Prostraight Talk - EP 289


Our interview and so we just recorded the really funny show. Everybody Great Really Fun. It's really fun. I was talking the whole jared nonstop and it wasn't recording so that means a few things for everybody one on it goes in that special little straight talk volt that will never be here. It's almost like did you ever do that thing where you put every- put something like a shoebox buried. It and it's like a time capsule time cop so maybe one day maybe some satellite straight talk sadly member. We have one of those those actually up at orbiting space. Maybe that recorded it magically. Someday it'll be recorded. Someone will here but I mean it was really good. Oh my the lost episodes of straight talk with lush and I'll tell you this you know Nikki Nikki is he's here. Welcome my God. Oh I'm thinking about all the funny stuff that happened on the show. This is this is. This is a tragedy need. This feels like a tragic because Nikki for example Nikki was gone last week but listen to the show and all the things that you were so curious she had like a all all the things we said mean about her list on my phone and then it was like Nicky's birthday and I kept teasing birthday and we always we always we always Miss Nikki's birthday. So usually I play this and then I would. I would stop and we'd be like that's fun and then I'd say anymore. Memorial be like <hes> but no member that whole bit was so funny funny audience with a loved it and then a. and then we let it go go and then I was like one more time ago and then I let it play a little longer and if he was like what I'd be like Oh move and then we had cupcakes surprise come out and we all gifts for Nicki. I Got Nicky. What gets you this is not? This is not a joke on. We've really did this. This really how we really the whole thing. I'm I'm happy honest. I'm struggling a little bit to get back to get back to get my because I'm like what goes Ross Ross Ross. It didn't wasn't like working and we're like. Oh Man. I just got up when the kitchen during for all of us we do about the fact that I listened to the episode last week. It was Nice Okay Joe Joe. Yeah you got me <hes> some little gummy and we'd to honeypot vape pen our favorite kind favor and then we talked about the methods that you the phone call that you have with fags while you were high hi last night. I accidentally got a little high last night. 'cause I got a new kind of ape pen and I called fags and talk and talk and talk and talk and talk with no introduction no hello. Nothing just started talking. I know I'm Kinda high right now but I feel like I would be like wait. What oh I mean say. What was I going to say oh. I'm sorry what this amazing voicemail. I play. We got a long voicemail from Bisexual Gina three and a half minutes. I played late it. This is like a memorial for the last episode of funerary need. Some closures almost flack afterglow. We're talking to what happened over so everybody can. We please go back good in point. I know we all the exhausted we did. We did two segments of full show a whole new game all new the new theme song and <music>. Suck Dick hold on this might be a good point because when I was listening to the point really excited about the potential of St Talk Doc chatterbox straight talk. I don't WanNa the I don't want to. Redo anything we did because I don't want to. We could do other lamer shows. It'd be like all right. We'll just do the same thing and you remember. You said that I don't I'm not gonNA fake it on this show okay. I got a call today. What fucking birthdays on can I know another cupcake. She ate. It gets favorite kind of cupcakes. Rousey talked about that with your birthday. My Birthday Sucks Farook. Be One of the weirdest this whose fault is whose fault J. Rods feet. Oh my God you're right that does stink <hes> pity starting to show G.. Right even at a fucking cupcake remember these the gay best friend. You wish you had and no you need. This is tough love money. Now here is Ross Mac. I can't even listen to it again. Can you hear me. I can't either can't let you know I didn't get what your new Pergola. I was so excited about the but my hot tub curb appeal the Pergola me either I love. It sounds like a struggle. I got to High Pergola Silent. Staying Hong Hooks on a wind chime. It's fucking thing I love my hot tub. I've been in both times. I was in everyone gets. You're all all circles like you were high. You start going Pergola Pergola personalism Pergola up so we're here to stay my call Pergola. Somebody called a Pergola Darling yeah. It's like a it's like a Pergola Para. La Pergola is like maybe lying no per Google Pergola aw and that's what it looks like it's Pergola. Oh Oh outdoor gardens feature forming a shaded walkway yeah right but let me tell you about the call him God. I'M GONNA get in trouble trouble. why by whom don't do it what what word instinct it was about this program? I got a call. I got a call to who we gotTA fight. What happened today and it was like. Oh Hey you need to be doing this and you need to be doing this on the program and I said what I said to the person. The end of the phone was at first I was driving. Okay all right I can do that and then like a beat went by and they moved on to another topic of conversation. I go oh we will wait. Hold on wait a minute and they said we're