'Boys and Girl - Offseason Storylines; Dez Bryant Talks Comeback, Cowboys, Dak, Motivation


Hey guys I'm Shane Bacon. And I wanNA tell you about a new podcast called rip with Maxim and Shame Bacon. One guy that has probably hit a three hundred fifty. Dr Considers himself an athlete mostly because of his unreal. Papa shot abilities and has in fact started to show off. Signs of a Tricep for me is our own Max home of PGA tour winter and fan favourite online's maxi myself turn out new episodes every week to give a fan of unique look at golf and all that comes with it from someone that's been workweeks on tracks. We all dream to play grinded out with the best in the world. Listen and follow. Get a grip with Maxima and Shane. Bacon on the iheartradio APP apple podcasts. Or wherever you listen to podcasts. Right now hello boys and girls welcome in to the boys and girl. Podcast with cowboys. Nfl Network reporter Jayne Slater and NFL network producer. Bobby Bell Cowboys community with the inside scoop on the Dallas Cowboys now coming straight to you from the lone star state. Here's Jane and Bobby. Gang will so excited to be back Bobby Ann I reset recharged. We know that it's been about six weeks since we last recorded a podcast for your course that after the McCarthy higher quite frankly we needed a little bit of a break after the coaching search but so much to get you updated on and just a quick programming note. We won't be coming to you as regularly as we do during the season just by nature of the off season and where various projects take us. But when we do come to you we're GONNA make sure it's fire content and bobby. I think delivering today. Yeah no today is going to be great and I think that just because we're not going to be coming to you as regularly like Jane said like don't think there's going to be any sort of drop off in content. In fact there may be an increase in it. Because there's going to be so much that we have to discuss all at once and you know there may be times where especially around the draft and we're around doing things so frequently. We may be able to churn out some more stuff. But either way we're gonNA bring you good stuff and today is going to be really great as we get a chance to talk to. Dez Bryant gas before we get to that Just a couple of things while we've been away I gotTA catch up real quick on one super bowl party that I went to. Oh yes so I got invited to this guy Super Bowl party was over there on Star Island and I walk in and literally wycliffe zone is performing Cardi B. Ends up showing up late at night because there was sort of this cyclone slash monsoonal hurricane situation. That happened while we were down in Miami over the weekend. So it's beautiful hard to be one of your spirit. Animals she loyally is. I was like okay so she showed up around three o'clock in the morning and we were sort of stuck at this house. Imagine this like Super Modern House on the water with this massive yacht in front of it. Everything you think of. When you think of Miami it gets better Chima Right Cliff Kingsbury and Tom Brady right in front of me. We got Dan Danny Amendola. We've got Julian Edelman. Of course I know cliff and the crew from our Texas days. Will we end up because of the rain sort of getting stuck at this table? We'll it's all Tom Giselle. You'd think I'd be over there being a good reporter and trying to get the scoop on where. Tom Is going in free agency. You guys won't believe what Giselle had to say to Jane About Bill. Belichick it is. It is something yes. She didn't say he she didn't say anything but what she did say was I walked up to her and fan girl like a twelve year old does because she is even more stunning in person. I said you aren't literally the most beautiful woman I've ever seen. I mean she is tiny. She's dancing and she literally has its Brazilian access. Your own. My Gosh. That is so sweet of you. She goes I think you're so pretty too and I literally almost because I'm shameless. She doesn't remember anything after that she blacked out right. I shamelessly almost put my phone in front of her instead on days. I'm having a bad day. Can you just report felt better about myself? So that was sort of my. Oh my gosh. I've made it moment. It was just the I can literally never go to a super bowl again. it's just. It was awesome. And of course I saw my boy master From untold stories. Who's done an awesome job with bleacher reports? A shout out to him from the Dallas area. he was also at the party. So we're lake look at us. We're just two kids from the Dallas area and start at the bottom now. We're here so that was cool. Of course went to pro bowl. Got Some nuggets there. Amari Cooper telling me that he wants to stay in Dallas wants to be a long time in fact he's a straight shooter just kind of like it's phoney. I think he wants to be here as much as people say. Oh He seems to be a powder whatever. Which is this weird narrative that seems to have started after the season? I think he genuinely likes being here. One hundred percent but I did think it was curious. Bobby when asked him okay? Well where's the contract situation? And he said he hadn't talked to his agent about they've been talking about other things so okay okay. Ezekiel Elliott was great. He graced us with his presence on. Good Morning Football. He told us that doc needed to get paid. Of course. That's his hype. Man You know. He's sort of a more low key. Mark Ingram to his Lamar Jackson and You know I. I did think it was interesting. You know he he talked about talking to skip. And you know obviously now that Gary Brown is no longer with us which honestly if I have to say like no longer with us not as died but just no longer on the coaching staff. I I gotta say that in Rod Marinelli hit me in a in a different way so. Rip Those guys say goodbye to a lot of people we liked. Because I like I I mean you obviously had a good relationship with Gary and Marinella but just from a kind of a more you know. Get credit staff honestly. I really liked kitten when we get kidnapped. Colombo was great did. Tv with Colombo before. He decided that he wanted to go in. Go Back to the coaching ring. Sanjay law was always relating to chase. And so yeah. It was a little bit of a bummer. To see how many guys left we. We are left with just three. Assistant coaches are being carried over. Its Leon Lett on defense He's going to be working with Jim. Tomasulo the new defensive line coach and then on offense Kellen Morris stain in place which seemed to be Mike McCarthy had his say in this and so that that to me speaks volumes as a guy who does want to be so hands on with the offense that he thought highly enough to calendar. Keep them here But then the other one that was staying in it's a shift and responsibilities as Douglas Meyer. The tight ends coach is shifting to what is more