Matt Nagy, the Steelers, the Cowboys and Coaching Carousel


Thanks for listening to the heard podcast. Be sure to catch us live every weekday from twelve to three eastern nine to noon Pacific on Fox Sports radio and f s one find your local station for the hurt at Fox Sports radio dot com or stream it live every day on the iheartradio app by searching heard. You're listening to Fox Sports radio. Here we go to Monday. This is the heard wherever you may be. And however, you may be listening live in Los Angeles. I heart radio Fox Sports radio and right here f s one one hour from now every Monday were Colin was right where Colin was wrong. There is a ton of Bolshoi Taylor is joining me in a Monday. How are you? I'm great good morning. Good morning. We have a huge NFL game tonight. But I want to talk about the game that was on television last night. The Chicago Bears biggest game in Chicago in a decade. And man, they threw a party, and man, they look great. And man, they're on a roll. And this is an amazing football town. My wife from there. I been there. I discovered it later in life. I love Chicago. And the bears are mostly about Matt Nagy? Okay. I said it nobody wants to hear it as a fan. You don't wanna hear that? You don't go to a game wearing a headset. We're jersey you don't go and buy. By a coaching outfit. You buy a jersey. You want me to go on the air and say your players are amazing. And that's the story. And I'm not going to tell you that. Yes. Khalil Mack is amazing. And by the way, akiem Hicks is really really good. In fact, pro football focus has all eight of your best players are on defense. This offense though is about Matt Nagy. I'm sorry. You don't wanna hear it? You only have brag about your sure handed wide receivers. And you're young and promising running backs, and of course, Mitch Trubisky. Come on folks this bears offense in forty years to watch a pro football. I've never seen an offense in a coach orchestrate an offense more brilliantly around a limited quarterback. It's an orchestra. It is motion. It is a fishing. It is beautiful it six running backs. It's eight wide receivers. It is a beautiful offense. And in the end of the night hundred sixty yards passing. That's that's that's coaching Patrick Mahomes, far greater talent DeShaun Watson, far greater talent. This is about Matt Nagy. And I'm sorry. You don't wanna hear it? There's two stories going on with the bears. They have a very very good defense. Led by one of the great defensive players of my lifetime Khalil Mack. And the second part of the story is Matt Nagy. This is beautiful. I'm not saying Bisky does not have talent. He's got a little Jimmy G. But he can't throw as well. He got a little Russell Wilson. But he can't run as well. He's got a little Alex Smith. He's not that good at the line of scrimmage. He's closer to Dak that he is a superstar. Andrew luck his coaching staff. Just put them in the pocket, throw darts. Drew Brees his quarterback. His coach puts them in the pocket, just throw darts. Matt Nagy game plan is telling you exactly what he has with Mitch Trubisky. We don't trust them in the pocket much. We're gonna move them around a lot of deception this is three and a half hours of card tricks. It's illusion. It's fantastic. It is beautiful. It is an orchestra in the you know, everybody's like all the Rams have the best coaching staff. No Rams have better players Rams wide receivers. They're they're they're they're better than Chicago's Rams offensive line left. Tackle Andrew Whitworth is better than Chicago's Todd girl. Is better than Chicago. Jared goff's better Trubisky. Rams Rams, Sean McVay as great coach. But he's got some stuff to work with now Chicago offensively it's guys some are better than others. It's Matt Nagy. And I know you don't go to a stadium with a headset on and I know you want me to say now players are folks, you don't think coaching matters. You still watching football these years don't think coaching matters, John FOX Trubisky McVeigh from Jeff Fisher Sabin at Alabama Harbaugh. Michigan replacing Brady Hoke. You know, there's an old musical called west side story. This is mid west side story. Okay. That's what this is. And I know it's going to drive you crazy. And you know in you want all this sort of love and self for Mitch Trubisky. He's a guy now he's an adult again not saying he didn't have talent. He's confident as hell he he's got a little bit of Jimmy Garoppolo. But he didn't. Quite that his ball dies at the end garoppolos doesn't he got a little bit of Russell Wilson. But he's not that athletic, and he's got a little Alex Smith straight line speed. But I don't think he's that experience with that good at the line of scrimmage, by the way Rudy sat for Alex Smith. Great dude on east closer to Dak. But but the offense of coaching right now, it's Kogyo is one of the great things I've ever seen. It is just fantastic. Biggest game in Chicago great football town on a decade. And I mean Minnesota walked into a snake pit Minnesota and their quarterback. Andy Dalton my bad Kirk cousins. Same guy walked into a snake? Pick snake pit. And Chicago deserves all the love, but we got two things going on here. A really good defense with a superstar and a great head coach mid west side story. That's what this is. Right. Bear fan taping. L? Let's go to Dallas fans. Dell's one yesterday maybe Troy Aikman was right me. This is Dallas is division every year in the NFL. There's one division winner that feels like they're a little over their head. Let me just say this out loud this year. Steelers patriots? Saints Teves Rams. Dallas. Ooh, what what doesn't fit here, by the way? We've seen this member. Carolina unwanted division. Seven eight and one Kirk cousins won the NFC East's Washington. Nine and seven t-boz Broncos one eight Nate Seattle one year went seven nine with Pete Carroll. Houston Texans done it a couple of times. Listen, that's Dallas this year if they win this division and right now, they're the healthiest team. I mean, they get another home game on a short week. It looks like Dallas is going to have it. Dallas got several breaks this year. The Redskins quarterback got hurt. Philadelphia has got a Super Bowl hangover and they enter this year on crutches. And the New York Giants took a running back a good one over a quarterback. And they are with a are. That's number one number two, this this cowboy offense is totally limited even with Amari Cooper. I mean yesterday they faced Atlanta everybody in the league. I mean, everybody ally. Jameis Winston everybody hot knife through butter against Atlanta. Dell's had six points going into the fourth deck had about two hundred and fifteen yards throwing I'm not saying Dell's Don Knapp talent, I do not believe like Troy Aikman said the need. No overhaul. I do not believe that. I love their defensive line. I think they're young linebackers that kid from Idaho. Eight man football is a stud. I love their left tackle, he's a hall of Famer running back Zeke a real deal. I even think Amari Cooper is really good. I would have thrown a first round pick it him and offensive line. It's not what it was. It's not as good as the saints offense of line. But the offensive line for the Dallas Cowboys is still very good top ten in the league. And I think if you ask Dallas cowboy fans, if if you ask the true cowboy fans who are really honest, not just pom pom waivers people to go into a stadium. Smart guys. Smart women that go to the stadium and can talk like grown-ups and say, listen, we do this. We don't do this. This is the weakest playoff team that will enter this year. And and if. Wins the NFC east. It is absolutely the weakest. I mean, listen Dallas has five wins Dallas five Windsor against teams that are eighteen and thirty four there. Windsor against the giants. Philly detroit. Jacksonville and Atlanta. Dallas losses are all the good teams. They've played Carolina. Tennessee Houston Seattle in Washington. I mean, listen, it's not all went to the same. Not all division titles of the same. Let's not kid ourselves here. They're not all the same. This is a very slightly above average Dallas team. But they've drafted very very well on the defensive side of the ball. And they've got a couple of stars left tackle running back, and they gave up a number one pick to get Amari Cooper. And I like him Amari Cooper is like when you add a really good pitcher to a pitching staff in baseball and everybody can go down one slot and the former as is now a two and the two is now a three in the three is now a four Cole Beasley now feels a little better. And the tight ends feel more capable and that rookie Gallup, oh, I kind of like it more. Now, Mark Cougars made everybody a little less important. They can just play their role, and it's nice. But they they throw for two hundred yards against an Atlanta defense that is just awful so bears fans still love Trubisky. It sleight of hand. And it's beautiful. I go see magicians all the time in Vegas, Chicago fans. That's what you're watching on offense. It's it's absolutely listen. I've seen you know, every great comedian or every great magician in America. I've seen him Chicago fans. I've seen them all in Vegas used to live there. It's fascinating. I love magic. But it's optical illusion. It's sleight of hand when David Copperfield goes love, those a building, you know. I moved it. He didn't really move it. Mitch trubisky. Oh my God. He threw all these magic tricks. Yeah. He's not. He's not Patrick Mahomes. Sees he's not to Shawn Watson. He's not Andrew lock. He's not Russell Wilson. He's not in cowboy fan. I think you'd admit it, honestly, this is gonna be the weakest team to win a division. And there's always one team that wins the division. And you're like doesn't make. The cut Dallas. Is that team doesn't quite make the cut coming up next. Actually, one of the most impressive things I've seen all year in the NFL, and it doesn't if you just look at it. And you watch the game it may not feel impressive. But it's one of the most impressive things by one of the great players. This league is had for fifteen years. Not Tom Brady. Kind of blown away yesterday by something the Steelers did we'll get to that. Coming up next. Be sure to catch live editions of the heard weekdays at noon eastern, nine AM Pacific on Fox Sports radio at this one and the iheartradio app. Thanksgiving hosting a party, one eight hundred flowers dot com code heard H E R D twenty four multicolored roses for twenty four dollars. This is one of my favourite weeks of the year. We do shows Monday Tuesday Wednesday chop it up then we all leave for a weekend. And there's a bunch of football. I'm off Thursday Friday. But the next three days we are packed Trent Dilfer next hour. Michael Vick on this show. Chris broussard's Sam farmers, one of the longest running NFL riders will join me in about thirty minutes. The chiefs in the Rams tonight. We'll be the NFL game of the year here in Los Angeles moved of course, from Mexico City. He'll give you the very latest on the Rams and the chiefs. I liked the chiefs tonight in Los Angeles in what's going to be a complete fireworks show. We've had so many good games. Joy taylor. Of course. Joining me, I saw something yesterday that was impressive. But I've said this for years, you can lose sometimes in sports, and I'm blown away I've seen teams lose. And you know, they're missing a star player. They're on the road. They overcome a lot of obstacles they lose in overtime. But I'm like, that's an impressive loss. I don't believe every wind blows me away in every loss stinks. The Pittsburgh Steelers yesterday that's called a flex for three and a half hours. They mailed it in they had no juice. They had no energy. They came off a big win over Carolina. Apparently they didn't practice for a week to be able to go on the road against the defense like Jacksonville. There's real players there who in the NFL can be down by ten with two and a half to go in win in regulation. Pittsburgh can who wins on the road with twenty six yards rushing only Pittsburgh can whose quarterback can throw three touchdowns on the road and have twenty incompletions and win. Ben rothlisberger. For three and a half hours of the three hours and forty minutes. There was nothing there for Pittsburgh. They were three for eleven on third down over to enforce down. They had no juice that was a flex. I've seen New England not show up on the road and get crushed by Tennessee. I'd seen the chargers at home yesterday. Not be ready to play and get beat by Ben ver-. I've watched teams all year good teams in the NFL notch. I saw Minnesota at home not show up against buffalo and get routed, Pittsburgh, did not show up for all. But the last six minutes and won the game on the road. You know, I sat there and watched that game yesterday. And I thought the NFL's become the saints in the Steelers at the top. And then whoever wins chiefs Rams tonight. And that's my three I picked the Steelers win the Super Bowl before the season. I thought it looked awful for the first five weeks. But when they played Cleveland again in blew him out, and when they played Atlanta and suffocated him. I'm not sure those whereas. Impressive as as