GonNa go about what I just said. Fuck no and like a what do you remember why started straight talk. I started straight talk so there'd be no in between me and them and you just gave me two things that I have to I do. I have to do anything we who yeah who is talking to mark. He was speaking on behalf of somebody else said so oh you tell them no. I'm not doing that until just one example something near No. I'll tell you two specific things that you have to do that that you have to and I said and I was just like okay and then I thought about and it was like no I call it Michael. Hey mark this isn't work. This is an extracurricular activity. I have to fucking Soda. Why so tell them if they need need to do that. I'll do it. Not You hold all recording. Don't worry yeah so anyway. I just thought it was a reminder of why I had to remind a few people. Why would you do the we are in my home either we do. Do you think the air air conditioning on right now. This would not pay for that unit Stan. I gotTa do what they pay for that separate repeat behind you right now so uh-huh exactly what I buy my own jolly rancher. Thank you very much. That's what we remake on. What was that reaction when you said that was okay or just like don't know or you left a message. No I told Mark to tell people. What was his reaction what you're right yeah until I just I just whatever right right now. I'm in a mood about it. I'm full. I had to cupcakes to religious. Oh I this story Nikki toll on the show. Don't tell it the same way because I don't want to be things I don't first of all. I can't remember anything old hurt turns forty four and she didn't know she that she was turning forty three and Tommy boyfriends at know your forty four in the Nikkei call her mom. How old am I and it turns out forty four yeah four. I really really believed I was I was like I can't believe I'm turning forty three but the funny thing is as I never thought he'd turned into one of those people that didn't know their own age because I've always thought those people were kinda jacked up in now. I'm that happy birthday happy birthday to you. I missed you guys. Miss you too well. We missed the home. It was nice to come back so thank you. We did a whole thing about remember we talked about. Hidden Valley ranch on the last broke broke down my secret of restaurant ranch so let me tell you audience and you missed a great great show per honeypot. There are so many so many things happening. A Lutheran Church became play the game again. We could do the game a new one. I think we should do that because that'll be good into the show any blank blankety blank we can do again you guys so we can't the. Oh important thing we did announce though New York tickets for bubbly Brench that bubbly Brunch New York tickets are officially on sale. Go to Bollandbranch DOT COM go bubbly breads on Instagram to announce the book cover shit. Let's do oh my the show was so loaded loaded with style. I quit so Ross as a book cover yes. He's throwing a party at the Abbey. All the all invited everybody calm August thirteenth Tuesday six PM come to the Abbey Party. We're going to be there. We're going to celebrate Ross this. This is a great accomplishment because the last time he was talking about this book we were with him in P._V.. Remember you always sitting by the Pool Rossel's working on his book and now it is done and we want to celebrate this. The US economy showed Nikki the cover on air thing off for the first time. It was really cute. It's so perfect and but you haven't released is the name of the book because it's really cute and so you're going to save up for the people in the book anymore. We're going to quit show Biz. We talked about going to go. There probably later tomorrow but I'm getting some yeah. That's really what we're doing people. They're listening. They came to the party like like wow everyone's drunk and like we're all talking about the things that happened five hours ago and the New People departure you're like this party sucks but it's kind of fun because the people that love it love it. They know okay sorry. This is the definitive sincere meets fall. This g rods feeds fault his feet all the culprit and they suck okay wasn't he patients disgusted with me. I can't rose to show so now. I'm I'm with you. I can't fake it. Not What we we didn't do a Nikki believable all that stuff. We we just a month. I cannot fake this show so let's just give them the third act of the show title Third Act. No it's J.. Rods feats asphalt is the my is based on motivate divide and we did talk about touching your Moldova at the Chicago. Show God damn it to get it back. We can't we because what we're doing now is we're telling somebody a story about something. They had to see and they're like well. I guess it sounds good so it's not even this is nothing good podcast. This is bad storyteller. No matter you know what they're getting the truth. This is family broadcasters. We would fake it fake. Let me tell you in many times. Have you had to fake the curtain back for all viewers for everything that you watch Yep. They're all faking it all. They've all time rehearsed. Everything thanks Janet a million. They are faking it and that's why it's dumb and that's why it's cheese and that's why nobody watches stuff anymore. Think in fucking dumb and stupid so you know when they