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I got new lyrics for the rap Break Progressive Casualty Insurance Company and Affiliates Pricing Coverage Match Limited by State Law from San Francisco Sports byline broadcasting network. You're listening to Wrestling Observer vibe with your host Ryan Alvarez and Mike Simple purview. Let's get it going. Everybody Elber is here on Wrestling Observer live. We are here every day Monday. Through Friday new Pacific Three Eastern Sundays re Pacific six eastern live here today a lot talk about if you want to join us on the program today this is how you do it. Give us a call eight four four four eleven five four eleven that is toll free eight four four four eleven five four eleven. Send your text messages to forty five seven eight zero seven five six six. If you're listening on satellite radio you see another number on the screen. Don't call that number. I'll give you the numbers here again in a moment to contact with the show all of these numbers also available as always on the right side of the front page inch of wrestling observer DOT COM so head to wrestling observed dot com all the contact information. Is there now. We've got a lot of stuff to get into here today. It's actually crazy. How much stuff is going on over the last twenty four hours? I have watched the AWA show two nights of the G.. One the you have C.. Show we have the W._W._e.. Pay Per view here. I WanNa Watch some of the evolve show. Whatever you would like to talk about floor is open today? What are your thoughts on the fight for the fallen show last night? You have thoughts on the G. One issue watching if you have see what are you watching tonight watching the extreme rule show eighty predictions for the show. All of this is open for discussion today eight four four four four eleven five four eleven toll free text messages four to five seven eight zero seven five six. You can also email me Brian and wrestling observer DOT COM and I've failed. I'm available on twitter at Brian. Alvarez opened with some news here today. There were some injuries last night at the fight for the fallen show couple of days ago here on this program. We talked about the W. E.. Creative meeting where the decision was made. No new matches are going to be added to extreme rules. Well everyone it's W._w._e.. And this morning Vince added to matches to show it is now a twelve match show talked about the new matches what scheduled and so much more so stick around back in a moment to kick it off wrestling observer alive hi. It's Jamie Progressive's employee of the month two months in a row leave a message hi. Jamie amy hit me Jaime. I just had a new idea for our song name your price tool so when it's like tell us what you want to pay and the trombone goes Wah Wah and you say we'll help you find coverage options that fit your budget then we just all do finger snaps while a choir goes extended coming at Ya savings coming at yes. No maybe anyway see your practice tonight. I got new lyrics or the rap break Progressive Casualty Insurance Company and Affiliates Pricing Coverage Match Limited by State Law. Let's say you just bought a house bad news. Is Your one step closer sure to becoming your parents. You'll probably mow the lawn ask. If anybody noticed you mow the lawn. Tell people to stay off the lawn. Compare it to your neighbors lawn and complain about having to mow the lawn again. Good news is it's easy to bundle home and auto through progressive aggressive and save on your car insurance which of course we'll go right into the Lawn Progressive Casualty Insurance Company affiliates and other insurers discount not available in all states or situations. You're listening to wrestling observer life with Brian Alvarez and Mike Simple v on the sports byline broadcasting that worked back. You're on the show right Alvarez here wrestling observer live Mike Sue Wrestling observed dot COM yes. I just realized the shows on W._b.. Extreme rules. I'm going to watch live right now. It is the you know this is everybody what is this. What is it Mike? I'll tell you what it is. It's Charlie Caruso looking. No no what is it that we're watching probably one I know but what part of it the pre show okay incorrect Mike you would have been chastised shouted down by Vince McMahon. It's the kickoff show the kickoff show yes. That's that's his new one. He hates pre show hated. It must be the kickoff show and yes so there's Charlie. Kickoff shows not even working right now. What's going on? Your missing just died there it. Is I missing the coach Great. It's Lashley video package here anyway as note in the opening segment. They've added more matches to this show. Everything was great rate with ten matches the announcement during it was an announcement but the creative meeting record anymore and then woke up today and I people texting me saying Oh my God they just add something and sure enough. They had a two matches so this is the lineup now so we have to kick off. Show matches not pre show we get in Ballard versus Shinsuke Nakamura four the title Andrew Gulick versus Tony Niece four the title both of these are going to beyond the pre show undertake Roman reigns versus Shane McMahon and drew McIntyre no-holds-barred is opening up the show houser blacks sorrow Kevin owns delve ziglar that has been added survival versus the Russo's rose diggle Brennan Rohan versus big Xavier and heavy machinery triple