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Ever wondered what it's like to be lost? In the African gender forest is amazed sound to explore untouched. Caves and understand how intensely nature impacts our human experience. Something has changed inside. You the BBC earth podcast, a brand new podcast telling stories of human experiences. Incredible blue water with the wonders of the natural. On a cast apple podcasts school wherever you get your podcasts. Oh, I just had David Luke. I've never done one of these drunk before you really hard to imagine. I mean, not that you're a big drinker. But it just seems like you're hanging out with a friend. You know? And there's a vote Boehner done in the evening. It is quite late. Isn't it? Marked jet lag. I did I did a record this morning. I went home in little a little nap form. Powering speak with this morning, James corden. Sweet. Great for us in really good form. You did he say Jennifer garner. Got us into both of our schools. You didn't mention real need kind of. I'm kind of. I don't know touched touchtone. You know, you're. Reading a great time without you. He'd be nothing. Right. I think frankly, the fight that he didn't recognize that there's embarrassing. It is. Opportunity law chocolate. It's lovely isn't it Russia? My just rest at done now. Right. He's never been on about cat. No. You must be accurately. That's true of your own podcast. I don't want one. And I've said no to everyone. But I can't say no to your apparently. And so here Mosey excellent Iago Newburgh. So you gonna make just don't want you to have stuff you do have. I'm john. You're going to. Critique you're gonna give me some sort of marks of ten. We'll see I don't know what on need to write down. I understand. David Tennant does a port cast with. Jennifer garner. Jennifer. Thank you for having us here in your beautiful home thinking after hours. It is. It's critical. I'm in my pajamas. I like that. I wish I was in my pajamas. I felt like you'd feel most comfortable seeing me this. I. I do if I could have I would have had matching ones for Uber. Well, we won't miss the much. We do. Well, no. But it's interesting that we're hearing even because I've known you for about a year. Now, I know I'm not aware in that calendar year that you've had a day off because you pack it in doing the verified that we're hearing your beautiful home in an evening because it was the only way we could fit this in you have I would conjecture a work ethic of sort of Scottish Presbyterian proportion. Well, I don't know if that's the case, but I do feel a kinship to your work ethic. As I know that you come from Scottish, Presbyterian royalty. And that you are built of such stock. Then I will I would just say, thank you. But where do you get from? Is it a sense of juicy is a sense of you just love doing. It is a sense of. I don't know. But it guilt it grows every year. Does it there's more? I have more of whatever it is than. I did five years ago in more than I did five. Just is it drive or is it panic or no, I don't think it's it's more of a realization of how much you can accomplish in how much you can do if you write focus in dig in. Are you able to switch off or does the thought? So. Yeah, it can switch off. Okay. You're, but you pack it in. I do I do in some ways, I always have when I think of college. I think I booked every single day with stuff back to back to back to back without ever leaving time to go to the library. So there's you know, there's just so much. I wanted to do and I still feel a bit that way. But it all happens. It's just not pretty. Was this sort of way of being with us something that was imprinted on you as a child you are making notes what nosy making I'm re-. I'm drawing stars. Okay. And I wrote matching pajamas just see you just see notes. Was it imprinted on me? No. I don't think. So your parents hard workers. They are. Okay. They never stop. Okay. So that so that was something that was I saw imprinted a new, I guess so. Okay. Very Scottish Presbyterian ask I just remember my dad coming home from a long day of work and starting to mow the lawn. Even though it was dark, and my mom making our clothes making our food, everything she made everything she did all the housekeeping, and she told us we were kids, and we should enjoy being kids. And we shouldn't we should focus on that. You're born in Texas. Right. But you moved to whom we gosh proper interview over. That's so funny. So funny that you're doing this. Yes. Yes. David tennant. I was indeed Allston West Virginia. Yes. Tony for someone. Who's never been there? Tell me what that means. It's an enormous move, Texas is everything you magin, Texas to be it's big personalities and big hair. And an I in hats, an idea of how you should that you are Texan and my dad. Is very very Texan. And it's very important to him that my sister's night are Texan our family has been there forever. I mean, my dad's name is Bill, Jack and his sisters were wanted joy, and vir? Pearl and vir? Pro went by candy, and my grandmother was exc- may and my great night. Yes, exactly exactly mythical names, and they definitely suit. My my dad who is actually pretty quiet for a Texan. But kind of has an austere you just don't mess with him. He's very solid and for us to be transferred to West Virginia. When I was three my sisters, and I see as this incredibly happy accident because west Virginia's the opposite in every way, it's an underdog. There's no there's no hubris about West Virginia. They are expecting to be the joke of the news. And they often are, but there's a that means that the people there have. A different kind of personality. They are all about their character and personality, and they're all full of stories and full of you know, crazy teeth, and it's just like it's another. It's like it's a generation behind on this. But you decided not to stay there, and you decided to become an actor or dancing. I I- danced all the way through college diets through Colin jazz me through and then in every summer of college, I would work at a summer stock. You have summer theater in quite the same way. I remember, my friend who was undocked who