do those stupid podcast awards that are going on now. I'm submitting. This episode for your in. This episode should be for straight Talkie Street Razzie strategy the restaurant that's fun. We're GONNA win a strategy during the day before the Oscars they do the razzies award the worst in film so we should do before the street talkie awards strategies the worst of dollars and this is going to all of us. What was the worst moment C._j.. Had what was the worst. We have too many happy birthday happy. So you can take all the nominations sorry I was born orm. Oh come on rookie. Pirjo can't even just sick secret breath. We can we just a little breath year of just man. What do we do to take a break and come back? The Third Act Now goes. Oh ooh no no no no no. Can we back up because I really did like the we're wouldn't you've theme song. We hours late recording that would you do you want to do it. Yeah you want to save it for another episode. You can do it today. We'd need all new quick. The game is would you do the right question to be fresh the same questions fake new questions you could ask. We know what we can just wing it. Let's do want us doing we could play the theme song. This is riveting. Thanks for listening God his birthday. This is why we don't tell them what you're British. athle- it is Your Birthday Party Fuck Nicky's birthday episode and Third Third AC DOC Mumbo jumbo another fucking third act <music>. Where do we come back? We'll have trending God alone with one of his million. He's got a million segments yeah right yeah. Keep it straight quick question. Do you experience stress diety chronic pain or trouble sleeping at least once a week. It may may feel like you're alone but you're not a lot of people. 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Trust me feels dot com slash talk equality's just another word bore hobby lobby behaves taking a dump is good enough for me Barton and Boob Hobby Lobby <music> take care bye blankety blank blank. Yes all right. It's time to play the game name. Oh shut up play the game sweeping the nation of course you know it. It's called blankety blank. That's real in the woods wheel in the cart with the blanket on top of it all right here it is I need a wheel in all kinds FAG Zima loan. It is under the blanket the lost episodes you are so blankety blank blankety giddy blank everyone like he likes blankety blank blankety blank log episode Yeah Yeah all right. Thank you so much playing blankety blank. That's a big hit. That's good I will. We'll say we did get an email. I didn't get to this earlier in the show new bleeding blank sweeping the nation. This comes comes from Mike who says dancing to do the whole which is a big hit while preparing my breakfast and I was surprised how much I got into the tune anyways I say you my theme Venus idea for your new show blankety blank that will not only sweeping the nation but the galaxy think big like C._J.. So Mike made a themes for us because we already have blankety blank which was a game show in the U._K.. And they stole the theme song for me and they did it where differently and but it's really the game is really about. What's under the blanket so mike maintenance? I hide things under blanket than you. ooh really phenomenal nominal notice in there was an elephant sound about no. I think it might be C._J.'s as big car. Hey C. J. C. and I'm talking to your cock the interviews this is the big ten inch penis. Are you there great. Have you seen the episode. Would we recorded and laws. Oh no me either. Are you angry about it on your penises talking all right and what. What did you think we should do about it three I couldn't I couldn't agree more now? What is your favorite thing about straight talk with Ross? I know too now can you do you do a mark impression. Let me talk to you. I'm talking to your penis. Each tenant's bean is do you do mark impression. That's not bad bad. Do you have any final words before we go Jay. Pena's hasn't maybe Google. I enjoyed that a lot so he could find one youtube youtube elephants on the facts. We're actually google. C._J.'s Pena sounded face. Just came up all right. What if you win around and all our genitals talk in some way <music>? I'm thinking about that would be like all right. Hold on hold on. I have on the phone right now. Nikki's vagina are you there. Smartest Creature Planet Nikki Gene Mickey Mickey's Regina Regina. Did you have a good birthday cake. Don't shut up. When did you have a question for Nikki's with join anybody going out to somewhere fancy tonight? Let's see MHM Nikki's join. Are you going to fancy to celebrate shit the confused you fancy girl Yeah Yeah. What's your favorite thing about straight talk and do do a mark impression? Thank you so much. Thank you so cute. She's you guys want two. Oh no what I have fantasies but hole on the phone right Oh that's why are you there him facts or you there. I don't know if we can shine there. What about Hillary? They're <music> racist vaccines. Have you hung the Mir. I could barely hear my butthole. That's good key goals in there Alan. Let me hold on it. TURNS OUT STUPID TURNS OUT factor the same connection our mics have after the computer about their yes now fantasies about whole facts but a have you hung the Mir yet okay well. I agree any questions about holes picking up the whole <hes>. How were you