yesterday because and by the way, can we put Big Ben now in the MVP conversation. He's gonna throw for over five thousand yards. He's had to overcome no, lady bell and the lady and bell noise. He is going to lead the NFL and pass attempts. Basically, they're just giving the playbook to him and saying lead us, we'll figure out the defense might just just figure out Ben. Here's the playbook throw fifty times. Just lead us. Here's the game winning touchdown yesterday from Big Ben. First and goal float away. Spreaders bounce back dreadful performance. Most of the way coming up running like an option. Improv incredible comeback. The last seven minutes this devastating loss for Jacksonville after they played their best game of the year. I was so blown and by the way nothing against Chicago. But this offense is about a hall of fame quarterback Antonio Brown and to bro bowlers on the offensive line and juju Smith Schuster this offense. And Pittsburgh is got this is Pro Bowl stuff Chicago's doing it with smoke and mirrors Chicago's doing it sleight of hand, you know, Chicago's like there's there's a mountain. It's gone. No, Pittsburgh's just got just got ballers. I mean, I just sitting there yesterday I've seen good teams mailed in this year. They all lose to go on the road and do that twenty six yards rushing. Three picks, and you win on social media, the kids call that Affleck's. Here's joy with the news. Turn on the news. This is the third mind news kids, call the flex the kids. Do the kids call it a flex. Well, the Cowboys have won back to back games. So the first time this year five and five and his Yukio Elliot had a lot to do with that two hundred and one scrimmage yards and touchdown. Yesterday's win in Atlanta and talking with pro football talk after the game. Yeah. Zeke made it clear that all motivation has come from the urgency to win that's coming from. He was asked about Troy Aikman suggesting it was time for a complete overhaul organization. Zeke said a not even one hundred percent sure what he said the guys don't really know either notice suspected Choi, but that's not why we're winning. That's fair. Yeah. Like choice at a bunch of stuff choice at a little dysfunctional. I agree with that choice said they need an overhaul. I didn't agree with that choice said I think it's their division. Now. I didn't agree. But it looks like it is, you know, it's it's funny about Dallas. And we're gonna talk about this later. I've said I think it's an average coach football team in an average quarterback football team. But I think the thing that's been overlooked for two years joy on this their front seven defensively. Let's give the Cowboys credit. They have hit some home runs in the draft that that Vander s kid that linebacker is a good. He is like that like Brian Urlacher when he came into football more like Brian or lacquer played where Newt New Mexico and for the next ten years, you're like Bryner like a beast this kid played eight man football at Idaho went to Boise state. He is unbelievable player. Now, they're solid. And I think that the the obvious. Spot that you feel like they're lacking is DAT. Yeah. That's when you're looking around the league at the other young quarterbacks and you see the flash and the over the top plays and the dynamic offense at the Cowboys incurring like. I mean, he saw that the first year, but you're not seeing it now, but they do still have z. And I I agree with you. I mean, we we say a lot of things, and it doesn't then it here things here and there, but it's not like they're putting it up in the locker room like choice said complete overhaul go play harder. Like they've got enough motivation to win. And now this this Washington game on on Thursdays. Humongous the season. So Jon Gruden. Derek Carr had quite heated exchange in the sideline yesterday and says no big deal when reporters said he hadn't seen Gruden and cargo each other like that who had this to say, I have you seen. Have you seen? Doesn't mean. We're both competitors competing. Massachusetts. He went for the big play. Disagree. But you know, what we're gonna have contra requests a little bit. Also, I four to one another. A lot this year. That was my proudest. Blazing five pick took the raiders and the points to win the road. Here's the thing. This. This got a lot of play on social media. And I this was I wasn't watching this game primarily it was. It was one of my, you know, it's on the third TV, but I will say this. There was a lot of discussions the team quit. I've never seen an NFL team quit before thanksgiving. I didn't buy the raiders quit. They actually have some decent offensive peach at pieces. I I I like some of their offensive stuff. They got a ton of cap space got bunch of draft picks. They gotta get better. But I don't buy the Derek cars getting traded thing. I just don't buy it. I don't mind that either. And I also don't buy into the idea of guys quitting. Now. Not not professionals. They may maybe you do this in college, and he gets to then the year, and it's like it's over and it's not a big deal. Everything that you put on tape is a tryout for the next team. It's your income. Exactly. So this idea that you're just quitting now. Mentally, you may know that this game that you're playing in the outcome. Doesn't matter towards the end of the season. But you as an individual you still have to play hard. This is your job. And and you know that because next year coming around you may not be on this team anymore and other teams are going to look at the last bit of tape that you left on the field. It's not this idea that the guys are just quitting, mentally, you know, that you may not be headed to the playoffs. But the there's levels of that. And I don't even think of that exchange. Was that insane? They'll be every time we clip off something on the sideline and highlight. It a lot of emotions are trying to win a game. Like, and it's grew by the way, it would. It would be a big deal to me if it was somebody who never showed emotion like that. Here's your thing Dez Bryant would do this for thirty minutes for coach in a quarterback of a thirty seconds shouting match. Barely even thirty gives it to people. It's it's wouldn't Dez was on the sideline screaming and yelling at the coaches had to go back. That's disrupt coaches and quarterbacks bark at each other. This is the this is the way it works is worth funny watching background their them trying to figure out what they're saying. But I agree. It's it's not that big of a deal to me. Finally, it's been a rough stretch for the warriors in the recent weeks. Champs lost five of their last seven games, including three straight on the road trip through Texas. Ship was also seized cars. I three showing on a road trip since he took over the warriors. Can't be surprising. That Kerr thinks this is the toughest stretchy space with this team. Four. We've had such charmed existence was four seasons. So of course, this is tough stretch. This is the real we haven't been on the real Indian. Dream. We're faced with. Really? Ourselves further record. This is shack and Kobe there last year the championship year, then they came back after the third and they fell apart. And they started arguing they'll still win this year, but you can go back to shack and Kobe for a blueprint they went and title they went title. Then the last title they won that you started hearing rumors. There was egos. They weren't playing hard in the regular season. They still won because they were both amazing following year didn't get along. And they were done you can see the fabric tearing, but this is still easily when steps back the best team in basket missing. Steph Andrey Mon now, I know everyone is freaking out and panicking. And yes, there is something going on here. And we talk about it all the time. It's hard to say at the top and be consistent. And you know, it's not it's not that easy to get to the top. But it is something it's about maintaining this level of excellence for as long as they have their injured. They don't have seven. They don't have dream on when everyone's altogether. And then losing like this, then I'll start I'll start panicking. I'm not that worried about it right now. Yeah. Joy with the news. Well, that's the news. And thanks for stopping by heard lie side the way I'd like to be selfish joy has said many times on this show. She is petty. Correct. And explain what that means. It's a nice way of saying that I hold grudges Reverend ever. All right. Don't that? That's your thing. I mean, you know, it you're aware of it. Yeah. I'm working on it, it sure. And I am working on myself. I can be selfish this whole career. I've put aside friends, and as sometimes just just been about me, I can be very selfish, and like joy, I am working on it. But not for this segment. I'm going to be selfish. I've had enough of Joe flacco. I just wanna see Lamar Jackson play that'll be. He's really ready. I mean yesterday was a win. It was nice twenty-seven. Russia's for a quarterback, really sustainable when he's got a skinny kid. But listen, the NFL has been infused with new talent and Lamar Jackson's really fun, and you can't. You can't throw the ball nineteen times. And you can't carry it twenty seven for his size. But you know, what running quarterbacks it's a real thing. And it's not going away Trubisky moves and Russell Wilson moves in. Carson Wentz moves into Shawn Watson moves in by the way. Baker Mayfield moves and Sam darnold gonna move. And that's a component. Now. Lamar's gotta move a little less enthralled little more. But let's be honest about it. The league is changed. Flacco is no better fit. Then Lamar Jackson is when the rules all changed in the NFL that are all for the offense. It was bad for guys. Like Joe flacco, he's always been inaccurate. But now his sixty one percent completion percentage is in barris ING when breezes it seventy seven percent when the good guys are now at sixty six sixty seven sixty eight sixty nine seventy seventy one seventy seven flacco still sixty one. So you can do the big formidable strong experience sixty one percent completion guy or you. Couldn't do the wild runs. Too much. Lamar Jackson not ready to really be a pocket passer. But you know, what trubisky's denigrate pocket passer, he's not in Lamar Jackson, whips it. Well, enough kind of those at my wife said this yesterday kind of like a baseball, but I'm going to be selfish here. He's more fun. It's more fun to watch. I'm over flacco. I'm done with flacco. Neither is ideal. Neither right now flat goes lack of accuracy is not ideal and Lamar rely. Lying on his legs. This much is not ideal. But you know, what as a consumer? That was fun. That was fun. Cris Carter talks about it. You know, this can't be going forward the way it looks every week. But he won't have no long career run that ball twenty seven because he does not have the body. We just talked about Cam Newton six five to forty five. Lamar he is not that. So they have to design. Some congratulations Wellington NFL Goodwin at home against the Poor's defense that we have in in feel but they have to build chains the game plan moving forward, absolutely agree, but Joyce, petty and I'm selfish. I want more of that. And for the record let me list a lot of the young quarterbacks that people like Baker Mayfield Watson. Darnold Trubisky Wentz. Russell wilson. Dak Andrew luck. Mobility is a weapon for all of them and ten of the eleven leading rushing quarterbacks right now or five hundred or better. I'll take Lamar Jackson. I don't think. He's really ready. Josh L. Not ready. I'll take him that was fun for in. By the way, if you'll watch Baltimore's wide receivers tell me, I'm wrong on this. They looked engaged. They looked like they were rooting for Lamar. They were having fun. I mean, they were making some really nice catches. Why they they got a guy? They like him receivers have favorites too. They like playing with Lamar not inaccurate. Joe? Flacco. By the way. Oh, yes. I just wanted to throw this in. This is just a small story means nothing. Lebron James had fifty one points yesterday. I don't know if you caught that LeBron James had fifty one point yesterday. And I'd like to throw this out to you. The Lakers are nine and seven. What does that mean? His first year in Miami through sixteen games they were nine and seven his first year back in Cleveland through sixteen games. They were nine and seven his first year with the Lakers. They are nine and seven. And he now leads the NBA in scoring in his sixteenth year. By the way, I went to that game last week when he could break wilt scoring record. He dropped forty four. And yesterday in Miami still got little chip on his shoulder about Miami. He dropped fifty one. Colin why do you talk LeBron so much? He's in his sixteenth year. He is still easily the world's best basketball player. Go look at Magic's career birds Dominique's Malone's wilt MJ sixteenth year. By the way. The Lakers are not a perfect team right now, they're LeBron the best player in the world easily and about six hundred dudes that can ball they need a number two. But for all the critics and all the naysayers and all the doubters admit it. I know it's hard MIR still work look