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Invite you to listen to our podcast. Christly confessions on the podcast. One network each week. We play listener. Voicemails offer advice suggestions and opinions based on our own life experiences. Also listen in to get the latest updates on all things. Christly new episodes every wednesday on podcast. One apple podcasts. Spotify and amazon music. What's going on everybody. Welcome to another amazing episode of the files on your house neck and we got a doozy of an episode for you today. My dear friend and comedian and just all around. Great gal nikki. Glaser is back with us. Nikki was one of the very first ever had on the vowel files. And since then she's been back for asked nick she's been back for battery caps and she is back for just kind of a regular old interview and chitchat. She'd been in studio before. Yeah i've never seen her in studio third time in studio nikki and just shoot the shit and boy do we. We talk about some things. You re nikki really opened up. A great is always nikki. Doesn't disappoint hot takes and points of view and there's nothing i appreciate better than Some owing with Who likes to think about life and Just kinda mix it up. She always gets me thinking thinking. I'll tell you that much agree or disagree. We always loved to have nick young anyway Yeah she soon. Great and I'm sure she'll be back again. Join us next week for a really fun interview with gail named tanks. Many of you know her. She's blown up on tiktok and a little bit on the grab Just another hysterical woman with some great Takes dating and What are the more fun conversations. I've had i mean. I always like i feel like i said a lot and thankfully we have some great guests to be honest in another one If you're just if you're looking for a reliable smart individual you'll want to listen to tanks also. I'm just jealous of the fact that she's given herself a a one word nickname that stuck. So that's great nikki laser. Everybody hi hi nick. I'm still getting used to this last time. We last time. I did this setup you were here and then i wanted to try it again. Yeah it's intense. What do you mean each other from across the table. I mean this is like i feel like i'm on rogin or that's currently rose. Who does yeah just this very. I mean the only time we would you would sit across the table with someone like this at at a dinner. No one meets. Well i guess getting coffee with a friend. I feel i feel about it. It's not that intense. Get some hard questions for museum. Ab probably like i do. I am sitting next to you. Usually in chairs like this and so it's like it. We can look away and eye. Context like is weird. How are you with a contact. I could be better always. I feel like the thing is okay. So i'm a as a as a heady over thinker guy. You know. I do this kind of look up when i'm in my thoughts. Which way is the lying. Look to up to the left. I think trying to search well. That's the same as thinking because look the it doesn't necessarily mean you're lying. I think it's an indication that you could be because truth should just be like on the tip of your tongue so to speak and so if you're looking up into the left the you're thinking about alternative answer rather than the story recently nuts like i would say within the past year quit lying like one hundred percent. Not even white was an active choice. I read this book called lying. By sam harris who is someone like admire a lot and a philosopher and thinker. That is just hits me right like where i like everything. He says make sense of hope to god. He's still yet you harris sam. You don't like you read the book lying. It's very short. My actually my ex boyfriend gave it to me. 'cause he was so i was constantly doing these white lies just to make him happy and he caught me long. He's like i was thinking about people like ask me why or how good at relationship advice. Or whatever and i was kinda thinking about like okay. I guess i'm curious what why am good and then i thought to myself i just i operate under the idea that Everyone is the biggest liar. They'll ever meet themselves right. They ally themselves a lot. Like we'll never meet anyone who's who lies with more than ourselves and then you disagree. I mean i'm working on myself in a way that i don't even want to lie to myself anymore. I know but usually but most. We're living in denial and we have log. I don't i don't care. I do care. And and then. I add it to the fact that like and usually with like when people call in or a friend you know or someone a stranger. We'll be have this going on. They'll tell me their story. And i'm hearing what they're saying but i'm paying attention for the things that they're doing that don't add. Don't that don't match to what they're saying. Right there dislike does happen this x. y. and z and. I did this. And i said this when i'm like whoa you said and did this and if you want this and why are you doing that right right. And that's all. I'm really where it was paying attention to the lies that they tell them so. Yes and oh my god relationships. There's so many lies we tell ourselves constantly and that's most of what relationship advice is just being like the not that india. It's just the most honest thing if we're always honest like lie about. Are you know. I try not to lie about anything. I'm not perfect about it. But let's say if i were to say. Oh my god nick. I drink so much coffee less yesterday. Alex hopes of coffee. And then i go actually four. I'm going to go actually nick. I said six before to like. Make the story better. I had four. Like i want to correct things like that even I found out that doing comedy. The reason i'm gonna accommodate because i go to telling the truth so i can just like do that. All the time and lies have gotten me in so much trouble and it's so easy to just be honest like when i can't do if i don't wanna do. Let's say. I woke up this morning. And i was like to depressed to podcasts or something like i was just in a bad state of mind i just found out i would just tell you that. Listen i can't do the podcast. Because i'm to be honest with you as opposed to being like i'm sick or i guess i could say i'm sick because that would fall under depression but i try to find a way not just semantically to just nuts ever lie and actually it's it's really great because now in relationships when i like someone i kind of tell them right away like i make it very clear. I'm looking for a husband. I more powerful. No you on ford get outta here like i just know who i am and i know i'm weird about some stuff and i'm a lot in many ways but i'm not trying to not be that anymore. I would like to slowly get better and be a better partner and better human. But the way i am now. I'm pretty damn good. And and i don't have anything to be ashamed of so if i'm like i like you to a guy like i'm i'm not scared of rejection because i i don't know i just i guess i i'm still a little scared but like i i originally when i love them and i didn't even care if they love me back because i was just like i can just say my feelings. I can always be honest. My feelings and men are like super horny for women's feelings most of the time ever since how long you been doing this now or probably about like a about a year like do you. Do you feel more when you say to a guy. I love you and you know whatever you feel is fine. 