feeling the sporting after your morning pu the really going there with a C._J.? Any questions for facts these are you looking forward to have having penis in your non Pinas inserted but whole question we got a good Bingo. The bingo Ross can talk Jay fucked up the show. Yeah fucked up the I can talk to a couple of questions to couple. Jay Rudd's feed. How do you feel about messing up the show no well? That's understandable. Are you gonNa do it again. Oh no no listen. Can I just get back. I want to see that big toe. Oh close up. Is there any way let me just go okay. Oh my goodness to wear wow Ross. How about you we can we really can we have a conversation with your parts which depends what part? What part do you butthole? Who Weekday what are we talking about? I would love to talk to your butt. Hole aren't asking a question okay so Ross is butthole. <hes> we know it's been an interesting day in podcast world but if I had to come up with skull sentences described the new podcast that's up right now. What would you say I mean really chiefs Sweden's butthole if ever if I had had a nickel when's the last time you've had something in your butthole question Russian question? Let's ask that I really. I hope he's honest and lays it out there. What might go has to yeah? That's a little tight wiki the questions is that a squeaky door any other questions a parrot squeaky door. It's pretty it's pretty apparent what it is is <hes> do they. Describe your butthole the way they describe your mouth. Ashley Wax Whack of course it okay Mickey <hes> today's balch excuse me but <hes> I was wondering what your plans are for this evening. Oh that's true I. I'd Actually I oh I didn't even I didn't even know I spoke goat but that's true question. <hes> will you be performing Crown Royal Crown Royal on Yes Grennell Nice. If you don't know is one of my favorite favorite Jill Scott songs so you know C._J.. Loves that I love Jill Scott. Tell them about the first time that you heard me. Loving Jill Scott blew my mind because just got is for your teasing Amihai barbecues and I knew Ross is my official meanwhile when he was saying was it a moment of like my mouth like what he was thinking word for Work Yeah Jill Jill Scott <music> good sex. Everybody listened shouldn't just got nedal Shish Wick slid pipped twisted any so and you so kills back they go ahead <music>. We'll be right back. Mhm Guest is paying retail digital bish another one stop you figure out fish another riddle that uh-huh but they don't know but I don't know what what they just unbelievable. This is as good as it gets this is he believable. Don't know what's going to happen next unbelievable. You haven't heard that yet on me believe he believes you want Mumbo jumbo jive Abobo Jar <music>. There's only one place to go. The this is straight talk with Ross Mathews sure to I <hes> we are <hes> over it Mickey training stores over it. I T's a couple of weeks ago James Cintas over like that <music> over it doing it over to do over it over it. Sorry sorry James Per Chaba which my favorite name every emulsified story God mold of so many things to play during my story last weekend I passed by a crystals and bullshit store. My local mall called East meets West I've been doing I've been in the storm anytime that I'd never bought anything had a funny healing time my whole show talking polling that my curiosity the clerk if they sold motivate and my to my surprise they did what Great Marketing Video Radio Promo my God these fucking ads so there was only one piece left in the store. I was over the moon. It came at a small vacuum sealed case the stone itself was also small about the length of a penny in the width of a pencil but it didn't matter because the second I held it in my hand. My arm went numb and I had a chilling sensation my strewn with that was a debt debt card swipe later debit card. I'm like I can't read them. Drunk a debit card swipe later it was mine Iran to Yonder <hes> Yonder to Michael's to buy case to put it in. I went home to put the mold fight in the case and connected to it. It's connected to an old chain that I had I wore it for the remainder of the day and all was normal. I took it off before going to sleep. Here's where it's good people. I woke up the next morning and I noticed that I had broken out with a redness and pimples along my net I I I thought that it may have been the chain I had worn it before and it had never given me that reaction. I went into the shower to wash up and to clean off the rash. I put the mold of a necklace on the shelf in my bathroom and stepped into the shower while washing my hair I heard a small dome as zip opin at hit floor. I ignored it thinking. Maybe it was my cat playing around the room. Seconds later crash the large rich garbage pail and high bathroom fell over and next to it the fight out of its case onto the floor. Nothing was in the bathroom to knock either over her also the case for the Moldovan headey clip locked so it could not have easily fallen out either. I decided it was better to have the stone with me then against me so I put it back in its case a war despite if assumed that were at the next two days leaving it on while I was sleeping and showering nothing happened come today. I'm at work for context. I work search a secretary to Church and I take the Moldovan off to save me the