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Well dot on the road sports gambling. Podcast coming out of the backfield corporate offices i am tell dix very told was i did policy for that. But we're going to beat us here. Yes sir Mid mid-tier jazeera c. J. okay for mid psych. I thought you left. Maybe hammered don. I had a pretty solid week. And how about you. Fifty fifty fifty fifty saturday forty baseball stomach. Sunday for forty was tough baseball. It was good. Your i set you up for fucking failure on friday. Because i told you to look up. What you're forty record was. And i told you to put it out and when you do that you know that you're fucking you're playing with fire with fire and you are tempting. The forty gods. It started off to saturday and we were down in the other two games. I was like all this scott. Let did you battle. Yes of saturday was four and two. It was sunday so are the arsenal game. Like the v. a. r. to sewer that to start the day and then it just went sideways from like real baptist. Blew two leads like it was just ugly. Did you guys have a win. On the yeah. Did i submitted my first. Rollover and i lost all but one of those bets bill. That's why you're not of the show. Let's fuck and keep it that way. Almost over ten might be worrisome. Bill keep trying over ten. I mean we might have to cash in on. This obviously had good thursday. Good friday and saturday as i don't know how i feel about this pixel five and three. We battled sunday on the seventh day. We rested guy did nothing. I took yesterday off. I needed today to clear the gambling brain. Sometimes you need that. Sometimes you need that. I didn't even look at the folk ins the board. See how. I would've done. All i know is i did watch baseball last night. In fucking karl hendricks got absolutely blessed. The first i think he gave up more home runs last night than he had than he did. All last year. I mean gave up four in the first. That's what i met somebody to give up. And they were fucking they were. They were well. They were unafraid freeman. Who was freeway. Do gone yeah I would be a terrible host. If i didn't ask gumby how he felt about the super league and his team wherever pool potentially leave in the ep l. Duwamish dive into what it is or does that matter No if you don't know about the super league airs twelve teams already fifteen potentially who were trying to create their own cop basically on bags. This has nothing to do. This is nothing to do with the team. The players the coaches this is all the fucking owners. It's an absolute they interviewed clot before the game today. And he he the the players and coaches know nothing about it so don't like they played leads today and people are coming at them like gary neville gary neville and rio ferdinand who. I've hated my whole life because they're man. United legends came out against manchester united. Like this doesn't happen in soccer. Like he summed it up perfectly. Call them bottle merchants. Like that's exactly right like it's isn't liverpool. This isn't man united. This isn't chelsea. This isn't taught this. This isn't man city john. Henry this is the glazers. It's roman abramovich. It's whoever owned man city. It's cranky it's daniel levy like they're the only ones to blame for this and it's like a kick them out of the ep l. Bucket i would. There's nothing to play for if they're playing in the epl and they don't need to come top four to make the champions league. There's no fucking point i agree. It sowed it's disgusting arsenal furloughed. People who worked for their club. And now they're doing this tottenham reso- to the government for help and now they're doing this all. This is a money. Grab your can't people will say while the teams want to play for their national team like anybody who plays for england wants to fuck and bring it home like it's been so long like i don't think there's enough if it was all about money players would would have signed in china years ago to play there because they have the most money. This can't hey can happen. You can't like leads in liverpool play are playing right now and i do not give a shit and i can't tell you the last time that i ever did not care about liverpool game. Happy since i was boiling. His your board. Yeah the beauty of footage me is like you can't tank because you'll get relegated and like yeah. Man city's got a huge lead at the top of the table. Or whatever but they're still battling to be in the top four so that you can make the champions like when you get when you get promoted to the english premier league it is a fucking sell like teams in the fa cup like you see like crawley town who is second division this year. They play if they play a game at tottenham that can fund their team for fucking years and years. You just and you did this. Imagine if that there is fans right now in the state. That's why they did this now. Because there's no there was fans they would fucking burn