Ardley. Oh, yeah. Claudia? I don't remember. But she worked with you clear. She might have gone by Claudia FOX at the time. She won't be as she did. I didn't find out than two liter. But anyway, I went to see her in a summer thing at the in the lake district one-timer. But so I know that it was slightly different from what we we're doing. It was that professional it was that hurt my mind. Well, the first summer it was a non-equity theater. And I lived in a little shack behind the theater. I was the kind of the manager of the chores in exchange for the money from the coke machine. And that was the only pay I got for the summer, and I gave myself the worst choice because I was scared because I was also the youngest person there. So I did the bathrooms, of course, you did. Because you to the difficult job for yourself. We'll right because would well, you would I would others would not do that others would see that as a way of the difficult tours. Oh, no, no. What makes you such a special person note? Well, I'm I can really clean and good bathroom. David. Sure. I bet you can't see if you can add that to my face is it possible. I just I don't know. I don't know. How you add it Wikipedia? I think is very difficult to do is it. Yeah. By the Livia Coleman on this furious that they'd put her age is eight years older than she was. And she couldn't get them to change it. I don't blame. Her don't cook. She could not go to changed. You can't just food out and go. Hi, sorry used. Sorry. You go. My Adrian clearly mistake. Let's just the. Ear years. Oh, that's bad. Oh furious. You can imagine. So I don't know how to change your Wikipedia. Just in case, you think just in case you think of those service, I'm offering. No, she'd never made it she'd never met. I think tend to produce a certificate or something in the end proved. Oh, yes, serious. But we are did acting come from as an idea where did you think would you would you would you watching TV and thinking I want to do that. Never. I never ever wanted to be on TV or on in front of a camera at all it was old theater based. Yes. Uh theater. Joe? Parents take you to choose. They did they were really good about that any time we traveled we would go to my dad traveled too much. He had frequent flyer miles back when that actually meant something, and we would go to London or wherever and we would stand in the half price ticket line. Right. And I saw in one trip. I saw les mis and phantom and I saw a Vida. But I really didn't think that I could do it. It seemed quite I mean, I always say because it's true. I grew up thinking that Gilligan's island was a documentary. It didn't occur to me or I just didn't give it any thought that they were actors who are, but you are aware that the people in the stage where performed deed. I was. Okay. Indeed. You weren't that. Crazy. I wasn't that crazy. But I didn't think like, oh, I'm going to go up and do this. It was just what I did. So that by the time, I said to my mother and father. I'm switching from chemistry major to a theater major. They said, of course, you are. It's all you, do you should just go ahead. And learn what you love and they were fine with that. They were fine with that. Which is really saying something considering 'cause they presumed there were no precedence around you. There were no other -solutely not. And it wasn't even that I was planning on doing it for a career. I thought I'd go on to law school or go back, and do whatever I needed to do to go to medical school. I didn't think that I would actually do it. And you certainly know thinking about movies. No. There was a whole film world at my in my college. I I never I never. Dealt with it at all, really. I never took a film class. And you go to did you watch movies were you a movie fan or it's hard for me to sit and watch a movie I wanna be doing. I don't wanna be. But when I do I'm so glad I do. Okay. But it's too long sitting still you feel a bit panic that you're know. I just feel as you might. Well, this was nice. It has to be really good is that why you moved to New York rally in New York. I finished some working I worked in a strip mall in Florida. There was a theater in a strip mall in Florida that ended up being closed for tax evasion. And I from there I went up to visit friends in New York additioning for Utah. Shakespeare, which was something I really wanted to do. And which I got, but I got it at the same time as I got to New York, and I went on a bunch of additions outta backstage. And I got them all I got three in one day three jobs. Wow. And but they were for horrible little theaters in the middle of nowhere and somebody and I was just had beginner's luck. I think I just walked in. In and said, hi, I'm from West Virginia. I just got here in somebody said you should meet with agents to figure out what you're gonna do. So I ended up meeting with an agent, and she said she kind of was messing with me just for fun. And she said show me a Shakespeare monologue show me a comedic show me a historical, and I had them all in my pocket until I just did them all and she said do a contemporary, and I was like oh do something from this. So I just did all these. And then she said sing for me dance for me. And then she sent me an audition, and it was to understand the plan Broadway. And I got the job and they ended up staying, right? Where was that the roundabout? What were you understand a month in the country to gain you have with your with Helen Mirren, ROY you weren't understanding her? No, I was under studying Katie Irby, you made a one hundred twenty five dollars a week as an understudy at the runabout toes so broke didn't have time for a restaurant job. 