awkward questions from the clergy that might walk. I put it to the side with my phone. Everything thing is quiet and I'm typing up a letter on the computer again crash a picture behind me of Mary falls off the hook and onto the floor again. No one was in the office but me. Let's just say that from now on it stays on even if I have to hide it and Tuck it into my shirt. I hope you have found my mold divided ventures to be UH Nikki believable. This is not to Bash Bowl divide while I've had and I've been flushed with inspiration and intuition. I guess it just doesn't like when I take it off. Thank you James B.. Brooklyn New York New York come on Brooklyn James Meeting. I'm Nick James Shetty. Thanks who says who's WHO's general is that that's that's roses beholden story yeah. We'll go little cute bowel. You know what what it the feel good. Thank you for sending and if you win if when you buy motivate yes please leverage thank you. I just have have a quick freaky foxy and to do with C._J.. Because we did afterglow this last episode together we had so much fun and and both my nipples question my nipples the question one answers first and then the other asked my nipples a question Ross Ossis nipples. How did you feel today when the weather was oh both nipples I push one I worth forward and then this is my left? I listen and then the right aide during afterglow we C._J.. I don't know how it happened. We started talking about a prostate massager and that you had your into it or you're going to buy one. I'm so fascinated aided by that is he was on after very fast. I actually thought you said you had got it. You had ordered a prostate massage like a guy. You know there's people that give those not an actual human. That's what I thought but only realistic. It was an actual thing sticking side yeah it's just about milking the prostate and it's a different experience like I've had it once before. The feeling of this is a different kind of conversation. I like it. I like it okay because I'm sitting here with my my chain on my hand like all like I like shit so it's it's when your agency and it does help you can go to a doctor and they will actually milk your prostate for you. What does that mean? Just hold on guys. I'm fascinated wait. I have C._J.. Prostate on the phone oh good okay. Let's see prostate laws are you. Are you there. Oh my God okay well. Let's ask some questions when you want to ask you as prostate when you say Dr Milked. You're the pro brought your prostate. What does that mean? What does it feel like when it's what physically happens? It's the feeling of honestly forgive me. I don't think he asked you. I think he asked ask your prostate. Yes okay. I'm just GONNA try because I fly out of the states to go see my doctor. It's you you put a finger up your boat. You can touch the prostate feel it but it's like if a man is laying in bed and you're jacking off you can feel the feeling and it gives you a different sense of ejaculation so there's action straight Hewitt. There's blogs where they do to themselves and their wives helped them to so there's actually uh-huh massage that I ordered that has a remote so waterproof I could do it in the shower by the way that was my prostate I ah remote getting milt. Somebody got a hold of that remote and the other room and was like this is what hi does it make it better or just different. I think it's the feeling of ejaculation that is really just amazing hazing and so it's rather than just checking yeah. No go take a shower. Let me go eat. It's a holy body experience. You feel it through your like. It's a whole like the most amazing ejaculation experience I've ever had them a whole entire like him a whole entire. Thank you thank you. I was the one who did it. Thank you no thank you no. Thank you fake. We're bringing up right now. I'm the one who milks the utters yet told just squeezing the side walls and just pulling out the Jews yeah. No I did <hes> that's interesting C.. J. Asked him now. Let me tell you I was on a farm and said could you milk my prostate and and I said I actually motherfucking ads on fucking Youtube fucking stupid fucking okay what about for that you can be a straight man. It is seriously my prostate. I said aw come on over and he got him unease Yup. I got my bucket. Donald Hata Barnsley's squeezed yell prostate except C._G.. Went I remember when you asked me when you ask what my episode of Little House on a perv that was prostate massager little house on the prairie come on over yonder township ship date but I it helps with you know kind of it's not fully the cure but with people that do worried about prostate cancer and all that they encourage you to go to the doctor desert father wall or whatever we will fall out with Dr Dillon and milk bottom while fellow. You know I My prostate checked and I was very uncomfortable with doctor and I'm like I'm really nervous. Tell me when you're going to put it in the finger like my and he said you know what's fascinating is that gay guys are the ones that are nervous nervous about and straight guys actually love. It actually put that finger. I'm getting mine checked right now. I didn't get that one that one prostate all right. I'm I know what I'm doing tonight. You don't have a prostate <music>. All Mickey's birthday me. Can I check your prostate. I gotTA do some chick. I gotTA check