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Welcome to Spain. And fits the podcast it Spain advance on ESPN radio, the espionage and Sirius XM channel eighty sarahspain with you as always Jordan cornet is back again for this fry your show presented by progressive insurance. And we got some games to get to tonight. But I gotta talk about last night's Sweet Sixteen slate, and I'm glad that Jordan's back because we're gonna call this segment. Jordan. Explain your subject pegged it last night. Right. No, no. You weren't quite right on all. Let's take a little trip in the time machine back to Wednesday night. When Jordan was giving us all the goods on one of his favorites to go to the final four. Michigan. Michigan is as balanced on both sides of the basketball as you're going to see in his turnament. They've got a lot of weapons they're incredibly athletic. They do not make mistakes because they're coached by one of the grades in Giambi line Xavier Simpson at the point guard position. Dissect even the most intensive defenses and makes plays as a playmaker. Their ability to make shots how stout. They are defensively and how they don't make mistakes and give the ball away. They'll be unfazed by this defense. I got Michigan your own explain yourself. It was coded you missed what I was saying with the break down there. I got this one role. I was stunned and I was not looking forward to being held accountable and Friday like, I know Sarah, Spain would hold me. Look, I under- rated R downplayed I didn't underrate I knew Texas Tech defensively with stout. I knew how difficult is team was I didn't think they'd be able to score at the level. They did you know I under sold Jared Culver as being a top four three four pick in this NBA draft that I'd say he could have moved past potentially RJ Barrett. That's how good I think he is not just off this one game. But when you really watch he had twenty two points in this game. But let's talk about Michigan because I think I called them shot makers. And that's where the mistake would be made. Because clearly this Texas Tech defense was disruptive. Michigan was on their heels offense the entire game of three point line. The great equalizer in the game, not kind to Michigan. They made sixteen field goals. Thirty two percent and made one three point basket on nineteen attempts in mop-up time. I think they say you make one hundred percent of the shots. You don't take true? Michigan almost missed shots. One hundred percent of the shots. You don't even. Michigan missed one hundred percent of the shots that they took from three only making what look I looked at Xavier Simpson. I thought he'd be the calming force the point guard for the wolverines a guy who averages nearly seven assists per game was shook this defense. The perimeter was suffocating had him playing back away from the basket. Couldn't find those penetrating lanes. He had one assist. And if I only look at that Statoil, you the rest of the story because he sets the table for his guys the only guy on Michigan's team who seemed comfortable against his defense was the freshman Iggy brains aches, he had mild success to them a lot of shots to get to seventeen points while most of those dead calm went to the game is kinda out of hand. Tariq Owens is a guy that if I'm a GM at the next level. I'm looking at is the offense of game is so so, but as a rim protector, a great leaper who can change ins. There's a home for him at the next level. This Texas Tech team as a final four feel to them. There's no other way around it. I've never seen Michigan. Look this bad your Michigan fan. You didn't even expect this. And I know you had a rooting interest in that team. Yeah. I did tell you though that I was not nearly as confident in Michigan as you were. And I did not have them in my final four in any of my eleven teen brackets that was a consistent move. And all of my brackets was that. I I didn't like the way I saw Michigan give up big leads to MSU and some important games during the regular season. And so I just I didn't see it. I of course, did not see this happening forty four points. This game was tied six six nine minutes in and you knew what was going to be one of those that comes down to these are eighteen to twenty two year olds. And when the eighteen to twenty two year olds shots are going in like they weren't for Michigan your little less interested in defending. You're not as energetic on that side. You're not calling out screens like your customer. You're not switching with the what the fervor that you typically do when you're banging down shots. The lackluster performance the fruitless efforts time and time again on the offense of side. It was a domino effect defensively in Texas Tech. Look, it wasn't a great offensive night for them by any means only. Made six threes shot a very average forty-three percent from the field to little bit above average. But it was a blow out you get sixty three points at a tournament game. I don't expect that to be a twenty point win. But that's how good that defense was. And we know the old adage defense wins championships get into that later because I want to ask you if you if you had the chance of taking Texas Tech d versus Gonzaga offense, which unit do you want? But I want to continue with this segment which once again is Jordan, explain