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What's up bitcoin? Radio it's your job Blackburn Burn. He would Jim scam polling today. We are fresh back from Thanksgiving Week. I hope everybody had a wonderful holiday already. If you're not in the states obviously XLII US Americans. We are celebrating Thanksgiving But you know this leads us to the most wonderful time of the year especially historically for Bitcoin. It's been a a wonderful wonderful one month. You know that we've I guess if we go back to twenty seventeen that we that we were able to Enjoy as Bitcoin rose grows exponentially all the way up to almost twenty thousand dollars is a couple years back and you know last year. Obviously we didn't enjoy the same benefits but historically Bitcoin Aucoin does have a pretty good run. ANYWAYS WE'VE GOT JIM on as as the usual now Jim. How's it going man? Good good how about yourself. Oh Bro Dude you know like I look forward to Christmas just as an individual right like it's a fun it's just to me. It's I just have a lot of great memories around Christmas. Listen so leading up to Christmas you know. Get Christmas tree. The some point this week I gotTa go put some lights up on the front end pretend like all aggravated about it but really. I'm just having a great time. You know what I mean. It's just it's that time of the year dude. Oh absolutely Nah. I'm right there with you. I'm a big. I'm a big fan of Christmas. Actually this weekend my girlfriend and I we've been putting up. Our are decorations are tree all that good stuff very fun. Very festive time of year. Yeah yeah gotta get in the spirit you know do you like did you Jouni Black Friday shopping. By the way I did not now now. I'm not really big into black Friday. I mean I've I've worked retail so I've worked riding and don't get me wrong. I mean there are deals but most of the deals are not really deals if I guess for kind of an insider's scoop like I'm not saying there aren't any but the the ones that you want are the ones that if you want to sleep outside for a couple of days because those are going to be gone quick at the rest of the stuff is a pretty decent jason sale but usually stuff. You'll see fairly close to that. So it's like the doorbusters of the big ones fair very you know and I'll even go as as far to say like I have never actually shopped black Friday. I will participate in the cyber Monday. And I do feel like you're actually getting a few better or at least like I save up for that moment in time. I've got it by Christmas present anyways right Jim so no I mean I've put together this little stack and I'm like okay. Spend it on my friends and family so anyways Ed but like you said I've also worked retail at a point although I I don't really you know I would want to say that. I have the experience that you do but It is a pain especially the day after Thanksgiving. Come on Madame either hungover or I'm too fat or too for the to move. You know everybody working but cheers everybody. Who is working man? I never mind that someone like thankfully I didn't have to do this but you know nowadays they gotta come in like Thanksgiving evening. Six seven o'clock. It's like Oh Jeez and I get it because people out there want to get the deals as soon as you can find them online. I still I still I'm being hypocritical here because I also still like to support my big box locations. I'm a I'm a fan of the old brick and mortar store so I like to spread my business business around but yeah usually you can find some good deals online of course when that cyber Monday rolls around absolutely well that leads me until you know. We were getting other good deals as in the form of Bitcoin. I mean right so. BITCOIN had a black Friday sale for the most part. We've kind of been experiencing black Friday sale for bitcoin now for about a week and a half two weeks now and you know I mean people can say what they want when I get a chance to buy a little bit of Bitcoin and put it away whether it's five dollars worth whatnot always do it and I just forget about it and we'll oh probably have some you know Hopefully if things go as planned in gym a you know a little bit about this but we're not gonNA go into too much detail but we have some maybe some announcement announcements Osman's to add onto bitcoin for Christmas will be able to figure that out maybe by the end of the week and maybe even by our live show here next couple days but But it leading up to that man like we already have bitcoin for Christmas. If you haven't checked at the website it's literally bitcoin. The number four bitcoin for Christmas Dot Com and on that website. It's pretty much a basic walked through to to`real on on everything from talking to your family about bitcoin. During the holidays to you know where would I go to buy it. How do I what what is it? I mean the everything's right there and I really you know for for podcast. There's a reason why we want to talk about this. Were about to really start putting out some things for you the the bitcoin enthusiasts and maybe the newcomer. Or maybe someone who wants to just be like hey look. I don't have time to explain bitcoin today to your friend but this is where you can at least start go check out bitcoin for Christmas Com. It really is an all around just guide you know and I mean obviously the website will put it in the description for you