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From New York. This is democracy now. Hong Kong police, actually fired teargas to worse, the crowd while. No people are showing any symptoms of attacking, so they're just doing it. We think that they're trying to oppress, our rights of face stressing, our, our opinion and actually missing. The freedom Kong is witnessing has starred protests against a proposed Bill to allow extradition of Hong Kong residents to mainland China on Wednesday riot police, deployed tear gas rubber bullets pepper sprays demonstrators attempted to storm the legislative council building, we'll get the latest then Arizona, where a hung jury has refused to convict humanitarian aid activists professor, Scott Warren, who faced twenty years in prison for providing water food, clean clothes, and beds, undock. Documented migrants crossing the Sonoran desert. The government's plan in the midst of this humanitarian crisis policies to target undocumented people refugees in their families. Prosecutions to criminalise humanitarian aid, kindness, and solidarity and outrage is mounting over the death of Laline Palanca a transgender. Afro lucky next woman who is recently found Dell in dead in a Rikers island cell. A war. Don't get it twin. We have been in a more black and Brown. Transpeople have been in the war since we were born a more on that continuously until the, we shouldn't fish until they actually make it still them. Don't exist. All that, and more coming up. Welcome to democracy now democracy now dot board the Warren peace report, I made me Goodman in the Gulf of Oman, the cruise of two oil tankers evacuated their ships today after reporting explosions that prompted fears of a conflict between the US in Iran and image shared by Iranian state television, showed a plume of smoke rising from one of the two vessels, east of the strait of Hormuz Taiwan's state oil refinery, which owns one of the two tankers said that suspected, it's ship had been hit by torpedo, Iran denied involvement and said through a state news agency, Iran's navy helped to safely evacuate forty four sailors from the stricken vessels, US, national security adviser, John Bolton whose frequently called for US military action against Iran. Blamed, Iran for a tax on oil tankers off the coast of the United Arab Emirates last month with. Out providing evidence the house oversight committee voted Wednesday to hold attorney general William bar and commerce secretary Wilbur Ross and contempt of congress for refusing to comply with congressional subpoenas. The vote came just hours after the Justice department said President Trump had declared executive privilege in a bid to keep the documents from the public record Democrats are seeking information on how Trump administration officials sought to add a citizenship question to the twenty twenty census last month in New York Times, reported a senior Republican strategist who specialized in gerrymandering was secretly behind the efforts arguing privately that adding the question would benefit Republicans and hurt Democrats. This is New York, congress member, Alexandra Cossio, Cortez speaking at Wednesday's house oversight hearing. I want to know why it was why this question was magically added after we have seen that a political. Operative new and detailed an intent to intimidate racial and immigrant communities for a partisan purpose saying, this will hurt Democrats and help Republicans. That's what I wanna know. I wanna know why Wilbur Ross, why secretary Ross continued to meet with people of disturbing political affiliations after his own administration warned him to stop. He came right here. And I asked him, did you continue speaking with him after this? He told me. No, we had an Email, and he did Donald Donald Trump junior testified before the Senate intelligence committee in closed door session about an Email he received in the spring of two thousand sixteen from someone he believed to be a Russian government. Attorney promising dirt on Hillary Clinton, Trump junior accepted, the invitation, and scheduled meeting, Trump Tower with the official in June of two thousand sixteen. Meanwhile, President Trump said Wednesday he would accept damaging information on campaign rive. Vols from foreign actors and might not even alert the FBI about efforts by foreign adversary to intervene in the US election. Speaking with ABC news anchor George Stephanopoulos, and the Oval Office, Trump said, his son, Donald Trump junior was right. Not to inform the FBI about the two thousand sixteen Trump Tower meeting, much, she loves things over my life. I don't think my whole life of it my whole life. I don't you don't call the FBI. You throw somebody out of euro as you do whatever you gotta stolen briefing book. He called the that's different stolen breaching. But this is this is somebody that said we have information on your opponent. Oh, let me call the give me a break. Lifeless. Director says that's what should happen. The FBI director is wrong. President Trump's handpicked FBI director Christopher Ray told congress just last month that the F B would want to know if a public official or campaign was contacted by a foreign government seeking to interfere in election. President Trump dismiss the notion saying he would consider accepting position research of a foreign figure approached him. Meanwhile, President Trump welcome, polish precedent enjoyed new debt to the White House on Wednesday, signing a military agreement to station, an additional one thousand US troops in Poland, their announcement came as the US Marine Corps executed, a rare flyover of an f thirty five stove fighter jet over the White House, as President Trump and do the looked on from the south lawn. Trump said Poland had agreed in return to purchase at least thirty two of the Lockheed. Martin stealth fighter jets, the f thirty five program has been marked by multibillion dollar cost overruns with the Pentagon. Estimates putting the cost of maintaining the jets at nearly one point two trillion