Leprechaun in the Hood (2000) Green Drinks & Bad Accents


I know the human being and fish can coexist peacefully. Hello and welcome to the spoilt milk movie podcast heritz spot milk. We liked to discuss dissect and destroy guilty pleasure movies. And then we decide whether the film is truly spoilt milk. Whether it's a Senate into fine looks your ES cheese. So without further ado, let's go. Warning who's podcast is full of spoilers for the title feature on this Bod language from the start. If you've never seen the film or your fended by Bob language. You hop in warrant. Why we just lock in that nob-? So we call one Kim. I'm gonna rock not. Nope. Tonight. The next I possessed of the spoils moat movie podcast recording. We adding. The. It's. Same countries. Poetry's screaming? I don't wanna drink this. It's going to be. What was that noise? This woman. Right. Not quite as due to. What was it? Again. Caribbean twist can be in on a beach is really. Like fermented alcohol. Is for child's drink. Come on. Sorry. It was just Bush Matif way. It was just the craziest on also a promotion at work. Relations. The morning by an Irishman. So grand so will lead into the buttocks. So while we're on then. So as always name's John, which by the Hobo sailor. Shots. Good to. Val gave me MRs Doubtfire. There. Hiring. Do you know the difference? Irishmen? Yeah. Kadewe Ryan's accent. Northern Irish kind of that kind of hard not an Irish accent. Say. Sorry, Ryan if you. We this is all we shoot f they should have been livestream. So we all top to discuss before we get into film, which today is what cutting free but accents in films. What Phil movie covering? Sorry leprechaun into hoodoo. Three five accents. I'm gonna go first because I brought one niece Baz. So be interesting to see if you had this. I'm just gonna go for the overall film of Highlander. Yes about that. About that. Because what the folk I kind of get the idea that well, he's called the Highlander and like a big pile of his always being Scottish. Why cost the Frenchman to be the Scottish, man? And then cast a Scottish man to be what Spanish expunged, and and neither of them can do the axon. How might what the folk Sean Connery was still like looking at this mom, Molly was mumbling terrible sky shot in and most just been other give. Well. Sean Connery's ever given a folk most of these ever role that he's meant to be anything of Scottish a Scottish accent is still doing it's still just being I read online the he's never played a Scotsman. What can't be true, I think of roles he was actually Scottish and also I just meeting Jeff move. It wasn't code Alba. You should be something bond specifically needs to be an English Murden is just an English is James Markovi play discussion, though. That one is it fell, Phil. Yeah. We're any his personalities is Kevin Wendell chrome Scottish. It wasn't really think. So you slip one. Himself. Bingo. So yeah, I mean, Sean Connery when he saying the words, I'm Spanish rains. Oh my God. It's just all around and the Ulta Zev on even tried the they didn't need to know back in the day did have internet apron. If people can is. Also had internet in the days. Good internet. Ninety thing that people would listen to say if. Movie stars hear them being a tiny cave somewhere. Yelling each of rats. All you get. That's the equivalent of games workshop. Play more. Yeah. The games. Call. Really quick guys can sleeping outside the door. Let me just drop pigaso insurance. Had those pains have got some good. Fingers. Trump thing. Leprechaun's lapis who's going next? I've got loads of backup. So do. Got it. You go. Oh, I'm gonna I'm gonna live life dangerously enjoying this green drink. So showing his gun. I could also have Sean Connery. Why are we doing some sort of Endo's impression? I e. The list. I think I'll go Nick cage in. The buddy back in the bar on every even all being about accent. It's a total accent. Where is he from is? He just fully Los Angeles. She's American than any. I thought it had this role in the film. Where is nNcholas cage from? Nicholas. Last night. Good like from every scene. That's a good accent. I mean, I love it. I love. I hate Connor watts. I fucking hate. I loved it. When I was younger. I had like a six four cardboard co out of Connor the whole gang the front of the whole area. The plane was in the sign everything did you wear out the like mouth holes. There were already. From global video. What can I what? Old those hike really round. What else do you do in a video shoots put book? Chosen Cajun Connor love it, and I constantly about my idea of a drove it's really bad, but the burn they're back in the box. Terrible. That's not how awesome of his the lines. The Buni by does he read really should have. The body. Well, I love that film. Steve Chamisa peed. Kind of upsets me a little bit. Is that's a creepy. Baby advocates segment and he it from his like is like wavy tilt. Deutsche. Only decent Jackson. That's it. That's simple. Simple. Gutsy. So I was a little bit not the Hobo for post in this. Oh, mine was Dick Van Dyke. And Mary refer pens. But why we you posting posted? It wasn't you. Got you. It's like a video and it was like. Name US accents. And it was like a picture of dick dyke from Mary Poppins