in one. You were wrong nine seven through sixteen just like Miami. And just like Cleveland there is no great dysfunction with the Lakers. Everything is on track. Only two games back of the top seed in the west. And the bronze still easily the best player in the world, by the way, Golden State got some dysfunction, Oklahoma City, Minnesota Houston. Philly Washington check tech tech dysfunction dysfunction dysfunction. Not Lakers sixteen in nine and seven to back top of the west. And by the way, who did they play next. I could be wrong. But is it it landed in Cleveland check-check win win. In eleven and seven. Coming up next top of the hour, twenty minutes from now twenty five minutes from now, we're calling was right. And we're calling was wrong. And then there was plenty of both. This is the best week of the year starting yesterday from Sunday to Sunday. This is the best week of the year. We got great football. We got three shows. Then we go to thanksgiving. We have huge college games in some rumors later that I have been able to source on some massive massive coaching moves coming up in college football around the corner tonight is the best NFL game on paper in the NFL here in Los Angeles. It is the chiefs. It is the Rams and one of the longest tenured NFL writers Sam farmer joined us a couple of times on the couch is stopping by for ten minutes on a game that will be the highest rated and the most watch Monday night football game in years Rams and the chiefs here in Los Angeles twentieth year, he's in that Peter King cat. Gory where he is one of the most well connected people in National Football League. I read in long before I worked in Los Angeles. Sam farmer the L A times. It is great to have you on a Monday tonight. I just want to let's talk about the importance of the Rams chief tonight. I you said something during the break Sam that you think this is bigger than just a fun football game. No, I think this is a historic moment for Los Angeles and the return of NFL to Los Angeles. They've sort of flirted around people have. You know, they really like you you mentioned that sort of have a crush on the Rams after Sean McVeigh and Jared Goff. And all this is the night that LA could fall in love with the NFL that big event here. And it's really the Rams are using it not always a football game. But as a tribute to the people who the first responders of the fire the shooting. You know, this is a big event Roger Goodell is going to be there, and it's a midseason Super Bowl. I have been about three weeks ago. It's not that I sold my ram stock but about three weeks ago, I put the the saints number one. And I said listen, I'm seeing a Rams defense. Now that feels to me in Domin consume, Marcus Peters. They're kind of doing their own thing. I do not see a lot of integrity in the gaps. I see a lot of going for the big hit. I see a lot of guys trying to make plays. And I like the chiefs tonight. I there's something about the Rams defense. I do not like in the last three weeks have you sniffed around. I mean, I know you've seen it. Right, right. This is a litmus test tonight because we're talking about a team that has run the gauntlet of quarterbacks. They had Aaron Rodgers drew Brees Russell Wilson. And tonight, Patrick Mahomes say this is a defense that's really been tested. And I agree. We haven't seen the gap integrity. We've seen guys freely. Lansing, God sheeting doing their own things. They've got to get back to the basics. And and really that's why you brought Wade Phillips here is is to do that into corral this defense. And you know, we may see it. We may not see it. But I think this is going to be a real litmus test tonight. Yeah. I like the chiefs close your thoughts on that. What do you expect? You know, initially I picked the chiefs in Mexico City back in Los Angeles with the emotion. I like us a ranch thirty five thirty one. But you could really go either way I was at the chiefs last week for the Zona game in Arizona gave him problems. Inner Josh Rosen gave him problems till he threw a pick down at the end. So I think defensively they're a lot like the Rams this. These two are sort of mirror images. I mean, they can score like crazy. It's the defense is going to get a couple of stops. That's gonna wind up determining the outcome of this game. Let's shift into that. Because you said, you know, it's funny about like, I watched the. Airs last night. And listen you watch Michigan with Brady Hoke. You'll watch them with Harbaugh. Coaching matters. You watch the Rams with Jeff Fisher. What you watch with McVeigh? I watch Chicago last night there. Eight best players, according to pro football, focus role defense of guys Khalil max amazing. I came Hicks amazing. What Matt Nagy is doing with less talented McVeigh. With Trubisky is one of the great things I've ever seen. It's Copperfield for three and a half hours, even their dive plays. There's motion. There's unique. I mean what what do you make it a bears? Well early on. I thought Matt Nagy was sort of too clever by half and trying to do too much and reinvent the wheel. Offensively. It seems like they've calmed down a little bit. They've run the ball better. But what I was really impressed with last night was the mobility of Mitch Trubisky. I mean that was amazing. There's a little Russell Wilson. And there was a sort of a weaving scramble he had. And then he picked up more yards on the I think he might be leading the league among quarterbacks in yards per carry. So. That. And also this is a team that's built to go deep in the playoffs lie the defense. If you have just what we were talking about offenses sexy. It's sexy with the Rams at sexy with the cheese. But if you have a defense it can play these cold weather team keep you in the game. Keep you in the game create problems for teams, that's where it's gotta come from as we get deeper into December and January is the teams that play defensively, by the way is everybody likes the dome saints and the Rams and all this stuff. But don't forget Kansas City in January. You don't wanna play there bright and a Chicago most of the year. You don't wanna play there. We could very well have some playoff games in awful weather. It's much easier for a bad weather team to plan L A than L A to play in Chicago. Yes, it's a Dan Marino. You can go to the great quarterbacks. You get them in the cold. It changes every and we're going to see that because L plan Sunday night football in Chicago. So we're going to see how LA holds up. In that game. But I, but I agree and particularly when LA still trying to get its foothold with fans and everybody in create home field advantage that seems to me if you're gonna hit the road in the playoffs coming LA is not such a bad deal. Okay. Two things. I wanna talk about first of all the mar- Jackson. I said I'm going to be selfish. He's just more fun to watch. And I'm watching all these new quarterbacks Wentz moved Trubisky. Moves Wilson moves to Sean moves, and I'm watching Lamar maybe moves too much, but got he brought some life into them. What what are your sources saying on the mar and going forward? Well, the moving is fun to watch and enjoy it while last because he's going to start getting hit. It's not gonna go. So well, I think that if you think that Lamar Jackson is a suitable. That he should crop- flacco flacco, you're crazy. Everything's between. The numbers are quick throws through nineteen times this last week or yesterday and. You know, I think it's is he tested as a passer is he accurate enough. He's funny. He's a spark he's fun to watch. But I think flacco who lost a lot of confidence in the three game losing streak. Yeah. And lost a good teams. We'll come back. He's not gonna come back this week. It's going to be a Lamar Jackson this week one more time more weight, but as far as a long term solution. You gotta go with the guy who's led him to the Super Bowl won a Super Bowl. All right. I don't like that. But it's probably true. Okay. So we saw listen, I never liked the Gruden thing. I don't think you can leave. You can leave baseball for ten years comeback. It's mostly the same. I don't think you can leave football for ten years. Joe Gibbs left it for a while came back. He was lost for a year. I mean, I always used this example, if you fifteen years ago, if you to walk into the NFL locker room and said, no politics, everybody's on board. If you walk into a locker room today and say, no politics, a third of the locker room bales on you like at the new world, athletes millennials. I never bought the Gruden thing at least short term, but I'm watching him in car yesterday. And it's great for social media. I didn't it didn't bother me at all. No, did you make some 'cause I cover the raiders for five years. I was raiders beat writer, and I'll tell you that was like leaked video from every raiders practice with rich Gannon in Jon Gruden. I mean, those guys went back. I talked to rich this morning you did. And we were kind of laughing about what a big deal people are making out of this. And he went through a litany of occasions when so much worse with Gruden, and you know, he was telling me about a Dallas game when he's going up against Mike Zimmer's defense and any audible that oh playing Gruden was freaking out on the sidelines, and and Gannon while audibly was turning and dropping f bombs on Gruden during the audible or another time other plants San Francisco enrich said, you know, he and John really went out on sidelines. John told him I'm going to stick Bobby hoeing enriches like crazy. So this and then Gruden apologized to him later. So, you know for a quarterback to get this far along and car would never have gotten this far along if he couldn't handle a little back and forth. Verbal undressing coach. And I think that's part of the process. What do you make of the Cowboys? You know, the Cowboys are getting back to running Zeke, which is the formula for that really works. I think replacing Connor Williams a rookie on the offense winds really helped with their blocking. I think defensively they're good defensive team. And they really are not listen, Jerry may be crazy. But I gotta tell you something you go back to their last three or four drafts. They have hit home runs on the defensive side. They don't they didn't feel like to me Sam they need Sean Lee anymore. Not as much right? Not as reliant on Sean Lee. But I, but I think that you also look at the rest of the NFC east and sort of falling off, obviously Alex Smith injury giants are coming up a little bit. But you know, Philadelphia's is sort of lost at sea right now. So. I think I think the Cowboys didn't get to nine wins. And that might be enough. Sam farmer one of the longest tenured NFL writers joining us in the heard I I gotta go back. I wanna go back. One more time to the Rams and the chief tonight because you said you believe this is bigger than just a football game. You know, it's very funny for those watching us Los Angeles is building a stadium. And and Jerry Jones was a big proponent of L A getting an F O football. I was told about four years ago Jerry went to the Espy's, and he and he talked to staying cranky and Saint Louis, and Roger Goodell and said, we're making a huge mistake not having an NFL team in Los Angeles. This is big NBA. It's an entertainment world. So every time you fly into Los Angeles. You see the stadium off to your right? And every time I fly in it's closer. It's closer. We're still two years out. But you talked about the current relationship. USC has a football stadium Rams or playing in it. Are the Rams they're just spending money you hear about they don't practice his hard? They didn't play any starters in the preseason. I talked about this last couple of weeks. We have a minute left about the culture change. I think as a huge culture change. I think that Sean McVeigh has really created a situation. Now, where preseason football is going to be worse and worse. Yes. Because nobody's gonna play their starters copycat league. But I also look at the Rams and say they have a chance to be in that triumvirate the triple crown in LA goes dodgers, Lakers UC football. Now. USC football's down. It's the Rams Rams could be that crown jewel. I totally agree with you. I football has been shrinking since they arrived Sam farmer L A times. It's the heard be sure to catch live editions. The heard weekdays at noon eastern, nine AM Pacific, our two in Los Angeles. This is the heard wherever you may be in. However, you may be listening. I. Iheartradio, Fox Sports radio on f s one joy Taylor is joining me in fifteen minutes, Chris Broussard stops by not only LeBron score fifty one. Kevin durant? Mad at me. Kevin durant? Taking shots at me. And I like Kevin Durant, and I support Kevin Durant. But I think I'm right. And he's wrong. We'll talk about that in fifteen minutes. Joy. How are you today in our two? I'm doing great. I feel great as well. We do it every Monday at this time. I have big opinions and strong feelings, I lamb out and then on Monday, where was I right? Where was I wrong over the last seven to ten days? Here we go. We're Colin was right. I've been good on the AFC. I predicted the patriots Steelers chief charters in Texans would