'cause you're there all the time. And I didn't. Have the guts to tell my mom and dad that I was so broke. I was living on a woman's kitchen floor for four hundred dollars a month. Then it got off the equity bulletin board. And I find I got a cold. I got a really bad cold. And I went to CVS didn't never credit card. Thank god. And I put on a check a bunch of cold medicine and the check bounced and any way took me awhile of checks bouncing before. If I finally had to call my parents and say, I've been bouncing checks, and they had to give me like five hundred dollars. I was so embarrassed. But I got during that I said to my agent. Oh, it's fine. I'll go on anything. And she sent me on an audition for pilot for something for a test. I'd never been to LA and I flew out because I needed the hundred and fifty dollars per diem. They were gonna give me and it was a day off the play. So that I kind of it was a Monday. I guess okay. And then I didn't get it. I remember I curtsied at the end of it and said, thank you. I've never been to LA. You weren't Stephen Colbert. Baby. Sister says yeah. He and I were together we were both. We had tiny rolls in spin city as guest stars. And so we hung out backstage forever and ever. And he was kind of like, you don't seem like a normal New York actress, and I told him I'd had a babysitting business basically in West Virginia. And yeah. And he said. Will we could use these sitter? And he was writing all kinds of things I know because I went through his apartment and read at all and not really, but his wife took an Italian class once a week. And so I was their babysitter. And my roommate who I actually spoke with today, she still know my best friend have you discussed this on his show. I have his kids are they're amazing. That daughter is at Yale. And she's they sent me a picture of her, and she's so grown up in big. But they only had her at the time. You know, when you just have one kid, and so yeah, do just had they just had her. She was beautiful. You start doing these little bits in LA, and you start being onscreen under that feel like maybe this world going to that just feel like you just going wherever anyone would employees kind of going where the wind would blow, but I kept undiscerning for these for Broadway plays, and I would get down to the wire. And there was one it was me and one other girl, and she was in on TV and she beat me. And so I felt like the neck. Time. I get a chance to elect to go to LA. Maybe I'll just go. And that will lead me back to see where I can get one of these jobs going on screen as a means to an end, adding on Broadway and it worked. Oh, yeah. Sure. Yeah. It's a war to you to LA, then some pilot. Did you like it did you? I mean, I was titillated by it. It all fell into place, and there was a manager here who was kind of courting me, and he was a juke that guy, but I moved and then I didn't realize oh my gosh. My relationships were with the casting directors, and I've just left all of them. I see an all of these casting directors have the young people that they're in love with. So it was a very that was a very tricky time. But I was so I had nobody was telling me what to do. I had no real push from an, you know, nobody was helping me know how to addition what to do how to look how to nothing. Went to every audition with wet hair. No makeup right on book. I no clue. I just had no clue. Yeah. I'm what are your family making of Oles by whom well much you sharing with them about your journey into a lot. But the fact that I had even been on one thing ever was such a huge deal that it was kind of like it couldn't get bigger. Okay. So they were delighted we were all just like, this is hilarious. That it was such a lark. Yeah. I mean, what about you? Well, yes, I suppose the idea that you could get a job a toll was remarkable. So that was enough to keep you going for a while. But I think my parents were always expecting me to or hoping that I would just go and get appropriate job. And and 'cause then they would be less to worry about were they worried when you 'cause you kind of went more straight for it. You said that you declared this is what I'm gonna do a went to drama school, and you went shape for it. But did right after drums to school? Did you go to the West End right away? No I worked his Golan for while. So Morten sort of we Jin away with something more that my parents could identify with because they were that they knew that they'd may be seen other people in an, but I yeah, I worked in Scottish reps, I suppose, oh from Sylvia fabulous. Yeah. I just was delighted to be working 'cause I rate because you spend too long with when you decide you want to be an actor people telling you. Without you can't do that. Nobody really works. And everyone's you you sort of die in poverty. An an obviously view is Cokie enough to think that won't happen to me. You still might my in poverty. Oh, it's entirely possible. I think you have a good shot. I wouldn't give never know still something to hope for and. Yes, I think it was just the idea that when we any job toll initially is all your. When in this LA journey. Do you meet Jj Abrams. Gosh, I'd been working for a while when I meant JJ. Yeah. I did a guest spot on Felicity. Maybe I'd been here. I don't know four or five years. Okay. Because he will then. Right. Alias four you yes. And make me, and then it will make me addition for it. I see. Yes. So he was actually great that would be will the shoe thinking this. So he seen you in this guest bowl on a just think. So he was really involved in many. He hadn't just see me. He was there every day yet. Auditioned me, and what do you think he saw in you that though, I'm gonna write her a series? Good lord. I don't know. It was more as his wife, Katie McGrath. I think she was more just like do something for her really. And Katie mean JJ's completely crazy about her? We'll do anything Katie says. Okay. But of course, the network don't necessarily they give you your own shoe. With us stage zero interest hero interest zero interesting giving me the show that had been written for me, these he says I've written this show, but you're going to have to come in jars it was five or six additions in each one was an hour long. Right. And in throughout no having to convince him ever. So it's everyone else you're having to convince or does he to convince? I mean pays returned by other options. I think so and even after I had the job I think there were times where you know, I can have I can enjoy the process of making something enough that I can forget that you actually have to take it seriously. I've I've been known for that to be