'cause you're kind of like i said stuff all the time for people to do. Do you feel more empowered. You feel like i love it because it's it's honoring the thing that you're not just honoring how you feel. I think i've gotten so sad over the years. Because i've been told that i'm wrong for feeling the way i feel but then i just didn't realize like whatever and feeling isn't wrong. I'm not trying to hurt anyone from my feelings. And i can just say them. I can be honest about them. There's nothing there's nothing shameful about my feelings. I mean there's so much shame than i have things i should be shamed of but i don't really hide anything anymore and i just i just it felt freeing when i felt in love with someone and i was like. Oh my god. This is a feeling that. I wanna tell them. And it wasn't illicit from him at literally didn't matter if he said i didn't care he did but i didn't care that's great. Yeah i wanna. I wanna ask you like you just said that men are horny for girls feeling you feel that way. Well i recently. I've talked about this book all the time. But there's a book called getting too. I do and it's the worst title for a book but it just talks about. If you want a commitment from a man you have to learn the science behind sex and how it bonds us to men and how and how we're yin yang and how there's masculine energy and there's feminine energy in every relationship needs to have one and they can change throughout the relationship but then the other person needs to flip so feminine energy is not like the greatest way to describe it because no man wants to be the feminine energy. Even though there's many men that are that but usually it's the woman role and there's a masculine energy so the the the feminine energy only feels and like only expresses herself. I or or hisself but mostly this is women with i feel and the femininity persons should never come from a place of i think or i think so. The masculine energy. You should never ask a man who was a masculine energy man which most arm saying like ninety percent of men are. I'm in the timbers of women who are kind of energy woman but most most men are masculine energy trying to get a man only come from place if i feel and you can be completely honest with him all the time about your feelings but you can never say i think and he never asked him how he feels. Only ask him what he thinks. Because one person is thinking one person's feeling in a relationship you have to decide. Do you want to be respected for your thoughts or chairs for your feelings and if you wanna be tears for your feelings in a relationship which is what i want in a relationship because i'm respected for my thoughts everywhere i it's like i'm gonna get respect when i go home. I just wanna be like. i'm sad. Be nurtured so that. So now i just feel with men i just tell them how i feel all the time. It's book you can't flip like you know you can flip and in different like let's say so when i when i Some some a personally me. I'm not that this. I'm pretty much the same in bed too. I'm like more submissive and like more the feminine energy like receiving but some women are like very feeling in their relationship and then they get in bed and then they're the dominant one and then it flips and then the guy becomes that but you can't have both energies like if a woman's going slow yes in whatever situation. It works my friends who have just read this book and adopted it and been like. I'm not gonna ever tell this guy who's clearly masculine and feminine energy. What i think. And i'm only gonna ask him what he thinks. You just meant like the basically if you don't ask how they feel an in its acknowledging because because one energy one interrelationship one person is respected for their thoughts and one person is cherished for their feelings. You cannot have both if you want both things in a relationship you're narcissists and you're probably gonna end alone if both if you want both things 'cause you gotta get you gotta get that other thing met somewhere else but not relationship you need to be. Someone needs to be receiver and someone needs to be the giver. So it's a moment to moment situational thing not like overall. It's pretty much overall. I mean there's definitely times where it can completely switch like. You said like the bedroom where it's like role play like the role switch. So if i'm like. I'm definitely a thinker but i've noticed as i've gotten older i try take my advice like when i'm trying to communicate how i feel about something i will say. Well this is how it makes me feel and it seems to be received enough. Because she's the she might be the masculine energy and you might be feminine energy. She's definitely in. How the masculine energy. That's what i'm saying. What i'm saying if she but i'm just trying to communicate to her so she hears me when i tell her i feel. I want to tell her what i think you should see. That's where i'm confused by. Because if i told her what. I 'cause you know how in a lotta relationships. If they haven't even read this book i have a bunch of guys a bunch of guys who are logical problem solvers. Right either girlfriend wife. Whatever comes back from work and there is like this happened right. I'm and they're venting and the guys like all right. Let's solve the problem and they're like shut the fuck up. I'm just telling you just just feelings. Don't try to. Yes so what i'm saying is so. Yeah and then. That's me. I'm i'm i. I make that mistake of doing that a lot. I'm like oh a problem great. Let's solve it you know. And and they don't want to solve the problem. I'm just saying when i noticed that i'm frustrated about something instead of like you know what i'm saying. I'm kind of trying to beat the system. Beat the i guess. I'm recognizing that feeling that schieber responds to feelings more than logic. Oh right because you're trying to talk her language youngest caress yes so like it's like yeah exactly she doesn't speak english he's big streaming kind of thing so instead of trying to slow my english down. I just speak german so to speak. if you're easing that analogy so like i will but see. She needs to get into her more feminine energy and like it because you want to leave from a place of. I think it's complex. But i don't. I don't pretend to be an expert on this. But i just know that when two people are trying to do the same role of like. I think you should do this. And if you tell a man like i think this and they they're dick just like shrivels up. But if you're like i feel like you know you're really happy when you if you're just like gentle. The book is about being like a woman and nurturing feminine. It's a little bit. Like oh god have to start wearing dresses and like being sexy. I is about that. Like if you wanna get a mess and energy man who rose feminine. A woman doctor pat allen herself a feminist for sure. Oh my gosh yes so. This isn't it. I used to recoil at this book because all my friends read it nice to be like. Oh you just act like a handmade until he dies and then you can be yourself again. That was my job for it to trick a man and loving you. Yeah because i was like okay. All my friends are now just being like well. I don't want to tell you what so can we. Maybe talk later about my feelings like you have to ask for permission later on. There's all these like weird things that make you feel like you're acquiescing to a man but really what it is is it's honoring yourself as a woman as an emotional person who is honoring a man who it cannot process emotions the same way. It doesn't express themselves in emotions the same way eggs. Yeah you heard me talk about them. Because they're awesome. 