WE'RE BACK! - Raw Review - 11/11/20


The survivor series teams are complete. Retribution actually wins a match and mcintyre's fighting or again and more in this week's review of monday night raw so before we get into this. I do want to apologize for not reviewing anything last week i had. I had some really bad personal stuff. Come up and because of that. I just i couldn't. I watched the shows. I enjoyed them. I thought a w was phenomenal. Heading into full gear annexed t. It was a little bit forgettable but it was good setting up feature stuff. I didn't even watch smackdown. I'm not even gonna lie and then full gear was absolutely phenomenal. Quite possibly one of the best awa pay per views. There have been i just. I wanted to just enjoy wrestling without having to talk wrestling last week but yeah it was all very very good but for now let's get into raw and i'm going to try to get through it fast because i just don't want to talk about raw for thirty minutes. We start off the show with ms tv and a few advertisements for the matches. Later on we're going to get osco versus nyah. Which hell yeah. And then of course a fucking six-man main event. I guess where miz and morrison team with orton to take on mcintyre and the new day and i kinda. Don't mind this. I like this concept of the wwe champion being on the team with mr money in the bank. It's really really interesting. Maze threatens to cash in during the main event which leads to an interruption. From randy orton. The new day. Were supposed to be the guests. But orton comes out and is just so fucking paranoid and it's so fun seeing or just being like you called stanford didn't you you beg for this match. You wanted like. He literally turns his back on maize. And it was like if you wanna plug and cash in cash. But please like i love that the voices and randy's head or real now and they are all wrestlers gunning for him although one of them may no longer be part of that because we didn't get any fiends tonight Which sucks like there's an alexa segment. But nothing really. Talking about the fiend Then says that he didn't ask for this to attack. Randy ask for this so him and morrison could become number one contenders to the tag titles. Which point the new day interrupt. They've got some new schoolhouse. Rock themed gear and before anything could get going orton just drops one. Those mother fuckers with an our ko then mcintyre comes out big boy punch fight. It set up the show doubt. It was whatever this was. This was nothing then. We get our match to determine who the final member on the survivor. series team's going to be in basically it's all the losers fighting in a triple threat. So hardy who was beaten by. Aj elias who got beaten by keith lee and then riddle who got beat by shameless. All fight out in a triple threat match. i i just. I wanted to be mcintyre. I really wanted it to be mcintyre leading the team because you know otherwise. We're not gonna have a mcintyre presence at the pay per view which what the fuck you've built him up for so long. Why not if you're going to run with randy's your champion. Why not move over. Let him become part of team raw. But instead we get riddle after what was an absolutely average match. It was literally the basic formerly formula for a triple threat. To guys fight third guy interrupts the pin then third guy and another guy fight than the other person interrupts. That's was the whole thing. I did like the opening. Elias had a lot of viciousness. But outside of that who was just a lot of fucking breakup and then finally riddle wins. The bro derek derek. The only real note. I had about this. Was i love that hardy consistently finds ways to set up poetry in motion like i think he had a double splash on both of them and then riddle fell onto his hands. These which led to poetry in motion. I love that he keeps setting it up. Then we go to a jay talking backstage with adam pearce and basically aj's pumped. I love over arrogant captain. Aj i love him so much and he says riddle rails the pace we needed. I love him and then shameless comes out and of course. Shame isn't riddle. Have their history. Says that riddle is it obnoxious punk so. Aj says well we'll have a team meeting and then basically every member of team rock comes out once a year. Not my fucked captain. Like i don't have the you're my dad. I don't have to listen to you. But then of course we do get a team meeting later. We get a promo from retribution. Setting up their match against ricochet later that night and ali. I like this because i. I knew that this was going to be retribution. First victory but. I don't like that it's ricochet because everyone else like hurt. Business made a lot of logical sense but outside of the fact that they used to be friends. I still don't understand why. Why retribution going after ricochet and so i was hoping this promo illuminate that but really