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I WANNA add more positively your podcast feed checkout. WBZ kind world stories of extraordinary kindness and compassion new episodes on Tuesdays. Newsday's subscribe now on Apple podcasts. Or wherever you listen produced by the island the WB. You are Boston. I hi can you believe it new years already and here on circle round we are hard at work producing a bunch more episodes for you to enjoy in twenty twenty as we ring in the New Year. Enjoy this favorite soup around episode from season to. We'll be back with a brand new episode. Next as you're listening right now. Do you know what month it is. If so go ahead and say it out loud. There are twelve months in a year right and they line up in a very particular order. January gives way to February February everywhere is replaced by March and March leads into which month. That's right April and on it goes all year long but in today's story we'll hear what happens when a hard working young woman gets to experience the months out of order I'm Rebecca share and welcome to circle round or storytime happens all the time today. Tale is called the months of the year versions of this story have been told in Russia Greece and the Czech Republic. Some really really great people came together to bring you our tail including Joshua Rush and Elsa chain Joshua Rush Stars Andy Mack now in its second season on the Disney channel and if you listen to NPR. Recognize Elsa Chang as the CO host of all things considered so circle round everyone for the months months of the year Anna and her younger brother Otto lived on a farm beside a tall tall mountain. The siblings had just inherited the farm from their mother and father. Anna was heartbroken to lose her parents but she vowed she would take extra special care of offer little brother Otto so day after day month after month season after season Anna worked in addition to cooking and cleaning cleaning in the house. She did chores on the farm in the spring. She plant crops. Take care of the new piglets. Cabs chicks in the summer. She'd We'd the gardens send harvest crops. She'd spend the fall harvesting even more crops and in the winter she'd make sure the animals in the barn were warm dry and fed every now and again auto would help up pulling a weed here collecting egg there but the little boy didn't have the heart to do anything more now that his parents were gone he was simply too sad so anna did everything she could to cheer him up. One frosty January morning as the winter wind raged outside and gathered some eggs and made breakfast here. You go little brother. This warm hearty omelette ought to keep away the winter. Chill Jill auto took one bite and frowned. Thank you Anna. But this doesn't taste like mom and dad used to make their missing something something. Those little round pieces dad used to call ferry bracelets. Anna smiled at the memory of the tiny flavorful green rings. Oh yeah you mean. Chopped chopped up scallions Jess scallions Anna side auto. But it's January are. Herb Garden is buried in a foot of snow. We won't be able to pick scallions until spring arrives in March autos face crumpled Anna was sure he was about to cry. Okay little brother. I'll tell you what you want some scallions. I'll get you scallions. Wait right here. Anna wrapped herself in a shawl jumped into her boots and headed outside with a basket. The air was so cold she could see her breath as she glanced across the snow-covered fields her gaze. He's landed on the Tall Tall Mountain. The snow is optimized knees here on the farm but the mountain is covered covered with trees. Maybe the ground is clear enough over there for something to be. Poking its head through the earth like auto scallions so Anna in a crunched through the snow toward the mountain as she entered the woods. She found that indeed snow was clinging to the trees branches leaving very little on the ground and still it was January so there wasn't a live plant to be seen before long and teeth chattering justice. She was about out to give up and head home. She spotted something flickering through the trees pulling her shawl more tightly around herself and moved toward the the light soon she smelled smoke and heard the splutters POPs and crackles of a fire. She quickened her stride and found herself in a clearing. Being in the middle was a massive bonfire it's orange and yellow flames leaping higher than the trees and sitting around the bonfire. We're winning some very some very young and accounted twelve women total. Hello Hello I hope you don't mind my asking asking but May I please wore myself by your fire. I've been wondering these woods for hours and I'm chilled to the bone. One of the oldest oldest women's smiled. She wore a silver velvet robe and her braided hair was white as snow on either side of her sat to other snowy haired women also also decked out in silver. Of course you may warm yourself. Child Come Com. Join US as Anna settled all down in front of the fire. She felt the sensation return to her stiff fingers. She turned to the old woman and noticed she was sitting higher than everyone else on a throne own made of stone. Thank you so much for this. I wasn't sure how much longer I'd last in those wides. Your very welcome Anna China. You know my name we do. We also know you came to the mountain in this bitter cold to find something. Tell us what is it. Anna smiled sheepishly. Well this might sound wacky. But I'm looking for scallions scallions in January but scallions don't grow until March I. I know I know it was my little brothers idea you see. My parents used to put chopped scallions in our omelettes and auto. He's been so sad since we lost mom and dad. My baby brother is the only family I have left in the world and I'm so grateful to have him. I just can't bear to see him disappointed. The woman on the throne nodded her head