BTM117: Lifestyle Business Blueprint (For Real Estate Entrepreneurs)


This is Darryl Elliott and you're listening to the before the millions podcast episode one seventeen. I got on MBA. Are you ready to be the master architect of your life. Are you ready to design Your Business and invested leads that create the lifestyle always dreamt up. Are you ready to learn from entrepreneurs and millionaires who have achieved a certain level of success. Hey this is Derek Location Independent entrepreneur and you're listening to the before the millions podcasts I am Gina Lofton often. I am an investor and you're listening to the before the millions podcast hey bear my name is heather haven would marketing coach and global entrepreneur and you are listening to the before the millions podcasts. Hey this is Marcus crispy host of the seven minute mental podcast global entrepreneur all around Geek and you listen to the befall the millions podcasts I M M C Laubscher the cash linenger and you're listening to before the million spot costs. You're listening to the before the millions against podcast a whether you're living to invest more cash flow all built an online business that allows you to be location independent you come to the right place. Mr Hollywood himself presents the before the millions podcast and now you're rose to ray would is going on good people woke him back to the before the millions had cast and this is a special special L. episode that I have in store for you guys today because many of you have this dream whether or not you've started down the path you have this dream to become a lifestyle entrepreneur whether or not you have a day job and you're dabbling into your real estate exciting numbers on the side or you're pursuing your real estate endeavors full-time many of you have this dream this idea that once you get to a certain point in real estate you will be lifestyle sprinter. You will be able to live a life that most people can't live now. I'm all on board with this as you know. This is the type of life that I've always strived for even when I had my day job I knew that within the next two years once I read a rich dad poor dad knew that within the next two years I would never are sitting in a cubicle again. Luckily that happened for me. In eighteen months in that wasn't what out the help of a ton of mentors courses coaches consultants programs seminars webinars the works so with the culmination of all of that experience and all that knowledge I realized as many of you guys make the transition from a fulltime employees to a four-time real estate entrepreneur however that transition is for you. Many all of us are going about it all wrong and we don't even realize it. I am a great case study of this and so with the before the millions educational platform the very first thing that I did was create a course right create a product now. I wasn't asked to create this course. I didn't get any input on this course while I was creating no feedback. I wasn't even sure if it's something that people really really needed but I had a strong desire to create the course and that already had a podcast best with listeners who were looking to get started with house hacking at the time so it was just I go why not create a course plus. I was in the middle of trying to replace my income at work because I had just gotten fired so I really really really needed this course to work out fortunately and unfortunately I ended up with zero dollars in sales zero dollars in revenue after three or four months of blood sweat and tears and literally put all my eggs in this basket to make sure that it was a profitable venture ended up costing me thousands from the courses I took to the software hours using to like things that you may not even think about like the fact that I had only invested in Texas up until that point point and I had to get with my attorney to create contracts that would be universal or mostly universal for all people in the U._S. and that was thousands of dollars and there were so many different little things like that that I would have to do along the way as I built out this course twice spent thousands of dollars thousands of man hours and at the end of it all came up short so similar to you. You may have started out building out this pretty website. Whether you're an investor. You're an entrepreneur. You're a realtor. Your property manager manager may believe that the first thing that you need to do is get your business cards. That's GonNa make you official right getting your business cards. That's quite often one of the first things that people need to legitimize their new business. Hey look I have a website ticket. Check me out. Check out my business car checkout look. I'm going to spend the next two weeks concentrating on a logo guys at the worst logo I haven't even looked at my logo since twenty sixteen seriously so what this course I went in. I mean I started ordering paraphernalia like we had t shirts hurt and things to give away and it was just like I just knew that this was what I was supposed to do and it turns out it is but as one about a completely different way the wrong way till today. I want to show you how to actually build your real estate related business the right way so that you don't waste hours of time days weeks months so you don't sacrifice so much of your health so you're not spending thousands and thousands of dollars just to fail or just for it to take two two years five years ten years longer than you expected and that's why I'm super excited for this episode because we often start in this process of building our real estate related business. We often start like literally about eight to nine steps head of step one one host a weekly mastermind right and this weekly mastermind is catered to experienced real estate entrepreneurs so entrepreneurs who already have clients a steady stream of clients possibly or who already have had had one or two or maybe even three clients or maybe it's a product or service and that product has already been sold so that means it's validated at the at the market wants or that service has been provided so this band per se these group of individuals have become literally my family over the past six months since I started the before the man's mastermind so just remember that the primary goal for this mastermind is for many of these individuals to completely replaced or fulltime income at work with their fulltime entrepreneurial royal real estate business so there's an individual getting ready to start his own brokerage is individual getting ready to release a whole new suite of products and these are instruments that these individuals have planned to use to completely replace their income so that they can become one hundred percent lifestyle entrepreneurs. Some