'AOC and the Collapse of Oil Just Bernie in a Dress' | 4/21/20


Great is here on the Fleas Radio Network sponsored by express. Vpn You have a right to privacy protected at express VPN dot com slash unleashed. Welcome another fun day in quarantine and we are here to make the apocalypse fun. And I think we're doing just that. Maybe the apocalypse will kinda pull up and the next couple of weeks for everybody and that'd be nice. It would be nice. Yeah it really would just about every person I've talked to or have come in contact with has said. Can we please for the love of Heaven? Stop like this stop. I don't know anybody who says are you know it's a really good thing that we're all being shut in our homes. I'm glad I'm glad we're all staying home right now. At Georgia and Tennessee joined the ranks of states. Kind of opening like Georgia's going to be even more open than Texas by really into this week so well. Gac is like ours is weakened open retail. If you do a drive up service wait as dumb and what? So if I drive up. I can get clothing at the curb. The trade on in the parking lot. Yeah and ask the attendant as that how that works has this look is this. New thing is to tighten the arm. Or what do you think? Okay go in and get me the different sides no no not that color the other s not GonNa Work. Come on. That can't work that's not know. And what ARE THEY GONNA? Bring your furniture out. You bring you couch out to the curb sitting this if you like it. I wonder if state parks were just crazy crowded in Texas yesterday when they opened up because the weather was perfect here at least in North Texas Beautiful. Yeah and State Parks Open So I wonder if maybe that was the place to be. I don't know maybe somebody will tell us if they went to a state park yesterday. I actually didn't go to a state park yesterday. You did not. I did not no. I did not go to state yesterday. Just kind of weird because most days. I'll do that. You know when they're open and they were open yesterday. But I didn't get there Mr Chance. Yeah shoot well. Maybe he goes out checking out at the curbside furniture stores today. Yeah maybe you can go to the State Park right right. That's what I figured yesterday. Then you'll go to the clothing store tomorrow. So is George allowing people to go into stores. I forget what it was. I I read the article but yeah it's got to go back and look I don't WanNa miss speak here but I don't want you to either. Be Terrible if you've misspoke. It wouldn't be the first person that I wouldn't know would not all be pissed off at you so so on Friday that to happen on Friday. Let's see here. You can reopen the Tennessee's like this to pop up ad pop up the okay. Let's see some bowling alley. Look at Jim. Bowling alleys open up gyms hair salons bowling alleys tattoo parlors among the businesses allowed to open on Friday you parlors and look that yesterday Movie theaters could resume selling tickets. I don't know if that means you're loud in you. Assume so right wow okay. Restaurants Limited to takeout orders could return to limited Dinan Service. Wow See Georgia limited. Dinan Service. That's going to happen here. I think next week in Texas aware helping up in but you have to stay really far apart so I guess the restaurants are going to have to make some changes in how far the tables are apart and all that crap so I am going to have to pay off my bet with you Stu Jeffey. Yeah sounds like it. You just have to sit before visit like this long banquet table arrest. Jeff you'll go. I don't think Jeff we can ask him tomorrow but I don't think he'd Li I don't think he's leaving the house. So wait a minute Jeffy. Is You just asked you just said I don't know anybody that says. Hey I love as well as the exception that he loves it. But he's certainly biting Bhai He's sitting on a couch watching Netflix. I think he loves. He loves it and he will come in so yeah. I guess he loves it. So more states are opening but Jeffey. Ob on lockdown until forever and it may well be that some of the movie theaters are opening. You say in Georgia. They said they could sell tickets. I assume that means they're opening not would think so. Yeah I mean because you can technically buy tickets and come for show later but The number one movie in America last week made seventeen hundred and ten dollars one thousand seven hundred and ten dollars and it opened in one theater in Florida and it was a drive through a drive in a drive in movie theater. That amazing that tells you where we are right now and like the week before wasn't the The high price Eleven hundred something yeah So the economy's improving we're up from eleven hundred grossing picture to seven so. The movie industry's getting right back on their feet really quickly. They're up six hundred dollars week over week so pretty amazing taking somebody who's not doing well and that's the oil industry. Geez Something that's never happened in. The oil market happened yesterday. Negative prices for oil contracts couple of graphics from Yes So we we get the report middle afternoon zero dollars. Oil is at zero dollars per barrel. And so that's the price that that broke and then before long Another PAT head notice that it was down to it actually bottomed out at negative thirty eight dollars. Fifty four does that mean. Does that mean the company has to pay you money? Thirty eight dollars a barrel to take them oil off their hands. What does that mean? No so and in fact that is going to rebound contracts are tied to specific delivery dates toward the end of contract six expiration date. The price typically converges with the physical price of oil as the final buyers of these contracts are entities like refineries are airlines that are going to take actual delivery of the oil. The contract fell more than one hundred percent is for May delivery and it expires today with the virus pandemic leading to an unprecedented demand loss and with storage tanks quickly filling up. There's no demand for this oil contract. Expiring Oil Should probably be over twenty dollars a barrel in just a couple of days when the new contract start backup. Yeah foof or was it. I forget which Pat had said this a perfect fit said seriously. I want to buy oil right now today and then sell it at a thousand times hired a few months. Yeah so yeah so. Hopefully this is a short lived thing but I mean twenty bucks. A barrel is still dirt. Cheap it's bad for Texas very bad for Texas but it's good for me because she so giddy when people are suffering freaking idiot man. She's eighty you absolutely love to see the oil prices. No no I actually. Don't this along with record. Low interest rates means. It's the right time for a worker led mass investment in green infrastructure to save our planet moron. She's such an absolute moron. Wow and so. She got some push back on twitter. Lots OF PEOPLE RESPONDING TO HER INSANITY. So you got a you. Got The congressman there. North of Kelley Armstrong says this is not an ideological air exercise. Afc People's jobs are evaporating lives are being ruined in real time. North Dakota companies that have taken decades to build have been destroyed an hour's any public official that loves to see this does not deserve to hold office for sure. The green new deal was never about the environment. It's about winning elections and that is fine. As far as it goes openly celebrating the economic destruction of families and communities because it fits a political narrative is unacceptable and unbecoming of a member of Congress from Washington Times reporter Bet Makoviac bubblegum idiot cheers bubblegum. Media cheers the loss of millions of Energy Industry. Jobs and destruction of 401K's and pensions. What a truly vile person. Ao. Cia's yes stephen. Miller tweeted to Nancy Pelosi. Mom She saying the quiet part out loud again. That's the quite part. That's cheering against the oil industry and everybody's 401K. That's that's the part you keep quiet. Sh she doesn't care. No nope Emmy and this is what this what we said. The green new deal would be about right If you want jobs to be destroyed and economies to collapse well Stephen Miller continued. You'll need thousands of people dead. And millions of people unemployed to enact your vision near you can just basically what we've been saying. Oh yeah there you go. Yeah exactly great us. Oh some really good news. I need that maybe the biggest news you'll hear all day. Oh Wow so. It's good news and it's big news. Yes in good. Big News will hit me like this. Benjamin Netanyahu and his rival Benny Ganz reached an agreement to form a unity government in Israel. I yeah it only took four elections three elections and then the threat of a fourth. I mean that's that's good. Three inconclusive elections held within the span of a year Israeli political rivals. Netanyahu against broke a persistent political deadlock deadlock an announced yesterday. They reached agreement to form a unity government. That will keep Netanyahu in office until October. Twenty five twenty one while so hold on. We just hit peak good