Yes there's nothing in the world like family is there For one don't know what I'd do without my sister's here. She gestured around the circle. Anna noticed the twelve of women were sitting in four groups next to the elders and silver were three slightly younger women wearing woollen capes of red and gold. The next extra three women were even younger. They're Silken sundresses blue as the sky the final three war bright green jumpers. They were girls. No older than auto. Suddenly one of the girls turned to the old woman on the throne. Excuse me January. May I say something. Of course March. Hannah was confused. January march. which kind of names were these? Well like you said scallions don't usually grow until I come around so the girl motioned tord January's thrown I place just for a moment. Suddenly Anna understood. These women were the months of the year. That's very generous suggestion march but everyone knows February comes before you do. January nodded at one of the white cared women beside her February. I know you get the short end of the stick being just twenty eight days and all but would you mind nine. DIFF- March jumped ahead of you just for a little while. Say Fifteen minutes. Of course I wouldn't mind and I wouldn't mind at all and we've seen you work hard on that farm of yours. Whatever whatever the month or what ever the season you belong to all of us months and we belong to you much go ahead? The throne is yours as soon as march climbed onto onto the stone. Thrown the bonfire blazed. Even higher trees burst into bud. Birds broke into song and the clearing went from being coated with snow snow covered with Emerald Green scallions. Anna was too stunned to move. Well don't just stand there out. We've got fifteen eighteen minutes so pick those galleons Anna stuffed as many scallions as she could into her basket. I cannot tell you how grateful I am for this. Thank you thank you so much now. That march had melted all the snow and was able to sprint back. COMBS SWIFT as a deer but the moment she reached the door the winds picked up again and the snow fell so thick. It was like somebody tore open. A massive featherbed come here quick. I've brought you your scallions auto came running to the kitchen scallions but I thought you said they wouldn't be ready until March. Where'd you find him? Anna smiled you'll never believe this under under the trees on the mountain. Let's just say I had a little help now. How about some very bracelet omelettes? The next morning animated batch of yogurt using fresh milk from Otto's favorite cow but when she offered her brother a bullet breakfast his eyes filled with tears. Thank you Anna but remember how mom and dad used to put a strawberry on top of our yogurt. The you said it was just like a clown's nose. Anna grinned so they did but little brother. Strawberries are in season until June June. Yes June but I tell you what Cato. Anna turned her eyes toward the mountain. So I'll see what I can do. What do you think will happen? Will Anna find the strawberries. Auto seeks Will find out after a quick break. Welcome back to circle round. I'm Rebecca sheer today. Our story is called the months of the year uh when we left off auto had asked his older sister Anna for strawberries. It was January and strawberries weren't in season until June but just the day before Anna had stumbled upon the twelve months a group of women old and young and they took a liking to her so after auto requested his strawberries and a through on her shawl and boots grabbed a basket and tricked up up the mountain again. The twelve months were gathered around their bonfire with January sitting on the High Stone Thrown Ama- gave a little wave. Hey It's me again kind women. May I please wore myself by fire. January motioned for Anna to to sit down. It's nice to see you again. An but what brings you back. Don't tell me are hunting for something else now. How did you guess strawberries? My little brother wants strawberries strawberries. Anna strawberries can't grow so in the snow. But I understand June. Why don't you take my throne for a little? While one of the women in Sky Blue sundresses jumped to her feet. It would be my honor January. The moment June took the throne the flames. The fire flared higher and once again the snow melted away. Leaves danced in the trees. BUMBLEBEES ZIP through. The air and bright green plants covered for the ground all of them bursting with Red Ripe Strawberries. Okay Anna here are your strawberries. Pick them Fast Anna. Hannah plucked as many strawberries as she could and placed them in her basket. Although I appreciate this so so much thank you thank you all Anna. Anna raced home sweating in the summer sun as soon as she reached the door the sun gave way to clouds and snowed drifted down from the sky off. Oh ooh I've brought you. Your strawberries. Auto came skipping to the kitchen strawberries. Did you find them under the trees on the mountain again get. Anna smiled may be now. How `bout a clown nose and auto were about to dig into their yogurt and strawberries stories? When they heard a knock on the door it was a woman she said she was there aunt? Oh I can't believe my poor. Oh dear brother is gone. I would have gone to the funeral but one thing led to another and I couldn't make it still. I hope I'm not too late to collect my inheritance. Wait a minute. Are Those strawberries in your bowls and such red ripe. Ripe plunged to the woman arched eyebrow at Anna a minute. How did you find strawberries? This miserably frigid rigid time of the year and had never seen this woman before but her heart leapt at the thought of having even more family out there in the world so she told hold the woman everything And did the twelve months. Give you anything else. Just some scallions. That's all I asked for. I mean that's all auto wanted and all I want is for my little brother to be happy. The