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#B85 (beef Wellington to beestings)


Hello were nerds. Welcome to another episode of the podcast called the dictionary. How're you doing? I hope you are doing wonderfully. They've got nothing to say. Except the first word is beef. Wellington beef and then the second word is Wellington with a capital B. This is a noun from nineteen thirty. A fillet of beef. Or is it a fill it? I've heard both I think it depends on the spelling. This is F. I L. L. E. T. but I'm going to say a fillet of beef covered with pay day Foie gras and baked in a casing of pastry. And this is probably from the name. Willington will whose name Wellington is at first name. Last name was there. Somebody named Wellington who made this thing and then somehow they got this named after them. I want something named after me next. We have beef would all one word Noun from eighteen o five one the hard heavy reddish would of any of various chiefly Australian trees number two. We have these synonym Australian. Pine next is be. It is an adjective from seventeen. Forty three one a heavily and powerfully built as in a beefy thug. One be synonyms are substantial and sturdy as in beefy shock absorbers number two To a of or suggesting beef as in a beefy flavor to be full of beef as in a beefy steak next we have Beehive Noun from the fourteenth century. One we just have the number one definition for the word hive number to something resembling a hive for bees as to a a scene of crowded activity. Well you don't find many of those these days if you are listening to this during our quarantine time in two thousand twenty you could also be listening to this fifteen years in the future after I finished this whole thing. In which case welcome to the past. How's the future weird? Probably cool to be a woman's Hairdo that is conical in shape. Beehive is also an adjective next. We have beehive oven two words Noun from eighteen. Seventy two and arched oven used especially for baking food and formerly for coking coal. Not Cooking cocaine with one. Oh next is be keeper known from Seventeen. Eighty three person who raises? Bees and beekeeping is a noun next is B. Line one word and it is the I form. It is a noun from eighteen thirty a straight direct course and this is from the belief that Nectar Laden bees return to their hives in a direct line. That's pretty interesting I like I like seeing etymology. That is so specific that whether or not it's true I don't know but you'd think it would be. You'd think that A. B. Would want to make as direct align as possible back to its hive if it's got nectar it wants to get it back to the HIVE Queen and for the babies for food and all that all right now we have the second form of Beeline. It is a an inch transitive. Verb from eighteen eighty two to go quickly in a straight direct course next is B. Elza Bob so the pronunciation the spelling don't totally make sense to me. Although it does look like one of the correct pronunciation is bells a bob or bills above which makes more sense. It is capital B. E. L. Z. E. B. You be so you could say B. L. Shabib AB- or bells above it is a noun from before the twelfth century number. One we just have these synonym devil number. Two a fallen angel in Milton's Paradise lost ranking next to Satan. So they're not the same person they're different people okay. This is from be Elza. Bub which is the prince looking at the etymology. Now the Prince of devils from the Latin word I guess Burrell's above from the Greek word Burrell's a Boob B o u from the Hebrew bar. I'll zebra hub. Oh do I want to spell it? Okay be a apostrophe a L. Next Word Z. E. B. H. U. B. H. And that is a Philistine. God literally Lord of the flies Interesting next we have been B. E. N. it is it is the past participle of the word. B. B. E. next is beep. It is the I form. It is a verb from one thousand nine hundred thirty six to cause as horn to sound and the in transitive definition says olders two of them number one to sound a horn and number two to make a beep and I love the road. Runner goes made me sort of not a beep but it still beep next. We have the second form of beep. It is a noun from nineteen forty three. A short usually high pitched sound as from a horn or an electronic device that serves as a signal or warning next is beeper all you young kids today. Probably don't know to beeper is its a noun from nineteen seventy and they synonym is pager. Well does that help not particularly unless we go to the word the word pager. But we're not GONNA do that today but specifically one that beeps oh a specifically a pager that beeps next. We have the word beer. Many people's favourite word ever probably maybe it is a noun from before the twelfth century. It is an old word number one. An alcoholic beverage usually made from malted cereal grain as barley flavoured with hops any brewed by