192: Happy Birthday (w/ Paul Scheer)


This is a head gum podcast. I might what's up shit heads. Welcome to another episode of high mighty. It's me your voice. Number one, their number one. The number one Johnny g joining is. Always Anaheim Mighty studios. My nearly silent co host Arthur Gabriel. That's Arthur crushing that Nyla bone. Also, joining me in the high and mighty studios the birthday boy himself will the birthday, boys. Number one birthday. How did I not say that Paul sheer guys? Still works, man. I will tell you someone the show black Monday right now and get my plugs right away. Different here. Get him. I I out. So the first episode of the show that we're doing after we got picked up was directed by sky McMahon. You looks familiar. How do I know? I was the what's up guy. And I was like really like. Oh, and you always a TV director. He directed. Uncle drew that the basketball. That's. But it was I don't even know this guy. It's crazy where people, and I know. But he was a lovely guy. But he was I was like man that must been crazy. I remember where was when the first commercial aired. It was a New York knick game seven thirty seven pm like the walked it through the almost at the moon landing. Then the about this. I'm sure he has an oral history of Budweiser commercials that he's been interviewing were you? When you're first commercial catch raise catched on John. Did you ever have a commercial? I had never had a good commercial. I was edited out of jello commercial that ended up being the most fruitful thing. I've ever like the most financially viable day of work I've ever had. And I didn't even end up in the final product. I was called the Nate before before commercials shot. Paul you got the part. And like what part like you audition for it? And it was like I don't remember auditioning for but I was young and dumb. And I was near goes are. Yeah, I got the part and basically is brought me into an extra. But I thought I got something so whole morning where do I go there this over here? All right. And so it was like a commercial for Honey bunch of oats. And it was like a support group who love Honey, bunches, oats, and we're all in this fucking circle. And I'm thinking to the league a guy who actually got the part, and like he's like, I'm addicted Honey bunches of oats, and we're all like addicted, and I started saying it out loud. And can you can you say anything out loud because we didn't pay you to say. Go. The harsh reality of the business is landed right on your lap. Oh, no. We do it again and just moving my mouth like just saying those words thinking that needs to come here. Let's over here. And then literally put me right in front of the camera. So back of. Back of my head is Honey bunch of those commercials. It was it was a gut wrenching day going from like a made it got this part of a thing. I didn't even on dishing for and then be fooled by doing extra work is a like a round everyone has to do in entertainment, and some people accidents end up doing it for ten years or purposely. But they every one of them is still fooled. No, it's because you have to like you have to quit yourself. I'm doing something here. Like one of the first gigs. I got soak cited about was it was like USA had this diner in the everyone was sitting around in a diner, and they would just play old people's court episodes, and then the host of walk around. What did you think of that? But the trenches they come over to you is so small sit there from nine to one airing lie. It was live interstitial and you got like one hundred dollars eighty dollars. Dad you go today. Go to watch it. The wrap arounds of booking people's courts day site, the days of trolling like going through Craigslist to find acting jobs where you're like, we're one hundred dollars for a video. And then you don't even know where it's going to air, but you're like dressed as a wrestler screaming. Did you do that thing with me where we just as wrestlers and Carnegie Hall? No, I did something with and Bobby Moynihan was there, also January sky. Yeah. It was way early in my career, quote, unquote, even at VH one time, and I went to there on a Saturday, and we shot a weird thing though supposed to be like video game load screens for like a fake. And I had no idea what it was. But I knew I was getting like two hundred and fifty dollars. I got paid. This is a big money gig about a thousand dollars dresses arrests. I didn't know what it was in. Basically it was for the CBS upfront presentation. So every year the networks go, and they kind of all the advertisers in their Carnegie Hall. So Carnegie Hall, we're all dressed like idiots like a Budgie. But you know, I think wriggle and Billy merit and less moon visas onstage, president of we got more than just I just recently became a huge fan is. Oh, yes. Old guy here about the guy the more I respect like a lot of different jobs for different times of people. Plassey, dude. Like, let's move is on stage is like because it gets UPN is doing wrestling at this point new PIN's. Our doesn't even exist anymore. We're more than just wrestling. And then we all came out onto. On for as we were saying that the ushered offstage onstage for twenty five seconds standing all day in a weird Ascot's. But no, it was the best gig. It was just that thousand bucks, whatever it was to walk across stage for twenty five seconds. And that would take that. Now. Oh, yeah. That's the best especially if it's not filmed. And you're like, there's no way this can come back and bite me in the know ever. See this great done, so many shady jobs like that. Well, I've been wanting to have you on high and mighty forever. Because we have a lot of weird things in common. We've yes, we're both from Long Island, which is like ten episodes of this podcast about Long Island. Both enjoy watching good and bad movies degree where we've monetize it or. Yeah. Yeah. I'll be into a career maybe potentially ruining watching movies for our selves. It really does. But don't you find that? Now watching a good. I don't know there's certain things about good movies feel so great to me or I guess. Oh, yeah. I should say a mediocre movie is kind of great because I'm used to seeing ship. That's so I kind of it does feel that way. When you get to watch movie that you're not watching where you're like, oh, I'm just gonna put on this movie and enjoy it. Well, it's been fun. I've been doing this other podcast where we watch good movies called unspoiled. And it's been like all these amazing movies which on one flew over the cuckoo's nest and best. Yes. And it's an interesting list. The the hundred best movies of all time. There's no female directors on it, which is crazy. The ordering of it is bizarre. But for the most part, they're all amazing films. And it is weird. Because my instinct when I'm watching a movie and taking notes what what the fuck of that coming from a comedy standpoint, you're like, I'm ready to roast gone. And then you're like, can I sit there like there'll be a week world be watching like, you know, cellular with Jason state, and then going to like Clint Eastwood and unforgiving my mind. But knows stop this would he do you're in unspoiled shit talking. Then happened. Then happy to. Also were both January thirty first people. This is birthday today. Yes. This is amazing. It's birthday today. And what better way to celebrate a birthday than with doing a podcast doing my job? Doing you doing a favor for someone else's? How do you? Celebrate your birthday because I think we we're in this zone where older right? We're not. So. So the idea of going out and getting wasted is not like high on my list again one gong fucked up. My only accidentally get fucked up these days where I'm just saying. I guess I had five drinks last night. I remember. Yeah. I know I did I did something it won't point. Oh, I'm the kind of gone right now. But it's so rare almost a dose myself. Yeah. So my my birthday traditions more or less like the weekend before after the birth. We have trouble because usually the birthday