news for the day at six ten am and it was about Israeli elections. Yes it's very possible. That is no. Thank you for noticing. Okay but I mean that's good that we don't. We know that at least until October of twenty twenty one. We're not gonNA come in here and print up a story about Israelis Headed back to the polls right right good news some interesting news from North Korea to Apparently they're leader. Kim Jong UN is in grave danger. Healthwise he I guess the intelligence agencies in Washington have been trying to monitor. What's going on there? Because he hasn't shown up for a lot of celebrations. He normally attend like his grandfather's birthday. Which is like. It's almost a religious holiday in North Korea because it considered him God. And you really have to be there. And he wasn't Kim Jong UN couldn't couldn't attend because he was too sick. Apparently he add some kind of heart. Surgery and North Korea is absolutely the place you want. Your heart surgery done right isn't it? I've heard that they are. The North Korean surgeons are. The fight is to minus old. Yeah Yeah you don't want you don't WanNa go anywhere else. Pyongyang's man everybody wants to it. As soon as they hear heart trouble there booking a flight Pyongyang immediately so yeah so he's in good hands. I'm sure I'm sure he's in really good. Hands is that the place that I've heard is the heart surgery open heart surgery capital of the world of the world. Yes yeah okay. So he's apparently really sick. He had heart surgery and he's I don't know some say he's he's recovering pretty well other say as in really bad shape. What are those sources as doing? Well is that the same sources. It said that His Dad got eighteen holes in one and found a unicorn or something people. Yeah he he on an eighteen hole. Golf Course He. He golfed in eighteen. Kim Jong Il was Kim Jong Un. He called he got a what in eighteen eighteen. Thank you my goodness and I know a slow start. So yeah it's interesting. Who takes over his sister if he they say okay. What you'd be weird girls can't run countries right three. Come on Dick euless. Do they think it's a baking class? What a what did they think is going on there? Yeah they're they're making nuclear-tipped missiles right over there and what they're saying yeah. Apparently sister takes over. If he's incapacity here she's not nice. No none of the families nice good point. There are not any one of them. Nice so yeah. 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The White Paper Wrestled Task Force Review Opening America included every Republican senator but never possessed show that you. Serve your still holding a grudge against. I had fifty two Republican senators. He was governor. You don't want as well. I just don't think I'm not a fan of Mitt Romney. I don't really want his advice completely. Fan Advice and he didn't say. Yeah. He's all in the grudge and right next question I mean he that is amazing brutal honesty. I want to see that again because he did say yes. I'm holding a grudge or did I misunderstand that. Let's go back. He didn't go. I'm at the Salt Lake Tribune. Okay thanks are on Thursday at the White House. The mastic wrestle taskforce reopening America included every Republican senator. But they're is you're still holding a grudge against You know I had fifty to love it. Man Doesn't want as I just don't think I'm not a fan of it from me. I don't really want us to be brutally honest from start to finish. He didn't say any other politician would have said No. Look we've only got room for fifty two Republican senators. They would have made some flimsy stupid. Excuse everybody would have known. It was a complete lie. Yeah we just. We had fifty three chairs in the room. He just flat out told the truth there. Does that mean? You're still holding a grudge against Mitt Romney. Yeah Yeah Yeah. Yeah Yeah I am I am. I'm still holding a grudge. Yeah Yeah I hate his guts. As a matter of fact you know. He did vote for impeachment on one of the counts. You know that right so yeah not a fan. Don't want advice. Don't want to be in the same room with him interesting. That's something else is really who does that. Yeah only Donald Trump I mean only donald trump. It's just it's that's troutman. Yeah it is Whatever you like Mitt Romney or not. Donald trump in a nutshell and It's kind of refreshing really. Yeah yeah there's a fine line between petty and refreshing that falls on the side of refreshing. I think for some reason I. I don't Hate Mitt Romney Fun. I think he made a. I think he made an honest judgment that came from you. Know his principles and so Otherwise he would've voted Yes on both counts. But he didn't he didn't I I think he reached stupid conclusion there by doing that because there was no evidence on what he voted for And he thought there was so I think he's dead wrong on that but I respect him for making that really difficult decision because he knew he knew that wasn't going to be popular. He knew he was going to get it from both sides because the left isn't getting embrace him and the right is GonNa hate him now and he did it so mean good for him. Also the Salt Lake Tribune is a piece of garbage newspaper. Okay all right noted a lot like many newspapers. I mean plug in the name of ninety five percents of newspapers out there. She could blink chronicle piece of garbage Dallas morning news piece of garbage at the same time. Okay Yeah Yeah you're right I guess game. I understand how works. Yeah that's interesting Ivan. Number people can call or we. Can they go it anytime? Where's it never? Oh I'm so sorry. Sorry but this is what it's like to be a pad you know a listener to the show and just in your daily life. You can have a normal conversation with phrases because we're all infected with weird thing with pet head. Nineteen did that come in one thousand nine now. That was probably like pad head eighteen or maybe even seventeen. We've been doing that for a long time. And we all suffer from had eighteen infected writing the net sell even save the number s saying oh by the way As long as we're talking about pat heads just remembered something remember how we had Jennifer knocks on last week from the Sandbar. Yeah Thailand Georgia and she had taken three thousand seven hundred and fourteen. I think three seven four one off the walls anyhow a listener to this show matched that what's donation on their venom. Oh she reached out to tell me that So did they really. Yeah so donations cool. Somebody did the three seven four one as well. That is amazing. Great Audience Italian. Thank you I mean that guys or something else. That's incredible that's incredible so thank you so much and her employees. I'm sure Thank you as well. 'cause that's going to provide them each with another six hundred dollars to get him through another few weeks of Georgia now opening right stated rage. That's right maybe got him through so maybe she can open her business backup. Yeah be great because a lot of of states like Texas. They're still not doing restaurants and bars and I don't know that might be next week or the week after. Yes Oh so. What was it? This week you try on clothes out in the parking lot right herb. Or maybe at home. How's that work at home? Are they going to bring clothing to your no? You can't do this at home. I don't know how weird thing. Yeah I'm hoping we're we're well on our way here in Texas. I gotTa show you something really fun though. This is could quite possibly make your day because this is this better news than Israel done voting for a year and a half well. It's different induced okay. It's it's a dad who has during this corentin taken on something upon himself to I guess liven up the day for his kids and the dedication he has to this bit. It's unbelievable I mean. He sells out every time for it. He's he is all in every single time and what's his character's name data sore data source check this out every time the kids say data or he goes into data sor mode. Hey data store and his wife is none too happy about it. She doesn't like this. Okay like this. You said to take your protein shake look at that. His wife is not a fan. He's pouring protein powder shake stuff all over his face. He's digging into a watermelon like all like a dinosaur would okay. So here's the girls again. He's in the kitchen making something taking the trash out all this crazy. He's GONNA tear into the garbage now. The wife is not into this other trash all over the driveway. You can tell this. Yeah this is nothing. Faked real stock pissed now. The kids love it in the modest mad at the girls for basically flipping the switch. You need to stop this and always making these cutting a cake. Now it's later. It's going to get dangerous with that knife right. The girls they know what's up. Don't even start keys and drums. Any sort of this guess he. The lockdown has done different things to different people. Talk Buddy. She's laughing but upset she's laughing. You just call Ono House. Amy's Pizza Coffee Table a nice house to. It's no wonder he's always in such a