yourself. It's sarahspain Jordan cornet Spain and Fitz on ESPN radio. Let's hear what you thought about that Purdue Tennessee matchup here. He is Carson Edwards is a flat out star this team of spreads out the shoot the three fundamentally sound they capture their box outs. They're opportunistic in the open floor. They could operate in the half court. They can win games in the sixties. They could turn around win games in the eighties. It's a versatile squad. I think it's one of map painters best that he's ever had there. That's why I think they could be making a final four run. Yeah. You're welcome, sir. You get off my back now. If they weren't playing a team like, Tennessee. Oh, that's a shame. That is a shame. Dr by voice, there wasn't going on had it Aniela. You talk too much you end up. Get yourself in trouble. I should've just laid out theirself right out of that pick. That's what they always tell me. Jordan, less is more. Put a truly been more that look I told you I produce good. I told you why Purdue was going to be there. This game was over those Sarah. Hello Monte, turn enough out onto three I would have been prophetic. In everything I said, how good Purdue is how great Carson Edwards is produce ability to win in the sixties the eighties. Heck the nineties how this map painters. Best team ever. I didn't expect Ryan Klein to go off for guy who averages twelve game more than double his average. He was lights out, but Tennessee did just enough except over zealous on. What was a foul? I don't care what anybody says Carson Edwards was found on a three what I continue to watch over and over again with that sequence is how Carson didn't stand put his feet his heels on on the line to be out of bounce, right? He was on his toes. Now. Here's the thing. Did you think it was about? I thought I actually agree with what I heard Jay Bilas, San Stephen a Smith show today, which was if you put thirty rests in a room, and you told them it was called the foul. They would all explain why if you put thirty other f- syndrome, you told them it wasn't called. It was a no call. They would explain why it's one of those who could have gone either way. But I think you have to leave him. Mm to land. That's the rare was no room to land. So it doesn't matter. Whether it's the first minute of the game or the last second of the game you call the call correctly. Which is what they did. I got no argument there. It's just unfortunate. Because look a lot say Turner did not impact the three point shot. Carson Edwards was going to miss that off balance. Conference or not it's not going to happen. So what else say is if the calls not made I'm not going to sit there and mourn with Purdue fans at say they were robbed because Carson had words was out. What I would say was he got a clean look. He's one of the best players in the countries. And all American he missed the shot. And that's what it comes down to that. You make that three win the game. However by the letter of the law Turner him well, and it's tough to feel too bad for Tennessee because you had an overtime. And I thought they'd be fine and time because how they were able to re they should have been there. They got beaten this game. And then they turned it around cut into that eighteen point deficit, and when you do enough to get there, even though you can't close it in regulation. I still felt like Tennessee's back. They got back into this thing. Don't win it and extra five and that didn't happen. Yeah. And I wonder if there is any sort of mental component to believing. It had the game won realizing whether or not they believe that was the correct call maybe just frustration in in a poor choice on that play at that sending them. Into the overtime dejected because I believe produce scored eight of the first eleven points or something in the extra session. Just started. You knew it was over. Look, you're like what was it? A heptathlete is as Iraq nailed it. So you're the most truest of athletes. You're in. So you all sports, but you also played basketball one time you're like there is nothing to me. That's more pressing in terms of having. Ice innovations right, then to miss the first free of arson Edwards, dead and everybody. You saw us the CUDA waste was mom. I said, oh, no. This is going to be one of those moments. They'll never live down and then to make the next two free throws. You know, what I should have thought that point? That's the turning point actually when I played high school basketball the other girl on my team who we shared MVP honors. She was she she went onto playing college. Her dad made a video recapping the season for everybody. And you think oh that's nice only the highlights he elected to show a game in which I made one of two free throws and the other one if I had made it would've tied they gave insensitive to overtime, and he put in the background. It takes two to make a thing. Go right. Wow. End of the year highlight can we get a legend? I mean or worse. How about just some highlights takes for joke. Hey, if it's a little. The senior you weren't motivating for next year. So you're still old enough to get this like seventh grade high school, but we need that inter interrupting our series of highlights was just me I've been cursed by this song ever said haunting me you. Appreciate it can be someone's dad. His