of you guys are in that process right now. There's a framework there certain steps certain processes and as I'm kind of thinking out loud to you guys right now. I'm actually going to call it a blueprint 'cause that's literally what it provides you guys. There's there's a blueprint news about twelve my best call them disciplined sister twelve but we'll stick with blueprint. There's a twelve part blueprint to creating and building your real estate related business that will make sure are you are not going to end up how I did in twenty seventeen homeless sleeping in my car trying to kick tenants out of poverty so I can house heck but how the headache got so that blueprint is what I'm going to cover here today. This blueprint blueprint is imperative. When it comes to starting your real estate related business so he know anybody right now that is looking to start their real estate related business or they just started or they've been doing it for a while? They're not having any luck. Refer them to this episode and I guarantee you. They'll get a whole lot of clarity around what's not working and why it's not working. I started with maybe step eight of the blueprint had a full fledged course out before I thought to do seven other things that were super imperative in my business that made a whole lot more sense for me to do before I started creating content before I started producing podcasts before I started coming out with courses in classes or seven crucial steps before that that I completely neglected and there's four steps after that that will completely transform. Form Your Business but many of us just have no idea that there is a system right. There's a framework that we could follow from people who have gone before us who have already forced pat and if I knew this then who knows how how much further along I'd be now but I'm glad that I I know this now and I'm glad that I'm teaching this now and I it would it wouldn't make any sense for me to teach this to my mastermind members. 'cause these people have have businesses up and running right. You would think that they might not need to know the framework of building business. They already have built their business. There's there's looking scale but you'll be surprised at how valuable this information is even for experienced entrepreneurs who've been at their business for a while and what's really cool. Is that have a masked member that runs at AIRBNB property management service so if you happen AIRBNB B._N._B.. And you don't want to deal with the fuss or the hassle of the check INS and the cleaning and all that stuff his company comes in and they do all that work for you so what's really cool about his business model is we've taken these twelve steps of this blueprint. We've got him super clear super super clear on every single little intricate part of his business and how to handle how to take care of that part and I'm being beg right now but once we get into the steps you've as we know exactly what I mean so for instance he wants to add a new product can wants to add a new service to his repertoire. You'll hear me in just a few minutes talk to him about how his next product or service which is consulting for other people who want to be managers right so right now his services that he serves homeowners who want to turn the properties into Airbnb or he serves homeowners who have your been bs and they want him to manage it for them but he's releasing a new product line or new or a new service line rather that allows him to not only just serve serve these people with his company but he's helping other people start their companies there airbnb property management companies so that they in turn can go serve these homeowners right so he's building how history conference by not the only implementing his service but teaching other people how to do this largely due to his vision for his company to become a global global brand and he discovered that he wanted his company to become a global brand because us of implementing step one of this blueprint now. It's funny about his two different services is they catered to totally different types of people to a lot of the exercises the things that accountability that we have in this mastermind their predicated on systems in automation. There's no way he can do all of this with a full time job without implementing some type of new system or automation right. There's no way he can. He can literally leverage the Internet without learning how to market without learning sales and these are some of the things that in our weekly mastermind that we cover that we talk about that we congregate on again think about the fact that most of us were surrounded by co workers who have no idea what the entrepreneurial path is even like. They're not even thinking about this stuff right. Sometimes this stuff may even turn them off so you're surrounded by this type of energy all day every day. Whether it's from family coworkers or friends not a whole lot of people understand what you're going to hear what you have going on and you could easily be dragged down to their level or to their thoughts start thinking well. This is not worth their. I can't do this sir. I just want to be like everybody else. I just want to go to happy hour. I just wanted to lay on the couch watching. It looks like you can think all these thoughts because you see everybody else doing it. That's why it's so important for you to surround yourself with a group of like minded individuals who are all striving for success in this real estate journey now if you're an experienced entrepreneur and your interest something like that head over to before the millions dot com for slash mastermind nine enrollment is currently closed but I do have a waiting list so apply to get on the waiting list and I'll notify you personally as soon as we opened up enrollment again net link before the millions dot com forward slash mastermind so this mastermind member is not only using this framework to go back to his original business model and tweak things and implement things and have a Ford facing talking strategy but he's now building his new business model his new service around this blueprint so that it's not GonNa take double the time but it's GonNa take half time. It's GonNa take half the efforts going to be a lot smoother process. He's GonNa get paid a whole lot more which is actually one of the steps in the blueprint money and pricing and how to actually priced yourself at your value anyway. Let's just say you haven't get even started out getting your first client as a realtor right or you haven't yet built your first product or offered your first service as a Rosette entrepreneur and you're looking to do some of those things now when you WanNa make sure you're doing it the right way what I've