good. No No. He's got his hand pat. Yeah all right. Data sort is Seriously this is amazing. And at what point? Do you have him committed? Because she's probably about ready to make that call seriously like she's got an attorney on speed dial. At this point my wife would be so mad. If I'm making messes all over the house. Even if I'm cleaning them up she's still. I mean. Look at all over the kitchen floor. You're totally cleaning it up and shouldn't have to look at fault it was the dinosaur and now it's snowing. I WanNa be there very old. They're getting ready for a family picture and now he's just sliding all over the snow Imagine the three stooges. He's kind of Now he's running into the neighbors humor. I mean pretty. Crafty dinosaur can open a gate. Data's keeps going on. Now he's GonNa join onto the lake. We know that it just snowed and by the way there is a lake in their backyard. Uh-huh again again. You can yeah. Is that right. Yeah I would do that a few times but then I'd be like okay. We can't do your box really pissed. You're talking about the dad. I was talking about the dedication of the wife. Putting up with this stuff I mean the dad to be all in every time the girl say that yeah is incredible to me. When does that end though? When the lockdown in that means doing it still don't don't know a lot of us on the Internet on the socials there with that video clip. We'll we'll tweet that out originated on. Tick Tock Right. Yeah I think so. I thought those were really short clips. Yeah but I think somebody Compiled them made made the video there that we just enjoyed. I mean the one with the garbage. He's taking the garbage out to the garbage cans outside and then they say the data store thing any starts digging into the garbage with his mouth. I mean there's garbage everywhere over the driveway in the walkway. That's nuts. You just created. I don't know half an hour of work for yourself. Plus the shower afterward. I mean I hope the room you have at. The Mental Hospital has a window right. But I mean that's funny every now and then but that was a little farther than most of us would triple eight nine hundred thirty three ninety. Three MORE PACKER UNLEASH COMING. Up and prey consults an attorney. I call up. Cardinal Tobin Cardinal Joe Tobin in Newark. Okay so have you consulted with Cardinal Joe Tobin yet this morning on. He doesn't get up early enough. That's the problem. Well keep in mind. It's an hour later. Where Cardinal Joe is? I should've known that so. Yeah Yeah you need to call him and just check your day's activities with them. Make sure they're okay. He's got to be a busy all man with everybody calling them to check on things. They're in everything absolutely tobin Let's see we got some Tweets here at unleashed Liberty Square tweets. Good morning prisoners. It's Tuesday just in case you've lost track of time too because a lot of people have. I think you're not going to work. You're not really on a schedule. Like normal everything seems so weird. Forget what day it is sometimes and we are in fact all prisoners. So congratulations on that. Be Deposed tweets. Hey if you can make that kind of money. Seventeen hundred and ten dollars by the way for the number one movie last week. If you can make that money with drive in movies I may put up a bedsheet in my yard ensure old home movies once North Carolina. Opens backup. Yeah Good Luck. You make some extra cash air. Nancy let him eat ice cream. Pelosi okay if Tattoo parlors are open. Then you're officially open just saying that's true. Yeah that's about as intimate as you can get this side of sex. It's pretty intimate. But the whole data processing thing that went through from Metro Florida's not officially opened. But I can tell you for the past week. There's been more and more cars on the roads in the deep South here too. I think don't you? Oh Yeah. I've seen noticed yesterday it was It was Jeffreys eighteen spoons. I would love her to stand before a group of oil rig workers and tell them that you absolutely love to see. This saw what I ate she is. She loves to see the oil industry agonizing un-american. Idiot buffoon communist could come up with me. I'll stop you when when you get. Something should probably accurate pretty soon. It'll be something that shouldn't be set on the on the air so I'll be the one to make that I think are builders. Va tweets. I love who pays your salary bid but that trump but what trump does with the press asking them who they work for an awesome. Yeah it is. I love that too because he does that Pretty much every time. Now doesn't he if he's if it's not somebody he asks to Give Him a question all the time. He definitely stops him in. Who who you with. If he doesn't recognize you trade tickle me thirty tweets talking about North Korea's Kim Jong UN sister taking over a woman leader. Who's GonNa make my sandwich do? My laundry was watching the kids. All good cloudy North Korea's GonNa have to figure this up before they just hand her. The reigns of the country saying Judy in Pennsylvania misses all tongue in cheek. We don't really oh it is. Yeah it's it's not okay. Yeah sure. Yeah it's funny story. It's time we're sticking to it. It's not real judy. It's not real wink wink. It's not Real Jeffey. Suffocating BELLYBUTTON tweets. Someone told Jeffy not to go try on clothing in the parking lot. No one needs to see that Appalachian American. So does the desert clip count as an animal video. No but does the Cow We can do the calendar dog. All right that Keith count as an animal video for the Week Okay. All right so let's see let's see video my niece and me if you don't do this real quick our police what we got here. We're chasing the tile out so my backyard what in the world don vice town. Oh my dog is doing the cow. Oh my goodness I are in the DP. Deep in downtown dog is Biden chaplains down swelling to one. We got to longest dog number. One is going again. Okay oh my goodness the cows under the don more. Oh getting onto our. We can't get stuck in the poll in the deep in the head. What IN THE WORLD. Listen about all my goodness. We've got a cowboy cowboy only got a lasso. Oh my goodness no. Oh to cowboys. Goodness Cow China get out. He's in the shallow Lasso. Always doing out there. The Cowboys Lasso. Goodness Barsha world is not a cow pulling the OPPO coming out. The dog in the poll number twos chasing the cow always trying to lasso to Cao Cao just dragging it man in the world. Oh my toes William Horsley just really Don Com. I tell is having a hard time. What in the world is this? Dow Cal one minute shorts Lasso Alabama. I'm mixing that into my lexicon. The Hail Alabama. That was some weird stuff. Was that set up. No that was a security camera in the backyard. Akao gets away from the heard the cowboys chase it down with the dogs that that's their job. Sudden Cowboy writes in with the Lasso. Yeah the calendar. How that's that's weird. So the dogs led the way because it's their job to keep everybody in order in the heard and so it looks like Oh why are these two doug cow hard time? Oh no it fell into the pool all this stuff but then you realize the cows actually in kind of smart he got away from the herd but then the cowboys come and save the day and you got to swim and I wonder man he was he was. He was dog tired after that because he couldn't even get out of the pool is just like Jagger. See what you did. I'M GONNA chill out right here. Yeah all right. I think that absolutely qualifies as an animal. Plenty of animals doing animal things and it was great last thing I wanted. My Pool is a cow right. I don't want to cow in there. No triple eight nine hundred thirty. Three ninety. Three PAT unleashed on twitter. If you live in New York you'll You'LL WANNA know that. Mayor Bill De Blasio just cancelled all public events through June. Since when does the mayor have the power to cancel all events? I mean maybe city events that go through your office. That you have purview over. But does the mayor of a city at just have the power to say nope? You're not doing anything anywhere so hands again. I haven't looked into this. I don't know if you know the answer either. But does this mean no Yankees or mets baseball games. No no nicks. You know bill events. Yeah it would have to mean that. Well that site's cruise up a possibility of baseball. Well Not New York. They're not playing. Did you know there's another plan now? I think you and I were just talking about this off air for the show like wave. Texas opened up. Why don't they play Games here? Talking about Amazon is Florida. Dallas Dallas the new stadium. That hasn't even been played in by the. Nobody's been in it. 