woman scowled scowled. What an Oppor Tony you wasted you got to meet all twelve months and your cut of asked them for anything anything? crunchy carrots and cucumbers sweet apples and pears treasures like those would bring in a fortune during the winter. You cut a sold them and made a meant. The woman bolted toward the door. I'm going to that clearing clearing on the mountain. And I'm coming back. With a bounty a harvest Cornucopia and auto washed the woman. Hurry toward for the mountain and disappear into the trees. As she walked through the thick dark forest the woman shivered eventually she saw the light flickering through the trees and came upon the clearing where the twelve months sat around their fire without a friendly greeting. Or even please May I. She strode right up to the bonfire plopped down with her back to the twelve months and began rubbing her hands. January spoke up. And who might you be. The woman turned around. Oh I am but a poor wanderer here to get your help. January raised a snow white eyebrow. Oh and what is it. You want poor wanderer well. I was thinking thinking March could give me some scallions and June could offer strawberries. The really read really ripe. I pawns and then July could give me fresh cucumbers and the most tender mushrooms from August. I'm thinking apple's maybe some sweet pairs and from September I duNno ripe walnuts. Maybe as for October I I. Don't you know that summer cannot come before spring and spring cannot come before winter right now. I I am sitting on the throne and I intend to rule here until my time is up the woman claiming to be Anna and autos aunt rolled occur is oh poll as you know what I didn't come here to talk with a white hair like you anyway Eh. Winter isn't good for anything except Snow and frost. I want the summer months. They are the most valuable with all the bounty. They produce they hold the most. Earning Power January frowned. Oh so you want power. I'll show you power January. We've arms immediately. The Sky filled old with clouds. The air filled with snow as the bonfire and all twelve months disappeared. The woman found herself alone in a wild storm. The wind whistled and whipped her ears as she tried. Ride weaving her way out of the forest. Eventually she wound up in a village on the other side of the tree covered mountain and never wandered near the woods again back at the farm and auto state cozy and warm that winter and spring came. Both siblings tend to the chores in summer. Two and fall fall and winter and the Anna never saw the women around the bonfire again every month. She would think of them and thank them for their gifts. For the way March April and May brought the earth back to life for the sun that June July and August sent to warm. Everyone's faces for or the fruits and vegetables ready for picking in September October and November and the sparkling snow ready for playing and sledding in December January and February and after Anna's adventure on the mountain the farm she shared with auto seemed especially charmed when other places were sweltering hot. The farm was that much cooler when elsewhere it was freezing cold and the wind raged and Moan at the farm. It was milder and come because maybe what February said his true. When you belong to all of the months they belong to you you now? It's your turn. Do you have a favorite month of the year or a favorite season. Find a piece of paper and something to draw with and create a picture of you enjoying enjoying that month or season. Maybe you're picking spring flowers or swooping down your favorite sledding hill. Perhaps you're watching fourth of July fireworks or sitting down at the Thanksgiving table once you're done drawing you picture. Share it with someone you like to have fun with a family member or friend. And then if you feel like it. Share it with us Ask A grownup to take a photo of your creation and email it to circle round at. WB YOU ARE DOT Org. Today's story the month of the year was adapted by me. Rebecca Sheer and edited by Jessica Alba Circle Rounds Executive Producer Katherine for our original music concerned designers by Eric Shallowness. You can find the music of circle round volume one Eric's collection of music from our first season of the podcast on itunes Amazon John and the CD baby store to learn more visit our website. WBZ You are dot org slash circle round and click on sound track and coloring pages. Ages while you're there you can print out yes. Our coloring pages Shukla rounds artists. Sabina hot has made a black and white picture forever single circle round story. Can you hold them in again. Visit W. B. U. R. Dot Org Slash Circle Round special. Thanks to this week's actors. Kimberly SCHRAFFT's Laura's King William's uh-huh Carolina let L. Borders and underlined Joshua Rush and El such catch Joshua in Andy Mac on the Disney channel. You can also check check out his self produced instagram series news in a rush and you can hear Elsa Co host all things considered on NPR. The featured instrument in today's story story was the tink drawn. You can learn more about this member of the Percussion Family Ansi a picture on our website once more that's WBZ dot org slash circle round. Do you subscribe to Circle Round yet. Never miss an episode by subscribing on Apple podcasts. Or wherever you get your podcasts and if you have a second please leave us some stars. I write us a review or just tell your friends about the show. Circle Round is our production of W. B. U. R. Boston's NPR news station. I'm Rebecca share. Thanks for circling around with us. One of the best things about creating circle round hearing from listeners. Like you circle circle round fans have been telling us about their favourite circle round stories. And we're excited to share some of their voices with you. Hi I'm not. Yeah yeah and I walk. 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