after our birthdays the Super Bowl, which is what it's doing this year. She got to do the one before which is the Pro Bowl weekends. You get. Yeah. It's a little tricky. Because we're yeah. Thirty I is a is a good one because far enough away from Christmas, which is great. Yeah. But we're fucked by the Super Bowl it is. And you like I've always been like no one wants to party on the Saturday night before a super now at least when you were younger now that I'm in my late thirties. Although last year for my birthday, I did rent a chartered a bus and took fifty friends to go. Well, they paid for their tickets. But we went took fifty people to go watch USA play Argentina in rugby down in Carson, California workout amazed. That's amazing. I think it's like it's hard to figure out what to do on your birthday because you want to treat yourself. Well, you also want to like I like to take the day off. I'm a big believer taking the day off on. This is tech. Early on off. I'm off now. But I want to do anything. Right. Like, you're saying you won't even schedule something for January thirty first during the day if you like that. You have to work to work. Yes. Yeah. Exactly. If they have to work you have to work. But if I can have any control over it. It's like, no, it's a it's like a free day. You should. Yeah. You should be able to sleep in. Yeah. Maybe get a little help. I'm not a parent, but you are imagining like, well, yeah. It's like I mean. Yeah. My wife takes care of me on my birthday ever care of her. Yeah. It's the right way to do. My wife did one thing that was really awesome one time. She got me breakfast in bed from a chef came to our house and made breakfast. And then by the time I woke up it was already to go with all my favorite stuff. Oh, that's so cool. It was a great give us that. You can take us. The good thing to do because it's such a surprise. 'cause you're not even leaving your house and you're in bed, and it was like that's like the dream idea of birthday gift from. I don't have to leave my house. Yeah. You gotta get up nizing casually. Like, it was it was so good. And we me and tiff do dinner on the nights of our birthdays. If it's not the weekend. The let's good. Birthday person gets the choose so usually chooses some like expensive restaurant we've been talking about going to God. And I usually make her go to a place that she would always poo poo for a date night. That's a smart way to go. I was okay. There's a place out here called save by the Max Bell restaurant right in there to open a new version of it. It's like the malbouffe sans version, and I'm like, I was trying to get as a genuine an invite to go to the opening that kind of thing, and she'd never gone, I think you'd like. No, absolutely not. It's so hard because some of the nerdy shit that I've really liked to do my wife June. Will does not want to do it at all. But she I gather based on what I know from knowing your wife and tips kinda similar. She's also not like don't do that. She's just like I'm not writing. Do whatever you want to do. I've been really into immersive theatre stuff and like VR stuff. I'm in it. Let me tell you about this. Let me tell you this thing if you don't like it, you know, that's not. Okay. So did this immersive theatre thing? It was downtown you go in and you're transported to this club in Paris. Right. And you sit down they kind of explained the rules to and then you get to walk and explore whatever you want to do is a video game says all these actors out there, and you can drag with them talk with them. And if you engage an open them up to talk about one thing, they'll send you on an adventure. So I did it twice one time. I was about trying to find a secret treasure. And the other time I was getting involved this secret society where this guy was like a devil worship who's running the entire club. But I'm in the eight other people who were also on eight different tracks, and then we all meet up. But so one point I had to poison someone like someone came over gives us to do an actor and in their drink. So there's a moment where to go over. Pour the poison into their drink. They drink it, and they die. If I don't do that they live on for the rest of the night of I do. As the staff, and I mean. I was like I love that. You've got me that sounds super appealing to me because I fucking it feels like a role playing. You are in real life. Yes. And it's not like it's like there's a level of ardent to it. But it's also like it's kind of fun to just be like, oh, it's a way of playing or disclaiming like improv world too. I think really helps you with that. Because you're like we're used to like silly theatre games. We don't do it anymore. More shows. But I still have it in my bones where I'm like, I'm not I'll fucking walk around like a giraffe. In there, and I'm like drag with these people have to get information from them. And because it's part of I'm trying to get my journey, but also not fully committed to. Oh, okay. So how are you doing this? Don't know. Why don't wanna like fully commit to being? Yes. Dr we must go into that room. I know it's funny because I I would be amazing to like run into you in one of these things and you have like an ipad tuxedo on. And I'm like, Paul you're like, you must think of you must be my nephew. I'm ready. I mean, I think always trying to find like those other things that are fun. The guy I've done the escape rooms escape rooms are fun. And I love puzzles I've never done in a scape room. Now. See that's the thing that will go with me. And it's keep rooms are super fun. If you like puzzles, it's a si you're living in a puzzle. And there's like June thinks that she's going to be like kidnapped tortured and these things like there's a dude standing there is getting warmer, coal tiff. Same way, she goes. It's the best place to have you killed and it's like, okay. But you know, what I think I've ever gone to those escape rooms like, you know, you'll be in a room like like, whereas couch in the table and stuff and anti let you know, like ten times don't rip the cushions apart on the couch. Don't there's no clue hidden in the stuffing like one due to open up a pocket knife. It's got to be in the media. He starts. Popping through the roof guy. You understand this is just the thing. It's not real like that's where the improv background comes into play. Because then you're like, I'm assuming I know the rules of this. Yes, there's no way the answer is smashed the sheet rock is another escape starting a half hour thirty dollars. Experience. I think we're supposed to kill this person choke out the monitor. Yes. I mean, we also do everything about dinners, we'd get like a dinner, but I always trying to figure out like I wanna make my birthday like kind of epic. But just special right? Just give us a like last year, June was working all day. I had nothing to do. So I went to Disneyland. Let's go Disneyland right birth passes. Like this year passes. A nice lunch at fancy place there. A had a nice lunch or the martinis, and I told you she's a where are you? That's weird. Maybe she's right. I I don't know what to do. But I think I'm always trying to like make it feel something. That's what I kind of one. I was like I used to just throw like a party. Then I was doing like I did when I lived in Brooklyn. I did a beer tasting for my birthday, everyone brings different beers. And then there's like categories, and I have great friends are arbitrarily the judges and then like a couple years ago. I did the rugby thing. And then this year we went to as Berg downtown. It's awesome. Like reserved a couple tables and just ate food all day long. But I always want to and this is like, I guess a humble bragging away. But I think you're can attest this because we have I mean, you have even more than me in this. Another thing we'll talk to you about because you have ten jobs like if you want to invite like your buds to like go, I have to be like seven, especially if you're married been married longtime you have spouses, so you can only have