but it's it's got a countdown. We got twenty two days. I mean even if you just want to know how much longer you got till Christmas Jim is right there. Yeah absolutely and yeah I mean yeah et most likely. If you're listening to this show we do understand you already kind of have a grasp on a lot of this stuff and it's for you but it's for you to be able all to hand off to your family to your friends because I'm sure you know the the the crypto verse belongs all of us we're all doing our part This this is kind of a little cheat sheet to help you do your part and try to make it fun. Try to make it. Festive for the season You know whether it be Christmas. Dismiss or whatever holidays are celebrating here the as the years winding down and just a lot of fun content is well like when you go to bitcoin join number four Christmas Dot Com You know you'll have your your basic guides and stuff on there too. Because I'm sure you know even me as a new when I'm trying to explain this to some people When you start explaining it some people you know maybe there is gloss over? Or maybe they're like the kind of getting it but this is going to be something you know you give them the basics. They could sit down they can. They can go through it on their own time. Maybe make a little bit more sense of it but the more important important thing is that you'll see you know. We got the BITCOIN. Jesus video up there. I know some people kind of took a little bit offensive that I I understand you know yeah. I don't think anyone's trying to Be blasphemous to your beliefs. Kinda Fun With what's going on here but you have the video there which is is always helpful fun little thing to send someone but if you click on the link below that where it says view wrestler content there are some memes and stuff you can share share and as we know in this digital age memes are the best best way to communicate quickly. Send send a message to someone. So there's a plethora of images for you to go through that maybe you can send her onto your friends and put on your social media because again it's not like we've mentioned this in the past. It's not like this site is generating revenue for us or something like that. This is it's not. It's not like you're not entering any information on this site. This is strictly the information to help. Spread the word because you know. The the name of the game for Crypto and Bitcoin is mass adoption. And that's the end game here. That was that was that you know and and like even touch that you brought up the big little Jesus bitcoin. Oh Jesus Video Amana faith. I go to church. I consider Jesus Pretty close friend and writes pretty cool. Dude I mean but I mean. BITCOIN and cryptocurrencies impartial. A lot of We're less divisive. We don't we don't put up barriers that other Niches or other organizations or whether doing political stuff. Or whether you're doing sports you know bitcoin's pretty pretty Agnostic as has a hold of the just that there's just not a there's not a reason for one if the other and as I just noted I you know someone who does who does go to church in who who Who Does consider himself a man of faith? I mean I think it's a little bit fun right. I mean it's I don't think there's anything too bad about it right we. We did get a little bit pushback rightfully. So maybe this is. I don't Wanna I'm not sitting here judging or saying this one way or the next but you know what I did. It caught a lot of attention right. Yeah it got a lot of attention and I'm thinking about this Jim you know the mean is just like the next version of the dumber and maybe funnier Flyer right like you go around the back in the day when we were kids you no. You might go like pass by the bus station like twenty-five flyers on there. How did you see some of the tension? The same way that people catch people's attention means right and we got a bunch of great means. But it don't you think that's kind of like a good comparison flyer. Yeah absolutely a flyer it's the billboard. It's just a nice little thing you throw up on your social media because you you know you type a wallet taxed people are going to scroll right past that you know what I mean. If you like depending I mean everything has its time and place. I'm sure and see. CT NOT PEOPLE SHARE A lot. Like you know long breakdowns on Crypto. And that's your audience so people will want to read through that or they'll want Iraq with that but this is more for your general page you know maybe something the catch someone's eye they're going to click on that and maybe ask you more about it and again if even if they don't go to bitcoin going for Christmas Dot Com. If they're just asking you about it then that's mission accomplished. We're just trying to get the conversation going trying to keep it going and it. It helps all of us. Yeah and I don't want to give too much away but just imagine this Magin if there was a company and this I'm completely unaffiliated with anybody who's doing this. I've just letting you know that I've I've found and out that this exists that you can literally go and buy some bitcoin and then that bitcoin's time locked right gem so like you can't even go like if you received that bitcoin going you literally have to hold it good or bad right. I mean it is what it is so you want to lock it up for a year. Lock it up for five years. I was talking about this