radio's presented by progressive insurance. Mauvaise I'm getting PTSD small business protection for more than vehicles with specialized coverages to protect against financial loss. More progressive commercial dot com. Sarahspain in Jordan cornet Spain and Fitz Jordan had to explain himself for Wednesday's picks next. We'll give him a chance to redeem himself picking tonight. It's Spain in bits ESPN radio and the SPN. We don't want Jordan to shut up. He is an expert on these things you can't get them. All in fact, nobody gets them all even that neuroscientist or neuro psychologist or wherever that guy was who had the perfect bracket is no longer Paducah Purdue broke his bracket role. So real quick very quickly. There was a girl. Well, that parents also had a perfect bracket that I saw local news did a coverage of put it was handwritten. And the mom's like, I promise she wrote it before. What's her name? Becky. Yeah. Exactly. Promise. This was home also gave a hundred dollars and a coupon to bed bath and beyond to the news station to get it covered. So I mean, I sorry. I mean, I'm not saying, I know for sure that the girl didn't have it. Right. But you gotta put it on the computer. No one's buying the promise. She wrote this out before more buffets given. Employees to scratch marks here. Got worn had it all nailed it. Jordan cornet filling in for fits with Sarah Spain, all of our guests appear via the shell Pennzoil performance line. And that audio was on the Westwood One NCW radio network as the Sweet Sixteen continues tonight. We're going to give Jordan a chance to redeem himself with a couple more games. Let's start with the number three LSU still without their coach. Will Wade some thought that that would have a greater effect on them? And yet they seem to be powering through facing up against a team that many think has a deep run 'em in Michigan state. How do you see this one game? Look LSU's playing phenomenal basketball right now. LSU squeaked by a couple of games in this moment, but yet still survived and that's allowed for advancement. I look at this game. I looked at the point guard position in this cash us Winston who I love her stray waters who wins that battle will be very interesting. This was going to be about the paint. LSU's a team that does not do a lot of damage from the three point line. They get at the rim. The only team that does it better scoring at the rim as Duke LSU's ability to finish around the rim challenge. Michigan state's front. Line. Second chance opportunities who's gonna win the backboard Michigan state at times, which you would think is never a problem for them. But has been allowing second chance opportunities LSU feasts on offensive rebounds. So there's a little checks and balances here when LSU blitzes the offensive glass that could lead to transition opportunities for caches Winston and Michigan state. So the balance of offense of rebounds transition points for Michigan state how that ebbs and flows throughout this game. But ultimately, look at the matchup of Nick ward and is rebound low. I look at trae waters and caches Winston who best wombs there. And in terms of finishing in the pink is both teams do it. Well, who wins those battles all that being said? A part of me wants to say LSU wins this game. I know we're recording. This. I'm going to go with Michigan state because I believe the best player on floors. Caches Winston the last time. Michigan state won a national championship was nineteen years ago. And their point guard was a very very special and on that team. And this guy is just like him. Mac leaves right there, by the way for those. I love you hedged, your bets by saying I wanna pick LSU, but I'm going that way. No matter what part of that. We play you can say, I mean, I had it. I had it Cuarto educate you kick anything. Reality dummy, the lawyer on around the horn today do come from a family of lawyers. Yeah, you're not going to get one past me. Let's let's stick in that region for the later game Virginia Tech at the number one seed and do this is a game. A lot of people are pointing to a previous meeting to massive stars were out for that one. I think it's really hard to use that previous game as any kind of indication of what happens tonight to massive stars because everyone talks about Zion Williamson play that game. But let's not forget, Justin Robinson, the heart and soul of Virginia. Tech was to out Zeile Williams returned even bigger batter better just the Robinson's not necessarily the same player. But he gives us Virginia Tech team a ton. Everybody says the blueprints been laid out. Thanks to UCF of how to beat Duke. Okay. Can convey taco fall just transferred? 