make the playoffs and I'm five for five. They're all gonna make the blouse. Now, I had the ravens over the Colt and this morning. I like the colts momentum more than the ravens. But ravens right now are five and five in the culture five and five now, the NFC not so much. But on the AFC we have. Chance to go six for six and our playoff predictions. We feel pretty good about that. Where Colin was raw. Lamar Jackson won and was capable. Now. I did predict before the season strangely. And luckily that he would start in week eleven I got lucky I'm not going to get myself. A right. That was just bizarre luck. But I'll take it. If that was your prediction, right? Then you're right. Well, give stipulation for why? But I this is way better than I thought he would be the that Trump's listen, I don't think he's ready to play. I mean, he's he's got a whip. He runs around. I don't think it's a stain -able. But there's no way in the world. I thought he was going to win an NFL game as a starter. I thought he was three interception guy. And you gotta give again, you gotta give coaching staffs credit nece league. They did a great job. They rolled them out of the pocket. They had some preferred run. I like that one. Right. There's a beautiful play any any. You know, what you actually when he's running? He may throw like baseball. But when he's running got a little whip on him and get the ball out there. So I didn't think he'd be if you had told me that was going to be as I start in the NFL this year. I may have gotten a week, right? I didn't think oh look that good as wrong where Colin was right now. The eagles lost forty eight seven that was the worst blow out by a Super Bowl champ ever in the history of the NFL told you so I call this the lottery winner syndrome people who have never had huge money get huge money, and they don't know how to act they don't know what to do. How would they did never been twenty five million dollars or more? It's the same in the NFL teams that don't get to the AFC championship much Jacksonville. Don't know how to act when they do teams like Atlanta don't get to the Super Bowl. Don't how to act after they do in Philadelphia doesn't win Super Bowls. Dallas does Washington as giants. Do. Philly doesn't and they didn't know how to act they fell in love with themselves. Those stupid underdog maths. Everybody's writing a book and getting endorsements. This team is not buttoned up. They are not the patriots. Congrats on winning. One by the way, go back to learn those underdog masks 'cause you're going to be an underdog the rest of the year and all your games where Colin was raw. I've I've said this I always consider the warriors to be kind of the Silicon Valley of the NBA their owners a little smarter. They're GM's a little smarter their coach a little smarter their players a little smarter. Not really it's Steph curry Steph curry gets hurt two weeks. He's gone the implode. They have the longest losing streak three games now in the entire Western Conference. Listen, man, they got a bunch of talent. But this thing is way way more dependent on Steph curry that I've ever realized and it's not just about his three point shots. His leadership is I q he's not insecure. He's not overly sensitive. I mean, Steph curry has not only changed the game with the three ball and eliminated centers, essentially in the NBA, but his just overall confidence and security. In this very star driven organization. It is obvious. He's debts. Kevin Durant right there on the screen. He didn't like me talking about him. He don't he Steph curry going back and forth with media guys. And for the record I loved Iran. Second best player in the league. I love the guy. I like him personally though, I've never met him. But boy, they missed f curry where Colin was right when Sam darnold left USC. What did I tell you? I said Baker Mayfield gonna leave Oklahoma still gonna win the eleven games. USC is going to be a mess. He has been hiding one of the worst offensive staff I've ever seen. They lost a UCLA this weekend. UCLA was what two and eight UCLA had only Fifty-seven available scholarship players UCLA had twenty freshmen playing in only one senior starter. UCLA is going to be good with chip Kelly. They're a mess right now. I mean, it's like a like a bunch of babies their kids. They're nineteen year old players USC has died without Darnell Oklahoma averages more points this year without Baker Mayfield. And by way, bakers fine. But Baker left the program didn't die. What I told. You was when darnold left you're going to see the truth this staff their fourth now in the Pac twelve south there. A hundred in Russia in college football USC hundred and thirty programs. It's a mess where Colin was wrong. I guess Troy Aikman was right? Here's Troy Aikman on the Cowboys week ago right now. Pick somebody. I would I picked out the thanksgiving game is huge. But I think that if Dallas can keep it within within two games going into thanks giving. And then win that game. I think they're positioned pretty well. Yeah. Guess he was right? I mean six days ago, they lost at home to Tennessee in the season was over. Then they went on the road and beat Philly. Then they beat Atlanta and Washington is now with our backup going to Dallas on a short week on the road. You good for Dak. I mean to me deck I like his intangibles. I don't love all the I don't love his arm. I don't think he's that accurate. I I wouldn't build my team around him. I'm not gonna pay twenty four million a year. But you know, what? In the end good for Dak intangibles are winning the divisions weakened, and it looks like Dallas Aikman was right there in control where Colin was right? Carmelo anthony. They're no longer like suiting him up and playing him. And the rockets have won four of five and all the problems are solved with an I've been on this for fifteen years. He's the most overrated NBA star of my life. He has he's delusional. He can't get along with anybody. He won't play defense. He'd never been in great shape and in Vegas. They call that a cooler like, they're they're people that are employed by casinos are called coolers. You put them around a hot table and everybody loses the negativity. Carmelo Anthony been fooling people for fifteen years. Yes. He's a great score on Yahoo. He'll be in the hall of fame. There's officials in the hall of fame. But there's there's never been a star in the history of the league that every locker room exit gets better overnight in every locker room entered by the way, Oklahoma City. Good team last year. He got down there. It was a mass as a mass. We were right on that one where Colin was wrong. Yeah. That golden Tate addition to the eagles. I got a little head of myself on that. That they don't know how to use him. He had one rush yesterday for minus nine yards. Maybe it's because they've lost def- Lippo the coach of the Vikings and I lost Frank Reich to the colts. But the offense has actually gotten worse since he's arrived Detroit's fine. They beat Carolina this weekend without him. It's just done. It's been a big nothing burger, and I thought Golden State. He was going to be a golden Tate was going to be kind of an extension of the running game. Carson wentz. Get the ball out to him. And it is just done. Absolutely nothing. I was wrong on that. Where Colin was right. I did pick Minnesota to win the game last night. But I've been saying this for years Kirk cousins, he's basically Andy Dalton of the NFC. He is he rakes up garbage time stats. I mean games over last night got two hundred seventy yards and a couple of touchdown to game was over. He is four and twelve and primetime games. If you watch the game. Here's the thing. I've always said about Kirk cousins, folks. He's my size. He's six to two hundred pounds. That's all he is. I'm sixty two hundred pounds not very big in. Obviously, he's more talented player that I'm he's an athlete professional athlete, but not big he's not overly mobile. They didn't have a huge arm. And I mean, I've overpaid for things in my life. But this morning, if you're in Minnesota, you talk about buyer's remorse, you paid for a Bentley got yourself a one of those little mid-size. I don't want to take a shot at any car dealers. But you gotta sit a nice car that you from native e but I mean, it's not in style. This is he's Andy Dalton he shrinks in big spots. Where Colin was right. Well, I had the saints three weeks ago as number one in heard hierarchy, and I did this before they had played the unbeaten Rams, and I've also been on the breeze is better than Aaron Rodgers. You just don't want to admit it. But he's an avalanche better stat and he's going to end up with two Super Bowls. Here's the thing about the Saint. And this is what I noticed about three weeks ago when we put them number one their offensive line is the Cowboys offensive line like three years ago that is the best offensive line in football. We're Sean Payton with those running backs with that star receiver Thomas. With drew Brees this offense. I mean this. Here's what this offense is drew Brees back to pass completed. That's the offense. Renton repeat. Nobody is beaten his team in New Orleans. So all I know is Rams you better win tonight. And all you NFC teams you'd better keep one and cross your fingers 'cause nobody's going into New Orleans and the secret sauce here is not just drew Brees. This offensive line is blowing holes open all over the field. Coming up next, Chris Broussard, Kevin Durant went after this weekend. He did Trent Dilfer stop. And by Michael Vick. And there's a couple of major major moves that appear to be imminent in college football with the stars in coaching. That's around the corner as well cold and flu season. Try vixen. X nasal spray lasts for twelve hours. When congestion strikes Vic sign X. Nasal spray uses directed. Chris Bruce are joining me. Now, Chris people think you're NBA guy, and you are, but football, my favorite sport. And you're actually a great football guy you and I were talking during the break. So before the season started joy was here. I said the eight messed quarterbacks I've ever seen all things considered durability arm strength, all this stuff. And I put drew Brees in my eight and I didn't have Aaron Rodgers. And I said that people aren't get more. I think errands Hardwick coach errands, not as good a leader. And frankly, Erin kind of ad libs at a good place. Now, I think Aaron's pry ninth. Drew Brees is ridiculous zoo. Brees is awesome. Here's what I would say. I think drew Brees is in the perfect system now and his coach is the perfect coach for him is kind of like, Steve Nash and Phoenix with Dan, Tony, it's just all come together. Now remember few years ago when they didn't have that running game. They would go seven and nine every year. So I don't I would like to see Rogers in. And I think this year should be Mike McCarthy's last it will barring some you know, miraculous run to the Super Bowl. I would like to see him get with the coach who is more in sync and can maximize his abilities. Like, I think Payton's doing with Brees. I think obviously Andy Reid where he's quarterbacks. So if Rodgers can get God. Oh, I better. I'm not ready to throw Rogers under the them under the bus. But look at the NFL records held by breeze. He internet land breezes tremendous. But what what do you do with those three straight seven to nine CJ? What do you do dad no along because he signed a fat contract in the bottom line was he signed a huge contract. So they couldn't afford an online or a defense. Then then he said, I'll take the less money. And now he's got a good drafter to I'm telling you. He's got the help that any look, man. You're just off you just don't qualifiers in there. Now like Aaron Rodgers hasn't had help. I'll tell you what every bar you go to an American Brady. Rodgers brady. Rodgers all I'm saying I'm gonna squeeze drew Brees in that bar argument. Well, look breeze is the MVP right now going to second Super Bowl if he wins his second Super Bowl is going to be winning is huge winning. His Hughes was the difference between Brady and Peyton in the end. It was Super Bowl. Right. What was the difference between Marino? And Elway in the end. It was super. Bowls. If breeze wins another and I got all the stats and all the play offs and all the super bowl's on at the bar. I'm just squeezing my guy into the argument. Let them win the Super Bowl. He could be in the argument. You're tough can be in the arc. So listen, you have been on this thing for years about the warriors. I've always thought that very Silicon Valley. It's all day. All connected, bro. Steph curry takes a little bit -cation. There are amass terra. Kevin Durant ticket. He's reacting to me on Instagram. Well, look, we can talk. You can talk on the court off the court. Let's go off the court. I Steve Kerr said it a few days ago. Steph is the short Tim Duncan. I was saying this years ago at our other network acid, look just like Dunkin set the tone for Popovich to be able to yell it all this players, and you know, everybody to be in line with what pop the because Dunkin. Did it? Same thing with Steph. This team has been about selflessness strengthen numbers that was the model before