done in guys again. I'm going against the grain here in a few weeks ago and had to keep it really really secret Britain doing that again here. What I've done is I've actually taking the clipping from my actual mastermind meeting that master before the man's mastermind the mess my that I'm telling you guys about right now? I've actually taken a clipping from that me and when a play that for you guys because what about this mastermind is not only is it a mastermind where we congregate and we uplift each other with our resources and with our and with our recommendations and with access to things that not everybody has access to like you know we're literally a band hand but not only do we do we do that on a weekend. We got basis but I have this extra mentoring component that offer every single member so whether this is during the meetings or on a one on one conversation later on in the week. There's always extra from entering just from me personally but I love to offer the members that it's just just something extra right so one thing that I've been doing that's been I guess a bit extra is I've been kind of hosting these workshops like right before right after a mastermind meeting and these workshops APPs are helping my master members more and more built their business in the tried and Putin fashion so the recording that you're about to hear as more of a teaching workshop as a pulsar normal mastermind meeting where were sharing ideas were going around and we're giving feedback to a specific individual on whatever situation going through that week so you're going to hear a teaching workshop inside of my mastermind. I'm GONNA play for you a clip that literally walked through the first few steps of this blueprint. Ah Now mind you. My master members pay five hundred dollars per month for this type of content for this type of access not not even just this type this exact content because again. I'm pulling this straight from a mastermind meeting so you're getting exclusive access to content in which my mastermind members pay five hundred dollars a month for and the thing about the twelve steps in this blueprint is that it actually took me. Maybe about six six hours to cover all twelve steps. These six hours were covered over a span of maybe about a month or a month and a half right and I recently went back and the only reason I know it six hours because I recently went back to all the clippings to pull this clip out obviously went back to all the clippings. Put them all together to create a full sink twelve step blueprint like Oh wow this is six hours and these are like multiple multiple mastermind meetings. Were discussing a few of the steps every few weeks till again what you're are going to hear. The first few steps for building real estate related business a business. That's eventually going to enable you to leave your day job and you're going to hear it for free. My mastermind members make it histamine but that's a risk. I'm willing to take to make sure that you get maximum value one to to make sure that you don't go through the heartache that I've had to face time and time again you're going to be able to bypass all of that so now is not the time to get bogged down with websites lights. Now is not the time to get bogged down with business cards or even creating content. There's so much that goes before that I guarantee you. If you follow the steps before you actually get around to the stuff that you believe there needed those things that website that business card the content that you create the course that you come out with the blog that you put up the instagram account that you start guys as you can tell as we moved to twenty twenty almost every single business now needs an online component and I used to shy away from social media you but in this day and age social media is the work selling my master members of the other day social media is the work and if you learn how to leverage social media in your business. It's going to be pouring rain guys pouring rain and that as A. Reference to step three and even a little bit of step for which kind of helps you with your avatar right. Where are your clients? If you're a realtor you know where your potential sellers where <unk> potential buyers right where are the potential people that you conserve and how can you serve them. What problems are facing and if you know that then you know exactly how to position yourself in your email content on social media how you present yourself that meet ups and networking groups? It's phenomenal once you've gone through this process so I can't wait to get into the episode again. If you want to become a part of my mastermind head over to before the millions dot com forward slash mastermind and get on our waiting list today it's again this whole workshop experienced it. I'm taking you guys through in that. I've taken my mastermind members through. It's just just an addition but what the masterminds really focused on its central points or systems and automation Zinger business learning how to market yourself properly online and offline and then once you've marketed yourself what you've started corralling those leads learning how to complete a sale owning what sales is what sales process should be like right being around individuals who have all types of crazy experience and sales and marketing and systems and automation. It's not of course it's not a seminar this literally a group of friends who are all the real estate eight niche and we're all striving for greatness so collectively were almost like this big brain right and I may not know a whole lot of things in one arena but there's I guarantee you. There's a member whose specialty is that exact Rena. I guarantee you. You'll hear it on this call because as I was adding as I was showing this mastermind member how to go about his new consulting service and how much to charge and all that good stuff in his value in his work instead to I was literally showing him how to build up his value based just awful things that have nothing to do with consulting. They have nothing to do with short-term rentals have nothing to do with your B._N._B.'s. I was showing him how to build up his value how to offer more to somebody than he thought was possible. No one thing we talked about a few weeks ago that he was trying to price himself comparing price as to his competition and I completely wiped off the table because that's not how he needs to price yourself because he has so much value but he doesn't even realize he is insane with you guys but not only that has pricing didn't align with his goals and he would never be able to get the right race with the trajectory that he wants. If he continued down the path that he started on before we took a deep dive into his value into his dreams and aspirations