chimney. Sweep oxen is ridiculous going to Ryan. It was an Irishman when he tries to do any salt of English accent. He sounds like a fucking chimney sweep. All right. Governor people. I mean, we've just done shit Irish accent it when Americans do English accents. It's always kind of same old isn't everything. Great in. In. It's a lot inspired by vandyck service. Who wouldn't do most genetic nourish at matai momentum? It's been popular Serret like Avia head Chris do is English sun, and it's Essex good on ya. It does like a fully Essex. Accent is still at least he gets ago. No. Yeah. It's because we have to soup towels on northern people if it's okay, look like, I probably will come a watching but watching some program and it was on American net flicks. And they add to subtitle someone that would just from like bonds -ly. Awesome. It ridiculous light even mumble. Quite so clearly spoke say well Spokane. Quite clearly spoken. It's like he is so tightly. Bad pain snatch. Yeah. Like like dogs loss. Good Irish accent. Irish well kind of piketty. Peopling Donny who spoke. Oh, I rish Irish. Oko fell Irishman. I did almost because we clearly code one podcast Kevin Costner from mobile pits feves because that was Nottingham. Yeah. It was even. Yeah. I know he was trying to low bits. And but buffet love just seeing Kanner Reeves in from Stoker's Dracula or you're gonna be like in polcy. Fuck you to even forget about Canada. News terror peripherique, I love Canada. He's a good guy. Done some bad films. But he's a good guy. Was it Johnny memo number? Manami Minami, Johnny Manabe. Stinkers? Yeah. He's made some bad failed. Hey, K definitely John wit three hooks to was not good. And I wasn't as good as Fessel nerve. When they always to your rope got the. Autopsy. Think of any kind of good American franchise win. Now gonna go to your upon my usually just goes downhill even benches when the is broke Nicola of we just went downhill. Fucking the rock were in Donny. The. The film. Schol jury's out on that one them. Now, all that's going on. Gated to Jim this fast and furious film of Riera some shit just that one not one because it is an investment because apparently they were important for a bit as well. Ooh. Why that's for call by Rochelle fill Harry Boesch shop. Yeah. That's me. Powerstation awesome. Many power stations a smoke claimed fehb loads of places power station kind of need them. This like six power stations like old like how the big. Chills. Drive in them. And so anyway, we don't need them. So. Yeah. When farms anyway, I'm not no that's our top. Mama's just the cost of Highlander. Cajun. Kathy. My was Dick Van Dyke in Mary Poppins. See you soon to talk about leprechaun into to who. But the spoiled milk movie podcast. Hello. And welcome to this spoke movie podcast today. We're talking about leprechaun in hood county. What said about so what they do what they do. They do and how do how to do? So we've got a group of rappers. Positive rapid. Gruber rappers and. They of pissed off ice tea. And they've got a full blown like grudge against him. And they fucking. Hey, Miller spoke like they hate him. They break into his house and find this weird little statue thing. And then the Knicks, but China gold medallion because of his -ly all represent medallions trying to go things shedding things the golds. And then by doing that work. Davis comes and Fook show us premature we start in like that weird seventy s seen. He's got like enough frozen station, and we still I. Didn't really know. Didn't really know. What was going on? Not. I I was like, well, I didn't really even get. It was supposed to be set in the seventies. I'll ever I is in the whole, man. Contre say and then an answer to it. I don't know why they were in the seventies there in the home. I want to look as one of the faces, but writing that everything that happens in this like it was written by white men middle aged white men who have very bad view on anything is in suburbia so cats to you know, this franchise, I'm speaking on behalf of you Hobo a few. Have you seen any likely going films? Now. Cuts. Have you seen any before? Yeah. Okay. So I've never seen a leprechaun film. Okay. Own most of them. Most of them are how many is that. Is good like five six. This is this is as. With the always like this one other folks up the first one was the first one trying to be because it came out round. That like criticize time was it. Visit trying to be like scary. This. So late in the first one is pretty scary. So the first one it came out of the nineteen Ninety-three came out me get me the same years drastic. Buck. Doc. Let's say. So. Yeah. Ninety three the first one came out. Jennifer annisten completely. I thought it was like eighties now. And then knife four the second one came out canal the route out quick knife five came out ninety six the fall came out. So the false one is left in space. Of course. And then four in three years, and then they give it for years and then brought in the holdout, right? And then three is late. They bro back to the hood. Right. And then in two thousand fourteen there was a w to be we are origins origins thing which was nothing like fucking leprechaun like we had Gullam type guy the one zero something Netflix will