dollars in the coming decades in the Arabian peninsula, who rebels from Yemen attacked an airport in southern Saudi Arabia Wednesday injuring twenty six billions and the airport's arrival hall who spokesman called the missile attack retribution for the US back Saudi led coalitions continued aggression blockade against Yemen. Meanwhile, on Capitol Hill house, lawmakers grilled senior State Department officials Wednesday over the Trump administration's plans to circle, then congress to sell over eight billion dollars of precision guided bombs and other weapons to Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates without congressional approval. Assistant US secretary of state Clark Cooper defended President Trump's decision in may to declare a national emergency in order to complete the arm sales, citing a threat from Saudi Arabia's regional rival Iran house, foreign affairs, committee chair Eliot, Engel coal. Trump's declaration, phony and an abuse of the law. This is Clark Cooper being questioned by Rhode Island. Democratic Congress member David Seleny, the vast majority arms. The administration wants to sell with respect to this transaction are -fensive weapons. Correct. It's not limited to that. There's sustainment didn't say limited, the vast majority are offensive weapon. There are offensive weapons. There are sustainment pack aspects you already are offensive isn't that correct, sir? A number of them are offensive. The US backed war and Yemen has killed thousands of civilians, and spark the world's worst humanitarian crisis, pushing half of Yemen's twenty eight million people to the brink of famine. Authorities in Hong Kong have shut down government offices, and postpone debate in the legislative council one day after riot, police fired tear gas rubber bullets and pepper spray at tens of thousands of demonstrators took to the streets to protest a Bill that would allow the extradition of Hong Kong residents to mainland China. This comes after as many as a million protestors marched against the extradition Bill on Sunday. The protests are some of the largest Hong Kong has seen since before Britain's handover of Hong Kong in nineteen ninety seven after. Headlines go to Hong Kong for the latest in Mexico crime, reporter, Norma Sarabia was shot and killed in the southern state of Tabasco late Tuesday, becoming the six journalists to be assassinated in Mexico this year. Police say two masked men on the motorbike shot. Sarobi repeatedly outside her home before fleeing the scene in the neighboring state Evita crews armed men, raided the home of journalists Marcos, maranda Cocco and kidnapped him on Wednesday, cog Koh's wife pleaded for his return noting. He's received death threats for years over his critical reporting on local government officials reporters without borders has called Mexico, the world's deadliest country for media workers outside of an active war zone. Elsewhere in Mexico to immigration activists known for their work assisting Central American migrants, who are arrested on June fifth. We're freed from jail Wednesday ahead of. There upcoming trials the arrests of Eranio Mahyco and Krista Sanchez earlier this month came as President Trump threatened to impose tariffs on Mexican imports unless the Mexican government agreed to crack down on the Silom seekers headed for the US Mexico border on Wednesday. A judge rule the payer should not be held in pre-trial, custody, as they await trial and human trafficking charges while he has worked closely with Scott Warren, the humanitarian aid, volunteer with the group no more deaths in Tucson, Arizona later in the broadcast. We'll go to Tucson Arizona, where federal judge has just declared a mistrial in a criminal case against Scott Warren, that could see him sentenced up to twenty years in prison for providing water clean clothes, and beds to asylum seekers in the scenarist desert in Uganda. Health officials say a five year old boy in this mother have died after falling ill with the Bola. The first steps among eight new suspected cases of the deadly. Virus reported and Uganda. The deaths came health workers, and the neighboring Democratic Republic of Congo. Warna massively bullet outbreak has become the second worst on record with over two thousand new cases and nearly fourteen hundred deaths since last August medical workers are struggling to reach infected people amidst ungoing, violence by anti-government militias, as well as widespread mistrust of foreign medical workers in South Dakota members of the Cheyenne. River Sioux tribe on Monday turned around a truck believed to be carrying construction equipment for the keystone excel oil pipeline and statement, tribal chair, Harold Frazier said quote any vehicles or personnel working on the Keystone Pipeline are not welcome on this reservation. This is suit territory. We will not stand for more encroachments and defilement of our land. He said the keystone excel pipeline has long been oppose. By environmentalists farmers and native Americans, if completed the pipeline would carry oil from Canada's tar, sands region and Berta to refineries, as far away as the Gulf of Mexico. Former Stanford University selling coach, John then damore has avoided a possible prison term for his role in college admissions cheating scandal that so wealthy and powerful parents spend millions of dollars in bribes to get their children into elite universities on Wednesday a US district court judge, and Boston sentenced, bend more to two years supervised release and ten thousand dollar fine after he pleaded guilty to Reckitt tearing conspiracy charges prosecutors asked for thirteen month prison sentence. They save on damore took over six hundred thousand dollars in bribes to fasttrack student applicants for Stanford sailing team. Funneling the money to the Stanford sailing program, the two students who received the bribes four did not attend. Stanford. Britain's Home Secretary has signed a formal request for WikiLeaks, founder, Julian Assange to be extradited to the United States where he