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You shouldn't be sleeping with anyone who you to be your boyfriend until they like agrees booker's time and it's like this book seems a little rigid it is but it's not it's not about being like don't don't give control them with your like your sex use that as a tool to trick them it is about honoring you because women don't understand most women and a cup kind of some men bond through sex but most women you get so much oxytocin release when you have an orgasm with especially their penises in you in any way that you become chemically bonded to this guy in the withdrawals last two years for chemical bond like that and it just doesn't happen way the mount of oxytocin for a manned orgasm way less than not for a woman could be hung over from a really good dick for two years two years. That's why girls can't get over guys because they are chemically bonded. So i don with guys. I don't want to do the drug you going on. but why why cans withdrawal. Why can't guys over women. I mean i guess. Some of them chemically bond as well but for women which is way more likely to happen and it happens fast and it can. And that's why. I do not let a penis and my vagina unless he is someone that i know is going to give me longevity consistency and a commitment like i want. I want someone who's looking towards being with me for a very long time. We'll fuck me a lot and and is exclusive is only my won't sleep with them now or no. No i will blow someone. I shouldn't even do that to be honest with you. Because it's still like a penis in you and it's like and i've fallen in love with people like it's protecting you because i haven't been able to get guys. I sleep with too early. Because i got addicted to them. Because my fucking brain shot off a million different hormones that i've never had that influx plus the smell of their neck plus the way they touch you. I mean all of these. Things are so physically bonding women have no idea the amount of addiction that it's literally addiction. You can get addicted. To someone's like smells went because you're smelling is neck when you're coming and all this oxytocin shooting off it's like doing a fucking whippet times a thousand like the chemistry going on your brain when you have an orgasm when a man is inside you is insane and makes you love them way. Sooner than if you didn't way sooner so. I have been able to this person that i loved. I'm not with. I fell in love a month ago. I am not bonded him much. Because i didn't have sex with them if i had sex with them as much as i wanted to. Oh my god did i want to. But i couldn't get a commitment and consistency and exclusivity. So i didn't do it and it was all it was i was. I've never wanna have sex. So bad in my fucking life. But i didn't do it in thank god. I did it because when he didn't come through to be someone that i could be with. I'm i am not even. I haven't even cried. Like i've tried a couple of times so glad i love someone but i'm not even sad because i am not going through withdrawal as much. I mean yes i evans. Because we've talked about this before and some pretty common thing but like the i like. The guys will wanna have sex with a girl and they have genuine intentions. Have sex with a girl and then re evaluate how they feel about the sex now. No one sexists going to be good. Okay let's listen. I'm talking about this is when you're fooling around with guy telling for long enough that you're making out you spend okay so this let me give you an so this guy that i was like seeing like very like you guys. You got the only thing you didn't do with sex. Yeah so you guys for like hours sitting you guys. I didn't she goes no. You guys look like naked. Mexico's yes everything. Like t shirt everything could have happened. I mean there's no doubt that the sex will be incredible. And maybe the best like i can't even believe it will be so good when he finally if we ever do have sex. It'll be the best moment of my life. But i'm so glad doing chemically if you are meeting other ways oh yeah you are. That's why i only like made him. As soon as i knew it wasn't gonna work out. I was like okay. Can't blow you any. I will not let you. And i will not pleasure you anymore to orgasm no way you can finger me all you want but like you're not going down on me anymore. You can finger me. And i can kind of treat a separate thing and then i think i like. I told him he could like jerk off next to me but he can't associate like my body with like i don't wanna see you don't get that i don't want i don't want because the thing is once they fuck you i. This is first of all this is not just to protect my heart because of the chemical addiction which i just learned about. I was doing this before. Because i felt like as soon as a guy had sex with me it was like okay i did it. And then there's just a mood shifts. There's a mood shift after they come frankly but like when a guy has sex with you. I've been rejected by men who i thought. Were a sure thing so many times after sex. Where there's just like this. This is like a first date hookup. No this is like been hanging out a while finally have sex. I've had guys go nikki. Your girlfriend okay. Let's just have sex. And i go. Okay never never accept that when they're horning they have to promise you commitment and all that stuff like outside of the bedroom so i've jumped into bed with guys that have literally been like i'm not gonna go seven before you. Where would you guy. I dated five years before soon as we had sex. You didn't like me anymore. And he's like. I'm not that way anymore. I really want to do this. I want to commit and have sex. I swear to. God he's holding me afterwards and i go. How are you feeling. And he goes. I took like right after we had sex new moments later holding me right afterwards bed and he goes to bed time to have that conversation. I wanted to check in because he was like you know he was worried like we were both ready to go. So i almost said facetiously because in five years prior we joked like after we had sex. He wasn't went from like loving me to being like treating me like a bro to get out like his. You know second cousin staying at his place like one immediately so we joked about that and he goes. That's not gonna happen again like we're like falling in love relying bed. He's holding me and i go. How you feelin like a kind of almost joking because it was good sex or whatever. And he's like honestly I'm like i'm just feeling this may have happened to like he fucking but he begged affects bags. Would bag was begging. I was so he brought i. He just stopped talking to me. And i was falling in love with this guy and thought he was going to be my guy. 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I think it sounds like he was sure it's hot but what i'm saying is that's what he's focused on right. You know what. He's focused on the whole thing of like what people say they are want right versus what they're actually showing guy who's like. Oh i wanna be. I wanna be your boyfriend i want i want. I want this right. And he says that and everything else is. Can we have sex. We have sex. Wasn't that it was spending time on like it was like doing girlfriends of i mean this guy and i would talk on the phone constantly but then when we got in the bedroom it became that. And then your horny. I'm horny. I'm like this guy is my boyfriend. He said it before. Let's just do it like to a whole waiting until they're someone that wants to wants to be. My boyfriend and i was your boyfriend. No i know. But that that i i'll wait now until that guy. I was younger. So i just didn't know that all the warning signs that were there that told me. This guy wasn't ready but now i'm going to wait and i might not get it right but i'm definitely going to wait until i'm like. Oh my god. Let's consummate wurley boyfriend and girlfriend. Let's go have sex boyfriend and girlfriends do like that's so fun like i want it to be like a special event. Now i could have sex with someone who i don't look at husband material. I might bond to them. But i'm not going to be falling in love. like it. might your backpacking in europe. And you see a guy who you're like you're like that i'm just like you could have with it. If you really are over them you can have sex with an axe this the book. Yeah i gotta read this book about this whole really want you read it. It's called getting to. I do and i know. Everyone's rolling their eyes at the title. It's terrible but it just teaches you so much about your psychology and sociology male men and women relationships and and pretty much any sexual relationship argue. It's always a yin and yang are like that right. I like understanding where you stand what. I don't like i have to read. This book is that. I don't like a like a structured like i don't like a set playbook of like here's how you like