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The Bethpage Blackout with Jimmy Walker


Oh, look at Boston all the time. And look at this stuff that they they probably some of it's like absolutely stupid. But some of the section quite Quentin. Amusing and stuff like that is what we need to get people to the game of gold. Nice to be your boys. Congratulations on your doing. Mediocre as it is at the Laci issue. Very much thinking about getting. So I had surgery. If that people together, thank you, John. Hey, greg. I just don't my wedding like. Younger hip or barstools four Tigers head the three back surgeries. He's had one fusion we welcome in from barstool sports rigs and Trent guys welcome to the show four players barstools sports. It's the whole squad. We are back. We've got a very special show because we got Jimmy Walker PJ champion PJ championship champion Zeh PJ championship champion. Yes. Champion of the PGA championship. He was the champion of the PGA championship. He's on this very show. Really cool guy. We got the chat with him for a while. We had some good story. An unbelievable Tiger Woods story. Unbelievable. So that's coming up later in the show. We got to relive our entire weekend. If you follow it all on social media stuff. We are out of Bethpage rid a hell of a weekend out of Bethpage Black getting ready to host the PGA championship coming up in just a couple of weeks. So we've gotta talk all about that all about our night before about our around about everything spring. Off we like to talk about spring off because they are the best. I spring off last night. Got myself a nice little twilight deal before game of thrones. Oh, so goddamn anxious. I was like cleaning our -partment the hell out of here. Played a little golf supreme goff's twenty seven bucks or something like that for little twilight nine holes for two good. Thank you to spring off. You can go to spring off dot com slash barstool. And I believe they're doing of the religious give people out dollars, which let's got it better than not having thousand dollars think we need to tell them. It's not a great business. Great business model just hanging out dollars people. But for the user, I mean, get it while you can't we're gonna have to hit him up big just giving out money my career, in fact account now, I'm also on unlike I have a little ups and downs with the supreme golf because they like to throw a lot of shade of meal. Nothing like realizes that day chirp, Beulah chirp the shit outta me on Twitter because of the knives the knives everything like I think once they threw in like an island is like you hate to see that like like, they're just always they're always in my mentioned there in the mix that's a quick Walter and there and I love their logo every time. I see the logo. It's like that orange and blue Frankie almost under shave that beard. All right here, we go. They have become an you. I mean, they don't come at anything that usually say to me. So he's how's it of? Yeah. Like way to go where exe- great chip rigs even for us. It's like night, Frankie like understand that you like screamed out, but you should never play the game of golf again. And maybe just use the app to book defense or other people. They like memes who all day. Yeah. Like spring golf memes. Frank. I've only got a couple of nice re tweets would like flames coming out, and they got me. Okay. I appreciate them. Also rigs apartment looks great. I got back last night late. Now, I'll tell you what even the mail was organized little the letters were organized by name on the kitchen counter. Lows like insane. You've got the battle winter fell coming up, and you wake up at fucking nine AM. And yet twelve hours still damn thing starts, what are you supposed to do is raining outside? So I had to cancel my plans to play golf didn't turn into a nice afternoon. So I'm a couple eight plans of spring golf, but I did I clean. I got the disinfectant little white things out. Oh, man. I was like wiping down counters and sinks cleaner farming. I had nothing else to do. I need to clean my room. Unbelievable. Last night at like midnight. And I was shocked at how beautiful place was I ran I ran a little laundry. I ran a load, dishwasher and stuff takes seven hours. It was unbelievable took been still going. Laundry. It's the slowest thing in the world. Just picked up at all. It's just the same pace. Break it in a little bit nothing same pace than I thought. I fixed the wrinkle game, but the wrinkles are way back in their back with a vengeance. It's like they thought that they were being fixed. And then it like broke itself again. And now a little creature in there that just at the end just. Just kind of looks just. Like, it's perfectly. And then there's a monster. I. Roles. It's the wrinkle monster, I mean, he lives in our. It's insane. For that. We will. So look, we'll tweet out a picture of this pair of pants that. Lurch ads on the couch? So I took these things out going to do I'm telling you. I took these things out throw my own load. And I mean, it looked like somebody took a waffle iron to his bat is bands. Oh, man. These. This morning. And I I was amazed at how many wrinkles look like like an artist almost took an iron, my pants and just created as many seems as possible triple digit different wrinkles than that. Off the charges. About how bad this. I got to say we could not have less of an endorsement for two and one washer dryer goes by not abiding. We have to get an iron, and it's gonna be train wreck. But anyways, I did clean today. You know, my stuff came out pretty pretty wrinkled shirt looks okay. Now, you gotta we gotta get. Yeah. Take him out a little bit wet like hanging around the apartment, which is not very big to begin with. So then the whole apartment is just close. It's anyways, it's a whole deal, but I played golf yesterday spring Gough. It was fantastic. Speaking of golf, we were out at Bethpage this past weekend, very cool event. If you didn't catch any of it, what happened was this past weekend was the last time that Bethpage Black is open to the public before. A major championship comes to town people up. If you're not familiar with the Bethpage situation, Bethpage Black. It's obviously a public course. I've got five courses at Bethpage state park. The black is this tip top one AWT. Hass course, unbelievable golf course built in like nineteen thirty early nineteen thirties. I believe has hosted a couple of major championships including a couple of US Open's. It's awesome. It's like seventy five bucks on the weekend for. For New York residents. It's like one hundred fifty if you're a resident which is legitimately nothing. It's a joke. So people do is they have a walkup line. It's actually a car line where you pull in. It's like I come basically, I serve you pull in like the day before people start pulling in they get in line. And then if you're one of the top, you know, however, many cars, you get a spot the next morning people sleep in their cars, okay of crazy stuff. Well, what do I decided to do? And they asked us to come be a part of it. Come hang out with them complete off in the morning. Come mix it up with people that they were going to kind of surprise foot. Joy was like we're going to show up. We're going to build a goddamn party scene, basically. Yeah. And we are going to surprise all those people that think they're sleeping in their cars. And we're going to let them hang out under a tent with a fricken. What do you call airstream? Yes. With an airstream trailer with a bar. They had like a bar. They had like golf cornhole going on. It was a scene. And so we will come be a part of that. We. We did we got videos coming out from that. But they just grabbed all these people who were in line of guy. Michael breed. Was there a lot to talk about Michael Breen all national with Michael Breen? Boy, there's to do was just surprise all these people go over to their cars back instead of just sitting in your car alone. Like, a loner why don't you come over here and drink and hang out with all of us. It was awesome. It was just an absolute blast. I do wanna say little bit unfortunate. It was pouring rain never seen a rain harder in my Lai argue that was a month soon monsoon whose insanity, but they they prepared. They were prepared. They put a tent over the whole thing. And it was all good all covered by foot. Drives absolute tremendous never seen that much ten action. And as a festive as it was tent was crazy. But I at some point where it's like, oh, we're I'll drink one hundred good time. We're kind of ignoring it. And then adventures Irish, I've talked about you just fucking pouring outside. All rivers running under the tent because obviously rains around the tent and the amount of rain. But was coming across was unbelievable. It was shocking. I mean, it was a shocking amount of rain. We went to is on the way out there. Hey love and I stopped at Borelli's. I did notice this new tradition that people seem to be doing Bradley's. Okay. Frasier. Right. Which is I guess when they go in there. It's going viral when they go in there, they grab a butter knife. And they take a picture with either your father or abruptly sign something of that. There's the sign it's you walk in. And it's right to the left as a little bench there too perfect for a couple of people what you're doing. You're trying to make this into thing. No. Where does he does? I already said that becomes the thing. I will remove every single night from that God damn restaurant and good luck, cutting your veal scalloping. You can't have a fucking restaurant Frank and not have not. So watch us. You cannot why butter to become Borelli's auto shop. Imagine the people that have no idea because this is probably a very few amount of golfers. I understand the joke that also ended up going to browse. But select the majority of people ended up going there like that just want knives. And like when we have to explain to them. No, it's like this whole joke that like this like, you know, the owner's son just can't hit a wedge. And everyone says it's a butter knife. And then now we have to remove the butter knives. Are you're gonna give them chopsticks for talking to tell you restaurant. And of course, my dad is taking pictures at them like he should he should not accept those pictures. He should walk away for son who's struggling with something up until he met. Michael breed. That's a little teasers. Michael breed is an unbelievable savant with a golf club in his hand. And the way he can explain things to help. You is something that I've never really seen before. It's like a it's like talking to like Dumbledore or something. It's like he's just as so much knowledge a little more energy than Dumbledore. No. He's a second Dumbledore. Oh, yeah. The first one was a little bit of a snooze fest. Second sorry guy was bringing it a little bit more Gandalf. I do like how canned off decided to be like, no I'm going to be my own Dumbledore instead of just trying. He really brought the difference. I mean, I used to fall asleep. When like people would come to his office in the second double doors, grabbing Harry Potter's face like shaking it like who. What are you doing are like holy fats? Michael breed. Oh, yeah. Give you didn't know about the Dumbledore switch, and what happened there, and the, you know, they'll look at it. You would see that second one. And you'd be like this is an impostor who the fuck stumbled. What's called sprung it on us? But this is Harry Potter. We're not gonna get into that. Because it's the Gulf podcast talking about. What are we going to talk about it? Well, I've read the books NC, and it's very it's great great great story tense, really dark later, but anyways, great food, great food Abril. What have we had? Well, I'm on the stupid diet again. What's diet just been back on a diet? Really? Yeah. You say it's vague diet. What it what does it consist Carson system, which is tough you walking in Italian restaurant. And you're not even carve you wouldn't break even for Borelli. Now, you can't do it. Because when I break buddy breaks it breaks. And then