The Great Gildersleeve 50-10-04 (376) Community Chest Football Game - Leroy


Oh. Boy Well. He's across the street Birdie. Was Mr Bullard little niece? Brenda still. Wait a minute. Guilty it home. He's GonNa have something about that. He sure is tonight. In the fifth of a new fall in areas of Wednesday, evening broadcasts the Kraft Foods Company presents Willard Waterman as the Great Gildersleeve. From. The Great Gildersleeve his rob you. foods company makers of Parque Margarine, and all those other wonderful graft quality foods. The big reason millions preferred parque margarine to any other spread is that it tastes so good, and it tastes so good because it's always so fresh, but there are other reasons as well for instance. If you live in a state where colored margarine is sold, there's the convenience and extra protection of Yellow Park as new flavors saver package. Yes, each golden quarter pound is individually wrapped in a new flavor saver aluminum. Aluminum foil so easy to handle already colored ready to serve all the freshness and flavor are sealed in staleness in odors sealed out elsewhere you get that same superb parque flavor and freshness in the handy, colored quick bag or regular parque package, so find out for yourself. Why so many prefer this superb margarine to any other? Ask Grocer for P. A. R. A. Y. Parque Margarine made by Graf. Get some tomorrow. Well. The Great Gildersleeve has just been appointed chairman of the summerfield community chest dryer. The first thing he did about the drive was to drive home until his little family about it. Oh! I'm so proud of you. A little proud of myself. They sure picked a good man. Guilty. Why did they pick you wanted? Why did they select you ahead? The community chest. Because! I've got the biggest chess in the community. On he a, you plan to the campaign. I'm in charge. I was a kid football game. Saturday afternoon. We've got the best junior teams in the city a wonderful idea. Yeah, we expect make a lot of money for the community chest. GonNa play Lira with those feet. Four keeper years. He's hopefully right would be a football player. Helping do much, Leroy, I'll never be an athlete again. Run. Ten is tripping over his own shoestrings now on key Leroy tries by the way. Where is the boy? He's across the street and Miss Bullet. Put little. Need a grandma. You can see him here from the window sitting on Mr. Bullard staffs. Aren't they cute? Cute? Who what away for a boy to spend his time? Look at him hanging. GIGGLE. Little brand issue would, Leroy should be practicing football when she plotted them. Big People Bet him all he does is giggle nobody. Here this afternoon eating doughnuts and she was probably them people that do to hold. All Leroy did with gigabyte now over the. I'm aware of. That little girl Birdie. That's all he. Go, get laughing boy and bring him home to dinner. Really. I. Think you just marvelous. Told me I've been sitting by. Anybody is important as you are. Well I just never to. Yeah! You're my hero. I didn't hear you I know. Kilometers Gildersleeve. Render. Standing there well I wasn't eavesdropping. I just came over to Leroy. Time pedantic! Gildersleeve. Awry during me Leroy dreaming. My Hero. Glad you like it. Isn't a hero pod going a little too far. Watch so far about that. Need every word of it Mr Gillislee I've been sworn since. He told me he's playing in the game tomorrow. Fine I'll come along right Leroy playing the game tomorrow. Yes, Dreamy. Little Leroy King. You didn't tell me my. Gosh. The cost just told me this afternoon. Playing quarterback quarterback. Brain Leroy I'm proud of you. Yeah, you're just a boy to run the team. You're a natural born back, yeah? Alleroi. You the only one outfit quarterback. I'd beat our Clyde. Cooper I had the brains and Loughran. Let's be sure about the. Very! Throw on another state. We've got a football player in the family. Oxmoor potatoes and Gravy me Roy sure. Is the Raisin bread again? My boy eat a lot of it raises I've I N football player needs at one more day who? Make Room on your plate. Leroy Brady game another glass of milk, please. Question over me I can't see over my plate now, but you surprise the so didn't Hunky. New headed anymore all the time. Yes, we just didn't know where was. Let a day go to. See The stands now rally at a dollar ahead for the community chest, and Leroy runs out on the field. Yeah and Brandon waving to in from the sideline. If you