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The show is proudly sponsored by trying to call DOT COM. The leaders in checklist based trading strategy. Yes that's exactly how it sounds. I'll teach you a literal checklist so you can take off autumns and be decisive very quickly. Get across to try to COBB DOT com where there's a bunch of free content there. You'd have a look at and of course if you're interested didn't having may come to your city. Click Register for the live events coming up and feeling fast have a great day visit. TRY TO CALL DOT COM now podcast. You had a great day. I have certainly waking up in a pretty cheerful mood and you know why if you haven't looked at the market just yet. You'll see that are actually doing something indeed. They are for those of you who follow me on facebook twitter and on Youtube where you would say my lava avenge lost little run through the top ten where pointed at the theory was leading the way we've also seen allison lot coined bitcoin cash hadn't caught got there will look tron. Adana exile pay and steelers wealth of trend reversal not so much stiller as a matter of fact but it is up eleven percent today and guess what burn on the money happened very very often awesome very very well. We are up again seven percent on a theory that I- pulling back we have definitely left behind two hundred dollars and guess what that cradle to. I am the triggered at six. I am not yesterday I oh no type of four. Yesterday is now at about five to one reward to risk ratio. I show and if you've got that with margin you laughing old way to the bank. I am not laughing all the way to the bank in fact I did not get that trade raised in time as a matter of fact that was one of the mornings where I was actually feeling completely wrecked and it was traffic so unfortunately a wonderful try that setup kicked on like a boss and unfortunately our was not there to capture that but many of the students were and an amazing move thus far la the odds are on the move on Iran having a good time bitcoin. You're on well bitcoin three fifths of united saying and not a great deal lead really want to see it push up. I gotTa get through ten thousand four hundred ten five and then we'll have a high heart and then we want to see something happen with bitcoin very very interesting right now watching the dynamic in this market because ten thousand two hundred fifty three down point three six of a percent the job to theory at Holy Barging George Ethics Ethic structure exactly what I wanna see to try to exactly the market heavily looking to try to die and throughout the next few weeks hopefully months and hopefully as while this mark continues to elevate on really looking forward to another pullback a two hundred dollars. Give me that pullback in two hundred I it will probably happen on wall. I'm on a flight because it tends to do that while I'm on a flawed a wallow on stage and today on flying to go on stage so it's hardly likely it'll pull back the two hundred and give great setup upset. Keep Your Eyes Open for that was sitting tune twelve dollars and twenty one cents up seven percent else hi look. It's a bit slow. It isn't an option on the daily and it is it photos twenty right now two point two seven percent but not one of my fights there ought now I mean the beauty is that we serve much to choose from so many amazing trends right now that it's really we spoil the choice as for the first time in a long time haven't said for quite a long time still limits up up eleven point two percent six point five cents a very strong there from home still at regaining some momentum. Let's continue to push on a nothing tribal rotten from my point of view but he's my Mac daddy right now. Rip Alexa the site. It's pulled back up in a twenty five. Were above twenty five or twenty eight. Seven just above all support resistance level we broke up through a level of resistance and that was actually potential trading point yesterday as a matter of fact really nice break up through that very very nice move and he is the big one now whether you full me me on the fray subscriber list so the law. I think spoke of this in the law session lasted. Let me just check the time seven. I think it was an absolutely wonderful. BANACCI boost of the fifty percent thirty eight point two as well as back into an old resistance level. It doesn't get much better. It was a cracking opportunity. A huge move in fact the move from other point of entry percentage. Wise Sipho has been the twelve percents. It's been absolutely wonderful die for those trading ex outpa- and a very very good die four x up in general long may continue and hold off twenty five with currently early on X. up. Oh what have I done that I do pay. I accidentally deleted it from my list. Pecking a I would. That guy that to watch list is good okay so ex pace shock. It's currently they get twenty eight point. Seven cents up nine point six percents today lot coin another really ready steady move on locking it a lot more now that shot structure on a daily with a high highs and the hi. Lo's is looking very very tasty inundate moving down the timeframes. I am looking at this for a long day a dog to the four that sort of thing where it's seventy five dollars and sixty six cents and we're up three point six seven percent which is pretty about with sorry. I'm pretty happy about rotten out. Yes less black about bitcoin. Cash is well breaking up into an uptrend food is set that new high high and and we did God damn it we didn't we did it with as were three twenty three sixty seven and when I asked 'cause we got another market that has another gripe trend and another one that I'm looking to be trading. Guess what leverage is available onto by good diets at twenty one thirty nine up five point six seven percent still the flash off the lot moving moving to try on a guy in another strong die seven point one percent the whole markets kicking bitcoins bought wrought now. It's at one point seven. Senate is in an uptrend Katana boob serve another one in an upturn another drivable market. Yes you river. We finally got some great trends. We've finally got up as we finally getting. These bloody tries setting up winning league margin in the top ten. Mike US good bank Goddamn and on pumped. Bs Nah not so good but out of all of those top ten guys you've pretty much just go you exclude bitcoin and excludes. Dila finance exclude bonnets because there is a trend the but the rest of these markets will have fantastic trends guards if you are trading get your head down. Get your window sold at no the windows you trading no when you're going to be in and out of the market as far as the Tom if you don't need heaps of time you just need to know what you're doing structures auction strategy follow up and make sure that you goddamn disciplined guys get involved. Get in this market. Get to try to call dot com speech. You will again very soon for those coming to Melbourne to not I I look forward to sitting down having a Chin Wag and bid probably a piece of pizza with you. It's going to be cracking not and what a bloodied I go on. The markets are backed by enjoy. This shows proudly sponsored by tried to call dot com the leaders in checklist based trading strategy. Yes that's exactly how it sounds. I'll teach you a liberal checklist checklist so you can take off autumns and be decisive very quickly. Get across the COBB DOT com where there's a bunch of free content their feud have a look at and of course if you're interested in having me come to your city. Click Register for the live events coming up and filling fast have a great day. TRY TO CALL DOT COM now.

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