'cause we gotta go into Blacksburg all week. They allowed for a rare mid tournament transfer. Yeah. So as you hear there from there's no seven foot, six guy on Virginia Tech. Conversely, it's the extreme opposite side their biggest guys six ten and carry blacks year after that everybody goes about six five six four six three six two an on doubt. So in that front. Everybody says the blueprint is a have a rim protector like taco fault. They do not possess challenge. Trae Jones, George gold wire to be shooters for Duke, heck, all of them, really. But by all accounts, protect the rip Virginia Tech does to that. Very well, so it's gotta be an all out blitz. Offense away from Duke to get to the rim and finish there. But what Virginia Tech has at UCF did not have and UCF was able to do some damage from three point line? Thanks reductions Virginia Tech is blessed with shooters permanent shooter's at every position on the floor. All five guys three point threats. They space you out, and they'll challenge the defense Duquense take a risk at a passing lane that could go the other way and be a three point shot with an open. Look Virginia Tech. Would be magnificent from three point line. They got hit double figure threes. And they've got to do what they can at the rim. I think Kerry black here gonna get foul trouble. I think Duke wins this one by double figures. I agree with you. I don't feel as much concern as many do because I think it's a completely different game. Was I in back in and with something to prove from that last time sarahspain Jordan cornet Spain and Fitz on ESPN radio ESPN app and Sirius XM channel eighty breaking down. Tonight's games. Let's move over to the mid west region. The first game a six thirty central seven thirty eastern start Auburn at North Carolina. A fascinating match up of two teams that wanna ratio Jared. Harper Bryce Brown or three point wizards for this Auburn team they live and die by the three point shot. It's what carries this team if they get hot there, though, hang around in this one Auburn, I don't think has the firepower to keep up with this North Carolina offense, North Carolina is a blur in the open floor off makes they go and most especially off MRs go. Watch Kobe white tonight watch how he plays for this team another guy, I don't know necessarily if he's going to be a great pro. But I know in the college game he has been phenomenal. This is the guy that makes them go of Zion. Williamson doesn't play in the ACC college basketball for that matter. This guy's the headliner the kids all the attention, the garners all the headlines highlights I love how he plays. But my focus gonna be on Kenny Williams defensively the guard for North Carolina how he can guard and limit guys like Bryce Brown like a Jared Harper. Kenny defend the three point line take that away. Run them off make them drivers. As you look at this. When the seer little is he healthy enough to give them the lift that he's given them in the first two games averaging better nineteen points per game. We'll have to see there. But all in all I just think when you've got the level of talent the North Carolina has it simply Trump's when Auburn brings it's the back court with Auburn. It's five six seven eight guys with North Carolina. And for that reason, I go tar heels. So you mentioned that they both like to play a fast pace so night. There's going to try to slow the other one down. But auburn. Does it differently with the three whereas North Carolina tries to get you in the paint. And North Carolina is out rebounding. Other teams by twenty-five in the tournament up. So if Auburn can keep up on the glass that gives them a chance it Carolina sweeps them on the glass, and then they can get those transition points that you talked about that's going to be thirty minutes. It might be close. But those last ten right should go. Carolina's Auburn on the other hand, though, they have turned over their opponent one out of every four possessions in the tournament, which is huge. So if they can get those deals, and they can give them self possession via that versus the revenge. We look at Kobe white is he gonna play like freshmen or is gonna play like Kobe white. I think it will be the ladder. And for that reason. I think Carolina rolls. All right. Our last game. We'll make this one quick. This is my upset. Actually. I don't I don't think it's going to happen. But I said today around the horn if anybody is is looking over their shoulder the most in this one it's Kentucky at Houston. Houston picks you up at the three point line. They pack it in. This is a team that's leading the nation in field goal percentage. Three point percentage defense, they aren't super big. But they're they're long, and they have a lot of muscle down there. Beautiful basketball team to watch Armani. Br. Is a score on his team at the wing position. Corey davis. One of the best two way players in league Robinson sets the pace. I love at backward. Those three guys that I just mentioned they've got servicemen down low her very good led by Fabian, white. They do everything right? They can play fast. It can operate in the half court. They can rebound. They can defend for Kentucky who's PJ Washington going to be a PJ Washington place. It gives them that Goto basket down. Low slows down a defense gives you guaranteed offense allows Kelvin Johnson to be that wing special player and allows everybody else to play off of him guys. Like Tyler hero to bring bang down. The three point shot PJ Washington plays at high level Kentucky wins this PJ Washington. Plays managed minutes and isn't much of a factor. I give it to Houston. I think PJ Washington will play minimum minutes or not be as much of an impact guy for that reason. I think Houston is gonna win this game. I got it on tape. Jordan's that scheduled to begin anytime soon, but we're gonna have them call what we're gonna make him for team himself or answer for himself. ESPN MBA report him leak Andrews is gonna