'cause it just got built just got finished. It was supposed to open up for the this year. And obviously it hasn't and they have an empty ranger stadium. Right next door right. Yes they could use very true. Astrodome I don't know where they stand but I know that they've been talking about doing renovations down there this year. I don't know if already started or what that looks like. They have been trying to figure out what to do with Astrodome. Since about two thousand two thousand one. There were all kinds of plans for some of them. Pretty cool actually. Some developer wanted to make a gigantic indoor mall with a massive. I think the biggest swimming pool in the world would have been part of that. I mean they had all kinds of really cool ideas and of course none of them. Silk to fruition. Let's think about this. Let's take the spring training facilities out of it in Arizona in Florida. And you've got to indoor stadiums in the state of Florida that are Major League Baseball stadiums between Tampa and Miami. You've got The Astro Stadium. You've got the astrodome in theory. You've got the New Ranger Stadium. The Arlington Leftover Stadium. Reliant you could really play baseball in there. Oh Yeah I guess you could do little cowboy state and you play minute maid park and you could play cowboys. Jerry's Jerry's not letting them play in there. Okay so we're eight. We've got the DIAMONDBACK stadium. We got nine stadiums. That's eight teams. And they're talking about doing double header. Tommy teams eighteen teams. And so they're talking about doing double headers so you'd play like it'd be like the cubs and braves would be noon and then the Yankees and tigers would be at eight PM so anyhow we with this. Let's go America. Let's do it but the Blasi. Oh Man so what? He's he's putting the cash on everything. Yeah Yeah Despite the fact that he doesn't have that kind of power he's taking it anyway and by the way if you see something suspicious yeah or you think is violating our social distancing rules. Yeah you need. You need to take a photo of it and get it immediately to build of laws you at three one one six nine two. That's right yeah Garcia head tweeted out yesterday. I haven't been able to verify this but she said that she posted the thing that said it. Looks like They've shut down the line up there because they were getting too many people flipping off. The camera is just inexcusable. Thinning and pictures of they're drunk so So there you go. Apparently that's The New York snitch number where people were supposed to text pictures and addresses of people not following. The rules was shut down as great. Yeah that's fantastic. You know it's another good idea for New York. They might consider what if you were to train all kinds of youth in what they should be looking for people that are following the rules and who they can call and their parents are doing something that they see is wrong. There's a number that they could call on their parents or their neighbor. Let's take a picture and and because get all the youth to do. Let's just assume that the number is shutdown. You WanNa make sure to keep sending these tips in a three one one six nine two and what do you think a good name for this group would be maybe the Blahsy blahsy? Yeah Yeah. Let's do that. Can the youth groups of New York would be great? They could just start. You know because a lot of people don't see what's going on inside other people's homes but the kids do and you could get them to report their parents then that'd be great. One Group of States is going one direction with this lockdown and another group is going the opposite direction and that is the difference between red and blue states right now all right. Let me tell you about Omega L. If you are in pain. There's a really good chance it's caused by inflammation whether that inflammation is coming from arthritis or whatever the case may be it's likely the root cause of back and neck shoulder leg pain. Inflammation is why you suffer with Achey painful joints and muscles and it's left untreated. The inflammation can cause permanent. Damage to really sucks pain. Relievers in topical creams. Don't treat the problem. They mask it. Sometimes they don't help at all. 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Call eight hundred eight four four four eight eight hundred eight four four forty eight eighty eight or go to Omega xl dot com slash Patrick Gray. So president trump said he plans to sign an executive order temporarily suspending immigration into the. Us Makes Sense in light of this situation. I think so We'll it Democrats course not. They'll be yelling and screaming and kicking and biting over this. He said he's doing so to protect American jobs. As the virus has taken a sharp toll on the economy in a tweet last night he said he was signing the executive order in light of the attack from the invisible enemy reference. Obviously to the virus as well as the need to protect the jobs of our great. American citizens didn't provide any other details but to me. That's just a prudent step. Yeah why wouldn't you do that? You're got a pet had dead body blog. Who said it looks like? He's just implementing the Bill. Maher plan member because Bill Maher said. Oh didn't go far enough when he Walked people coming in from China Right. So there. You Go Bill Maher now an advisor to president trump on immigration. Yeah that's awesome also but I mean this is a common sense thing. This is the thing where we said You know before the sunset on nine eleven o one. We should have sealed our borders. Yeah Okay yes I mean. And that's where we're at again so. I don't know how long this is going to last and I was just talking about illegal immigration. He's talking about. Let's shut down because now jobs are in short supply right now. Yeah this is a common sense thing. Twenty two million jobs in counting in four weeks three weeks three or four weeks four weeks. Yeah really bad. So so. What's what's the unemployment number going to be when we find out what late next week. I think I part of me. We'll find out what April job. Numbers are and what the unemployment rate is going to be fifteen percent twenty percent. I don't know we're going to be close to those numbers for sure but I will say that that one. That isn't necessarily helping In the grander scheme of things. There are some people who just like Lindsey Graham warned who are finding it more beneficial collect these unemployment benefits then to go back to their jobs right and so while that's not the overall thing. Obviously people have lost their jobs. There are some situations where people are making more money for now. Taking that stimulus check not the stimulus. Check that every taxpayer. Gets the unemployment stimulus check instead of going back to work? Yeah well when you're giving them more money than they make work give incentivize them not to work right. And what was it said to that? Oh No is she thought it was a good thing that the government is paying. The mortis was Bernie. Yeah Okay but still. I knew it was one of those. Socially she's Bernie and address the pantsuit triple eight nine hundred thirty three ninety-three also at PAT unleashed on twitter. Coming up can dogs sniff. Out The corona virus and do gyp blitz make more make men more vulnerable to the corona virus than women who to vote and others coming up here in a few minutes. I'm Pat Gray unleashed. Is this bad. Great thank you for being here with us. Cripple eight nine hundred thirty three ninety three and at PAT unleashed on twitter. Just a quick reminder. Have you checked yet your day's activities with Cardinal Job Tobin? 'cause you may have forgotten. I don't want you to forget that important step when you're starting your day. Did you consult an attorney? I've called up Cardinal Tobin Newark. Yeah Governor Murphy in New Jersey. Does it all the time so I hope you're doing it as well We got some tweets here and George Crocker concerning the data sore Yep. I'm sure that the lawyer is sore is actually making a house call. She's going to be The wife at least you're GONNA be independently. Wealthy Yep Republic Mike tweets. There's one hundred ten percent chance. My Wife's my wife's spin kicks then divorces me if I did that to the garbage outside but so worth it. Kevin Davis I consider this lockdown a preview of life under the green new deal. No no kidding from Petty Officer America To Answer Your Question Pat yes Mayor has the power to cancel all public events. Oh even all over the country. Whoa as long as he consults and receives permission to do so by Cardinal Joe Tobin from Newark New Jersey again no no cheap imitations or substitutes for Cardinal Joe Tobin this is the Newark New Jersey Cardinal. Joe Tobin were talking about and don't be fooled by imitation more bishops. Now I understand there's one in des Moines Iowa who's pretending to be the really Joe Tobin yet leads me off. It pisses me off. So is that is that the equate brand. Yes yes Nerik yes all right. We have some great news though because we can finally not worry about this virus anymore. There is now a cure. No Way Yeah it's been found by this guy. Cova nineteen has provided an opportunity for people. Now this tweet calls him religious huckster. Oh that's offensive. Oh look at this guy and He clearly shows us. He's found the cure then Iranian and wasn't one hundred introduce the best cure against corona and kidney disease curious he