I'm eating everything in sight. It's fair. That four servings of meat at joy event told me to meet dot and join you before about servants. Really good meat, Frankie. I bet you can guess what? I had raviolis lobster. I get it every time. And then what I do. So Mr. belly brings us out. You know, his brings out a couple little pies for the boys like to nibble ATI Bryant's mozzarell-. What's Elliott Mattel, which was quite delicious brings out that like garlic bread? Oh, yes. Stuff. You know what I do is? I reserve a couple of those eat my lobster ravioli dip it in the us. I do a dip situation. Oh, my goodness cleanups. The best part of the meal is the best part. I even wait. I give it like five minutes between the conclusion of the ravioli, and then the commencing of the bread into the viola sauce, and it's just off gel, man. And I'm so hungry right now. Oh god. You get just a hint of that lobster still kicking around in there. Oh, it was all I wish I could join you guys. But I had prior engagements. You did. Yeah. How'd that go didn't go great? We'll just get into this real quick. What's not? We're not gonna talk about hockey. But I still am sitting here with this. Unbelievably bad facial hair. So it's an elephant in the room. And we have to talk about it the honors our own two or announce series. They're getting absolutely. I I don't know what the word would be skull fucked by you know, the hockey gods. Yeah. I would say the guy I say, they're they look they look pretty good. It's rate hockey. They just can't put the puck in the net chaplains yesterday five posts, which I've never seen before two of which we celebrated as like a stadium. I mean, the players all jumped over the boars. And then there's like no it's actually not a goal. It's tough. It's tough to watch tough to be a part of. I went to a game. I miss Borelli's. I missed a little bit of the foot joy experience. But I had to be there for my team. And I know you guys could handle it. And you did. And I just I just had a really bad night. And that's it. I I wish I was there your dad was there with you. Right. Yes. He left eyebrow. Experience. You know that was actually about what we were gonna do a photograph with your father. Thank God, we like at the end of the meal, we're going to do the butter knife photo viral sensation they're doing. And then he forgot that he left to go. Join you at the game. So that's why we did where if you walked into brothers, and it's right directly on your left. And if you were to sit right in there with a knife, even if. Umbrellas put out a basket of knives. Butternut something my dad could see a happening because it's become such a craze. But that's that's what happens you into actually made a comment to them. Like, how did you let this happen? And he's like what I said. Well, you know, they're like taking pictures over the all over the restaurant and butter nights. Like, I didn't see it actually started laughing. So in his defense. He had left at that. Yeah. Yeah. He had no idea. Even we didn't even think you're think of your dad ever leaving the restaurant, even as he was saying goodbye, I didn't even think about like we know now. Yeah. Oh, yeah. He lives. Like, what are we thought? What's really sixties pictures like, well, he just left? He doesn't leave this place. No. So we had we had to improvise. He opens the doors and closes them every day. That's insane. Waved goodbye never crossed my mind that he was not once we we legit. We just gave a token. Like, you're saying, okay, pal. We'll huggy our way out in an hour. And now he was actually time came and then once he left I mean, we were we were running wild at the place where we're taking photos everywhere that was just the best one. Well, I will say it's become such a thing. Like there were we to groups are still vs that were in there. Like, we came. We drove all way down for mass. We had to come to Borelli's should have all diamonds. Crazy. Yeah. I think by just the barstool like universes has made brothers a destination place the way these guys said it to me it was like they legit drove down just to go to browse around. Go back to. Here. It was. So we talked about in the card Brearley's is partially HQ Long Island. There's stuff everywhere. Yup. My dad's wearing it nonstop. There's there's all right Frankie, sweaters bar. There's a barstool flag. There's a islanders barstool even doctor the little chalk sign even is like one of our sponsors. And then has like barstool welcomes you'd at Burrell. Because we had that sponsor we did a show there with my dad just won't take it down. Like, you're not sponsoring and you're not presenting anyone anymore. Like, this is you're just a restaurant. Now, you're not like you're not a place for a radio show. He's like, well, they gave it to me. So keep it up. Yeah. Keep it you try and take that thing. So we we arrive about beige black. It's pouring rain. I gotta say we got around four four thirty something like that. There were cars that it arrived at noon. That's crazy. That is crazy kid who said he arrived at noon. He's like my buddies won't be here till midnight. But I got here at Nunes really wanted to get a spot, and I am off worth to hanging in my car like what? So people are that dedicated to get out on the black. Now, I will say, it's awesome. I don't play them because the black is one of the greatest golf courses on the planet. It is by far the best deal in Gulf. I've said that before I'll say it has to be it's got to be the best deal in the world of golf. It's also got a weekday of watch people. We're talking to us because a bunch of long islanders who are kind of in line who jumped into the cool foot joy hang out tent, which was one of the core things I've ever seen in there. Like, yeah, I'm born and raised out here on weekday. As after work. I come out at like three o'clock when the sun's up till eight eight thirty whenever I can play for sixty five bucks. I can walk onto the black as a single for sixty five bucks. That is why this whole this whole scenario to me just seems like excessive in crazy because I've lived down the block from it my whole life, and I've done that like, you know, when I was caddying. I'd like I do a loop at like eleven o'clock. I'd get out at two thirty three. And then I just drive over to the black and plunged walk on like it was just like, hey, what I wanna play wanna play the best blue the red or the oh the blackout of ti-time at like three forty five. Let me just do that six five. It's crazy to grow up. But now, but now it's like the older you get in the more that you see like people actually travel here, and they make this destination. Golf course. It's it's a, you know, one of those top one hundred I have to play it if I'm going to play all these golf courses type type place, and I mean people literally stay there a day or two early or two in advance. There are bunch of people in line who had driven down from Boston grease. I guess. I was a little bit surprised at first, and then kind of the more I thought about it. I do genius fucking move. Like if you're in the Boston area, there's really nothing even close as an equivalent men and even me being from midwest from Saint Louis like there's nothing even close to an equivalent of the black which is any week any weekend when you've got free. If you want it bad enough, you can get on a major championship golf course that has a major every like decade, and it's always in major form always form was outright. And we are going to get to this round. But the greens. I've never seen him like that at the black after they were so pure, they were moving the place was popping and anybody who's out here listening in the tristate area knows every golf course in the area. Every public course in the area. The grains are punched right now. I haven't played non-punched grains, and like a month and a half. It's just an we haven't had warm days and a ton of sunlight, we've had a lot of rain which pretty good. So. None of the none of the punch greens of if he so everywhere we've been playing has been putting on punch corinn's Furling. And then we get out to the black, and it was just an incredible condition. But to go back to that like I said like being from Saint Louis we never had an opportunity to play. What is I would consider like a top ten or twenty golf course in America? Right. And we never attended even cost our minds that we would ever get to do that at any point in our lives. We'll like we'll shell out for like the hundred dollar course, down the street, maybe or or thirty minutes away. Maybe once a year. We'll be do refunding. We got a little bit extra cash. We got a couple couple of extra tips at the valet this week. Like, let's do it remake are one trip down. There's this course called tapa WinCo into the Saint Louis area would go down to the head like three nines, and they had this hilarious commercial on TV. They're ready to go tapa wing. With all the like, drove footage, gone electric. We go play down. And it was it was an incredible shape. And it was like thirty five minutes away, and it costs like one hundred bucks for us that was expensive as it got the Saint Louis area that was cool that is like a fucking joke. That course, it'd be too if bat pages of ten and that was the coolest thing we could do most places in the country. You just don't have that. So to tie it all up it made so much sense to me at these people. Yes. Like a four hour drive down from Boston. Of course, we came down. I was like dude fuck yet. You should. And then they got the hang out party with us folks were rocking new gloves right now, new golf gloves. They're called biotic clubs in. Are unlike any other gloves that are tried before develop a hand specialist patented pad system what it does it strategically evens out the natural peaks and valleys of your hand to allow for a more secure lighter grip on your club. It's the only the only point of contact point you have at the club. So why just rocks some generic glove thing? Oh, no, no, no bubonic, you can be by honor in the violent glove. Just feels like it's perfect. Tely custom fit. Fear hint. Can you imagine starting a glove company? I mean like all right. How are we going to make this thing different? And then you have a meeting you're like sitting in a in an office, and all of a sudden a hand specialists like walks in I picture it like in a movie scene where like they're all in conference room. And they see a hand specialist. They're all inside the conference room and outside the glass is like this man walking with like a couple of briefcase cases air is the hand specialists. He walks in puts those two briefcases on the fucking tale opens it up, and like there's just all the information as to how he's gonna make this glove. Incredible. That's exactly what I think. When it here hands specialist designed the by onic love agreed promo code Viva VIV, a is going to get you twenty percent off all golf products. That's code. Viva twenty percent off you get free shipping on all orders, releasing a brand new glove redid release a new glove on April. First with a sleek new design. It's relaxed grip. Two point. Oh, we love it. Go follow these guys at by on gloves on Instagram Twitter. Facebook go to their website by gloves dot com. Again, code Viva gets you twenty percents off all golf products. These gloves are phenomenal Friday night turned into a scene. I mean, an absolute seen we're drinking up a storm breeder with all of his energy that maniac amrried telling stories, but I love getting into deep conversations with every person. I saw him into a conversation. He had him tied up to some contraption by the end of it working on their takeaway that fucking downswing. They're putting stroke. He was all over the place, and we're kind of chart, but I'm like this that next thing, you know. Okay. We t- off in the morning. Michael breeze fault. Slow would also like to say the he was up late. And then the first voice I heard in the morning. He woke me up. He was like a rooster energy in the morning. He will rooster. Unbelievable. Now. The first voice heard my alarm clock. That morning was