miss year. Last year or something because that's why vigil came up, but we should probably do it because. Yeah. Ones just in the last couple of months has dropped. Yeah. I mean, I'm surprised as able to get that many films high production corners Folkston I in the first one is pre is like a little bit scary. You've got this weird fucking leprechaun guy. That's just like throwing shots of people fucking him. All right. And then I think it is just one of turned into like a Tony chain. Kind of this is ridiculous. Let's just one have this same kind of rhyme thing that's going on rhymes celebre electrical of coffee is for movie. If before we see is TV movie opens elect corn explaining that leprechauns, golden if you you know. Stop goes into it. And then I every everything he says is is consistent with consistent throughout the whole franchise for Kane. Rhyme indicators rhymes were awful. The really, paulie. The win. It wasn't like these just rhyme. Vo what he said. It's really good and profound. Deuce to fight rhyme, the word goods withhold, and I might know that just doesn't work econ. Good and hold fine goods and hold. Just doesn't him spoken to do be. So yeah, we get the three main characters don't we we do who are positive opposite will trying to get that positive message across through with the name stray bullet. Yeah. So the straight millet bull on postmaster. Yeah. Who they keep talking about is virgin all the time. Not really sure why. Really know why I mean it was the nineties. But is there any relevant to in being urgent? Does it come back up and help relevance in clueless to be in a veg in a whole of story and the whole power she like sees that guy. And then she's like trying to cheat. Law for Josh comes from the fact that she's trying to lose virginity gets guy. Who's clearly gay has part of her like challenges of getting into as she needs to be this guy. Fucking stepbrother, basically. All to find true love if you will. Can do those? No real reason why this guy has to be virgin spoke about so much is because the polls Irap is. Posted if to be virgin, it's probably just like the thing is an easy joke. Isn't it? Cool. Someone virgin we've got easy joke material, and you don't have to try is I uniform about one. In like the eighties and early nineties. This film's not too old. Is it two thousand two thousand eight thousand twenty years old for hook. Like in the year two thousand a sweet sweet rap. Yeah. Not much changed from the sperm. The issue is is from this film is the first line apparently. Okay. Good from deaf to he sees the leper to. That's a good way. Deftly. He says electric free Staley's gold will also you'll say for many a move legend has grown death. Toll increases solution, unknown beware. The evil wonder in situ, his Lou less you so for the Rafferty's golden flu flee while you come the future is not good for no one is safe from eleven the hood. Why why would leprechauns have I say about themselves is telling people not to set them free. She only if you leprechaun you won't be for either. Look all these glittering goods. I've got Molly. Tiger woods. Very maso. We'd referenced today instantly date big star those times. So we got the robbers and the films. I was out right? Okay. Sit down to watch a leprechaun film. And then he became what about like a step up film all three rappers wanting to make it in the music industry on the how to win a competition. Megan's when do, you know for the first like ten minutes, I was kind of with them, and I was like enjoying the high day or of that journey in them winning this by old conduct bits sister bible, ever cut. You wanna say some every day while the run is right? It says take out take it from you. Hold me. You'll see 'cause you know, the leprechaun is a real. Oh, gee. Remember any called him these old pay foles? And you say, oh, I ten minutes five Vos minutes, just drop it expositions. I, but we need to this. Because we get they literally tell you everything you find out mind of exposition, we saw how it wasn't a bit was they were going. Weeded a script to wrong. And they were like we want to rob in the hood ball be more positive until about a positive message instead of things like guns and roses defy the weird thing, though, is that all went out the window, and Jeff I like the whole message at the film is if you want to get anywhere in life foot, positively I'm rob about Gamez and hose, and I was like, well, why the hell of this? These guys are supposed to be nice guys spread in a spin a positive message in Latin chilly. The good stuff is guns drugs in house. Visit. Paul breakage is t's thing and the Tolkien about the postmaster appears no people this after that tried ripping off store trying to sell them Jimi Hendrix. I'm not your moral, compass is all. To make a living robing literally. Be lying a major banks or something that is. And good hard-working people actually go another drope deliver trying to rope. Mr. chief was it. Fucking crazy done that was about I did logo. Just the back of that guy's head Phages. Acta? The whole show. Never changes. His head is crazy, right? Is going gonna be a veal Ted? It's select. Maybe it was Tiger Woods. I think he was book. Yeah. So what happens next then? So they roll by Steed. They