K D. Got there have been fun loosey goosey all that Steph set that tone. Don't take yourself too seriously. You know, look he showed that he was selfless when he wanted. Kevin Durant on the team. A lot of superstars would have been like, I just want my second VP. We should have beat Cleveland. We'll beat them next year. No, I don't want Kevin to I wouldn't have been mad at him. I'd I would argue no superstar, except maybe LeBron would have said come on LeBron's it. Right. Right. And so Steph said that now, so here's my one question. I'm getting a little bit ahead of where we were. But my one question about the warriors going forward this year because I think after this Durant's gone, they have always that's always been there wanted airstrips is there atmosphere there vibe yet. Then there's music blasting it practice all that if Durant and Dray mind for the next five months of the season, six months are going to have just a business relationship has it just be co-workers, and it affects the vibe of the team. There's this unspoken tension there. Oh, you try to smile at each other you laugh at each other's jokes a little bit. But you're no longer. Cool. You no longer France that could disrupt this team to the point where it could stop them from winning the champion people think I'm crazy about this. And let's segue into LeBron sixteen games in with Miami. They were nine and seven sixteen games in back with kyri nine and seven sixteen games back with the Lakers kids nine and seven next. Couple of nights, Atlanta, Cleveland, they'll be eleven and seven I think it's working. I think it's working. I don't think Golden State, but I think they are ahead of schedule. I would agree because the nine is seven in Miami. And Cleveland seemed like the sky was falling. Ninety seven is like all the Lakers are rolling. I've been saying I think they could be the second best team in the west if Houston gets it together, maybe third best, but they're elite there in elite team. And here's the thing. And I I hope the Brian realizes this don't be so caught up in a need my second star now next year when you get who knows K D, Anthony Davis, whoever great get them. But for this year, it's not the worst thing in the world to see LeBron James without a star another star. Remember what he did in Cleveland? His first go round second guy was like MO Williams the lactate west guys like that. They won sixty six and sixty one games. He was two time MVP. And I think he was good enough. He wasn't ready mentally, and he knew that. So he went to Miami. But he he was good enough physically to lead that team in Cleveland to a championship. I believe is last year. Now, he's. Got the middle strip. He's got the experience. He's a smarter player. Then he was in Cleveland, I'm enjoying watching this. I didn't even bring up in two thousand fifteen against the warriors win KYW Rian love or hurting the finals they're up to one with Matthew Della Vedova and guys like that play in his supporting cast. So if LeBron embraces this and says, okay next year, we get in somebody. But this year, I'm good enough to take us to elite status without a second stove you to do it all the doubters new world. If I said to you. Too much go. They're going to get to Western Conference finals, they're gonna lose in five to the warriors. Nobody thought that was gonna happen. There wasn't. I mean you and I are on the LeBron's gonna win forty eight games. I say fifty three and he's in VP. Okay. I said forty eight and I didn't care about the MVP. But I think right now he is the MVP. I think they're on track to win about Fini's. I've got Janas right now. But LeBron's closing fast. You'd see in you. Chris Broussard, can you believe Kevin Durant? I love Kevin Durant. I kinda in a weird way. I wish Aaron Rodgers would go on social media and take shots at me. I kind of like it. It's fun. I he's paying attention. No. I mean, I have an opinion, and there's other long with react to what I've said Durant and Aaron Rodgers are they're sensitive guys. They hear everything and they react to some of it. We can't bang on guys because young guys in their twenties and thirties react to social media. This what I say with those guys is long as it doesn't impact them on the court. Some guys can hear everything, and it impacts them on the court is a voice in their head. If he can respond everything people say and still go out and play great basketball, more power to see anybody. Chris Broussard joy Taylor with news. I heard on the news. This is the heard line news, right? This is a part of your selfish rent earlier. John harbach it's been hot seat lately. But his team responded in a big way yesterday Jackson's first careers starts. He did just enough on offense. But teams this into win defense made some stops late in fourth quarter when they need it too. So let's watch far by a very fired up post game speech, cool. Good. What happened? The field. Mark. That's great. The beginning of that just like yelling. But as good win. It was very nice either Margot out there and be successful way better than I thought he would be in his first way better. I two hundred yards cabernet thousand what Baker was starting his first game this week. Do you think he'd be a little more refined? All these guys should wait until I mean, I know you wanna start all these guys. But I would make the argument darnold and Rosen and all these guys were making their first art like this could watch the game develop a better teacher than experience. But you know, it's very easy to say this now because John Lewis struggling, so you know, there is that this other elements of the jets that are playing into that plan this week either. I I love this. But this is not sustainable, so I enjoy it. I I'm happy for them. And I'm glad he went out there and proved everyone that was saying he should be a wide receiver in the NFL wrong. But you're gonna need to throw more than that. Hi, Ben says he heard it throughout the game from Jacksonville's defense after they picked him off three times. That's Big Ben Ben rough chatty. Chatty chitchat buddy said. He had the last word obviously, scored three touchdowns in the games. Final sixteen minutes and forty seconds plot and improbable improbable twice sixteen win any. Oh, he had the nice stretch there. It was like it was like four he made it by like. It's like a touchdown. It was it was it was how do you little nervous there for second. Wasn't the most of it was the ugliest win by good team in the league. Take we went and had this mic drop after the game. Defense. Like talk a lot before the game during the game. Yes. Very luckily, by the way, and there was a flag there at the end of the game. Save Ben from having a quite different by the way, the Jacksonville run for net into the line three times. I mean, you can just tell they just don't trust them. They don't trust Blake Bortles. Well, then had ten picks in the last three games against Jacksonville's defense. So they had a little room to talk. They're still the very he's a risk taker and their risk taking DB, so he gets he burns them. And they burn him. This is the he is these Jags Steelers games you ever noticed. They're all crazy. Yes. They're all crazy. Absolutely. But I will say this. I feel like watching the end of that game to kind of reassures you how you feel about NFL offenses. I'll take a hall of fame quarterback in ugly win great defense in any situation. Moving forward the way that offense Chinese finally. Lebron had a season high fifty one points last night Miami against a heat. However, Lance Stevenson provided him with a little extra nights there at the end of the game to get LeBron to exceed fifty point barrier into LeBron. Lance to finish the game off. And I bet you won't shoot a three. Say go for three. I bet you won't vote for three. So I went through three point Lance. I tell you. I went to the Lakers game last week in talk to me. Yes. Have you have you looked at video again got what he said? And I gotta talk to my guy. Maverick carter. He'll not all ask him ask just only bother them. I don't like the ball. I don't like the ball. Do we bother people? I'm not a good bother. I don't like to do it. I don't even bother my wife yesterday. I just like I'm gonna watch football you to your Netflix stuff. And I I'm not a good bother. I do my thing to get out of you know, I mean, I guess that is kind of an annoying. It's gone cowherd wondering if you could investigate Brian in the middle of the game. Last week. I'm sure you remember. Yeah. I mean, see I would sound big door. Yes. In hindsight. That'd be that's very dorky Texas at. Yeah. What Johnny was talking that would be bad for you. I was like, oh, no talking to that guy right behind you that is that is a liability to then you get clarified. And then it ruins the mystique. He was talking to. We'll leave it at that. In the -ssume that he said something to you was positive joy news. Well, that's the news and thanks for stopping heard lie guys sink. I don't like Cam Newton. But that's not true. His inconsistency. Drives me crazy. But let me support Cam Newton on this. And the Carolina Panthers who I do feel feel like a playoff team to me borderline not the saints. Not the Rams not the Steelers not the cheese their playoff team. It feels like a playoff team to me. And I've not been great predicting this year been very good on the AFC, not the NFC. But yesterday, Ron Rivera went for at the end of the game on the road to win and Cam didn't make it and you know, Cam after the game everybody's saying why did you go for it to point? Let me let me defend Ron Rivera number one. Cam Newton had played well all afternoon, he played great number two is candid just had a very nice confidence-building drive to get into the end zone. Ne. Number three is camps Carolina's kicker and Mr. field goal and a PAT. I'd rather have Cam guy over kicker number four is on the road ios go for the win the NFL roof since I've been a kid is on the road. Go for the win at home tied up. Go to overtime. You should win the home game. But never forget this. Is that Frank Reich in week four for the colts went for it with his star quarterback, and they didn't make it on fourth down. And it gave the Texans short field that kicked the field goal in one. The colts have been on fire since that loss. And remember what Andrew luck said after his team and his coach win for it and they failed and they lost a Houston. Remember what Andrew luck said? Love it. Yeah. We're not going to play for a tie. And I think everybody about locker room for can looks that lumps that I love that. We've got execute. I've played that. I've gotta throw a better ball. We we all know where we have to improve that attitude can get behind that. We can get behind that. Ron Rivera is held his job for like outside. Abella? Check a long time in this league because players like him and players trust Ron and players get behind Ron. He never loses that locker room. You gotta go for it. Don't don't judge crap off results. Okay. Even in Vegas, professional sports gamblers in Vegas. Hit fifty eight to fifty nine percent of their picks. Okay. There's always a right side to be on. Minnesota was the bet last night. That's what professional gamblers you didn't win the bet. But that was the right side to be on last night. The raiders was the right side to be on if the raiders had lost by seven and I lost. My bet. It was still the right side to be on based on analytics and numbers and history. What he did as a coach Cam played. Well, cameras had a great drive. I don't trust Carolina's kicker and they're on the road. It was the right thing to do. And man, listen, I say this before I'm not old enough. Now, I've lived through generations. Right. Like, I'm fifties. And let me tell you what wins in America. It's not your education. It's not your linked profile aggressive wins. The guy that goes up to the prettiest girl and says wanna go out ninety percent of the guys at the bar won't do it. Aggressive wind doesn't win every Sunday. But over time aggressive wins. I love what Carolina did. And I love that he trusted Cam and Cam sometimes it's not easy to coach. But the reason Rivera and Cam coexisted, they're on the same page there. Alpha's go for it, Trent Dilfer. Michael Vick Trent Dilfer is coming up next. As smart guest. I have every week to break down. All this stuff. Saturday. Buckle up. One of the fiercest rivalries in all sports, number four, Michigan number ten Ohio State battler spot in the big ten championship. Covered begins Saturday at eleven AM eastern on FOX or watched anywhere on the FOX ports at Ohio states, beaten, Michigan six straight times winner. This game wins the big ten east Michigan to win by a touchdown. It will be close. Jim Harbaugh has done. What I thought he would do which is take control of the big ten. I'll have thoughts on urban Meyer. There are some massive changes coming in college football for some of the biggest names, and we'll get to that next hour with Michael Vick. But now a decade and a half in the NFL Pro Bowl and a Super Bowl. His name is trend for the coward. Global satellite network. All right. Chicago's mad at me. Because I keep saying listen sometimes it is the coaching