faces seventeen counts of violating the espionage act in the first ever case of journalist publisher being indicted, under the World War, One ear law courts will now decide whether to honor the extradition request Assan just currently behind bars. London's Belmarsh prison for skipping bail in two thousand twelve after being forcibly removed from the Ecuadoran embassy by British police in April and Vermont Senator and twenty twenty presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders offered a vigorous defence of democratic socialism in a major address Wednesday at George Washington University vowing to complete the unfinished promise of FDR's, new deal and work towards economic rights for all. Trump attack socialism, IM reminded again of what Dr Martin Luther King junior said, and I quote, this country has socialism for the rich rugged individualism for the pool and quote. Embodies the difference between Donald Trump and me. He believes in corporate socialism, for the rich and powerful, I believe in a democratic socialism that works for the working families of this country. And those are some of the headlines says democracy now, democracy now dot or the warring pace report, I make then and I'm not mean shea welcome to listen view as around the country and around the world. We begin today's show and Hong Kong where authorities have shut down government offices and postponed debate in the legislative council. One day after riot, police fired tear gas rubber bullets and pepper spray at tens of thousands of demonstrators who took to the streets to protest a Bill that would allow the extradition of Hong Kong residents to mainland China on Wednesday demonstrators attempted to storm the legislative council building where lawmakers are debating the extradition. Bill Human Rights, Watch criticized Hong Kong authorities for using what it described as excessive force to suppress peaceful demonstrations protesters described the police using indiscriminate force. Hong kong. Police actually fired teargas to the crowd, while no people showing any symptoms of attacking so they're just doing it. We think that they're trying to oppress. I'll rights of expressing our opinion, and actually missing the freedom. This came days after as many as a million protestors marched in Hong Kong against the extradition. Bill sunday. The protests are some of the largest Hong Kong is seen since before Britain's handover of Hong Kong in nineteen ninety seven since then, Hong Kong has operated under a different legal and political system as mainland China setup known as one country two systems critics of the extradition. Bill say it would infringe on Hong Kong's independence and legal and human rights of Hong Kong residents, as well as the people visiting Hong Kong. We go now to Hong Kong where we're joined by Mary Hoy. She's a Hong Kong based writer reporter for the news outlet courts, she's reported on the extradition Bill and has been covering the mass protests. Welcome to democracy now. Mary, can you start off by talking about the significance of this Bill? That was passed just explain it. Show. And thank you for having me, Amy the significance of this Bill really is that it will threats in Hong Kong's price to the show and legal independence is as Chris Patten the foam. Oh, government said there needs to be a firewall between home cones legal system and China's and with this Bill should it be paused that firewall will be done away with, and it means that it is, it will be it will mean the death of white country, two systems because when there will be this fire will, and people will be there suppose ability that people will be able to be extradited to China's a face charges. They face fate as to whether they will face fair trial, or even have their human rights protected. Mary, who could you outline what the key features of this proposed amendment is our show? So as the low currently stands. Cohn has signed extradition treaties with twenty other jurisdictions US the US being one of them and what this lowest trying to do is to walk around that on the current law. The. People's Republic of China's actually explicitly ruled out as a place that people can be extradited to. And so there is no extradition, as whole to China under the current law and loss year. There was a mother case. The Hong Kong young home couple trouble to Taiwan. The boyfriend was accused of mothering girlfriend and fled back to Hong Kong. And because China sees Taiwan, this positive the People's Republic of China, there is no extradition between Hong Kong and Taiwan. And so the Hong Kong government has then come around and said, while there's this major loophole in that this suspected motor is able to face charges and face Justice. And so they took this opportunity to say we have to reform and the men. This Bill to make sure that this person can't this suspect military can face charges and be brought to Justice. And how do we do this? We plug this Leepo in the language of the government. By doing away with the restriction of the People's Republic of China and saying that there can be one off extradition agreements between Hong Kong and China. I wanna read a recent tweet from the exile Chinese writer, much in who on Twitter said at the Hong Kong, literary festival November friend accompanied me at all times for fear. I'd be secretly kidnapped and smuggled to China, if the extradition law passes, any critic of she's regime could be legally openly of -ducted. It would be the end of freedom in Hong Kong much Jeon said your response, Mary hallway. I think that is a very, very reasonable fear, and people all afraid of that, not just rises of Chinese the sense, but also foreign is Hong Kong, as a financial hub national media hope. There are lots of human rights advocacy groups here and for them if it means doing if doing that work means angering, China than they will very likely be accused of committing a southern crime, and China will be able to find a way to have them extradited to face charges in China in mainland China. And so