husband and never do this and always do this. It's like it all. it's all situation. The rules like those rules that came out in the nineties where the women are like. Never call him back. Never like there's things that you'll find through this book that you're like oh that works for me that doesn't but it all is just steering you to cherish yourself an honor yourself as a woman and respect man for doing the ultimate sacrifice which is giving up other pussy for you like we women act like i wanna commitment like it's no big deal. It's no big deal to us. Because we like commitment we like monogamy we are drawn to it not all women but most of when a man decides to fuck you for maybe ever a commitment. You know like when a man goes. I'm going to for the for the foreseeable future. Only fuck you not pursue other women. That is a huge sacrifice that we do not give. It is because biologically men it is hold on. I'm not i'm not. I'm not being hyperbolic here. Men are meant to fuck everything. Okay they are not sacrificing by like giving up dick. We know because we are most women. Don't because we don't. We're not craving did new dick constantly. Men are craving new pussy. No matter what they tell you they will crave new pussy so for them to go. I care about this woman enough. That i'm not going to pursue other policy and like go against my biological nature. We it's fucking give respect to that and be very like a like technology that that's a sacrifice and it's bigger than you is as feminist as cry i recognize. I agree with you that it's been men for you can be in love and and still be like i mean objectively. I see his hot girl and it would be fun to see your naked kind of right like you. Just i a guy but Christie are you saying you disagree with nikki's premise about new dick. Not necessarily the adventure. That a new nick fallen in love. You can't in your getting fucked out. You're getting banged out by a guy that you love on the rag. Are you looking at guys at the gym and going. That guy's hot say that but are you actually craving their penis inside you in a way that you're like man. I wish john wasn't in my life so i could fuck that. No you're not sorry arguing over craving. I'm over the fact that men when they are in they don't wanna be monogamous men against their nature. They wanna go everything spreaders gina. I wanna fuck. Even though i mean i wanted to be monotonous. Girl will be like. Oh no. I don't a fuck that hot guy can acknowledges got a guy who loves me at home. No i'm just saying women are different. When and i'm not speaking for every woman. Please do not me and be like i. I'm a woman who loves to all the time. But i i i'm in a relationship. I love sex a sex addict almost. But i don't really care about other men when i'm really feeling in my emotional needs and my sexual needs met by a man i love. I don't even see other men. And i feel like a lot of women will agree with me and i know that men are like that sometimes in the beginning of a relationship with it's superintendent you like maybe don't see other women but it's not as much in men always wanna fuck other women if you think your man look at girls and you never any doesn't checkout girls and he doesn't think about fucking another girl maybe when he's in the shower and jerking off or maybe when he's inside. You sometimes think about someone you saw earlier. Your fucking insane. He definitely does. And it's okay but we have to. We have to really think it's like really special. That a man is willing to give up fucking other girls for for me for the rest of my life and i will do. I will do whatever it takes to make feel like. Thank you for that sacrifice. Because i know it's not your general nature but i also will say that i don't mind if my boyfriend gets a blowjob from a random girl if i if he's on location somewhere or like on a bachelor party and there's some girl at a bar who thinks he's super hot and she's just some floozy and austin at a bar and he doesn't live in austin. I don't care if you up. That sounds fun. tell me about it later. She's so hot. I hope she's like yeah. My boyfriend my husband is he. Let you know i. I mean help before we go on the trip. I'll go listen. You wanna do something this weekend. That's fine don't give me any disease. Be safe about like if you wanna get your this. Is this new nikki. No this is. This has been nikki for years and years and i've no one believes me about this. It's i don't know wrong with me. I don't think there's anything don't even like it. I'm not trying to be like a cool girl to get a guy. I'm telling you know many even want this but i get really turned on when my boyfriend someone. I feel very secure with in love with like when a girl wants to blow him or something. I don't necessarily wanted to have sex with a girl will get a tax nick. But i like it because i'm like oh my boyfriend's attractive. He's like definitely like girls. Want him and guess what i've never once in my life heard if a guy getting a blowjob in a bar from some girl he met at the bar bar. Who's just like kind of drunken like. I wanna blow someone that knows girlfriend. I don't want to deceive this grow into thinking she's going to get in a relationship but it's like a bachelor party. He's at a bar in austin. A girl is all over him. She super hot. He's like texting me. Like how hot. This girl is get a up. Because i've never once heard a guy getting a blowjob in being like. I need to marry you and leave. My girlfriend like never happened. He's just you're just what do you mean leave. Well i mean like i'm not i don't think you're crazy. I think it's an interesting conversation. Don't think about making making out. That's fine too. But making kind of intimate i would rather like. He either like. You'd rather job a hand job or like finger her or like do or make her now. Make her come. Yeah i would love that because usually the guys dating are really good at fucking like. Oh my god. I'm so glad that girl had like one time. My ex-boyfriend hooked up with early women and she was like so she like came alive or what i forget he figured or something and she was just like he told me later on. She was just like kind of her. She was like dizzy at. She was like what the fuck was that. I was like. Yes i love like. You made a girl feel that good. And like whoa. That could be done. That's nice to know. Yeah and it's hot. You're not ca- like i think this can all work right but it has like i feel like you have to have really good communication not no sex no obviously peanuts in vagina sex. Nothing but like so your your guy your boyfriend. Yeah goes to a bachelor party. Are you like asking questions or you. Just trust them that he no. I'll ask questions when we start hooking up when he gets back like when this happened with my boyfriend my ex boyfriend so he went on a bachelor party in austin and before he left he was like listen. I know he's talked about this before. Because i've always been like. Oh my god like we when we were together we were never a part like we're working on show together. We live together. There was no chance to like have a flirtation with a girl like even though. That's something i would have been into and we need to talk about it all the time in bed like our four plays to be me being like tongue by the time you hooked up with a girl like all of us before stories before we hooked up and i was like oh my god so horny for like just telling me like being intimate the other girls. That didn't make me gelson made me like. Oh my god. Like oh my god so turned on by him so then when he was going on this trip he was like. Hey i know we've talked about it before but like i don't have a lot of opportunities i don't drink i don't go to bars. We're going to go to bars if there was if something were to happen with another girl it would be this weekend and i was like okay like i can handle it. I was like no sex. But like use your discretion and just tell me about it when you get back and so he went