rick. It really boils down to retribution wanting to recruit ricochet of course ali says ricochets very brave. But he thinks one man can change everything. That's a lie so retribution is begging for ricochet. Meanwhile it seems like reckoning aka media yelm seems to be teasing going after osco which. Fuck yes hell. Yeah i definitely want to see that we get a recap of dominance from the hurt business which leads to drew goo lack walking up to the hurt business and the most obnoxious lee red suit begging to join because he is a champion. He is the twenty seven champion. And of course they all are like. I don't know maybe maybe not. But then they pull on his tie and he has a clip on and then they just beat the shit out of which is the best sentence of all time. Jrue goulash got beat down for wearing a clip on tie but then truth comes in pens goo lack off of the beat down and camp baby archer with is the new twenty four seven champion and then a lotta shit happens later but before we get to that it's lana versus shayna baszler for some reason mandy. Dana are on commentary. Just because you want to have all of them in one segment. I guess. Lana tries for a real big sneak attack and by a real big i mean the slyke like a sloth in the ring. She is tried for a sneak attack. At which point we all knew she done fucked up. Shayna baszler beets are down at one point. Lana like a five year old pretending she's hurt yelled at. I'm like good luck with this baby face plan. Wwe so much like last week. Running knee from basil goes through the pin pulse. Her up much like nyah. Did last week locks her in the cure for clutch lana gaps out. Gives her a few more wrenches on it just to let her know but before she can get put through table. Eight mandy and dana interfere and i was so fucking upset. They're making history. Ladies and gentlemen and i don't want them to have to stop so we go backstage mandy and dana or there with lana and lana continues to be the absolute worst. And they're basically fed up with lana and they say if you wanna help us stay out of our way and on my fuck. Yeah exactly so now we get a team meeting with raw and fuck. Yeah i was excited for this segment last week. I was really excited to see this. I also love the fact that is so small. Compared to his teammates he continues to say the missing pieces matt and then all the infighting all the infighting and then matt riddle and the first thing he's ever done. I actually enjoyed says. I know a of this and i thought he was going to say they all needed to smoke weed. I'm not gonna lie. But he said he's like we need codenames. Any went around gave. Everyone codenames like fire face for shameless. In it to me. That for keith lee. He was like your bro lee. And i'm like damn it. That's good shit now. I want them to tag team so brutally could be in. Wwe at that would mean matt riddle so then unfortunately the segment boils down to aj saying. Hey you understand. J. usos on the other team you understand like runs down. Everyone on the other team like they are doing phenomenal right. Now gets kevin owens. It's jay kim corbin's there so he's kind of whatever but like he runs them all down and then reveals that earlier when he was talking to adam pearce he was getting a match sanctioned shameless in braun versus ritalin inle with aj as guest referee. And then he's just creams. Y'all gonna gain respect for one another yet. It was a great fucking segment that just led to match. That didn't need to happen. And i'll be honest. The only good thing in this match was. Aj smiles aj is making this situation work because aj is now leaning into just becoming the comedy figure because he got the shit beat out of him this entire match like at one point li in strowman. Just big boy splash. Each other in age gets caught in the middle of that dude sandwich and falls to the ground so into the match stroman tags himself in interrupting shameless. Brogue kicks shameless tags himself. In as stroman sets up the power slam there's infighting finally shame as brogue kicks strowman once again gets rolled up by riddle. One to three short simple. It did what it had to do so now we go backstage to alexa and the alexa and much like last week. Nikki confronts alexa at this time. She's not all fiend it out. She's normal lexi in so alexis still playing her little girl character. Basically being like oh. I didn't know you you were here last week. Let's have a play date. And then nicky of says. I'm not playing and she goes. Oh that's too bad in. Nikki finally apologizes for the fact. That and this is honestly something. I forgot everything that's happened to. Alexa is kind of nikki's fault. Because nikki of course left alexa alone in the ring which led to the fiend attacking her which led do where we are. Now so nikki apologizes for all of that and then finally says it's now time for you to make a choice. It's time