what this means is that they will China with a useless Bill as retaliation against opponents. Whether it's Hong Kong Chinese or foreigners who watch hobbling to based in Hong Kong merica, to explain who's behind this proposed amendment, and why is it being proposed? Now. Yes. So really who's behind is the Hong Kong government, but who's behind the Hong Kong government is the Beijing government. The Hong Kong government has insisted that this is their own initiative chief executive carry lamb has repeatedly at least that this is home aching punk governments making. There is no instruction from the Chinese government, though, the official based in Hong Kong and the top Chinese official has made the unusual move of trying to persuade Hong Kong politicians to back the extradition, Bill. So as to whether they China really isn't behind this Bill is uncertain. And I, I'm doubtful that. Could you describe Mary, the kinds of the protests that are taking place and the violent crackdown by the police in Hong Kong against the protestors? So the protesters started gathering outside the central government offices on Tuesday night, local time here and overnight numbers grew. And so, by the time I arrived at the protests seen at about nine AM during rush hour traffic tens of thousands of people had gathered and take over just vast wops of this highway outside of the central government offices. And so from the looks of it, it was calm quiet for much of the morning, I was there until about two PM and really always Seoul was protest this being very well. Organized, they had setup supply stations. They were collecting umbrellas to repel against pepper, spray, and tear gas that they expected expecting to be five of them. They're collecting water and medical supplies. And that erecting barriers around the protest site. They were handing out mosques to pacify people. What insisting that? Take their mosques as a journalist, because they expected tear gas to be fide, and so people there was the sense of Moraga rate that wasn't too much really going on at that point at points that were, there was a sense of tension, as police and the protests. This just stood ten meters away from each of the frontline of protests, police and riot gear but really not much happen. And it was not until around three thirty local time kid that clashes broke out. I should say that by that time I'd actually left the protest site and going back to the newsroom for the rest of the day. So I did not personally see the clashes but from what I've seen online from videos. I've been watching it really does not seem like protests as the ones starting any kind of confrontation with the police the police watch that this bus them. And the up aggravating, the crowd according to the New York Times it's estimated one in seven Hong Kong residents took part in Sunday's protests and in the New York Times on Monday, Hong Kong's Commissioner to the United States. Eddie Mack outlined his government's position writing the Hong Kong government's proposed amendments to extradition laws seek to enable us to affectively combat serious crimes by sealing the legal vacuum in our existing mechanism for surrendering fugitive offenders, they do not pinpoint any particular jurisdiction, nor do they target common citizens, or the legal rights and freedoms of individuals. If you respond to that, and the fact that the what the Chinese authorities have done in the past. For example, the abducting of Hong. Cong residents five Hong Kong booksellers, and two thousand fifteen. Yes. There is there really is. No trust of the Chinese government with the protesters, I've spoken to the one thing relate that they've all mentioned when they ask them about the Hong Kong government's, amendments and the Sherwin says that you'll freedoms won't be trampled upon and time and time, again, the protest, tell me, we don't trust the Chinese Chinese communist policy, the Chinese government's, it's all a bunch of lies and so any assurance that the freedom of speech, the freedom of assembly as they exist in ho now will not be trampled upon. I don't think those assurances hold any water and those booksellers. And the booksellers, of course, there is that president of Chinese government coming in and essentially launching, this global campaign, not just in Hong Kong elsewhere, of state-sponsored kidnapping. And so with the book sellers, I think people have looked at that, and seen seen how the Chinese government will behave without an extradition, Bill, legalizing and legitimizing behavior. And so with the Bill, I think what will see is just this legitimising of states kidnapping as some people have called it Mary before we conclude what to expect to happen, next will this amendment poss and expect the protests to continue. So that the bait over the Bill in the legislature has been postponed until next week. Unshowy was a protest. This will come out. Again, though, my gut feeling is that if the is the continue and a vote is taken. And if a vote was taken, it will very likely poss-, given that the legislature is stacked with pro-beijing pro China parties and politicians should it poss-, I'm show, the annual boy over the popular annual boil over and protests out, again, to stand for their freedoms, Mary Hoya. Wanna thank you for being with us. Hong Kong based writer, and reporter for the news outlet courts reported on the extradition bills covering the protests will continue, of course, to cover all this is democracy. Now, when we come back, a professor, and our Zona is met with the response of a hung jury they refuse to convict him. For aiding migrants and the brutal Sonoran desert. Stay with us. Charles. Jeez. Lonesome valley performed by Shushi. Oh, this is democracy now. I mean he good men with nursing share in Tucson, Arizona. A jury has refused to convict humanitarian activists Scott Warren, who faced up to twenty years in prison for providing water food, clean clothes, and beds to, to undocumented migrants crossing the Sonoran desert in southern Arizona. Warren's trial