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Ladies and gentlemen you are in for a special treat tonight. Dr Jane Goodall People Think of as being associated with chimpanzees. Only but actually. She's much more than that. All these young people looking at her like. She's a deity so much. Love Charlotte onto me this assessment and. I thought well this is going to help me do what I do. We say slow down. She says time's running out to speed up. I HAVE TO RUN. Snuggled arguing you to reach hall have to do it. Jane Goodall an extract from her film. The hope released on Wednesday. She leads the sideshow about thinking. And consciousness and saving those animals. Wednesday was Earth Day. The Fiftieth Birthday. In fact that's when National Geographic released the hope and when I had the chance to speak to this pioneer of animal behavior. I'm in a cottage on the south coast of New South Wales. And she's in London alright rather than respond at all on line for you. Hello that Jen Goodall Robin Williams. We hadn't met for a little while and once when we were the museum and we had big audience of several hundred people you came onto the stage off dry introduced you and you gave me a great big kiss on the lips and then as I was trying to come to terms of you explained. This is a common greeting chimpanzees. I thought it right. I do remember kissing you on the live but can do that but I'm sure I didn't. I'm sure I post to speaking embraced. You could have on that. But how are you going to be now? So we're very worried about them. Because of a pandemic and with taking all the precautions we can we've reduced. The stock is me when customers have time going to check on women that China is close and everything very very worrying time processed off and the chimps and baboons can be infected monkeys convenience and they go in and out of the off. So it's a very tense situation. And what about the other chimps in Africa generally populations so that's still decreasing? We have Institutes programs and Achim nine different concrete now suing roots and shoots and forest protection and of course the forest where the chimpanzees are Books you need protein. The live animal trade people living in the forest taking that just angels with them so the chimps leading a pretty tough time many animals indeed and given that and other things that we're thinking about. The fire has few weeks ago in Australia. And the problems of the Barrier Reef fifty percent of the reef gone. And what's happening in the Amazon and yet you still have hope. Tell us how well maybe laid big difference. If I lived through World War. Two for the first time came face to face with the coach and I still remember. I was thinking never near so seeing those first photographs of people looking like walking skeletons when the come will never entered and fortunately we had Winston Churchill and I think Europe with all including with a full under the Nazis. But it's nothing encouragement. Helped us get to win and so? I feel we've been through so many dog times in human. He's been an always we come. And maybe this time this time they make it so much worse than the previous epidemic stock in the same way with viruses crossing over from animals into people and because I mean we suddenly be hopping being on the move the baby crash closer together. Some of them have moved out and come into conflict with humans plaguing. And so on and we've been selling them for food and the markets and create conditions for us of finances. So I'm Payton. It's time you actually lum that. We've got to start respecting than that. And I'm starting to getting Betas and feelings just like us and we must do something must happen in urine spot in many ways by what you mentioned before roots and shoots what our roots and shoots out. We can't use. It's a program to young. People began with twelve high school students and ten to Nia and nineteen ninety one. It's now in sixty five countries and growing its members from kindergarten who university and everything in between the main messages every single individual. Everyone of us. My toes has a role to play and makes a difference every single day and every group makes it chilly of Crete project. People hold the most healthy environment because they get petunias tooth project. Relevant to that age Economic status the country's in religion politics and because they choose it that passionate they roll up please and they get to work in counting trees. Caring trash that the ship was passionate politics and they are changing the world dedicated they really cast and they have host. They are going to make a difference. They are going to cut in the world around. How can they do that as young people taking over in Brazil doing dreadful things to the Amazon and various other parts of the world? Where you know. They're pretty tough. People that traffickers of animals you know this is the fourth biggest international criminal trade. It's worth twenty billion a year or more. How can kids take that sort of thing on the kids? Obviously that cool back on the line hoping we're in the forest coca nineteen will election like big. Ben could not believe huge outcry now but what young people can do and are doing is because people like John where what's going on that writing that joining together and saying we have to stop being politicians. I'm the educating sometimes. The parents they educate Capable of making major decisions. The of course the children themselves come stock but they can help to range around people. So I'm not going to be a grunge film can hopefully bring it commend as normal people. I stepped out on the edge concealed paying. Yeah expand team financial all this of course in your film released for birthday two hours long and wanted about well. The general is showing what happened during my life. The things that I began the grown the impact that the I and the Jane Goodall Institute and moved into actually made and posted my ideal geographic. They wanted to carry on from the documentary. Chain distresses my early days and not much about what I'm doing now so they wanted to show the impact that my knife Chad I do it myself. I just wants only things happened. No it's a wonderful how you went into what they used to call the jungle without a degree and then you went to Cambridge and persuaded them that you could actually be a scientist and call your chimpanzees by certain names but told me in the film. I saw you dancing with Prince Harry. Had you get on with him we to come and speak once a yeah? We've been gathering. Young people. Eighteen to twenty four joe from different countries. Mood cheech neither and having them in Windsor Castle. It's amazing and I off Harry if he would come and he agreed. This was not a planned thing. I was wondering if you remember Jim. -queaking showed him when he met for the first time. And Don Chapman can both of us. Well that's why I remembered your greasing. I remember standing on stage just outside the Australia Museum and you you may have kissed me on the cheek but I always remember. It was a kiss on the lips. Thank you very much. And congratulations on the field. We mustn't do that now. Thank you so much but we come come. Lay brought the too far apart. Okay right your kids for you but not dominate the protocols of Kim Behavior Jane Goodall Age Eighty six stronger than ever and her film. The hope was released by National Geographic. This week the sideshow on our end.

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