four people from my birthday or. Like if I'm like, all right? Well, I'm inviting Anthony king I got invited ten and that's what I phoned all the time. I like I had a birthday party for my fortieth, and it's not easy for me to like knock down this list, because if it's going wide, it's gotta go a little bit wider than I would want it to because they don't want to make people feel badly, and the people that you would make feel badly are people that you wouldn't even you wouldn't be mad if they did show up to your arm. We can't have eighty have sixty a tricky thing. So I wind up doing a lot more smaller vents like for example, this weekend for the Super Bowl where having people over our house, and what we're doing for it is only parents with kids. So of course, that's what parents are. But. But people pretending to be parent. Yeah. No people. We we've felt like we've gone to Super Bowl parties, and it's fun. We bring our kids. It's not fun for them. Like, they're not really wanted. Because hey, we know a bunch of parents that are in this boat that kinda wanna like good Super Bowl party. But also don't want to go to the one where there's no kids, you know, when your kid to be the one that's talking during commercials. So you don't want to be the only one at a party where everyone's like, we're fine. It also helps you relax because if you are if you're at a party with other kids, I mean other people are watching your kid to you're all sharing village kind of. So then also. Yeah, there's that instinct to where you're like if your kid makes Massar is allowed or whatever everyone else's like dude where parents too. So like this is our Super Bowl party is like eight adults like so it's like four four four parents. Oh, this is great. It's a great like, so it's just finding those weird and. Things get upset if they're not invited. Because they were they were there. You know? There's a rule in the Super Bowl thing is very good thing too. Because people often have plans so you can get out of the loop hall of like, I assumed you had plans. Yeah. Exactly. Oh, that's a fun one. Yeah. It's that will just be idea of like what I want to do for my birthdays like have a weird like I was talking about having like these two chefs I know that do weed infused cooking. I was like I wonder how much would cost them come over my house and make a bunch of dumplings or something. And then a host at a party at my house on all of that. What it is now? Yeah. I kind of liked the idea of like what you're saying experiences. Can you go somewhere? Can you do something? Can you just like like just I mean, and I just think that that's like I think when I started kicking in for me is when people would start having birthday dinners on taking you out for my birthday. So here's like ten people were all going to stick restaurant. I'm buying it. Because my birth. Oh, that's. Cool way of doing. Why I I love the whole like don't worry guys. I'm bringing a bunch of. Yes, you I'm making the drinks for us. But it's my birthday. Let's do blah. Yeah. I think that's like I'm all on board on this. You guys get gifts for each other still? Yes, we do do you. We my birthday is close to Christmas and tips is like before Christmas Jews January fourth and January thirty first. So. Yeah. So like that weird situation where we're like we should get each other birthday knocking each other Bertha gives but get each other Christmas gifts or flip it. Yeah. We've done something. Where I here's my rule them. I always get my wife a gift because whatever it is a we're not supposed to I never know. Never know. I got ping this year hard. She got me a Christmas Gucci flipflops, which is fast gift. And she literally she said if you're going to be outside smoking weed and flip flops all day, they should at least be Gucci. But I was like I thought we weren't getting each other gifts. And she's like we never said that. And I was like blur stomach dropped. And I'm like, this is the worst situation. I've got nothing. I always have a gift ready because I'd rather no one's gonna be upset that you've gotta gift. But if you if you come empty-handed like, yeah, I was told by Arthur getting louder and louder toys, it was torn up dude knuckle were like, oh, come over for Christmas Eve one time, and they're the best as people, and and we kinda just said like no gifts, and we got there, and everyone I guess for us in June. I know gifts, and we had to get gifts from my two cousins of their lovely my aunt and uncle the nicest and like and it was like four rounds of gifts. And we had nothing I felt like such a piece of shit dead. Nothing. My brother-in-law did something this year at Christmas, which I will steal from now on he showed up to my mu-. Other in laws house with all the gifts we had for each other. And then also he had a case of wine with them each wine with a ribbon on it. I'm like who are those for? He goes, whoever I forgot that. And I'm like he's like just in case like the random aunts got you gift card or you can go great. I got you a bottle. I'm like you have twelve bottles of wine over there. He's I I don't they just go in my I have. Genius move. I like that. I'm a big believer in enough for people that are close with but went to bigger Christmas, gift items and stuff like that. I did gift cards and gift cards are great because I feel like and this may be a bad thing. But I feel like. Everyone wants to buy them on Amazon. And then like, you know, what I don't know. You don't know you enough to get you what you want. Here's something you'll buy because it's it's it's not a restaurant that you have to go to it's on M's on everyone's fucking on Amazon. You can literally get any if you make good bye groceries. Exactly. I get it the best like that's been my go-to gift, whatever I'm like in a moment on this. I just shoot over digital Amazon card. Much, and then this year upgraded it to certain people who I really like I got people TicketMaster gift cards. That's a good one. Because then you kind of force them to have an event and exactly and whatever you want baseball game basketball game concert. You choose and you'll use it. Like, that's the hardest thing is like. I don't know. It's hard go to the Nike store and get two hundred dollars sneakers and use my fifty dollar gift card TicketMaster is a great like in-law gift where it's yes. So my mother-in-law and father-in-law it's like feel free. You guys go to your both retired you go to concert a month. I let us knocked two hundred dollars off a ticket. I gave my like my dad, I gave him a Broadway dot com tickets. So this is give you the for what everyone smart because it's like, it's hard as I get older kids. I'm just like my I don't have patience to go shopping for gifts. I don't have like the the mental capacity big too. I guess it used to be able to walk around a mall. Go shopping that would be good for any of that free time for that. Like Alexa days going. Oh, I have to go with a one of those people. That's like I want. I have ideas for gifts for people. And I'm like, I'm not even thinking I'm like, let's just get every. Anyone donation to a charity that I like. By the way, like we existed a world where we can get pretty much whatever we want like, right? Like you want some you'll buy it. That's what I do. Yeah. Well, that's hard. That's hard with a party. Spouses, like Tiffany hasn't like been like for the last six months, I've really wanted this and never purchase it for myself. Oh, babe. Look that blender you were worried cost too much. I've been dropping hints. I nap for June. We'll see if it came through about what I want for my birthday because you know, it's always good to drop a little bit of a hint. But if you tell them straight up what you want takes away, the juice from them a little exactly you're doing them. So like, I I've been really thinking a lot of photos lately, and I've been like loving taking photos. I think the last time we hung out you had like a real camera. Yeah. And so I said did, you know, it was like, oh, man. You know, it'd be great to