and a Tuesday in a mistrial after deadlocked. Jury was unable to deliver a verdict jers thought Warren was not guilty for thought he was guilty a status hearing is scheduled for July second. Prosecutors have declined to comment on whether they would seek a retrial against Warren. Warren, briefly spoke to supporters outside Tucson's federal courthouse, where the hung jury was declared since my arrest in January of two thousand eighteen. At least eight bodies were recovered from the audio corridor of the Zona desert. We know that's a minimum number. And that many more are out there and have not been found. The government's plan in the midst of this humanitarian crisis policies to target undocumented people refugees in their families. Prosecutions to criminalise humanitarian aid, kindness and solidarity. And now where I live the revelation that they will build an enormous inexpensive wall across vast stretch of southwestern Arizona's unbroken Sonoran desert. Today, it remains necessary as ever for local residents and humanitarian aid volunteers to stand in solidarity with migrants and refugees. And we must also stand for our families friends and neighbors, and the very land, it self most threatened by the militarization of our borderland communities. I've received enormous support from family friends. Lawyers. And my community. Thank you. To everyone. And I want to say that I love you all very, very much. If you can know take a moment now and get some rest. But the other men, arrested move me that day. Jose suckered a good day could've St. on via the waiver. Have not received the attention and outpouring of support that I have. I do not know how they are doing now, but I desperately hope that they are safe, Scott one is an activist with auto Samaritans and no more deaths, which for years has left water and food in the harsh Sonoran desert, where the temperature often reaches three digits during summer to help refugees, and migrants survived the deadly journey across the US border when Warren testified last week, he told yours his actions were motivated by three intentions relief of suffering respect for human dignity, and the right to self determination. While presenting the case against Warren, US attorney of right said, quote, he gave them food. He gave them water. He did a bad thing. This is not a case about deaths in the desert. Scott Warren was arrested January seventeenth two thousand eighteen just hours after no more deaths released, a report detailing US border patrol agents had intentionally. Destroyed more than three thousand gallons of water left out for migrants crossing the border. The group also published a video showing border agents dumping out jobs of water in the desert hours after the report was published thirties, raided the born no more deaths aid camp where they found two migrants with sought temporary refuge. We're joined right now by Ryan Devereaux staff reporter at the interceptors closely covered Scott, Warren's trial, and the criminalization of humanitarian aid volunteers for more than a year. It's great to have you back, Ryan. You've just flown back from Arizona covering this trial that took about two weeks talk about the significance of the verdict. It's a hung jury, eight four Scott Warren, eight four against grew. It was no come the I personally was expected is expected, this was going to go one way or the other guilty or not guilty. The hung jury, which was. Came after three days of deliberation was not something I think anybody was really expecting quite turn to a case. It's already taken a lot of turns the story is not over for Scott, Warren and his defense team. This is not necessarily a defeat but it's not a victory either. We don't yet know if the government is going to retry this case as you mentioned at the top of the show, there's a status hearing coming in July, so a lot of the questions surrounding this case, it's significance the potential precedent, it could set are still alive. And that precedent includes the possibility of, of a broadened crackdown on humanitarian aid work in the desert potential, targeting of folks, who have undocumented people in their lives. Potential targeting of mixed status families in the United States. There's a whole lot on the line with respect to this case, those questions are still very much live. And you said a Ryan that crucial question for the jury was about Scott warrants intention. Explain what that means and the significant. Of that, for the fact that there was a mistrial know so nineteen months after this arrest, we've seen a lot of evidence in this case hundreds of filings. The government brought many witnesses as dude Scott's defense team. But what all really boiled down to was intent. Did Scott Warren intend to shield these men from law enforcement knowing that he was in violation of the law. If so, the government argued that he was guilty. Scott warns attorneys said that yet intent is critical to this and it's got warns intent in this case was to provide humanitarian aid, and that's been his intent along working in the borderlands for the last four years. So jurors heard about how Scott behaved, and what he did in the day hours days after these two young men arrived at the barn. This humanitarian aid station in Arizona. Scott Warren tended to the migrants feet. They had blisters on their feet. One was. Reporting sore ribs. He took down notes about their medical conditions. He called a doctor who the organization, no more deaths works with has worked with for years and award winning physician. He reported the conditions that these young men were in. He was advised that they should say up there in that they should rehydrate and volunteers should keep an eye on them for the next few days. The government in its arguments in court over last week, said that the notes that Scott weren't took during this period part of a cover up. They took these dotes nowhere does Scott in order to be able to say that they were providing medical aid. When, in fact, they were just trying to help these men, enter