threat Braun strowman Bobby Lashley last man standing Ricochet Styles Bailey versus Alexa Nikki Kofi Kingston versus Samoa Joe and Seth Rollins Mbeki Lynch defending their titles against Bayern Corbin Lacy Evans. It's like there's so much wrestling this weekend and their idea was Tama. We're GONNA give them more sleep. Edit added to more matches. The show is going to be four and a half five hours long. Oh that is the last thing that I needed today was four and a half five hours of wrestling. You can think positive about it. I can't well. They went short the last time around. Maybe positive that are going long this time because maybe they've added matches because they're going to cut things really really shortly Braun. Bobby Lashley explodes less yet to play this. This devil's advocate come on Brian. There's twelve matches. I'm trying kind of put my best foot forward here. Look I understand that this is very daunting task. It is for all of us sometimes watching a W._W._e.. Pay Per view but look it's in Philadelphia. The crowd ought to be very entertaining and I will not let this it any way hey put a bad taste in my mouth after this weekend with everything that took place no matter what it was that you like there was something for you the like that took place on Saturday night on a canvas met. I am not going to let W._W._e.. Do that to me tonight. Get out a year not not doing it. I'm not here Tuesday. I wish you weren't here Monday. So I could have Mike Recap all of extreme rules competivity get Outta here. What are you talking about? I gotta wait. Wait a second. I got a recap raw and let me tell you something. That's a far has may be outrage. Show anything that takes place tonight. That was a good show two weeks ago. I'm being positive it wasn't last week. It was the absolute drizzling was last week but guess what the the week before it was good. Dude be positive Mike come come on happy. Face Toning Easter Gulick is going to be good. This is going to be good great weekend of Canvas matted underwear grappling or whatever be positive about tomorrow so goodness. It's all been goodness. That's been and taking place and I'm not going to let them tonight and you know what I'm not going to let you ruin raw or the prospects of doing the show on Tuesday so you just move along here with your negatively about tonight show and hopefully the callers they call in. We'll give us some positivity the if you let them on. Let's go on the air. What's up any question about extreme ruins? I heard the reason why bearing corporates in this minute nights because if he's with the woman audience you on the heels side is pretty big with the woman <music> sides Randy Orton because that's eight hundred Ryan when you read stuff on the Internet. Do you ever actually like think about it. Well I was thinking about it and the only other person came to mind was magnus but he doesn't stop for a second. Do you ever think think about your question. When you ask it before you could hear on the air yeah? I thought this offer a couple of days you did you thought enough for a couple of days okay. Are you an observer subscriber looking Barron shirt. I it doesn't matter no no no no it does matter. Are you a subscriber to the Observer. Why does it matter well right? Let me explain this to you. If you go into the observer there's all of the the big stories of the beginning and then there's the results usually and then there's all of the news from all of the other different promotions okay now right before the results there is the ratings info for the week and so if you read something on the Internet that said that Barron Corbin was was big big with the female audience. It seems to me that what you could do is you could go into the observer and you could find out if that's true by checking out. All of the shows were Barron Corbin focal point and then finding out if the female audience rose. Or fell did you do that. Forget about subscribing forget about that W W network subscribers need to turn it on right now. I know he just went off. What did you see the shirt I saw shirt? I sure I'm busy with Ryan here so so did you do that. Ryan Ryan that'd be difficult because that would require a great memory like them earn. No no no no it says right there explains what all the matches were and then explains the audience and you said you thought about this for days plenty of time to do that answer Ryan the answering. Your question is barren. Corbett is not a big hit among the women. The shows were burned corbin headlines. The women's audience does not do well so wherever you heard that I mean maybe maybe Vince I I don't know maybe he's got some crazy idea that barons a big handsome man and all the Women WanNa Watch but the women do not tune in they don't stick around for Barron Corbin so to answer your question. No He's not a big drawing the women they like his big bald head question drawl decides well people hurt reindeer written and I wanna I wanNA thank you very much for the call you know I you could you could very easily listen to the crowd as well Ryan. When Roman reigns comes out when Roman reigns was at his most hated the women's screamed for him and they cheered the squealed he is he is very popular? Among among the ladies and edge was very popular among the ladies. I mean it doesn't matter her. It doesn't matter who's popular among the ladies the problem is that the show itself the entire promotion is