okay any standing next to a camel lung lung disease. Asthma is here. Look at the camel. Okay we're looking at the camera. And even the corona has totally messed up the world okay. He doesn't look happy. That camel someone told IMAM SADIQUE IN DIV. I can't breathe though no good. I have to sit down shortness of breath. Okay clearly corona right through right imam SEDIBA use the camel urine and so he did and he was cured. Well done Mo- Java has camels got hey in its neck For I don't know that I want to trust then. Magenta POURED HIM SOME CAMEL. Urine from that camera and he says thank you so much yum. I WANNA classy Campbell. Oh no no no not McCaffrey. Oh my God willing. You have two days three times a day for three days. You drink that three times a day. You'll be cured of whatever things making you heard the camels laughing at him in the background there too. They were like no way. You really did that and notice that that Campbell was like what are you doing here? And then after after he down to that Campbell P. He had some credit with him on this show. We always failed to warn people to put their breakfast down. Yeah Oh yeah. Put Your breakfast down before we mean. Okay what are you doing? Spoiler alert put your breakfast now. Or are you gonNA throw it on? That's that's incredible. So there's another great cure. I mean. We heard about vinegar which was nice. There were a couple of other things I like. One was motor oil. I think you drink that four or five times. I was out that day. Were you the Mona Royal Dale Down? Just drink it like is it like and the good thing is is. It doesn't have to be ten. W Forty Three. I was GONNA ask you. What CASA DI or tend to be thirty the you also have to combine it now see I want a one. Step here with With power steering fluid by the way Judy leaves do not do not drink motor oil in conjunction with power stack away from the garage door. Anything else by the way you know. These states are opening up Texas announced. Some you know and then we said that Georgia Tennessee Apparently South Carolina. I'll ask are getting in on the act as well just learned so good looking at. There's progress y'all. It's between the states opening up and drink in the camel P. We got the light at the end of the tunnel. You know it's going to be. Republican led states. That do this and so California New York you know. They're going to be lagging way behind Massachusetts. Who has a terrible problem Michigan? I mean she didn't even want you to be able to wonder from your bedroom to the bathroom without her permission. So I don't know what's going to happen in Michigan. I don't know when that state's GonNa ever open up. She's out of control. Wait a minute wait. A minute. Does Cardinal Tobin trump governor whitmer. Of course yeah. Yeah of course so if you check your activities like if you call. Cardinal Joe Tobin of Newark New Jersey and say Hey Cardinal Tobin. I was thinking about going from the living room where I'm watching. Tv to the kitchen to make myself a sandwich. And then I was going to go back and sit in the living room again. Is that okay? And then depending on what he says. Okay you follow his advice. All right also do testicles Jim Blitz if you will make men more vulnerable to the corona virus. Apparently men are getting in much larger numbers than women. For some reason. They don't really know why. But maybe this is it and minorities get it more than whites which nobody knows why plus they have a much higher death rate very weird so a pilot study that tracked the clearance of the virus from patients in Mumbai. India offered more evidence. That men are indeed harder hit. It had offered theoretical explanation for that disparity because of the cells that the viruses most drawn to those cells service the front door for the corona virus because they express a protein called Whatever converting ends enzyme to which is the virus just happens to bind with in both men and women these ace to proteins or receptors are plentiful in the lungs the gastrointestinal tract tract and the heart. Not surprisingly all of those tissues are vulnerable to attack from the virus but also giblet tissues pump out a receptors at a high rate ovarian. Tissue does not so. There's one logical explanation for why plus men are pigs and I think the corona just coronavirus just hates hates picks and meant. Well Yeah. They're saying that that the the virus or whatever can just reside down there. Yeah just lives there in your in your giblets and then springs to life eventually. Now I don't know if this is connected to what we just talked about. The dogs may also be able to sniff out the connected. All right due to the urgent need of corona virus testing preparations to intensively trained dogs to detect the syptomatic carriers of the virus started and could be ready in six weeks very early stages according to the Department of Disease Control we know diseases have odors including respiratory diseases such as influenza and that those orders are in fact quite distinct the very very good chance that Cova nineteen has a specific order odor. And if it does. I'm really confident that the dogs will be able to learn that and smelling detected. That'S NASTY. Scroll icky breakfast story so just looking back every visitor to my house. Ever as apparently been a carrier of growth virus based on my plugs interactions with them. Yes which is disconcerting. Do they do that too? All your visitors that poison where you're about to take a foot all right triple eight nine hundred thirty. Three Ninety three missed it yesterday. On on the socials. I put Keith away. Quarantine Games finally decimated takes him to promote the youtube page. Four Games to two. It's all over and we concluded the Games this time with a field goal kicking competition. Here's my last. Here's here's one of Keith. My last chance to tie the game here. He's going Oh right. I WANNA think avery making a out there for us. Yes so it didn't even go airborne kicked around. I re tweeted his tweet this morning. If you want to save that somewhere gun three inches off the ground there yeah okay. Now I will say that I I was able to follow up with a nice punt over the crossbar. There the goalpost today so I want series won. You won series to Should we do? Should we try to piece together? One more series like the Tiebreaker series. Ought to do something else. You'RE GONNA go. Should we punt the ball today? What do you want to do today the show so hard to decide? You're like how do I want to kick your butt? Yeah I don't know maybe we run out of idea. Yeah we'll figure it out. Okay triple eight nine hundred thirty three ninety-three three also. Pat unleashed twitter. There's a Harvard professor. Who wants to ban homeschooling in a an essay for Harvard magazine Professor of Law and Director of Harvard Laws Child Advocacy Legal Clinic claims. Homeschooling is a threat to children's rights. A method of promoting white supremacy what ended drain on Democratic Society. Even goes so far as to suggest a national presumptive ban on the practice the they're doing a summit this weekend or not yeah June eighteenth through nineteenth and will probably be online but the summit brings together a number of experts from across the country and across the spectrum to discuss the problems educational deprivation and child maltreatment that too often occur under the guise of home schooling too often occur under the guise of homeschooling kind of specious nonspecific. Charges that what maltreatment too often occurs. And surely there's no maltreatment it ever happens in public schools right. There's no maltreatment from teachers or from other students bullying situations none of that social pressure. Professor Elizabeth Bartlett is leading the charge against those who actively resist public schools and she believes the generation. Currently being home-schooled is an eventual if not active breeding ground for racism sexism and isolationism my goodness based on what? Well many homeschool precisely because Keith. They want to isolate their children from ideas and values central to public education and to OUR DEMOCRACY. Just a quick side note here. We're not a democracy and school is not the place to learn values. The home is to say I mean yeah guilty isolate my kids away from the public school values. Actually that is one of the racing. You reasons. We'll be many promote racial segregation and female subservience many questions science. That's really interesting because Nope nope no questioning. Science used to be encouraged now scientists so insecure that they can't handle any questioning at all. Just accept always say blindly or your Luddite. Except the consensus shut up. Don't you dare ask anything about what I'm telling you goes onto say. Many are determined to keep their children from exposure to views that might enable autonomous choice about their future lives. It's completely untrue. The place where children are kept from exposure to contrasting points of view. That's public school. That's public school will only teach