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Dear Bobcat Ep. 7: Start fresh


Welcome to deer. Bob cat the podcast series from Ohio today radio where we ask Ohio University alumni to write a letter to their first yourselves and read it on stage or in the. What would you say if you could go back and give that naive younger? You some advice? Reassurance or words of order in this episode, Molly FitzGerald revisits that day in two thousand and nine as she embarked on a communications degree that may or may not have been the right choice. She read her let her live onstage during the homecoming Deere Bob, Kevin at Athens Cussing wave. Oh. Okay, deere. Bob cat. Let's start at the very beginning. Quit line to yourself. You do not enjoy video production. Even though your sister did. Let me save Russell knows that that's about. Let me save you hours of your life that you will waste sitting on a set as the director's assistant to the assistance as a student. It's not worth it. Your Bob cat. Learn quickly that this is a fresh start. You don't have to be who you were in high school. College is blank slate completely unencumbered by parents expectations. Your teacher, your coaches expectations or your friends expectations make the most of it. But at the same time, remember your roots? And appreciate where you came from. And how you got to where you are. Dear. Bob cat exercise. Learn to push your physical limits outside of someone else telling you to do so. If you learn this now, you'll carry with you through life, and it won't only benefit you physically. It will also benefit your mental health as well. It also makes it a lot easier to enjoy all of Athens. Delicious cuisines. I should've warned you that my hands will shake this whole time. Deere. Bob, Pat, make a conscious intentional effort to interact with and befriend people who are different from you for eighteen years. You've lived a lovely safe homogeneous suburban life surrounded by people who for the most part share your race or socioeconomic status. But this is not an accurate representation of the world beyond your hometown. Learn about an from different cultures backgrounds and adversities as much as you can this will become especially important in two thousand sixteen. Deer. Bobcat there's so much to enjoy within the Athens bubble but make sure you explore beyond the bubble from time to time get out of your comfort zone. Learn about your community. It may not seem like it. But Athens is bigger than Ohio University. Immersing yourself in the community will build character and get you knew perspective. It's amazing. How such a tiny town can offer you such a world view. Deer. Bobcat? Follow your instincts in apply to be a Bob cat student. REM tation leader. Here. You will add to your circle of lifelong friends while getting to share your love of a high university with new Bob cats and a little added bonus. You'll also meet your amazing husband experience. Can't be here tonight. I'm gonna kick into the. Bob cat. This may be the most important piece of advice. I give you what you'll learn later down the road from an influential boss of yours trust, your gut. It's it's right. Ninety percent of the time. And the other ten percent offers a perfect dose of growth and challenge to keep things. Interesting. Dear graduated. Bob cat. Follow your emissions go explore grow fail succeed. And then return home. That's spelled H. To Athens, real start a life in the town that gave you so much for which to be grateful, and when you get married don't forget to bring you to your Bob for your Bob cap picture because half of the guest list will be alone. Don't worry. You didn't. Everybody. I'm wondering why did you choose to write a letter? It's a really good question. I think, you know, even when I graduated college there are folks that go through college, and they talk about how transformative it's been other completely different person. I remember graduating and be like, you know, I've learned a lot I've grown on. But I'm still who I am my core. And it wasn't really until probably last couple of years that there are things that I noticed that have really changed a lot like for the best in the most part. You just you become more knowledgeable and have a different perspective on things. And so I think the timing was good for for you guys to, you know, you know, look me at an ask if I'd be interested because again just past few years, I think you know, big life things have happened. And it makes you reflect and it was a good time for me to write that note to my my younger, self Were you mentioned in your letter? How college is fresh start a blink, sleet. How did you take advantage of that? If you did if you did it all. Yeah. I think I think it was challenging at first because you're so used to your comfort zone, right? You know, you have your people. There's this consistency in. Not even just high school, but leading up, you know, I e teen years of your life. There's consistency the same people the same places, generally. And so I think the fresh start the challenging part of the fresh start for me was you know, not having that comfort zone, which is true for everyone. And he kind of fake it till you make it kind of thing. You know, you you act like, they'll just great. But I think that's why I put that in there about the fresh start mostly to say, you know, don't be scared of that feeling that you, you know, don't be scared of the fresh start. Don't be scared to the fact that you don't feel like you have that network that comfort zone yet because you'll get there. You'll find that. And a theme in your advice was to really seek out. Those diverse experiences and to meet people who are different from you when you were out of high away. Did you find those things in those people? I tried a bunch of different things the one that seemed to stick. I was in a honest return ity called five sigma pi. And you know, I think it did a great job of. I don't know what the right word Termez, but promoting it's to a diverse group of people diverse group of students and not only was the base, you know, the membership diverse. We went out in the community. And we did a lot we worked again. And touched this touched on this in my letter we worked in the community. You know reserved folks have lower socioeconomic status is dinners. We engaged with people that were different from us. And so I think finding that there's so many opportunities for that in college. But really it's on you to go find them, you know, if you don't look for them. Sure, you're gonna hang out with your friends and have a great time before years, but there's so much more beyond that. And and for me, that's where I found it, and my my student organizations, and Dr -tunities that those Organsation gave me to get out McKinney. Be meet other people that were different than the. Molly is the executive director of live healthy Appalachia, which promotes healthy eating and active live in Appalachian region. An earlier this year cheer and her master of public administration from where else Ohio University. Thinking about what you'd say to your younger self? We wanna hear it. Right. Your own. Dear buff cat letter and Email it to Deere. Bob cat at Ohio dot EDU or recorded by calling seven four zero five nine seven one thousand. We might just feature you on a future episode. You can also visit Ohio today dot org slash Deere. Bob cat for more episodes of the show or find us in Google podcasts. I tunes Spotify. Deere. Bob cat is produced by Ohio today radio and recorded at WBZ studios in Athens, Ohio.

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