like do a lesson with photographer just kind of learn a little bit more. So said that real nice, and like, it was from a genuine place. That's seeding something. And then as out at a store, and there was a flyer for this guy. Like, oh, teach Dockery. Here's my quote. And whatever it was like a postcard, and he's left it in the kitchen. By myself. It would be I'm helping you just get this for me, and my mom makes me sender Amazon links, and then sends me the Amazon link and then when I open it like on Christmas, she's deal like it. I'm like if I sent you the link my mom's crazy about this shit. She's like starts calling you in like thanksgiving or in early November long island's what you want for Christmas. And I'm like mom. I want cash I'm flying to New York flying back just giving you have to have something to open. I know. This is my mom, my mom to me thanksgiving. You have to have something to open. What if when everyone else is opening something, I'm like what my three year old nephew. I'm not gonna jealous when they opened five gifts. So I finally my mom hounds me, and I go all right red dead redemption to buy it anyway. And it's like a video game is a great price level everything. She goes Jesus Johnson. How old are you? You know what? You're going to spend forty five dollars on shirt that I'm going to dislike don't even shop Yemi thirty dollars cash. Yeah. You save fifteen. We're both happy. It's a tricky thing. These parents really are so impressed by like. But it's like they they think they know you, but you've been living out of the house or most of us have been living for a long personal situations. Like, my mom hasn't even like she's only seen the inside of my apartment. Once you don't even know what I have exactly like that's why my biggest pet peeve. Art, never give anyone fucking art. That's a close game. That's that's almost like buying underwear for someone. That is almost like you have to have you have to fucking say I want that. Like, that's the only. Yeah. Art when we moved into our like our house now to put this up is that what we have to do. We've put this thing that you get that's a very personal thing to to weird. Yeah. People do that shit all the time. Like when they give you like picture frames as a gift you like this go with my house at all. Also, have you been my house? How many years do I have? I know. I know I I know it's tricky it's give it to me. If I ever give someone art that wasn't Tiffany. It would be under the auspices of like, and if you hate it. I don't give a shit if you don't put it up right here that story about George Clooney and Richard kind now. Okay. So George Clooney used to be roommates with Richard Richard kind. Like if you don't know who he is. He's been city. Yes. So he's like this kind of like veteran character actor dog doing. Mad about you to the brother-in-law. So they did monologues at s cat in the DM. The DM Alan Alda, Mike. That to me all the was unreal good. I could only he did. Oh, Hello to. He was. Good. So he okay. So they're living together. They've lived together. They both are struggling actors, then George clean become towards Clini. But you're still still always work actor, but you're always pranked, Richard kind. And so George Clooney goes to a like garage sale. And he sees really shitty picture of like a clown. Like, I just there's clown paintings. But this is a shittier, and it goes to Richard house this many now he's like the famous church cleaning. And he's like, hey, Richard. I've been painting and made this I was thinking about this view. And I got you this and made this for you. And and so like in Richard all my God. This is beautiful. Everybody original puts up his front hallway. Like, this is George Clooney made me this clown painting. This shitty thing like Cleveland. Keep it in his house for like five six years. Until I got that in a garage sale. That's awesome. Talking about on action boys the other day, like the always feels like you hear that these mega famous rich actors are pranksters in a way to humanize them. Clooney's the one I've heard the MO like, of course, Arnold Schwarzenegger is a prankster 'cause he's a bully. Clooney is the one who keeps coming back where you're like. All right. I'm starting to believe this, dude. Actually, he has a sense of humor Asli Clooney's actually doing like the pranks in the spirit of pranks where it's like like, we're Mel Gibson. I remember Mel Gibson was a prankster it. We were talking about Braveheart Mel Gibson suppressor. It's like he that's not part of his personality, no hassle. That clampett is a funny prank. Like that is that is not a bullying this like a fucking the best Kuni prank. I ever heard was and I forget, I told it on panel somewhere. He's like was staying at someone's house, and they had a cat. He kept allergic kinds. Okay. He keeps taking the cats turds. And he's getting more and more concerned that his cat isn't shitting. And he's and then Clooney on day five shits in it like a human size log and he's like, Richard your cat. It finally. That's so fucking funny. Funny bid. The mill gives them on like punched me in the stomach. I pull them over as a police officer says really awful things. Homophobic slurs. What a silly boy for for awhile Christmas, gift wise, me, and my brother and our Ciga. We're all brothers God's. We're all just like exchanging fifty dollar gift cards, and like sometimes one person got like a seventy five feel weird. So we were like, let's not get each other. Let's not even get each other birthday. We just let me show we call each other on a birthdays, we just keep that we send each other fifty dollar gift cards, and it's like we're all has like we don't need it. I think the call is great. And I think for Christmas white elephant is a great. We do we we do secret Santa from one generation. That's great the cousins and brothers, husbands, and wives. Yeah. Can still buy gives. We'll all get mom. I give. Let me ask you this. It's birthday where do you go for cake? A good is your what's your go to do a cake cupcake? I'm not a sweet sky, really say. Anyway, I will I will go in on ice cream. But for my birthday, it's for me. It's always more about like, I'm looking for fried foods and meats this year. I think my birthday dinner. I chose is going to be at I pick in Westwood. And we. Yes. So we did I pick for those. You don't know. It's the best movie going experience in the world. You have forty dollars to spend on. Gold number. So. Yeah. Because I was like all right. So if I pay thirty bucks to become a gold number that means if you go twice in one year, you break, even exactly and you get ten percents off, all your food and drinks. So never right now. It's tickets for perfect. And then you also get reduced price on the movie tickets. So it's like it does all work out the gold membership. So you're in these little cocoons, but their food is actually pretty good. It's like bar food. But in an elevator. Elevated elevated bar we have like the spicy tuna on crispy rice Cates, a DEA. And then you know, what I'll recommend to you. Well, you don't like it. But they did this thing called childhood and a Cup as desert, and it's like a chocolate pudding Parfait that member those things that use Dev when you're yes. Yeah. Call crumbly. Oh, dude. That was a good. That's my idea of great birthday dinner is I get super high in a parking lot. And then I go full horizontal eat a meal and watch glass in king Arthur's court that is right. Chose. So that's what I'm talking about. When I'm like tiff for my birthday, I want to eat here. Like for her birthday. She's like try this play. A we went to twelve million for this or not twat forget what it's right. Twelve over here on Highland twenty. Oh. I know I know twelve million by my house and feel this. Highland. Yeah. We went there for her. We're going to pick. That do you have. Go to birthday suites like someone's like, I'll tell you the they it's tricky. I would say if I like, I'm a big cookie person. I like cookies, okay. And I like a specific hypoc. Okay. But