these places doubt like this is i. Don't i mean you say that funds teams. The big ten did to the max year like canceling all their games again. Ammon shit like that. It's all fucked up to italy as it doesn't go through and you'll never recover from this. No well not us to go. So you have klopp. Who brought liverpool back like hadn't won a league title in thirty years and they're fucking owners didn't tell him they didn't tell him the players didn't know no they couldn't tell anyone who had a fucking who was other than the owners. Because would guy out. Like i don't think the players play i don't. I don't think there's enough money to make this happen. I really don't. I can't see it. I mean because then now it puts a bad position for the players. The new the new champions league idea that came out was incredible. Did see the lake. That's setup is unbelievable thirty six teams and it's like a leak like that's fucking awesome gets worked i wanted to give you. It's tough. it's tough. It is i mean you you. I mean liverpool lake. Gary neville said you'll never see man united and liverpool come together. I didn't think i'd ever see in my lifetime. Liverpool's motto is. You'll never walk alone and this is what you're fucking doing like these teams came from nothing. Manchester it was nothing before sir. Alex and man city was nothing before this oil money came in like the taught. Six now is not like the top. Six years ago was fucking darby county. A- like west like arsenal tottenham and liverpool are are barely in the top six in england. Right now i don't. I wouldn't say arsenal or todd number. Top thirty teams in the league or in the world sort this year. No like stupid. I'm with you biden. Thing is we're all everyone's everyone's on the same page on this for the owners All right let's get baseball. Do you have your baseball winners for. Yeah i got tired today. Game had already happened Socks and the socks white in the red red sox won eleven to four. I had the red sox i five. I liked them because I can't remember we'll do. A volley was pitching but they were also mice. Wanna four short for me and there number one Hitting team versus ryan pitchers delete does. Era on the road was not as great. He'll hat audio today. The red sox obviously lost her. But i got the red sox there. You didn't have anything on early. No you try and stay away from bed in. The socks can but giolito as those games man and patriots day wasn't going a fucking against the socks of audio had ten ks tweeted earlier there and i only said the socks like when i say socks. I'm talking about the red sox. I'll say white sox talk about the white sox. There's only one socks sacks seven. Oh five san francisco at philadelphia. Kevin gallen versus chase anderson. I wanted to maybe lean gausman here. i didn't like it though is expected as a anderson's areas up phillies a better hitting team. But i'm staying away from this one. I'll take the phillies plus a half tony. Oh they're getting plus half yeah. Giants are averaging league. Worst one point four seven runs per i five. They're actually i think. Thirteen twelve of one of the i live under. No i said the other day Chase anderson he's decent and the phillies are seven and two at home. What's the juice on that. Plus one thirty four sought terrible. I mean the phillies. I would lean that then for sure. I'm not sold on gospel. yeah i hear. I'm not particularly sold on anderson. But he does have a good track record against the giants. Saint louis at washington seventy-five jack flaherty of versus joe. Ross i do have a pick your i've taken nationals. I five plus a half It's minus one thirty verse cards. Saint louis has not been good versus right handed pitching their number twenty six this season a number twenty seven in the league in the last seven days as far as versus writing in pitching nationals. Other on the other hand our top ten in both versus right handed pitching Joe ross is not giving up a run in eleven innings. This season jack flaherty has a four point eight seven expected era so if i could get the nationals plus five sorry plus a half i five thirty. I'm going to do that in this game. You got anything for this. I'm going the other way. Tony i love. I love flirty. I think he's very very good. And the nationals are two six and five in their first five so oh that's not good. I expect joe ross to come back to earth. Here's a question point. Here's the question had no agree. I'm worried about the. I am worried about that. I mean the cardinals are not great. I five either Question that normally gets asked to us. I've been having hard time. Finding i five trans you have a site tra- yeah odd shark shark has oh i just stumbled across it. Actually shark has all your first five trends. I just fucking found that out too and there was another one. I was looking at some nanna. Let excel tweeted out. But yeah so. Cardinals cardinals are averaging two point. Eight seven runs per i five