win, the toss to receive the kickoff. Possession of the ball is very important. The other living at the hands on original dazzle them to death. Boy. Wait to tell pd in the jolly boys you by the way Limra. What formation are you using the tea or the single wingback? Back. Then everybody else goes out for a pass. Wait for you with a hard road, not at the table Leroy. REPET- leave. Me I just a decoy. Get Ready. I'm open, we're. In the grading. All over me. Look what you've done. Leroy! Uncle more told you not to play at the table well. I guess I. Go up to my room her, of course, not my boy. It was all my fault. Scoop it up or get the gravy. fine passer in a wonderful holy cow. When you're an athlete, you can get by with this. Good money either. I do for you this morning. If you can give me a dollar. Again if the community chest football game tomorrow. Actually me the dollar I'll give you read pellet just like the one I have in my hat. Explained you. I thought you'd been way the way. Speedy Nova John my heart goes where to go. Right. Where you want wandering pool or a hard. To. Stop Allah amount of brand. To chipper this morning. What happened talking to happen? This is TV left? It's morning to spend a week with her mother, but nothing happened. Well I'm happy today to Pedis. Now I'll tell you why you should miss the game. Is another customer? No catch me. Judge you're just the man I wanted to see oh. feathering your hack yield as the water commissioner dressing poultry. You very well wide. Say Yes, congratulations on being chairman of the drive gelding is act all I want from you is a dollar heading a very worthy cause as the slogan goes everybody benefits. Everybody gives you know that's true with judge. Just give bad better. Services provide the health welfare and recreational facilities. The community needs to make it a better place in which to live who Naroda talking together Korean down. What's that? Judge I'm selling tickets for the community chest football game tomorrow? One dollars I've made my pledge, but I'll take you back. I made my pledge also, but I take two tickets. I can take this matterhorn in my new girl. Great. Those are the game. I don't want anybody to miss because he's the big news fellows. Yeah the most important thing that ever happened Little Leroy is going to play in that game here. We have good for him. Just Imagine Leroy on Madrid is. Playing quarterback, we have to go out and cheer for legally say I have an idea. Instead of just sharing, let's take Johnny Boys Band out to support the team nuclear you board. As chairman of the drive and president of the Jolly Boys The boys starring on the team I call a special meeting for this evening ban. There anything for new. I quite a boy. I thought you had trouble getting out on weakness. Katya I'M A. Wild goose my heart goes. Out. Tonight? I do. I'm home. I Dream Idea. upstairs. Gives us. That big package for Birdie nobody's Lira. Oh! No more steak! They gotta go up and have a little skull price with a quarterback mind. You just can't wait for tomorrow Kanye. Wait for the next few years either some day we'll be going to college football games to watch Leroy's. Snake hips forrester. You're awfully proudly. Riot you, you bet. You do my dear. because. You're not a football player. So you later, my jury. Anything. Figuring out play. Lira. I'm a scout for the Green Bay packers. Wouldn't. Let you doing. Rowing bad medicine for the opposition. Rest again, good. By the way I bought home more steak, but you didn't hear on. Bronco can eat it along. Hungry. Gives you excited about the gate? Better Heath Oh. You got to be strong to make those touchdowns. Not GonNa make any touchdowns. The Leroy. Not WanNA play. Teasing it all that'd be right. No, I'm. Not GonNA play. Clyde Cooper. Leroy yesterday you had the job well. What happened well Gosh? I got a little co I think. Leroy you don't have a cold. He never been healthier. I sprained ankle. Right. Which one? Leroy, you're making up excuses. You have to play. I Brag all the jolly boys I mean. I told all the boys going to start. And I'm chairman of the community chest in charge of the game. What are people going to say sorry mark. I told you I can't play those one very good excuses. I want No. Tell me why I'm GONNA play. I gotTA. Look at the other team. Guys. So? That's it. Leroy. Those boys are the same age as you. Want about. Here's Miss Baker's you. Know but. You ready for