into his business model and how to make all all of those cohesively work together to think about the collective brain of such a mastermind as much as a talk about lately that I've been trying to slow down my pace of reading. I'm literally about to hit sixty books this year where I wanted to hit like thirty thirty five because a hit forty lashing out on a slow down to sixty this year on what's crazy is that there are mastermind members in my group that are way ahead of me that have read way more books than I have this year sound like a comparison game by want you guys to know what's a brain and the value that the members are able to pull out of this knowledge and expertise bank just from him alone right is unique in its own right in it's different in it's informative and it's up to date because of how many books and how much value he's placed on education so bitter believe that there are certain insights every single person can pour into you in their certain insights that you have that you can point to everybody else and it's not always going to be the same. You're not always going to get the same advice you not always Koa the advice right but what's cool about it is you can get different perspectives from different business owners who've tried something in their business and they've been successful at it and they want you to try. It's crazy that's over at before the man's dot com for slash mastermind now for those of you who are we're just now starting. We're going to go ahead and show you how to cultivate a winning real estate related business right. I'm GonNa give you the blueprint and if you're like man five hundred dollars a whole lot to pay for mastermind over the next few weeks. I'm Linda highlight and show you a ton of different examples of how I've been able to and will continue to be able to double your returns triple. Your returns five extra returns. The fact that the mice pay me six thousand dollars a year to be a part of this group and to get mentoring from me like okay well. I have to easily easily deliver eighteen thousand dollars that year worth value so for some people just doing one extra deal delivers value to extra deals a year delivers value easily early and I mean that happened in February like you've already gotten your value for the whole year three x right and that's just from a short term monetary standpoint not even thinking about the long term monetary benefits to compound benefits not even thinking I mean if you know anything about me not even thinking about the other major areas that I love to focus on such as help such as relationships I mean this group is a group of individuals who are largely family oriented. I mean most of us were doing with a lot of the things that we're doing in our business for him because of our family to provide them with a better future but also you think about how you are just literally one person away from anybody in the world from getting in contact with anybody in the world or from doing business with anybody in the world one person you may think maybe two or three or four people away but you'd be surprised you'd be surprised if you're listening to my voice you are connected easily with any and everybody I've ever been connected with just by reaching out to me right same thing with mastermind members and by reach I mean one of my mastermind members putting on a conference for e t in a few months and I'm going to go back and ask him to confirm but I believe that the seat of that was planted due to to his participation in this mastermind he's now hosting a full-fledged conference for one of the greatest motivational speakers of our time and this has nothing to do with this profession nothing at all but everything's with this goal in his mission in life crazy. He's putting on a conference for A._T.. So you think about who you have access to especially in a mastermind group you're one person removed from almost any everybody in the world with the powerful group like this to there's so how many benefits just past the monetary value is extensive stewardship and then my fraternity back in the day it was all about brotherhood and I feel that same energy and this mastermind group which is open to male envy by the way so it's not about the expense per se it's more about the investment and what you're going to get a return on your investment and I love this qualifier because it makes sure that only serious people step up to the plate if you're still dabbling if you're not sure real estate is for your path. You're going down four you. Then you're going to get weeded needed out really really quick or are you gonNa refer to something like this this podcast episode which is going to help you in the early stages of building your business so I cannot wait to get into this cut that we have for you guys but before that a school heading covered quick tip of the week and then we're going to get right into the conversation between myself and my mastermind members covering the first few steps of building your lifestyle real estate business to raise of the week so this past weekend I was hosting one of my mastermind meetings and actually the weekend before or maybe the meeting before it dawned on us that we should have like a just exclusive session just based on email marketing and list building now. Some of you guys may have no idea what this means but for those of you that are roasted entrepreneurs that are investors that have some type of business that are using that business eventually leave your W. Two corporate day job and it's an online business than your total aware of the fact that list building and email marketing can and should be the lifeblood of your business so this past weekend I actually almost performed like a masterclass for just my master members alone and we went through the exact steps the exact process that they need to start start building their lists to start effectively email marketing and to start seeing more results in their business as far as generating more revenue getting more exposure for their business to the right clientele also presenting them with the right offers at the right time time simply amazing like sold my tip of the week this week is to no matter where you are in your business. If you have a some type of business and you know that your business relies on relationships you need to go ahead and start building your list. I now there are a ton of softwares out there that you can use to start building your list. I'd say use an excel spreadsheet when you first get started started sending out individual emails N._B._C. and everybody but once you get to about fifty maybe a hundred subscribers you want to actually use a system that is made for this exact bank. I personally use a system called convert kit these systems. They're called