more than the players in. My eyes are telling me is that there's a lot of David Copperfield going on with Matt Nagy. I I mean, it is just MIR's allusion in what do you make on Chicago's offense? What do you make of it? It's good stuff. So I agree bills and whistles a lot of misdirection a lot of stuff do help. Mitch trubisky. Have success this stage of rare I'm mentioning talented yet. He's big strong as good arm. Accurate. Primary Seaver can extend plays. In fact, the line of scrimmage get yards. His athleticism moved the chains. What he's still remedial in his development as a quarterback. So Nagy a lot of pressure on himself and the other ten guys by moving them around and giving all these Frasier looks to help grace really haven't aged situations. Permits trubisky. I think it's the right way to coach young for back. You want? Quarterback to be a legend in his own mind. You think he's better than he really is the way you do that you get them cheap. Completions. Throw a lot of screens. You'll get your primary receiver open you create ways for him. So I don't think it's wrong to say the mischievous for product of Nagy system. But at the same time, it's gonna help speed up. Mitch rich mischievous he's learning curve. And and help them become a better player long-term. So Lamar Jackson. He's better than I thought he would be defeated kind of the same way. Like, I don't think he's sustainable that running. But I gotta tell you. It's got a little bit of a whip on him. He kind of moves around. The ravens did a nice job with with his game plan. Fantastic job. I mean to me, it's the it's the best backup or back that way you can have when you're stars hurt. And you can roll out a guy that you can put a whole new often out there for puts tremendous pressure on the defense hard to prepare for a lot of big plays in the running game is a sustainable. Heck, no. Running quarterback and times game in the NFL. Is this sustainable, let alone twenty seven. I watched every snap for that game. And I had anxiety watching. Toby for network. I mean, listen, he's Amar's. We're number eight better. I work. I am rooting hard. And I want this thing to work, and I'm sitting there with sweaty alms because I just know that you can't win insistently this way you can't win with no rhythm and timing in your passing game. You can't win when you're running along downs on horseback fraud. You just can't win long-term that way you can win a week or two, which is awesome. But I definitely think you'll back to Joe flacco if they're going to be the fast you can be this year. Now the lie to think that every NFL teams trying to be the best. They can be this year. Many teams are building for next year or the year after if that is the case in Baltimore, then go ahead and make the move and grow Lamar Jackson through the rest of the year and teach into the traditional NFL football and still have this component to his game. Now you chance next year to maybe see a really. Player. I liked when the colts went for it failed and lost. I liked the Panthers going forth thought Cam played. Well, you've been in that situation before what did you make Ron Rivera saying we're on the road? We're going for it. Did you like the titans going for and losing? I like going for it. If if if you like you like Maryland going or losing like Oklahoma state going for Lucy. Here's my point. I'm with you. I just watched your rant. I love. The more, hyper recive mindset, the more analytic driven, by coaches these days. I definitely think it's the right trend. Here's the problem. Is that always analytic? No, you that make it form away. Make your decision that insert situations. You're gonna go workout. You're going to go point conversion because it's the right thing to do the problem with that is you're not looking actually you're not bringing circumstance into it. For instance, just saying Carolina. And again, I'm green that is probably the right ball. But you're not taking into hell momentum. You're not taking account the other team stalling. You're not taking the timing and rhythm of the play being called on the sideline if the offense coordinator coordinators ready to make that Paul if the quarterbacks comfortable back fall at that time, maybe to play you practice three times on Friday. And each time you open receivers and the quarterback in see and missed it. What happened on Sunday? So here's my bigger problem with this discussion or the bigger point this discussion is it can't be former land if you run revere. You cannot go in and say when we're on the road, we're gonna go to his now you're being narrow minded you're not taking enough into account. I agree the my fishing. Hey, if we feel good about it. And all other circumstances, we feel comfortable with then we're most likely going to go for it in the situation. But I'm sick and tired of my Twitter feed being blown up and listening. The people on TV and the radio say the bottom line, the analytic say it do it. It's not a completely linear game. Right. It's there's other things going on. And the great coaches the Bill ballot checks Bill Parcells whoever it is. They have a mindset going in. But they're willing to death in change because they realized that the art of coaching is fluid. It's not many are like all the other out there saying it Rams hosted chiefs. It's going to be a firework show Eileen a little Kansas City. I see a little selfishness on the Rams defense. I see a little bit of guys doing their own thing on the ram side. Losing some gap integrity, Marcus Peters, kinda plan his own style. I like the chiefs. What should I look for tonight in this game looks for this? If the Rams are stubborn defensively. Wait builds stubborn defensively, you cannot wait as NC chiefs often in band, they cry? To middle too many middle. The field mismatches skill position players on linebackers. They threw motion super mation shifts. If you're playing man, you will not hold up. They'll be free runners on offense running down the field. Wade Phillips is famous for playing primarily, man. That's why he gets dashed against item play running back play in the passing game over the years if they come out and play some zones, and they have fairs that are very capable planes on the front for that can rush the passer new can play cover to cover for, you know, pass to chills behind it and still be successful. And keep things in front of them. The Rams mountain plays zoning the game in front of him on defense. I like the Rams the Rams out and their stubborn and they say we're a man aim. We're going to bring five what I've done my whole coaching for. And that's what we thought season. That cheese will absolutely seem just railroad. Boy, I like talking to Trent Dilfer, absolutely great. Having you on the show buddy decade and a half in the league super. Bowl the Pro Bowl, and we will talk soon. Thank you so much. Thanks, buddy. Thanks, buddy. I got I got to tell you this. I'm I love college football. But I'm more of an NFL guy and one of the reasons that again, I sit and watch college football. But one of the reasons I like the NFL over college football was this weekend. And other example, it's just too many blowouts in college football. I think people that like college football like dominance. I have no interest watching a team up by twenty eight nothing. First quarter. Look at the scores since Thursday of the NFL games. It's unbelievable ten of the twelve or one possession games. The only two games that weren't the saints in the colts were still good matchups. You just became blowouts because Andrew Jackson fire. He's the hottest quarterback right now in the AFC in drew Brees is on fire. He's a car hottest quarterback in the NFC. Look at these scores. You just don't know if you knew you'd all bet professional football because it'd be a great life in college football. This is why years ago, I said keep your eye on the UFC over boxing boxing, had no says. Central lies leader, you f c had Dana white a centralized figure to make the calls. The NFL has Roger Goodell. One guy lays it out. This is what we're gonna do college. Football's a mess the SEC plays eight conference games a Pac twelve plays nine conference games. You get buys in these awful citadel versus Alabama like three times a year for every team in the south. It's a joke. The NFL, by the way, the ratings this year are up. This is why it's four times more popular than college football. It's always been more popular. But I think it separated now it up to four times more popular if you look at the digital if you look at the TV if you look at it just more popular look at this weekend's games. They were just crazy. Just like I'm sitting there watching the NFL wrestling every game is down to the last snap. And I think a lot of this is the NFL figuring out. The better offense is the closer games are because the reality is whoever has the ball last. It's just hard to stop them. So if a team gets down by two scores in the other team just gets a little conservative the other team, though, inferior can catch back. Pittsburgh probably struggles to win that game for years ago. Five years ago, we are seeing so many come from behind games. We're seeing some average quarterbacks like Mitch Trubisky to me playing an elevated level. The NFL's always been. Better. When quarterbacks are the stars and catches incompletions come easier than harder. But this weekend's a great example of why this league is so hot why this league is on fire. We bet it we watch it and the parody is unbel-. And by the way, the best game in the week hasn't even been played yet. The best game of the week. It's tonight. Forget yesterday ten or twelve one possession best game. I mean, even the raiders cardinals yesterday. I'm sitting watching it. They got Gruden screaming quarterback is unbelievable. Michael Vick is around the corner. Plus, major news. I'm being told on some of the heads of state in college football coaching Vic sign nasal spray cold seasons. Here twelve hours when congestion strikes Vic Sonics nasal spray uses directed. Okay. Listen, one of the things I found out watching football this weekend is the agents for all the is about three agents that control all the college football coach. Is about three of them. And there's about to coat to agents that control the NFL coaches, the wheels are spinning baby calls were being made right now coaches deny it what coaches do is they have their agents make the call. So they can deny any knowledge. The wheels are spinning on this stuff. There is major stuff happening behind the scenes that you know, you can go to your message boards. The agents are talking I'm talking to him. I'm talking to people who have talked to him. Let's let's play coaching carousel right now. Five names. You're hearing a lot of urban Meyer Brian Kelly. Green Bay's Mike McCarthy Cowboys Jason Garrett John Harbaugh. So let's spend the coaching carousel and see where it lands right now. Oh urban Meyer. Here we go to separate sources told me this weekend urban Meyer is done after this year. He's going to retire from football this. There's a Fisher between the administration there and. Urban meyer. He doesn't always feel. They've had his back. He's not gonna admit this. He's going to say this is ridiculous. I don't know what you're talking about. But you saw on the sideline this weekend. Some people he does not look good. Some people have saying he's acting. I don't think he is. This is a guy that takes every loss personal. I've been told by two people that I trust way up the food chain urban Meyer after this year could be after Michigan after the big ten championship after maybe they get in. They play a huge whenever it is. This is let's spin the coaching carousel again. This will surprise you. Brian kelly. Brian Kelly told me three years ago. Notre Dame is not a job coach for twenty years. It's too intense three years ago and two years ago. Brian Kelly put his name up there had his had his agents sniff around the NFL, nobody was interested. I am told there are a couple of NFL teams that have been really impressed with Brian Kelly this year that he is getting the most in twenty eighteen out of Notre Dame football. They've got tough academics. It's a small private institution religious overtones tough schedule this as good as Notre Dame can be they're not Alabama. Good. They're not Clemson good. But there are NFL people interested in Brian Kelly and Brian Kelly to me if he gets his team into the playoff winner lose if the job was right would tap out at Notre Dame. And frankly, I think it'd be great move lamb. Let's spend the coaching carousel. Another time. Mike mccarthy. Green Bay Packers. It's over again. Aaron Rodgers has a massive brand. He's he's on every darn commercial. I watch he's not going to ding that brand and take a hit for this. He doesn't wanna look like the bad guy. I have been told that Aaron Rodgers and Mike McCarthy no longer share the same offensive vision. And they just they've grown apart like any relationship some grow together some grow apart. Even if Green Bay goes on an improbable run, it doesn't matter the relationship again, there's a fissure here. Aaron didn't wanna take the hit. They'll denied if a tasked, but