natural history as quarterbacks coach. He'll be working with doc now and and that's a good fit. I know a lot of people that said when it happened. You know he's a tight. Ends Guy was a but quarterback is his background. And if you ask anybody around the team Dacca's a really good relationship with Douglas. Meyer and really likes him. And so overall I think it was tough to say goodbye to some coaches but I think the guys that they did keep I think everybody within the organization are big fans of all right some other things to just chew on here before we get to the main course which is Dez Bryant our special guest as we are here at these sports performance center at Frisco who has graciously allowed us to spend most date here with the podcast. Dak Prescott two nuggets That doesn't look like they've made any movement yet on this contract two sides still seem pretty far apart. I was told the cowboys in staff meetings. Last year on six occasions Said Is Decker Guy was journal Madden market now. I thought it was interesting because on the one hand. I do think that there is an element here of doing due diligence because I was also told by another source that might McCarthy thinks. That doc is in fact the guy and he's a guy he thinks he's a guy that can make him great because I asked a few weeks ago after I was you know in transpired. Giselle and I wanted to get her here to Dallas. Woke up from her coma of course said why not go after Tom. Brady if you'RE GONNA pay thirty five forty million. Why not go and pay? Tom Brady that two years draft. A quarterback cabin learned behind Tom. If you'RE GONNA make wholesale changes around here do it and I was told that might McCarthy prefers to work with the younger quarterback in this situation in Dallas. So those are a couple of nuggets for you to chew on also. I am curious you mentioning that that an and maybe they didn't get the specific from who you had spoken with. But when they said that the topic came up of You KNOW IS DOC. Our Guy is this guy. Do you know if that was said in the more kind of like. I don't know if this is our guy. Is this guy or was it said in sort of deference like checking in with staff like. Hey we're about to pay this guy. Is this guy. Is this guy you guys WanNa work with? What was your sense of that humor? We did our podcast awhile back about Jerry Jones and how he is. I was told that he'll do everything from polling the man on the street as it applies to his organization. I think Jerry is constantly getting input. I think it's no different than Michael. Irvin came out with that report a couple of weeks ago that there was this talk about Tom Brady right. I don't think it was. I don't think there's a little truth and a little a little cocktails there. But I don't think it's any different than Jerry polling people now. Michael Never said it was Jerry that he talked to Michael. Even clarified later. Said it wasn't even necessarily somebody within the cowboys. It was just someone important in the League which could have been a gillibrand could have been another. Gm somebody just chatting with him. But what I would say. I think that Jerry just always throwing stuff out there to see the temperature. I think that's what makes him so great as a boss. What makes him so great as a manager? I think that's why this organization has done as well as it has. It's why it's a Billion Dollar. Enterprise multibillion dollar enterprise is because he's constantly getting the temperature out there so that's the way. I would characterize it. Of course it combine is when we sort of go off these dark alleys and you know we are able to ask questions that we would normally get from the facility. So I've got a lot of questions next week so you would say you think that that those questions because I think some people may react to that and go. Oh Man. They're about ready to move on from doc than you would say. That's less about skepticism. And more just about literally gauging opinions on things that he may even feel strongly about and he just wants to hear what people have to say. I think there's an element of that but I also think there's an element of frustration as I expressed in reported last season that his camp despite and I've said this fill like a dog. That's just won't let go bone. I was told he asked her for his his agent. Todd Franson negotiations asked for that forty million dollar number and we've heard the cowboys organization seems to sense if that's there's an element of greed there now. I don't know how much I WANNA way into that honestly. I think you've got to know that you're dealing with the quarterback market and that's essentially what the market is these days. We're looking at thirty five. Forty million for deck. But I do think it's I thought it was interesting. The source felt the need to share that with me and I think it's I think it just speaks to the fact that they're polling. It is different than when they pulled. The you know the the captains on this team whether or not they should keep does remember that right. Yeah and I mean there's this is an organization that I think more than others. Maybe does really value the input of players in decisions that they make. They may not let them. It's not inmates running the asylum. I don't WanNa make it sound like that. But they do value hearing the people who are affected. I I think you had talked about this at one. Point that You know the Scotland a hand decision to move on from Scotland and a lot of that was about internal polling and and getting the sense of people within the Organization. And so that's what that does sound like. Honestly just them doing their due diligence and look. We may feel a certain way but we just want to gauge. What do you guys think? Where are you out here? Which as Jerry reminded us that Mike McCarthy press conference that they do value the input of their employees that they don't just make these decisions after top without input from everybody else so I thought that was an important distinction that he made at the Mike. Mccarthy press conference yeah because I mean honestly Let's just look at the guy that we're about to talk through does Bryant. If Jerry wasn't interested in in taking feedback Dez Bryant probably doesn't get released anyway because Jerry Jones Le Jerry Jones sentimental guy and he believes in redemption. I do think it's I it is funny that there does seem to be this exterior opinion about Jerry and you know he kinda rules with an iron fist. But with it's really not what we've seen a lot of the major decisions they've made over the last few years couple of other news and notes. I caught up with Jarvis Landry. Who of course worked with Adam Henry at both LSU and with Cleveland browns described him as a disciplinarian of sorts of father figure was shocked that he was no longer with the browns. I got a real