nationals. One point nine two. I mean i just like i just. I liked him. I love getting a half to just think joe ross. At some point he's got to get got here tampa bay at kansas city. Kansas city is off to their best. Start since they won the world series of two thousand fifteen josh fleming and danny duffy. I was looking to take kansas city in this spot. When i started looking at it i was like oh. I kind of like kansas city here. They are minus one or two money. Line razor mice one sixteen line so kansas city is technically the dog here and they are let me see. I five if they're getting a half or not i five. Kansas city is getting half minds. One fifty four Then i started looking at the pitching matchups. Danny duffy if i remember has the has a good era. If i remember flynn make sure. I'm saying this correctly yet. His era is point. Seven five duffner. Yeah but is expected. Er as is almost five. Gave up eight. Hits last game only gave up one run that was fucking robbie ray yesterday for the blue jays that guy dance with fire all fucking get. I any head second and third nobody. He gave up no runs in the first five and he had two guys on base. Every the yanks fuck instinctive. i mean. But for because of the expected the r. a. I stayed away. But if i had to lean here i would go royals plus the half But i'm going to stay away you on this one. Yeah i would lean that way with only don't I don't tampa bay is not played. Well against the yanks. But so i'm in a situation. Here cohe ara. Hara is on the mound for the rangers rookie at los angeles angels Dylan bundy's on the mound for the angels and fucking. I loved after as i looked at everything i love. The angels A let's see here. Danger number one versus right hand pitching in the last week and number three overall for the season texas number twenty five in the last seven days And not good for the season. Either dylan bundy is a two point one five. Era larry bundy all of a sudden. Get good ice in. An ira has six point five seven so like oh i was like oh i love the angels here and then i went and look and i wanted to take the first five good luck the first five for the angels of if you taking this like if you wanted anything that resembled any sort of value their minds to sixty on the first money line and then the run line their minds one and a half which you know i am not taking a month one and a half. I five run so i did some searching on sports book and i could get the angels to be leading after the fourth inning at minus one. Thirty four so i jumped on that. I don't know i i mean it's one inning difference one at bat but i'm gonna roll the dice here. I'm taking the angels to lead after the fourth inning. For point one thirty four anything there. No thank you. I figured angel. Or sorry dodgers at the mariners. Another huge line here dusted may versus justice. Sheffield yeah i mean he got. He didn't have a great outing his last time. So the dodgers minus two hundred here. You got anything here. i'm not taking. I'm the dodgers. I mean they're tough to bet on or against because there's so much juice good for the for the padres getting one. Yes that was a great. Because if dave sweatman there was kershaw's out of his fucking mind by the way if he thinks that guy swung the bat late to hit his catcher. While lankan stupid so yeah that was a great series of not taking anything in that game tonight Jacob i guess if you get a chance. Thank you And then the last game of the night ten ten pm wall. So the dodgers started ten ten to milwaukee at san diego brainer would drift joe moscow. Pretty good match fucking do ultimately both have two point two five expected. Er as woodruff the only starting pitcher who hasn't given up dinger this year. He's been fucking unbelievable. I wrote him last week. Kim in the cubs doing an under My thing here is musk grove is he had his bad start after his citing. Musk's back i looked at the under arena half. I think surprising those down to three six and a half the first five under is three and a half juice to minus one forty which was a little too much for me. So i i was looking at potentially taking the dog. Here in the brewers plus five or i five plus a half minus one. Twenty two just. Because i think it's going to be a good pitching matchup. San diego has better line up but there. There may be a bit of a setback or a lull after the big little hangovers dodgers. So the brewers. I five plus half. I'll go moscow. I five okay. Yeah that makes sense. I like the padres. i think. Maybe they'll go the other way. They'll ride that big list either. Hey there's not a bad bet here. I don't think whatever way you go on this game. I think we gotta guest today because we said we fucking would and i will never let you guys down baby toe the betting analyst for nessin and fox sports nothing yeah lesson host of host of chicken dinner. He told me just to call them. A- sammy p But i'm not going to disrespect them and try to say