not popular among people. That's the problem we're dealing with right now. Thought couple days ago the teenage audience down fifty two percent. That's over the past two years. I'm not even talking about like you know. Let's go back to see what the teenage audience was in two thousand eight two thousand ten. I mean fifty two percent in two two years. There's some big time problems here. This is an uncalled product and Yay turning it around with a couple of women that like Barron Corbin's bald head or the big dog this clearly not working the Guinea by rubs it for luck. I mean that's another one like every now and then you'll you'll he'll hear people go. Oh Man in the attitude era you know sunny and sable out there half naked and now you know these women are serious wrestlers and people don't WanNa see there's nothing to do with anything like you could put half naked women on Rod. It's not turning this thing around. It's twenty nineteen. It's not nineteen ninety eight here nineteen ninety nine where you're a teenager and trying to watch the scramble channels I I mean it's just not that way anymore. You can you can go all over the Internet and see whatever you want and W._w._e.. Putting half naked women on television is not gonNA turn around the teenage male audience. They want something that's cool and the shell right now is not cool at sit. What about Fin Baylor in his very very tight shorts? It's not for people apparently because this show is doing very poorly out there right now Shinsuke Nakamura so we are about to get the Intercontinental Championship match here <hes> twenty minutes into to the pre show forty minutes left. We still have niece and Gulick to go in a match that I probably. I don't think I'm going too far out on a limb here to say probably is not going to be given the time or be as good as the matchy had last night with the Matt riddled with more observer lie <music> <music> you're listening to wrestling observer live with Brian Alvarez and Mike Simple v on the sports byline broadcasting network back in the show Brian Alvarez here wrestling observer live Mike Zimmer V also rustling observer dot com says fight for the fallen was pretty great. One thing bugged me though I really hope Awro mcnabb he'll authority figures brandy was basically a healer match with Alli. I've been kind of worried. She's being written a little too much like when Karen Jerry ran the knockouts division in impact well then everyone else's saying Stephanie and she did in fact to a total baby-faced Promo and then went out there and wrestled select a heel and then the show ended she came out to offer a check for one hundred fifty thousand dollars to charity. It was bazaar and I listen. I can tell you all one thing okay. I can tell you this. I know that some people saw that and they said well cody doesn't believe in in heels and baby faces and you may be right but I can tell you for a fact that A. W. is going to be built around heels and baby he faces. This is not going to be a company where you watch one show and this guy's a heel and for example we watched the next show and Adam pages a heel and Chris Jericho's baby face that is not going to happen. There are going to be heels and baby face. Now what's going on with Brandy. I have no idea maybe there was some very complicated. <hes> well thought out idea about how by doing that Promo. She was telling the world that she needed to do which she added to win and that meant Tony Hill. I don't know I have no idea all I know viewer I was I was I was confounded. How's that for a new word? <hes> I like it very good <hes> they are also doing some long-term storytelling knowing she is the queen of being disingenuous. We should we see that with her multiple faces that she has put on not only last night but through the entire time since AWA has been created kind of playing both sides of the fence cody has in some ways as well and Jeff seems to be doing that cody and M._g.. F- seem to have an interesting relationship in the M._d._f.. Is Always Kinda slamming up to him in a way and he's one of the guys cody reached out to as a star in the Inisia- you have that playing there and they're probably going to be involved all the things in Awa for a long time so that could be fantasy booking but I wonder if that's got something to do with it. <hes> that wasn't one of my bigger problems with last night. Although it was a problem you know and never some good things that happened last night as well too. I thought you <hes> with Sunny Kiss. I think it was a good standout. I think <hes> Shoko Nakajima and Rio have proven that they don't need stardom in a lot of ways they don't need. I know a lot of people wanNA fantasy of them in new Japan together but frankly there is so much talent in D._d.. And Big Japan and all Japan that they can function just fine without ever having anybody from New Japan in there <hes> I'm not sold on the way they have celled these women's tag teams and the whole women's division. I don't think they've really put their best foot forward. <hes> be priestly even though she had a good night last night as far as crowd reaction goes didn't put her best foot forward by stomping it on Brit Bakers head <hes> but still at least brief Presley you know people got into that match and it was a far better match and I think the overrated tag mets they had at the last last show so that was good but that was way too long. I think they