sense of loss that they weren't going to have him anymore. So I thought that was interesting And then ask for George Edwards caught up with Harrison Smith with the Vikings called him the glue. That made that thing. Go if you look at that defense. That's a pretty nice compliment from a guy like Harrison Smith about George Edward so I think the staff that they've assembled has been an impressive one so to speak but again. I've really had a chance to get to know these guys and that's why combines GonNa be so important next week combines switching things up a lot of stuff going in a primetime so it'd be interesting to see how much access most of US reporters get to these guys but I'll be hitting the ground running ready to sort of get answers because there are gonna be so many questions off season and even though I said we're not going to be as frequent as we are. I always have to walk that back so I felt the cowboys. There's always GONNA be news. And of course when there's news we're GONNA find a way to get an April there will You Know Jane and I will be together a lot because there'll be several days in a row probably where we need to be doing things together and and I'm sure there'll be new news those days and go. Hey why don't we just knock it out? So yeah it's always. This is a fun as they say. There really is no off season. It's just another type of season for the NFL. And while I'm sort of shifting gears and like I'm filling in on Good Morning Football March first or second and third and your decided about that. You've also got some other side projects that you're doing. I know you can't get into the teams that you're doing this for but I think it's fascinating that you are serving as a scout of sorts. I mean they were just like yeah. It kinda helped out Some facilities in helping out Agencies and stuff with just you know these guys heading into the draft when they head into. Indianapolis a lot of the time. They're coming from you know. Baylor Something Waco. Media is not the same as the media that they're going to run into an Indianapolis and so a lot of them do like to get mock interviews done and Pratt and so. That is something that I've been able to do this time around. That's been you know a good experience. It's just kind of work with prepping. Some of these guys on what they may get asked and some of the tough questions that might get thrown their way and the toughest one of their way. Ooh It's it's hard to say without revealing the exact school at comes for but You know a basically I I have been able to ask guys directly about failed drug tests and suspensions and things like that okay but I think sometimes these teams like to mess with these the minds of the they they ask questions sometimes. History of Football Right. They WanNa know if these guys are like savant in other words because we do talk to players. I'm always shocked that. Tell me you know they play football. But they don't really watch football or care about it. Which I think is interesting. I feel sorry. I pity the draft prospect. That gets in a room with Mr Rainman here and you just drop all sorts sports knowledge on them to see if they know anything about the game. Now the I've been impressed with just about everybody. I've spoken to so far and they all seem. This has been a really sharp group. Actually but you know there are some guys. They're they're still green and a lot of ways and they're not savvy and so. This is a good experience for them that they can kind of get used to That's you don't even if that's the answer you give. Let's say in a different way. That's not a that doesn't sound like a good way and it's not out of any sort of You know Disagreeable nature. It's just they're not experienced at at that tight rope and how things can get taken out of context really easily and look. I'm GonNa let you shine here in the off season because what I do during the season as you know I dig. I asked questions talk to a lot of people where he just really excel. Is this deep dive into the college world in the draft prospects and talking to a lot of these agents. So we're GONNA be able to put you on a pedestal. Hearing this off season. Let you shine and unfortunately because we've sort of taken a hiatus and we have such a big guess today. We're not GONNA be able to do that but I am looking forward to that. Why don't we just go ahead and get to the entree Dez Bryant? I was shocked shocked. I got elected. I'm rose read the host of the new iheartradio podcast. The women every week starting November twelfth. I'll talk to one woman who is an agent of change. I believe in the power of one woman story how balanced needs and the cost of fighting others. When I announced to the world that I was going to transition it was just a moment of joy for me of women of color I do receive regular stream of online abuse and death threats tune into the women on November twelfth for an interview but Dr Mona Hannah. Teasha the pediatrician who exposed the Flint. Water crisis risking her career to challenge. Michigan authorities. Go after me all you want. This has nothing to do with me but this has everything to do with my kids. Subscribe to the women on iheartradio APP on Apple podcasts. Or wherever you get your podcast while I'm super excited to be sitting down with one of my favorite guys that played for the Dallas cowboys or the heartbeat of the Dallas Cowboys Organization. Even now you're here at the workout at the sports performance center at Frisco and there are literally fans outside. There's some young guys just waiting for you to sign swag people walking by all these young college guys. You need no introduction. I got Dez Bryant here with me as well as your wide. Receivers Coach D. Rob Holding it down in the lab. Of course you had Corey Coleman up here as well. Little Jordan Humphry. But we WANNA focus on. You does for a lot of people that have been following your videos. There's been mixed emotions. Some people say what can a little slow still. Maybe your time has passed. What's your message to them. You know my messages are here. Like first and foremost I never been at speed guy so I just block that out I've been running. Routes routes has improved tremendously. Thanks to just over here especially in and out of my breaks I used to allow ability Which I still have I really blocked that out. I'm not going to play this game. I'm really not worrying about nobody who never played this game. And for the people who still in his Game San. My workouts giving me feedback. That's the only thing that matters to me. You know when I got guys like go. Thomas come in my stuff getting messages. From Patrick Peterson. Those are elite. Db guys you know. That's the only thing that matters to me so in order to keep grinding. You know I got my head down. I'm not expecting anything. I'm just going to work and