E._S._p.'s e mail service providers and my mastermind members are actually the ones who suggested suggested that I get an affiliate link so I am a fissile affiliate for convert kid and if you WANNA try convert kit for the next fourteen days one hundred percent for free head over to before the millions dot com slash convert kits that seek out N. B. E. R._T.. K. I._T.. Again that's for a fourteen day free trial with converted and what's really cool about convert gate is that it's so user friendly like I came from click funnels and before click phones I used the male champion you guys could use things can be used in salt and a Weber active campaign and drip. There's so much I use convert kate. Get you email service provider and start building your list today. If you are real estate entrepreneur and you are looking to build relationships and now your feature presentation he's of the exact things that I did when I built on business so let's start with step number one which we talked about briefly a few weeks ago which is decide what you want your future to look like okay so when I did back in two thousand seventeen I made a list of fifty things that I wanted in my life literally from health wealth to relationships right and I gave you guys an example of some of the things that you guys could possibly want. I WANNA be able to speak to a thirty thousand people audience as a keynote speaker right. I WanNa be a digital nomad working thirty hours a week. I want to be debt free. I won't be able to give my wife the ability to stay at home on impact thousands of lives annually Lee right on it's like eight to twelve weeks sabbaticals in various countries. I WANNA run create my own foundation. I WanNa Count House flat on retire my parents on my siblings to school right. I want to be able to hire personal chef. I WANNA private Jay. Eh The list goes on and don't think something's too big or too crazy or why. Should I ever dream that big. Why should I want something like that? Nobody in my family's ever has ever had that. Don't think like that just literally be as vain and be a selfish awful when it comes to this list think about your case think about your parents think about your wife. What are some of the things that you want in your life five years from today? What is that life? Look like. The reason why we're doing this is because so traveling to me is amazing. I love traveling but for me to want to go on three months baticle and for Antonio for you to go on three months ago. We lived two totally different lives. That may not be a goal of yours. You may have no desire to do that. I may turn you off right but it's a goal for me. It's a goal for a lot of people oh and just because it's the goal for me doesn't go for you. You know so a look at you know like just imagine like four four puzzle boxes right in each of those puzzle boxes has a ten thousand pieces so you got forty thousand puzzle pieces in all these pieces are different pieces assist to different people's goals. If you think about the fact that you have specific wants goals and desires so let's just say there are ten thousand pieces to your puzzle box and it's in this forty thousand piece. You know all the forty thousand pieces together other right. There's no way without having a clear picture of your puzzle. There's no way that you're going to look at those forty thousand pieces and be able to extract the exact pieces for the picture that you want to pay like you have to have that on on the on the cover the puzzle box I give you a picture and then you all been the oxygen is all the pieces while you need that picture to be able to create the puzzle so what we're creating right now. Is that picture and once you created that picture once you decide what your future which wants your future each look like you can look at those forty thousand pieces and not be alarmed because if you pick up that piece I WANNA go on three to six months. Sabbaticals in that case doesn't fit your overall picture. You're gonNA throw that piece out so for every one piece you put into your puzzle so you're GonNa take three pieces in throw him out because only one out of four pieces are gonNA match again. Most people are never going to know what their future entails because they're just like analysis seems pretty cool. This is pretty cool out there. I want to do that too but they haven't let me get drawn out their exact picture so that they can say guess and say noted things that do not fit that picture also cultivate that lists and try to get fifty again. This is not something I want. You guys do later like we're literally doing this right now and I'm going to definitely call you. Guys can see some of the things that you guys are listening but it's one of those things to where now that you have this vision. You have this picture these things that you want they can change. You can change next week but we're just getting clearly right now. How much money do you need how much money musher business generating to live this exact exact lifestyle like if I want to be away from eight to twelve weeks a year while how much money would I need to live in Sri Lanka or to live in Thailand or to buy my plane tickets? Like how much money would I need comfortably to be able to do that. Uh you know so so kind of figure out that overall amount what do you need in your business. What number numeric value do you need for your business to be generating live the life that you always wanted that is step number one and as fast as I can get through step number one again once we went once I'm able to do this in the future workshop like outspend like two hours on step number one really define the future? I'll probably work books and pamphlets and things like that but this is kind of this kind of the foyer right and hopefully we can do a lot more in the future but that step underway decide what you want your future can how much money you WanNa make doc. Okay step number. Two is identify where you already add value. So what is yours on genius me personally I entertain I educate I encourage against buyer. These these are things that I've always enjoyed doing and it wasn't always in a capacity of real estate or capacity to help people to live a lifestyle design but I noticed through school through all my extracurricular activities to sports that these we're always the things that I liked <unk> like educating people. I like I like learning something and then someone somebody like what I learned in in helping them through a process that they may be going to estes something that excites me that may not excite you identify what you're good at. What excites you? What is your own the Genius Square are you already adding value to people so again for me like the entertain educate encourage inspire others to lifestyle design astronauts