your Maho. It's exciting and I'll be like listen doctor's orders C._J.. Ross sucker for your birthday that sucker beer a hot mess but lost episode did something to ooh hold on. There's a new song. This is the Prostate Association of America. Wait now listen. You've heard it ready hi. I'm Ross. Mathews wins the last time you checked your prostate. I know it's uncomfortable to talk about but it's important to get done. The men don't do it. They avoid it but I'm here to tell you no matter who you are. It's important that you check your prostate. Check your the put up in Boston. We're up to do it. No Milk no prostate note that br that was so awful terrible uh-huh angry all right. What's what's next? Oh it's all I know what time for him I do too <hes> prostate lineup <hes> so I know a lot of times on here I talked about the protecting of your magic during my blackness but I will say in that thing <hes> breath with protecting your magic. Make sure your magic as good when you walk into a room now I am the king of mood swings and I will tell you that sometimes you can walk into a room and everybody is happy sunny disposition all around the room and you can come in watch out shit s thank s face and everybody's trying to be kind to you and you just an asshole because of whatever you going through and I get it and the world is a fucked up placing. Sometimes we carry that Shit on our shoulders but you don't have to give that to everybody that is trying to give you love so sometimes if you need to go outside and sit in your car and take a moment and breathe it helps I think think of maybe being in Maui I think maybe being spring somewhere that I love and sometimes you gotta just step away and nobody's going to be mad at you. They go out. Take a breath and come back and be happy than and sit in a room. It'd be an asshole the whole time when everybody's happy and you over there looking like a Dick so you know what don't be a Dick and so I can say we can protect our magic against other people but at the same time time you gotta be happy because trust me again I go through mood swings and I talk about depression. I deal with all that and it's easier said than done but if you take the practice take care of yourself and your temple it will help it will work. That's why I talk about. The song was listening to this podcast and his things that help that will make us better that go through Russia in the world. You know what I mean so like that's why I love being around fantasy when I walk in his house and Ross and Ross is always like hey how you doing Nikki that gives me the love and all that and so when you I know I can come through. I'm going through a bunch of this because I get into my and I feel like that protects me but sometimes we'll protect you is the people around you that are happy happy and they were showing revel in that because it will make you better and don't be scared of it and if you don't WanNa feel it at the time go outside. Take a breath comeback career and you will get it now to close out. I want to read something about the prostate right. It's called you'll get right back rock-hard erection without touching you feel the way starting from your prostate going through your whole body trembling sensations. Keep doing whatever you're doing. This is why you're touching prostate and keep doing whatever you're doing. Take the experience all in and you don't focus on the penis like you would just get hard so you don't have to stroke your penis while you're doing it like I've done it before but you can literally sit there and have your and it's the most amazing thing so I'm I'm. I'm Oh come on church now. Don't get net group start posting bullshit because you know the second time we post on thirty million people start putting them that they're doing just just show up in the facebook. Yeah you'RE GONNA post million. I think everyone should google image prostate massagers input you know can we hello jake. No one's GonNa hear this. doodle black prostates please. I want to ask the straight guy in the room would you you get a prostate like put your I think for J it's called a prostrate shaking which would have pat Dr Stick your finger and Jay on the Mike Yeah. That's never sounded appealing to me ever to be actually have straight friends who do like that and they've suggested. Have you ever tried it. No I have not come here Nikki sticker. Honestly that's about all I mean really that would be. I think that would be a great segment segment yeah prostrate examination by Nikki. Come on come on and not tell them what's going trust pasta drink out. Please check your prostate do that. Oh my God I would never stick my finger in his skid mark butthole. There's no way okay ready. That's the question one of US had had to check marks prostate. How much would you charge or and or what would you want to prostate? Ross Mathews Russ's mouth. Yes Nikki Boyer. Yes thank you I would check his prostate and for like two hundred bucks why I'd go to I would love to check his I._R._A.. Seventy dollars will you do it for seventy two hundred seventy bucks. Would I lie down his buttle counted. I have forty dollars. Okay yeah totally. I'm sorry I read this. Have you have to pay me forty dollars. I will not do that. I have one dollars. Let me think about that twenty five. Oh I have to pay you twenty nine I I will