his last name. It sam patio. Bill which i and i think i can. Nail that waga dodd sanded home. Most little close. You added a couple extra syllables. But it's alright dick's hey you're chicago guy right yeah i was. I enjoy the socks versus sox thing. I'm in a weird place. Because i'm a white sox fan working for the home of the red sox and i have to pick this series with integrity and i can't like openly pick against the red sox because my boss will hang me out the window and whatever so i decided to get you and went i five under game under. It was over in the first. Well we were talking about fucking volleys. Been unbelievable this year and then giolito normally good but he'll throw fucking stinker out every once in a while. So i was on the energy to so no one's gonna no one's gonna blame. Their problem is when you lose in boston. And you pick you pick against the boston teams. The vitriol goes up a notch. You know you could pick on the socks for the bruins of the patriots and if you lose it's like all right we're already mad. We already hate these teams anyways. A lot of the boston fans but when you pick against boston you know the slings and arrows. Come from all rectal especially on fucking patriots. Day do that at your own Your own fucking not me policy. It's my own fault your by the way before we do anything else. The first time. I came across tone digs. I was working at visa in las vegas and my brother goes. You made it on digs timeline. Unlike okay well. What did i do. You like getting pulled over by the feds or something like that. And i was telling the story on that show on a friday morning. You were getting pulled over by the cops as i was hosting in the video you put up. I'm talking in the background of it on the ear. Oh got pulled over speeding talking book you. I remember that now. Because i remember fucking taking a picture of my rear view mirror and i think i tagged todman. Komo's in that fucking. I look back and then visa was on the radio. So yeah yeah. I remember that. I had no idea that you're with them that i went out there for a year and a half. It was wild. That was when brent musburger was still wholesome monday through friday. They've had a couple of different alterations variations of their lineup. But i work every single day. I mean you guys live fun. Factory were places is fucking wild. Try going to work every day past the blackjack table pass the slots. Pass all that shit on the way to to talk about betting. You're hearing the bells and whistles literally everywhere. You go our studios in the middle of a casino. It's i mean it's still. Is i into the middle circle now you you poor timing on your part Yeah i'd have a hard time not putting five on black every time. I walked past did you. Did you like living in vegas though. I didn't like it. Because i didn't make much money of the totem pole there so making like thirty seven dollars a week by the worst was be would be when you'd have friends that would come into town and when i'm twenty seven twenty eight. I'm still sort of climbing that broadcasting ladder and my friends are sir denis or whatever and they're loaded and motor and croutons for dinner and water drink and shit. It's hard to live there when you don't make any money but the hardest parts when you're going on dates and you have no money or when all the boys come to town and all the boys got money Hold on one second. I'm just reading the trat. The chat real quick mitt. Did you spell Analyst royal problem with my brother told me by the way he said. Don't trust mitt shouting report for all you guys. And he's he's listened everyday. The pod pat you guys and he says don't trust mitt. Well i wouldn't anyways but it's good life lesson too. So what are you. What are you are you bet. Nba you bet. Mlb now the football season what do like to bet the most. I love baseball. But i'm getting my teeth kicked in in this game and i've had a lot of i five i love i five and i've been doing it for about seven eight years now starting to get a lot more popular But i've head. I five unders where it's one to one after four and then it's six to one after five and you're like the grim reaper of gambling keeps you alive. Those are the worst losses. Were you're right and then you have the victory. Rip out of your talents. So i played a lot of i five baseball. But i've been on the wrong side of a lot of those but hockey's actually been my best sport all year. Oh really like the wild tonight. But i like to do the regulation in the exotics even love. I periods overs renders. But i took the wild and regulation plus one hundred They're on the road in arizona. I think minnesota's gonna win the game. But i love the minimize juice and you talked earlier about price shopping. I like to turn those minuses in the pluses while they're minus one forty on the money line but in regulation. It's a sixty minute. Bet they have to win it in regulation but i turned that minus one forty in a