freedom so that they can pursue a life for which they were created now? Some people may not know there's on a genius. Some of you guys may be like. I have no idea what I'm really good at. That's okay I have a few questions that that helped me through my process because again afford twenty sixteen. I had no idea what skills I had like. I was just like yeah I mean <unk>. Only regular person like I have like. I never had like this crazy town at to like play the piano or like be super good footballer. I'd never had like any of these crazy talent so I always felt like I was like there's nothing unique about but you'd be surprised so if you don't I don't know what do you think about you. I want you not to only think about these questions and try to answer these questions but send these questions out to about ten people first question that I want you guys to answer right now but also send the people if you're unclear is what are my three to five unique qualities. What what are my three to five unique qualities that sets me apart from everybody else for me? I'm a strategic thinker. I love to allies left to read right up to learn information and then find way to find a way to help other people use that information for their benefit. What value do other people get when connecting with me like this is the value I seen you some company you with these questions? What are some of those things that people consistently approaching you for? What are some of your personal strengths? What is your a professional strengths icbm before county right so I have some strengths that I don't even think about sometimes I mean some things that they go right under your nose over <unk>? somethings like all right over your head that just come natural to you. This is why you want to ask the people. What am I professional? National strengthened my personal strengths with some of these things come so naturally <unk>. You don't even realize that hey this is something that is a strength of mine and I think I listed some of mine out at some general ones as well so if I if you literally if you literally think about the things thinks that you are good at the things that you have experienced in things done before you'll be so surprised at how long you can make a list like literally just think about from the time you were sixteen. We'll be surprised I mean like here's a quick list that I made right. He's literally really things qualities of mine values of mine that I I mean you may not even think of our things that sometimes I don't even think of it. All I know this I can do the second you know mail chimp Antonio you are you are an expert at male chip you no more about millichip than ninety percent ninety five percent of people you that that is something that is a quality of yours that as a strength of yours right email marketing this now a strength of yours right so that's why I put here email marketing house hacking airbnb Reynolds commercial multifamily analyzing ising deals podcast cold calling door knocking facebook marketing drop shipping reads like I'm literally going in and adding value showing you all the places that are trying myself because really for yourself showing myself all the places that I've perfected learn to add value and then I doc I can help somebody in that process right kindle publishing email address configuration Google Edwardsville online business speaking from stage marking funds lead generation notary public a Webinar creation starting a business taxes how to research coaching creating the mashed <unk> not asking working out negotiating photography audio editing video <unk> copywriting decision making marketing automation financial sectors accounting the list goes on think about the things that you guys are taking Mike you guys are taking guys are taking for granted some of the things that you can possibly help other people with it. I mean what's one of the things on your list so one of report what I see is analyzing deals airbnb rental Steph and what what are some of the things on your list on your list that you don't see on here all my personal strings. Oh if somebody approached you today and never hosted a meet up before. Would you be able to help them startling. Oh yeah definitely that's interesting has nothing to do what you do it. If somebody were to approach you today and you know there were like well. I'm great at meet UPS but I don't really know how to get people to the meet ups. Would you be able to help them with that. Yes definitely house on well <unk> standpoint of giving them guidance in this shemeit spoons. What's so if I don't have anybody in my meet ups what would be the first thing you would tell me to do? First thing is a look at your well. What can I tell you a promoting in on what channel cannot promote on one channel facebook of course? What's another channel Instagram okay? What's another one what am I meet up dot com is it me them Pixel data standard but Josh know exactly what he said? I thought somebody hears me to calm and they're like what is that. I've never heard of that before. Josh would you consider yourself better at DOT com. The ninety nine percent of people definitely wow you are an expert at at helping people marketer meet up dot com. That is a skill Josh that is a skill that that every single thing I listed on here could be its own business every like meet up. I am an expert. I can help I can help businesses find signed traffic find revenue dot com you can deck that can be your whole business. Will you see how powerful that is and that's something that you do in your business. That has nothing to do with Daschle is airbnb rental service. This is something that you naturally will because of your business but that can be a business that's powerful. Hey are you going to send us this. After we finish I can yeah like them but most of them you send us in the group. Okay I do that. This is how we take for granted like in Gem Mani. You didn't think about it. I actually have a marketing service that helps people generate lease through meet up dot com. You would never think of that as part of your persona that is part of who you are. That's part of what you bring that is part of what people pay for when they hire hi you're Joshua. That's crazy and it's only what are some of the things on your loose. You have a ton of businesses and you can have a list of mile long start listening so perversion restraints. Why didn't write it down because I really didn't think right on the spot or whatever but I'm just go talking to beat why I don't want to use your word us earlier but like I I've been getting a lot lately like you'll be telling me is fired him? It'd be from post and stuff like that lately. I've been on some inspirational motivation type stuff. Just Ocean surveys quotes things things like