Remembering Liverpool's Comeback over Barcelona


C'mon solicitation of ESPN FCC HERE ON ESPN plus coming up the second part of that interview with under a rare away out and now he's still got the potential to be one of the best players in the world and would you believe it's a year ago to the day in which Liverpool amounts of that extraordinary comeback against Barcelona in the Champions League saving Craig with us to reflect on that shocking hair. As well for what will be and a special extra time but we start by bringing you. What's going on in the world? Forgotten Corona fires and it's great news is an aim jeremy kick summing up quite nicely kickoff again the Bundesliga will return just remind how the table looked before things were suspended by Munich. Type of the table however it was pretty close knit full clear of Dortmund live. Second third have brewster Gladbach then in fourth on the schedule has been announced and may the sixteenth. We'll see six games in total so Ferruccio Dortmund against shout. Certainly the standout tie that and then twenty four hours later. Cologne take our minds as Union Berlin. Playing House to defending champions by Munich. And then on Monday. It's Verte Bremen against by Leverkusen Juliana Ron and Gab. Mock coffee with me jobs. I want to start with you and a little bit away from the Boondocks what we're talking about. Is it true that you'll president the President Franz calling up other presidents and saying don't let football happen yes it is true? I was GONNA say unfortunately I'm not really sure why in my almost tried so hard to convince other countries to suspend their season and finished us. He's in like they did in France because this is not the first time he's been trying pretty much for a whole week calling in Ghana Merckel and tell her that. Gush would not resume doing the same for Italy. Spain England the French Minister Magazine. I knew according to her counterpart in order countries as well to do the same I guess maybe Sola Unity and mccomb wanted Europe to be together in this and and to work together and doing the same thing however is one really desperate for him. I think to do that as we've been saying everybody has been facing this crisis in a very different way and if some countries are ready to start again playing football great for them we clearly. We're no in France but yeah it's not. I think the best image for my phone to have now with those things coming out. What did you make of this guy? It's very odd I mean. I don't think it's great. Pr For him. If you're going to go and if this is something you WanNa do if you don't want to devote you don't want to divert resources or attention away from for more pressing issues. This is something you do beforehand. This is something before you go. I knew shutdown shutdown France. You have these conversations before now that they've shut down and everybody else is trying to get back into the Buddhist case actually getting back It kind of feels like wait. Feels pretty mature. Frankly because the reality is other countries are by definition other countries and to do this even take Joe's point about Europe and so on he's not doing this via the European Union. He's taking this upon himself because a ton of other European countries and it's not just the big leagues you mention but it's Poland Portugal Denmark. A lot of other countries are also on their way back to playing so he seems very much out of step. Let's move it forward what we've seen happening in. Spain of course plays being tested over the last forty eight hours Barcelona reporting for example. The all the tests came back. Negative regards to their squad. Were they jewels in the comeback trail. I think they'll try. Can Holiday tables was very happy to the players? Going back to training or a individually and we social distancing we saw Senate incident in Madrid for example coming players with a with the two meter distance with gloves and the mask and everybody them as well like you said everybody's been tested joining US resumed. And then there's still hoping for the League to come back on June the twelfth which I think is a realistic target really Huggett. Obasi is trying his hardest and we've heard a lot from him. He's been talking law. He's been very vocal and very present in all these crises. There's some issues to and we heard that we've gone through. Who's the head of the Players Union in Spain saying that it was a love issue? Is the players. Wanted Resolve questions that they have and they wanted answers sue so for example perfectly amount saying my wife is expecting a baby. This don't want any risk and going back playing with putting at risk and the health risks which could understand. I think there's a lot of players around a Boswell players saying that we fear of going by playing so the issues especially on safety to resolve the alleged planners there. There's there's clearly progress so far and there's a good name in a month time to stop playing again and I think they will achieve them. We won't eight league APP. How much they learned from what we've seen