for you walk away. Do you choose me or do you choose the fiend and it was actually really nice emotion out of nikki here and then of course alexa has two. She's just like i choose him and then skips off and you see that. Look on nicky's face of fucked up. Oh no so then hurt business come out basically just lashley an mvp and they cut a little basic as promo on sammy's zane. We're going to beat them. That's it that was the there was nothing fun about it. It was just very mode. Hurt business going. Do our business does. We're all punch people. And also charlie caruso informed us next week we are getting shelton. Benjamin cedric alexander versus the new day for the tag titles. So the hurt business or really trying to get all the gold they possibly can and then titus o'neil came out and okay ads fine. I guess it was so bizarre. Because i i understand like a couple of weeks ago. Tightest wanted to join then. They denied him. They beat them down. So you want a little bit of revenge. It's just seemed like a weird time to do this. So todd is says hey how about this me and you fight with the us championship on the line. Lashley response. I have no respect for you. And this title defense will be his first and his last first time and last time titus ever fights for a championship and wwe and man. I real impressed in the big day heavy in the first half cotton. I'm not gonna lie. 'cause titus actually looked really phenomenal. He looked brutal in the beginning like he showed a lot of viciousness he showed a lot of fire and then lashley hit a sphere and then put them the hurt lock and fuck it and i'm not even lying. Titus got the ropes within five seconds titus was in the ropes and the referee said fuck. I'm not gonna call it fucking keep it on so instead of calling for the rope. Brake lights should be called instead. Tapsell match ends bobby. Lashley looks dominant going up against sami. Zane which makes me sad. Because i really wanna see sam zane win that match. So we then get a promo for mcintyre shameless. Who are my new favorite. Do of course shea. Mrs complaining about the fact that there's no organization on his team and then mcintyre vary matter-of-factly like well. Maybe you shouldn't brogue kick your partners off the ring apron. Shameless talks about the fact that he that drew is now teaming up with losers like the new day which point mcintyre does the new day. Clap which me then. Apparently they reveal their catchphrase which was kicking hague's and kicking heads and drink. And which fuck. Yeah i love this duo. Give it to me. Wwe as soon as adversaries is over. Give me this duo. I don't care if one turns. But i want a baby face. Shameless with a baby face mcintyre it'd be great. So now we get oskar vs nyah jackson. I wants to prove that. Even though she a tag team champion she runs the raw women's division and she definitely did in the open lottery can shop and oscar. It was very interesting with oscar. Can she kept going for submission moves. She was very rarely going for strikes or any of the stuff that really brought her to the dance. She was more focusing on technical style. Which really helped set up her as kind of like someone of an underdog against niagara because all of these submissions were being powered out of lana interferes in the gets up puts her in the clutch. And then that allows oscar to put naive in the oscar luck and right before you can tap shayna interferes once again. No we don't know who wins that way in the future ni- can face oscar and no one will know who will win it's oscar. No one is ready for oskar so then post match. Shayna anaya beatdown. Mandy and dana and lana is left alone. No whatever we'll have been that's right motherfucker eight times eight times through that table. Yes i was so excited. We get a promo from our truth. Which i honestly don't remember outside of them saying hey you're going to be in a seven-man match for the title up next and i said why. Why is this why this happened so that match happened. It's truth goo lack lucia house party. Eric of the viking raiders tucker and akira and the match begins with everyone beating down truth. Obviously tazawa rolls up truth for the victory but then gets rolled up by eric. But then eric gets rolled up by gulick tucker rolls up goullot in like a schoolboy. So you know they're kind of formed into a little ball so tucker rolls up gulag and this is a spot i've been waiting to see for awhile. Gerlach rolls up tucker and they keep kind of rolling back and forth in this little ball each trading the titles then finally tucker comes out victorious and then gets taken out by truth. Who now is your new twenty. Four seven champion but then grand medal. Leak wins but then let's say dorado winds but then truth wins. This was fucking nothing like it was. It was a filler. This was filler. It did nothing because like the stuff earlier with who lack. That was