on the trip. We texted like normal. And this is just for me. This isn't for. This is the way we worked it out and then we met up after that and we were meeting san francisco and we both knew he was coming off this trip and i was like i wonder if he's done anything but we had the whole day with our friends just like going to launch and like talking about the trip and then we'll segue by governor though we started hooking up and then he then he's like. Do you wanna hear what happened. I'm like fuck. Yes i do. I've been waiting all day. And then that's when he told me and it was so it was like our foreplay and then it was so hot and then we had the best sex ever because it was about him. I felt i just felt like. Oh my gosh. My boyfriend is like attractive to other women like i get. I'm so excited. I get to have this. This man loves me that other women want but they he's mine. There wasn't any jealousy no none. I don't mean like in a baggage also their time but i feel like in those situations. It's not all about controlling your feelings right. Yeah i don't have to even do that. I don't gels at all. Because i feel like part of that hotter than me. I don't care. But i feel like part of the excitement of that is having this layer of trust boundaries. That he's you know no no sacks he's telling us communicating and then like however you feel how you feel right and those you you know how you're gonna very scary the first very alive fuelling your dislike. I feel a lot. I'm like i'm probably even mad. I'm not mad at you. Because i know we had our rules poof. Why feel feel certain way. I'll tell you when it did that. Time did not bug me. The time it did bug me was when we were first venturing into it and he ran into a girl that he had worked with on the street and she was they or on the train or something and she was like you should come up and see my new place and he was like i. But nikki would like like whatever's going on here like this world is giving me a vibe. I used to work with her. I can't wait to tell nikki about this. Which there's one thing about this though that i love is my ex was very weirded out by this whole thing was just like you. Want me to flirt with girls and have like an. I'm like i. i don't know. I think i lake it like you're out of stories to tell from your past. You gotta make new ones in. So he was in he goes to the cool thing about. It is if i were to be cheating on you. You would not be in my head at all while it was doing something with another girl. But the fact that i am going to get to tell you about it and you're going to be turned on by this. I'm thinking about you the entire time with this and it's like that's a win for me exactly because it makes the situation all about your partner at me. It made him in control. Yes and the whole reason for doing it is for you or for them. And if she's better at sex than i am or he feels a connection with her. That it's like i love this girl. Then go be with her. I honestly can't control that. Kill anything all. I know is it turns me on and i honestly and i actually acknowledged that men that maybe i can't be every woman for a man and maybe want him to have an experience with a girl with fug huge ass like i have a flat ass like he's like i want to tell me about with huge fake tits or like i can't be every woman like that's exciting. So this is what happened with this girl. This is the first time it ever happened. And this is where. I got jealous. She goes come into my apartment. He's going on nikki like this like this girl wants to give me alone. They go to the permanent and he's like sitting on her counter and she's like or a roach. She's sitting on her counter. Any kind of just like was looking at a cabinet. He he got close enough that like they could've kissed but he was kind of just like they were. It was in a way that it could have been intimate and then she went important. And i want to but i just. There was something about the way. He didn't tell her that i was okay with it and so i felt like for some. Oh he goes. I want to so bad. But i can't. He was like he was an honest about it. Because he's clunky. You want him to want a girl to ever be deceived one time. He was about to get a blowjob from a girl that he had a past with. And i was like go do it. And he goes if i write her back right now. I'm like leaving her. We just had dinner at the hotel. If i read her back. I'm going to go get a blowjob. There's no turning back. I'm not gonna go this. Do or die and i was like do it. Hold on i go to. She really like you like does she think that she would like maybe. Wanna be sure. And he goes. Yeah and i go. Then don't do it. Let's not do this. Because i don't want her to think that she has a chance to you. Because that's not what this is. Not what i want out of this so i understand that but this girl that he went up and like talk to you about her cabinets. I remember being very jealous. Because i was like this girl thinks that he was so attracted to her. He was like i can't i like there was something left. That girl i wasn't in control it was it became about them and maybe her being like. Oh my god. I got this guy with a girlfriend like almost kiss me and then it took the control out of mine. That's when i got jealous. That's what it's all about. It's controlled for sure. It is but i can't help that. I'm very horny for it like it. It's not something that i'm like. i don't. i'm not enough of a woman. My boyfriend has. I'm not like cuckolded like can't i'm just like it's hot. What about happy endings and massage. Parlours that. yeah that's that's fine. Well actually know if it's your your guys work from lake sex slaves but if you have if you've gone to an escort before i don't mind but you shouldn't have to go to an escort if i don't know if you really are craving to to your point that actually takes all of the excitement that you get out of it away because the girls being paid to have to fuck you know there's no more like he's hanalei z. And just like dick. Yes yes. I will definitely a guy that's gone escorts before and i have no problem with relationship but in mexico no massage besides person and she's like do you want do you want the. Yeah just tell me about it. Like i wouldn't mind it at all. No i just think. It's like i think for men and i think for women even like i think i could get singer to not like feel anything for the guy after and i just don't think that it would jeopardize my relationship to be fingered by the guy like cheating really comes down. Cheating comes down to honesty. Yeah and i think yes it. Does it comes down to just be honest in relationship with the guy who falls for another girl has a crush on a girl. Works with or something like he's like. I've gotta tell me. Let's talk about because if you're willing to have a crush on a girl. I got to figure out what i'm not providing for you in this relationship that makes you think it's okay that you can start having a funny flirty emotionally fraught connection with someone. I want you to be honest before. Because i think the dishonesty when you go. Oh it's just a crush. I don't need to tell me about like the fact that i have a crush on. This girl at work. Like feels weird. She'll probably get mad at me. What happens then is that you start representing your girlfriend because you can't act on this crush instead of just breaking the tension being like babe. I don't know what's going on. This new girl at work has gone well. it's secure woman to secure management. Yeah it's not just men. it's. It's both have the same. And i know that this is. I'm not this doesn't work for me by the way there aren't men that actually i. I'm single. I like not and i want a husband so i'm not doing. I know all these rules and stuff. But i'm this is all i want everyone to know i'm single and i don't know what i'm doing but that's what i would like is like that kind of relationship with that kind of brutal honesty. I mean i. I totally get it but i know guys who you will