it's like there's a place in the Glendale mall. Again. They have a great cookie was a stand. It wasn't even like a full on store. I like that. But, but if I was gonna pick a thing that I would want yellow cake chocolate frosting, like store bought that engines that shit is nine ended nine intimate the Dunkin Hines that while. Yeah. Hind that I'm behind that. That was always a it's easy to kind of make and the gilson's by my house, which is they do these big chunks of those cakes at the cash register and every now and then my call get one of these impulse buy. Sites because it's like, I don't want the whole cake. I don't need a whole kick in in the house. Take two more before whatever then the house. I'm eating that breakfast. I mean launch look fork full of it now. No big deal. I'm like walking out the door grabbing two bites and then I work from home mostly and five K can house. There could be a fork sitting in it all day. I want my soup. That's. Yeah. But that's like a big that's a fun thing. And I think for me definitely my birthday is trying to do something with June last year. I love sushi June does not. It's weird. She is thinking about textures touches and texters and things like that. So if she looks at me, she's like, I don't like I'm not going to like that. It's going to feel my mouth. So she makes very big assumptions about food. But she went with me to really good sushi restaurant, and she really enjoyed it. Because the guy made her eat it like do you give pep talk on the drive to something like that. No. Because she's like she's like, I'll do this. That's cool. So it's a good deal. Yeah. I think like one year for my birthday like tiff agreed to get stoned like she doesn't really get high. You wanna blaze and watch movie for my birthday. She's like okay for your birthday. That's a lovely thing. Thank you. Honey, finally, getting high with me what it is. What it is to me is I've gotten older, that's all I want. I wanted to do something that I wanna do can I treat the narrative of the night like. Not guilty about it. Dude exa- was just about the tag with and not feel like I'm asking favor. It's been a lot of money that was the experience that I wanted. We have a milk bar that just opened up on the so I might have to get like a cereal milk ice cream or compost cookie from. While I have you here. There's a few other things I want to first of all for I you were my level to improv coach who's in that class. The the only person I've remember Nick Ross, and Derek Mason. Those those guys were used to be New York over for anybody Seth to over for you like week five. I remember we were in this weird little like Ripley Greer kind of Jason place. This would have been made two thousand four like graduation, and you I was on best week ever as well as sort of new from there. And then I I got. You got Entertainment Weekly article about you. And they sat in the class. I remain. You know, who that who wrote that article Anthony kings writing partners comp round she and I had no idea. I really funny small world. And I remember, and I was like, that's the other thing. The other distinct memory I have from then was Anthony king names out. Now calling me on my cell phone to say I made Harold night while you were in the chair, and then I. Paul. I'm on herald night, you were like congrats, man. And I was like I'm telling my level to coach and technically weird co worker. That's amazing those classes I mean, it was a weird. I remember. I love being there in that time. It's weird people who listen to podcasts. Like no little bit about UC. But it's like, I don't think that that experience. We had what I go up learning and then going both of our our experiences were probably still very different. And then I think. Yeah. After me I like to say, and I'm not trying to be humble here. I'm was the last generation of people where it was like a large percentage of people who auditioned got put on because of how few the next year after me was like six hundred people audition. Oh, I did. It was like eighty for sixteen slot. I think there is something so crazy about I was on the first herald team ever, but it was just basically because there wasn't that many people. I mean, I was performing seven nights a week at a certain point, you know, teaching classes and doing all this stuff. And it was sort of like, you just I don't know. Yeah. There's a time when I was like cage match Harold night one night a week at under Saint marks other row. Shows to providence marks do show their home. I bring our own snacks and snacks beverages. Very we'll make money on this. Why are we selling fucking snack granola bars? Wind up eating it. We were just doing it for stage time we were like we're breaking even every week. Keep it going. We always sell out hustle people out friends from work or like, what are you doing Friday? I'm like you should come down to the east village and see an improv show at nine thirty in fuck in the fucking weird square that no one could get to the bathroom as a backstay the bathroom was like you had to cross stage. Yeah. And I feel like after me it became we weren't we've known each other really for such a long time since four go back for best week ever. Wow. Yeah. Well, Betsy governors is a weird pocket in my life. Because now I'm like friends with a lot of people yet. We're on it. But to me they were comedians that I had to transcribe. So now, it's like what you transcript. Yeah. Because the I would get the typhus that was like a place that they would send it to eventually they started being able to do that. But sometimes they need to quick turn around there. Like Chuck nice did some pickups get. Like, you t-, Donna and Danya Jackie Clarke, all these people that Hubel all these people that would end up being sort of my friends or I would end up like I've been fucking secretly working together forever and weird world. But it is it's funny because I feel like we know that we hang out all the time. But it's like, but when I see you I feel a kindred spirit because we've known each other for such a long that we are doing where it's like, we don't hang out that much when we see each other. It's like here we are. It's been sixteen years. Part of that was going to that San Francisco festival because it was like, oh that was like such a good time to hang out. But but yeah, I was gonna say. About that. But. Oh, yeah. I mean, sometimes you get to do improv shows with your friend, and there's also five other people there. And you'd think the fucking was also never feel more happy than looking over you being well, at least we're in. Again, I think you were in a scene, and you looked at me, and I went I'm coming and I walked on his the first character you mentioned. Brendan on my brenda's. Here's a storm starting gauging. I remember the one thing about that show. Was we had a ninety minutes slot. Nice said we don't have to do the full ninety minutes. Right. And they're like, well, I think somebody else that I think we don't be let down and that was very. That's the case. No. No one does uncles for. No one's like come out. And do another fifteen minutes. Please. No, no, see that shit. I think if you like if you did a forty five minute long brought show is plenty if you have an hour sought you do forty five minutes ninety minutes, you do sixty exact to do know improv show should be longer than seventy minutes with an intermission makes. It makes me feel. That's like ask cats. Not even that long. Okay. And then here's my other field of questions. I wanna get. For a long time. I've always looked you've for like productivity life types. Yeah. Because I am like a king of tiny kingdoms in the way. You're you're you have podcasting. Tv this you're doing all this shit. You producing all this stuff on the side. Do you have anything that you've done in the last few years or device or method that you've gotten that has helped you handle everything? Yeah. I have varied. So I will say that there is there a mindset or even like a new behavior yet on I have everything that will