in Germany to try and get Syria back started trucking things very very closely along with everything that they've been doing Germany. Both was testing regimen. Players have been tested all week and as a result we're getting positive back DNA testing players and staff three staff members and three fewer Gina. Players testing positive. But you know the attitude is. That's not necessarily a bad thing because obviously if you don't test people you don't find out who's WHO's positive. I think the big breakthrough will come when they managed to go and they meet with the prime ministers while they've been meeting with the Minister of Sport and the Health Committee of the Ministry of Health the Ministry of Sport Virginia's by the photo who by this point must be a household name to our listeners. These name literally by the way Danny case you were wondering means sorts out. The guy keeps changing his mind. Every forty eight hours now all of a sudden. He says that he's hopeful that on May eighteenth they'll be able to to return to group training albeit without contact. They're calling that face to face. Three will be full training with contact. And of course phase four implicitly means going back and actually playing games just away from the pandemic just a moment just on the front page of sport was in saying that Latinos Martinez one step closer to signing for Barcelona. Boss seems to be making no secret and the fact that they wanted him Joe's but can they get in. Can THEY AFFORD HIM? If it's a play straight who's going in the opposite direction? Well you're right. That's the that's the biggest question. Can they afford him? So there's one very simple way to release cruise one hundred eleven million euros. You pay that is yours yours. He's Yanni's clearly the future he's he's having an outstanding season within while is before the break so pay and he's yours if you compare one hundred eleven which Khan and by the way. I don't know how they can afford name is they can't even pay for lower without but anyway that's another matter. Then you find another way. The way that they're trying or seem to be trying to find a sixty million euros so pretty much half of the release close plus two playas again. It depends on who plays are is the author of for example. You would know you're probably came to work again with and other news. Mandela is meadow and Alenia who seemed to be the two players into really want from the boss. Squats is hard to know until you know exactly who the players are because different sixty million prescription you and grysman or if he sixty million with done Gab. It's not the same story so I still think it's a very hard to make money players to swap. But maybe that's the only thing that bus I can afford right now. Gentlemen thank you very much for a lot. More from Gabon. Jewish. You can download the latest podcasts. Which today actually you can check out over on. The website. Geico knows there are many reasons why you ride from the Camaraderie of the bikers. Band of brothers always there for you. Rain or shine to the amazing savings. You get with Geico on your motorcycle insurance and accessories coverage all year round but for butting cornhill. It was one reason in particular bid. Was My helmet hair. Osborne born with helmet hair. I've tried to cut it a bunch of times even buzzing it but it immediately just goes back down here. Geigo motorcycles fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more in case you missed. The first part says interview with a rarity can take over on the website. It's now as promised time for part two. Toss little by talking about name. Oh what's so special about him now that you've seen it up close person day today because unfortunately he does come under a lot of criticism you know as well in the media stuff put. What's he dislike APP? Espn what makes him so good for me said. He's one of the of bit of the shoe prices. I have found in my career because as you say all what media says would media speaks about team is not always positive was trying to find a way to kill him an iphone that guy that these happy everyday that these trying to make the group strong each organizing some dinners at his at his house to be too. We will be together to try to win us as many trophies as possible is smiling every day creating a good that more for the team. I S I told you before. He told me he was a happier than the never in the club. The team so it looks like I read differ. I read about the different player that the one that iphone. Bet I understand is very in all the people wants to talk about in. Maybe I don't know maybe cost of each hair. Or maybe because of the way he drives his show maybe because he always plays his Miami your worst who to football everyday and killing him back. I mean it sounds stupid that I almost have to ask this. But how good is he because we all know? Are we see again? You see what's it like? Either play with him. Were coming against him even training. Do you have any moment where it's like? Wow this honest. What what they say about the about. Gillian is a Chums