like. They'll be like well. This is what. I think it's cheating and i don't think this is cheating and i'm thinking well none of that matters until you're dating someone and what they think he has matters like not you know you have all these things that you are into or not into in. You wouldn't mind but if you fall in love with a guy who is just like. I don't want to do any of that and i don't want you to do any of that right and you're like well i disagree. I'm into this. That's fine agree to disagree lifestyle wise but like if you go and still do the thing that you want to do. Even though he's not okay with it like you. Then you're you're about it. Yeah because i know guys who will this be like. I don't think it's cheating. So therefore i'll do it and i won't stop. I'm what fucking living your liar. By definition that is that is cheating is lying and cheating this different area codes like what. What does it. What she doesn't know won't hurt her. It's like it's going to hurt you the thing that you can't be completely honest and understand like to tell everything if it's going to be just you know make every make the person suffer more to here to show all the text exchanges get caught cheating like you know come out with everything but i think that just transparency from the very start of little interest in someone else it brings up if you have if you're wanting to cheat emotionally someone else or even physically. It's either because you've been away from the person for too long and you're not having your sexual needs met. You're like in a different city. So that's understandable or you're not having enough sex in your relationship. There's some there's something that needs to be remedied. And it's like it would be good to know before but you also then something needs to change. You can't just wait that out and wait for it to get exciting again like i think. That's just if you're bored. I mean i had those things to have like. This isn't a deal breaker for me. By the way. Like if a guys like i'm not comfortable ever sleep with another woman i just wanna sleep with you and i truly don't even like the idea that you like me hooking up with other girls. I'll go okay. That's a kinky thing into that. I can probably put on the backburner if a guy like. I have no desire to ever do it with you. I'll go okay. Well that's actually something i really enjoy. I would like maybe you to wrap your head around. Maybe trying to do something like that or getting into it. Or if someone's like i don't really like kinky stuff or being like dominant in bed. Those are kind of my sexual dealbreakers. I need you to maybe get there. Because i enjoy that too much but in terms of like. There's some things that you realize. Well if you tell a guy who's never done the whole like flirt with people and blow jobs and jobs and you present this to him. There's a good bet. He is going to get insecure about it because he's gonna wonder why you're like that right. He's gonna wonder he'll think this is all like don't the fuck other people and i go. No i don't want to if i wanted to. I would tell you that. But i don't want to know plus with your three things. I'm like so confused because you have like your three things. You don't wanna have sex with them until you have your longevity. Your i say that because that's the book and then we're going to respect them because they're given a pussy. Yes i understand. Most women who get the most women want exclusively commitment and consistency. And that's what you should. That's what you should want from them if that's what you if that's what you want. Those are the things you should get before you sleep with someone. And i do get those things but once i achieved those things and i'm in relationship then i go. I don't and i lead with all this. I go once. I feel secure and relationship and have those things on lock that i know. He's going to be exclusive if i want him to be. He's not gonna bang people in lie about it. Exclusively means don't bank. Someone and i about it. It's all about. It's all about power in control and entrust right. It's feeling safe someone and having type of relationship where you can like pleasure. I want my life i want. I like sex. And and i and i am interested in maybe getting like having a non a gang situation but i like multiple male partners at some point in my sex life i would maybe like that is all i watch important. I'm just saying. That's i've never done anything like that. But if a guy was like nev- goes nikki. I would never like ever entertain the idea of like letting a guy bang you and like watching or being a part of it or something. I'd be like okay. Maybe that's something i need to like. Get out of the way. I like bucket list. Go to some kind of sex party and just scratch off because that is something i would like to explore not tomorrow or not like a good bet. Your husband might not be into it. Yeah but there's also a good bet. That would be. Because i am knows i am very like well-versed in this like there's a lot of and that's also something that i may be going. I watched that stuff. But that doesn't mean i need to do it. I don't even know if. I want that but i am open about all of these things. And then you realize what dealbreaker and what's not for me like someone definitely wants kids. I i want to know that. I because i don't know if i want kids and if you definitely do that's gonna be a weird thing if you're okay with being someone who's on the fence in might want them after we fall in love your girl but i don't know yet so i want all those things sworn be honest about everything and then i hope then you know or honest about the fact that i don't know what the fuck i'm doing and i'm scared and i've never i've haven't had a real relationship that has felt like where i didn't feel like i was playing a role in my life and so i'm kind of new to all role playing the role of the girl that he wants me to be. And just like always just like everything's fine and like i was so scared of rejection in the only boyfriend i ever secured that i was like. Oh my god. I went after this guy so hard and i got him and i didn't want him to ever ever dumped me so i just never was contentious with him. I was agreeing with everything. I never once never fought. He got resentful of the fact that i was lying constantly. Because you could just sense that like no it's fine. Yeah everything's kind of like. He sends my resentment which i had. Because i couldn't actually say my resentment storm towards him. Because i was so scared that i'd be like i really don't like it when you talk to me like that. If i said i was so scared he'd be like well. I like talking to you like that. And i'm never going to change by and then setting those things because i was just scared. Are you on any other dating around. I'm on bumble lewis. Because there's no one in saint louis i live in saint louis now and there's no one on riot there but it's not good. I'm really just looking to meet people in person. Because i've realized that that's how i start liking. Someone is i'm like oh it. I've liked people. person immediately. Had chemistry with them. That if i saw their profile on riot. It'd be ooh. I would swipe so hard. My finger would like break. I would be like swipe the well. That's why you have to not can't judge it anymore. I have to wait a way to meet people and then quickly. But that's why like reality show guys because show guys love them because you can watch them from afar and get to know how they talk how they ryan all these apps you just go. That's the way he smiles on mother's day like i don't know what that's the way he lays with his dog and his couch in a way. That's very set up a binary shell like. I hit up. There was one guy on. I guess i can talk about this at this point. Jason foster do you remember him. When clear season he was like writing out his emotions on a slab of creating guy from the firepit emotions into the thing yet. football player. yeah. I thought