pitfall of mine. I'm not saying anything. I know. Exactly. Thank you. So there were times there were days on the Iliad set in the beginning that I was so happy to be there. I think I wasn't really focused on what I was doing. And I think I could have lost my job you get a little giddy. Oh for sure right. As as. As one knows can help you do these four. This many. I is it a point where you think I've I've I I've got at night, or is it does it all just feel like a look a battle? It is like a battle. But I kind of enjoyed it. You did. And I went through the pages and founded guided teach me karate Chagnon or something, and he was in the valley was JJ said you're gonna have to be able to do this. And so I went every day. And I at that toward the end he said, what can you what can you show us the one of the last dishes, and I learned all these forms, and I had been working on kicks. And so, but I had been a ballet dancer for twenty whatever years. So I was kind of like this. I can do this Sekine this I feel confident. Yeah. This presumably wasn't so apart you'd ever done before. Oh, I've always played the girl next door. Right. You do get the job. Finally, I did. The job you kinda think oh shit. This is going to change because I'd had so many jobs by them felt like they could change my life. You know, how it is? When you're you know, even still you do things that you think being the lead in your own shoe before I've been the lead in pilots that had been on TV and been killed right away. Initially. This was just a pilot guess the pilot who knew yeah. And JJ had never directed. And people were saying, I don't know if this guy can direct. It was first thing directing which it turned out. He's okay. Sure is. Seems to have really I really brought out the best in him. But yeah, we didn't know what the heck we're doing. So. And we did it and oh the re through I almost got fired after the read through as well. Now that I think about it. I hated the read through why there were just there were so many people there, and I was so terrified of all of them. And I think I went really internal did you get anxious as the sole started mounting started to get really anxious. I started to get anxious that I was gonna lose my own job. And I can see looking back for good reason. Now, they would just I mean now they probably would have yanked me off. Because now they just I feel like don't you hear that they yanked people off of things all the time is almost someone has to go after every three. Yeah. I should've been me. It should've been me. But nobody did get fired. Nobody got fired. We we're polluting yourself including miraculously, including myself. Yes. On the show does go to series this show went to series, and that was kind of incredible. And then I it was so much work will that's the thing because it's appropriate network. Twenty two episodes a year network twenty two year. I was in every of it. I was in. I would work both units at the same time and on and our hours were so long as any TV show but first season is so crazy, but I would go in at four thirty or five on Monday morning at work out. I so I'd be warmed up and go in and I wouldn't finish until ten or eleven and they would just say every now, and then they would say how long of a turnaround. Do you have to have can you take seven hours? Hours. And I I have to go home. I've to learn my lines. I have to get up to work out. I have to you know, but I just I just did it, and it was so incredibly extreme I would finish kind of Saturday morning. And then I would sleep a couple of hours have a photo shoot every Saturday. And then on Sundays, I would have the language experts for the week, and you'd have to speak Mandarin. Yeah. And then I had the fight guys come over and teach me that weeks fight. So so every every weekend was I worked straight through on. That's what nine months of the year, you're doing. Yes. But it was that intense for I don't think I went and night without a forced call until the fifth season while. That must have felt even with your Scottish Presbyterian work ethic that must have felt like an endurance test. It wasn't endurance test to for me. And for anyone around me. So when season two rules around and you think I've got I've got to ramp it up again. Here we go another nine months of this a youth thrilled and excited or does it just feel like an extraordinary and lenton decline the railed and excited. Okay. One hundred percent pretty much where you aren't you? We really dropped when something is forced me to work that hard. Don't you get to a place where you're thrilled and excited? There's a kind of. Yes. A heinous to. Yeah. You got it. Drove fun. I I haven't done that since I had kit. No, well, that's the thing. I yes daughter who's politicos star to that. And I don't think it was because we didn't have fights in the same way. Which must we must have eaten up any downtime. You heard must dance fights don't fight prent proper proper proper ratcheted from the ground to the top of. A building proper, you know, jumping off of the top of buildings and going in ways that I remember later seeing some injured Lena. Julia done a movie downtown. And there were there was so much press about the fact that she had jumped off this building. And I was like, oh, I knew that building. I've jumped off that building fifty seven times it was not even a big deal. No. I wasn't even furious. I was just like. Wow. Okay. But we were doing they were just tossing me out of buildings. It's that type she was a bit of an ally to have of this female lead character who was so kick cast, and there have been Buffy Buffy led the way. Okay. Sarah, Michelle Gellar. She was deferring to Michelle, I defer to sit still it was still on you. It was an unusual part to get it was unusual. Show. There's nothing out there. You know? I just saw, you know, the commercial for that show Hannah that looks reminds me of it. But or it's not usual to have a female driven action story like that more usual. No, though, I guess it's because so. Yeah. Well, now, there's just so much. You can't get out of the way of any possibility you mid just the amount of content. Yes. The amount