a while back about like having like some sort of bitcoin. Piggy eubank where you could personally. I could use us at times like so. I don't go and put some stuff on my lip. Hey count you know and then use. It might use my car but you know I I could could on a disciplinary. You know side of things make a case for me needing this myself but you know even for your family who you might be worried about giving your brother your little cousin so because he's GonNa spend it on shoes or whatever and this is kind of I'm GonNa talk about this I'm at least going to interview them. I thank you know. That's that's something I really think is relevant to this space space and Hopefully you know talking to Josh Donaldson. Who's member of the team? Obviously and Bitcoin for Christmas is a brain. It's it's a brain work. I don't want to call it a brainchild childish like something. It embodies everything Patrick's ever done right. Everybody knows Patrick Lane. He's given tons of Bitcoin away to just about anybody who's paying attention who tried to participate in the Contests whether he's letting you guessed next week's price of Bitcoin or just literally when he gave money away from the start of bitcoin radio. I mean I obviously sleep. Jim Both Maine you. Think really highly of him and he's been a great friend us and also you know with mouse belt as the CEO and One of the CO founders. I mean guys just the busiest this dude on planet earth and Crypto But do big time to make sure the little man knows how to get in right. I mean it's a it's a big part of what he wants. He sees truly as a revolution Asian where a lot of people think see simply as a way to make money right he sees it very differently. Contracts me so much to how he does business anyways but Jim you know if you're if you're her somebody who's brand new you see this website. I mean I gotta say on a personal level I know that I can skip ahead things and I just take things as like already know what that means gene. So I don't even think about it consciously but you're you you you can still put yourself in those shoes like I mean when you look at his website. It's pretty simple as a not. Oh absolutely really. Yeah I mean it's it's because again it's not like it's it's not designed to really get much from you besides just give you information. Give you a platform to give information out of the people. So you got the guides right there on the front page You got the content and the memes like we said and I mean I think even the other side of it to the way you could look at. It is if you're looking like if you're the CRYPTO had in your family early and you're just hoping to maybe get bitcoin for Christmas like why even concerned with buying it for your friends and loved ones loved ones but you want a way okay for them to be able to buy it for you. This is perfect for that as well. Great Point Jim Folks. If you're trying to leave a hint for mom or for wifey or whoever or husband he you know he just sent him the link right you know. Tell me I'll I'll drop them. A line puts up in their stock. Inform you know give. May Mom wants to Bitcoin. Look I mean it's better than I'm getting cash in my opinion like I I love the ability to be if you have cash and you want to go buy something on ebay you can't you can't right right now yeah your Sol. I mean like you gotta go you gotTa go put it somewhere you can go. I guess you can go by Ebay Gift Card or something like that but Bitcoin I got my bit Paycard Geico Card and my bitcoin and I can go buy whatever I want including take out. Cash bit pay reallowed cash withdrawals by the way. I don't know if you part of that whole deal when they stopped letting you do that but I think last month actually reopened it. I haven't done it yet but I haven't to I. I'm not sure what I wasn't really around for any of that type of stuff. I think it was the first of the year last year. I really don't remember not only taking cash out a few times that I've needed it but they literally stopped us there. I guess they were trying to figure the walls and bit pays out of Atlanta Georgia. Remember correctly could be wrong but obviously trying to follow the rules or real. They're real you know banking banking. Excuse me institute. And they're sitting there. You know taking your bitcoin giving you immediate cash Jim. That's the beautiful thing about it. Is I sell it immediately lately. Boom it's in my car and I'm not. This is not a sponsor at I assure you I'd just use bit pay a lot. You know when I when I travel or whatnot But but I the the only liming bringing this up is that because I have bitcoin I can use cash or I can spend. Obviously you gotTa be worth taxes and how it's GonNa Affect you but of course you know we're we're gonNA have a good tax episode at some point months as tax season is here as well. Yeah yeah easily. I need to study up on that. Ain't to figure out. It's announced announced that for sure. I figured out what we know Jim at my door with the handcuffs by I mean. Let's talk about fun. Things exclude Christmas. I do because I guess I didn't mention before they're the social media links and stuff for up On the main page as well because I did we did. Get a communique from Josh Donaldson saying that the Twitter's getting some nice interaction so I like we mentioned the means. I think think the twitter has some of the more up-to-date and