have an atom page problem in that. I believe that Chris Jericho. I know Dave mentioned on the show for subscribers last night or this morning that he believes that Chris Jericho forty eight years old has got the Rick Flair Syndrome which is he wants to be a he'll but people really want to desperately cheer him. I don't believe that's the case I think Chris Jericho has always been very good at at getting people no matter what it is whether he was being silent when he had the light up jacket hit whether it was the wine or whatever it is he's always gotten people to be able to cheer him and even though they might laugh at them even though they might get mature here and there they respect him as a he'll. The issue is actually Adam page and if Adam page is going to be one of your big stars stars of Adam page was supposed to be head and shoulders above those other guys into battle royal that Chris Jericho did mention him bring up you know Chris Jericho did the best job out of anybody so far in what anything in whatever Awa has done to make Adam page sound and feel like a star and it till Jericho to beat him up and cut that Promo to go ahead and do that so the problems not Jericho and people wanting to cheer him the problem is why don't why would somebody really WanNa get behind Adam page and what really makes Adam page really really special and I think they really need to work on that. All I know is there's nothing on the show last night that I disliked more than what I just saw which was fin ballor making his comeback and they decided to number one the title by the way yes new intercontinental champion. did I tell you that everybody everybody thought that I was crazy. When I mentioned that every time someone's friend or partner walks out of w on their your friend or partner ends up with championship? It's three straight times now. Mike can we acknowledge that I was right so anyway on top of that as I was saying W. sizes showy commercial four extreme stream rules during the extreme rules pre show okay fine. Go forward to give you the Dave. Excuse go for it but you know what you know. What why don't you do that during the heat they did this? During the comeback of the baby face he's running wild for his comeback and he's in the bottom left hand corner of the screen. You could barely see him and there's a giant Barron Corbin commercial on the screen. The thing is in to where you are on a half hour so that may be one of the reasons why they decided to do that but why even I mean again just schedule the Mac differently put it on a little bit later a little bit earlier where it takes place in the first third or at the beginning portion of the end but not actually during the heat or the comeback you know I don't watch a lot of sports clearly vince dozen either but would like whoever told Vince that they don't do game play during commercials. Can you also tell Vince that during a very very important action filled play in the middle of the Super Bowl. That's not winning announcer start plugging some product that they they do that with like everyone's huddling. Whatever why would you put the commercial in the middle of the comeback? I don't get it. I don't get a number one charlie crusoes devastatingly attractive number two. I don't get it either because on smackdown with these two guys Machimura in Ballard did more on smackdown during their commercial breaks just a couple of days ago because the action doesn't stop because we split screen and even though they don't utilize I'm correctly. It doesn't stop like they've been stopping on raw. Aw so they're not doing it just days before on a match. They just had so yeah. I am all four different formatting on this show in trying different things this one has not worked out at all that in two out of three falls which God bless. I hope goes away versus my favorite part of the A._W._S.. Show last night was the venue looked really cool on T._v.. I appreciate trying a different looking presentation. I'd be happy they ran every television show from that building. No don't tell you why here's the thing if you have a guaranteed teat sold out fine. There's no there's it's outside in the thing is very unforgiving and you can do play around with angles and they did do that last night and they got some really good shots out of it but I have a feeling that building is going to be incredibly unforgiving unless it's it's got a lot of people in it. It's just the way that the amphitheater is set up. It's made to look a certain way and I think it'd be bad if they had just a small crowd. I don't know exactly what that held but I'm not sure if they're going to be able to do that every time out somewhere parallel universe knock him rivers Ballard is the main event and Barren Corbin is in the opener. This person says welcome to W._W._e.. Go to the phones. You're on the air. What's up? Hey this is Paul in Barbara's Ville L. and I'd like to talk a w but first off how about that Jeff Cobb versus Tomohiro Ishii match. Oh yeah that was one point five Giga Ordinance on the mean guy match metric unit scale. It was amazing. Wow and hey Paul Paul. Can I say I'm sorry and I W I do to your truecar expert here and everything. Can you very very quickly explain. If at any point super smash brothers who are now the dark order got over with a fan base because if your new you wouldn't think these guys were over at all these guys were very the over in Chicago Sara