see where take me does. I was there for you. Four hours after he got cut from the cowboys that was an emotional day. And then I was there when you got signed with the New Orleans Saints. Two days later you turn up on route. The Achilles injured awful because as you and I joked I felt like I was dropping you off at school and you'd found new classmates and you are ready to rock. How are you different now than you were back? Then mentally will mentally I felt like I had a lot of mixed emotions. I just recently cut from the cowboys. I wasn't really trying to play football that year. But I'M GONNA save that for another time I just wasn't where I needed to be mentally and Appreciate coach paid for bringing in believing in me and I appreciate those guys that was because they brought me and they showed me crazy love. You know something. I'll never forget the best forty eight hours on my life is up there I never forget that you know and having that in back of my head. That's another reason why won't continue to keep grinding? But I wanted to take my time you know so I can focus really get my mind right really understand where I met in life and you know. Just get my priorities in check like done at and I'm doing it now and I'm like I said I'm just grinding. You know and I'm looking to play ball this year. Does I know you've said on social media stuff that you didn't want the Dez from two years ago like regardless of what teams thank. You know you didn't want that does do you think that teams will want this says. Of course it'd be crazy if they did you know like I said. I want to play football these past couple years. I wasn't quite sure if I wanted to play football. You know Not Because I love it. It would just more so of me. Having a healthy brain healthy healthy around me make sure I got all the love that I need around me in in on these setbacks game I need to sit back in the look at the guys you know I just need to see a game and watch from from outside and I did on the love came back. I had this guy derives stand on me constantly about come on man. You still got it. You still got it you know and you know just turned hearing it from guys who believe me like you know what hell with it you know with it. Let's go attitude. Came back in our desire. You know so. I'm here looking to see what I can do. So ROB US. You think deaths still got it. I'll definitely I try and a lot of elite receivers who are a plus years. Nfl And he moves just as well as those guys right now especially coming out with his Achilles injury on when you saw him moving for a while back on the videos. Of course he was wasn't that far removed from his surgery and things like that so of course he was going to be running a little limp but right now that he's back healthy. He's doing everything he needs to do. Off The field the we have the maintenance therapy on his body to you know Keeping moving efficiently so he looks ten times better does. I don't want this to be a PR stunt. I've always kept it real with you right so I'm not going to call you and ask you some of these questions you know one of the knocks I think has been you know some of the social media stuff right you know right after we had our sit down and talk about the guys then. We're there at training camp and you named Chuck to for a some of them. Do you regret that because I felt like there. Were some people within the cowboys community but also teammates that you've soured with them because of all of that well Asset is I think It was It was a time and For guys who know me and a lot of those guys you know who know me inside that Locker Room I am emotional guy but you know is all for is awful. Love already you know. I really don't mean no harm. You know by just like to speak my peace in. My view is no bad blood with none of those guys. I still love those guys. Wish those guys best like I said I root for those guys these past two years. You know you. You know who I'm rooting for you. Know shockingly. He knows dead Any other guy that you know. I really problems with no way. Anybody on the team really. At least I didn't know but I like is good. You know I still take these guys from hearing their Dak Talk to Zeke. From hearing air talked to Mari Som- play with Amari Bernie. Amari takes play man's together. I'll talk to gather whenever he's out and about and if I see him around always good times and good vibes you know. I don't think that's Never GonNa Change. You know my heart is here regardless wherever I go and play. Um You know is all love. I don't have no problem with anybody. That's an important distinction. Do you think that you hurt yourself at all when you were released from the cowboys by putting it out there that you were still hung up on the cowboys that there were only certain teams that you? WanNa play for. Do you have any regrets turning down the ravens the browns so I would say I wanted to say Attorney Down Baltimore Or Cleveland was good. Reason why they WANNA play ball. You know like I was mentally. There ain't no added Coach Peyton he was on me more than he was really coming at me more than those other teams online hell with it. You know He gives me the opportunity to get myself together. He was just going to throw me into the fire. You know so he kept it real with me so I think it was a no-brainer for me just to even attempt to try. So that's what I did so I don't want to say I turned down Arabia's I would've picked that deal in no time if my brain was there you know I would want but Cleveland no time if my brain was but it wasn't so you know I didn't want to disrespect the game. I didn't WANNA disrespect myself. I just Hawaii That's just who I am as a person. What have you done to get your mind right? You know be around my family. Be AROUND PEOPLE. Who Love Me Focus on my projects. You know things that I'm working on. You know folks in the things that I can't control just reflecting back on a whole bunch of stuff you know Like I said I needs I honestly felt like by me. Being away from the game helped me innocence. You know I took everything and I'm I feel like I'm where I need to be. I think things happen for a reason and I'm GonNa go with that. Does you know when you talk about this comeback and the work you've been putting with D. ROB and and everybody wants to see that because you know like you said you were somebody who's getting by so much athleticism and maybe they see it in the work now and they go. Yeah but does your thirty one. You're coming off an Achilles. We'd still like to that athletic ability. I know you. I know you've started working with Bobby. Stoop over at APEC Who's been really instrumental in in the way? Patrick Mahomes has come along. I guess talk a little bit about what you're hoping to accomplish with that work with. Apec and how those workouts of Mogollon. I'd say it is Bobby Bobby is tremendous. I