Michael breed. Reading someone at the foot choice. I'm not even kidding. I one hundred percent was in the same boat. Yeah. I heard him before I heard lurch. Yeah. Because we did the glancing tents then. True gleaming. And just Michael breed was my alarm clock that I wouldn't have it any other way. Tent in my boxers getting dressed he came in the hell's going on in here. You ready for this break came it open. I fucking is man. Also rigs woke up we slept right next to each other. And these little lovely airbeds. Mine was little so could honestly there was just so much rain at the tents. Couldn't even stop it. Like there was water coming through the ten and there was nothing. You could do look perfect no holes. But somehow the water was just pouring into greatest ten in the world can hold the that fell that and so I was trying to get comfortable all night. We had a big night on all the time. We went to bed, but it was late and call it to let's call it to for the sake of we're up by the bonfire. Oh, it was lovely little things with the holes. The fire pit here. It's unbelievable adventures of all time tough to explain, but it's a firepit. And basically what it does is there's holes on the top, and it sucks down the heat. And then the flames come back out the top through holes. Now, that's a horrible description of it. But I'll tell you what it's lovely. I'll tell you watching this thing work, Frankie, they're telling maybe because we appreciate faces like one in the morning, you could have explained anything to me. I would have been like, whoa. What they're like the firepit has these all these holes. It's like a ring of holes just under the top of the rim. And they were like, yeah. These holes affect the physics in the fire and the smoke. So that it sucks technically the heat down. And then like, basically recycles at out in the holes. Do all this stuff to essentially like facilitate a hotter firepit. So that the fire continues to burn with like more rage throughout the night and housing these fucking holes do all that. That's what you're telling me. So it's a ring afire. Sure. I know you're trying to keep. Swinging amiss trying to keep your heart. So you say the word just. You say the word just ring the post. That's mean, Paul is hip opposed. Anybody who can explain and maybe this'll be like what's up doc for firepit anybody who can explain science behind that better because I was just tremend- blown away. And then I had like four different people, you know, bunch of these stories a bunch of people that were in line everybody had a theory or everybody's like, no, no. I know how it works. Let me to your exotic. I'm not buying that. So I would like to know more about how it works. But it was amazing. It's beautiful the way the fire. It kind of goes in and out of these little holes, Frankie. Yes, you have to check it out the faucet of heat out there. So many ways your up we roll over the first hear the black. Now the way it was work. It was foot joint because they had done such a cool thing had gotten like the first fourteen times. So we're able to snag one of those first four t times before all the public to go out. Now everybody that's sleeps over their car when you're not sleeping car till like eight at night. And like you pop up shoes at sun goes up as soon as that rooster. Michael breeds starts. Holland. You pop up. And your everybody around that. I he is above us talking to her forty fifty people around that. I right behind us was made. It was also terrifying. There was amazingly tariff. Really, really scary. The grandstands are up. Everybody's hanging. We wa- we waltz over there around seven thirty. Okay. You're gonna go around with about seven forty five or eight. Everyone's coming up to you think you're going to do that. I heart starting to go right now. I'm not even kidding. Just thinking about that scenario before what happened watching you prior to the first day was unbelievable. I was so new hunched over, and then you're like taking a deep breath is all time. I don't even remember I think I blacked out. I don't the the seven to eight to twenty minutes before we teed off. I don't remember a single thing that happened Trent at one and he's like he's like have forty people behind us. And if you were to tell me that I could pay five hundred two thousand dollars right now to not tee off on this. I yeah, I would do it. Well, I mean what we forgot to address. We're going to talk about that in the tenth to chip off. Oh, oh, I did forget about that. With the my moment when Jimmy Walker put up a look there will be a video coming out. Oh, no. That will contain the contents of what happened under the tents. What happened under the watchful eye of Mr. w tilling house at Bethpage Black all that good stuff. We can of course, allude to some of it essentially Jimmy Walker who's a great, dude. And you're going to hear him in a few minutes on the show who's a great dude orchestrated chipping contest underneath the tent in the tent the tent was rock narrow like fifty people in the ten everybody's booze it up, and he said, whoever whoever you know, chips it in I gets to they win the smoker. Right and big contact people going crazy. And anytime, you kinda get ready together for a contest, we're gonna go hooting and hollering, and we all got to take shots at it. And we'll just say that trend's was the most interesting. Yeah. It was good. We can pause there. They can see in the video a little precursor pause. I wanted to say so the result of what happened was left my confidence at an all time low. It was it had to be. Well, let's just say I've been there before I explain the situation to Frankie when I met up with them in the morning. I was like you got gotta hear this. I've been making fun of you. I took relics I feel bad about it. Now because you won't believe what happened to me last night. Those who are listening. We'll see in the video. It's tough people that saw this driven contest on social and the internet were demanding Frankie burly appearance says very a lot of people are saying it was convenient that use super convenient. I saw this -ocial media. So the wedges come out. I saw that little fucking contraption. Like that thing is horrified. Because like I mean, I can't even head off grassy think I'm gonna head off a board going downwards. Like, I mean that thing was saying. I'm with you, brother. I mean, come on, man. I mean, what happened at trend could happen to the best of us. And it has happened to the best of us tapping to me from what I heard I don't know specifically if it's happened as bad to me, and that's pretty bad. What happened to Trent was was pretty harmful to hurt. It was really bad. So his confidence was low. And now we fast forward to the morning beautiful beautiful Saturday morning. Not a cloud in the skies about what fifty degrees. Something of that nature. Windy is hell unbelievably windy pride twenty five mile an hour sustained wind today just throughout the entire day. But you're on that first two year excited, but you starts to form in our heads. Like, wait a second. All these people were standing now, there's probably a fifteen foot elevation behind the first tee. And then they're all off to the side of these grants, you're surrounded by grants to ends. And then like just to the side of it. There's like what thirty forty people to standing there all with their phones out. All Chirpin all like, go butter knows. We got this. Every single person said butter. You're gonna shank. This one's like thank you, man. I didn't really get this. I didn't get to take one practice with my driver because the fricken the driving range like we obviously weren't on the pro driving range and the driver engines being protected by this huge netting because all the I guess all the production trucks are on the public driving range right now. So it's like you're stepping up their ice cold ice cold ice cold, no idea where you're you're the balls on. You've got forty to fifty people behind you. I mean, the first the first all at the black even if there's no behind you is one of the most intimidating first shots of all time. You potentially miss that fairway a dream when everything's going your way the rest so tight you still might miss. I'm just not the type of golfer that can handle the stress and all that stuff. Like, I I can barely get the ball off the ground. When it's just my head is I'm the type of guy when I go out golfing with three other buddies. I'm like shaking, I'm nervous just the three buddies those guys that land fighter jets on aircraft carriers couldn't land a plane on that fairly. So tight is the tightest fairway on the planet. I don't know if you can fit to wheels on I don't. Thank you could know. And so, you know, all around circle. Michael breed plays the first hole with us. And we have this is a separate video that we're going to have come out of four play. And Michael breed against the first whole Bethpage Black with the crowd all that. We played a whole whole out we feel everybody shot. So everybody's going to see how that whole played out. But we can talk about one with down on the first t which is that we started realizing it's fucking turn to hit shit. And everybody's out there chirp and they're excited. It's good time. We shan't who's gonna hit. I well. That's what's flippity tried to have. I know you hide you. I was hoping that you're on mine rigs, but say unbeliev-, I don't even remember everybody. Grab your own quadrants though, the T points trend tries to hide behind me. A shove amount of the way treads got his chin to his chest looking down try to avoid any possible. I contact, but it's like in class where your teachers like asking a question, you have no idea the answer do. I just didn't do the rain. I did not read that chapter. Do not call. I don't even know what the books. Call just. Yeah. And as the universe would have as soon as you flip that Tina, I'm I just started walking towards I mean, I've never seen a t point more directly at basically pointing at your nose pretty much so Trent daddy walks up to this tea, and I'm telling you, I we're all shaken right Trindad. He walks up there and everybody's dead. Silent yearly silent this horrifying like. It was like I said when I go with three other buddies. I get like shaking nervous. And now we've got forty people behind me with all their phones out. I got Michael breed there who the last time I had met him was at the world long drive couple years ago. I told him to break down my swing and he said pick up a difference. Because what he said he was that was his first savant lesson that he gave right prior to you hitting that ball. What did he say? He said that swing looks much better. When I hit a practice swing. Yes. He was like that's doing looks much better. And that gave me a ton of confidential was in saves the first avant lesson he put the most positive thought I could have imagined putting in someone's head. Yes. Which teed that sucker up. You took a little practicing. He goes that looks much better. And then you just stepped up their Trent Danny first of all the fact that I got the ball in the tea was was a was a win the shakes like you said you. We'll talk about silence. They were going crazy the fans behind us. And like the players. I mean, these guys are obviously all listeners to the pocket because they were saying all like inside jokes to me. And I'm like, oh my God. I know I'm going to hear about this for the rest of my life. And then like, they're just making a lot of noise. And then Trent steps up to the first, and and they just stopped like like they were out of fucking professional golf tournament. Yes. Please stop now. And you could hear your heart beating that's how quiet it was. And then I stepped up. I sort of remember what happened. I hit the best drive of my life. Yeah. Hit it right into the fairway absolutely hyped. It you hit this little butter cut. Your started down the left side of the fairway and just cut right back into the middle like five yard cut is one of the most amazing contact the whole place erupted. Who's like contact the whole placement boom, everyone did