evolution. I'll tell you this. When we home schooled we taught both we taught evolution and intelligent design. And then we let our kids noodle it out. That's the difference between Home School and Public School in the film school. You have discussions with your kids. You openly talk about the different competing theories over at the public schools the little indoctrination centers the government runs. You are told this is how it is. The scientists settled whether we're talking about evolution or we're talking about global warming. Yeah if we're talking about global warming. There's only one opinion right. There's consensus man. Caused climate. Change is destroying the planet. The discussions over there is consensus. Now it's clear. None of that is true though and in our home school we taught them both. We taught about climate change and then we taught them about the fact that you know what the models though have all been wrong every single one of them. We told them the truth and it goes beyond that. It's not just brainwashing. Your kids into believing one idea but then it's a step further if you go home to your parents and they disagree with this. Well you know better you're GonNa have to educate your parents and we saw it with the Al Gore. Remember when when when he was talking to students and he's like your parents they don't know this stuff. Yeah Yeah exactly. And and they're not just brainwashing your kids but then they're also in in in an idea but then they're also convincing them that you as the parent are stupid and you guys need to be educated as well. And that's that's that's exactly where we are. And homeschool is the opportunity to actually sit down and have opened into discussions as opposed to just have data filled in wrong data by the way just pumped into your kids heads full mush and send them home to indoctrinate the parents or make the parents feel foolish. Yeah I was looking for that. Doug Gore Clip. Where he talked about he was talking to the kids and telling them that they don't they know more things than their parents. No yeah that's what I mean. This is unbelievable anyway. This harvard professor goes on homeschooling. Not only violates children's right to a meaningful education and the right to be protected from potential child abuse but may keep them from contributing positively to a democratic society. Wow I mean in her mind. The state is the all powerful all knowing arbiter of all things that are meaningful also. Let's not forget there. The protector of our children. They're protecting the children from who the parents that's crazy. I'm telling you this is the kind of story. These are the kinds of quotes. Were you will hear. And you'll laugh him off and you'll think oh my gosh that crazy harvard professor but before you know it these ideas are going to be made mainstream and then before you realize it. You're going to have people that respect friends. People you just come into close contact with on a regular basis and at some point in the conversation. They're going to say so. Yeah don't a lot of White supremacists homeschool and before. You know this this idea this kind of line of thinking about homeschooling being a dangerous ground to raise children with and to educate children is going to become a real problem. And you're GONNA start seeing if if ideas like this start to be allowed to go. Unchallenged states are GONNA clamp down she continues. We haven't essentially unregulated regimen in the area of homeschooling although every state has basic educational standards. She believes that if you look at the legal regimen coverings homeschooling. There are very few requirements. The parents do anything and yet. Here's the thing home schoolers in every single study I've ever seen outperform public school students by a lot without question and they also perform private school students as well. But surely you don't mean that parents who love and care for their children infinitely more than anybody in the Public School does. They can actually do a better job than the government. Yes that is actually what I do. Mean and stop calling me Shirley So how shocking is it? The big brother not being intimately involved in some aspect of our lives that left people that leaves people to their own devices to personal responsibility to parental responsibility. How is it that those people the government can actually prepare their children for life? Just I mean this is incredible. I'm I'M GONNA actually. Let's tweet APP. The APP had unleash. Look for this soon as I can get this going. It's a map showing just all the states. And just you know the different Regulations as they would apply to your state. And I think it's a good resource so you can know that maybe during this lockdown. I'm sure your kids are probably driving you. Nuts as you've been forced to homeschool but maybe you've gotten a routine and maybe you want to continue this in the fall. It's very dependent on where you live. And then she gets to the worst of all she argues. It's possible that these home schoolers one of the reasons they are actually doing. This is religious. Oh No to me that. Please don't say that surveys of homeschool show. A majority of families are driven by conservative Christian beliefs. And of course these are extremely religious. Ideologue who questioned science promote female subservience and white supremacy? Look we home school. Our kids for twenty three years and then we ran of private school that we own for five more in twenty eight years a homeschooling and being around the parents of home schools home schoolers. Not once did I ever run into anybody who is even close to a white supremacist. Not once not ever and heaven forbid we actually teach religion in the home of our homes of our kids because ever since what nineteen sixty three when the supreme court ruled that God was supposedly not supposed to be part of education? Our Society has done. Nothing but skyrocket right. We've we've become a much better people. I mean it's disintegrated since then everybody knows it so many home schoolers interject religion into what? They're teaching. I mean this is amazing. So yes it'll be great when we got in order to prevent homeschooling from being banned. Because of people like this you need to know what's going on so we'll tweet that you can check it out for yourself. Triple eight nine hundred thirty. Three Ninety three had gray Al Gore. Glib we were mentioning are speaking to a group of Hanke was six to a teenage years There's had some gigantic children's camp near something like that. Maybe it was. Maybe they weren't as young as six but there was all kinds of students there and he's telling him there are thing that you know that your parents don't it. There was a study done by Dr Mouth. Laskey AUNT DR. Methyl laskey said there are times. There are thirteen times in thumb. Three where thumb children no more than Parents to be. Maybe you could make that statement. I Dunno wow. That's dangerous stuff. Just the indoctrination unbelievable so this. Harvard professor saying this Homeschool homeschooling should be banned. Really dangerous rhetoric really horrific. I mean those who homeschool absolutely love. Homeschooling they're consumed by it. They understand it. They get it. Nobody wants better for their kids than the parents do. Thank you so. The parents are going to make sure and they do that. Their kids are getting a really solid education. Your kids are number in the public school. Still Care about your. Your kids are some do a vessel to receive federal funding. Yes I mean. There are great teachers and there are teachers who really honestly care and we probably have some listening to us and we appreciate the job you do if your teacher. You're not making enough money but at the end of the day that there's I'm sorry but you're not ever going to be able to convince me that a teacher. That has my kids for a few hours more about them than you one semester of their life right cares more about my kid's future than nope. It just doesn't happen so just dismiss these people who continually harp on homeschooling is. Oh your kids are going to grow up weird. They're not going to get enough education where they're not getting enough. Education is in the public schools. Where you don't even teach them American history anymore. Yeah I guess. It didn't work to call our kids. Antisocial and Albino so now we've got a call him what little white supremacists in the making. Yup I'm great welcome. Thanks for being here. Isn't tweets. Pat Unleashed Sherry tweets. Not There are still people that haven't got any money from unemployment me being one. It's been four weeks. I call every day still can't get through cheese. That's horrible see. I how many states were affected. New Jersey was one of them. There were several states that we're using this old computer code that no one knew the language of anymore and they had. I hire people to work with those old machines. What are these states doing that? They have like decades old software running these things. I