in training he looks like he's training with gates. You know the way he runs the way he he English how you say exactly but by the way he makes steps when when he's running and he leaves you he leaves you behind him and groups like We Are we are here skits on say same box running on an after an in football you can find some examples like key. The last year's like very years players that they they leave plays behind because they are so quick so strong but after when he's in front of the goalkeeper he has the capacity to stop to be cold. If you can say that and to score a lot of that's not the when you when you find the balance between the the speed. The strength on the columnist suit wish core goals in front of the the Goalkeeper. One of the people as well. Let's similar to Neymar gets a lot of about reputation on price and still is now here in England is Papa but like you said this matters a a world cup winner you know. He has proven how he can lead. How do you see him on his role still in Manchester United? Like you still think that we could definitely see the best of Pol Pot but in a united shirt. I haven't spoken with him for for for a long time and I don't know what he wants to do is true that the papers we can read that he wants to leave for much. Genetic are going to sell them or whatever but I don't. I don't really know what what he wants to do if he wants. The mutual during the role in terms of quality still has set in. I have already answered this question. A lot of thanks always say the same I have never seen a midfielder has all the qualities that you can have. He he can. He can recover votes than had the ball and scored goals. He can defend he can attack. He can do one against one is difficult to steal the ball from him because he's so strong and showed toll and you know bet did. He's true that since he came to the club he had some ups and downs but when he was good he really good amazing. It was a pleasure to to play with him so I think all the Manchester United fans they want to see The Best of both program for one year and I. I think that that can happen the next year so probably in the next year on with Bruno Fernandes players that really night with players that they are more adapted to the League. The team right now. I think Much thinking that they can do great things. The things that pick apollinarius Walk Matt. Joe's Franklin birth is with us as well. Jill's Louis Paul Paul per under rarer talking about how great he could be and how great he is seen him to be. Yeah obviously hasn't done it. Mantis united and a lot of people have cited the fact that Ed look at the players surrounding and yet we seem Brunette Fernandez. Come in and give this same an instant lift. Yes you're right. I'm not sure he'd comparison with with Bruno. Final days ride because when poked by rising the semi twenty sixteen years very good first few weeks as few games. That came out on the back of the euro's with France's where where you went all the way to the final very short holiday so of course there was some highs and we. We've seen him sue some really good performances but also allow lows and the injuries but no injuries. I don't think the environment was was really right for Manchester United. The changes of manager the player that he paid with as well a bit of a mess inside the club. And and it's a real shame because I think like under said he has the potential to be the best midfielder in the world. There's nothing they cannot do. On the football pitch has to be the environment for him to thrive as well as a football fan. We WanNA see players at their very best and watching Paul Popa. When he's pulsing failed is a great spectacle. But we just haven't seen it enough ever imagined. United Yeah you right down. I think there is. The frustration is understandable when you when you finish performances juice Eddie studied pretty well We say even more than that he well. He showed that it could be a leader but I think there is a lack of consistency in his in his game. He's a fantastic player. He showed you and he just at the beginning when he when he joined Manchester United but then the seems to be so many problems around him or run the club Ronnie Steam. As that in fact we don't see the popular we want to see. We'll all liquidity that. He has enough to lack of consistency. Where maybe the leader in the dressing room but it doesn't show that it can be a technical leader like Bruno Fernandez immediately showed to the crowd when he when he might just eight hundred. Meanwhile what an indictment is on Neymars career so far at PSE that a big headline from what Harare add to say was that he's happy now. It's an incredible soap opera that we've seen obviously a lot of media intensity regarding name are but a lot of it is being brought on himself. Joe's and the fact that this world record fee this player is now happy kind of says it all doesn't it says what about the sad story? You're right two and a half years more than two years after he joined a Paris and let's remember he wanted to leave or not to come to power the one who made the