plus one hundred. Yeah it was so you can talking about early because the angels. I went with the fourth inning. Bet but there was another bet said. We'll the home team. Bat in the ninth inning. Which is very similar to angels money line and the angels money line was like minds to sixty. But will they baton. The ninth inning was like minus one fifty something like that. So it's basically the same fucking bet but you're getting the juice is one hundred points different. Yeah sometimes they fall asleep in the back room of the trading room. Like i know that for a fact like somebody who sent the wrong button and you can sort of scout them earn points. This happened. I was at the golden nugget when they found out that rather than make all the prices minus one fifteen or minus one twenty five or thirty five all. The one somehow turned into twos. So if you're looking for the right dog instead of getting plus one five or plus one hundred or whatever you're getting plus one ninety plus two hundred and if the right underdog hit. I mean you made more than a dollar back on your money. So that does actually happen. I mean there's a lot of algorithms and a lot of automated stuff but sometimes a lot of these things go in by hand. People just hit the wrong button. Do anything else in the nhl. No i do. Actually i will. I will say this. I have the bruins to win the stanley cup at twenty at eighteen and at fourteen and i don't know how many people are aware ever since the trade deadline four now so this isn't a play tonight because they don't play again till tomorrow and they'll be a big favorite against buffalo buffalo gallows but you'll look you're looking at boston. You can still shop around and find them like sixteen to one to win the stanley cup. They don't even have to win the cup for you to make money right if they get through that first series against washington. That's likely the matchup they'll get into the second round. They'll probably be favored against whoever they face if they can win the east. You're talking about a price that you'll have in your pocket at sixteen to one at that point they'll probably be six or seven to one and then from there you can hedge or get creative digs. They haven't had their goalie pretty much out the season. I took her ask. It's played sixteen games. They've been without to defend for the last two months. They've been hobbled they've been banged up but they make a couple of moves at bring taylor hall they trade for mike riley czars. Good fourth line got. This team. plays very good defense and rascals in between the pipes. That's going to be a tough team. Is they get better over. The course of a series. It's tough to beat them. Four on a seven. I like it and for those of you. Who don't know what a hedge is if you take the bruins to win the cop. They make it all all the way to the finals. And you have at sixteen to one then you could put a little bit of money on their opponent from the western conference in the final so that you know that you are making a profit and that's edging had find yourself a good hedge calculator matt. It gets difficult. So what do you like. Do you like anything. That i m beaten. I do like the cardinals. I'll break the tie on this five. I think gump's on the birds birds to love flaherty at this price. I'm all about right team right price. You rarely get jack flaherty around minus one ten now. Sometimes it's too good to be true in the guy could give up four runs in the first part of the game right. It's a revolver. I do like that. Bet at that price and i was looking at woodruff strikeouts over potentially and the price on him. I mean usually when you get woodrow on the hill for the crew. He's minus one thirty one. Forty one fifty. You can get the brewers tonight plus one forty five. If you shop around i know must go through no hitter and i think that still entrenched in the lack of a lot of people's minds. I like the kind of fade. The guy that through the perfect or the known open the next month. Usually you get good value. Betting against those guys and the price goes up on your side. So i took a poke at plus one forty five on the walkie. Yeah it took a man. I took milwaukee to as dog. Just because they were the dog in this matchup of the good pitching matchups any other futures. Or anything i was looking at a couple al east teams like the yankees right now. Who by the way are the worst team the wager on in baseball yup minus ten and a half units you blindly bet the yanks every start. You're already down ten. And a half units which is almost impossible considering they played fifteen games. That's wild math and that's bad math but there are a couple teams. You like toronto or tampa. The red sox hotstar the yankees. Slow start created good value value in quotations on tampa and toronto shop around there you can find tampa at like plus five fifty. You can find toronto at five the one this is the win the division i mean this thing is