he was so super toxic. I'm a horrible person. But it's find out because i wrote it down on clear i i understand that. No he said it's been through a lot. Him and his brother had been throughout. He cried and then he left the show because he was like listen to he tastes. Like i'm still in love with claire. And he had like breakthrough any guy that gets emotional on a show and is like willing to be emotional and go there. I was very horned up for this guy emotion. I think he will. I think he'll worship whoever but he also like aside that you don't want to like i get that. But he seemed in. I don't. I'm not pretending to say that he's fixed. I mean this is the thing i'm like. I don't care if these guys are fixed or not. I just want them to acknowledge their broken because once you acknowledge i can't do this. I need help brokering. I like to damage not broken. I understand a little bit in as a you know as a jokey word i acknowledge that i i like people who say much same same as you were you you meet someone and i feel more connected and closer win. Someone's like this happened to me. I've done this. And it's it's a and i'm working on getting over the trauma that caused me in the way it causes me to react to my friends and family now because of the thing happened to me when im seven. I'm like that's fucking great. I'm so glad that you like finally nods. That means that you're on the path so that guy to meet seemed like someone going on the power. So i followed him and then you know we start watching his stories and then i think either iceland or he's in and then we were texting and it was flirty and stuff. But it's just fallen off like you know. Those kind of he lives in. I have forget where he lives khurana. Or he's trying to go to paradise. Is he trying to. Oh i don't know. I mean i would love Yeah i mean. I could see him doing well down there. Yeah i mean. I don't know where to lead the league. I need a guy to be very intimate. See like. I need to got put in effort. And i'm not going to be the one that's like. Hey do you want to come to fight to be with me. So like i'll put it out there'd be like hey i'm interested high but if they don't pick it up i'm like okay. I'm not going. That's doesn't really and i'm not like hurt. That he doesn't wanna drive to saint louis in the middle of the night and bang. What not that. I would have sex with him unless he was my boyfriend. Or whatever but like you know what. I'm saying i need. I need to go to pursue. But that's the type of guy like iceland because i like watching these shows i always love bachelorette season because there's more men to be like. Oh these are guys that. I blue checkmark. They can easily know that. I follow them or like an liking their stuff. They'll know exist and be accused this and if they're into me i might have shot. It's like it's kind of nice or like any like it's being getting a little bit more famous. That is a nice thing because more you have a chance with other like famous people that you may have a report with or have grown up with their picture on your wall. You know like there's people on riot. I'm like i matched with a guy. That was obsessed with in high school like a lead singer of a band that i was like. I would have done anything to have him in high school now. Matching with them. And it's like well time has got changed. Yeah yeah you know. I'm have access now to people that i feel like i know because i've seen them on tv and it innocent. Israeli do know them. I feel like i know them pretty well enough to be like i back that guy or b. But i don't wanna go out with the guy just from pictures on fucking bumble araya. It scares me. I need to see video evidence of view. How much do you include your dating life in your comedy. It's all i do. But i don't really date specific say names or is it just like the other guy i usually say. No i'd i'd i'd do not use names. I've gotten you know. I've gotten better about that to keep it generic enough that but i don't really i mean i think when i have space like i remember not talking saying that guy's name when it was going on because it's too vulnerable. Now this is like a done deal. If he's leading tomorrow be like hey talked about you. I guess like we'll also saying anything mean or no. And but yeah. I like to talk about won't do ben affleck thing of like showing the things he told said to me or or that girl. I wouldn't reveal things about people but I don't know yeah i'm i'm pretty Transparent onstage especially live shows like. I'm going on this theater tour over the summer and i'm going to say things i know in these rooms that like i hope i won't be able to put a special. You know like all because my fans. I feel like i can be like two goes really want to know who knows it's nick mile like the. There's there's there's a joke that i have that you kind of were a huge part of my act when i was taking it. Yeah and it and it was so fun. Because i go an ex bachelor and they're like and i think i'm gonna leave you hanging you know i'm gonna tell you actually wait for a second and it's so fun to get the whole story and then go and it was making mile and there was just a fun little easter egg. So i like to give those things. When the crowd is like wait she was talking to a famous person. Who was it in the whole time. That thinking who is it and so it's just fun to like. Give them those things. But i don't think that. I mean unless i had your permission and you saw the bit. I wouldn't put it on a special but can i also i'm beginning december. So you might be out of the act by then but 'cause it's 'cause it's all based i mean it probably won't be because look somewhat good and it's funny. No well it's all about. You know we talked about this before. But it's all about the thing that was talking about with that guy. The young kid who. Dm me on ray. Of like i thought one thing about like i was just talking about this on shan on their on charlene's episode or on charlene's podcast about you and about talking about you on stage and stuff like that and and being in she was like. Oh you better not let. His girlfriend can't hear about that she can. His girlfriend knows that knicks. A hot guy in that maybe in the past has been sexually attracted it. Like i was into you but now you're like now i feel so comfortable with the fact that you're my friend and that's like a very normal boundary and like there's no part of me that's like trying to finagle anything with you even though it was that way probably for months and months of being could but now i'm just so like you're my friend neck like yesterday girlfriend could hear that i once wanted to have sex with you re everyone wants to have sex with me and i have to be like but she not everyone does. It's like would she be. Would she mad at if she knew in the past that i had thought you were in. I'm actually. I'm actually surprised shirley and said that because yes it was just like yeah. I know what i'm saying. Is i just assume everyone wants to have sex with right right. And so whether whether they want to or not is that's them said it outright. That's the thing like. I feel like they have to acknowledge it for me to be threatened. I would tell your girlfriend that to her face. I can't wait to me your girlfriend because First of all but i would be like. Oh my god. I was like into nick and like it was just a friend five. I got friends owned and it was all that like it would be funny to me. And i think a lot of girls would be able to handle that and i hope that. I hope that i would be able to handle that if my boyfriend was friends with a girl who definitely liked him and he never really liked her. If anything i'd be like do me out. He didn't like you. I've seen this before on. Talk radio and turn I say off. It's just it's like vaping it's like it's just dangerous syndicating were. I've saw like the assumption is some some women. Want a guy who's they think is hot but no other women think is hot because they don't want to worry