the boom. And it was insane. It would have been very up the left hand side with a little baby. It was it was lovely to watch was incredible. It was electric as it was electric. I couldn't believe that it happened. I still can't believe that it happened. I'm glad that. I just got it in the air. That was my number one goal. And the fact that it landed in the fair with with a little cut. It's really the one of the best moments of my life. And you were saying after you like, you know, they really say all the time that like there's always one shot every round that keeps you coming back. Yup. That was it that was it was in million. That was it. It was incredible. And then we all have to try to follow that. I'll be honest. I was rude. For you to swing and miss because there's no off was when you hit this Jason God, damn it. That's all fucking to save. But I gotta be truthful. I said fuck me. I was like he just fucking piped one up the men on that. How the hell do that? How am I going to step up and do that? Some people are expecting Trente like swing in MS or hit it right and left definite. He stepped up there and just fucking destroy the ball. Maybe two seventy five with a nice cut right down the middle. Are you kidding me? The first all the black. Are you nuts? Now. I don't want to be this to be offensive or the for you to take this the wrong way. Let's do it. That was if the expectations were ex that was Infinity times. Yes. In terms of how many did you out the expectations of you hitting that ball? I couldn't agree more that number might be low and again coming off your chipping performance tonight for my thought was almost like I don't I don't know if they're going to let him play after what happens on this to you right now. This is outrageous. And then you just rippling down. I mean the ball. I was thinking the balls. Safest thing on the like, there's no chance you potentially hip. The balls incredibly safe right now. It was something everything you guys are saying is true. Whatever happened. What happens should not have happened? But I'm glad that it had. It was lovely celebrities executives and fashion Easters can attest that the key to dressing well, ensuring you've got the right fit. How can you get that perfectly tailored wardrobe for a better value? Introducing proper cloth proper cloth makes it easy for men to buy dress shirts that fit perfectly without setting foot in a store or paying a fortune. 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What transpired on the first hole? We captured it all in great detail. And again, we're gonna put a whole video out from that moment, you're going to be able to feel the the nerves the though like e Irie quietness that happened right before we take off. However, but he played out the whole and all of that. And I just have to say poor office manager Brett he thought he was going to play around and he had to walk the entire round. But since Frankie was able to play last minute. He just had to walk eighteen holes of the black with us and got the do nothing. He he slept overnight. He did the whole experience. He was ready to go. I think he had his clubs with them. Right. He probably had his clothes with on. I found out late in early enough that he didn't bring. Okay. Well, either way he he was gearing up to play that golf course at some point in his life. And I kind of just like stepped in felt kind of bad for him. But he he walked the golf course. And it it's first time ever seeing it and he's a pretty big for like he loves the game ago. First time ever seeing the black and being and having a walk. It is one. It's a cool. It's a cool thing to do. Right. You get to see the black yet is put like to walk the fucking fairways. And walk by the bunkers, walk on those greens. Watch us play has your buddies or hitting all the shots wish you shots. That's like what do they call? It purgatory. It's like you're not in heaven unite in hell you somewhere stuck in between. It's like a waiting area. That's what he was in. He was like he couldn't quite touch it yet. And we weren't letting them like we just like we give them like a wedge like play around poor Avas manager brat. Then also reminds me that just anybody can be able to walk. The course. And check out the course and a couple of weeks because I'm bringing a major championship. They're the PGA championship. Reminder, go to PJ beach dot com slash four play. Get yourself. Some tickets. The crowds are going to be rowdy. It has golf's next major championship is strongest field in golf. The course is in phenomenal shape. Just seeing it alone is really cool. But then getting to see these guys playing it tiger J T R guy Bryson speak. Maybe his game will come back around. Just all the stars in the game. We're going to be out there. You can be out there. Two PJ championship dot com slash four play. Go. Get your tickets. We can get into the round which we should I'm floored at the condition of Bethpage Black a lot of concern when they move this tournament from August to may especially with a bunch of northeast venues not bunch. But at least a couple coming up at Oak Hill, which is what up near Rochester in a few years, which is even more north obviously than here and Bethpage Black which out on Long Island. You know, you've really only got the month of April to get the course prepared and then a week and a half for or so into. May is like the player start showing up and you have to host the fucking major championship. So there was a lot of concern that the course was going to be is it ready as at this that I haven't really ever seen it in better shape. The only concern would be that the rough isn't long yet. That's everywhere in you know, these long but thick thick thick plenty thick. I I can't wait to see the tee shots because knows great. But speaking to that in terms of employment of me when you said that just a few things, we're teammates. The Rangers islanders team that could ever existed. Why did you pointed me when you said, I can't wait. A little teaser. I'll tell you this for the teaser what I what I stood on top of my ball for a when I went to go hit. I at one point. But everything went black. No, everything went black like I actually like blinked. And I was like oh my God. I'm still here. Yeah. But you still speaking to the course, I actually was amazed at how dry it actually was for all the rain that we got. Yeah. It was. It was insane of water came through Bethpage Black, and then someone just like dried even notice it was river through our. Yes. Yeah. I put my bag in my clothes were so literally actually sat river. I was trying to say before. But when I was trying to go to bed, and I was just like so tired, but I wasn't sleeping because my bed which is self. I finally it's at point where like you can't go to bed your mind's racing or whatever. But then you're just so tired that you have to fall asleep. I was in that very instance of like all this is good. Like, I'm about to go here. I'm about to go to sleep. I rolled them. My right. My pillow fell on the floor, which is just a puddle. And now I've gotten no puddle like I'm not bringing a soaking wet pedal back to my bed pillow PO pillow. You've got a and so then I was just up. So actually when the rooster came around and read now, the rooster. I was so excited to get out of bed. I just couldn't get I was couldn't get ready fast enough. And then the alarm went off a rigs, and he goes holy shit. I actually said holy shit. Holy shit. Holy shit. I said. But the golf course could not be in better shape. I think. We're talking to a couple of people like even if you live in the area like even your front yard of your house, the grass hasn't grown yet. It just there just hasn't been enough time like nobody's had to go out and cut it yet. So the Roth is the only concern, I don't think it'll be a problem. They have a couple of weeks still supposed to be in the sixties or seventies. Even a couple of days in the next couple of weeks. So as long as they get just a little bit of growth upward that rough will be absolutely gnarly. But the rest of it. I mean, it was green. The fairways are perfect. Bunkers are perfect. I have never seen the greens like that. They're in my life. And usually the greens are pretty solid rolling a ball on ice, and like not knowing where it's going to go and how far to go and how fast it's going to go. It's like it's the most purest speed. And like, it's just nothing. It's like that was the only way I could describe it mentally it was like when I put this ball. It's like basically floating to the whole house one bump, it's just so per-. Yeah. That's more. What I was gonna say. Like if they're fast, they're probably rolling at like twelve or something pretty quick. But. They just rolled so true. If it was online, it wasn't gonna falter off at like they were perfect in terms of how they stayed true. And then whether the to speed everything that was a definite test, especially coming off all the punch greens that we've been playing so far it was it was amazed Airways so perfect. When you go down, and that you play any like municipal golf course or any like one that's not in that condition. You're on the fairway you're able use it to like pick up some like blades of grass and check the wind and stuff because you know, it's not like perfectly cut down to its core. You try and pick up one blade of grass on the fairways bet. They'd black. It's impossible like rip your fingers off. Because it's so it's basically hitting off a green that fairway is perfectly cut couple incredible stories Frankie hit him with the the bags not allowed on the t box story. Oh, yeah. We so we go. Well, this is actually lurches problem. But you know, we we're all nervous walking up to the I t we already explained that. I know and we go down this little steps which to the right of the steps is the warning signs. Like, listen, if you are Trent Ryan, you should not. Be stepping on this golf course. I'm just kidding. That was shot. Hook up. There's a fucking warning sign on trying to tied into four plants. All right. No. It's a Jo-. It's a joke. So anyway as a swing and miss or another swing though because he running you right hook them. It's a joke. Hit rhythm. As me. The guy tells us we're on the T. Yeah. So we're on the T we walk past that fucking San we're all rattle. Lurch? Obviously like was just ready to get get up to the first he because he brings his bag all the way up to like right next to the to the white to the white markers for the team box. And everyone's like, that's fine. That's just like what you do on T box. Sometimes especially on the big I one and some guy goes, I guess the starter goes up and Michael breeds right there. He goes, no, no bags on the I t and and we're all like, oh and lurch. Like immediately picks it up and walks it off and breed goes out come on. Like, it's the first thing we can do that. And the guy looks Michael breed right in the eyes. And he goes not at the black. I know that you can do that in some places wherever not the black. We'll go over to the green. That's fine. Yeah. Look over to the peasant golf course to the rate. You can fuck and put your bag on there for not the black and not today while I'm no, I'm no these guys on T boxes, and you will not set anything other than your feet a tea or a ball on this fucking girl. Honesty, budget of one of those circuit Divet out of the pats driver swing of it. This like a trap door opens up, and you disappear fucking to create of Asian. You just fall street down takes right back. No. And then you actually get the play the rest, but you have to like walk out of this grass door that lets you out to the fairway and you're like all muddy and discussing. There was no easy. Fall kind of a hard horrible. It was no easy fall. Yeah. It was just a side on your way. I'll just says not at the black. Yeah. There was then it became just a thing all day where there's a couple of times stepped onto like the fourth d-box with his bag, and I just looked at him. And I just said not at the blog. I will say the second hole, obviously didn't because it's kind of innovation but on the