first step for that move to heartburn but picking is phone and calling us Ed Hawaii the PS chairman. So you're right. There's been a lot of issues when he arrived. I think obviously there with the two big injuries in in January February of his first season prevented him from playing in the key. Especially in the Champions League after after after Christmas but but also shoot and the lack of maturity die. Showed is great is happy again. This is something that we've heard before even before under era told us in interview and we reported here on the shoulder there was there was sort of a new new name. Our more happy name. I in pirates enjoying the city more. Join the club. His teammates with Tomas to hold as well the manager and that was great. We saw on the pictures. Well with the game against Bush dominant second-leg why I could do ninety to take you to the next level even to inspire the rest of the team to go even further for Paris. So are happy. Frank yes but I. I don't know if even the truth I mean. What do you expect from era? Do you think you're wrong? We say on P. Name always not happy. I think they're gonNA leave. Noise on. A good player is going to say. Nice things and maybe and sure. Well let's say surely through but we don't really care I don't care if Name is happy I WANNA show. I WANNA see showing maturity skills than what we expect from a big star fantastically that he can be and the rest. I don't care I really don't care. I been waiting for two more than two years to see the real name of the new model we before we saw in Barcelona's a killing Maine Montana in chimpanzee we wanna see and all the funds they want to see that the rest is pure well. Nice story but really don't care. Meanwhile frankly got some mention. Your t shirts obviously humble is ever. Franken this will renounce Harare talking about Kilian mbappe and extraordinary pace that he has. How would you fancy defending him? Well like Jim. I just tried to do with now on the t shirt with Renaldo. Make sure that the guy that can get the ball because after the football because after it's too late those players are so much scale and it was the real owner to play against Renaldo and we saw so many disaster that it is against defenders that the one day I played in final. I knew that that was the only things that I could do to to avoid scoring a goal and the same Imbaba. Those guy special like we just talked about name all gave the ball and they are on the on the Great Day. All great night they gonNA kill say we saw that for more than a decade with missy run. Ronaldo do this Renaldo Z. Dan and so many other players that you're defender if you want to cope with those players. That's the only we you can try to avoid them being fantastic. There's one man that could pull off that. See you frank thank you very much that boys just a reminder that fooling of you and Alexis is available as a special podcast which you can go and download now. It was a year ago to the day. That extraordinary comeback for Liverpool against the vast selena winning at Anfield by four goals to nil to book a place in the next round of the champions extraordinary comeback of course dominating the newspaper headlines and the next day Craig Stevie with US Stevie when it comes to European night's Anfield it's going to be near the top isn't it. Oh absolutely I think the only thing that would probably Taupe as the final on bill and offer drama and goals but because it's the final. The only thing in my opinion is separate these two these two games and and for one club to have to isolate. This history is absolutely incredible. I mean people will argue which one's the best. Personally I think is Dan is but my goodness this one at home against Barcelona's kicking upon soft and what makes more extraordinary Craig. Obviously there was no Solano phenomena. You had to redesign security out fronts yet still. I did yeah. We ended up You know discussing more. We're going to talk about around the League in the both the Liverpool and talk games. Were pretty much done and dusted you fall. And when you when you think team selection another team that was available and the team was playing against it made it all the more incredible can between things. Nothing was boscell imploded. There's not there's no doubt I mean this is just the basics and Liverpool were magnificent and they went for the jugular and they had everything they needed to do helped by a great crowd. Anfield on an up to brilliant Niagara Stevie. I think off coming back in a jump. He's league final begged of the two. But that was just another amazing unfilled. Let's not forget as well. The rhetoric coming from Barcelona was banging the drum. We learned a lesson for Roma. We won't let it happen again yet. They let it happen again. Stevie I think Liverpool for actually taken off them yes they defended horribly but I'm not sure what she's the rhetoric was well. We've learned the lesson won't happen again. This team must have realized that even though they beat Liverpool three nil and the fos leg home they play Liverpool the best site. You know