steal is flu and they shoot him. And they think he's dead. Little tim. Post. Most of the P shoots him. By accident. It wasn't by accident gun point, it some more. It's not what you can easily. She don't pick up a. A bigger point is maybe realize the safety was so suit that with my erect penis just in front of this cardboard cutout accidentally fell into. Because I mean your mouth hose. We'll be. So the end with the the fluent and he plays it on eight took a good while for me to get what the flute was about my. He's very clear. He's just I didn't like how low in the sound makes it was they Robin. What is he? What's this is sweet Ricardo soundtrack? If it was a recall recalled in America, straight, British ING, all on Julie's, listen, call the ship flu. Yeah. You you don't play slide like a flu is this shit. Also woodwind. Flew, flew you played side. Yeah. Yeah. I should say more. Cleverness? The recorder. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Shit. Who to to to church? Was someone does the Jaksic park. Melodic? So they get cell phone that journey then. So what is the the story for these three guys? That they. What? Yeah. Just on the run-up focus the folks up that. Well, I think they've killed my daddy. So that means. So that means I'm asleep like in in the world of hip hop. Someone's going to be after them. And then it turns out the person. That's after them is a fucking evil much ical MSCI is evil per called to do anything. But normal people just kinda kills people his vision on of the he will often leave some people who should want to kill his stuff allows police after me, oh, the feds. Fucking five. Oh. Yeah. All Optimus people so still, but he'll happily leave them considering he's got the power to like blow a hole in the middle of them. I'm like control about. He can make do what everyone like at one point. He sees the guy pulled shop guy with stuff he sees anyway. And instead of actually just killing them there and getting this stuff back. Oh, come back layer, make you hook up with like a sexy version of me. Men out kill you. Why? Because leprechaun's tricky the focus. Why why we'll sit trick. You just kill him. He was called Jackie Deo was that like his wife. Call inhale ally. Jackie Emma, think in love. Jackie's and always like they go. Yeah. It was Jackie was trying to hook up with Jackie m would seem like his ex wife Jackie m into corn. And then we had some weird noises. So we go to that the leprechaun just fun. Seed Jackie was before kill him. I'm gonna get it on with him in maybe jacked off Jackie here. If it so then he kills. He's the one that we blew a hole in. Yeah. I think so. It's kind of like a weird Jide. I thing he's just like a jet as exact like the legit is small and green and talked with his Yoda. Blow people wanted to see him. We'll leave it. For more iota blowing imparted. This is a break, then cost this is if is rail grab a skit mcken Kat autopay UP, maybe some Rosa. Hello, Moe can bark to this left on episode of this movie podcast where today we're talking about leprechaun in Dowd into who should repay cope with the transsexual same. I why. When. Yeah. So we we were your point in them. Today it because you wanna feel the shame of electrical booking transvestite before like the whole bit where they went round his house. I felt like it was just donors that joke like the whole point of that character being in that was your job night. We're gonna like laughing chuckle whether the characters in the film were were or as an audience we were supposed to it was mainly this guy dresses in women's clothing. So we're all locked. To fill. That's the kind of thing that was been putting a law films that people causes. Great Bill GMs. But it was quite jarring. Yeah. Yeah. About just wouldn't fly any mall kind of. I mean. This. I don't know this dress in women's clothing, and then there's actually mocking like someone that cross dresses all. Nikki ju- member the bit where there's that guy who has like launcher impose candle. The Bill like that time. It was just fine to just by if Amman dresses in launcher Iowa ever, they're going to be some kind of weird Paul's Moxham. Yeah. Just depends on how portrayed though because anyone can get fucking offended by anything anything at. All. It depends on the context because this would have been fine. If they just showed a ton sexual mayo Paul befriends supply that and they died in the funny way, or they may jokes. Funny. Filers pain magical recall a lot looks like a burnt face. And someone's smashed it back to make you like of Epping report is just because they didn't outright day bash. The. Transact leper. Chun sexual may the jokes because of way address them the way, they set up their situations was still it was a it wasn't as as Nikki where I mean you ball and the nose and a guy point Watson in the middle of the street the bodily involved, but it was still kind of that dig. He's people on people. They are just widows at you, and you interact with think about ace Ventura I remember the bit where in a century where is off with eyeing hall. And then when he finds out that she was out to Amman all along is an extended team ways like putting a plunge on his face and throwing open. It's like a whole films that you'd have