I don't know I don't know equis limits ten look even the middle. East has a cardinal tobin they consult with camel p. Yeah the guy who Show him again Mr Campbell. B Campbell. If you're having breakfast you might want to put it aside and gets out of his car. Yeah that's what selling Camel Peo- by Nice four-door it's because it's a cure for this disease. Which is huge still. I don't I don't care for this camel with with the strongest beard. He just doesn't seem to take personal. Pride snobby won't even look at the guy would have done Europe. You're talking about my p Alan. Now you've got my attention as the camel so somebody told her mom they can't breathe and the MOM says yeah. You know you need to do cut drink camel P so they did and they were fine and completely cured bar and so now. They've poured skysufer warm. The camel isn't the camel slowly. Look like you know. That's been looking his face but he's not pleased with. It was about three times a day for three days. And then you're cured. Camel accepts as his own. Now I don't know. President trump will start promoting Campbell p today. But he should. There's the cure right there. The press isn't GonNa go after him. Well no because this came from the Middle East thank you because it came from Iran. So now it's okay. That's how they operate Imam approved in. What are you GonNa do when a kid tested? Mother approved Oxfam's Electric Razor tweets so we mixed camel P. and motor. Oil will kind of Elixir of life. Would we be witnessed to get out? Because you drink that you become a Superhero Fountain of Youth For sure Marquee tweets with no idea of when kids can go back to school. I guess that dope from Harvard picked a bad time to wage war on homeschooling. Right is a stupid time to do it. The St Forty two since when did conservative Christian become code for White Supremacy? They just slip that one and while we weren't looking with a whole bunch of others as a matter of fact we have this video of teacher who's been Handling remote learning with an original song. Oh cool yeah Got This for Trey callaway. Thank you know and the music teacher and I found that one of the best ways that I can process the whole transition to online learning and teaching to write a song. Okay so I wrote a song like to share that with you guys now. Everybody is feeling that it has to communicate online these days. That was really good. Didn't see that coming digital I ask. Nobody does no good snow. No she said that up. Well also we've got a video of about vacation time here from. Oh Alex Yeah. Somebody sent this over a strong favourite for a quarantine a war years. The guy on vacation as it were looking at. Oh look at look at that. He's looking out the windows jet over a Caribbean island. GotTa he's on the plane. Drink in looks good wait. He's got his passport there. On a little tray back there right and it's drier. Well done man really good. Wow goodstuff Mary creative. That's one thing that people to be creative with their downtime. Yeah and that's good stuff out there. Yeah then we got frank. Caliendo told you we'd we'd get to this and sure enough. We're getting to it. It's amazing but Frank Kellyanne. No announced some nuns playing basketball. Who is he's MARV Albert? Yeah he's marv Albert Charles Barkley and shack doing play by play for the nuns. Welcome back to the NBA on TNT and the Soviet monastery where the annual LUMP STRADDLING KANSAS. Taking place on the insight. Gas Sister Maria by Sister Paula. She puts another shot up and she's unable to connect but rebound finding its way back to sister. Paula rolling up a truly turn water into wine with a spectacular display of faith hustle. Marv Albert along with Charles Barkley and the czar of the mobile straighter Shaquille O'Neal Charles. I'm not good allow Mar- There's been a lot of slapping play today because of social listen and some of that is because they are nuts. God visiting I agree with the first half statement but in the second. Half when you got into the metaphysical just doesn't play with me. Can't this is all about the game? And what's in front of you so good? That was brilliant. Brilliant Kellyanne though. He is awesome. Frank just helping to bake the apocalypse fun so great then we have this This meme just shows a couple of stories. One from a dog One article from a dog and a cat and these are like op eds. There's something that they're writing about the About the lockdown and the dog writes why not work from home forever because the dog wants to be with people obviously The cat writes the op-ed America needs to get back to work. It's true loving loyal wonderful dogs. As American. The Dog Rights as America debates Returned to work. It's important not to rush. We need to balance the economy against the extremely valid concerns about public health and protecting lives. It's really will what well written for a Dog. You know and walks. We need to think about all of the walks and ball. We need to also think about ball. A cat writes okay. Enough is enough American. American business has taken a historic plunge over the past month. It's time to consider a practical plan for protecting public health while also allowing for a return to work. I mean that's perfect is perfect and yeah I will say that. Our dogs have gotten more walks in the past month than they probably all of the previous year. You know. I've seen more of my neighbors in the last four weeks than I've seen in the last eight years because everybody's outside that's all you can do. You can walk around and so everybody's out. Yeah walking around me too. But it hasn't gotten to the point where I motivated learn. People's names though is that I've seen them out. Say How you doing. Everybody's name is Hey Hey frankly. I've seen taken out your garbage too. Yeah Yeah how about that? Data sort guy down the block. What a bank right right. Who Am I kidding? I don't live in data shores neighborhood. It's got a nice house so You give it another month. Maybe I'll bother to learn your name when we're on the walk. That would be really extreme right. We can't have that governor Abbot. Let's go weekend all right. Let me take sixty seconds and tell you about Tommy. John Man. Is it comfortable underwear and t shirts and this t shirt? I'm wearing right now soft fantastic. It's Tommy John Fabulous. I mean. Don't feel great the Tommy John Underwear so good so comfortable. It doesn't ride up a the J- they've created these in a way where it fits a man's body and now a woman's as well nice. Yeah I'm GonNa tell you. I absolutely love Tommy. John and they sent us a couple of samples when we started advertising for them And since then I have gone to the website and but plenty yeah or because I love them. Yes they're also offering all customers twenty five percent off right now site-wide so treat yourself an upgrade to a few pairs of Tommy John Underwear. It's the softest most breathable fabric. You've ever worn again. It doesn't right up you'RE NOT GONNA get a snuggie from this this underwear Tommy. John Com slash unleashed. Get Twenty. Five percents off your order. Tommy John Dot com slash unleashed for twenty five percent off. Okay well At first we had to worry about toilet paper shortages and really kind of still do I. I haven't seen toilet paper in a store in a long time. Have you had to have you guys been able to buy it? Yes I've seen it places a couple times. Yeah now the big worry is frozen pizza. Not this hits you right where he cannot stand okay. Americans have already suffered. Of course the paper shortage the toilet paper shortage the the bottled water shortages now. We may have to endure a lack of frozen pizza theme combine that with a projected shortage of beer and soda and you're looking at a total meltdown of us. Society can't handle this joke. I I'm actually not joking serious. We reported frozen pizza sales across the US or up more than ninety percent a year ago. Listen to these numbers. Some brands are seeing an increase of two hundred percent. Since the start of the pandemic Newman's own presidency. Oh best called the surge unprecedented and told Ad Week that is twenty five years in the business. I've never seen a spike like this across the country does Newman's own sell pizza to another big into salad dressing. I didn't know they had pizza. the out the outlet noted that across Los Angeles Grocery stores had been reporting shortages. Some frozen food delivery drivers had to add locks to their trailers for fear of frantic shoppers. Looking for pizza in their trucks. So they saw me is what is what. They're yeah. They got some data from I R. I research that showed American. Spent two hundred and seventy five million on frozen pizza for the first four weeks ending April fifth an increase of ninety two percent from the same time last year. Wow Wow that's just. Another unforeseen side effect of the stink and pandemic right. I mean if you plan properly. You don't get caught flat-footed when the global pandemic in the lockdown it's don't you eat frozen pizza. Virtually every day for lunch. I