memes. I do see a baby iota on their. Everyone does know that right now. Baby Yoda is. Everyone loves baby ODA So yeah I think it's well the links on Bitcoin for Christmas Dot Com or it's at bitcoin number four x Smith's on twitter. I mean I know where like this. Sounds like an nat- or something like I'm not I'm not trying to do that. it's just again. It's just about making it easy for people to understand because because I jingle jingle I seriously coin four Chris Smith's I want my bitcoin for Christmas. What you think I think we're getting there about halfway there. I mean my first attempt ever had a jingle. I'll take it because I swear to God. I can't just be me. It's not always easy easy to try to tell people like the INS and outs of You know never mind. Just bitcoin crypto in general because again the outside of like one of the main hurdles of just kind of new technology in people. Trying to understand that you you're basically kind of fighting fighting against the mainstream media. Opinion of crypto being you know for criminals so slapped Chris on their nice wholesome Holiday to to try to. Maybe maybe shake that Shake that image a little bit. You know absolutely now. Look I want to tell a story here And this person's knows knows exactly who they are. They're gonNA listen to this show. I hope you know they've been listening to the show so but I'm not going to say what their name is that they are family member of mine right you know. I'm not saying how close extended family whatever but I was just home for Thanksgiving. We do a big family. Get together Lots of people from family command cousins aunts uncles etc and You know my family member comes at me like Joe. I need your help and I'm like what's up dude. He's like I can't get into any. The crypto counts I'm like which ones in us like you know Coin based I I like I'm locked out. I got a new phone and my to say that that you may be set up like It doesn't work anymore. I'm like oh well that's probably because you're too if aid does not transfer over when you get a new APP or when you get a new phone you don't just get the re download the APP and they're the same. It's just not the way it works. He's like Oh. I figured that out. Now you didn't tell me on Mike. I'm sorry I'm not a real. I honestly I know this in. I probably should have told told him when this was going on. But you know get so caught up like I know this it's like instinctively in my DNA. Now that you know you gotTa under your hip to get new phone. It's A. It's a huge huge reason. Why I don't even have a new phone yet right? I just don't want to go through my nine hundred two counts at the undo anyway. So get on there. And then he's like I have another another count. Oh we have this This exchange you know we're going unless there's like like three or four exchanges you know it's not too bad you know. But he's literally locked out of every single one of them including including Bein ants. which obviously you can't even use anymore as a customer after us by its US? And so I mean the whole week we spent waiting for these crypto companies to either there alleviate the the issue with two A. or trying to recover some some Some you know wallet Keys and I mean we got everything everything done but it just goes to show someone. Who's I'm very close with? Who listens to my show? who had not checked their actual counts because they just keep it keep track of their portfolio on their phone own? You know they still struggle with us right like this is not something that I find you know difficult anymore but I know that people that know me that do bitcoin the have owned it since essentially I made them by it at some point got locked out of the race and they couldn't get back in and I just want people realize like it can happen everybody and ignoring wearing it or just not dealing with right now as eventually just going to wait till a huge issue when you do need to access it or you do WanNa move it or you do WanNa do something with it period. It's just just take care of it now but don't feel bad if you don't and this is what Bitcoin for Christmas will allow you to do and one of the things I wanted to reference was the fact that we actually went to the site and I made him download these. Ah The pamphlets that are on the site. And now he's got him on his on his laptop on his where it's accessible. If he needs to refresh or figure something out and and I can't I can't be there to actually walk them through it and he's got something for him. I mean that's forever like that's literally super easy. Yeah actually even to try to drive it home to like honestly in at I could. I didn't get permission to say this but I I can almost like hey is just download the pdf center on your friends. You don't even have tell them go to bid for a big land for Christmas Com- if you're like that against supporting it fair enough because again it's just all getting that information out there and we figure because here we are I show a December and like I think people didn't realize how Since thanksgiving was really late this here at the 'cause most people are like no. I'm not in the Christmas mood till thanks to at least Thanksgiving's over like you know. No No oh Christmas talk no Christmas music. No decorations still thanksgiving. But you forget like in a year like this with Thanksgiving being so late like it really ask