but the thing is and I was GonNa talk about this <hes> they were initially <hes> for much of their run a Comedy Act <hes> player now Evil Uno had a pause button on his tights and the thing is these guys they had these issues. They were always very good <hes> but they were off the U._S.. Radar for a long time so they really got to build these guys up in Hamson segments if the tell us who these guys are and why they're doing because only even among the hardcourts not that many people know them and the ones that do they remember them as the Wacky guys with video game gimmick in a pause button and <hes> if you've been watching being the elite they had on one week <hes> Ninety Second Promo explaining who they are and what they do and if you missed that episode or if you don't watch <hes> being the elite <hes> I'll you know about these guys is that one's up fat Gyna- weird mask in one's a skinny guy says credos from God of War forgotten sons. Let's dig I mean I think they're pretty easy but the ones but I mean I think they're very good workers. Particularly <hes> Stu Grayson AK Stupefied Aka player does Aka a Zombie fine <hes>. I think they're very good workers. I think they will eventually get over because it is a work rate based crowd but it's going to be an uphill battle and they still got to establish these people. You're well. That's undoubtedly true the dark order it's been three shows now and they are not over but hey what can you do not every single every not every single solitary person is going to be over to to me the dark order as much as I like. Don't get the dark order right. Now I mean to me. They had to win last night because you need a heel team. That's going to win this by in the tournament. It's too weird of a baby face team. Get A by tournaments. You GotTa be a heel team so I presume that they're gonNA be the team that gets the by which also means one less dark order match in the tournament Bryant and you know what I bet you I mean. I'm sorry Shawn Spears. I'm sure down the line. There's certainly going to serve served help. 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It's it's hard here for producers as well as as well as all of us now. Tony Niece does not have that sort of problem. He is coming to the ring right now so we are set up for He Andrew Gulag W._W._e.. cruiserweight championship here with eighteen minutes to go here left in the pre show all right. Let's go to the phones. You're on the air what's going on. Where did it go color? You're on the air what's going on. I actually hey there we go. Oh sorry it's kind of Staten Island on I actually went to the Jacksonville show last night fight for the fallen and then Evac Stanton island what's going on. I got back. I think it was I got a special treat by the way for all of the video. If W- W ONLINE DOT com listeners right now for those of you they're interested in four hymns dot com slash wrestling. This is just for you. Go ahead Edgar okay so I went to fight for the fall last night and <hes> I had a great time. It is a really good venue and did they didn't charge for parking. which is the plus two but one thing that was Kinda dumb is this probably wasn't <hes> you probably weren't aware of it washing home but they had kind of like a big screen like Titan crime but yeah twenty seconds during the show and then the audience was sharing crazy when they quit lawn and live took it off twenty seconds later because I'm the biggest Hajer Caan Fan was worth? I felt so yes you surprise. I knew I knew I knew that voice. Yes yeah yeah but it's I think the crowd new was when she first came out if it was hard to the big so that you had to tighten tron you could you know immediately who it was. I did hear those there was a chant early on about turn the screen on and everybody was like excited when the screen got turned on and I was actually angry angry because when I went to the pay per view here in Tacoma they didn't have the screen on for zero seconds during the shell and nobody could see anything sucked all yeah I thought it was odd the corner and it wouldn't beyond and it's like Pavlovian unless you're this football and a team is driving down the field or something like that. I mean that's the only time that the video should be off. I mean it's just I don't get it any thoughts on the show which you think overall thumbs up thumbs down thumbs in the middle worth the money to derive definitely thumbs up it was long though and it was Kinda hot to passing these fans but it wasn't raining at least Friday night was one of the worse when he starts every experience. It's like so they were lucky to even though it was covered so they're the ring wouldn't have totally ruined the Charlotte. It definitely would have had an effect. You haven't been to a church where they they have those fans and all the women got the fans go. All you're doing all the Jenner you're generating yeah no burst into flames generating more heat by doing that. That's the only thing I was thinking last night and thinking about miserable it was a low I didn't think about the fact even though they were talking about eighty percent humidity <hes> the I didn't know that they were having rainstorms mhm storms as well to that kind of socks could have been really bad I guess and by the way hopefully everybody down near <hes> <hes> my stepbrother Rodney's down there in Louisiana and never over listeners down there doing okay I think