third hole, the par three. I absolutely put my bag on the box in the moved it off. Because like the way you walk from the second green to the thirty bucks. You have to put your ball your bag on the also I t where you come down the stairs. You're just on the t box and the. So you literally have to put your bag like behind the grandstand apply with his rules. And there's a lot of other situations where you walk to it in the T boxes, just massive. So it feels right? But you're just you're wrong. We're standing on the t box. I don't know what like a golf bag does to a tee box. But I mean, it's the black. It's the black. So we had a guy Jake was out there running around with the camera. The whole time you filmed the entire round Kerley. Forty pound camera people through an unbelievable terrain. That is the Bethpage Black ten miles long something like that. If he was standing if you're looking at him from the side, the camera bag was to acts of the thing of Jake and holding a pretty massive cannabis is about right around the eighteen holes about page wagging by that's walked it. It's a bear of a walk. So Jake was around credit to him capturing everything we've got to have that's a a third v that we're going to have which is going to be our round at the black. It was Trent that in myself against these two clowns. Michael breed. Eden gave you guys. Lurch putting lesson lurch warlords powder? See my thyroid gave him a putting lesson and then he gave Frank who's obviously viral sensation for how bad is chipping gave him chipping lesson than he just became fucking. Phil Mickelson out of the clouds. So it was one of the craziest thing that's ever happened to me. I felt like it was fake. I felt like I was living in a dream. I don't want to give away the first hole too much. But I had a opportunity to hit a pretty big chip on one. And we were filming this. You know, Michael breed plays the for the first hole with four play and on the T box. I don't think so I missed like Michael breeze that night before and I had talked to him very briefly on this podcast once so I really didn't have many interactions with them. And I showed a little late compared to you guys. And I was you know, I introduced myself on the I t I'm like, I'm actually Frankie we talked before. He was Alfred has it going. He had no idea that I had like chipping. Yep. Even though we talked about it. He just didn't remember. And I was like, yeah. Today. If you can I'd love to see how you can fix. You know, one of. The worst thing that's ever happened to me. And he's I will see Frankie like we'll see if that happens. And after the first tee shot into goes into happen. But I ended up having myself a situation in which I called him. Actually, I didn't call them over there. I I was I was the ball greenside and his rooster. Sherry tough fucking chip, man. I had maybe I don't know seven or five five to seven feet to land this thing. And I'm like, Michael, I see you walk over here. And I see that you see what club I have in my hand. But I don't think that this is the place that you should teach me because there is no way I have any success here. Even if you're talking Jesus Christ. There is no way. I'm getting this ball only five or seven feet in the air. So he sees the way I'm swing it. He's like, you know, you're practicing is pretty good. Let me see what you're going to try and do I take an actual swing? And he goes now where are you trying to hit that ball? I'm like I'm trying to hit it right there. He's like with that swing said. Yes, he's like, well, then why are you doing that? Why are you going after the why are you going after the hole pull it in bring it in a little bit like come in come out? And why are you going out? I'm like everyone tells me to go towards the Holik. It's a putting motion goes don't listen to everyone. Br. Bring it in. So I take one practising because that's it. I tell you right now, I hit this thing. You're talking about butter knives. I hit the sing like butter. I cut through this ball. It went four feet up in the air perfectly. Like right up to my chin and just drop very slowly. And just rolled right to the whole at turn back to me goes now how 'bout that? And I'm like, are you fucking kidding me? All I need to do is finish a different way. I'm going too far at the whole. I'm not I'm not pulling it in. I'm not like going across my body. What was I doing this whole time? He gave me a putting lesson and his points are so just short and simple. It simple stupid. Like, he doesn't give you seven thoughts. He gives you one have success. He told me to take the angles out of my putting ground even note that means we'll just I do this whole pendulum kind of hunters ridiculous. I have your putter in my room, by the way. How the hell do you have? I was one of them. My bag long story. Short long story. Course, I put that in the notes. So I was going to burn it up. I do the pendulum motion. I do my elbows out. And then my wrist like a ninety degree angle back to the putter a little bit to try to. I don't know act like a clock a little athletic. Right. I figure sweeping like ULA Cinderella sweeping. It looks like you're a seventy year old woman who's trying to find a new putting stroke, you'll say raising an infant so anyways, I told breeder about my issues. We're having a good conversation night before a bunch of cocktails. Really good time. Are you at the point within where you can call them breeder? Do you think? Okay. Okay. We're a bodies. He briefs back. So I tell him. I'm like, look I hit the ball. All right. I'm a seven. But like I can on a terrible. Like there was one green a couple years ago. I five putting like I have a problem. I can't really get the ball on the whole very well. And so he sees me the next morning, and he he literally he comes up to me. He's like, let's see this putting stroke, and he thinks that I have like a physical like an issue with your way that I can put the ball. He's like there's got to be a hitch or something. So he sees me hit one sees me hit two and he's like, okay. This is much better than I thought like in terms of just it's fluid. But what he told me is there's so much inconsistency with the angles that I approach my pendulum or my baby rocker in terms of my elbows, and then also my risk position. Yep. That he said just take the angles out of it. And so now, there's more consistency because there's less consistency. And how many angles I bring to the putter face. So it's going to be more consistent, which is all I'm really looking for. So he said take angles out and I had a good day. Putting which will say. No idea what the fuck talking about. But that's good. I think the main part that we need to get to that your players know the putters in my room right now. So what happened was okay? Lurch had to run catch a flight Chicago after we finished coughing Saturday. He said I'm going to leave my clubs with you rigs. You take it back to the apartment back in Manhattan said no problem, then we went in we got lunch. Couple beers came out completely forgot your clubs with just didn't even think of them at all couldn't have been further away from my Romar walked right by those racket wasn't didn't even think. All right. So I had like a closed bag joy bag my golf clubs. I got all this shit. Throw it on the Uber were exhausted, right? Sleep in in the Uber basely. I pop up on my shit. I forgot his clubs. I just they're just at Bethpage by themselves. We walked back even like in a in a in a in a private area. It's just right in the front right in front right off the fucking clubs like I didn't even know who you were. We're back last night. I was so tired. I looked around. I didn't see my clubs in the living room or my bedroom. And then I just figured they were in your room. But I wasn't going to like go in there and check. But I was like they got it just being there. We were in the most soups out they weren't in the most severe traffic on the way back in a new Bor, I couldn't wait to just back to the apartment and go to sleep outside. I don't like there's nothing I can do now. So he's sitting all the way in the back of the SUV me an office manager Brett wearing these two the two seats a front and all of a sudden rigs had pops up for and he says, I have terrible news times. What could that be everything seems? Okay, right now car has four wheels. The drivers seemed sober. And then he was like we forgot lurches clubs. It got to the boy. And my where I thought like all right? I got enough connections. I can get him a new set of clubs. Get him a bag again him some clothes. I hit up Frankie. It was like, hey, dude, are you anywhere near like. The course still like is there any way you can swing by and grab lurches clubs, and frankly, like, I'm yeah, I can handle that can take care of it. Yeah. And he texted me that I don't know three o'clock. Yeah. And I was like, yeah. I can do that. And then things started to get really busy for me with like work, and Dave was texting me, and I was doing a bunch of stuff for them from Talladega. And like before you knew it it was it was fucking non o'clock at night. And I still hadn't picked up lurches golf clubs. I'll be straight up honest with you. That's fine. Like, they'll still owns. They're still they'll still be there. And yeah, I I got to the golf course around ten ten o'clock at night. There was a wedding going on the light throw on people are walking around. I'm like just using my club been around McCoy. I said do I go over to who was driving me? I'm like only his clubs are gone. Gone. I mean, someone like asked us if they wanted to valley our car, I'm like, no, we're just here to find something. I know what did you tell them? And I said something I wanted to leave a little bit of a surprise for that guy. What was that guy? Look. You go back to his valley buddies with we think that guy's doing it. And I'm like, and there's like a pretty nice place to get married at Carlisle on the green at Bethpage real nice spot. And I and I'm walking around like pajamas, basically like, I'm I'm wearing crocs in sweatpants. I'm looking for lurches Gaga, all of a sudden, you just see that that awful had cover you have on there. There's like a Brown head covered. I don't even think that's Abbott head covered. I don't like it. I think it's I think it's ugly. Couldn't agree more. I think the Brown Brown is discussing. I see this thing glistening in the light. I'm like there. It is. I find it's got it's got everything on and all your clubs are there. You're weird Potter. You got like a baby belly putter child valley. But what is that? This fucking grip goes down to shin. His putter. So it's a little never never touched. Your belly thirty five thirty six inch putters or short even thirty eight so short, and this was probably like a forty five inch. Never touches. Your belly? Never touches. My belly. It's a just a child belly putter like a child who's gonna use it? But instead, I'm using it. So it's like a normal putter. So anyways. What a good switch. So Frankie was able to grab the clubs which is huge crabs. The clubs text me at like eleven o'clock at night and is like. I secured lots of the clubs. It was dic- than I expected. I thought it might be over. But I secured his clubs so we're able to get them. Thank God for anybody. Who doesn't understand how this world works? Frankie had to just run out of here because he's being summoned by his boss, which is Dave Portnoy to do other stuff. So that's how that story ends. The round was incredible. It was a beautiful day. The scores. We're going to reveal the scores in the video that comes out which we will put out in the next couple of weeks either next week or maybe the week of the PGA championship hammered sided yet. But it will cover the entire round. You know, all the highlights all the funny moments. What scores we shot how the match went? And all that good stuff. Bethpage Black cannot wait cannot wait for the PGA championship there. Now. I got to go through a couple headlines real quick before we move on from the black. And I just wanted to say, and I wish Frankie was in here for this shot at to you guys