think he's exactly what I need. Just like derive. You know. Bobby is he's one of reminds me of college Back when I was in high school you know I can hear coach Glass Voice. I can hear Bobby's voice. You know by being tuned to what he do. I he's GonNa Bring the best out of you. He's GonNa make you feel like doing it when you don't want to do it. You need those type of guys around you. And that's bobby. You know he cared about his guys you know and he told you he tells his guys the truth then. That's what I like. You know the truth. Put you on your heels at all times and I think that's what I'm used to and that's why it's so easy for me to you. Know gravitate to bobby so. I'M LOOKING FORWARD TO SANTA BARBARA. Tomorrow and Gets working with him now. Rob I know we you said does is still got it and he's still got that ability but you know when you're out here and you're working you guys are talking all the time and you know you're you're taking things from him and you guys are figuring out the best way to run these routes and everything. Where do you still think Dez needs to improve on his way back? Where where would you isolate them like? This is what something we're still really trying to tighten up what I would just say the The top end of his rouse. Just the topic of his curl comebacks and his arms And then just keeping his foot up on his speak cuts in his speed out. Those are the things that I he can. He can approve on but He's got tremendously better coming off the ball and he's gotten better bringing with him at the top of his routes He looks more smooth influence. So what's there? It's coming right now. We're about eighty percent where we need to be You know you have a lot of connections with receivers and coaches around the NFL. And if one of these teams was considering dads and they said you know. Hey Rob we. We Really WANNA consider talking to dazzle or want to look at bringing him in Give us your assessment of where you think. He's out right now. Where would you if you were giving them an honest assessment of where he does that and the comeback trail? Well what would you say to them what I'll tell them college? I mean he's He's a lot better shape. He's about eighty ninety percent where he needs to be He's a great team guy. He'll be a great receiver to having a room to show. The young is the ropes. Teach them how to be a professional team to win on certain scenarios. Route running So I definitely think that he'll be a asset Brought in on any team that brings me and because He adds that that experience value along with the passion and the energy and Hardy has a plan that position and he'll turn whole receiver room into a war zone. Because everybody you know about tech and play and play like I need to play all right. Let's talk about some of the other knocks Dez. 'cause I talked to gyms around the League I talked to coach is one of the thing was being on time. And that's important. You've got young guys in a room. They're trying to build up the next crop. Young wide receivers. They look to the veterans Showing up to the physical therapy treatments. There was another knock on you and just putting in the work on your body guards. Those things that you're prepared to do for the next and that you've now realized the value of of course of course like a lot of things that you mentioned. I think that's a lot of things that was in the beginning of my career and right now is like I gotta do Hugh no lie. I gotTa do to get back right. You know nobody's paying to do this. I have to do this. You know I'm getting up four or five o'clock in the morning. Get my mind right to go. See Bobby I gotta go drive thirty five minutes to Fort Worth to go to a I have to do. Those things might get paid for that so. I think that's I think that's the easy part you know like. I Say I'm just get myself back into the flow. Get my mind bag right in. I'm looking I'm looking forward to make plays because I know I still care. Hey guys it's bobby bones host the bobby bones show and I'm pretty much always sleep because I wake up at three o'clock in the morning a couple hours later. I get all my friends together. We get into a room and we do a radio show. Wish you're our allies. We tell our stories. We try to find as much good in the world to be possibly can and we look through the news of the day that you'll care about also your favorite country. Artists are always stopping by to hang out and share their lives and music to wake up with a bunch of my friends on ninety eight point. Seven W. MC Q. in Washington DC. Or wherever the rotates you on the iheartradio APP. It's funny to me because I know you pretty well at this point now does a lot of people. That sort of shrug off this idea of you coming back. I feel like need to go. Read that Rolling Stones Article. That was done on you. Awhile back talked about your childhood and what you came from and you you and I talked about that when we sat down after you got cut that you came from the dirt when people look at this comeback is sort of improbable maybe walk through how improbable. Your childhood was to even get where. You're at where what I was saying earlier. You still two years removed from this league have fans literally lining up outside waiting for you to sign a helmet fans still throw up the axe. It's iconic in a sense for kids that came from Lufkin and as you said really had nothing growing up. I I just I is is is the passion and I'll walk a lot of people's shoes in and just be me and I think just by being me you know. They give a lot of people. Hope man he can do it. I can do it regardless whatever situation is. I just one thing that I want to give people. I made mistakes. I'm not perfect in mind showing that I think And it's all about the bounce back and when people see that they they they attach onto it and like. I said I wanNA give who I am. I don't WanNA give anything false. You know if I fail I fail. Hey look we try. But that don't mean you know is over. You know in the attitude that I want and I'm GONNA fail to have and it's just going to remain the same. Do you feel like you're pretty misunderstood when you're in the League does always felt that way. I always felt that way. Why reasons for I can't I can't explain. Why can't explain why was misunderstood but I know for the guys who meet for the guys who built around me and they know what type of God you know may so much stuff that I can say without a duff guys. But that's just not me you know and I just don't feel comfortable you just the from our heart. Everything is from our you know he's like I like to see guys you know I want. I like to help guys being a position so they can be their best and always been that way. You know like I remember my rookie year with the hazing stuff. I never been a fan of Roy Williams Roy Williams. But I'll tell you this He reached out to