still tight. It's early. it's april if you don't believe in the red sox and you hate the yankees. You could get pretty good value. I was trying to go back and forth between tampa toronto. I'm still sort of torn. But that's what i would look at because you take advantage of the red sox strong start you take advantage of the yankees being awful. Do you think the red sox start is like sustainable. Or do we think they're going to fade a bit. I said gone by set up there live by june. First they can be in it till yet because when it gets to june one on the calendar. That's ideally when they get chris sale back at that point in time. You have sale of all the in iran. That's a pretty good one. Two three assuming everybody stays healthy an offensive line. You knew they were going score. Some runs the biggest issue for me was the defense in the bullpen. And the bullpens been okay. I don't know that i like matt. Barnes a lot in the ninth inning in a pressure cooker situation like in september or october f- As far as winning games and winning two out of three like meatloaf always said two out of three ain't bad. They've been very good because they hit the shit out of the baseball and ice had one analyst telling me this is a a national baseball analyst. He said something like this. All of baseball is busy playing with calculators and the red sox have guys that mash like they just hit the baseball on base. they don't strike out a lot. I don't think the under is ever safe in a red sox game so they have the offense that can keep them in games and they're not in games are still good enough to churn butter and cut those leads on their good live betting team to there've been a couple of their winds where down three two one four two one and the fifth or sixth inning. And then you look up in the eighth and they're up seven four you could have been them five or six to one live. So that's a team. I think will never be dead in most nights. Sam we were era just is i. Don't that guy man like you just. There's always something happening with them. You know what i mean. Yeah he's like the carlos roa donna. Boston red iconic road on for years. He was always hurt. He was always out of shape. You know he could never stay on the hill for four or five straight starts. It's very similar with iran. There's always something i remember. He didn't he break his foot covering first base a couple of years when he when he first came to boston his first three starts he literally just through gas and gave up no runs and everyone was like holy shit. 'cause they got him for andrew miller from the orioles and ever since then it's like man he just you just can't stay healthy for a whole year. Speaking of road on are we can find lightning in a bottle though with guys like you know. I don't think anybody in the world would answer trivia question correctly the most profitable pitcher in major league baseball right now. You guys know who it is. Maybe it might be now. Volley volley not chad cool from the pittsburgh pittsburgh pirates. He's up already four units. Because when you think about the pirates. They're priced very lowly every single day. There are three in one when he starts. But he's cash for you at plus one eighty plus one ninety and plus to ten dollars in four stars. You're already up for eight. And if he wins two more starts at plus money like he's gonna make you money no matter what this year that's wild. I think that it's a right hander. Obscure right hander. On the pittsburgh pirates all teams That's the most profitable guy it's cool number. One sa- volley from cleveland. And then kyle gibson are the three most profitable guys in the game right now. That was that was the best when grandkids was on the bax because every game he would be plus a half. I five because they stunk so bad. Hey guy fucking dane dunning to. Did you have to bring them. We have to go their rates. Still before we let you out of here. How do you feel because the white sox were one of the favorites going in season. How do you feel about them right now. I don't know if larussa is going to be awake that much longer. Like did you ever catch him like eighth inning west coast game. They don't they don't come to him on the white sox brooklyn eighty because he's he's asleep yep the bullpen management's been bad the defense has been really questionable and they don't have a lot of deaths we saw. That goes down. Torn pack anderson miss some time. They're they're playing guys shouldn't play on every other day and i think the depth on that team isn't as great as people thought there still good enough to win the division and that bullpens very good with aaron bomber liam hendriks. The rotation should be fine. But i need my manager awake in the seventh and eighth inning when the games too much to ask for you if you go against larussa on the internet you will get timing. I i've buried them and so he's the best coach of all. I know he's a great coach. I get