wishes down that shopping season if you will For December because usually we have like a a little under a week left of November before were like kicking ass right into December but the clocks tick and folks don't be stressed out. Don't be running around or you know trying to buy stuff where it sells out online or dealing with parking and crowds and all that stuff and even like gift cards because I guess the one of the biggest things to compare it to like you mentioned cash people give gift cards. It's the same shit except you got some potential here. I know we've been seeing seeing a volatile towel market but hey you know it's been holding. We're probably we're probably going up. You're you must believe it's going up that's right that's right well said Jim. You know the look all bitcoins ever gone. Survive it no matter what media says no matter how it's being used criminally no matter how many times have been used for good things no matter how may times that you bought or sold it. It's survived and I'm proud to say it's still here and we're coming up on eleven years on January third thinking about that. Jim Eleven seven years. I don't have to say ten years in work now I can say eleven the double ones the one one eleven. I mean it's here folks. It's staying and going aware bitcoins. Birthday is January. Worry third is that for real. Yeah Brew January third my birthday. Wow how about that. Wow I show uh-huh I did not realize this I share birthday with bitcoin and Bitcoin are one. Oh that's great good for you know. Look we we're GONNA WE'RE GONNA celebrate bitcoins birthday alongside of yours on a special podcast. Episode live cast. Were literally going to be blowing out candles on the cake and order some balloons for you. But we're GONNA do something special for that Jim. Hell yeah that's awesome. I feel even more special now. Well I mean it's like it's meant to be do yes. Yeah it's called the genesis block you should you. Should you should like get tattooed or something. That would be tight. What would it take for you to get a Bitcoin Tattoo? What would it literally take? It'll probably take because I don't have any tattoos either. If I already had attach I feel like once someone already has a tattoo way more open to just kind of get whatever but I feel like that first. One asked to be something special not to say the BITCOIN's not special I mean obviously agree. Don't like I I don't have one either and for me to get a tattoo. It would take a lot as well right. Yeah Yeah clean hitting one hundred thousand dollars. There is something that happens to people. I don't know it just the anchor the whatever 'cause something whenever I've had a friend that got one tattoo all of a sudden they're like itching to get more than they say they're addictive. I maybe one of the reasons why I haven't got one yet is that that scares me a little bit. I don't WanNa be I'm GONNA look like you know post Malone over here which is tattoos all over my face looking like crazy dude. Bitcoin Wayne like Bitcoin teardrop. But yeah I mean like like you said it's not going anywhere I mean how like you just had a I had a Football Club meaning soccer here in the states up On the show and the fun that was cool man. That's that's interesting. I mean I mean I. It did seem like I like this though like it seemed like their team or their club. Or you know phrase it like. They're they're about kind of shaking things up and kind of whether it be just trying to get attention or just kinda set themselves up in the crowd. Because I know the story of what happened me Khalifa like get there. Yeah Yeah. He's off over our rolling over there in the UK But Yeah No. That's cool because I mean like I'm like I'm on American so it's not like we watch last soccer over here but I know worldwide that is like you know that's the shit aboard. Yeah that's where all the is are. So that's that's a that's a pretty big deal huge deal and if you would've told somebody this three or four years ago Jim that that one of the Premier League league soccer football clubs was going to have bitcoin as a sponsor first off. You can't just have bitcoin sponsor someone really has to like donate the money that you can't even like there. It's just it's insane to think that someone literally paid a football club in the premier league to put this on their shoulder. I I like you got to think of a selflessness that or the revolution inspired I mean I thought of Money Patrika. I you know the way that he he gets all excited about this kind of stuff but I I. I'm just so impressed that somebody wanted this to happen now. You know I referenced in the PODCAST. If you haven't listened to focus go back Friday podcast Waterford F C May Have they have Just an incredible incredible opportunity for bitcoin to get the exposure and to get a to get in and get people can ask questions about it. You know this is a Premier League team. One of the premiere. The Premier Li literally is the most watched sports league in the entire world. It's like in Mike. One hundred thirteen of one hundred twenty six countries or how many were countries are for geography guy but But that's a lot isn't not. Jim Absolutely is crazy. It's huge anyways. Always we'll look I. I know we don't want to spoil too much because we got a cool show coming up on Tuesday and you know I know a lot of people were still recovering