me to a couple of years back in. He told me with pride. I mean Ed meant everything to me in I because I guess I'm assuming that you know he kind of understood. You know who I am. You know where I come from. But it's just one of those things when I go through bad experiences things. I don't like I I'm flipping it. That's my whole goal is to flip it to make sure other guys don't go through. We will bring rookies and when I play for the cowboys. I don't need you guys to walk on eggshells. I need you guys to come in here and be the best. I need you to have that same mentality that you have when you was there your fourth year. Guy. They're like yeah understand. Respect the respect older guys were spectacle of course forever. Do that but when you step in between those lines. Anita any energy. I need that fire. I need to see who you are. I want to know what you about you know and as always been my attitude light. I'm no different from you. I don't care how long I've been here. I'm no different from you. Teach me something and not can teach you something. Just always been my attitude you know when it came you know whenever I miss out of that locker room. You know it's just it's just Hawaiian regards to the position to that end. So many young kids and grown adults throughout the axe. I don't think a lot of people realize where that came from so for our listeners. That aren't familiar with what the X. means it's actually symbolic of something for you that's important. It's something that we're sort of talking about here in this podcast mart is really basically is x. now all of the negative you know just folks Symbian laser focus in knowing that you know you. Shan't let the people opinions way on you. You know because we all have different brains in God gave was there for a reason in is just. That's where that's the meaning that I put it but I did threw up the X. Because of Dante Hall I just wanted to put my own meaning behind it. You know look I get a lot of crap but I know I am as a person x this out and I'm a stay low focus and I'm going to like my biggest goal is to be me not changed to Miami but just contained to keep being me. Let people see who I am? You know themselves does I know you're a big facebook guy. You like that because you you like the ability to interact with people. It's like your little community. I know you've said that before. There was a video back when you're at the pro bowl a couple years ago Video Stream and and somebody had asked something comments section. You said I'm going to tell you this right now. I said you guys can tell the whole world the damn done plan for Dallas is the damned. I'm playing football and I know you you said you're in a bad head space after the release from Dallas. Do you still think that's true or are you still so committed to this? Has got to be Dallas for the comeback or are you happy to go elsewhere. I'll tell you this I'm keep it all the way on blunt you know I will learn had that opportunity just because it's not so much of just WanNa play for Dallas. I understand I see what they have the talent that they have to have a Mark Cooper. Now Michael Gallup. They have car. They have decked have Z. They have policy. They have a loaded. Offense have Charleston and you really never been able to play without much talent throughout my whole career. If you see I used to get double. I used to go over the top. I can only think of man you know not to be selfish but I know if I got placed in a position like that I will do some damage. I will do some damage. I know it will help opened up a whole bunch of things. We crane different type of packages. That's a dream you know it is. That's a dream what happened although we don't know but where I'm at right now. You know my daughter asks me that you're gonNA play football again. That was one. That's what really click like. You know what I'm GonNA play. I'm GonNa play ball you know. So you know if he's not a Dallas Cowboy fans. Hey I wanNA play ball so we'll see where I'm I'M A. Who opened the doors for me? Just trying to you know come in whatever they may do beat the best version that. I can't help in any type of way as if that's me you know. Give them water to quarterbacks hill to the runner bag telling no other receivers. You know certain things. I don't mind you know I'm just. I missed the game. That's how hungry you are. Let's you you've talked about. And we've heard reports reached out Steven Jones. I I want to know how that conversation went. Second of all if Stevens said because we know he could be shrewd businessman. All right does I'm gonNA bring you in here for about as cheap as I can. Go does does Bryant do that I know what be what I would want but I think it would be worth it you know. I think it'd be worth because I think those guys have a real shot a going to the super bowl. I truly believe like I'm not just saying. Hey everybody say who's going to Super Bowl now? They really have a legit chance to do that. You know it's just that's what I see. No Game I know the game of football. I notice vibe. I just know I know the vibes. I feel like I can help. Increase that five. You know so say Texas Stephen. How to go? It went better. Thought he walked. That's a good thing. That's a good thing you know tics when I spoke my mind. I just basically just told him you know where I met in my life now filling you know I had time to reflect and all that stuff meeting on Mr Jones Stephen Jones. It will hate is you know I hope the best But we'll be going different direction. He didn't say those words to me so that may get a chance right now. He's not. I took that in Iran with. So you know it's like that also increase. The you know the workout like hey we get a date to get it you know. They got to see this attitude. Oh but you know like I said but for the most part of the conversation. We're very well you know. It wasn't a long but it wasn't like him. As the Steven at I keep stepping on. Bobby's toes but I've got so much to ask you all bobby way in here after this question. Garrett and the regime are gone. You've got a new regime Mike McCarthy and his staff aid you think a change will be good for you and do you think that you need more of a disciplinarian type coach to keep you in line and get you at practice on time. Fine you win. You're not at physical therapy. Do you need some boundaries song. I don't own a grown man. The practice the practice on time thing honestly don't know where the heck from really but We'll save that for Tom Com. Yeah Yeah of course. Of course like for the most part when people say that you know meet speaking coach is really not that is just I feel. I know the game of football. I know vibe that you're supposed to have when you supposed to be playing his game when you playing his game and you know I leave it at that you know about could gehrig's I really don't