for let me tag along. It was a tough day for me out in. The course you guys are much better golf than I am. That's pretty clear. You guys are very nice while I was out there. We had a good time. I had a lot more shots than you guys. But you guys were nice enough to you know, we were we had a good day out there. Oh, we had a great yet. I'm gonna throw it. Right back to you Trent. Okay. Terms of how much of a pleasure. It was to play with you. Okay. I really enjoyed it. That's great. Because I mean, you're you're a tremendous fellow because you know, maybe it wasn't going perfectly for you on that day. Yup. But hell you played through it. And you have maybe some of the best mannerisms and best post shot expression that I've ever seen and you keep a smile on all day. And I'll tell you what there's there was many instances where we hit tee shots together. And we put it together on the green. But I didn't see you from tee to green at all. Yes, you walk up to the green and just be dissuade on your head talk about the terrain that we didn't see because we weren't even close to where you were. And you'd be like, this is a hell of a hole and off we go, and you go to the next few bucks facing you to rinse and repeat and do it again. I'll play with you anytime one hundred percent. I really appreciate that. My guy Jake can attest to it. More than anybody else. We saw parts I told you guys when we were planning on seeing a completely different go-carts. I like to publicly apologize because I was filthy Trent. And there was literal tears coming. There's there's one shot, and it's going to be in the video. Has got to be five is just into the ground. We we were walking we walked so much of. That course, we compared steps and it wasn't as drastic afterwards. But man there were hills, and I just called it terrain. I went through a lot of terrain that day just to find my ball. And it was it was a battle. Trent your attitude. Never wavered entire day. You had that big smile. Your face in you lurches. Right. You hit a couple shots. And you just go Trenton, Michael right as you made contact not in the mean way, not know me straightaway. Just kind of a Trent Michael in like big old smile, many phase, and you count it every shot. So every another thing, I you know, it would have been so either a couple times where Lord said I saw it t- off. I didn't see again teapot it out of the green had no idea what you're doing all time. No clue you know, we kind of Chit chitchat. And I know you and Jake kind of hustled off Bredow was over there with your maybe. Yup. Reconvened on the green. I had no idea you could have made a seven you could've made a fifteen I had no clue and I would ask you and the tea every couple of holes a bit. Trend. I'm I'm really sorry. I didn't I usually don't do that. Some usually pretty good at keeping trapping. What did you make on twelve and thirteen there and you pull out your phone? I've been right down a little numbers. And you'd be like I had a fourteen and attack. And take I got credit that anyone else in the world. I just took an eight there something like that. Yeah. Oh, no. No. No. You're like hold on. Yep. No. That was fourteen then I cannot express enough. How much in that moment? I was like fuck yet Trent daddy. He's posted. He's gonna poke and you have a number, and that's just your number. That's just how many took you to feel very good about that. After we add it all up. It's just good to have a number is regardless of how how high that number is. It's just good to have a number one hundred percent place. He got a star who know and then the rest of the way the rest of the golf I play the season. He just got to keep chipping away and chipping away people go there, they pick up after six I even on the first hole said that's good. And you looked at me like, no, it's not. And then I was like Trent if you wanna play every ball in the hole, I want you to do it because we're out here and do it, and you did exactly that you have sleep through and you rocked khakis and a rain jacket for all teen holes walking, the least breathable clothing. And I've ever seen and a smile. Never left her face Faso Trent congrats to you. It was a lovely round terrific. Everything's lovely awesome. I I had a tremendous time me to really a fun round of golf. Couldn't agree. More me too. Are you credit card bills, keeping you up at night interest rates in the double digits? Well, be smart pay off your credit card balances just like we did with a credit card consolidation loan. From light stream couldn't told you the first thing about how to get out of a jam how to consolidate things how to make my financial situation better with credit cards with interest. All that good stuff. Didn't have a clue that I went to light stream, boom, they make an incredibly easy. You get a fixed rate. You can get a fixed rate for his lowest five point nine five percent APR with auto pay. It can save thousands in interest. You can get a loan from five thousand dollars to one hundred thousand dollars, and there are no fees. You are welcome can even get your money as soon as the day you apply plus light stream their division of SunTrust Bank. One when the nation's Larr. 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And we talked about it as fans we talked about as viewers, and I cannot believe although I can't believe that. It's it's it's made its way to Tigers head like tiger. Just can't get for these. These little mini tours, which I nuts. He's there to win fucking majors. He's there for one reason one reason only it's the win major. You know, what this says to me too? Is that he is. So he's at eighty one wins. Right. Eighty two ties the record Sam Steen's record. The most wins in the history of the PGA tour, and you could tell even the last five or six years when he has played like he's played a lot of different tournaments. And he kinda got the sense that like he's play as many as you can. 'cause he really wants to get to eighty three. Now, this sends the message to me that he's like eighty three is done. I'm here for fucking majors. I know I'm gonna get the eighty three I was looking at the potential. Schedule. I don't know. I don't really see him playing anything much more beyond this that his schedule is going to go like this master's PGA championship. The memorial US open British Open. What a schedule. That's outrageous. I think those are the only five tournaments he's gonna play. I looked like I was trying to find something between the US Ober the British Open that he'll play and maybe he'll sneak something in there. But I'm not convinced. He's gonna play between the US open and the British Open in which case he's legitimately gonna go masters PG, the memorial the US opened the British hope. Wanted to cut back on how much he was playing at the end the last year. He was like I'm exhausted. Because then after that, there's the WGC Saint Jude which he loves WGC's. He takes those things very seriously. And then basically the playoffs he's gonna play the play off of that. I'm sure all of them because they'll probably be really high in the playoff, right? But there's only three of them now anyways. So you gotta think like that might just be his entire year. Which is just incredible. He's there's no warm-ups. It's just go time. He's just going to appear at major championships like as we sit here. And now the grand slam is still in play. It's also true. Like if he was playing this weekend at the at the Wells Fargo, like even if he's in the mix, it is awesome to watch them play golf. Don't get me wrong. I would rather have that than not have it. However would be a little bit of like if he went on a tear one by like six or seven this week. It'd be kind of like. As a waste saving for the majors. Right. But it would get you very if he was six or seven eight going, but it's also like you're on the rain or like an amateur player like someone that's already playing. Well, like me. I I had a really good shot off a range. I'm like, well, I fucked is waste that that could have been off. My I t that's like how I think with tiger. So we're at a point. Yeah, it's a little different. But you know, there's some reasoning to it where it's like this guy only has a certain amount of unbelievable rounds. Let let's not waste them at dessert. Classic. You know, I get it. So I agree in. It's it is amazing. He's gonna play back to back tournaments or just major championships, which is awesome obsessed with that never really seen that before. So that was kinda surprising news also kind of not it didn't feel like you felt you know, very Rosh. Like, he was he was gonna play the Wells Fargo. We didn't hear whisper whisper about it. And then he just doesn't. So it's a bummer. We won't get to see him, but hilarious that tiger just only plays major championships now. And then the last thing is our at classic the team event. Ryan Palmer who we've had on this very show. Great guy. Awesome guy. Yeah. He taught he did an interview with us while he was driving his son to hockey practice. That's correct. I believe a couple of years ago. You can go check that out. It was a throwback to our first year. I believe two thousand seventeen when we were doing this show just myself and Trent daddy at the time. And he was an awesome guy like one of the nicest guys you've ever had on the show. He and Jon Rahm teamed up with seems like a stunning pairing and they want they won the classics good for them. Maybe probably good to have a calming presence with John round that fucking psychopath and that probably help. Them get the get the job done down there. Excuse me, and then coming Kisner tied for fifth him and Scott Brown one hundred ninety thousand dollars each not a bad payday. No. I mean Kisner just is the king of not a bad pay days. Kevin NADA that guy makes money not like. That's an outrageous some yes, an outrageous somebody like there's guys out there that are making far more than him. Right. He's, but he's just making great money on the tour making gray like flies under the radar with how much he just accumulates Hugh, Hugh. Our paychecks. Does it just like the fact that he has nearly twenty million dollars in queens. Manning's right now is off the charts. Outrageous off the charts has more career earnings him or twenty feet now. Scott him and kiss. He's been doing it for longer. Right. I would think all those all t two's. Oh, that's true. It's got to be kidding. I'm gonna guess kids. But I, you know, I don't know for sure question Frank. That is a good one. Look that up while we're I also want to knowledge that kids got a hole in one this week and the PJ towards doesn't have any footage of it, fourteen and a half million for FINA FINA. Wow. Because there's like five mil- more. Yeah. Holy smoke. That's pretty legit. That is pretty legit. It's just the Mr. consistent shadow twenty fee now guys fucking young already fourteen mill. Yeah. That's strong to fourteen twenty nine ages. Justin Thomas, turn twenty six today. That's gone Simon same age on so young. So spring chicken when I saw that number. I knew he was young, obviously. But I mean, this is what happens. I mean. I'm sure it happens you guys because you guys are older than them now. But like when these guys are my age or younger, it's a fucking horrifying thing that they're accomplishing the stuff like talking about him. So like, I remember when I was younger, I was like nineteen I guess, Johnny Gujral. I I came into the league maybe even been eighteen and he I it was like Johnny Haughey's in the league for the Calgary Flames. And like we have the same exact birthday like August thirteenth nineteen Ninety-three exact day. Yeah. And I remember like looking at up like when I was in the locker and waiting to meet him like he was gonna walk by. And I was like I'm gonna wanna shake this kid's hand. Because like I'm a fucking little kid in the locker room like with a sign like, hey, Johnny this fucking kids in the professional. Occupier same day. We were born to different totally lots so kids at his first hole one that'd be door. And they just didn't have no footage of it. What does that