mean a lot. Sure at virtually it's virtually. Yes so is four times out of five. That qualify virtually every. Yeah so yeah I've been prepared and I have noticed that the The freezing units at at my local grocer's freezer As we used to call it They have been bear at times. But at least what I'm going for there's There's always at least one box available so I've been able to K- keep the supply stocks. I'm happy about that. Yes I don't want that we don't you? Don't want angry Keith. Roman around here you know. We don't know Also this is fascinating. We are getting back to some of the stories that We used to get pissed off by but now we're just we're craving goes it's better than the pandemic stuff. Oh No what story. Land Lakes butter. Yeah Yeah let's go back to these days right now. Land Lakes butter will no longer feature the American Indian butter maiden on its packaging. The new look package arrived in stores this month. After the company announced the change earlier this year it comes ahead of the brands. One hundred and first anniversary was announced in February with Land Lakes explaining we recognized. We need pack packaging that reflects the foundation in heart of our company culture. What does that mean? I don't know it means we've been doing this for a hundred years and now society so crazy. Okay we're GONNA take the native American off the package so Elizabeth Warren Luster gig s shoot some products including stick. Butter will also include photos of real land lake farmers instead and Co op members and copy. That says since nineteen twenty one and proud to be farmer owned as a farmer owned co OP. We stand together to bring you the very best in dairy. Oh yeah a bunch of dairy farmers thin around that's going to become iconic like the Landau Legs Lady. Yeah didn't explicitly state the reason for removing but we all know the reason they remove the American and her name was my or my are Mia. She's been on the packaging for a hundred years it. Well almost one hundred. It was painted in Nineteen Twenty eight and later updated to show just her face. The original design has long been criticized for being racist. North Dakota Representative Ruth Buffalo. Wh- What Ruth Buffalo Cool Told THE GRAND FORKS HERALD. The image of my goes hand in hand with human and sex trafficking. Wait what are women and girls all right Representative Buffalo? I don't think so okay. How does an image of the face of an Indian woman just smiling on the on the Front? How does that represent sex trafficking there? She is right there if you haven't seen land leg butter. I don't know if they have this back east. It's all over the country I think so. I think we've we'd had landed lake butter a lot so there she is and that represents sex trafficking. Don't you do not see that I don't say there my goodness Wow okay maybe. We don't want to go back. Yeah let's talk about the latest cove in nineteen death numbers Spec here or the fact that the NFL draft is coming up Thursday night after tomorrow and apparently they ran a test about a random test from the homes of all of these people because going to be doing it from home and it didn't go. Well yeah check my keith math on this but what are we. We're about Sixty sixty hours or so until the bengals have to pick. But they did a They did a test run yesterday for two rounds and right out of the gate with that I pick. There was a long delay. Some sort of problem and apparently was on the League's end so it wasn't like an individual team with difficulties. It was with the league somewhere in their connection. Yeah so so. A lot of the Issues were they talked about how? Gm's were just sitting there an awkward silence waiting like window. I go help me. Someone talked to me. Right and people. Not Muting microphones such as you probably have learned with with your zoom calls with your office so this could be interesting. You could hear like the cowboys and packers spinning a trade. Because Jerry Jones forgot to mute his microphone on his computer during the real thing that I'd like to hear the behind the scenes stuff so it's GonNa be interesting. It's going to have a new element. coming up Thursday night and nobody's hosting it right. Is Anybody from the NFL network. Commentating this or you know like they usually have. I'm sure they'll have the rich Eisen doing that. And they'll have to guide us through and explain. I would think so. I hope so and I really hope. It's not thirty two boxes on the screen. But I don't know I have no idea what to expect. I just knew it's going to be entertaining for more than one reason. it's football. It's football related and it's happening right now. We don't have to wait. It's football and its technical issues and they didn't delay it which I love. I love the fact that they're going ahead with it. I can't believe it but I'm really grateful to the NFL for doing this. Because it gives you hope for the season it. It shows that they plan to go ahead with it because the people that are drafting. Some of them will be starting. Yeah you would think and don't forget on or around may ninth. They're going to release the NFL schedule and built into that are contingency plans in case they have to delay. My theory is okay. You're six division games will be your last six games. Just in case they keep having to delay it. So we'll see. One of the stories is the big quarterback from Alabama to take. Take a Vilo. Better you than me on that one. He he's really talented and he's probably might be the best quarterback in the draft but he's a little bit short and he had that massive hip injury so do take a chance on him because they can't bring him in and do a a health workup on him. They can't check him. I do a physical. Because they can't bring them in. So do you take the chance without even looking sight unseen you just you bring them in and have a first round draft pick or a second round. Pick and use it on him. I don't know that's going to be interesting to see if they that he's those hip. Problems are tough to overcome member tight end. Dennis Pitta. Yeah it was actually from Byu but he played for the Ravens. He was an all star. He was the lead receiver of all tight ends when he was playing and he broke his hip once came back from. It broke it again. Took him a year came back from Brogan third time when he was getting ready to go back for the season and in in a practice without being touched it broke and that was it. It was all my fantasy. Football League has the Dennis Pitta rule whereas if you protect player in they get injured during Training Camp. You can go back and protect someone else from your previous roster. Also it's all it's named. It's an honor of his hip. Yes he was dynamic. Yeah he was excellent really good and so Sadly his season is career was cut short. And you're talking about risking well not able to walk when nobody. Yeah that and I'm talking about the team that would invest in him. Yes obviously with these rookie. Reports to risk a risk. Right you know you're you're risking hundreds of thousands of dollars in a season paycheck anyhow so There are so many variables that have been affected. That you just don't even think about because this pandemic big thank you to China. Oh can we can. We show the picture Inside the lab there where they were putting the samples into the freezer in China. You know the place that we have most likely think for where we're at now the seal someone pointed out on the Internet. The seal is not so tight there around the freezing unit where they're storing these virus samples you've got you've got a greater seal around the freezer at your house compared to the lab. Where more than likely this all started. Why are you so racist? Why would you say started in China? Why why why would you do that? Because that's where it started Tom. So that's the only reason you're saying I'm GONNA fish for another one here can't do it. No no be because that's word started from All all right if you WANNA stick to that. Go ahead yeah. We're not baseball games this afternoon. Because of that lab in China really sad. You're you're now surrounded by your kids. Twenty four seven three sixty five because of that lab in China yeah our government has added trillions of dollars worth of debt because of that lab in China. Yeah entire executive going on a strike. Oh absolutely yeah. Also tomorrow's Earth Day. We're doing what are we going to be celebrating like? You can't believe we're going to celebrate. We'RE GOING TO BE SCOLDED BY WALKING PHOENIX. Al Gore Stacey Abrams moby. Everybody's getting together to scold US more Jane Fonda so. This should be exciting. It's GonNa be kind of like the thing they did over the weekend with the Corona Virus presentation. They're going to do the same thing tomorrow for Earth Day. I can't wait. Gosh talk about making your eyes bleed. You can count on that doing it. So does that mean. We're going to have some more Al Gore video fresh Al Gore. I certainly the more Al Gore talking about Dr Math Wealth

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