probably tell you hear a bastardize on some level. Okay. So so got let the core. It's kind of like improv like you. Learn the rules, then you make it your own. Well, that's I could do it like this. Exact okay. There's this book that I heard about called getting things done, right? This GT Howard Stern talks about it. And the core concept of it is great. It kinda was written. Before I think computers really took over. So there's an element of that. So I really like us that in a sense of mapping what I need to get done and keeping us, but then. It's weird. I think a lot of the times. It's like, what do you pull it? One thing from here. One thing from here. One thing from here. That's I just read this great book. About productivity for creative individuals, and it was like actually made a big difference. It was like it was just is what I'm trying to install right now routine. Right. Like and giving yourself a routine. So every morning when you get up the ideally always say like whoever's writing the stuff doesn't have kids, but you get up and you go I'm gonna write for an hour. And I'm not gonna do anything else. I'm gonna like just for our not emails anything. I'm just gonna put me I in that time. I and then they'll do the rest the rest of the day, and that to me, I don't have a routine, and I think I want to start instilling that idea of like a routine have a bunch of different apps. They use that. I keep me in check and stuff like that. When you say routine. You mean, all right. I'm starting to set an alarm for the same time every day. Well, it's different. If you're. Yeah. I guess it would be like. So for me. My day starts around six six fifteen every day being maybe six forty five and I'll get up I have to get my kids dressed fed and ready to say like when they're out the door for school. It's nine AM. So at that point and nine AM, then if I want, and I was like, maybe three days a week. I'm going to the gym so back. So if I'm not worried if I'm not working doing anything majors if you're working and ends up being fourteen hour days. Five, but then like, ideally, go home shower, and at this point say it's ten AM now. All right. The first thing I'm doing I may have a million things to do is. I'm just going to focus on whatever I want to focus on my, and that's emails, and that's not doing, you know, notes on a project. It's only gonna do my creative time. It's kind of like morning pages. Yeah, I'm going to spend an hour. Now. Putting my thing for all right at eleven AM when my when my watch beeps as when I can stop writing this passion. And then I'll go, and I'll do emails and do everything like that. So that really rung true to me that makes sense to me because I find myself gleaning away from creative stuff getting their stuff done. And then getting scratching the itch of like, why got all those emails done. I did I did this. I kind of had a good day. And then I'm like it's been six weeks, and I haven't moved on a pilot rating. And so the idea is you always do your thing. I because it's studies show that you are more creative in when you put your when you do whatever you're doing I so Dr Dovid school. I'm doing exerting me in any way. But the first thing them from a computer, if it's just the creative thing that I'm focused on that's gonna get the most productive me. I'm going to get the best me, right? Then in there. That's so funny. Just today. I was at the gym, and I was thinking to myself. Okay. So if I don't get like, a fulltime job what schedule and I was literally thinking to myself, Mike. Should I wake up and do like from nine AM to from eight AM to nine AM eight thirty to nine thirty. I just right and don't worry and then at nine thirty. I get up and go to the gym. Where do I go to the gym from eight to nine thirty sit down from ten to eleven uninterrupted wherever you feel the best. I think, but it's not getting caught up in the day where I think that that's part of the rule is like how can you because if you get up, you don't take your phone, and you come right in here, and yours like art? Let me start going like you're kind of you're open to not getting hung up by like what did? So. And so say on Twitter, what did this thing these were moles and your brain is fully functional? And I feel like if I was like give myself, I think that the the finger. I'm what I don't have time for us. I used to read a lot more. I use my phone on me all the time. So daydream and do things you losing that. So like if you can kind of like knock that out like wall that yet something I've been thinking like I I got an alarm clock and didn't. Keep my phone by my nightstand. For like a couple of weeks, and I realized I felt crazy before bed and in the morning, and I'm like, I don't think it should be looking at my phone right before bed. Then again, I totally you right. You know what I get? I get up and go this is, but I get up and get on the toilet, of course. And I bust out my phone. I'm there for fifteen to twenty minutes yet. Probably only need six minutes. Everything I need to put a book, and they're really read a book. That's not tween or whatever. Just don't even bring my phone. Yeah. That's the move. And then the other thing going back to the GT thing the getting things done. This is what I like about that the core concept. I think is really smart. Is you want to write a pilot, right or what or listening even simple like you wanna plant a garden outside? Right. So you're goal is you'd right Dennis sheet of paper plant garden, and then you underneath that all the steps you would need to plant the gardens. So he's like I got a I got to find a measuring area in the back. I gotta get the seeds from Home Depot. Gotta get this get this get this tool. So you list like fifteen twenty different things. And then that's how you treat like your goals. Your goals? I wanna plant a garden, but you're giving yourself fifteen steps to get there. So it's much easier to go to Home Depot today. That's done. Ana go shrimp. So like all of a sudden, you're not going to plant a garden every day, you're saying I of these twenty steps to plant the garden Ryan bang out three today and three tomorrow three you're gonna get at the end of the week. You're gonna plant that garden because you're giving yourself small attainable tasks not this big giant idea where it's like plant a garden because hunting that going well panther plant garden, you can get like one thing comes in where they're like, hey, can you on this? And you're like gardens next week and be like, why can still get three things at Home Depot where you're saying. You answer your mills, you do the dishes. They run over to Home Depot. Boom one things done. So you Stiller, and I think that that's a really good and it. And it takes some patience to sit down. And what do I need to accomplish this and sometimes in creative things, but you can give yourself small challenges like you'd be like to write a script. I gotta write five pages. Right. Temperatures at twenty eight. So you know, if that momentum to knock and stuff like I I love to do this. Yeah. I'm showing, you know. Yeah. But the MO you can get momentum. If you more shit also put something on there, like cut nails or trim beard. Good. Well, I took a screenwriting class. And the reason why I took it was ever wrote a feature is relatively recent like last year. Oh, why I've been doing like more classes like minute Spanish class right now. This is fucking create. I just I just told literally over Christmas break, I said, I took Spanish classes in Brooklyn. I'm like, I wanna take Spanish classes, again, I talked to a friend of mine who wants to take Spanish classes, he works in Netflix to they hired him a coach because he worked at international. He's like the guy will work with you. I can get you. Rate. And now, I'm gonna fucking do that. I think that sometimes too good to continue to learn, and they don't need to take addition classes, not that. I don't need to learn about that. But it's like I'd rather expand my world view a little bit. That's I'm taking class