it just doesn't need to coach anymore saying we don't know how he's gonna make it to october. It's gonna happen. I'm grateful i'm hopeful. I have my doubts when aj was out there too. Right i mean. Hey sam we. We can't thank you enough for coming on. Go fall sam at sp. Shoot on the twitter machine Also find him on nessin fox sports any hosts a podcast chicken dinner. We can't thank you enough about thanks for coming on thanks. Y'all hamdan hammered. It gets it gets it good. Hey good information. A fucking pirates. Do johnny cool. Jad goal was have little fucking respect it. I mean not a surprise. The buck arlene. Bru brubaker is a fucking weapon. He's good like good good. Hey they'd fucking guy who's he's on the rangers where you get traded from must've always in that lance lynn. Trade must have been hurt too. That's going to hurt the bank account. He's awesome why we'll take lance lynn. I five every time all right. So we got our mlb which was mine was nationals. I five plus a half minus one. Thirty eight i of cards I have the angels leading after the fourth mine is one thirty four versus texas. And i think. I got a tweet that they took that down. So you're welcome. And then the brewers. I five plus a half minus one twenty two our mind. What are you got got got phillies. Plus a half. I five cardinals. I five money line in padres. I five money line. Beautiful man to do an f. Css weakened playoff start next week. One and to north dakota state. David blewett the playoff start next week or is that this weekend. i saw the the graphic. I thought playoffs starting this upcoming and Let's take a look quickly at the nba slate for tonight I didn't take goddamn news is going to happen. I didn't take one fucking pick on friday. That i gave out and they believe they would five now so good. It's only that was gonna happen for the good of the show. I'm not gonna take any of these tonight either. So you're welcome listeners. Your fucking welcome mid you got anything for tonight as we go through schedule just so i know y'all a couple of plays for night Cleveland detroit I would lean towards the pistons Getting points at home. I believe they're getting three at home. Yeah plus three against the cavs. I guess technically the cavs are still fighting for ten spot. They're in the east to try to get in the play or whatever. But i i like as far as the trends are concerned. I liked the pistons here tonight. You got anything on that one. Yeah four the reason that you just said the cavs are fighting for that last spot. That kind of the mickey mouse playoff spot. I'm taking the cavs minus three. I think detroit is a very bad team. They are so the cavs. I've learned 'cause this is bit me the asks and it's bit gummy in the ass to. I think a couple of times like when you think as a gambler like this team has to win. They're playing for playoff spot versus a team. That doesn't have anything play for that. That does that is not the case in gambling. That is not the case lot of times. It does not work out that way. let's see here the bulls celtics. I like i like the celtics when they're coming in hot. I believe they're seven one since. Paul pierce Went live on. I g oh yeah So i like the celtics here minus the six is what i saw. Old six has moved six and a half. it's fine. It's whatever i actually. I love this play as well boston. I think They're definitely going to cover the six. I would even put it up to like eight. Oh applause line eliminate the eli i love with makers back Golden state plus nine against the sixers in philadelphia. I'm going to stay away from that. One yes big. Stay away from me as well. Philadelphia's playing good and actually golden state has been playing super good lately they i would lean towards golden state on death was very hot or has been very hot but it depends on if he gets any any sort of help. thunder thunder. I r. o. Ten and their last ten. It could be worse than that. I'm not positive. I know they are the worst team in the nba. Right now that's why they're getting twelve and a half points versus the wizards at home over under two thirty two I think they're gonna take the wizards here. The wiz really. It's a big twelve a big line. I think it's bad but the thunder. Take sorry the wizards and the thirty two give it to me. All right. Bet on the wizards at your own risk by trust me. You're betting against leaning towards the pistons and the wizards is not something. I wanted to do all this monday. I promise you that mitt Rockets at the heat though on his six and a half of was stay away from me for their that. I was going to take the heat on this one. I like to eat on this one. I think they're they're due for a nice little bounceback sons are at the bucks and sons are getting threes. There fucking injury concerns in that game. I think they're getting three because at the box. Sound of anybody out. If you're gonna give me the sons is a dog off of a loss. Especially i'm gonna take the