that and people have been like really responding so I like the the touch people you know what I mean. Bring value there. Maybe motivate them. Never Know Andrew as have you had any formal training on any of this. Have you gotten any any people to to tell you hey. This is really inspiring. This is really motivating. This really is really impactful to me man yeah so I was at the annual. Our annual awards are wanted this was like last month. Maybe the beginning of this month somebody tolman need to be a motivational speaker. I know I wouldn't even be instant <unk> anyway you win now. One thing that popped in my head some motivation speaker was A._T.. So not a host host events conferences you know how to find sponsors. I don't have to explain to you. How powerful that is that skill? That's a business in itself finally Congo nubile putting putting together packages. I mean so I just want you guys to think about every single thing in your life. I mean even the the applications using a computer that you take for granted that you just like Oh. This is something that all all real estate agents know how to do. You'd be so surprised about how these skills can really impacts my life. So what can you guys to do is to build up your personal image of yourself itself in the quality that you have to offer the brand that you can build from your name and what you're able to do for other people because again all these purpose personal strengths or professional strength. I don't have the time. I don't need to think of these like I would never ever go. Oh I like. I like photography. I mean who even knows that is something that I'm awesome it right like like I've been killing got paid thousands of dollars in college photography and that's something I know that's a skill that I have I could always monetize that's the part of my value whether I never to pick up another camera again and this is one thing that we're GonNa talk about when it comes to creating your product and selecting your price and I got I got a homegirl and she's a photographer and this goes back to Antonio how we like to help so people will talk about our very specific ideal customer here in three but I have a ton of people who are not in real estate approach me and asked me to help them walk through some of these ideas we talk about on the smash. My obviously my specialty not is to help roasted entrepreneurs building grow their business. That doesn't mean that I don't have again with all these skills the expertise to help somebody in another industry gardner business right so a photographer approach missions like hey like. I'm trying to quit my job. I do this that the third she's really good photography like she's really good. I'm really GONNA photography. I just don't know what to do next how to build a business from this so again like an insurance agent like a dentist like a doctor like she's good photography. That doesn't mean she knows how to run a business other than it's not build a business that doesn't mean she knows how to make income so I told her I was like hey. This is like a ten minute conversation. I was like man if she was like if I this is my specialty I would hold our hand through this but there's like some in conversation. I was like there's so many ways you can make money without without actually going to a two three four hour photo shoot like yes these photo shoots are your bread and butter right now but if you just flicked you're thinking instead of being a photographer to being a business owner that owns a photography business. There's so many more avenues you can explore four again in about two weeks will talk about potential income streams but for her. I kind of opened. Her idea is for the fact that hey you're a photographer. So you have what editing skills you can not do any photography. You don't have the child for Tom. Green where you can typically Eh People's pictures you can go on up right now crater profile in a photo editor via video editor. You can make get killing right so that's one thing I because you have that skill to Takefuji. You can teach other people how to take photographs right so you can be a teacher right and. And you can actually leverage one teaching where you're helping somebody else start on their journey to photography <unk> beautiful necessarily you have because you know how to do photography you went to menu can do group Chinedu online course you can have a zoom. Call like this you you can do monthly webinars. You can charge nine dollars a month of that. You can do a facebook group. You can do a meet up right. There's so much you can do in that space. Maybe you want to go into an actual product right so a course right you can actually sell prince you can take beautiful pictures I and sell the prince. There's a vast amount of things that you can do in this space. You can create an agency that hires out photographers right. I mean you can create an APP. I mean there's just so much because you're photographer like you see all these potential income streams drinks and whatnot opened up her eyes <unk>. Oh I don't have to actually only get paid. When I have bookings? I can build a business from this like she was like I'd never thought about this. I've never thought about leveraging my timing teaching other people how to do photography like that's like she was like I make three hundred dollars shoot. I was like look you can make two hundred dollars a person in one hour. If you teach ten people how to shoot what you're shooting instead of actually going to do it like just like this is. This is crazy so again. This is the value I'm able the ad because of the skills that I have because of my personal strengths and these are the things that you guys are going to be able to do and I touched a little bit on on on potential income streams but that kind of gives you a for a while. We're doing this. You guys have any questions so far. I cool home again. If you don't know what your <hes> What your zone of geniuses some of your strengths which are really good at read the big leap by Hendricks and he has a amazing process for kind of walking you through that system of your strengths and yours James you are listening to the before the millions before the millions podcast. Hey try by hope you found this excerpt insightful right crazy thing about it is just the first two steps ten more steps and what we did is that step six we had all the ingredients that we needed to create their mission statements their value proposition statements and their elevator pitches now these weren't the purposes of the first six steps but buying large once you go through the first steps you'll have a clear cut the bind business you'll know exactly who to target you know exactly exactly what products and services to put in front of them and you'll know how