if you're a straight male in you kiss and the male passionately, you should basically be like having cultures and bleach. Like the dick behind you. Yeah. Everyone. Tone is repulsive, and he was just quite say jarring to see shrink it. Shrink it just wouldn't happen in film these days, or if it would it be. It'd be picked up. I think if there's a little bit to sunset if sometimes like you not going to be if people if people going to go down this route, you not going to be able to make a joke about anything because someone's going to be offended by you come joke versus someone doesn't like we I have kissed a man, that's fine. When you start making it more the thing that everyone hates us and misses on acceptable in any sense positive issue as more like. We'll do you would you rather be like this way five people and then six people that like one kid corner. Even if it's just one person just. Just. Remember about fifty of them all. On. Like physically, spewing this even even. The hood. Wide release. This today. This foam was fucking Lionsgate. That was like my I know Lionsgate WT F. I was like how the hell is this goal like a decent production company release in it? I think with this character and some of well pretty much every female character in the film was. The only reason he was she was there was to just be kind of laughed up. If you think about what that character was there fall is to kind of make the virgin guy feel bit squeamish when he was like attracted to him. I meant to be the bull of joke when got killed meaningful leprechaun, and it was I oh, yeah. That's weird. Now to see that he's weighing to a positive payback. Carryovers film was a main out doing this film. No, this just women who tend to put the ending goal bikinis. This. There's hills alike is like hypnotized ladies. Yeah. Chiefs who Chima we'll see description of a hoochie just dismay audience. Goups? Belly any close long males? The click. The two rivals film. So how do they escape? He makes weird chemical. He's good with chemicals makes towel Bom. Remember the knock him out by Thursday. Look. You know after the give him that join with a folly of clover in it is in bit. Yeah. This point they hide in the bathroom. And then when he comes to them, they do like a little weird ways. I if I put these chemicals on the towel and. Yeah. Touch it till like some electrodes and blow up. Yeah. Do they have home alone thing Trump again and the warm weather leapt, call we've always powers his undefined powers could have just hoped. I mean, how is even finding them. Well, drawn to the magical flu. Yeah. But he's drawn. He gets to the house and doesn't know where they are in the house. Does it? It's like GPS pinpoint you like. And so. Newburn the phone. You bitch, polite. Where are you tonight where the pin pin is on top of the building? This is not his name rose defined miss film. I saw that just thing. Nothing to hold onto. How does my places when he just fuck you walks? Yeah. That's stupid. Someone can be in a house and the can be left three days. Michael Myers is just six days behind just like in this film, though, fucking blows a hole through a man's body. But then gets trucked in a wooden box. Wouldn't know is it. Or we wouldn't all it's. And he's can't get through the dole is blow holes through things as like. Lead is like his weakness, the blood, they will let lead sweetness that was in this film. Yeah. The same. Yeah. It was just because it's gonna look. Yeah. So like, I mean in the if you knew about fucking leprechaun's research extended level. In the leprechaun. Wood biography tells me all this weaknesses. So some kind of fish. Just a pencil in graph. I everyone knows that. Clip recons renowned being imposed superman opposed to lead. Why was introduction? Rhyme about one to tell people about full weight. And this is a he's not. Free. Yeah. Don't let me free alike to be a little gremlin in leprechaun world. I'm the word lens up like it's quite useful in rhymes with dead bread. And it's cold jet. Hotel. Would have been easier to make a rhyme. Emily. Valentine's Day cowed today. And said roses are red violets blue if you were dead of sex. From Ted Bundy. Nice. Nice. Ted Bundy types, and that makes watched it if you well when it first came out. Good. Is weird. And we don't do TV on this podcast. But. Wait making a murderer. So that was no. So it's kind of film the same way as every old fat white American men all look the same and flicks between different ones. It's like, oh, he was a lawyer. He was a policeman. He was someone. He was someone's dad, and it's like, I don't know who you are. You all say we've got white. Hey, you're a little bit fide worry. I don't know who you are. And it kind of flicks between it takes a couple of episodes actually to put faces when they faces. But if you know about Ted Bundy, this brings up also stuff that you wouldn't have known, okay, Willie wrote about him is is quite fit is a bit been played by phones. In the new film, but this is more documentary anyway to the good stuff leprechaun. Ever. So creepy free said lead. Let's wait nece Gruber creepy priest is he gets out because he tries to folk one of his. Which is. Coolio turns of for two seconds. Look, there's Coolio just goes off. There's