the country. They argued that Scott's real intent is to thwart the border patrol every turn. Let's go to Scott and his own words talking about finding the remains of migrants who have died while crossing into the United States. This is a clip from the intercepts many documentary titled let them have water. We went from finding human remains every other month to finding five cents. Of human remains on, on a single trip valley. And going back, you know, week later and finding t more sets of remains in on a single day of searching, finding -ly, eight sets of remains bodies of people who had died and Jason areas of the bombing range could create to seduce this scale of this crisis of the crisis in the missing persons crisis, just blew wide open, so that Scott Warren and the government says this isn't about debts. But since two thousand one at least three thousand migrants have been found dead in the southern Arizona desert thousands of others have disappeared activists say the numbers are probably much higher talk about the government saying it's not about tests. And of course, Scott Lawrence argument and the name of his organization, no more deaths. The government began this trial by arguing that this is not a case about humanitarian aid. And in the desert, this is case about Scott ward. It's got were. Actions. But what happened in the days that followed is the government put on many, many arguments about humanitarian aid, and said that what no more deaths in groups like aren't doing is a political project. It's onto humanitarian project. That's false. They're, they're entire goal is humanitarian aid, the government alleged that. In fact, these groups are political actors with political goals. It's important to keep in mind when we're talking about all of this, that the deaths in the desert or the result of a policy, the begin some twenty five years ago into the Clinton administration. It's called prevention through deterrence and under this strategy. Migrant populations are funneled into the deadliest parts of the desert increasingly in the last several years, that's been the auto court or where Scott lives and works and beginning in twenty fourteen. Scott brought together sort of network of humanitarian aid groups in the area to really start focusing on this region, and what they uncovered was just a pattern of death and disappearance that really rivalled anything else in the desert. So they started going out dropping water and looking often for people who are reported missing or bodies that were reported, and they contributed to a historic increase in the number of. Means bodies found in that region during that particular time period as that happened. The government escalated its crackdown on their work. Well, I just wanna turn to Amnesty International America's director, who's called for warrants charges to be dropped in light of the mistrial. She said in a statement, quote the mistrial in the case of Dr Scott warrants sends a clear message that there are people in the USA who refused to acquiesce to the government's attempts to criminalize compassion and humanitarian aid, as long as the USA in Mexico, failed to protect the lives of migrants and asylum seekers between the two countries. Human rights defenders like Scott more on must be allowed to continue their necessary and life saving work on hampered by politically motivated, harassment and prosecution. So Ryan, what do you think happens? Now will we, we see if the government is going to retry this case, but we should know that Scott warns prosecution takes place. Against a backdrop of, of targeting humanitarian aid workers immigrant rights advocates across the border, just this year this year, we saw lawyers activists journalists in Tijuana, San Diego area who'd worked with members of the migrant caravan targeted by a sweeping intelligence gathering operation carried out by ice and law enforcement in that area. So this is not confined just to Scott's cases, part of the broader crackdown on immigrants that we've seen the Trump administration or endeavor. Thank you so much for being with us staff reporter at the intercept where coverage immigration enforcement. The drug were national security must recent article, which we will linked to democracy. Now dot org felony trial of no more deaths. Volunteer Scott, Warren ends and mistrial, and may publish bodies in the borderlands and extensive investigation into Scott warrants case when we come back outrageous mounting over the death of Laline Polanco a transgender effort, not next woman who was found dead in a cell. L at Rikers island on Friday. Stay with us. But. Yes, I wish. Two. By a narrow suit, featuring pale is this is democracy. Now, I made me Goodman with their outrage is mounting over the death of lean Polanco a transgender afro Latin Latin necks, woman who was found dead in a cell at Rikers island on Friday Palanca was arrested on misdemeanor charges and jail on Rikers in April when she was unable to post five hundred dollars bail nearly two months later, she was dead of family friends, and transgender rights activists are now demanding answers for the conditions that led to the twenty seven year old's death. The city says the cause of death has not yet been determined Palanca was held in a unit for transgender women while jailed at Rikers but a week before her death. She was transferred to so-called, restrictive, housing and arrangement. Polanco's lawyer says amounts to solitary confinement leans Jeff came at the beginning of pride month. And just one day after the New York police department apologized for the first time for its raid half. Century ago on the stonewall in a gay trends. Friendly bar in Manhattan's Greenwich. Village in June of sixty nine the end was the site of a by police raid that triggered uprising and help launch the modern day LGBTQ rights movement, hundreds gathered in New York City. Monday, man Justice for lean Palanca and demand. Rikers be shut down immediately democracy now is there in the streets, this video begins with transgender