fun. That's what the title needs to be is fun. Not just a bunch of people. Doing these. Like i would have loved if the tucker and gulag schoolboy ball thing had just turned into everybody trying to pry them apart and every time they they pushed them they would roll and make a new champion and then it would just keep doing that but instead it was just kind of generic and boring but now we move on to match of the night mustafa ali versus ricochet which firstly retribution came out on the entrance ramp. That's not how that's supposed to fucking work. So ricochets starts off the mark match looking really really strong. Ali gets a very quick advantage off the thing that made me most excited about. This is the fact that ricochet is getting a spot and ricochet is actually like being the guy in a story line not a secondary person because i love ricochet and i've been pissed ever since he went to the main roster so ricochet hits a hurricane rana to the outside which was vicious. Mustafa ali gets advantage because of retribution. And the interesting thing about this match was both of these guys are experienced high fliers. There was very little high flying in this match. And that's important because high flying to me works in most matches. But in this one it was so personal and it was so grudge. Matchy that if you would went to high flying moves it almost seems silly like imagine like someone sleeps with your wife and you do a back handspring before you punch him in the face like no. You wouldn't do that. You would just beat him down to the best of your ability. And that's what they both did. They both used their vicious attitude. I can't remember who hit it. Someone had a fucking backstabber off the top rope. Holy shit little note. I love the fact that after after raw talk last week. The commentary team is correctly pronouncing mustafa ali not mustafa ali. So that was really nice. And like i said the plot of the matches. They're trying to get ricochet in retribution. Which i really really like End of the match ricochet goes takes out massive move but he gets back in the ring and gets i think he went for the four fifty lands on his feet but falls and then gets caught with the koji clutch. Which is one of my favorite submission moves off. Fucking dime in the vita. They've given it to mustafa who's kind of got like snake. Like attitude right now like i know. Snake is randy's thing but mustafa's very like you know serpentine kind of in the koji clutch. Has that kind of python grip. That works well. With whom moustapha is so yeah. I liked it very good fucking match. Retribution finally has one and the w column we get a promo from randy orton. Where adam pearce tells him next week. He's going to be facing drew mcintyre for the title which causes orton to slam. Pierce the wall. And say i know you're just the messenger. So i have a message for. Wwe corporate. they can all go to hell and then drops him and then we go to the main event which was nothing. It was the the story of the match was randy. Orton is paranoid. Which is a fun character development. And because of that paranoia. He refuses to be tagged in. Because he's got mcintyre on one side ms with the money in the bank briefcase on the he wants to be ready in case anything happens. So he's referring refusing to get tagged in at one point the new day. Scream one two three. We miss you. E and then hit like this massive splash to the outside during the commercial. Break the heels take advantage even though there. It's basically a two on three batch. I don't know how the heels code of taken advantage but they did end of the match. Mcintyre comes in or absolutely wreck shop is about to take out morrison but instead drags him to the corner and begs or attack him. Orton gets in leans over the ropes and at the very last minute pulls away and walks up the ramp which of course leads into surprisingly a lot. More offense like i thought that would just be lead into a clay more but instead there was actually some fun offense after that then finally morrison gets his head. Klay moored off one. Two three painful and this was great development for randy orton character. The problem is there. Were five other fucking people in this match. There were five other people in this match. Who got nothing out of it. So yeah okay. that's cool. i guess it was. I wanted to see more advancement of the new day versus miz and morrison. I wouldn't have minded if the hurt business came out and got involved but instead this is just to show that. Randy's a little spooked right now. Because everybody's calling me navarine. That was raw. It was i probably medium medium to medium well like it was very average. It was very middle of the road. I i'm gonna say medium well two out of five. Was this raw but do you agree. Do you disagree. Let me know on twitter at scotty. 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