suns you can plug in. Take it to the bank with the sons for that for me And then let's see here. We have the spurs and pacers. I got nothing there you i. Two thirty seems very high to me. I liked the under in this matchup. Pacers played some good defense turner's backs bonuses back there all playing. It'd be a good game I don't know who's going to win but under our is a bonus definitely play From what i read. He was off the injury report. Okay because i thought i saw something earlier that he may still be on it but that could be me yes. Bonus turner questionable as of three pm. But it could have changed since then steph curry questionable to that might be a reason. Why the to jimmy. Butler is questionable for the heat. Ben simmons questionable for the sixers kemba is questionable for Celtics marcus smart rudy gobert. It's probably that way to list Quite a quite. They're powerless may Grizz at now get someone. Stay away from this line seven. I don't know if you've got anything. They're meant now. I'm staying away from this one as well. I still can't bet on this nuggets team. I don't really know how they play without jamal. Murray and then the jazz at the lakers of the kentucky either one of those teams either can't touch the jazz right now with donovan mitchell out and you have no idea what's going to happen with these lakers. Their most inconsistent team without lebron eighty or Ada believes backpacks years back. Braxton he will not be playing tonight though so it doesn't really matter. Yeah i know Let's see here. You got any I know it's a tough subject. But do you have any early. Actually thinking that i will not bet on those teams that are in that smart fucking. Yeah take a stand. Yeah i don't who will. We're not betting on any of the twelve teams. That are fucking. I'll bet against them are sold. Do you have anything early in the week or no. We got wednesday. We got a full slate across Laliga english premier league and siri tomorrow. Or let's do Tomorrow okay we'll do this tomorrow. Gulbis forty pitts. Forty picks coming tomorrow for wednesday Nhl shall we covered I think we're on l. Through the normal through tears years in their of well. Let's fuck and see. Create a fucking dinger in here jazz. The win by eleven. Plus points for the lakers plus two hundred stay away from all we do have a dingus. Prop what are you got. I don't like it one soto to hit a home run vs versus cardinals who flirty. What's it adds. That'd be like plus four plus five twenty. I'll ask you this question one more time my friend do you like dinger's did i take the nets. Do you like money like all those things ended. I also take the nets at plus five hundred. I mean not skinny one. So you gotta survive you have to sprinkle electric dodgers to win and nine. Plus total runs scored versus the mariners. Plus twenty so. The dodgers are huge favorites to win so they went sandiego last night to seattle. That's not that for. They're huge fans to win. Fucking sheffield so you think. I'm not saying that part. Oh you think the way the law will no but if lose team ten sixty feis shots fuck in johnny shafi over under is eight and a half. I mean plus two hundred. What happens if you just. Let's see if you parlay the money. Line few parlay the money line in the over. Its plus one sixty two. So you're getting that boosted bus two hundred dollars or thirteen three either. Very good as this is. What it's going to be all your. They're very good. The fucking the horses that they try out every night. I mean kershaw's dealing do. I thought he was dead. Just fucking trot. I mean oh you need someone fucking bauer like this guy is considered. There's an ep l. Odds boost four plus total goals scored and chelsea and brighton. Tomorrow no tomorrow. Three four four bus goals goals. Yeah stay away from it. Take fucking plus three hundred. Plus three fifty. No bleeding or do brandon plays pretty tight game. Think we might have a Maybe an old friend on tomorrow so believe you guys. Are that old friend. An old friend of hayward them maybe draft One of our favorites. Do the cut me. Who's golf it now. Nobody had stewart cink so sink still win. I don't know. I should've and i should have looked but i don't think many people do i don't think We've act tomorrow all the they'll be all the nba pals got his footy trying to get someone in here to talk some draft talk. Yes sir since those lines are moving especially after trae lances pro day Can't thank you guys enough. We up to seven fifty on the over So get you get your bets in for that. who want. What is the guy who won to. All i. O he did. I a lot of first-inning draws oh. Yeah that the first inning draws i liked up which i don't hate it So seven fifty. Today we're back tomorrow with over picks special gas maybe Then we'll go from. Hopefully we'll give you some fucking more win. It's this has been monday. April nineteenth from hammer dah.

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