rights activists Cecilia, gentilly speaking fully square. Love your. You couldn't get out of here. If she be. Of New York City. Has been the city. What led to these circumstances? We need to us for. Answers and we need to change the criminal. It is crazy people are, and before, like me people like most of us can end up. Of Rikers island for big than we need. And Brown trans women are not protected that elite through this current administration. And in this month of June. There was no pride in knowing that the injustice of transgender women of color, and the stakes violence continued to be perpetuated, and the death. The fat sent of women fans and the woman continue to be leading epidemic in our community, someday trests rights are human rights. People are people, we only of the bakery. And they think we are in a war. Don't get it twisted. We have been in a war black and Brown. Trans people have been in the war since we were born and a world that continuously tells us, we shouldn't exist until they actually make it so that we don't exist. And so if you are invoking, the name of Marsa, or invoking, the name of Philip, or major, more storm may or any of these tanks arm movement. Amanda malign and so many others. If you're not. The cost of firma sex Verka. I know I can imagine what she was doing those. I myself amend team made fun of being human Jim to go Kip. From the medication window, but how about picking up my commissaries about going to visit my duck more fun to floor? Have my family and my stuff for jeopardy to those fishes things that the police kids, I can almost imagine how see stuff human being changed going to personal health for how many grievances were probably overlooked. How many times the boards have Burgis these of death or death here? I appreciate everyone. So in this face in guests, but we're all we when we are living in briefing. I think I think. I back to talk book. How does this to me? Fill in. That was have Gonzales with the transgender legal defense in educational fund. For more, we're joined now in studio by two guests Raquel. Willis is transgender activists and writer executive editor of out magazine, and you'll worth Heimer is an attorney representing the family of Laline Polanco. We welcome you both to democracy. Now joel. Let's begin with you what happened to lane. Why was she in Rikers? So there's still a lot. We're figuring out about what happened. She was arrested in April on misdemeanor charges. We believe that did not have bales. There was another warrant outstanding she would have just released. She said, one dollar bail, which is technical thing. But she would have been released this other warrant had been issued. That was from a human trafficking intervention court, and that was only five hundred dollars and she wouldn't be in jail under the new bail law, which is supposed to go in effect in New York state in twenty twenty but prosecutors are still seeking bail. How long had she spent in jail just because she couldn't raise the five hundred dollars from mid April until the day she died. Over two months, just under and. Can you talk about the impact of leans death? I mean, she's one, just in a in a series numerous deaths of black trans women killed either by civilians or by the state. So could you talk about the impact of this on the transgender community? Absolutely. I mean it's been particularly heavy year there have been ten. Trans Lynn reported murder this year. We know that there are always probably more that go unreported. And it is just really heavy because of the fiftieth anniversary of stonewall. Right. This is our pride month, and so while they're so much celebration and excitement around the strives that we have made as a community. These are sobering reminders of how much further we have to go. And so, I think about lay leans case and how even the discussion of the murders and violence that happens to black, and Brown trans bodies. They're such an eraser of. People who are incarcerated or people who are detained and in respecting their humanity and why they should still be here. So in the very first day of pride month even before what happened today. Leeann there Zona Medina a translates, Latin ex persons seeking asylum, who was who died in ice custody on June forest. And so all of this is happening while in the background, there's these celebrations ignoring these reality. And of course, this pride month back to lay lean at records island. Why was she in solitary confinement? I mean this so much reminds me of Sandra. Bland, right. Who couldn't raise the five hundred dollar? She needed to get out. We still don't know exactly why she was placed in restrictive housing in. And the punitive segregation unit the department of correction has been Stony with us to say the least in a transgender unit at Rikers she was to begin with, that was Rikers is one of the few jails that actually has a transgender unit, but then was transferred to the punitive segregation unit, which is solitary or minimal freedom while you're while you're incarcerated. And how did she die again? That's still being determined. We, we have suspicions, but I don't want to speculate too much she did have epilepsy. She had Caesar seizure condition. And we don't know how frequently the that she was being checked on. So but we're still waiting for the medical examiner to determine the cause of death, but I wanna turn to New York City mayor Bill de Blasio who's now of course running for president speaking about Lillian Pelotas death on New York, one he was asked why she was in custody for nearly two months for two misdemeanor charges. Unusual, I don't know. I need to get an answer on, why that would be obviously, we've been moving consistently to have alternatives to incarceration jail. Population is down over thirty percent in the last five years that's about to go down a whole lot more because thankfully Albany, acted and did some important reforms on bail, but there's more work to be done on that front on several levels. So I need to get the facts about this