back. And they're still on their. You know their food drunk. You know from from from Thanksgiving Day but you know I mean I I mean look at me like what my beard. I haven't even got off. I haven't been able to do anything just like. Oh I gotTa Shave today but actually actually Kinda like. It's getting a little thick steak you jim grow yours out. Let's do this together back brothers. I'm trying your look as you look. Aw steady I mean I hear that you're kind of wrapping up. I do want to mention it real quick where I be selfishly selfishly unselfish here and I'll probably talk a little bit more about it on the live show but over on my show Jim in them. I figure I will bring Nisa the BITCOIN radio family just to see Who what the people are out there? But I don't even know if you're aware of this show but over on my show we do a thing. Every holiday season called tots turn we try to get tots. We do a toy drive and we accept donations from listeners. Out there we've I guess. This is the fifth fifth year. We've done it and do all the money goes directly to we go to toy stores we buy shits on it toys choice and we bring them to the one of the fire. Departments here does fill the firetruck toy drive and we always roll up like four or five carts parts. We've brought bikes. We had like Nintendo we's and stuff last year. A lot of our listeners have been very generous. Will we get you know. Usually we average anywhere from like two to four grand or something like that and we just buy a bunch of bunch of toys and gift cards for older kids and then you know stuff for little kids so if you're so inclined this is not a scam. I understand I'm kind of near the community so I understand you're skeptical but if you go to gym dot com there's a link at the top for tots turns going I should I guess I should be. I'd have to look into that. I don't have an option. It's like a big. I mean you can just put up a bitcoin wallet address. Yeah I guess I'd have to make I WANNA make a separate one or something for it. I guess I'll have to go for Christmas and figure out the only person I in years had this struggle so we could probably figure it out. Yeah Yeah because I mean I was just GonNa say yeah. We have pictures and stuff in the past year so this is legit. We get a nice long on receipt. We get all kinds of good stuff. as a kid I grew up. W- you know where sometimes Christmases weren't so great and places like this. Help my family out so I love the opportunity to be able to do that and we also if you do donate you do get an option to get something back because any twenty five dollars you every twenty-five you donate you get your name putting a raffle. You get at least an option to win at least one hundred dollars gift card Maybe more I guess if a bitcoin person wins will send you. Bitcoin coin. Whatever you want but you know think about it people it is it? Is that time what you just said. Jim Is is so so. oftentimes it's taken for granted. You know what people grow up whether what they don't grow up with you know and it's relative to everybody situation a lot of kids don't even know and that's the beauty about being in the kid is that you don't know always your situation but you remember your situation especially Hopefully your your Your situation's gotten better and you know when you have an opportunity to give back you you better. That's that's the only way I can say you know I I. I'm not GonNa sit there and scold anybody but e better. That's the only that's the only way that I noticed that it and I know that means a lot to me need to help out and we've done on this. NC as well throughout the years. I and it means a lot to me when I see people give you know. It's just it's just the part of the community that makes it a community as the selflessness. Awesome you know you. You said you're GONNA be selfless selfishly unselfish and I think that's the furthest from the truth. I think you're just unselfish your heart's in the right spot. I applaud your efforts and I wish the people are doing it. Thank you sir. Thank you appreciate it. And Yeah we sponsored Two families one year. We've done the pull the things off the Christmas tree where kids put like Walmart. What they want so all kinds of avenues and it feels really good to help out so if that sounds anything interesting to you going Jim dot com and then and maybe I'll setup away to take? Bitcoin of people are cool with doing that as well to know scams here. Don't worry it's not. I'm not trying to rob Ya. Even though it's the first four letters of your last name. Yes which is just classic birthdays on January third and your last name Scam Kelly. I mean Scam Poli it just. It's perfect you know it's it's all meant to be anyways all right any final words where we miss him I think that about. Does it like like Joe same. We're just checking it in real quick after the holiday weekend. Just trying to gear up for the next holiday as twenty nine teams will have to be put to bed so appreciate your listening getting through this Monday after the Post holiday and I think the most important thing is tipped over does belong all of us. We know aware we're doing. What are you doing about it? What are you doing folks? Tell them next time. Everybody here on W._B._Z.. Were bitcoin lives is Joe and gem on the BITCOIN radio. Show see you soon base.

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