of content. Yes. Because I was also this time when the networks were still to be on a big network Schulman you were famous yet. That was it. Yeah. How did you cope with the well, I didn't even realize you're working too? I was working too hard and at Christmas. I had a Saturday morning off. And I went Christmas shopping, and I went into a store like Barney's or something, and I couldn't walk to feet, and I had never been recognized. I had never had that kind of presence. Even though I'd worked all these years people. Sometimes the I'll tell you. But it wasn't. I couldn't go to it was so totally overwhelming. And it was like a light switch had happened. And that was the first time I felt a new expectations of that. Do you didn't head to Barney thing I'll be in an quicko because. You know, because I had worked all this time. So I just thought it would be the same. I didn't know people were watching the show. All you ever. Hear is like oh ratings or kind of this writing. I don't know. So I just thought, oh, we're we're failure. What do I know then I would have trips for the show too depressing at go to New York, whatever, and they wouldn't give me security, and I had this assistant who still one of my closest friends Juliana, and she would go with me. She was I think she started working when she was twenty one right out of college. And I remember her being in New York and holding her arms out in front of a crowd who's probably twenty two. And she was saying, hey, nine she'll sign she'll sign just give her a minute. And I remember the two of us look need each other and saying this is so completely beyond our control. I'd be going along living my life, and then I'd be in public and this hurricane would happen. And then I'd go back to living my life. And then after that eventually once the paparazzi find you. Right. Then your whole life changes in a different way, and you become cynical. And you just you know, so you weren't cynical better. You'll felt like a it was hilarious real fun. It was hilarious except I would look at jewels. And thank her parents are gonna kill me if she gets trampled. She felt responsible. Yes. Very much. So yeah. And still do an during alias you. Then also go off and make daredevil. Yes. So you're being kick ass doodling TV season. Then you go from be a cake superhero on your dime time. Yeah. And he's in that mode. How'd you open to comic book ever before the June who electricals zero none, right? I know. I had never looked in a comic book full, stop, not once as you. Then even when the wouldn't it. Well, then I did because you know, we do our work. Yeah. But it was kind of like, okay, right? Yes. That wasn't a world knew anything. All correct. Okay. And what did you make that work? Because this also this movie was a bit. I ally. Wasn't. This was marvel making superhero film before marvel made superhero films, right? That's the thing is that I was in the superhero movies before they stopped and made them good. You know, what I mean like they now they really stop, and they spend the money and they spend the time. And and when I did them they were just kind of throwing spaghetti at the wall. Right. We worked our tails off, and I am on Ilias. I'd done on my own fights in. So I was so determined to. But I was weighing over my head. I'm not really a fighter. Your tonsil. Yeah. God, I'm a dancer dance dense sit. You have an experienced the expansiveness yet. You haven't experienced the next generation of Samsung galaxy a cinematic Infinity display the practically blurs the lines between your screen and the world we're an ultrasonic fingerprint ID unlocks your world and the program cameras sees it like you do and in all day intelligent battery optimizes power to your needs the Samsung s ten s ten plus the next generation galaxy. 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So I decided to do this wacko little movie that had no percent chance of being any good which was thirteen going on thirty which then was a massive hit. I know 'cause Mark Ruffalo. Oh, yeah. You'd nothing to do with it. Now is just sweet. But I just, you know, Judy Greer, and Mark Ruffalo, you came to be a bit funny. Did you think this? This is what I've done a love beating people up. Yeah. I think I was ready to be funny. And it was a massive hit two then you're a movie star. Yeah. It was sweet do then get sucked into that. That whole can of do what we can boxoffice. What's the next thing was that the can have? You have a team Meringgi then hurled thinking. Okay, jennifer. Let's think tactically let's think what we do next. Or do you resist a lot? I think I was too busy because I was in alias at the time when it came out. So I just had my head down. This is such an intense time that it wasn't really didn't give me time to stop. And be like, oh, I wonder how I'm doing here. Do you regret analogy sort of look back and think they were crazy days? I just didn't get to enjoy. No. I'm so glad that I wrote tired when I could. And that I did in that. I don't I'm glad that. I don't look back and think oh shirked that responsibility. Array the I only regret when I did start to get really tired on alias, and I did start to be like. You know when did that happen? Well, the fifth season. Okay. I came in knocked up. I see. Yeah. That's a difficult thing to do. Yeah. And I by then I was kind of wiped out, and yeah, then of course, by that time, you're you're very famous. So then you're introducing your having children in our world where people want to know all about them. He ashes stressful in a way in a in a whole set wisit, you kind of have that home, don't you? But you don't have that here. Not as much, but at home, it's really intense. Be right. Still every day all the time. No, no, everyday of all the time. No, I'd but then I don't think particularly paparazzi have a way about them in Los Angeles, which which the sort of don't may anywhere else in the world. I don't and that's something that you you went to court to sorta. I right. Yes. We did Halle Berry really found a lawyer. He went to bat for us. And I went up to Sacramento with Halle, and she really was the engine. She spent the money. It was