join us next on Spain and Fitz. Phyllis in on Janas. It to compose injury. And how the bucks are going to handle the rest of the regular season. It's next ESPN radio in the SPN Yana Santa Toco goes out with an ankle injury. And leaves a lot of questions for this, Milwaukee Bucks. Team already plagued by injuries with six or eight games left in the regular season. And a first place seat on the line and the health of a superstar in the postseason on the line as well it Spain and fits sarahspain Jordan cornet filling in for Fitz on ESPN radio ESPN app and Sirius XM channel eighty we are presented by progressive insurance. Let's head out to the shell Pennzoil performance line where Melinda Andrews ESPN NBA report reporter covering the midwest joins us Melita. I just how serious to the bucks. Think this injury is. You know, Sarah, the bucks are pretty optimistic. This is just a tweak. What it seems like last night? When I was at the game was that, you know, there's eight minutes left in the fourth quarter and Janas he went down he dunked, which she does all the time. And he was retreating to get back on defense. And he looked like he stepped on Garrett temple foot with that right foot? And he just re tweaked that ankle that he hurt about two weeks ago. He missed two games after tweaking it initially against the Sixers, then he sat out against the Lakers. He's out out against the Cavaliers, and then he came back and last night when I asked him about it. I said did you feel like you even got back to one hundred percent after that initial ankle sprain? And he said, no, you know, it usually guys this four five six games. But I love to play. I really wanted to come back. And so I'm still working on getting my strength back from that initially goal, and he sort of beneficial ankle injury. And he's sort of tweaked it a little bit in every game. Then, you know. You know on the heels of what we saw the big fella for Portland Norwich kitchen that awful gruesome injury Belika a compound leg fracture that has him out indefinitely a blazers team that's playing for something out west. How is this? Not a this is our guy. He's in the race for him VP. We know what he means to us. There's six games left. Maybe the one seat is in the most important thing. But the preservation of our guy let's without question. Sit about the rest of the regular season. Is there that thought it seems like there's no clear decision. And they're trying to play this guy even in that game. Well, because I wouldn't want to be the person who stands in between the honest and getting back onto the court. He is I mean if she can play he will play he argues with bud coach, Mike gluten holder sometimes but says, hey, I really don't think he should play tonight. Yada, says no, no good. Let me play this g he lives and breathes to get back on the basketball court, and we'll push and shove to do. So now, sometimes the medical staff have to. Weekly say, okay, honest, you need to sit down you absolutely cannot play tonight. But if there's a will there's a way for him. And so key when we ask them that question last night, we could you know, is there do you wanna be wrapped in bubble wrap that for the rest of the regular season. He said, no, I don't even wanna sit against the Atlanta Hawks again, which they team hasn't ruled out that that will not happen. But that's still being said, you honest. I mean, he just he says, you know, be you know, I want to get back out on the court. You know, I wanna play, and I just wouldn't be the person that I I wouldn't want to be a person who stands between him, and that how much do you think this is about him wanting to be a leader and proved to the guys like, hey, not proved him because he's proven plenty. But show them like on the race. Do you think that's what it is? I don't know to me. Listen, I get what Maliki sing. But if the differences, you stand in front of a guy and say, you have to sit because we need you for the postseason. I don't care how much she wants to play. I don't care I'll hungry his to play. You don't need him straying by that though. Do you think he's driven? I think he's driven by competitiveness. Probably a bit of the MVP race and not wanting to be held back. Even if it's the best thing for me. I think boondoggles and everybody else needs to stand in front of him and say we already have enough guys on the injured list. We need you to be as good as possible to make up for those guys that aren't going to be there when the plan could do you think Sarah might be honest with the MVP portion of this thought, I think you're absolutely does want to be MVP more than potentially. He lets on. It's not his style to go out and peacock about things like that. That's just not who he is that being said, though, this is a guy. Remember they had to he slept in the gym when he first thought to know on he he like he he's a little bit. There's a little bit of some some some the bolts that are shaky up there, and he just loves this so much. Absolutely. He's partly driven by the MVP rates. But also like for them. It's a win that he don't under sleeps in the gym for them is a win that on what mud calls. Lockout days Yatta is still goes to Jim. They're not supposed to be in there on lockout days when he they can actually get you honest to follow the rules and not go to the gym on those. As