about other women that would that will worrying about other words back that would backup charlene's theory that she didn't think you should be able to tell natalie i'm like why i don't understand like feel secure in your love for and knows that nothing like a lot of ideas like well. If you have to worry about any girl who likes me. Well you know. I think i might. There might be a couple who are attract. You know there are girls that you have a girlfriend that are still going to pursue you and she needs to know that but also not feel threatened by because if she threatened by those girls. Those can't do anything you can't okay and if it's comes on to you but you think a lot of women are like i think there are so many women that i i have best friends who are like the most intelligent women i know emotionally and otherwise and i asked my friend recently go. You're so jealous of other women in him possibly finding another woman even though. You're the most amazing stunning person in the world. And he has given you no indication. He's ever been interested in anyone else. I go if i sat my fingers right now and every woman would not be into an no i go and he would be on attracted to every woman except you would you. Would you take that. She was like in a heartbeat. And i was like. I would never do that to my right. It's it's insecure security. It's absolutely thinking that you're not enough in that you have to like create you have to put a man in jail in order to keep them whereas free and constantly worried that at any moment some- someone around the corner with the best personality because she is like trauma so she's beautiful and she's funny. She's she's she's the one i would be worried about for any one of my boyfriends to ever meet. She's actually more than and she's pretty but she is just struggles constantly with Being so scared that her boyfriend who has shown her nothing but just solid. Commitment is going to abandon her for another woman. And it's like it's just a it's a it's a bad place to be. I feel really sad for and there's so many women that living it. I'm just i'm lucky. I'm not one. But i struggle in other ways with obsessing over things i can't control you know it's just that's that's something happened in those girl's life where they either got cheated on before or long time. This is more for men but a lot of times if a man thinks you're cheating viscous cheating. Sure i mean and state for women to their like obsessed in constantly. Because they're capable of doing it to or they are doing to just projecting insecurities bullshit. But do you get jealous. Do i get jealous. I anyone can get jealous. I often don't get jealous. Because jealousy comes from being insecure right and i of insecurities i'm relatively good at acknowledging them and just being upfront about them. But like i'm everyone's capable of feeling like it's more like yes. You feel jealousy than i have no problem being like the bugged me and then i'm more curious about figuring out what bugged me why i was bugged by it. But i'm i'm not normally a jealous person. I'm not like i. You know. I like it when if i don't mind my girlfriend getting hit on by guys because i choose. I get turned on by the fact that i trust her not to do anything. Yeah and if. I can't trust her then i i'm too exhausted to be in the in the relationship with me but if i feel jealousy than there that i try to address it because i know there's something either that i'm insecure about or she's doing something that makes me feel insecure and then i try to address it. You're honest with doesn't like brew into something more like the bugs me that you did that. You know the one time. I get jealous recently. Is i'd just like blown a guy and we were talking about jaylo somehow cuddly. Afterwards jaylo kim. He's god she's i've seen her person. She's probably the hottest person i've ever seen him. Yeah and i go. Can you not say j. Lo is hot when my when you're calm is like in my upper digestive tract like i just swallowed your come and you're telling me j.lo's hot and he was like the fact that might come is in. You doesn't change the fact that jail is hot. And i'm like i understand that logic but i don't really want to hear about it right now and by the way cool lick who doesn't think j.lo's hot stop saying jails hot. That is like saying the sky is blue. It's not a unique thing that oh oh you. She's a woman. Cool your interesting. I was like so annoyed. So i can get very jealous about it right away. Difference between like knowing that your partners attractive to people in hearing about it all the time. Like i don't i i met a guy but if it was just like so fucking hot it'd be like right after you had an intimate moment either way either way of like like i signed with accepting it. I don't necessarily agree affected. You need to vocalise it bother. You had to get that and some guys love to be like. I remember this guy. D- yeah. I used to take all the time that would just say how hot other girls were cool. Obviously meal meal kunas is out. You don't need to say that every time a commercial where she's like. Dry humping a casket of whiskey or whatever she was doing in that one commercial every time going on. I don't go. I don't need you here. You go like oh god. She's hot like cool yes that's why she's on tv. She's sexually attractive. Like stop trying. It's them trying to make. It seem like i'm a like it's them trying to control you really like them trying to maybe make you feel a little insecure. Because they are. It's like why. Say that. I think subconsciously consciously a little bit of sometimes guys are just I mean i can get onboard with being hot but it's the time in the place i love when i go baby girls ass right now. That is incredible. Like fuck. I don't think it's always machiavelli and i don't think a lot of guys are smart enough to be like because i think they're just kinda dumb and you're there and they just want to say it and it's an awkward. Don't even know they're doing what they're doing. Which is like sure. But i don't know if there's a master plan. I don't think that but i think it's subconsciously. I wanna keep her a little bit like on our toes of like i'm a. I'm the way and feeling about this girl's too intense. And i need to like keep it so like oh i like other girls. I guess it's possible. I haven't felt that way. I don't the circumstance certain circumstances. Where i'm like that was just ill-timed in such a like i just blew you and you're telling me j.lo's hot like to me that was about like That didn't mean much to me. I'm just gonna deflect like this moment where we're cuddling after we just had a sexual encounter this two intense so deals like it's just a way to like push me away a little bit think. Maybe i'm wrong. Maybe i i mean i could be wrong about all this. Please don't tell me. How am i'm really not scientists. I'm just comedian with like mickey. Thanks so much for coming. Nick always a pleasure. Let people know where they can follow you. You will be touring tour. Nikki glaser dot com slash tour like forty cities going all year until january and then I have a podcast called nikki laser. Podcast that is every day. Monday through thursday and you can with iheartradio and seeing the instagram. There's other stuff to just nikki. Glaser on instagram. And i kick a i g l. a. Great thanks for listening guys. Don't forget to sending your questions at ask. Nick academy that dot com cast with a cast media dot com. I was kind of mumbling said in your five star reviews and we will see you back on monday by. Everybody should definitely baltimore. We have a way of speaking to each other through food. It's really renewed for me. My love of what i do. It's gonna take something far stronger than pandemic to defeat us all these businesses. I've taken precautions to make sure that everyone is safe. We're ready see what we've got going on. Plan your visit at baltimore dot org.

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