really it was her thing we had, you know, a bunch of us had tried but had just found roadblock after roadblock, and she pushed through some house. So it's all it's really all on her. And then we had all the lawmakers who and the police officers different police chiefs in people who would be helping us enforce the law over to our house and Halley in different people, and my daughter got up and gave his speech, which you know, no one has ever seen. But about the experience. Of being I think she was six of the experience of being a little girl and being what it's like from a kid's perspective. And that was you know, one of those proudest ever moments in your life. Brad. It was. Yeah. From her to be so articulate about it. So what was the change in the Lloyd's specifically it was that they had to stop lying in wait. Because every time I left my house every time truly day or night. Six am ten pm whatever there would be anywhere from six to twenty cars that would follow me wherever I went in a big snake the rest of the day. And that's, you know, pour me whatever celebrity problems. But it felt like we were a huge car accident waiting to happen for everyone in my town. I was worried all the time. And I was always looking my rear view to see how many were there. And then I would almost be an accident. And it made I had active stalkers at the time that because might everything was so. Photographed a it made. My kids lose their sense of what's normal, and what's not normal for people. So that if someone got too close to them, and it showed my soccer where to find us. It's so crazy what my eldest especially had to go through and the kids really just shouldn't have hear what you're saying. It's pure me. But when it's the next generation of no us to be there because it wasn't about success. And it was about, you know, I lived on the street with a lot of very very much more successful actors than me, and they would all by including Ben and they would drive by the paparazzi would ignore them. But if they saw me and thought I had kids in the car that would sell, but they were so aggressive, and they still are today. I was picking my kids up and there were seven or eight of them. They got way too close to the school and the head of the school was outside with me. And I said they're getting cheeky and he said I'm going to call the police. But that was day. I've all these years after a past do you worry that you're sort of inflicting this on your children is is can do you feel what? I hate it for them. Yeah. I hate it for them. There's but there's there's no point in time myself a not about it. Because anytime that we've come up with a solution where okay, we're going to go live here. We're going to go live there. Somebody buys a camera and follows us around. And then other people see it in day by cameras, and then you have idiots driving around in their minivans with their leaving their kids in their minivans. You can hear the children's screaming while they're chasing you down the block. And you think well, I'd rather be with the professionals then with this Bobo until it's not. So it's you it's really, you know, it's that thing of you can't prepare the path for your child. Prepare your child for the path. It's that thing it's kind of like, okay. This is part of our lives. It's it is what it is. And they're good things and bad things about having parents that are actors in let's list them. And let's talk about how we deal with them. Because I can't make it go away. Yeah. But it, but it does alter decisions that you make about how you will lead your life on a day to day basis. Yes. All the time because my kids would love to stop at the park, and it's just not fun. If it's a photo shoot. No. You know? And then sometimes you do it even though it is whatever on then they're bigger things like where you've occasion or how where you live or what it's like, you know, all those things. But again completely woe is me when it's fine. Yes, it's fine. But you're also allowed to you're allowed to. Well, I think your like motivation. Do you moan about it? Yeah. Totally. You kids about it. But they're not are are your children bothered less than you. See my kids are the focus that would make me very. When I get very crucified if the kids, that's what makes my so to fury or because. Yeah, I can thing unfair game. I sort of on some level of Astra at might. Maybe I might like it. But they haven't asked for. Yeah. An it's little. Yeah. And it goes into their mind scary means huge cameras. Look like weapons kids. They don't know the difference. Does it make you wanna run away in Lebanon? Well, it doesn't take much to make me wanna runaway living in farm. But no because my girlfriends are here. Right. But you have done above that. Yeah. Tell me about once upon a foam. Oh, David you see days how you wove that rate in link for you gosh. I can't believe you're interviewing me is. So weird. Pajamas? This is so past my bedtime. We vodka for the love of Pete. I'm half of one least. She's a whiz. Okay. Once upon of our will, you know, it's just I wonder if that's motivated by sense of the life that you lead in a an are being kind of an ideal version of that which is about. Yeah. Yeah. Yes. It's very much connected to my childhood. My mom grew up on a farm. We always were growing things, we everything you know, that we ate whether I knew it or not was homemade and so much of it was from our little kitchen garden, and then you can't help but do that for your own kids once upon a farm as part of it's part because of that. And it's partly because it's basically you look at baby food on the shelf, and it's older than the baby. You're feeding it to and you can buy fresh pet food in refrigerated section of the pet food aisle. But baby food is all like seventeen years old in a jar in its mush, and it's been cooked beyond recognition. So this just kind of fixes that problem in a really smart way that babies are happy within do it's kind. It was a no brainer to me the farm that my mom grew up on his now growing food for this company. And it all feels very full circle. I'm very happy everything about it's very happy on its alleviating