all over the entire east coast closed and Midwest showed up to the Gulf coast and we had an earthquake here. What's going on earthquake there? Yeah I'll dig shook. My House woke me up from a dead sleep on but they would add have been it was it was Thursday because I was GonNa talk about a Friday we had so much talk about talk about it but yeah at a <hes> a four point four which doesn't sound like a lot but the the it was sixteen miles from my house. So it was very very close and knocked me out of my bed thought the world was ending yeah. I don't know what's Mount Saint Helen's there eighty eighty so this person here I presume this person is not being a troll. Maybe they are but I'll address it one way or the other person here's says you keep saying they are going to do things properly w with proper heels and faces and consistent storylines but in a three shows they've had so far most the matches him to be made for no apparent reason with no obvious face or he'll for example who is who and Kenny versus Shimmer the young bucks versus Lucia brothers win. Are they going to start doing things the right way like you claim how long before we can stop giving them more chances to get things is right and critique them fairly man can you. I WanNa give you a moment together your thoughts on this and I just WanNa point out one thing the Shawn Spears Darby Allen Cody Rhodes triangle which that is an example of them. I'm doing something correctly. In a good job. You have cody who was attacked by Shawn Spears and they went to a wide shot where everybody's taking care of cody. Shawn Spears is standing there. After the match the Darby Allen had that war that he put on with cody where they went to draw aw and big superstar cody couldn't beat him and he was laying out on the side of the ringlets if he was a piece of garbage just lay in there and he was forgotten about as he has been his whole life as they tell the story about him being the loner and then they go into a tag match or Shawn Spears appears defeats Darby Allen and obviously Shawn Spears is going head up with cody Rhodes. They have some stories like this that you are going to have to treat as if it was new Japan you're going to have to treat it as if it was pro wrestling and it's going to be booked out for a little bit longer term so I understand and believe me A._W._S.. To be judged by anything they put on the air in deservedly so but I think you have to give them some time in unless you are just trolling. I think you have to stand back a little bit in the forest through decrease thing. If you kill my flow one more time Michael Kill you alisyn won't listen Texter win. Have I not critiqued Awa fairly what you text me some examples of some unfair how I guess. I don't even know how you'll throw listen to me Kenny versus Shema. They're both baby phases the young bucks in the loop brothers. They're basically both baby faces now. The match was a little bit weird last night because because they wanted to go a long time and as a result they young bucks the whole idea was they were going to be the subtle heel team making fun of the brothers crying and this and that but then because the match was so long long there was an extended segment where the roads brothers were beaten on the young bucks and the young bucks or sitting there basically his baby faces so yeah. It was weird okay but if you look at all of these shows whatever you think about I don't care what you think about the pre shows whether they're good or bad. I don't care what you think about the comedy. I don't care which thing about the match quality there is no weekly television so they've had three shows in every show has lead to the next show and if you go back and you look at all three shows every single person that his one or go all the way back to <hes> was the first one double or nothing every winner at all or nothing was set up to have a bigger match at the next show and every person at the next show which would have been fighter fest everybody on Fighter Fest who won their match. They were set up for a bigger match at the next show. Whatever you think whatever you think about brand new roads doing a baby face promo and then working he'll or you can't figure out if the young bucks are baby faces their heels or you can't figure out why I they are doing this with the librarian? Whatever your criticism is one thing that is happening is? They're trying very hard to do simple logical booking from one show to the next that's it you may not like it but his happy do you remember on the pre show <hes> for the very first show that they had <hes>. Do you remember <hes> who there's a singles match and who won that singles match battle royal the first show yeah I won't tell you it was kept saving and what to keep saving do faced off against hadn't page tonight and they had a little story of the keeps avian feeling as though he's good enough wants to be involved in the mix and I I don't believe in Kip save inasmuch as much as they do it seems like but it was a three show story where it ended up being him facing off against Adam page so again they told a story even that way with him so you have to give them again may not like all the characters you may not like what they're doing but I think cody has done a fantastic job with his stuff and they are moving things along gin. You may not love all the characters of the people or how they're doing it but there at least