dinner. Hungry. I'm not hungry either. The Great Gildersleeve returns in just a moment. It's fresh. Really fresh, always fresh. That's why it tastes so good. It's parque margarine made by kraft. Everyone knows how important it is to keep food fresh, really fresh for if even the finest food loses, freshness loses saver, and that's why so many millions of women always by Parque Margarine. They know it's the margarine. That's fresh, really fresh, always fresh. Yes, craft freshness controlled protect parque margarine. Right to your home. has made fresh from top grade. Products of American farms rushed fresh to the store and refrigerated trucks sold fresh by your grocer. Every pound parque margarine is flavor, dated and grocers. Stocks are inspected regularly by craftsmen. That's why craft can absolutely guarantee to you that no matter where you buy or when you buy parque margarine, it will be fresh grass, really fresh. Always fresh. That's P. A. R. A. Y. Parque Margarine made by kraft. Get some tomorrow. The Great Gildersleeve her that his nephew Leroy was going to play quarterback in the community chest football game. He was the happiest man in summer. But then when Leroy suddenly changed his mind, and decided not to play the great man spirits crumble. Now Evening Ning the water commissioner is heading for the meeting at the Jolly Boys Club. Johnny Boy Johnny Tuning up? Salute Leroy when he runs on the field. explained it to. Can't tell him Leroy back down. Well I. Can just tell me decided not to be an athlete. You're going to be a scholar. that. I miss. Ella Floyd. They we're all warned. Hitan. Minute, fellows, before we waste time. Chief Ain't here. Why don't I just concentrate on the drums tonight? What about the pianos in China Dragon no piano to the field tomorrow fellows breath. We shouldn't take any of the instrument sir. I'm taking my food somatic commits. Don't you think you professional? I carry a union card. Wherever Union. They. Why should we take our instruments? You. Don't have to do this for Leroy WanNa. Do It commanche. Proud of the kid. And you must be to commission is. Shall we show our old friend? What we've got for literally Roy Moses Judge Wow. We were GONNA. Save it in percent official after the game. You know what the heck's that out. Vegetables, together thing. Loving, Cup. With a football player Goldfield. That's what makes it Yellow Ryan, openness. prelacy shouldn't have done. Believe. Re being grabbing. Let me see. The commission's choking up. Let me read it. To Leroy Forrester for quarterback in the community chest football game. Nice Floyd. We does that. Tell them about you'll be in Chester chairman, but the engraving was getting pretty expensive. Well. Let's practice our number for me. What can I say to them on commission? We've picked on Wisconsin because that's the dairy state and Leroy's big cheese I. I'm ready with my flute. In Driving You want to pass the trombone. Commission I can't even get a lip. You never played better. Off. Gang, just pretend. Roy Taken the field one. Too. Founded Likely Leroy ran through old instruments. I suggest that the drama and trombone take the opening passage then pb and I will come in with violin. follows. Let's call the whole thing off. We'll get better. Pick up where we left off. It read we leave long and we go. One two. Gentleman! mean the jolly boys brought Leroy a trophy. And then grave loving cup. Goldfield! How could I tell them? Leroy backed out poor ocoee. No wonder you couldn't sleep last night. I'm through talking to the boy. Was Let that Skinny Little Clyde coupon. Take place quarterback. That's up to him. Franklin I tried to talk to him, but he just shrugged and walked away. Where did you go away when Bernie? Poor little bar went up in his treehouse. It at Paulo blowing. was doing up in his treehouse he sitton. He won't talk to nobody. Paulo Board. Birdie don't feel sorry for Lee Right. I'm not. He brought this on himself. I don't care whether he plays or not name Pinot. Brenda wren where she she just stand cross the street flooding in is, but he did not finish treehouse. ADDS. Little. Brennan, it'll be as disciplined and Leroy is the rest of. Say there's an idea. Is Anybody can make a man play ball a woman. The! Why didn't I think this before? He's up in his hospital. You have to get him to play in that game this afternoon. died. He doesn't play after all what they're to look or. You'd better call. It's me Brenda. What