you can. You can point the finger a Liverpool and see this being free nil down obviously a law. But he's don't emassy because that's who's Massey's night but a law that was done. Finishing from Liverpool Liverpool created Yvonne Season. Not False leg and for me. It wasn't so much. Barscelona that that pulled themselves through messy. Prove them through and Liverpool let themselves down in the Fox lag file finishing she'll Bassolino must have known that they were going on feel then. There's a good chance that we're going to lose again. And I thought I would win the game but biggest problem was willie start messy and we'll be stopped boss again because one goal is going to kill it. Do you know we're not enough. Thank you but this game done in the so many so many points the performance from Liverpool. That were magnificent Steve. You mentioned that the other day when we're talking was disabled Somalian deal Eliane which should remember which we shouldn't forget but the one thing that just whenever think this game rightly or wrongly? The one thing that springs to mind first thing comes to my mind is the corner kick the Trent Alexander calder. Cac for that goal because I think pets amazed amongst all the other great things love appeal that the performance of the two teams. That was the quick in the sharpness into quality of Liverpool and the downright sloppiness and lack of doing the basics from Barcelona. We saw senior players like PK. Bush catch all these guys with a box tummy play. Macabre kicked was coming in and the game where they were under the coach and losing an a boat to go out. I mean that was all forgivable and whenever a thinker but this game dot men of that moment of Alexander Ronald Putin the ball not quadrant as defendants springs demand. Craig mentioned say the lack of professionalism everything that surrounded this game yet valverde still kept his afterwards which is extremely as mentioned before. After having AS Roma's well the coach cars the con- The truth as will said well. He had to do better than his team up a lot. More defensively particularly in the second half to make some changes just a block. Evelyn Dome but the two thousand mile as they don't have players on the field or on the bench. Never mind just on that evening but right. No don't have defenders you know show off plus Alana reside who when the when the clicking going forward will destroy become but they can't defend and because Sony on being able to out with lights of Shakir he couldn't go out a reedy Robertson taken off a half time. Everyone was kind of. Get your get completely get your point. That defensively they took me who come on. Don't tell me who you know one way up. I suppose bash in my legs Zeevi. You're cost and not very go minutes. Get full you whatever happened. Boss were always vulnerable. You Don- you don't know what you're talking about. You've got players in defensive positions who cannot defend so. What do you think's going to happen when you can't defend? I'll tell you what the only way you get through it. As if you fall was a new. Massey's these other guys are putting the ball in the bucket at the other end because if you rely on players like peaky who's pasta. These bags admitted the defend. He's fantastic going forward. Big Can't defend Bush gets in the middle of the park. Who's who can't get around. You know what you've got three. The can't defend so whiz. Who is the defending coming from Dan? It's one thing to see. Well they should be able to guess. What have you thought of that can defend you? Bet Shoe you putting the ball in the other end. And he didn't do on the second game onfield and complete disarray. Because the in control nobody control. I tell you I tell you what one thing suppressed. Major compensation is the fact that the bookshelf behind you Steve. He's managed to stay in the wall because he's almost headbutting. Encounter them done getting very angry with you. But what's what's noticeable and no rumour has hatred for Spanish defenders hissing. Don's Dun Dun Dun Kalman is telling you that you know he's thinking well poised for Barcelona you know one of the best teams in the world. That could defend key. It's not a kiss. The so good goal forward generally don't have to defend the the one thing I'd say the show exactly that the can't do can't handle good players but pace the cottonwood movement. It can't handle the physicality I mean. There's there's another thing you know Liverpool for ninety minutes from start to finish what absolutely fly in. I mean you talk about a physical f you know players and settling did as a coach. I would say to my team right we. We need to get the blocks quake. But then they'll come a time but we can't just go for ninety minutes one hundred miles. 