they were always two different guys. And this puppy is over Green Bay will have a new coach. I'm I'm told there's not a long list to hire McCarthy. But I'm sure somebody will let's go back to the coaching carousel for one more. Oh, John Harbaugh. Keep your eye on horrible. If Notre Dame loses a coach he'll be the number one top number one candidate. He is told people he would look at college jobs, and he's not sure of his in Baltimore they've underachiever for several years. If USC looks for a coach couple of names to look at James Franklin, and John horrible. He would be interested in a high end college job the situation with a quarterback right now at Baltimore's a little dicey. You got flacco got Lamar who knows how that's gonna work out. Just keep your eye on John Harbaugh. He will be at the top of any great college job that comes open and Baltimore maybe looking to make a change, by the way who did not show up on that coaching carousel. Jason garrett. Yeah. He's not going anywhere. All weekend long, everybody. I talked to he's not going anywhere. Let's be honest about this Jerry has been incredibly loyal to coaches through the years. He gave damn Dave Campbell. And Barry Switzer more that they probably earned Jason's guy. They may do some tweaks to the staff they've done that. But I've heard nothing on Jason Garrett moving. In fact, I've heard the exact opposite. He's in Dallas for a long time. And with that I bring in my friend, thirteen NFL seasons. Four pro bowls, Michael Vick. I to tell you when I watch. Let's start with Trubisky. The NFL when you came to the league you or the outlier and a lot of people that said until you got there running around stuff Steve Young Bill Cameron around. Now, if you don't have mobility people aren't interested. I'm watching Mr. Bisky last night is pretty good runner. Right. You can move on seeing that enough. Carolina knew that would be a big asset for him, especially being with Matt Nagy. I knew so, you know, man. Yeah. He was in Kansas City, and he was also in Philadelphia with us. Four or five year, run and. Always so size of being a great Coates. He's gotten better over the years. And when I was with him in Kansas City, he spoke a different language. So the weight Mitsu Bisky has been playing over the last couple of weeks is a testament to Matt Nagy knowing how to use his quarterback. He by the way, he's a better athlete than thrower. Is that fair was the net. I think trubisky's have been athlete right now. Then he is thrower. Yeah. And I think he's doing whatever works right now. And van a second year quarterback is almost like have I have the mood to change his. That's how I'm gonna get it done. Just moved back that and as him grow together he'll become a better quarterback. He'll become more polish understand the dynamics of the game. And you know, this this'll be a marriage that glass for a long time. And he evolve and get better as time goes on you. So Cam I defended Cam I thought he played well yesterday. And and I liked teams if the quarter if I have MVP lava quarterback. I'm gonna go for most of the time, Andrew luck. If I have Russell Wilson if I have Brady mostly go for guy, you didn't love going for it. I didn't like it. I'm over time type guy like the fact that you have opportunity to win and you'll get the ball at some point. I mean, it wasn't like in the past. So you kinda had to go for it. So. You have an opportunity to to go for now. I think. Yesterday, at me just wasn't the time for you know, whether the office is playing will not playing will defense can't stop, you know to opposition. Then you say, okay. This is desperate situation. Let's go to you never liked to tame who never liked going for the to know just like the into game. My Reynaud overtime run over time. Running back today. You know, things don't always happen. Like that. I got lucky and I just feel like. Camp could have done the same thing in if you'd have over time take time you'd had to change you'd had in the game playing better the two quarterbacks. Yes, let me ask you this. When you go in these go for it situations. Do you think Carolina had a play specifically for that moment where I think every team has two to three plays. Just in case you re step pointing the game that juncture with two minute opportunity. Go for two points. You have to have some of your back pocket, but you have to believe in it. But it's a hit or miss if you get it great if not suboptimal, and I just hate the fact that the game boils down to one play. I think you give yourself a plan to replace an opportunity to get a draft and go down to fan school. Lamar Jackson was better than I thought. He would be what you make of it. I thought it was a great game yesterday. Obviously, you can't run the ball twenty seven times and sustaining, and what was the most you ever ran it. I think the most I've run was fifteen times in the football game. That's it. Yeah. I never ran for maybe in the three in two games Spain closer twenty seven carries. But that's still allowed in your body. Takes a toll on you. And I can almost guaranteed a next week. We're not look the same the nowhere close and the Martian. I won't that north of Wadi wanna week when you run as many times as he does any took one or two shots. I mean is he running right now? Because listen man, I start bingles got Marvin Lewis defensive guy thrown a bunch of stuff. How much in a perfect game? Michael how much did you want to run? Maybe ten times on average. When I say that we're these design runs are your ad living at living runs, maybe sin because I knew at some point. I was going to get some pressure escape use my ability to be affective in the game design runs as they got older. We didn't have as many when I was young. We were going to game with maybe seven eight different runs that we can call multiple times. But as I got older, I wanna least at least amount of runs in the game plan because I didn't want to put myself in jeopardy homes way when young you twenty two twenty three Izzo, you can handle it. But as you get into your five six seven, you're biding feel the same. So you have to preserve your body and not want to do as much, but if this working for him right now in this great asset for him to have then you can do it to give by but ultimately he has to get better in the passing game. So tonight, we have the Rams chiefs. It will be crazy. Kansas City's weapons are very few teams have better offense of. Weapons than the Rams Kansas City's one of those teams. Now, you know, Andy Reid, very well, Andy Reid. Learn a lot of takers. He put his hand up and said, I want Michael Vick and Philadelphia you say he changed your life. What to talk about Andy Reid for a couple of minutes about tell my audience. What did he teach you? Why is he great? What will people see tonight tonight, you'll see exposing this Andy you better believe has cooked up some things that will take advantage of what the LA Rams do on defense. I can assure you that he spends countless nice making sure that he has the right game plan foods quarterback to go out and be affective. And for me, not only. Did he changed my life? You know insane. My game. He made me see life in a different form. I took on a different perspective. More work hard approach and believe in yourself type of protein, you only go and get out of anything as much as you put in. And you know, for me, it was it was my profession and trying to be the best quarterback that I could be. But he told me. I had to work for it. And that was the promise that we made each other that I made to him, and we both may teach other when I first came in work, high promised me, he'll be the best coast that he could be and that play Costa relationship really was probably the reason I felt like I couldn't feel on the field. And I did everything I could to. Help team be as good as we cook. Why when you look at Patrick Mahomes? I mean of all these quarterbacks you got Russell Wilson Mitch Trubisky to show to Shawn Watson. I mean, there's a million. Is there one Patrick Mahomes? Is there one that you do feel aligned with like, you kind of feel like if you could do it over again, you kind of feel like that's me? I will say Watson. I think Patrick is very dynamic. He don't run the ball as much he tends to the pass for. He's got a huge Hughes. He believes he got a great coach cooking things up for to help them spread the ball around. But I think the offense looks not as sophisticated is and is not conservative, but is good enough for him. And I feel like when I first came into the league, my coaches did enough that was good enough to go out and execute the game plans and be good doing it. And I kind of see that in decide. You know, Bill does a great job of putting him in positions where he can be successful. And where he can he can go out and not have a lot of pressure on south. You know, he got the is Hopkins, and he can turn you can turn around hand off to his bag. See it sue of them. So I think that was asked out of play at work done. Roddy Roddy white TJ duck it so I ask some guys around, but we lay more in the run game and the impasse second. When you look at the NFL now that it is. I mean the rules are all offense. And it's incredible. I mean the rules are all offense. And you know, I look at a situation like Aaron Rodgers, we all know Aaron's great. And but he and McCarthy, listen sometimes, and this is what I was told this weekend. They just don't share the same vision. They just don't see the world. And you've been in situations, you Andy Reid, totally clicked. Right. But you've also been in situations. More was more of a defensive code. And I'm not calling out. Jim what happens when you get into a situation that is what I'm told McCarthy and Rogers is where you've been together a long time is not as tight, and you don't share the same vision. What's Aaron going through? It was still saying all good things come to an end. But I think at some point you, you take a look it was going on outside, you know, organism. And throughout the league does use to watch what's happening. Elsewhere. I wanted to sometimes Pat or no offense is around. You know, what I was saying around the league and try to sit input? But thing is taking a look around him seeing. You know, things are looking lot easier. The place can you imagine him watching that game last time knowing that he can do that. And his ability understanding this game is not that hard. You know, when you professional it shouldn't be as hard, especially when you can. Build offense around, you know, your knowledge your experience, and I think that's very important in Aaron his play for a number of years. He knows offense. And he knows how to manipulate defenses. And not think it's him to start doing things a different way. Maybe doing his own way. Yeah. Take into account. You know, when I was in Pittsburgh and watching big being come to work every day. Tell me about that is, you know, been to approach to the game where he wanted to make it easy but easy for everyone understand and go out and execute. So it was always back and forth with him and saw Hailey book. Good back and forth, and he was able to find some common ground at the end of the day. And it made the game lot, easy and simplified, and I give being credit for always trying to find a way to make the guys around him better be productive. And by the way, Ben would Spar with his coaches yesterday. Jon Gruden and Derek Carr sparred. Ben would go back and forth. We've seen. Brady yell at coaches we saw Gruden yesterday. Did you ever get new spot with coach? Yeah. Got into Reeves. Montanari? Go so miss point in my second year, and just let them know like coats uneasy to call it a place in the game plan and called call them in believe me and noted I can go out and execute them into passing game. And we got into a riff on this island, and they had to break it up. And I wasn't the most vocal guy was only twenty two years old. I mentioned you're not totally vocalist. So I felt like it was a knee for me to step up in moment. What a team to be successful. And I did it. He playcalling more aggressive. We want eight straight. And sometimes, you know, you need that kind of therapeutic relationship could see anybody, Michael Vick joy Taylor. The news. On the news. This is the heard line news. The Washington Wizards are struggling a little bit this. Yeah, it's not worked at all five and eleven their eleventh in the east, and because of those struggles agent now key reports that the wizards are making John wall and Bradley Beal available for trade along with everyone else on T. Brad love, Bradley Beal. I love Bradley Beal, dude, can shoot he he can. But he he may be meeting those Washington. According to Washington's pet remains three eight the team around John wall and Beal but play ki ki teammates is limiting their trade value in paralyzing, the wizards efforts to make meaningful changes to arrested it no longer appears functional together. Okay. I've said this before outside Klay Thompson, I can make am I crazy saying this D Wade was the best to guard in the league forever. And now, it's Klay Thompson. I think Bradley Beal's the second best to guard. I love Bradley Beal. I've loved him