want to speak much 'cause I don't WanNa feel like I'm speaking to you guys. Clear things up to write you know just you know just a new look just me knowing coach. Mccarthy over the years watching him high he's done things for Rogers in you know How He loves to highlight the run. Is Offense Kinda similar defense kind of similar today? Andy Reed tight. He's like He. He liked the white outs out. There you know so I you know I just feel like he can. He can create some for me you know. And he did say does caught it. He said he finally acknowledged that right. So you know He instantly made a Maria winning. My is you know so well. You were You were one of the last. I mean there was the negotiations demarcus Lawrence. But you were one of the last real like franchise tag standoff guys that the cowboys had. And there's I think some concern or some easiness and cowboys nation right now about they're gonNA franchise stack this is. They're going to be too far apart. This is going to get contentious. A everybody always likes to hear from you in general your thoughts on on things with the cowboys. So what do you think about the idea of getting back? Locked up long-term my opinion. Just my opinion. Yeah you got to have to you. Have to log deck deck. He got he got these things that you can teach you know in a lot of people. Don't have it you know. He's real great. What the guys in the locker room like. That's that stuff is contagious. And a lot of guys don't have that. I'm just going to be honest. He's a great football player. Excellent football player Dak improved each and every year you know and I remember before he came in. We'll mcclay continue to himself. Osteo TEXT MESSAGES. I got to extend was when we had drafted deck at the time he winner in Oakland. Now Watch Mississippi State who who heard of Mississippi state disrespect for Mike Leach. Sec Program for next year you know I it was you know it was like and I was like damn this guy real good I wash to Lsu. And I was like man. Hey Hey the real deal. I didn't even think that you know that was even thought of Jonathan Him. That was the crazy part about it and When he came I was like yeah. I can just tell you. Could just tell he he his chest highs here. Hi You know He. He's not trying to be something he's not asshole. He is a person and I think that's what I loved about him. And you know. And when you like that guy's going to naturally follow him Blah odor to him but my yeah I can. I can follow behind that guy on see. That's that's interesting because you were there for of course a lot of your career injury issues with Tony Romo. So they're always backup quarterback stepping in and and having to do things. Kyle Orton and Brandon. Weeden mad cow. So he played with all those guys and and not to try and put them down at all. That's not the comparison. But how was it different that year when DAX stepped in Y Y? Was the energy different that yours compared to other guys when they tried to step in other than just the talent. Whoa I think because of I think him. I think that can Zeke had that natural connection already. I think that played a part too. You know and It was a lot of new guys and you know and they knew Dak also and I think that had a lot to do with it too so you know at the time. What work you had to. You had to stay with it. And that's in towards Rommel 'cause Romo. He was excellent in his way back has excellent his way. Either way would work. So you know and we'll go wrong now and I will. I am just curious because this is the raging debate on social media right now so Kevin Sherrington from the Dallas Morning News had pulled Brad. Sham Babe Wassenberg Gillibrand and said. Give me your top five cowboys. Quarterbacks of all time all of them I believe put Dacca ahead of Tony and so now it's become this kind of raging debate of you know who who whose legacy is is becoming stronger. Obviously a lot of its projection with Jack. Because he saw early so if somebody was going to say. Does we need you to weigh in here on on to one trauma. I I. I'm I'm GonNa give you my underpants and I'm GONNA GO YEAR FOR YEAR. So yeah if you you really can't do you really can't compare it because that can't play as long as Tony go year for year. Yeah you have to say that look has done to my bad but no you're good to wada two out of three years. He's been to the playoffs. Yeah you know and you just gotTa give that you know you look at his win win lose ratio you know. He's one way more games than loss. You don't have some the president of the doctrines Prescott an unofficial all right. I've got to ask you this. Then since Bobby touched on it you got yourself into sort of contentious contract negotiations with the Jones family and I can't imagine that they're the easiest to go against. Because you've got the public sentiments. It is the cowboys. Were talking about it ad. Nauseam people are now saying. Prescott is greedy. Why not worry about your teammates? You GotTa Get Amari Paid Byron Jones. You know you've got all these free agents describe what it was like going through your contract negotiation. How you shut out. Everybody granted you at ROC nation. Negoti which helps. He's got todd France Shit out did shut it. That's a question you know. It was tough. It was tough because you spent all these years with the cowboys. And I'm like man. You know what's the whole up on my. They know what I'm about you know in hearing all these things that you know I didn't hear before it kind of bothered me a little bit. Now I'm not realizing or this is. This is the business you know in. You know my message to Dak is you know like just block out. All the other stuff is going to get done is going to get done. And don't worry you are the guy you know. You GotTa know that. I most years the guy who I win replace him. I'm just being honest I'm being I'm GONNA replace him. You know it's it's it's one of those things that you don't WanNa mess up. He got the potential to bring you several super bowls just because he that's a guy and you know like I said In operate at you know Mr Jones the whole entire Jones family understand that Know that he's a that's what you want. That's what you want. Lead a franchise Is it's not every day you go and pull up on a DA- press guy is not every day you first round sick around that stuff. Don't meet nut don't get caught up in that. He got something that can be coach. You know I'm not. I'm not just smoke and look demarcus. Lawrence in Zeke. How contentious those things got and they both got paid. You got paid. People are GonNa get planned. It'll get done now. I know you we've sat here and you and you've talked a lot and made reference to it and you've padded rob on the shoulder and said this guy right here next year. Just in general. I GUESS EXPAND. On What Rob's coaching is meant to you the last year and a half and in general