finish just do things where I'm like, it's something different. Like an so that's like, I don't even know I got on the class. We're talking about screening screaming because I never did it and want to just try to do it in. What was great about that class? Was it kept me every Saturday to hand in work? So I had to do it. And there's a difference between having a class. I'm very good. If you give me a deadline. I'm gonna have fucking hit that deadline. I have to do it. Right. Yeah. You might be Friday night at nine thirty pm five won't be reading that Friday PM. They don't have the hand on Saturday. Exactly. Yeah. Shit, dude. That's pretty that's kind of what I did with a half marathon for fitness. Oh, yeah. I signed up for half marathon with like five months to go. And I'm like, I've I can fuck around for another two months. Three months out. I have to start training. Yes. I'm going to be humiliated and potentially hurt. No. I went and I did it. And I would never have thought I could run thirteen miles. But that's the ultimate GT. Yes. Like if you can run one mile, then maybe try running one and a half. Yeah. Try running to keep just keep on going. I think that that's important than the other book that I just read that are really really like. And this is my final book that I'm gonna give you is the war on art. And so it's like it's a play on the word of the art of war. And Steven pressman is basically just like all the ways that we sabotage ourselves to write and be creative. And it's amazing things. I've never articulated and you see. Oh, wow. Okay. Cool read it in like a day. I read it like I think in a day. That's also yet. Like, these are the things I'm talking books, by the way, retina day. They're not like they're not like crag on my how I mean, you're you're also apparent so that's a whole nother layer of business. But I can't I used to read like crazy New York regionally it blows me out so much. I mean, and when I say those books today, it's like oh God on an airplane that they were my kids. We're not there. And I was I had. I had a four hour turnaround when someone else shooting they're seen. I looked at Mark Mark applause the league with like he has an Instagram thing. And he like release all the books that he read in two thousand eighteen when you look at this list with the footmen where did you get this time? I think your busy that dude is on like seventy five fucking things. Are you reading multiple multiple like five hundred six hundred page books? I just don't get it. That's crazy. Yeah. I mean, I do I read the most when I am working when something and they're like, you got two hours your trail great. I'm gonna read a book. Getting paid. Yeah. I loved it in a trailer. All the waiting around is my favorite part of acting. Good acting giving my business just let me be trailer. I'll be fine. I'll be there all day long backpacks, like phone charger laptop. He's downloaded magazines everything. I'm ready to go. Go hotel states. Yeah. It is like oh tell you like did they put out? See that's those are I need to get involved. I need to read this the new the picture that book that. I'll tell you what it is. Oh, no. We'll put it up with whatever. This is for me. Anyway. That. That's so have you have you made have you noticed anything behavioral change wise that you've like has affected your like that you're like I used to fuck around and do blank now, here's something. That's like what here's something. I don't do. Or here's something. I do sizes something if I'll just answer my question, a great host. Before you shout over you. I used to for longtime wasn't exercising, and I was like I don't have time for that. I have to do work. Then I in the last couple of months started exercising again. And I feel like I'm doing more than I worked. I think I need this for mental health is important in the thing. That was the thing about is like if you enough time to fuck grown internet for thirty minutes for thirty minutes. Just make that commitment. Yes. And the fucking around on the internet for way, more than thirty minutes. Exactly. Like, an sometimes I just do my a very simply says that I do the gym. But I'm very happy with it. I ratchet the treadmill up to twelve point five like mine. Yeah. And then I just put it on two point five as speed and just walk a slob like it's it's like hike. It's a hike right up for thirty minutes. Yeah. Sweating at the end of it. Are you panting? Something. Yeah. Of course, see that's fucking the moon. But then I worked out in the end. Look, I could get into other things to what everybody like running doesn't do it for me Pat on a bike too. But I just like my whole bodies moving. And if you no, that's that's I mean, anyone will tell you that if you're gonna do it for thirty minutes, then it's the right workout for you. Right. If like walking running for you, but walking is if you like to bike to row swim. Whatever it's gonna make if you lift weights swing kettlebells, whatever is gonna make you do something for thirty minutes is the answer. That's hundred percent the end you just need to go. I'm not going to get yoked. Like happy there's going to be in shape. And there's days I want to be like a want to like, I think if I had a I mean famous words if I had like a treadmill in my house. I would do it a lot more because it's sort of like because there are some days around Mike fucker well by time, I go over there park, come back and parking. If I went right there in my house, great, then thirty minutes of being the shower like I'll be in the shower at thirty one. And that's like myself where I time where I'm like oh Paul's coming over do a podcast at eleven. I have an audition at four I guess, that's all I'm doing that. Yeah. Like two and a half to three hours in the day in the middle. That is available. But I'm like, it's not enough time to do work. Decide on it. Then if eaten of that is. That's like some self defeating war of art war of art. I'm going to a good. But so Well, Paul weekend, we can wrap it up here for you. We can get out of here. Let me see what make sure that. I know what it's quarter to four two four. Right. I think that's oh that's a question. This is maybe a boozy question, but has adding like having an assistant out grateful greatly. Yes. Everyone to of that level of person who can get an assistant is like they almost pay for themselves. If you're in the world of like acting and stuff like that. Like what I did this may be boring everybody else. But when you're in this world and your writer, you're an actor who director these agents managers, they all take money from you. Right. So they take ten percent. So you get a paycheck. So that your paycheck is ten dollars. Then you're going to give so say like fifty percent goes to the government. Right. So you have five dollars, and then, but then you have to pay ten percent all your age of ten dollars. So that's one more dollar gone four then you have to have a manager threats to three dollars. And then yet the lawyer gets five percent so five. Yeah. Like making like two fifty like crazy crazy small amount. Like, you know, when you feel like, you know, when you see it all done. So I fired my manager. And then I got an assistant it's been the best, and and she just tackles like your schedule and Steph for you like, I don't know where I go. I just like no that that's in my thing. And I go that's kind of what we're talking about. Like, I got to be here at three thirty gotta be if you can just having to respond on that can take that out of your day. I will inevitably mess up scheduling because she's got down to this. Well, oiled machine because it's that looking at my calendar looking at somebody else get away for an Email to come back. Yeah. It's so much easier to like, yeah. That's actually been amazing. That's really cool. That's that's that's to boot. Please. Everyone loves stupid process question. What business you're in? You're like, wait a minute. How I remember when I toward all everyone asked was like so you guys fly from school to school? How