a star. I forgot to visit. It looked like Richard Gere was in the opening. Thing Barsha, and it's just the padding shop and was a guy Salva ball that they pan right by an swear gear pretty shorts. Probably I just wanted. If knows I mean can work. Yeah. I was still reeling over Lionsgate. Really? So the end then. Yeah. So the is to all side guys died dump me the virgins. I don't wanna die dressed as a woman again. Because that's the worst thing in the world. The whole dress in a women thing how he's may. Yeah. Yeah. The boy dies. Well before everyone else. Did you say that seriously? Yeah. I remember die Fulla stray bullet how he dies honest Marsa could sing isn't ironic. They both die. Two people in gulp Aquinas ten start seeing like a rap also thin via sleep. Philo? No. Yeah. That's the end credit. Any a row Coolio, isn't it? Because. Looking for Richard Greer? Black church, and then he blows his magic whistle. So people like it and Coolio pops up for second because he's drawing by whistle. But I thought he was going to like being as like an extended come here. But no, oh, look there's don't star big brother killed sign McKinley. Cal intro. She is pre. Pre lease. I guess his paradise. This is all about again is it quality. Everything else is done is terrible. Ritchie. Probably shame to his name on the walls in it. So. Is the end. They trick him with the dodgy, we befall clover weed, and then the con- kills my daddy e even thinks he's one and then postmaster. And so. The medallion thing around the leprechauns neck does he put round or does it throw pin? The Mogae fall on him again. On the shoulders. Drapes around him. Yeah. I the first time while ridiculous one amid I cause the second time didn't even lie the night Milne of it. The angles show. Sorry for Kane medallion firing Hobo. You going to say them. Medallion fucking. Which drink Moore's greenstone. So yeah. Romp at the end. And that's it. Well, no. Postmaster froze, the medallion all Robson medallion. However, it is on the precautions neck it gets on the leprechauns neck, and then postmaster goes to the light the. The what the hey pulp Rupp? Competition thing they're all trying to get to he wins. And he's talking about like folk a fight this leprechaun guy. And I'm amazed show where virgin and they go shop before he could get laid. And then this. Leprechaun foot transact I in telling him what does and then it wins. It takes glasses often. It turns out is actually possessed by the leopard. Also. Call them because it was something that. Yeah. Okay. That makes sense if they go on then like, I said didn't check on my. Actually went on his rump skills. A sweet bows called is doesn't make any sense. Why didn't he kept him alive because they've just been battling now to the death? Because. The leprechaun is that now hooked on the marijuana's, right? And prostitutes and the best way to get marijuana's and prostitutes, sweet Repco Warwick Davis is is shit in this film. Sorry. So we'll piece oh, it's awful. Everything's this. Everything's high pitch with ACTA beginning on my own. He's a leprechaun. I don't know why why is seems to think he's a good actor. Yeah. He's not even TV. Yeah. Willows going, willow. You mean the Coweta from buffet fan, right? Yeah. Willows about us film. I mean I've seen that once when I was a kid. Goes so Khudair foul Kilmer's while in topless Val Kilmer. Who are we going to rate this film? Yeah. I would I still Kim. I really yeah. As cheesy shit is hooking great issues. Honestly, like what chin the Spain to watch in the whole of the fucking leprechaun franchises. Great amiss was like sober. You were because I've watched it many times Hobo I own on DVD when I watched it again or should we load? This is the first time I've watched it not been high. She look it. What you watched it twice. No, no. She loved the spell. I was watched it many ties, but he's over times she was off a face. So what do you think don't shy? I'm not even gonna wait. I think it's dog shit. It's this. Even if it was acceptable back. Then this this wasn't acceptable to make this film was battled out. It was an insult. They did a tutor. The people wanted more. This is I don't know who this was full really like a stone film. It wasn't very like a hotel, and it didn't seem to be like a horror film. I don't know. It's fall while you. Do you like I like this because? Person. What what bracket if people do like this just? Happy just murders. Villainous tights who is it full. Honestly, I. Tell him watching people who like like gangsta films of this. I wanted to film connection circles it takes an event diag- eventually get to let. A million different. So. Do you love films about the hood? Small irish. Do you also films chastises transexuals? Love into hold. Awful absolutely awful. It was a pain to watch how high chastises pimps. Like, I say, I've not seen it said. Yeah, I haven't seen. How I is. So this is definitely spoiled. I'm wedding side spoil. That's fine. I don't give a ship don't mind. This is. I I don't base my opinion muscle off all those think of me. St. Eighty more. India your way up. Don't forget to like an subscribe to the spoilt milk movie podcast, you pieces of fucking shit.

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