he builds a home gym because he couldn't get into that gym. So when he actually follows that protocol and follows those rules, they consider that a win and also used to remember that last year, Jason Kidd. I mean, he played this guy so many minutes now he's in the thirties consistently. So Jaanus he says, you know, you'll better at this time this year than I did at this time last year and part of that is just because of the miles on his body, and they are taking so much extra care to make sure that he is good to go in the playoffs. But he has been plagued with those knee and ankle injury kind of all the way through. But I mean, it's a combination of the MVP, and they want the ones that you honest bet it last night they said he said when we play at home, we are pretty unbeatable. So that is that does play a factor in all of this Maliki Andrews NBA reporter for SPN ESPN one thousand covering the mid west you can follow her at Melita underscore Andrews. Yeah. I mean, the seating right now in the east is not as important because those six seven eight teams are so tight you don't yet know which one of you ever going to. I'd be more scared of the nets than the pistons or the heat myself, but you can't decide who you wanna face in the easel state never worried about last year. But that's that's what they're they're thinking bigger, which is wanting home advantage throughout to not just in east yet. And then when you look at the final six games they have a couple with the nets a couple with the hawks. They've got a tough tough to in the thunder and the Sixers how competitive do you think they could be over? The course of those games. They only need to win to right because they've got a four game lead in six games left. Correct. They number two. And if the raptors lose one of those and they only need to win one so quiet out in the bowl. So you know, who knows what happened there? But yeah, I mean this they should their end of season schedule. They have three games on the road, three games at home. So they should be able to pull out that one seat, especially if Chris Middleton is criminal played amazing last night. But that kind of got over overlooked because Jaanus went down with that injury. So if she could be kind of clicking on all of those Bill Anders the way he was they might not eat us to secure up that one of air blood. So can play the way he did against Houston. They may not need to walk up that one, but they all kind of feed off of Janas energy and play better with he's on the court. I wouldn't be surprised to see them go, you know, four and two five and one this last stretch. I mean, they are really on a roll they already formidable team, and we will then see if that translates to the playoffs because they don't have a ton of playoff experience, collectively. And so can this kind of regular season run translate there? And will they get some of these guys back, Nicole Amirah Tich, Malcolm brogden, those sorts of guys will they come back and be able to make an impact in the way that they did before they went out. Awesome stuff Melita enjoy enjoy Milwaukee and have some beers for us and. Good stuff as always, absolutely. Thank you Sarah Maliki Andrews on the shell Pennzoil performance line. Coming up we've seen collegiate players transfer schools, but we've never seen an entire band change schools. Will explain it next Spain and Fitz on ESPN radio and the espionage, you may or may not recognize this as the Ohio State fight song. And you may or may not have recognized the Ohio State pep band wearing Colgate gear for Colgate. March madness basketball game it's made in bed. Sarahspain Jordan cornet filling in for Fitz on ESPN radio and ESPN app. And this story was my FaceTime on around the horn today 'cause I found myself unreasonably, irate, perhaps it was because I was an AllState clarinetist. Also, the plot thickens forever a band. Geek. So that I want stand up for band members, perhaps loyalty school spirit and doing right by people that have done right by you is important to me loyalty, I say and Kyle road house of the Colgate pep band posted and started the conversation around the Colgate athletic department, hiring members of the Ohio State pep band to wear Colgate gear and perform at the highest level for this Colgate team in a moment that should have been for the Colgate pep band members who just like the basketball team work all year long toward a goal of this. Thrilling and exciting possibility of performing at the national level during March madness, the number of reasons that were given for why the Atlantic department decided to forsake its own band favor of a bunch of frauds included that there weren't enough people because there's only twenty but there's only allowed to be twenty nine. Nine. So if they brought their own pep band. They would have been close to the limit or they could have just hired an additional nine member more of Ohio State versus they were even at times looking at getting a high school band instead of bringing their own collegiate band, then they claimed well, they weren't always at every game to which that's fair the pep band director said it was often attributable to poor weather conditions that pose damage to instruments, and he expressed frustration that the athletic concern over attendance was never communicated to them. I