the guilt. Parenthood. Yes. Because you think I'm gonna make all my baby food homemade, and then when you run out of time, or if you go back to work, or if you're traveling or something that gets in the way of that. There are no options that you can feel good about in this. You can just you can just do it. I really like it it a same way. I is the becoming apparent made you become involved the children. No, I would have been involved with save the children, no matter what. But I sought it out. It took me years to find who was doing the best work in rural America. And it happened to be saved the children, which is this enormous international organization. Much better known in the UK originals alone here. No, not so well known here, and very even fewer people know that we do work in the US. And that's what I'm totally devoted to spend. All my time on I'm going to Vermont in DC next week. You really do. I mean, you you're you're an ambassador. For them on the board. But I just I mean, lots of actors get involved with lows of charges your appropriate involved properly, treat it like a job. Yeah. And how do you compartmentalize your time with because presumably you could you describe it as a job, and you could work oldie every day for coz like that to you must have to define what's possible. And they'll work is inactive. My kids all so when we were working, I think I traveled for them very little. But once we finished, and I I haven't worked since that was July. And it's now we're in February. And so I've done a ton of this stuff. I've done a ton of once upon a front, and it's more like that that I balance it out that way. So that in the end, it all makes sense euros who in our hosts whom a lot note. Mama llamas. Mom, Georgia's told me, and I'm quite proud of them. Yeah. It's a big hit. So. Yeah. Lease on. I do quite a few voices and cartoons. A none of them are played in our hosts. I'm you have I ask, Jerry. I said, you know, I I defer to. Mr. mix grucci duck. Scrooge mcduck doesn't get lookin to mama Llamas. Mum. Yeah. Do you? Are you kids impressed by that? Did they watch it not at all not while you know, you know, how it feels? I am quite aware of how it feels. My daughter's won't watch thirteen going thirty other screaming. Tuck funds in your no, I. Duck is quite a thing. I mean when I. Well, we know when we work together, you were quite often going to Scrooge mcduck conventions. They're enor-. As a Scrooge mcduck convention. You were going to the convention shoot. Scrooge mcduck pensions than I am vailable for you went to some you went to a couple of things yet. There was. Yeah. Yes. You went to something. Listen, Disney things. Yes. Yeah. Mama. Llama doesn't require that of me. It will it will. It will come around. The worry is gonna give me bucks an episode. All your kids impressed by you. I don't know. I think it made. I think it made an impression on them because I took them with me this year when I was given this to one you can say this thing. Just draw the. Case. Yes. When that that was used to stall rise. We'll confirm let me see let me see did. And that if we're talking about this that is the one time I've ever seen my kids kind of say, oh, I bet that's been big impressive thing. An it's there. It's it's material. It's it was they just had never been involved in anything before. And so they'd never seen cameras pointed in that way in a friendly fire Royd kind of way and home just the attention of it. They they were kind of you know, they always say they have said in the past debt when people see their dad, they're kind of an off. And he's so I mean, Ben is six four he soy so kind of larger than life, and he's done such credible. He's Batman and he's won two Oscars. And he he does he's so powerful in that way such a powerful presence in person. And when they see when people seem. Me they they just wanna come up and talk me. Right. And they say the difference between the way people approach their parents cracks them up to the event where you were given the the star still unitive light. You mean they can? Yes there. They saw me not as the person that people feel like they've grown up with food. They saw me as oh, this you have a job that, you know, did they like that? You think I think it was the one day? I feel like they were a little bit proud, ROY. I was awfully glad I had them with me for that reason of that's lovely. Once you go star on the Hollywood walk of fame. Do you? Visit it I have visited it have you. Yeah. Take people Gulu this. Well, I wanted to see if it was still there, it sure they were Jack hammering Trump's up than I wanted to make sure mine was still there. I didn't have any faith in it at all. Or is it exactly well to cross it's right in front of the hooters, David. Of course, it is. Across from L commemorative lakes. As you might expect. As one might expect. Do you get any sort of rights to school there or minimal? What does that was? My question is I said to the hooters people does this help me if I ever need to be a hostess, would you take this old vagabonds in will? They said, it might mean something 'cause I'm right there still have to addition. Yeah. Definitely don't just been a hostess before some hoping that you know, I can say not at hooters. You're right. Can you imagine me in a hooters? It's so depressing. The world would spend the other way. You have made the world of social media spend in a way that no everyone. Did you are you very impressed with this TV? You're the the way that your your transitions. Always us. Thank ways are really. I just think it's worth noting. I hope Georgia tenant is really listening and paying attention because I feel like she might take a special shine. But you'll be ruling her is that, but but thank you for trying to you know, I've got your back. Yeah. You ha-? You have tamed the world of social media. You have five million Instagram out Hartley. Five point one, please David you've gone up to five point one. No, I haven't you have. But you've done it on your own terms as well. Yeah. Is that was that something you say to tackle? Did you have set is it going to? Okay this. I'm going to take on the brave new world. I'm