at Florida. I ll. Love him. Now. I think he's really good. He's averaging twenty one point five points per game four point five rebounds. And three point. James harden doesn't count. He's got the bonus had to one when Chris Paul's off the floor is the one I think Bradley Beal, let me tell you think I'm crazy on this. No, I don't think it crates. I don't think Bradley Beal to the Lakers his the nuttiest thing in the world. I I mean who would they have to give Brandon Ingram gives you the Lonzo. I don't know. But I think Bradley Beal's wildly underhandedness leak. Ingram in Lonzo feels like alive, but he signed through the twenty twenty one season than average salary twenty five million. So this is great. I love Bradley Beal, and Don walls and our contract through twenty three with an average salary of four nobody million. Nobody's taking John wall. We'll see what happens, but that is big news. Right. So it's been a rough stretch for the warriors in recent weeks, the rain champs lost five of their last seven games, including three straight on their road trip in Texas. Yeah. So this is Steve Kerr's I three showing on a road trips since he took over with the warriors. It's not surprising that he is saying the toughest stretch he space with this team. Three four. We've had. Such charmed existence four seasons. So of course, this is tough stretch. This is the real. I've been the real. Dream. Our faced with really. Can be even for the rest of the teams are taking that. Well, I mean, even dynasties are fragile because the NBA ZOA star driven which built around personalities in one or two friction. Just there's not a lot of guys on the court. So if you lose Steph curry injury Mondrian, you're not good. You may. Well, I mean, I say that they're not good. But they may have some struggles. Yeah. Look as far as Kevin Durant's, not being the leader of this team or having leadership qualities. I I don't know that although that far, but this is Steph seem and itself that way since even with rent there, even the last two years three and being the the finals VP step kind of allowed him to kind of take over that role and Steph is one eight, but it's not surprising to me that Steph not being around is causing some problems for that. Like, he's it's it's Steph curry, it's not surprising to me and Jay mom being not helping situation either. But I'm not ready to push the panic. And yet when Steph and dream on her back and they're losing like this. Then start freaking out finally won back to back games with first time this year, not five and five and if he can lots with that two hundred and once scrimmage yards and touchdown and yesterday's win in Atlanta. And he talked to talk after the game and made it clear that all of the motivation is just coming from an urgency to win. He was asked about Troy Aikman suggestion that it was time for a complete overhaul of the organization. N Z said I'm not even one hundred percent sure what he said the guys don't really know either notice expected Choi, but that's not why we are winning. Zeke add twenty-five touches against the eagles last Sunday night. Philly and added another thirty Atlanta, and they have a short week listen to running they when they run and their affective. Good football team. Yeah. He thought. Yeah. He is John makes good point. He's leading receiver. I actually think the Amari Cooper thing. It's not like a huge move. If you'll watch every if you watch this game closely, and I did Amari ads just a little dimension on the outside. With Gallup getting veterans Zeke. Listen this team is good enough in a playoff situation. Their defense is to they're going to be in games. I don't think they'll Pllows them well against the elite teams, but that defense is going to keep them in outside of maybe going to the saints that defense can keep them in every game. Well, it's just become a very interesting couple of weeks for the Cowboys. What looked like a completely wasted season is now pretty much possibly lay off season. Because with Alex Smith out they have the. Redskins on Thursday. This huge game for them pretty much determines the season or week backup quarterback on the road. Those are struggling, you know, the giants are doing all right now. But don't think anybody thinks this is sustainable, Dallas is seven and a half point favorite. I mean that's more than a touchdown in the NFL. Dallas should win that game. Yeah. Joy with the news. Well, that's the news and thanks for stopping by heard lie coming up all some each NFL game yesterday. In three words that's next best for last. Saturday thought one of the fiercest rivalries in all of sports number four. Michigan number ten Hieaux state battle four spot in the big ten championship. Coverage begins Saturday at eleven eastern on thoughts are watch anywhere on the Fox Sports Ohio State has won six straight. They've dominated this series. But I love what Harbaugh's done, by the way. The unspoken genius of Michigan success. This year is Don Brown who outside a Nick Sabin is the smartest defensive guy in college football Michigan series two series. Played a play doesn't unbelievable job manipulating their defense. That is a well coached football team at Michigan. We do it on Mondays at tar three word game. We go back to the Thursday game. Every NFL game can be explained. In three words. Here we go first Packers and Seahawks. Winless in Seattle. Aaron Rodgers now for four against Russell Wilson Seattle. The Packers this year and five on the road. If a team can't win on the road. And let's. Much different home that on the road. There's a reason and with Green Bay they give up on the run Aaron Jones feed him the rock. What are you doing? They quit on it. They couldn't win Seattle next up. Cowboys and falcons NFC east champs. Dallas is five and five one game. Back a Washington and a host the Redskins short week Thanksgiving Day. Listen, Dallas is limited offensively against Atlanta. They had six points entering the fourth quarter. But when Zeke is turning out one hundred plus yards one hundred thirty hundred forty yards this football team that front seven defensively is a real team. They'll be the weakest division champ if they win it. But it does look like now they control the division. Titans colts ten and Andrew luck has this is weird. He's never lost. The titans. Can you imagine being titans fan you go to one game a year the colts game? Do they Andrew luck is the Michael Jordan of the NFL? Andrew luck. Now has an offensive line. For the first time in his career appears to have a decent running game. The defense is young not great plan or but off coaches deserve credit. I called it three weeks ago. I said keep your eye on the Colt. They're not gonna win the division. They're going to get in as a wildcard team. They're favored by the way by ten joy over your dolphins. Ten over while. You're you're dumping. I can't do what am I gonna say? Yeah. The dolphins ravens Bengals that was fun. Tibo had the record before Lamar Jackson twenty two Russia's by quarterback. Lamar Jackson shattered it with twenty seven. Listen, he's better than I thought he would be he sat around for ten weeks. They've helped some place for fun Gallo whip there those are more like a baseball football. But it was fun now not sustainable knocking to last forever. But that was way more entertaining than what Joe flacco has given me for the previous ten weeks. Buchan ears. Giants. Giant still alive? I can't believe I said that. But the giants are three and seven only three games back of Washington actually have a chance to be a wild card team or when the division. Oh, my head hurts. Listen. Allies been comfortable night. We'll say this. They had a new coaching staff is it fair to give them eight weeks to get their act together. Yeah. I mean, it was really bad for eight weeks. But it does look like in the couple of last week's to protections better allies kind of clicking with people looks a little better eagles saints while the saints say who DAT the ego should say. What was dad forty one point loss? Biggest ever for defending Super Bowl champ? Listen, it's the lottery winner syndrome. You're not used to be in rich don't know what to do with the money, and when you're not used to winning Super Bowls Philadelphia, yet don't know how to act they're not great at anything. Carson Wentz visibly upset on the sidelines. There's no other way to put it the guy low money, they got a little wind. They got they got a fancy new trophy. And they weren't grown enough then weren't adult enough to handle it Steelers Jaguars mail it in Steelers came back from a sixteen o deficit. That's what they call the kids. Call a flex Pittsburgh unfocused twenty six yards rushing three interceptions were an absolute in arguable mess. Rothlisburger had more passing in the fourth in the first three quarters combined. But this is why I picked him for the Super Bowl. I contend the. The biggest wrong est fastest most athletic team in the league with a hall of fame quarterback. Give Mike Tomlin credit lady and bell is out of that locker room. Not a lot of noise, and that was impressive. Texans. Redskins. Joe thighs Mun. Again, do you realize the Alex Smith injury came thirty three exactly thirty three years after Joe thighs men broke his leg? Dove is by the way, not only to the day thirty three years but the final score the game. Eighty five was also Twenty-three Twenty-one Redskins winning. That is a spooky coincidence raiders cardinals. Here we go Gruden magic back raiders to an eight first win since week four. Listen, I like the argument in the sidelines. Derek Carr in Jon Gruden. I don't buy this isn't going to last. I think Jon Gruden is smart enough to know that really talented quarterbacks. Derek cars, absolutely, coach, -able and talented. He's a good kid. They don't grow on trees. I think the writers would be nuts to get rid of him. I think you pay quarterbacks now twenty five million deal with John. That's what you pay good quarterback. You don't want to be in the NFL is in chaos at quarterback. And if you let Derek cargo there's a chance for chaos, Derek Carr and rich Gannon are the two best quarterbacks gruden's ever had they connected yesterday. Derek nice final drive in the one. The game Panthers. Lions. Gopher to listen. I have the better quarterback. I have a chance on the road to win. Cam just come off another really good drive. I don't wanna go on the road. I don't wanna get Matt Stafford the ball again if I can close out a game on the road and Mike quarterbacks played great. And I feel better team. I'm gonna put it in cams hands, by the way, Cam played great was not a great throw there. So what go for Broncos chargers. What Philip good? Hell. Philip rivers was awful. I defend Philip rivers. I bring him on the show. I love him. But yesterday too brutal picks and at the end instead of taking a sack and running out the clock. He threw an incompletion Philip you've been in this game way too long to make that mistake. Philip rivers that that was bad. That was that was Jim is Jason Whitlock just told me that was JR Smith. But forgetting the scoring that wasn't bad Vikings bears. Cousins equals dull among active quarterbacks. Cousins Dalton's at the two records in primetime. Do you realize that Ryan Fitzpatrick is third? Listen, they're not terribly Kirk cousins. And Andy Dalton one NFC AFC. They're not terrible. But there are a little under-sized. They're not great athletes. The got sort of average arms and I'm watching Kirk cousins. Listen, the bears defense is real. I'm not saying it's an easy place to go. And Chicago that was the biggest game in a decade. But good God. Was that frustrating? I mean, it some point. We've all overpaid for something. You got to believe the Vikings have a little buyer's remorse. Finally tonight keeps Rams not a preview. I do not think this is a Super Bowl preview. I think the Rams defensively have some holes. I think in Dhamma consumer and Marcus Peters up to their reputation are kind of doing things their own way. Neither is known as very Kotal. They're doing little ad-libbing. They've lack some gap integrity as they call them at offensive line with sue and Marcus Peters doing his own thing. That's why Andy Reid. Let him go. I don't think the Rams defense is good enough to get to. Super Bowl and win it. And I think the Steelers are gonna win the AFC. And I think the saints good luck for anybody wanting to go to New Orleans in January and beat the saints of that's not going to happen with anybody. I think this is going to be the biggest best Monday night football game in a decade. I'll take the chiefs close, although there's going to be so much emotion at the Coliseum. That may just may elevate the Rams to pull off that game light. Don't be the guy in the room with a long sloppy looking untucked shirt, go to untuckit dot com. Put in the code heard for twenty percent off G Q calls untuckit shirts. Perfection. Tony Gonzales tomorrow heard hierarchy tomorrow Peter King tomorrow, it's the her one more heard heard streams twenty four hours a day seven days a week within the iheartradio app. Search her to listen live or on demand. Whenever you like.

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