think that there's a point in. Why weren't they every game? But we don't know the specifics or how many games they missed. And if that was bothering them something should have been said before merely ignoring and by the way, they were not given an offer to attend. They were not even told about this. In fact, the Ohio State members who played in their stead. We're told that Colgate doesn't have a band. Which is real rushing is exactly. Does it get worse? It does get worse. Then the justification was potentially that it was about the cost as it turns out, the NC double A provides funding for bands cheer teams and mascots to attend instead of using the money for its intended purposes, the athletic department, instead excluded the pep band and opted to hire a local band even asking that high school band. So to me the natural question too is, but wait when Colgate played Tennessee, they played them closely, by the way, I saw Colgate cheerleaders there. Those were no house feature leaders. They spent the money to send in the cheerleaders. Why this is the pep band that bad their attendance that they didn't want. That's what they send them by bringing them is the pep band bad. Right. They're trying to hide. Here's the thing. Keep it simple. Play the heads. I'm sure they can play the fights off shrinkage of shot that can pace loopy or whatever you gotta play. Right. They can play you know, some sort of beyond say turned marching band pep song. It's insulting to them to have a pep band. And then not let them play at the highest level. And to add insult to injury. The social media team posted to Instagram. One more time for the greatest fans in the world. With a photo of members of the fake Ohio State band wearing core goal goal gate gear. And then when the Colgate people started commenting, they kept deleting the comments and this guy from the band said at least eleven calmer. Over two hours were all deleted almost as soon as he could post it. And then eventually they took the whole post down. And then the official Colgate athletics Twitter account tweeted to the Ohio State band thanking them for being quote, nearly the winning edge, sir. I'm gonna warn you might be falling on the sword for public enemy number one up there and call gates campus. Clearly this band is not like, clearly, they're not loyal. Clearly, there's some group that can't believe you're taking the side this many layers of coal gates so against the ban when they'd come out and say the cheerleaders. They were loyal. They were there from start to finish. You know, what they're going to join it on a celebration span. Shaming sounds like your breath rank it's banned shaming. I think it's your standard band. Geeks not being appreciated talented. And guess what? Those are going to be Rockstars L observed they're going to get some serious from across and they're going to be successful popular. Sex. Getting superstars. The awkward age. I'll tell you what I'll tell you. What this one time fan Kim. Okay. Let's go there. Yeah. No, no. I'm good. I'm good. Honestly, this story made me really sad. Whenever the reasons are to end, listen, if you're not going to bring them, then you say before this happens. Unfortunately, we don't think your attendance or the level of your quality of play is up to the standard of performance at the national level. We are going to bring in a different band told me don't just have them turn on the TV and see a bunch of frauds. We're in their stuff to me. The worst thing about it is is this is much like Colgate soon. The same thing Bradley did. And what I mean by that Bradley bears were another team and been at a tournament ages. Colgate hasn't been there at twenty three years since the Donald foil days, both these programs both both both the Bradley bears and his Colgate basketball team should be celebrating the fact that they're in a place. They traditionally don't arrive at playing in the big dance. So including the band, so. Cloak fraternity Bradley had the issue with their head coach Brian Warno did not want their writer who covered the team for twenty nine years. I was massive it mutate because he didn't promote the brand eight Bradley. Hey, colgate. Stay in your lane. Celebrate this huge win. Don't try and be bigger than you are neither of you have a brand so bring the band allow the writer in and celebrate your dancing because you know, what it's going to last for a day, and it's going to be over. Yeah. Because you know, it's sad Wesley Roberts. Who's on the Ohio State band tweeted? Colgate doesn't have a basketball band to send out. So they asked the Ohio State ban to help out. It was a great game cited. This is the enthusiasm that was meant for the band members of Colgate. What you stay sarahspain. She's with you. Hey, you know, what never goes out of style. Besides playing an instrument surprising, a friend or loved one with buy one. Get one free multicolored rose bouquets for twenty nine ninety nine from one eight hundred flowers dot com to order, go to one eight hundred flowers dot com slash ESPN. Spain in bits, Jordan cornet Fillon in for fits. And we all know this year was a disaster for LeBron the Lakers, but. How and why did it all go wrong? Dave mcmanamon is gonna join us next to break it down on Spain and Fitz.

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