said when it becomes normal. You lift your legs you're watching scarface. You're cranking up and usually there's people have no idea who they are traveling with you to the next city and everyone's partying listening to music. In the moment you're loving it but when now becomes normal throwing up drunk Crawling around on the ground looking for crumbs of whatever Wonderful white cocaine was laying on the ground That they had lost on when the bus would bounce You know and you know this is. This is normal then you then you go. It may be a little out of control. What was the bigger problem booze or drugs? I'm GonNa you know for each individual person who was a different Let's say a different substance. But I I would combine both of those I I would say both. Is there anything that you found particularly scary from within that like whether it was happening to you or happening to one of your bandmates? Yeah well this is a friend. Even though we people talk about the fistfights all of us are best friends. Regret up together. We fought through all this together and I think the toughest thing when you watch somebody start to lose control when you would watch whether one of the band members of your crew. That was literally starting to turn gray. We call it and gray and you know it's bad that that's when it starts to hit you as a friend you you know you realize it's a party but the good times gone to a really sort of an an ugly bad time and and now they're unhealthy and addicted and that's that's when it gets as a friend you go. Nah Nuts enough man. We gotta we gotta get him figured out or it's going to go bad and I know all of us have been there but it's tough to watch it happen to somebody. Bret Michaels auto scrap griffey details all of this stuff in a way that is visual and you can really get an intimate portrait of. What is that was happening there? The the sex part of the life style when you hear some of the stories backstage of the demeaning of women. Was there any point where you were looking around and saying? This isn't right what it is that we're doing around here. Well let me correct that right away. There's no demeaning. It was a party. Music Primitive. And I've said this very opening the book it was there was no like demeaning of it they come to the shows that we. Cardi have a great time. No one was co Horst. I it was just everyone having a good time and I think then just a little more accepted Than it is now but like I said I mean music it takes different turns and different things but I think all of it was to me. It was a great time people revenue great time and and that's just the way we left it then and now people forced to come back there. No one's being put down everyone just having a party. I was just sort of thinking of the stories where band members not yours necessarily throw cold cuts at women. You've heard I mean certainly know all of these stories like that that you guys didn't partake in. This does not mean that. At that time there weren't a whole lot of people partaking in the demeaning right. I of course you hear them but that stuff I don't mean to be that guy but that stuff goes on even now with the even current music things that are happening whether that does for us for me. I can only speak for again for me just not. That's not my scene that's not. That's not there was nothing about demeaning somebody as I said in the beginning of that book minds about thank you gratitude. Happy doing what I love and having a Gory. Time and not party You know is fun it's awesome. Everyone's having an awesome time and I think that's what details but each person has to tell their own story for me. There's no part of me that got off the putting someone down whether a human or anything. Just not my thing. So Eighty eight to ninety. Two was the heyday little bit. After the eighty six celtics before the ninety seven balls which begs the question Brett eighty-six Celtics versus ninety seven goals. Who Wins at the top one? I'm watching the whole. They're having a breakdown on that right now trying to. I'm trying to watch both but that that would be well. It has been but that would be a game of insanity or a dare to the greatest teams ever who wins. Though no stop I stopped right. Thank you thank you know. No good answer. Good answer thank. You don't know right. Bret Michaels auto scrap graffiti available. You should see the smile on to God's face updates the poll Max.

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