'cause you run a steam well this this. Liverpool team on this night absolutely crushed that thought because from the forest to the last minute they were on the percent or the goals when they got the goals is huge as well. You know when you get a goal and a foster admits again not files you on you goal L. in the second half assed stepping you. Stray you get equalizer. You've got the crowd behind you and then you get the fourth with ten minutes to go and the other thing you have to do is stay for another ten minutes. Use Your brains and defend and you saw what proper defenders do don live pill navigate. Anything a we are not I think it was twelve minutes to get through the never give them a snuff last defendant. That's why level who they are right now because tastic going forward but the fantastic defensively no every single one and Liverpool by four would host every single one and not for the boss Alona without even at a heartbeat defending as an entity. The complete team got through deservedly. Tell you what role race people say that. He's a lever here now sees they've tried to try to tell you the one thing one thing to go back to the defensive point the argument both of you guys were making there. There is no doubt the the do the basics particularly experience guys hide under pressure but the one memory and it's quite revenue from from that evening. I can't really remember the exact play as possessions but it was the middle of the Park Liverpool completely overrun Bacelona and the middle of the park. Too quick for them. You picked up every second ball and behind them. Too often not asked the question of the bus and about four which they weren't able to come up with the answer so the Medfield certainly Hale was already creaking. Liverpool completely smothered them in the middle apart. Not Give them total control of the game. Because stuff guys thank you very much. Maybe not as lively mocked talking to mark Donaldson. Augie was at that game about being that field. That brings us the end as well as being a busy old show. Thank you very much to everyone who is being on. Stay tuned for extra time Schachter. Trae join me to answer. Some of your tweets stay with us. Welcome into extra-time. Thank you as always for tweet. Shocker with me along with Cray cray what was the general feeling towards England born players playing for Scotland during your time with a under constant scrutiny to prove their nationalism no and there was a few my Elliott one new Sullivan. Another sure McCall laxed in the early days was brought up in England Rangers Strong Yorkshire accent but nobody. Nobody was multi-nation on the field. Sure McCall and gave as much as McCall Don Hutchinson an Scott Game Brought up in England because he's played nothing on forest amongst other clubs so ridiculous notion. None of the odds are coaching staff. Lead over where people were bald. Just say you know me and the wife of scores were all over. So do you think they would play for crank your kids if they if they played a national level? Scotland or England. Well I think my oldest where you think where he would consider themselves from. He said England. I would imagine I would imagine most would say affected choice they would say They feel they are their English. Much shocking to play for England under nineteen or something very young funded as a as an original twenty-three so athlete with England but never turned onto Vega. Obviously it was going to be a choice that never once once once I got that call you know the decision was made. As a matter of fact Kevin Keegan tried to name in the scored in ninety nine per the euro qualifiers. But I made my mind those permits and Trinidad to tune him. Don't Oh issued played in gold with a one year two thousand qualify global having only state of David Seaman soccer who's the best goalkeeper of the past decade through phone. Neue Defeo or Casillas Jabbour foreigner. I'm a huge family will talk my list. Every single time But but for me arguably best goalkeepers we've seen for some time as digital fun And I think everybody else pays in. Composite goes to Craig according to Wikipedia. Page junior sound swinney goals in just over sixty appearances very different than you'll Chelsea days. What made the difference. That's the actual not actually wrong. Because it wasn't like wikipedia is wasn't sixty appearances and it wasn't twenty goals scored fifteen goals. Fossey's not believe nine and mistaken and I can't remember because it was only halfway through so both of those figures are wrong unsurprisingly but one of the differences was that the I know I think. The insinuation here is Was Scottish football. The difference well that might be partly the case. But I think a big part of it for me was one plant. In my Nacho possession regular which was the middle of the part where I kinda was also the Roundell Ovarian Chelsea and put it on the right but secondly it was trained in a team the way I played in heaven poll next to main metal. We'll come back from Not Season and he was holding much. Friedlander allowed me to go and get in the fall season when we won the tasted like fifteen so I think that was a big difference that confidence and I was playing in a very good site on those play with some very good players and I think for me. That was the big difference. Shocker who was the most dedicated teammates getting better? That you have had to get better in a couple