to get the sale so then we had a whole separate session on mission statements in value propositions and then we completed the next six steps on the call after that so this is when we start creating content at this is when you can come out with their course this when you can start going on instagram and finding sellers that are looking to sell their property at discounts this is when you can create an email list which is the most powerful part of your business if especially if you have a online business aurelius or or a lifestyle business in twenty twenty so after we create this content then we gotta figure out well. How do we market to people we got all this good content and we know exactly our target marketing? We know our business model. We're super clear on our goals. How do we find some people all right? How do we find these sellers? How do we find these kinds? How do we find these customers well that that's what we go over in the next six steps? We find these people. How do we market to them? Okay once we market to them once. They're in our marketing funnel well. How how do we actually sell them on the product right? These are all things that every single business owner needs to know just because you can market somebody doesn't Yoursel to them and just because you're great at sales doesn't mean you know how to market and then once you do all that it's just like well. Okay well how I'll do we build this business. What's Nex we can automate delegate with Dave delete could also build new products and services which is what one of the masked members is getting ready to do right now with this consulting right? He already has a property management service <music>. You're already has a property management company. He's leveraging that company and it's still the same company but now he's adding an extra service and that's how you grow in scale and then last but not least we had a whole separate. This is like the fourth or fifth meeting at this point a whole all separate conversation about potential income streams about affiliate income powerful stuff about one on one coaching about physical products. It's about sponsorships and advertising about donations and contributions and we just we literally went in and I sold my mastermind members every single possible income stream that they can lose leverage in the business that they already have without going to do extra work and then we get into money in pricing has been not least and we talk about doubling their rights. I mean talk about the benefits not only yourself but also the personnel the other end that you're adding value and how you show up and what being a Gucci Prada offending your industry will do for yourself and your brand so I've kind of quickly gone through the twelve step blueprint for building your business your lifestyle real estate business. I've gone through that very quickly. In the first two steps you heard a live with myself and my mastermind members as I told you before when I went back to look at the clippings and I looked at how long all of them were like in culmination almost like five six hours now I haven't went to edit these videos haven't went to add brandon and I haven't put these videos anywhere in the sense to wear like hey you can have access to the rest of these videos but if any of you if what I've covered with with the rest of the steps like hey this is just the tip of the iceberg and I'm really serious about starting this business and if you want the full fledged if you want those full-fledged talks in this may be something that will never offer again the conversations that you'll hear only happen been and a high level mastermind so my mindset on this is this is not going to be released to the public. It's not going to be a product. You're not going to find a sales page on this like this is property of myself and my mastermind group so I'd want to give their approval first and second second off I do plan on billy blowing this out of the water and doing live events and workshops helping people locally in different localities that as a word of built their business so if you want this one time access to the twelve step blueprint for building your lifestyle real estate business if the videos of the entire blueprint is something that you're interested in to send me a quick email and we can figure something out from their email addresses d'auray d._r._A.. Why for the millions DOT COM now? If you've already started down your pat if you've already proving Your Business Model right so you've already confirmed that one person has paid you for your services. One seller has giving you their property to list and you've successfully completed that transaction. Are you bought your first investment property or you started your notary business. If you've already done that then you may be qualified for my mastermind and if so head over to before the millions dot com forward slash mastermind and sign up for the waiting list because as soon as the mastermind opens opens I guarantee you. There's going to be a large influx of people whose interests are going to be peaked but you sign up today and get on the waiting list. You'll be one of the first people to be notified. Once we reopen the mastermind for new members gets before the millions dot com for slash mastermind. I hope you've enjoyed this podcast episode. I hope you enjoy just hearing how I built my business. How my mastermind members are building their businesses and I hope you've drawn some similarities to wake you kind of have going on in your entrepreneurial journey and what you could apply to your business even if you're not in the real estate world because I have a ton of listeners that Donovan participant in real estate at all they just love the value that we're able to provide draw some parallels right so wherever it is that you on your journey and make sure that you're following in some type of proven system matrix that you're super clear on what it is? You're doing why you're doing it and most importantly for any business needs to learn marketing and sales in the twenty first century not only do you need some marketing and sales but you need to learn how to do that and deliver back on the Internet on social media over next is going to get into a ton of other benefits of masterminding and being around a group of like minded individuals like this is just scratching the surface this podcast episodes not long enough for me to actually portray you guys all the things that we've been up to and all the benefits you get for just being in the community like this not even my mastermind just a mastermind in general so there's a ton more content coming out guys I cannot wait cannot wait to hear about some of the amazing amazing iterations.

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