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143 | Shook Up


Our world is full of the unexplainable and history is an open book. All of these amazing amazing tales right there on display just waiting for us to explore. Welcome to the cabinet of curiosities. The earth is ever changing since since the beginning of time. Our planet has undergone incredible transformation. Panja broke apart. One hundred seventy five million years ago eventually forming the continents. We know today. A plant and animal life has evolved or gone extinct giving room for new life to make its way. Much of this is natural progression of the world as it matures and settles other phenomena are a result of our greed and disregard for the health of the planet melting ice caps rising ocean levels and wildfires that raged for weeks while decimating acres of land and homes. Perhaps the earth needs to send a sign once in a while that we are not as welcome here as we thought that that might be what happened in the southeastern United States in the early eighteen hundreds it started on December sixteenth of eighteen eleven. What a small earthquake it began in Arkansas followed by an aftershock? Six hours later the shock waves spread out of a small town that was once part of the Louisiana territory. Today it's known as has new Madrid at that time. New Madrid was an up and coming community of farmers and pioneers. They would travel the Mississippi River each day. Never paying any mind the idea that the ground beneath their feet might not be completely solid. The first quake wasn't particularly strong but did minor damage to the few buildings in the area. The less than a month later another quake hit and it hit hard. It changed the landscape. The ground opened up and claimed the lives of countless livestock including horses and cattle. The mountains shook and produced devastating landslides stream banks caved in so much debris was kicked up. Love it blocked out the sun. The Mississippi River actually flowed backward. The January earthquake was so strong clocks. Stop tens of miles away way and it was reported that minor tremors were felt as far north as Washington. DC One man named George Heinrich Grist was quoted as saying if if we do not get away from here the ground is going to eat US alive. Another eyewitness John. Bradbury was in a boat traveling down the Mississippi river when it happened He. He wrote the perpendicular banks both above and below US began to fall into the river in such vast masses as nearly to sink our boat. John had tallied twenty seven shocks total by the time it was all over. Things seemed to calm down after that while the residents of new Madrid started it to rebuild however everything would change a few weeks later on February seventh of eighteen twelve when the town became the epicenter of another massive quake chimneys crumbled as houses were shaken from their foundations. A New Lake was formed in Tennessee when the land shifted in such a way as to block the flow of several streams Shocks traveled as far North Canada. And were strong enough to ring church bells in Boston. New Madrid was all but destroyed. The the Richter scale wouldn't be invented for another century or so but based on the accounts of those present. It's estimated that the worst of the new moderate earthquakes would have measured at had an eight point zero compared that with California a veritable hotspot of seismic activity the strongest quake. On record there occurred in eighteen fifty seven in Forte Tejan. It measured seven point nine on the Richter scale since then minor quakes have plagued Missouri over four thousand of them in fact none of which have been as strong as the ones that occurred in eighteen eleven and eighteen twelve. But that isn't to say that it won't happen again. In the future. Scientists estimate that within fifty two years there could be a significant chance of another massive quake striking the region. And if it does it could quite possibly change the shape of the country. Three all over again This episode was made possible. Oh by hellofresh hellofresh. America's number one meal Kit Delivery Service. That shops plans and delivers your favorite meals. So you can just cook eats and enjoy hellofresh. She makes cooking delicious meals at home. Reality regardless of your comfort in the kitchen from step by step recipes to premeasured ingredients. You'll have everything you need to get a wow worthy dinner on on the table in just about thirty minutes. 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There's always an artifact left behind that represents their lasting legacy Frank Gary's wavy metallic design for the Guggenheim Museum in Spain has been hailed by some as the greatest building of our time. The shard in Lundin didn't seems to erupt from the Earth and pierced the sky with its clean lines and sharpened point at the top and falling water the iconic home designed by Frank. Lloyd Wright's is is among the Smithsonian's top places to visit before you die. Although their styles may vary these architects have influenced countless others in shaping the future of where we live and work and then. There's Brian Brian is an architect to born in Iowa. In one thousand nine hundred seventy four. He's the mind behind hundreds of buildings. It's a passion. He inherited from his grandfather who also worked in the field of architecture. In fact when Brian was only seventeen he was awarded a a Guinness World Record for the tallest house in the world from there. He went on to earn a degree in architecture from Iowa State University and a Master's in design studies from Harvard after graduation. Brian struck out on his own. Unfortunately there is no agency prepared to handle his unique aesthetic. He's constructed buildings thanks for corporations museums. And Even Walt Disneyworld. He's toured the globe designing structures that defy logic in both their design and their construction. Hello Brian isn't a fan of concrete and steel. He doesn't use nails nor does he hire a crew to bring his designs to life. Ryan does all all the work himself. There isn't really a need for a whole crew anyway. That tallest house in the world he won a record for it was only fourteen and a half feet tall. His taller structures don't grow any higher than twenty six feet or so nets because they're all built out of playing cards Brian. Berg has traveled leveled all over the world for more than two decades constructing towers skyscrapers and replicas of famous buildings out of normal everyday plane cards one of his first Chris. Creations was a tower in his college. Atrium that was made out of over fifteen hundred decks and measured twenty five feet tall. The tower took almost three weeks to build which which he did in shifts ranging from four to twelve hours he went on to reach new heights when he built a tower in German casino lobby in Nineteen Ninety nine. By the time it was finished it was twenty five point two nine feet tall and took more than seventeen hundred dexter bill. Brian will go anywhere and everywhere to the show off his skills including national television to break his own Guinness World Record. He builds his card structures in public and almost never uses adhesive he. He doesn't believe in trying to deceive the public. His creations never feature hidden support means and they all end up the same way when the building is done with a dramatic deconstruction instruction into nothing but a pile of playing cards. It's fun for him to do all that work and then watch it come tumbling down. His audiences seem to like it two in two thousand ten. Brian traveled to China where he erected a card based replica of the Venetian hotel. It took over two hundred eighteen thousand cards and and forty hours to build before he used a powerful fan to blow the foundation out from under it after some strategically placed gusts of wind whole thing eventually fluttered to the ground card by Card as though it had never existed at all. Brian is still traveling today. Designing new cards structures and upgrading grading his construction techniques that utilize newer stronger methods and require fewer decks to complete. He may never build a house. Anyone can actually live but his work teaches us a lesson. That will outlast any building made of wood or metal nothing is truly permanent and everything we do could fall two pieces at any time just like a house of cards. I hope you've enjoyed today's guided tour of the cabinet of curiosities. Subscribe for free on Apple podcasts or learn more about the show by visiting curiosities PODCAST DOT COM. The show was created created by me. Aaron McKie in partnership with how stuff works. I make another award. Winning show called Lore which is a podcast book series and Television Show and you can learn all about it over at the world of Lor

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