mean? Just none not. I haven't seen a video. Art classic is a juke. What are they doing down there? What are they doing an ace? How do you? How do you? Now have a camera in every single part three even tweeted every hole. I mean, they they do they just didn't have them running. I guess that. That's what they're doing. One of us had made a hole in one on Saturday. There'd be more footage of that than there is if Kevin kinder's possess someone in the controller control. Didn't someone just didn't hit took a bathroom? Just should be running though. I mean, there's no like no, you think that. You saving footage. Like all. We need. Some camera space understand you would think legit. Anyone? Someone would have a video for me. Ivan tweeted it out I Instagram do about it. I haven't seen anybody send me a video yet. Nobody had a fucking cellphone. Nobody's got their cell phone up recording it something. So. Not happy with the folks down there at zero classic kind of show where they run down. There was talking about YouTube last week. I mean, this would have been a great thing to drive a little traction Kisner hits desert hand up we fucked up YouTube segment. Yep. We did as a big fuck up there everywhere turns out that guy's whole Email. He's like, what do you think about the PGA tour pudding? All Tigers Eighty-one wins on YouTube, so read. Reading company I will say they did not consulting where they had the entire final round. Like, I said like the masters does where you get to watch real time. They DB's like forty two like sixty minute like highlight things, which I'm not obsessed with also in those things they they cut out like in the commercial breaks that are the real footage. They kept the time in just put a blank screen on. So it just cuts away for like a minute and a half while you're watching and I have to through my XBox controller back on fast forward for ninety seconds in play outrageous experts. Trolls turnoff quickly why turned off to conserve batteries? That's mart. You don't find just turn off? And I'm like, I got this thing on again that takes a full PlayStation guy. You don't need batteries in the nuts. I can we talked into place. I'm not obsessed with you also the interface knocks awful horror PlayStations incredible incredible. I'm not all that loyalty there one. Yeah. Better controller game system right now. It's better controller. I've just been. A XBox Gairdner ever. But I'm not incredibly loyal to someone. If I came back one day and someone had just swapped out last box for place. I wouldn't be upset about it. Yeah. And we have we have new systems coming out soon. I think really we'll tell you this. Ford cutting cord cutting thing with like new ways to consume TV and stuff like TV sucks. Swing TV's off. We ever made. But like, Mike the XBox Microsoft should have a better interface for using and working through TV. They just don't it's awful. It's a better option. I would play station is live TV show me live demo. All right. All right next up. I know it's kind of an abrupt way to end it. But that's just what we do on the show next up. We got Jimmy Walker. We'll be back Thursday with our second show of the week Jimmy Watkins up next. Great, dude. Enjoy this chat. All right. So trends are trends are big clap guy. It's it's an incredible talent ninety percent of what I do on this. Yeah. No. It's really it's really quite impressive. We are joined by a very special guest houses sixteen PGA champion Jimmy Walker. So we just met you for the first time we're in a little what do you call this airstream airstream at the foot joy situation. Why don't you tell everybody because we're Bethpage or of course, PJ champion a lot more about this stuff than we do tell everybody where we're at and what's going on. So we are at Bethpage state park, the golf courses the black course and tomorrow's the last day that the normal everyday folk can go play it for the PJ champ people. Yeah. Yeah. You guess? You guess you can say us. I I don't even know if I could go play it on Sunday. Try we're here. But anyways, that's what's happening. And so for joy decided to do a little promotional deal and go pull the people that stay in their cars all night and stand in line to get t time to go play. And so they figured that. They'd probably be a lot of people here being the last time, you get to play for the PGA and mother nature hadn't been real nice to us today. It's been pouring rain, which is which is a little tough. But I will say it kind of opened up. Right. When you walked in. You might have a little a little guy. I got some clout as the weather. I'll take it. I'll take that. It feels like you are as h h. It feels like you got a little bit of clout, I will say so people talk all the time about winning a major changes whole life. And all that I feel like I saw that in incredible for when you walked in with a gigantic Wanamaker trophy everybody. Just started going nuts. His pretty cool everybody. I think all the people that they pulled out we're out getting fitted for all their gear and all their shoes. And they saw me walk in with it. And they they got a pretty good little cheer for it. The Wanamaker's huge. It is it's a big one. It puts all the other major trophies ashamed for sure it just completely dominates. It does. So Bethpage like you mentioned a lot of people out here. You know, we we work live in the city. Anybody kind of out in the New York area Long Island area knows Bethpage pretty well. If you don't what kind of information can kind of you give them what are what are you feeling about? The course moving to may. What are your thoughts about the PGA Bethpage in may? I think it's it's going to be. It's going to be a little different. It's gonna be a little different feel probably I know when we played the I haven't played the players in in March like it used to be so always played it in may. So we're there there's more of the week before we're like. Is this really the players next week? It just doesn't quite feel like that. And to think of the PGA championship, which was always the last major to be the second in may is gonna feel weird. But I think once we get here, and we see everything that's going on. It's going to have all the fields that having a major has an especially up here in this area because they could get it gets wild. Oh, it gets rowdy up here. We'll expect us get a little rowdy. The weather is going to be kind of hit or miss. We all look at the at the black horse the sign the caution sign and all that about how difficult it is. How tough it is. How are how do you kind of approach that you look at it as while? This is going to be unbelievable test. Does do you think it favors your game is how do you look at the black? Maybe compared to the average guy looks at the black. It's it's definitely challenges challenge for everybody. I played here in two thousand two my second use open I played in and remember. For how tough it was. And even even played soft too. And so play long, but he's on a golf course. Get soft it plays easier. But for whatever reason that week it didn't the rough was incredibly deep being may. I don't know if it's I don't know if the grass is growing, or if it's kind of I'm not going to say, it's not it's not dormant. But I don't know how thick and lush it's going to be. I honestly have no clue you guys have better. If you haven't gotten less sunlight yet, I don't know. So right. So it'll just be interesting to see it when it gets her. I've seen pictures and a lot of the fescue grasses dormant. So you get this really cool contrast. He looking golf course with the long fescue grass green grass. So look standpoint, it looks pretty awesome. I was gonna say they nailed the S vettix yet looks with that it looks. We're not big science guys. But I do think that we haven't seen any sunlight yet, and therefore grass doesn't grow kind of what I think. Emphasis. That's the word. That's you nailed ci- word of the day the war that popped into my head. I think you nailed it. I think it's the right one. So speaking the science, we gotta talk me. But. All right. It went on the word of the day to you telling me it wasn't corral. That's right. So what do you think it was give us a little scientific lesson here? I think I think photosynthesis is the conversion of carbon dioxide oxygen that sounds right. I don't know sound guy agrees. I'm pretty sure that's what it is. Now. He's like, I'm pretty sure he's a hundred percent. Sure agree to disagree. That's what's great. The only word that you know, about like plants is photosynthesis. You threw it out kinda. Yeah. All right. But that's what's great about scientists. Nobody really knows the answers. Can we talk a Strada me? Yeah. So I was on your Instagram couple of years ago. I think I started following on Instagram. And I started telling these guys I was like I've been going through Jimmy Walker's fucking Instagram, and he just post pictures of like the galaxy all the time where does that come from? Where's that interest? Come from his started about when my about eight years ago. I it it started with a what do you want for Christmas? And I said I wanna tell us cope. So I got one, and then I kinda started trying to hook a camera up to try to figure out how to do that. And and then it turned into just some crazy obsession ended up putting telescopes and really dark spots across the country. And and now we just moved it to Chile and the so we get to take a pig at the southern sky, and it just started working. Operational like last week to ago. Where's the darkest place? You have a telescope and Chile that's the only place I've got one right now. But you know, it's like, where's your telescope all minds in Chile? How often are you in a conversation where that quite comes to question comes up where it's it's funny. You know, I get asked a lot because I went through a spell where I wasn't posted a whole lot of astronomy stuff, and I've been having lime disease last couple of years. I haven't had a whole lot of time at night to do a lot of stuff. It's mostly just get the kids bed and I fall asleep with them damn near every night. So I haven't had a lot of the drive to do. It's been gone. And now that I'm feeling back to one hundred percent and the move down there like I'm super stoked to get back at it. Like, I've got an image. We're we'll be shoot rates at probably actually shooting in may be working right now and one more night on one target, and I'll have a really nice like. Set a date to go over to make a new picture. What's your favorite, constellation constellation shoe? I dunno constellations are too big. Was that a lame question? You could say it's pretty shitty. Fill out your dog shit. We need to do better. Practicing mainstream astrology you're sort of into the different astrology. Yeah. Strategy is like the study of you know, the constellations your horoscope and no not into that kind of hokey poke. It is I do it's more astronomy. Like, she's more science guys. Throw synthesis strategy. That was the wrong word. You said you can't synthesis. There's like crazy astrologists on Twitter and stuff who always try to get into it with the astronomers very confusing world. I can't remember their quacks convenient. So what would have been a better question? Like tell me about. I got I got a question. We got a guy at work who always says that nothing that we say or do matters because we're all gonna get swelled up and by the Sonnen, diet anyways. That's just pretty sad way to live your life. I think I agree. But I ain't Iran is colic. Sometimes. Yeah. I don't know, man. I mean, you look out there, and you see all that. I mean, something something made it. I think it's pretty sad way. Live your life. We're all gonna die. Yeah. Well, that's true. But you know, sounds like he's kind of convincing here a little bit. I'm not convinced. I'm convinced we're all gonna die. We when you look when you do a lot of your three telescope and all that or do you become more or less convinced that there's aliens out there? Hope more convinced you're convinced I can totally alien got. No, I don't I don't have aliens visited the planet, and I