of boys. I'm Alan Shearer who I've seen kind of as we're back from countless horrific injuries other thing. I've seen anybody work as hard on the road to recovery. I'm not sure I'll say insurance woods hotted getting better. He was a complete strike over when he arrived at Newcastle. But he would up crop than and anybody at seen. I'm GonNa take it from me of a question is thinking about young players. Tried to improve. I'm I'm I'm not sure. Dwight's to Jones spent countless On and ground I. I don't think I'd look at those two in all honesty cray. Well some of the Italian boy like Gianluca. Yali an jumped broncos all up but the one that to the most one of them's goalkeeper was mark. Marcum the story and internationally God we. I've never seen anybody work his house. I've never seen a goalkeeper mart. Poom HE WAS. He was an in on the train and he was never. Gmt A point where the coaching staff used to tell the gentleman. Go home when we used to do the bleep tests which were measurement of fitness. It used to be only place. He was incredible but the guy that was was dedicated. As well Ravanelli Ravanelli Tuten has profession sore seriously and it was such a great professional. It was scary. And all those people all those moronic edits and I include some of the pundits that used to suggest Ravanelli was only here for the money of no idea what talking about because one he was a goalscorer and to the guy never had the day off fantastic professional soccer. Who you having vanished. Roy Obam Percy I'm Google van Pusey I just think maybe because he he's more complete I don't think I don't think he'd premium gas in a better job. The box finish than Than Than Missa Roy. But Sydney bound pretty see outside of the box. Maybe give you a little bit more than Mr Roy Craig. I think PHILLY FA cost one affiliate and Functional Vanessa Roy for me were just would just Edge and I think that's why even after that he's Chris just before he signed for united and ultimately to Ferguson vetoed. It for another year is still so keen to get the player that you went back after them. I think that tells you a story. Why doesn't Craig have any emotional connection to his former club like Stevie and Frank Dewey Liverpool and Chelsea? Because I've I do the memories of friends from the time they're on the hot gooden old clubs ultimately I think people struggle with less perception as that we have a job to do and that job is not to cozy up. And I'm not saying those two boys do but not for me and I can only talk me. My Job's not because y'all to form clubs in euro no done I've never. I've never ever my career broadcast and head defy A. That's the way I'm going to do so I have friends who still speak to people. Involved those clubs for me the same analysis on praise and criticism as every other club. And that's that's the way I'm always going to black and white. I'm not playing anymore. I don't know them and they told me. And it's quite simple really increased family as well. It doesn't it you take a look at some of your comments in the past isn't just clubs that you don't have low T. Which family as well. What sense explained not wanting you you you weren't holding back for criticism and George Burley for example when he was coach of Scotland nutrient him just like any other managing. Yeah thank shocked what you were talking about the message and the kids the dog. I don't see why well listen for less than jolts. Yes jaws bring my dad's brother and my uncle. Joe's new score when he took the international joyful Scotland and I knew the score on as a save the so many prophetic people out. There pundits that you want to try do you. Don't go to Scotland Manager. And he's he's having a tough time. Actually I didn't find that problematic and he didn't have an issue with it. To my knowledge he understood. I had a job to food on my job. Lice Scotland in his team selections and has has teams performances and there were objects at best. And that's why one of the reasons he got the sack so it really really wasn't an issue for me and I don't believe it was an issue for him. Let's at least these problems know says from me when you team performance on the field. You couldn't do that e- yet either do this job or you know. There's too many wishy washy people at the dollar and take the bulk and a half ass job united on you know last prices for Sheka looking forward to going back to the studio. You're looking forward to your next vacation. I have not missed the two hour drive into the studio as much as I have in the last six weeks Avenida Anita vacation from From staying home all five kids at four four hits a some Ellis has their own place in in central Boston. She can go back and forth to second DOOR IS BACK DOWN IN NORTH CAROLINA. Where she was finishing up she just graduated but just finish all her coup coursework to graduate. The youngest three have been here through show. Yeah it's been a full out. Thank you much to the chance when. Thank you Sackett Nike. Craig back tomorrow for more of this. Until that comply.

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