going to figure out and I'm going to beat it. I'm sure. On their recently. I'm known that make David Tennant podcasts. Oh, yeah. But that's no me. I don't I saw him yourself in Vallejo. Invalid was one of the early adopters. Oh, absolutely follow. I like every little thing that's been on there. You crawled out of a box. Scroll up Volks yet. But I do I don't really have any ownership over it. I don't. Whereas you you you've got we've done our he's tamed it you proper content. You do sort of. Well, I don't know how to do it. I don't because you can't nobody needs to see my dumb life. The other be note to go there to not do it at all. Well, it was part of the contract for once upon a farm. I see do you then get caught up in the sort of ood many followers of ago today her well, we doing do you sometimes? Yeah, I've definitely gone there before but not that much, but you feel that that's part of being a public person these days that engaging in that range, the will there too nice things about it. Maybe three. There are few. Because I don't it's not something I would have done I wouldn't have chosen to do it. But it connects me to people out in the world, and that's really fun. I like reading I like people that make people make me laugh on their in their comments. And then I can have a conversation back and forth. And I feel like oh my gosh. I just actually connected with some random person in they're not random anymore. They're a real person, you know, and it has made me stay. It's connected me to my two colleagues where you know, in ways that I wouldn't even -ticipant it'd that I feel like if I ran into Natalie Portman, whom I don't know very well, but have a great deal of respect for because we've chatted over this. I could we could have a proper chat, you know. Whether it's her, you know, what I mean like that's and then it's kept me in touch with people. Whether it's Georgia whom I adore and crackup over and feel like I know better because they see her mumbo. To herself rolling her eiser life, or whether it's Juliette Lewis, and I only that's really fun. I'm one of the things you've covered on there is yesterday. Yes, just tell me briefly about yesterday is as a book by Amy Krauss Rosenthal, where you know, parents job is to say no and for one day year, they say, yes, and you have embraced up to everything. And I've done that for several years because my kids fell so in love with the book, and I didn't realize that other families kids were having the same reaction to the book that my kids were and so once a year in the summer it's yesterday, and we go for it we ice cream for breakfast anything. They just dump stuff buying things. It's not about can. I get my ears pierced. It's nothing like that. But if it is like mom, can I do your makeup and make you go out. Yes. You can can I and I really give into the day. I get rid of my phone. I get rid of you know, it's just about running around and doing what they want a no you're gonna make a movie of this. Is that right apparently? Okay. Hey, Patricia doubt too. A play the husband in a in a heartbeat, of course. Yeah. Great. Good. Okay. 'cause after this you'll see that see now how you know all the people who have done this for you. And how that's gonna come back. I know in the image will ready for that. But you'll produce that as well. Right. Yeah. Is that something you are increasingly comfortable with that site of being on that site of thing. But I don't like to pretend. I mean, I think Reese Witherspoon really goes improperly produces thing. She finds she reads like crazy. She finds stuff she goes out. She puts it together. I think she is in there in a day to day way that I am not. And so I will produce in the way that makes sense to me. But I don't like to pretend like I'm. Something I'm not, right. So what does producing mean to you? Then I mean, put it together. And I read all the writer stuff than I ever been really involved in pitches in the outlines in the whatever. But I'm there's like there's another layer deeper that I that I probably could be going that I've passed off to other people Royd. So you do have doing more of that in the future though developing things can of being a bit more the past. I'd like developing, but I find that you can spend all your time developing or you can spend your time doing save the children. You can't do both. Yeah. And I would rather work for save. And I what I like is when someone nice like Reese hands me, a completed thing and says do you want to be in this? I see I'm I'm lazy in that way. I think to what is the plod where do you? What are you would? You. Imagine yourself going on to do or do you don't do that a plan to you plan? No. No. But I love asking other people that really never had a plan K ended. I didn't plan to move to New York. I moved to New York. It didn't plan to move to LA. I moved Elliot. I don't plan and plan anything. Well, let's see what is my plan. David will you after you finish yesterday? I don't know. I'm ready to be back on set. I do start to feel pull once I've been home with kids long enough. I find that word sounds, really lovely. Sure. Sure. But basically, you you live in the moment that you're living day today 'cause you're bringing up three kids, which is quite the moment. Yes. Really bringing up three kids. Yeah. And if I can escape and work a little bit Hallelujah. Well, Jen, thank you so much for having as lovely home. It seems like this podcast is coming to an end. I thought yeah. Yeah. You're reading the queues just gently gently. Is no midnight. So. It's ten ten quick started to panic. The clock will go up. I know it's time to go to bed. I have so many things I want to ask you you can do that. But we'll switch the bike phone. Oh, okay. Oh, isn't that? Nice. When you. Ask questions. Oh, you will come David. Thank you. David Tennant does uphold cast with is a something else. A no mystery production produced an edited by James deacon. Additional production from Chris Skinner Steve Ackerman. Sarah, comet Joe Gibbs, Dave king, Joel Freeman and Georgia Tennant. Next time what the nuns had with prostitutes. 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