what? Because I mean it's one of those things where you always hear when you talk about a veteran or what makes a veteran good one of the lines football players always have is. He's seen a lot of football football. So you've seen a lot of football but it seems like you've learned a lot even coming rob as a guy who's seen what I have. I've learned a lot of learn. I say this about culture up I'm not saying it's because you hear out and say this away from when he wasn't around me I really Li- put a whole different perspective on the game for me like just just basically like just repetition package to to the small things things that I wouldn't even think about. I he really. He's a big reason of the fire that I got. He's a big reason. He brought my companies back. And I'll tell you know we talk around and you know we last humble left fighter here. I say look I win. It's comeback player of the year. You'RE GONNA be right there. I told you right I mean because I just feel off. I feel like you know out of being let it go. If it wasn't for him I just shoot straight. You know I'm excited. I hit the what time we're going. You know. It used to be the other way around the other way around. Right Ed. I'm I'm excited. I'm excited to listen to him like he's not. He knows exactly what he's talking about like I say you know he's Arou- Guru so he he's everything you know. Whenever I get on the team for is game. He has to be there. I if that type of field type of op he. He made me wanting a big reason for me being this way. And you know it's Thinking back to something I know earlier. You're talking about teammates in the locker room chemistry. And you're seeing kind of romanticizing it a little bit We all saw that viral clip from the all or nothing. Were you in Jordan. Lewis Kinda went head-to-head little contentious. But I know you guys look back fondly on it when it was. Is that what you miss? Most about the game juice the first time in Jordan went in. I can imagine we all we've heard your Jordan was rookie by and could go. Coach seating there There's a lot of coaches to sit there and I remember I had I had beat him on Beat them on a slot fate and get ready to run another play. I forgot who I want to say was. Barney stepped in front of me Jordan. Move Far Away and he was like Nah. I won't him instantly fell in love with. Did I actually fellow with because I was like basketball we need. This is what we miss in on the defensive Saudi ball and I used to always still always step on the type of short need to play. I don't know why Jordan are playing by the practice stuff they don't bother me we're GonNa get into their practice. We're GONNA fight in practice but I know when game. Tom Comes Sunday a shit. Yeah you know it's that type of the war with I quote award brings you closer you know I it. Was those things still to this day. I'll talk to draw from there. I forgot this little silly. That was going through right around the corner from here. Some of the guys go there talking to let them know how product when they played Chicago. Bears and ain't exception it. He Eh got on the sideline. I was like. They should have been planning. I'm sitting on my couch on my age. Should have been planning you know because this type of guided us on this scooping score against the giants you know he just had that knack for the ball in the NFC against the saints to seal the game by just gravitate to those kind of players. I can recall like it is only a few players that I do that with Georgio Ballplayer I lo- ballplayers you know your dog for the game. I gotTa tell you it's hard listening to you. Talk About Your Passion for the game because I sat down Tony Romo Super Bowl. And he's just as passionate and I think about DeMarco Murray when I talked to him how to not see you guys Jason. Witten throw him in there to not be able to get something done. How hard is it for you to do these workouts? A block away from the star to be this close to Jerry and Steven and not go knock on their office to not go to the stadium and go to these games. Mike McCarthy said it. I thought very interestingly when he took away from football and he said I needed football. We need it. Football talking about his family. Does that resonate with you? Of course of course exactly right now at this point in oil one point in time like I said you need just need that time to sit back and reflect I. You don't know what you're missing too is gone. You know what I'm at N me. Being thirty one. People WANTED TO BE A. That's old man. This guy's still doing it in the league. Thirty two thirty three thirty four plan wired super and you know a my man. I'm not you know I'm I'm right there. You know deal in between a little bit you know like if I was thirty. Three of some Adrian Peterson playing one of the toughest position early. Thirty five or lower. Look at Richard Sherman comeback having an all pro year in his thirties often achilles. So and I'll tell you. This is one thing that I learned to focus on to. You know how it is with negative stuff. That's going to get the most highlight. That's going to get the most shining bright Albert. What I've learned to do is just Ama- stay focused on his positive? I do do do. Do you really like it's like God talking to look at all of these thousands of thousands of positive comments. He's just going to point out that one negative and let that make you feel some type away now. We're going to scratch that. These people believe you me so you know what I'm GonNa believe me just as much as they believe you me and I'm GonNa keep on rocket so that's the attitude I love. That does does thank you so much for sitting down with us. I know it's been a while. I always feel like when we can sit down. Sometimes I feel like people can sort of see that side of you that doesn't always get projected. Social media isn't always our friends but I think the people that do know you to your point earlier. They know what you're about having been your friend in coverage you. I've seen a change in you so I want this for you. I hope this works out for you and We'll keep following your workouts and I know you're anxious to see where you end up appreciate it. D- Rob Giant. You the man. We always appreciate you allowing us into your workouts. You keep cranking out some of these boys in the League pay man. He's NFL job to out away selfish. Because he do that. Actually that will get you on a route that will get you on the roster then Robs Calvin thanks guys for your patients and of course for the fact that you guys subscribe and care about what we're doing around here. We promised to deliver more fire content as it was the cowboys. Twenty four free agents that Dot Contract Amari Cooper Vira Jones. Jason Witten Sean Lee To talk about in the off season we'll have plenty of stuff. 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