slow fermentation. I'm not a big beer fan. I like the sweeter things as I think mentioned before but I especially don't like hops. It's the bitterness is the thing that does not sit well with my taste. Buds and my brain number two a carbonated non alcoholic or a fermented slightly alcoholic beverage with flavoring from roots or other plant parts as in Beer. No Birch Beer. I mixed up the words and then I think related to that would be root beer which I love. Because it's sweet. Now we have number three fermented mash and number four a drink of beer so this is middle. English from the word bear or beer with only one e from the old English. Be Your which is b. e. r. and it is akin to the old. High German Beer B. I. O. R. Which means beer next is a fun one beer and skittles. It is three separate words just like it sounds Noun from eighteen fifty-five a situation agreeable ease as in won't be all beer and skittles. It does not tell me but I really really really want to look at the etymology of this because beer and skittles don't typically go together in my brain so I want to know why that happened. How did this become a thing a phrase beer and skittles but I might have to start using that next? Is Beer belly? Two Words Noun from eighteen twenty nine we have the synonym pot belly and then beer bellied with a hyphen. Is An adjective? Next is beer goggles. Two words now from nineteen eighty-seven the effects of alcohol thought of metaphorically as a pair of goggles that alter a person's perceptions especially by making other others appear more attractive than they actually are. I think many many people have fun fun stories of having beer goggles. And not being fully aware of what's going on next is beer pong noun from nineteen seventy-two a game in which a set of beer containing cups is placed at two ends of a table and in which a player scores by bouncing or tossing a ping pong ball into an opponent's cup from which the opponent then has to drink a beer. I love that. There is a very standard sterile definition of beer pong which is all about just getting drunk wasted in a very fun way. I I mentioned. I'm not a beer fan but I played beer pong. I was willing to drink a little bit. Just because I love games I'd Love Ping Pong and the idea of just trying to throw a ping pong ball into a cup is just a fun challenge And so I have played that once or twice and I thought I had something else but I don't know I also think it's funny that this has become such a normal thing not only. Is it in the dictionary? But there's there are APPA games for beer pong and it's it's just become a very big thing around America and probably the world too. It's not this thing that only college kids play all right next. We have beer e adjective from seventeen sixty four and. I just think it's funny that there are extra forms beer and Berry Est. That beer is beer beer even though that beer is pretty berry but that beer over there. It's the bureau August number one affected or caused by beer as in berry voices number two smelling or tasting of beer as in Berry Tavern. Next we have bee's knees B. E. Apostrophe S. second word knees Noun from one thousand nine hundred eighty one a highly admired person or thing and a synonym is. Cat's meow something that. Is You know if you if you were not using those phrases back in the day or if you're not familiar with them having that synonym isn't really going to help you. But that's what they are a highly admired person or thing and last for this episode and this might know it does not go onto the next page. It is be sting's B. E. S. T. I N. G. S. and it looks like it could also be spelled with a b a okay. This is a noun from before the twelfth century and it says the colostrum especially of a cow. So it's not be sting's it's bee stings interesting and this is reminded me of the we came across this word the one with the BA spelling. And I said Oh it looks and sounds like be stings. But it's not but then I said it was And I can't find it that's okay. The etymology says this is from bee sting. B. E. S. t. y. n. g. e. from old English by Sting B. Y. And then the word sting from be oast which means beatings akin to the old high German. Be oast which is bee stings. What is the colostrum of cow or especially of a cow? I don't know we'll get to that in the seas so my favorite word from this episode has got to be beer and skittles. Which again is a situation of agreeable es thank you very much for listening Maybe I should tell you another podcast. I'm listening to just because I like giving them more exposure if it's something that people haven't heard and I don't remember where I left off so I'm going to just say star talk radio with Neil degrasse Tyson. Go listen go learn something. This has been Spencer dispensing information into your brain. Thank you and goodbye.

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