doubt it. But when you look at what's really, cool, all the Exo. Planetary research is going on. I mean, they're finding tons and tons of planets around the closest stars to us. I mean, it's they're finding out that there's more planets out there than they've ever thought. And. You know with a hundred billion stars in our galaxy. And there's one hundred billion galaxies. And you just do the math. Yeah. The only one's pretty simple. I wouldn't I wouldn't think which is the one that looks for planets Hubble is that Hubble telescope? No, I don't think Hubble does it some really is some different a different way of doing it something about I'm not crazy into but Hubbell's more deep space you ever use your connections to hit up NASA. I want to look at some crazy shit. I've thought about it. Thought about it. But actually all of the data that hub the Hubble acquires is on a archive site, and you can get on there and pull any data set that the Hubble's ever taken. So you can actually get on there. And look at anything that the Hubble's ever taken a picture of and put it together and make an image out of it. Wow. That's a little known fact, that's way beyond arcane. Have you been through those files you go? I have actually a little bit. I have. Well, it's it's it takes a level of Photoshop that. I'm not in. I'm not that good at it to be able to splice and merge, all these pictures together. And it's it's pretty intense like the people that do these pictures for NASA with the data that they have the data. Looks looks really bad. And I don't know how they do it. But it's pretty amazing. See we like we spend every time I feel like surfing like we go down rabbit holes on game of thrones theories and stuff. Right now. Oh. A die on Sunday. Now, you're coming around on the whole idea. Everybody dies. You're kinda get some dark airbase like your buddy. Everybody's gonna. Watch it then everybody's going to die. Good good counter. Just like he's just like Jerry gonna die like us. Why are we going to watch this your thrones guy? Yeah. We've been going white walkers. See I liked that. Because the names like, yeah. Pretty much. The Jimmy White walkers. Nice you go fight. Fight him. You kill you kill living. They just walk up and like touch him got another guy. I said it's very easy to recruit for them. Right. And then like is the is the night king at target area. And because you can ride a dragon. I thought only that you know, tar guaranteed ride a dragon, Jon snow. Jon snow. I mean. Yeah. It's. What's going to happen? But it's gonna be awesome. It really is amazing. They recruiting process. How simple it is. Is he lifted air he lifts his arms, and everybody's like or with that guy. Yeah. It's pretty insane. Think about what our military. How can you be taking notes with Nike Nike's recruiting process is off the charts? Where do you think he's ad? He wasn't in. The he wasn't in the shot when they showed the white walkers at the end the Jimmy White walkers. He's there. I don't know. He's writing dragging somewhere. She couldn't see him. He's up there flying around torch the joint so the masters this year a lot of people kind of buzzing. You've of course, you've been you've been on teams with Tiger Woods teams, the Tiger Woods apart of in some capacity. Valued been out on tour for really long time as has tiger. What do you think kind of the masters the way it went down means for kind of golf going forward? I think it's it's it's great. It's great to see him put all the hard work and time that he's put in to get himself back into shape and never doubted the guys as a winner. I mean, guys one more golf tournaments and big golf tournaments and just gotten it done. So you don't ever forget how to do that. But it was a matter of him being able to physically go play golf again and walk and do all that. Then I don't know how many Baxter's had four or something. And it's a testament to him as a person and getting back into getting his body back. Right. You know, he kept kept going at it. If the surgery didn't work you had another one yet another one, and he finally got to where he could do it. I mean, it was two years ago. You watch him walk up stairs. He couldn't even walk up. Stairs. It was brutal. And you're like you felt. Helped bad for him. Like, man. I don't know if he's ever I had my doubts like I don't know if he can never play golf again. Well, then you worried about as a quality life deal for him. It's like watching some of these football players when they get older, you know, they're just like. Just don't look good. And you're like man one more hit. It was like watching, you know, huge Cowboys fan when Romo is going through all that at the end of his career. And we're like man just shut it down, man. One more hit and you're going to break. And I was happy to see him. Do it. He did. So. It's it's good. It's good for golf. It's good for the game. And you could really feel it. My instagram. Search feed is all Tiger Woods right now. Same. So you touched on earlier. But as a guy yourself you've had you've gone through some some struggles last couple of years with the disease and all that does take some kind of inspiration from seeing someone else kind of come back go through hard times. And then get back to the top. Definitely. I mean, I think I think is a athlete. We've all had our ups and downs. And they may not be is. In the limelight of the media's is some of the others that you see. But I think we all have our ups and downs and everybody is on tour for a long time. I know has so seeing what he did is. It was great. And I I really applaud the guy for doing it. That's. It's really cool. And what a cool place to do it to you know, it was awesome. So where are you at where are you at healthwise game was how you feel and going into kind of the meat really now that we're getting into the season with a bunch of majors coming up and all that physically feel great. There's a there's a there's a component mentally and physically to lime disease. And I'm I felt like the. The physical got better. And then I was dealing with a little bit of the mental stuff a little bit about just feeling foggy and the brain to body connection not being good. And I think that that's I think that's starting to get better. Now, I haven't played great this year. But making all the cuts that I keep finishing fortieth and fiftieth and thirtieth and you just can't vault up the. That ex points. And and but the masters felt good. I was proud. I was happy with that. I had three really good rounds week four and San Antonio. And I've practiced are the last two weeks and I've only played twice but both rounds were deep into the sixties. So that was nice to see on two different golf courses. At home. And so that's nice to see seeing the birdies I feel good. So I'm real excited to go start at Charlotte next week and then play four in a row. And then we get the kids out school and go to Utah. Sounds lovely was the most nervous you've ever been over a golf shop playing with Tiger Woods. I was it so easy. So it's a great. It's a funny. It's not it's a good story. I was I call for the Byron Nelson and two thousand one as an Amador, and I was right in the middle of finals at school. You know, my parents told me not to try to qualify because I was going through finals and Iran, their credit card, anyways, when did it and I qualified like that movie? Relatable move. Yeah. Yeah. So qualified, and I I had to go into a playoff the next morning because we ran out of daylight now. So I drove back to Baylor. And then went back up to Dallas the next morning and qualified and I had to run back down and go take a test. And then I had to talk to like to other teachers until like, hey, this just happened. Is there any chance that you can let me take the final like after the week? And they're like, oh, yeah. No, problem, whatever. So I go back up there and it's Tuesday late afternoon, and I'm running around and Tigers out there. He's skipping around holes. And he skips over to my whole and it's like five in the afternoon. Nobody is on the Gulf, of course, accept him. And I and he skips over hits a drive on the par five that I'm on. I'm on the green, and I walked up to the next to you is part three and he picks up his drive and walk straight to the par-three. He's like, hey, man. I'm just playing a couple of holes. Can I can play through? I'm trying to play fast. And I was like, yes. Sure. And you're a hell you wind Tiger Woods. Just some college kid, whatever. So he tees off I on the par-three and he looked like he hit a good shot. It's like eight hundred or whatever it was. So i'm. I'm like, I can't even get the peg in the ground get the ball and the tea every bad thought is going through my head. I'm shaking, I'm nervous. Don't shake it don't fat. It don't thin it. I mean, everything is going through my head. And I make a swing and I hit it and it felt good. And I look up and it's going right at the flag. And I'm just like oh, thank God. So we start walking down and we've talking and he's like, what are you doing? I'm on the call five I'm still in school. He's a cool cool, and we get down on the green and his balls like twelve feet mines like eight hall, and I was like am I tand. I'll never be that nervous. Again. I know in the history of my career. I'll never be nervous again. I haven't to this day. I was like man if I can hit that good a shot being that. Petrified. Might my Bill to do this. I was gonna say that's crazy guy who's come down the stretch in and then played in insanely intense whole eighteenth hole to win a major championship. Then in that situation. Like, I mean, you're leading to major championship you're firing all cylinders. I've always you know, you've got to enjoy the times when you're on fire and playing good hit shots and making putts and never really get nervous under those situations. Because I know I'm doing good. It's a lot harder. When you're you got nine holes ago on your two strokes back of the cut, and you're playing horrible that's pressure. It's like, man. I don't play it on this next nine holes and make the cut. I'm going home. That's always it's harder to play. It's harder to always felt more nervous when I'm not playing. Well, because I just like man, I don't know. But when you're firing like enjoy it then happen all that often. So really wrap yourself around how cool that is that feeling. What's your biggest superstition, and the golf course? I don't know if I have any honestly, I really don't. That's what everybody says. And then do every time you play. And then they go like, well, I don't have any. But I only keep ninety s in my pocket. All. Don't do that. Your left. You know, I only. I play with ones in threes. Number ball. That's it. That's about my only like superstition. I'm not a I'm not a I just made a birdie. So that balls done or I just made a bogey with that ball. It's done. No superstitions. I'm sorry. It's boring. It's just it is interesting. Because like we said everybody starts with that. And use it ended up telling us like fifteen of them. Yeah. But it sounds like it sounds like you're pretty clean. David club in the bag the favorite clubs a Potter because things on it. Just it just it's kick. It's an ass kicker. I mean, it's it'll cure everything putter. What's the best golf shot you ever hit? That one with tiger sounded pretty good Nasr, pretty good. That was a pretty good second-best caller so many so many good shots. I mean, you you could you could go down to. I remember when when I one Pablo I had to make about a four and a half footer on those bumpy poetic greens in the pro-am. So there's way more people walking on the greens. And there needs to be to be able to make a putt golf tournament on those greens in that condition was pretty bad as that's awesome. We'll Jimmy Walker and we'll keep you any longer. We appreciate you taking the time being very candid and hanging out with us. And we're glad you're back out there feeling good playing good and good luck. The rest of the way. Thank you barstool. You we appreciate it. Appreciate it.

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