do you choose which four people go? I'm like, this doesn't matter to college. Everyone's curious about processed get to that. What my dream is is to kind of this with Manziel's. I want to create a slack which is like an online workspace thing for a community of people. I think people can do this internally with their own community. So like say, it's like you. It's me. It's Manziel is. It's like rub corbu handful people. It's sort of like if you have a if you like the Spanish teachers, amazing there'd be a thing over there. Oh, great only use your Spanish, basically, a small database of people that we all know and work with because if that's the thing that I'm always fascinated with like someone's like, oh, yeah. I got I love my gym. Oh, this great kick boxing class. Oh, this restaurant is really good. Like, it's almost like a curated rage own friends. It's like the next thing on social media. I think is shrinking back down to I don't need to tweet to sixty thousand people. Hey, where should I get? She we'd salad Hollywood. Because that's something. I had the other by seaweed sound West Hollywood, Mike. I don't want to tweet that. And. Deal with and I'm like, I guess to Email my five friends that live in West Hollywood. But this is what the kind we need the inbetween Instagram and waste threat. It's early yet. Sort of. Yes. If you want like. You want like I wanted to my friends thinking it's like, I don't sit down and go like, hey, looked up on your TV on your wall. A great personally TV on wall. Yeah. It is like next door. But for your friends, you're confident in their tastes and your trust. What you're asking for like this guy just hired this week to do some like work in my house and the great handyman guy. I'm like oh. But you would never know great handyman guy asked me. But why would you ask you that? And then we had this like online kind of slack. Yeah. I got a doctor recommendation from a friend. I'm like, I need a real doctor. They're like, I love my doctor. And I'm like, this is an adult forty year old man conversation. I never had. But thank God. I found this fucking. Let me ask you this question. What do you think about freedom that app I have fucked with that too much? Do not. Oh, sorry. This is a future of doctors offices. Have you seen this? No. I thought you were talking about the thing that offer. Yes, I think it is called that. And maybe I'm mis representing what the places basically. So it's this crazy like kind of gym membership for doctors, you go in you have a doctor's appointment like they scan your body your body's like total recall level. Dr Likud text. Do you like your doctor? You have all your stuff on your phone. You're totally communicating with them hooks up with your apple watch. Like, it'd be like, oh where you doing? Like, it's like, a very I think the idea is healthcare is weird. Like, I do this one thing that I love when health like the one thing I've done that. I love is. He a heel. So he'll is like when you're sick. You have this apple in your phone? You click it you put your insurance into it. And doctors come to your house. A flu shot at your house or those country house if you're sick with a sore throat here in bed, the come the examine you the prescription the Senate to your drugs to radio HouseCall, he'll it's the best app. And especially now if kids when they get sick, just click on the hill app, and it's all insurance. So it's like never more than twenty bucks. Oh that makes total. I can't believe that's not a bigger house calls. It's really technology has a swinging back to old ways of hiking. Crazy all shit like our parents generation did doing now via like apps. Yeah. It's really interesting. So that's been like, there's I'll show you. I'll send you the name of this futuristic doctor's office now. So is it like so is it like you're like they're like, according to data looks like your vitamin B levels are off see this person. Yeah. It's an all encompassing facility where they were like mental. It's like, I think the idea is like how can we get people pay a monthly doctors Bill. That's endgame. That's interesting though, because some people like some people could use that if they're like four or five times a month. Yeah. Well, it's also like because they make it all about like, hey, you losing weight or how's your cluster with you don't need it. But you into the hypochondria people going on my sick text by doctor? And I'm feeling something a good doctor that you trust and will go to something. I can't believe it took me to be thirty five. That's about the time. When I got into the doctor game to go. Yeah. Doctor when I was like, yeah. So my back hurts all the time. He's it's probably because you're big belly. And I was like, right. Okay. Well, now that you told me that I'm not allowed to complain about my. No. But it's a it's a crazy thing. Like, there's all these things out there that like, you don't even know who to ask you get to be all of a sudden, you're an adult like, I don't have a doctor like we have where do I go to this? I'm at a dentist. But is that a good dentist? I don't know. Right. Yeah. It's so and now like having kids, and pediatricians and OBGYN fertility all that shit. You're all of a sudden you're like now, I'm like comparing doctors I used to just my mom said that you have to like. Yeah. Weird adult part of life. But I highly recommend if anyone's listening and doesn't have a doctor that they like and you're in your late twenties. It's. Oh, I need to go to the doctor once a year minimum. And then like just you'll learn something about your body, then you need to tweak slightly get better forever. Now, Paul and this with our annual birthday bit wish you happy birthday. Happy birthday. Thank you. Maybe we'll wish Christine Nangle happy bird ad because birthday James dome. You happy birthday. Bobby moynahan happy birthday. Now, we get into famous that. I'm not friends with Justin Timberlake, Justin, Timberlake, Minnie driver. He has many driver speeches. Porsche rossy. Yes. These are all good shit who else. Jackie robinson. Oh. And isn't it? Who's on scandal? Is it her is Sheree, washing Kerry, Washington. Phil collins. Young writer. But if I didn't say his name he'd be pissed. Yeah. He always bring Healy's emails, but he's like so you did a birthday. People are more famous than you David John gets special shot at what does he writing on right now? I think he's did. Carpool. Karaoke was his last. Yeah. Yeah. I don't know if that's still going or what I'm curious about the writing process on that. Let's talk about process, I think because they do so many like mini little bit element. I don't think it's like a ten person writer's room. But I think I mean, I also think they carpool karaoke like probably one of the hardest things to edit which I've mentioned that's what he's doing to. That's that seems like a nightmare to me. Yeah. Just like that many camera. You did that shit with like a green screen? Yeah. Super driver with that was that was at least easy because you load them all in. And it was like so it was only one camera. Pop up the cut. Putting to music it's like well. That's happy birthday to all the January thirty age of Aquarius. This is so awesome. Thank you so much, please. Thanks for doing it, man. Do you have anything that you wanna plug? You can watch black Monday on Showtime, get Showtime and. Oh, yeah. You know what? As matter of fact, you can go to show time and use the code black Monday, and you get free thirty days of Showtime. Oh, do that. There's that do that. And then check out unspoiled, and how did this made if you like the podcast about movies if you have not listened to how this made? But somehow listen high and mighty you can start with the quest episode. Or start with the action Jackson episode. You recently put up that was one of my favorite guys are the real throat is so funny funny on that way to into the move was so great. All right. Thank you shooter by shitheads. I might. That was a hate them.

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