case. But, you know, most importantly, she's no longer with us, and we have to find out why in may may I promise to protect transgender New Yorkers dedicating a monument to legendary transgender activists. Marsha p Johnson and Sylvia, Rivera so river. Cal your response to what the mayor said and what the mayor has promised. Yes. I mean I think that it's great that we are honoring these figures. Right. But we forget the facts of their lives. Marsha, and Sylvia were women who were fighting for people who are incarcerated for people who have had very difficult experiences and interactions with law enforcement and the state. And so while it's great, we have these monuments, we have to continue this fight, and of course, Sylvia Rivera back fifty years ago at the stonewall and we want it to end with transgender actor and model. India, more store of the FX show. Pose speaking at the New York protest. Monday to demand. Justice for Laline Palanca. I wanna find noting. The report is trends women and, and people who've been murdered. Most of which there have been no arrests, you know, they're known they're known lease. And as we all know our. Our papers, our cases are at the bottom of the pile. Always. Has been through the Ray as twenty five year old, Mexican turns of coda. As. She went missing the night of may seventeen authorities later found her head severed in colour outside of town hall, and four. Decapitated body was later found industry of Mexico. What about what a doggone five she was twenty nine year old transmit who was killed in El Salvador after being deported from the United States. Martin thirty one to transmit of color was found shot dead than her vehicle, and a roadside ditch about eleven him since Sunday. Six January in Montgomery. Alabama. Ashanti comer and twenty-seven, transcend of color slain by gun violence. In maryland. Clarify Gado Twenty-one of color shot in the head on April. Fifteenth argument broke out between for mother and a suspect in Cleveland, Ohio, she was defending her mother from someone that stole from her Malaysia Brooklyn. Twenty three. Transcend color was found shot and killed after six forty. Saturday, eighteen and Dallas, Texas. Shooting comes comes after a little more than a month since viral video that we all saw of her being beaten and dragged cost street. And. Her own community. By her own brothers. Speaking. I don't know if there was a rally or a media code correspondent thing, but I speaking, she's publicly saying this time I can stand before you, whereas and other scenarios were at a memorial, and now that's where family. That's now when family saw her a few weeks after she said those words. Where she was last seen by family, my show can make a Washington forty years old transom of color and longtime transgender advocate was Sean again by gun violence, Paris. Cameron twenty was shot in Detroit Michigan on Saturday. Twenty five and may on memorial weekend. By gun violence. Shimao Lindsey twenty six of color was found in white rock lake Dallas, Texas at five forty five on Saturday. I jones. She was a second trends, murder dollars following Malaysia, just two weeks part. Body was discovered only a mile away from where booker's body was discovered. Chanelle scarlet Twenty-three trans men of color was shot and killed him. Lumberton North Carolina. Her body was found in a field. Jazz, Aline wear a black trim, was found dead and have Memphis apartment in March landing Vonk, oh, the most recently, slain trans woman of color of black Allman. I looked up. This one of the, you know, when you're a young person, you have the trans women and people around. You look to when you imagine where you wanna see yourself and your life, baleen was one of those girls from me, this people are deciding whether or not, we deserve human rights, that must end, we cannot lean on the understanding or empathy of SIS, hetero people to protect and fight for our basic human rights our freedom to exist and access employment shelter, education, safety, health care, or anything else that we need to thrive should not be at the mercy to people who do not share our experiences or let alone believe we don't deserve to live or thrive. We need our government to listen to us in regards to our needs not listened to his people in regards our needs. We are all worthy of safety and protection everywhere, including in our own homes with our own families, and shelters, own neighborhoods, and churches and schools, and jobs and hospitals and clinics, and communities and cities and country and world. We are worthy of legal aid liberty Justice resources, and we are worthy of length worthy of love, if the set of using our bodies voices an our defined Sapone sestina, suppressive administration and the people who endorse it, and religions that are fighting for the right to dispose us as a spiritual practice and police prison and political system that is giving the World Commission to dispose of us, the stoves and frightened do more than are mysteriously dead bodies in the custody of Rikers island and ice in the side of us being. Beaten and dragged down up and down the grab of stuff the streets of our streets, and dentists and beyond showed up and decapitated on the stairs of city all in Mexico. We will not back down and rest in peace. No more. The trends actor India, more speaking at a protest on Monday time magazine recently named her one of the world's one hundred most influencial people of two thousand nineteen. She also recently became the first trans woman on the cover of magazine as she spoke unring, lay lean Polanco your final comment, Rocco Willis. To invest and black and Brown trans leadership. So all of the initiatives that are led by us and fighting for us needs to be supported whether that's donating volunteering or just elevating the work that we're doing. We're account. Willis executive veteran out magazine attorney Joe worth. I'm thank you so much for joining us. I mean he Goodman with Nermeen Shay this is democracy now.

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