are you want? I want you to come down and talk to me I don't want to. John Brennan. Laurent by? If you play today, I'll come and cheer for you. You're my hero. FEEL IT MR Roy forced. Brenda Lira. It's a lost cause. ADM is almost. Here, the commission out. Lay Not as late as I liked. Congratulations Miss Cam. Huge you. You should be very happy. Very Happy Commission I checked the Scott, lineup and Leroy naming. It isn't well, Floyd. If, Leroy doesn't appear. I refuse to play into. It's hard to hear violin. Roy with him. What happened? Excuse me. I think some is waving my attention down below. I'm chairman no I. Don't see anybody waving letter follows. Roy in the game way go to by the not variety, Floyd. Get away from the jolly boys. Somehow, I can't believe Leroy's afraid to play. Never been afraid of anything, before. He's always wanted to play football. Saddam here high. Five me, is this seat taken on also now? You're just in time for the kickoff. Say Aren't you Mr Gildersleeve? Champion of the community grab. Me Great outfit the community chest. You want somebody to tell people, but the chess does has me I'll tell him well good. See that boy running out on the field number twenty two. That's my son. Two years ago, he couldn't walk look at them now. Community tested that. Playing this game is the biggest moment of my boys life. This is his chance to show everybody that he's well again that he's come back. That's wonderful. Rave little fellow. He almost didn't get the play today. That would have been terrible. The coach told me about another boy was ahead of him, and it looked like Clyde wasn't going to get in the game. By and the other boy found out. How important was decline the play, so he stepped out to get Clyde the chance. The boy's name was Leroy. Forrester did a great thing. Liro Non. League There's the kickoff. Speaking of all Gildersleeve. The Great Gildersleeve. We'll be right back. When you buy margarine, get the margarine the tastes so good because it's fresh, really fresh, always fresh yet. Parque margarine made by kraft in states where the law permits, get yellow parkway and its new aluminum foil flavor saver rap elsewhere. Get Park in the handy color, quick bag or regular package in any state in any package. Is the margarine tastes so good because it's always fresh, get a R K Y parque margarine made by crafts. Pardon me. Excuse me Madam. Kevin grew. Lady Watch that umbrella. Lira? Lira I'm over here. Oh fine game. We took in twenty three hundred dollars for the community chest was a big success. Yeah, and island I wanted to say I'm proud of you. Mighty proud of you, Mike. Wasn't even in the game. Why here's Leroy? Gail Day we've been talking to Clyde Cooper's father. Yeah, if you ask me. Leroy deserve more nine eleven cup. Have a metal I agree they hear all about football game should always be carried from the stadium on somebody shoulders. I'm going to carry Leroy. Mind the heck. You are carrying Leroy on Mike. No joke minute of it just a minute. This is up to lear on. Whose shoulders you WANNA ride on my boy. That boy. Underside fellers we're coming through. By Willard Waterman the show is written by Paul West John. Elliott and Andy White with music by Robert Armbruster and put it in the cast or Walter Lady Mary. Lee Robb Lillian Randolph Arthur Q. Bryan Barbara Whiting Earl Ross enriching the grand. This is John Huston saying good night for the kraft? Foods company makers of the famous line of quality products, the shortlist and next Wednesday and every Wednesday for the further adventures of the Great Gildersleeve. Here's a quick pleasant way to make leftovers more delicious. Just add little craft prepared mustard, and you let a lot of tank hidden flavors and boiled ham sausage, most any meat pop right out every bite tastes better. Now, you can get two kinds of craft. Munster Salad mustard delicately spiced for those who prefer a milder flavor and craft mustard with snappy horseradish added. have both kinds in your pen free? Then with every meet the hot or cold, just add a little mustard, and you had a lot of Tang craft prepared mustard. For a half hour of spine, tingling excitement listen next Sunday afternoon to the Falcons over this station. Check Your newspaper for Time of Broadcast and union when the Falcons solves the case of the. Knife! Next Groucho Marx makes his debut three times being attacked.

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