trying in most cases so well listen if you if you on Christmas and we'll give you criticism. There is absolutely no way in thousand years that if I book that show last night I would have had adam page go nineteen minutes and five seconds with Kim Sapien. Hell no it doesn't matter how much they like Keeps Avian. I'd be fine if you did that. Match on television on the I pay per view after the next pay whatever bro but if Adam page who right now I'll give you more criticism. He is not over with the people like you should be. They're not into his matches. They went into his match here ear. They weren't a news match at the last show. They're not into him. As the number one contender for the world title they like him enough but they're not into like he's the top baby face and if that's the case he needs all the help you can get. He needs to go in there and be destroying throwing guys and being the bad as hangman. Whatever you want to do with the guy to get them ready for Chris Jericho barely beating kipps avian yeah barely beating Kip Sabin is the last thing that Adam page needs to do en route to a match with with Chris Jericho and I guess that you don't WanNa hurt Chris sale it keeps A._B._M.? But you know what you didn't eight-minute match were saving was really good but page decisively beat him especially because as I mentioned earlier on in leg you have said you don't have Adam page where you you need him to be and that's that's just disappointing now just because it didn't give brought up and it deserves to be brought up the evolve show from last night was really good. There was some of the best pro wrestling that you can have on the scene and ooh there was some of the worst as well too and I won't get into too much of it but it's one of those shows that if you have the chance to check it out. It was about three hours long in the W._W.. Network you should do that but I just got a text Brian from somebody that you may know named Antonio Thomas who has as Brian if he can last nineteen minutes and five seconds. Oh Get OUTTA here L. O. L. get at it while we're at the temple theatre. Lucci guy wants to know. Do you believe that Apollo Eleven landed on the moon yes I do well. Were derailing the show here. It's person year believes it's going to be thin beller. As the demon versus Shinsegei Summer Slam yeah probably will be ooh for he dancing by all with more observer live the most tape won't but if you're listening to wrestling observer life with Brian Alvarez and Mike Semper Vivey on the sports byline broadcasting network again this show Brain Elber is here Wrestling Observer Lab mix review also wrestling observer dot com. This person's angry says here. How are there twelve Dang matches on this Dang show? I was going to watch it at a boredom but never mind. That's way too long of a shell well. You don't have to watch all of it. You can pick and choose but yes in general. I mean these shows. Don't need to be this long thing. I mean there's nothing wrong with a three hour. Wrestling show like I just watched the G. One last night and it went from eleven to one in forty five so not even three hours and there were four incredible matches on it should seem credible but very very good matches somewhere somewhere incredible and overall just a great show and and I it was over. I was not like Oh man. If only there have been more block matches like that was perfect. They got their got an hour of tags. They did their five block matches. There was no B._S.. In between there was no commercials during the matches there was no complicated video packs. He's like here's the matches Gal enough time as much time as they need and then the show's over and you go to bed awesome. I don't know why this is such a difficult concept but you know what you couldn't go to bed because because you had a show to do with data on even radio first subscribers the same thing that you're going to have to do tonight when you do double duty by doing not only I will have ratios tonight. Brian Vinnie's well observer live Brian Vinnie Shell and wrestling observer radio all coming up tonight. Check it out. Everybody were completely at a time when thank you for listening. We'll talk to you again tomorrow with more or if you're subscriber wrestling observed dot com we'll talk to you two more times tonight show in wrestling observer radio. There's so much to get into pluses as subscriber get full access to every show we've ever done if you missed the shows weekend 'cause he hadn't signed up sign up and then go back and listen to him eleven thousand shows in the archives. Can you believe it. I can't watch him on video or at time. The next time thanks Mike is always callers listeners everybody the studio wrestling observer live. There's only one thing more amazing than feeling like a kid at Kings Dominion and that's paying like a kid that's right. Everyone pays kids price when you buy tickets online for as low as thirty nine ninety nine and visit before June thirtieth that means you won't just feel like a kid when you through the air indulge tasty treats and hang out with sleepy. You'll be saving up to thirty bucks to so so start your summer early but hurry offer ends soon by your tickets online at Kings Dominion Dot Com. It's amazing in here five our T. with caffeine from green tea leaves. It's delicious energizing incomes in three amazing flavors with.

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