you pay you twenty five dollars. We'll all totally do it twenty. Can I use a rubber of course Oh yeah no twenty. I do yeah I do for free would do. I Yeah I would love to six dollars dollars no five. I don't WanNa pay anything for that three dollars are we. You have to pay US two dollars. Each dollar not d. Hey you pay one. You owe us a dollar fifty. Not Giving you marks prostate eight prostrate. Maybe well no but I will go I will you wouldn't pay fifty cents. Fifty Cents Okay understood. I this is why I give it by the way this is. Why savvy businessman I just saved just made us fifty cents which is really making the bucks <music> C._J.? Goes a little hot all my credit cards for all your credit cards. Pay Check marks prostate but he has to have a shower and I know he'd had not all early Sunday good point anima. We didn't talk about this. Okay Nicky what would you what would <hes> you know with the lowest I would do it would be like a thousand bucks because that's two tickets to Puerto Vallarta and I'd stick my whole for that super well. You're all sick I would not I would not the correct. Answer is nothing I would not do it. Why not you're the one who's paying what did you what did he fucking fags? He's like gets a little tick marks by you know the little horsea in front of the door. You put fifty cents to write it that that that little horsea is marks prostrate back it really is I would love to see what school oh why would walk me through. What would you like? What what would it be like? I would sit him down on that. Couch would make him put his legs up like a soap Albion Barrow back. You'd have as balls out yeah yeah but I would keep his under his pants down around his legs. Ankles are still together so I push his legs up behind his head yeah yeah and then I would like okay just relax brands so yeah got to be quick and then I would. I would give them trying to lose them. So you think you have to go on his March Ali already so yeah. I'd stick my middle finger and say just relax. Take a couple breath. Let me get up to your prostate okay. How do you feel you should probably do two fingers hurtful one finger does? I didn't know that feels feels like you're focused. I never knew burned ticket out. Hey Hey mike every prostate Ross no more no more talking about marks prostrate. Oh this is my whole all know we AH marks prostate say anything marks prostrate prostrate. Never the toilet God you know. I don't know I just own. I don't just I'm just so happy with this episode. I'm not going to be the one targeted being the marks prior mark born prostrate IRV phone. Oh really there. It has fingers. Are you there hello. Do you want to ask marks prostrate three anything yes so. How do you feel about fantasies finger invading you? Just curious like okay marks prostate. I have a question. What are you going to dress up for the next the address? Is there any food inside of you so when fifty six clean pool sounds like a fiesta burrito Nikki I'm good. I'm good good <music>. I have a question would he. Let me check prostate. Can I check you in a live podcast. Show in front of it sounds like a yes to me all right everybody well. We've done it again aw that's all feats volt because we would have had any of that if it weren't for here's the deal Brooklyn tickets for our Brooklyn Bubbly Brench. Were there every single month now right <hes> all of this at Rossa branch dotcom Los Angeles Palm Springs is Bakersfield Oxnard starting soon we will be in San Diego's already sold out the first ones tickets for the next one. I think Bakersfield maybe just about Brooklyn Clem <hes>. We're coming to Seattle the Labor Day weekend that Saturday Labor Day weekend is going to be a branch tickets are not available yet but stay tuned. Keep checking Ross bubbly brench dot com Ross possibly brench on instagram. We are going to be having a cover release party for my book and everybody is invited. It is Tuesday August thirteenth six P._M.. At the Abbey be market calendars come out you can buy your tickets for the slow fee of zero dollars zero cents England's welcome released the cover and right away the pre sales will be available and will be streaming live on my social media. Hello Ross from the event as well with the pre-sale link and if you buy that pre sales it. It really helps me out because it all starts at first week and that's when they count for the list. That's so awesome so that August thirteenth you can follow me on social media. Hello Ross Z.. Malone is fags magazine. Josh Rodriguez Josh underscored underscored. That's j Rod C._J.. Can Be found at C._J.. Life C. J. A. Y.. A. Y. F. E.. Why because eleven podcast can we kick it available for podcasts available facts? He has a podcast gay gay gay gay getting cast also go to automatic pin writer DOT COM succeed Crystal Shrine here in Burbank Nikki Boyer Nikki Boyer on Social Media and the program is Hello Ross pod <music>. I quit dear H._I._V.. It's me science. I didn't give up while there's no cure. There are treatment options and sticking daily treatment helps as people get to and stay undetectable which means so little H._I._V.. It can't be measured by a lab test and the C._d._c. states that staying undetectable means. There's effectively no risk of transmitting is meeting H._I._V.. Through sex echo echo

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